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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WASHINGTON — If we elected the president by popular vote, we would have heard some different spin going into the debates. With the presidential election looking closer in the national polls than it does in the swing states, the pressure on Mitt Romney from his party and the pundits alike would have been rather less demanding.

In one sense, this is surprising. Our antiquated Electoral College actually gives Republicans an advantage. By guaranteeing every state three electors regardless of population, the system offers outsized influence to smaller, mostly Republican rural states.

In 2000, George W. Bush lost the popular vote to Al Gore. Bush became president not only because the Supreme Court awarded him Florida but also because sparsely populated Western states, from the Dakotas through the Rockies and up to Alaska, boosted his Electoral College total.

In 2012, the system is working in President Obama’s favor. If all the pundit talk during the Reagan years was of an “Electoral College lock” for the GOP, the lock has rusted into uselessness since Bill Clinton first picked it in 1992.

Instead, we have what National Journal political writer Ron Brownstein has aptly dubbed the “blue wall” because Democrats now have more states reliably in their corner than the Republicans do. Since 1992, Democrats have never received fewer than 251 electoral votes. In the same period, Republicans averaged just under 167 electoral votes in the three elections they lost. Obama starts with a bigger electoral vote base and thus has more paths to victory than Romney.

There are ample grounds for wariness of sweeping structural explanations in politics. A case can be made that Obama is doing well in the swing states for reasons having more to do with the campaign than with any wall. The president and his allied super PAC have simply been more focused and disciplined than the comparable Romney efforts. Bill Burton, one of the maestros behind Priorities USA Action, the main pro-Obama group, argues that various entities advertising on Romney’s behalf have put forth a cacophony of themes and messages that have yet to cohere into a strong, persuasive argument.

  • President Obama’s best hope for re-election rests on the electoral college vote where he still has a commanding lead.

    • Still There’s A Lot Of Vote Out Here To Get Him Back In Office Cause Romney Can Not Be Trusted!! Romney Can’t Stay On One Side Of Nothing To Save His Life, He Flip Flop Way To Much!!

    • daniel bostdorf

      I believe that Obama will win both the popular vote and does have the electoral college locked up.

      He will be re-elected.

      • I believe he will be re-elected, mostly because he enjoys a comfortable lead in the electoral college vote, but he must do better during the next two debates. Looking Presidential and being a nice guy is not going to cut it. He has to play dirty and has to figure out a way to set up Mitt or make him angry so that he deviates from his scripted comments and be himself.
        Democrats must also put together political ads addressing the MEDICARE $716B issue. Romney is pushing hard to get the senior vote and he scored last night when he said the service providers will turn down MEDICARE recipients if the “cuts” are implemented. Romney made that assertion knowing full well that service providers and the insurance industry already agreed to the savings in exchange for the mandate that would increase their customer base by over 20 million people and would eliminate the cost of free medical care in ERs. If President Obama does not address this issue he is likely to lose Florida and its 29 votes.

  • president obama, take off the gloves and talk about the 47 % and other things, mike

    • MRD1056

      Thank you for saying what I have been feeling! I am a strong Obama supporter but he got his butt kicked last night in the debate because he wanted to play nice. The Republicans will never play nice or bipartisan. It is time to take the fight to the streets and end this ridiculous republican lie machine called the “Romney Campaign”!

  • I do not care about these debates at all..because first of all at the very beginning..the fact that Mitt keeps telling people he is going to give the rich permission not to pay taxes…really gets to me…the middle class can’t handle any more of supporting everything..and without the rich paying their fair share of taxes…the jobs will not open up because it is the taxpayers monies that pay for most of the salaries pertaining to many of the jobs…it should be the responsibility of the rich…and “Mitt” is a true con-artist and actor…last night he was on stage…and performing to pull the wool over the american people’s eyes… a lot of people didn’t dwell on his first statement that he intends to keep the rich from paying taxes…get it…Obama just let him talk..the nonsense he has been talking..I wish…they would asks him if he is going to his tax records…he was all drama last night…Obama will not only take the vote…but, he has the electoral college as well..because we want a man that truly cares about the middle class and the poor…”Mitt” said at the very beginning…when he started to run for that office..he was not concerned about the middle class nor the poor..because the state would take care of them…if he truly cared about the poor and the middle class he would make the rich pay their fair share of taxes…to help out..he is only concerned what he wants..and does not like anyone to oppose him…he didn’t even let our President to really have a word…he didn’t shut up and kept on rambling..oh well I have predicted that he would win the elections and he will…I am glad that a lot of people as myself..feel the same way about that narcissitic person…and that means he is a con-artist and most of them are true actors and actresses…and he is really trying to con people in those debates with his acting ability…it does not impress me at all…he thinks he is a god…with all that money…he doesn’t really want to help the middle class or the poor..believe me..and he still wants the rich not to pay taxes…that is what got us into this mess without all of their millions of dollars in taxes…to pay the salaries of the people that would be getting jobs…iti s ashame that a lot of people cannot see through these con-artist that don’t even want to help the poor out of their own pockets.

    • daniel bostdorf

      we got your post the first time.

    • It’s not over by a long shot, Fran. Obama just had a bad night, who doesn’t? Obama will still win.

      • colorado4Barack

        I agree- 100%!

    • colorado4Barack

      mitt romney is creepy. so he had a good night with his lies

      we need to turn out in droves for the President and get him re -elected!


  • President Obama got sacked from the get go,and Myth should be penalized for unnecessary roughness but the Ref. did’nt make the call.Do’nt worry is only the first quart,obama still ahead by 10 points.

  • gatordemocrat

    I think Obama did not mention the 47% because he didn’t want to give Romney a chance to give a plausible explanation before an audience of 60 million. This way the 47% comments can still be out there for use in ads and stump speeches. Let Romney bring it up, that way it would look like he is trying to explain away his gaff, the same way he tried to back off his position of lowering the tax rates on the wealthy last night. It sounded lame and contrived. He continues to say whatever is expedient at the moment. Intelligent voters can see right through that.

    • You Got That Right I Guess Mitt Must Think We Are The Dumb People Who Will Vote For His Lying Ass!! I Am So Sick Of Him Flipping The Script Every Time He Has A Camera In Front Of Him!! Now He Want To SCREW With Sesame Street The Only Show On TV The Kids Can Watch!!!!!!!!!

      • I’ll vote for Mitt, if its a recall vote to remove him.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Obama is a keen observer of basketball and boxing strategy thoughout his political career.

      Feels like the famous Ali “rope-a-dope” coming on.
      Romney’s team will take that bait for sure.

      In basketball, its called a “head fake” to make your opponent think you are going one way, and in fact “fake out” the opponent that has let his or her guard down.

      You then score the point.

      In this case…Obama will be re-elected president.

    • colorado4Barack

      this makes a lot of sense-
      President Obama is smart and knows what he is doing-
      he will do great in the next 2 debates

  • I’ve said for years that we need to do away with the electoral college. It was originally started because it took too long to travel by horseback to get the votes in. We no longer need this antique because it actually takes away the individual vote. Look at the number of times the popular vote was higher than the winner vote ie: Bush vs Gore. Gore actually won by a substantial number but because of the electoral college and the supreme court Bush won and look where it took us. Let’s do away with the electoral college and let each vote count.

  • daniel bostdorf

    This article is about Electoral College that actually benefits Republicans. Quoting Dionne:

    “Our antiquated Electoral College actually gives Republicans an advantage. By guaranteeing every state three electors regardless of population, the system offers outsized influence to smaller, mostly Republican rural states. In 2000, George W. Bush lost the popular vote to Al Gore. Bush became president not only because the Supreme Court awarded him Florida but also because sparsely populated Western states, from the Dakotas through the Rockies and up to Alaska, boosted his Electoral College total…..In the meantime, the very same factors have made states that were once competitive — including the electoral vote troves of California and Illinois — and moved them firmly into the Democrats’ presidential camp.”

    That is what scares Republicans. That’s why they want voter suppression.

    The population demographics require that we maintain the Electoral college.

    Here are the FACTS….According to the U.S. Electoral College, we are Constitutionally mandated to have one:

    “The founding fathers established the Electoral College in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens. However, the term “electoral college” does not appear in the Constitution. Article II of the Constitution and the 12th Amendment refer to “electors,” but not to the “electoral college.” …..Since the Electoral College process is part of the original design of the U.S. Constitution it would be necessary to pass a Constitutional amendment to change this system. Note that the 12th Amendment, the expansion of voting rights, and the use of the popular vote in the States as the vehicle for selecting electors has substantially changed the process……Many different proposals to alter the Presidential election process have been offered over the years, such as direct nation-wide election by the People, but none have been passed by Congress and sent to the States for ratification as a Constitutional amendment……Under the most common method for amending the Constitution, an amendment must be proposed by a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress and ratified by three-fourths of the States.”

    The real political truth is that neither the House or Senate will propose an amendment. Period.

    Again…This article is about Electoral College that actually benefits Republicans.

  • As long as humanity is driven by capital gain instead of moral accountability, we all are destined to loose

  • Mr President – snively whiplash beat-on-you, last night! Still behind you, go get ‘m!!!

  • I am a single parent with a disabled adult and it is very hard for me President Obama i want you to continued fight for mesicare and social security and the disabled . please kick Romney but on your next debate dont forget the 47% of the hard working Americans family like my self. Fight for the American people with all you have i am a strong Democratic and believe in you you can get the ecomomy back on track. Romney will not do anything for the middle class or poor people

  • Don’t be fooled Mitt is going to put us in the Pitt.Please listen he ,said it all last night.He is not worried ,about the less fortunate,and said he will leave up to the states to deal with as they see it.Thanks ,Ms.SIN

  • colorado4Barack

    romney does not deserve the courtesy- he is despicab;e

  • Just my critical Opinion
    Looking back at yesterday’s presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney, I tend to conclude as follows:
    Romney’s public advisers may have coached him to engage Rhetorical languages against Obama in order to appeal to political pundits. Obama on the other hand, having accessed the enormity of the country’s crises knew that what Americans need is a factual analytical presentation to rather than rhetorical aggrandizement to earn positive opinion polls. Regardless, Blame or Buck passing, rhetoric or reports, what Americans want to know is, who can move us forward from the lingering mess created eight years ago by the GOP?
    President Obama appeared more truthful, more knowledgeable of the sufferings of Americans (Middle class), more presidential and more civil in his demeanor. On the contrary, Governor Romney was apparently theatrical and with an outlook of “lets rough it out”. Personally, two things greatly worry me about Romney becoming the next president: His flip-flop character with respect to certain statements he has made since he began his campaign. This disturbs me because if as a presidential aspirant his statements are grossly distorted, I tend to believe that if he manages to become the President none of his few promises will see the light of the day. Secondly, Governor Romney’s deliberate refusal to make a categorical statement about his plans for the “less privileged” Americans who he sarcastically said he “will not work for” is a major issue every American should consider. While President Obama took opportunity of the debate to inform and educate Americans on the lies ahead in a calmly calculated gentle approach, Governor Romney on the other hand seized the night to vent his anger for lagging behind in the polls. Governor Romney’s series of reckless interruption of the moderator during the debate continues to raise a red flag in my mind about his desperation and disregard for set rules. America has fought enough wars that we SHOULD desire some peace, besides, whenever war breaks out the children of the presidents never go to battle. Remember, it is not the blood of chicken that is shed at the war front but the blood of vibrant sons, husbands, friends and relations who should have enhanced the nation’s workforce for greater productivity. Without any bias I believe the four years in White House gives President Obama a larger edge over Romney to move this nation FORWARD, so I will go FORWARD!!!

  • ayayaboy

    I am angry with Obama why he could not tell Romney to stop lying to the American people. .. Remind Romney of all his claims during the Republican primaries. We all know that Romney is a liar and a fraud but Obama needed to say it to his face. One day Romney will repeal Dodd-Frank, another time Romney would praise the good things in Dodd-frank. Romney will tell Tea party that he will repeal Obamney care before the cock crows thrice, romney would say that there are lots of good things in Obamacare. Romney will tell Republican audience that Hispanic illegals must self-deport but will on TV debate say “we cannot round up people on the street”, but Romney is a big supporter of Arizona hostility against Hispanics. Romney proposes voucher system but says it will kick in after our generation. Why can’t Obama tell Romney to say how to handle present and not things of 30th century. Why can’t Obama tell Romney in his face that he had opportunities to create jobs with Bain but he instead fired people and made money firing people; he shipped jobs overseas; sent out his money to offshore when America needed cashflow; he is not coming clear about his career at Bain Capital; he is yet to prove his trustworthiness and fiscal patriotism with his tax returns; ask Romney whether he also supports Planned Parenthood today since he seemed to talk liberalism on debate floor? Ask Romney that he today sounds like anti-Tea party and anti-Arizona governor. How about asking Romney if he really doesn’t want to be president of the 47% welfare victims who will vote Obama? With these, Obama would have won the election that wednesday night. I travelled to Europe and watched the debate in a Bar and the Europeans said Obama left his supporters biting their fingers … Is this Obama or someone else? Some said Obama missed an opportunity to call out Romney-the-liar; others said Obama allowed the liar lie his way through the debate. Some European poked fun at Obama’s performance saying “a Havard lawyer could not argue his case against a fake businessman.” Obama must step up to revealing the rhetoric fakeness of Romney.

  • joyscarbo

    Mitt Romney was a smug bastard who told LIE after LIE. It’s amazing to me how many Americans are so EASILY fooled by him.
    Obama had better get back in the game or switch stratedgy. Mitt Romney cannot be elected. Our country cannot take more crap fromt he neo-cons.