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Sunday, December 11, 2016

WASHINGTON — President Obama’s re-election was at once a deeply personal triumph and a victory for the younger, highly diverse and broadly progressive America that rallied to him. It was a result that ought to settle the bitter argument that ground the nation’s government to a near-standstill.

The president spent much of the year fighting the effects of a stubbornly sluggish economic recovery and facing implacable opposition among Republicans in Congress who made defeating him a high priority. He fought back by undermining Mitt Romney’s major asset as a private-equity specialist and by enlisting Bill Clinton as his chief explainer.

And he mobilized a mighty army of African-American and Hispanic voters. They were all the more determined to exercise their voting rights after Republicans sought in state after state to make it harder for them to cast ballots. Latino voters turned out overwhelmingly for the president, guaranteeing that immigration reform will be on the next Congress’ agenda.

Just as important for governance over the next four years, the president took on an increasingly militant conservatism intent on vastly reducing the responsibilities of government and cutting taxes even more on the wealthiest Americans. In the process, he built an alliance of moderates and progressives who still believe in government’s essential role in regulating the marketplace and widening the circle of opportunity.

Many have argued that the president ran a “small” and “negative” campaign, and he was certainly not shy about going after Romney. But this misses the extent to which Obama made specific commitments and repeatedly cast the election as a choice between two different philosophical directions.

He was not vague about what he meant. Obama campaigned explicitly on higher taxes for the wealthy as part of a balanced budget deal. He stoutly defended the federal government’s interventions to bring the economy back from the brink — and especially his rescue of the auto companies.

It cannot be forgotten that saving General Motors and Chrysler was the most “interventionist” and “intrusive” economic policy Obama pursued — and it proved to be the most electorally successful of all of his decisions. The auto bailout was key to Obama’s crucial victory in Ohio, where six in 10 voters approved the rescue. Union households in the state voted strongly for the president, and he held his own among working-class whites.

274 Responses to Obama’s Victory Should Settle A Bitter Argument

  1. President Obama should have a special plan and message for the rats that promised to make him a “One Termer”.

    I would suggest a Louisville Slugger. They seem to get the message across quite well.

      • To you, a Republican, it should. After all, that’s what Obama got from you for four years, and Clinton got for eight, and – well, you should get the picture.

        • He did not win the house and so nothing has changed. Will he be able to lead as an American President? It is the big unknown. Half of the country did not vote for him, the other half wanted to give him more time.

          He needs to lead by putting forth a plan and provide leadership to bridge the divide and he needs to do it now. If he doesn’t nothing will get accomplished and we are headed back into recession.

          Boeing just announced layoffs for 30% and closures in California. Lockheed just announced cutbacks of 125,000. Medical Device manufacturers are announcing layoffs as a result of the 2.3% medical device tax on Revenues starting January 1st. I will be announcing our factory closing in California and moving to Nevada to reduce cost as a result of this tax as well as a 15% reduction in workforce.

          This is serious and there is nothing on the table. Hiring addition government employees will not work. If you take away all of the borrowed spending for the last four years from GDP it shows no growth.

          The change needs to take place today.

          • As I told my friends, watch the electoral college. And Obama, unlike “W” in 2000, won the popular vote. Maybe you don’t think almost 3,000,000 more votes is much, but it beats losing the popular vote as “W” did.

          • Winning the popular vote and being elected makes voting seem worthwhile. 3,000,000 votes is a big number but it only represents about 3% of the voting public.

          • True. And like you I wish the popular vote win had been greater than 3%. Then again, it’s better than 2,ooo when the Supreme Court gave Bush the election, FL tossed absentee and provisional votes before they could be counted, and Bush lost the popular vote.

          • Have you looked at the results of the last few elections? Rare is the presidential election that either side has an overwhelming popular advantage. That is because of the diversity in the country. It is the independent voters that make the difference.

            It is the independent voters that Obama won.

          • Obama Not Only Win The Popular Vote But He Also Won The Electoral College!! BOTH!!! WE Want This Country To MOVE FORWARD!!! NO MORE TRICKLE DOWN BULLSHIT THAT CAUSE THIS RECESSION IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! NO LIAR, Shape Shifter, Thug Like Romney Who Made And Still Make His Money Gutting Out America And Ruining American People Lives By Shipping Our Jobs To China Sweatshop!!! You GOP/Tea Party THUGS Need To Realize We Will Not Kiss Rich Men Asses To Live And Work In Our Country!!!!

          • I Like You Too My Friend I Will Fight And Talk Up For All The American People Who Want To Live The American Dream!! Without Lying Stealing And Cheating On Each Other!!! 🙂

          • The Media got obama reelected—-

            The Media’s Biased Gaffe Patrol Hammered Romney: The media unfairly jumped on inconsequential mistakes — or even invented controversies — from Romney and hyped them in to multi-day media “earthquakes.”

            Those Biased Debate Moderators

            The Benghazi Blackout: Right after the September 11 attack in Libya, the networks proclaimed that the events would bolster President Obama — “reminding voters of his power as commander-in-chief,” as NBC’s Peter Alexander stated on the September 14 edition of “Today.” But as a cascade of leaked information erased the portrait of Obama as a heroic commander, the broadcast networks shunted the Benghazi story to the sidelines.
            News broke online in late September, for example, that Team Obama knew within 24 hours that the attack was likely the result of terrorism. That starkly contradicted claims from White House press secretary Jay Carney, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and President Obama himself that the attack was a “spontaneous” reaction to an anti-Muslim video posted on YouTube. Yet, ABC took nearly two days to bring this story to viewers, while CBS and NBC held off for three days.

            That is how the world runs—-It trickles down.

            Why do you think the Stocks plunge nearly 400 points after Election Day and they found out obama still in.

            Why do you think the bank WILL NOT lend any money after the election.

            US is going down—-Going Bankrupt

            and you ALLLL can blame it on yourselves

          • SCREW YOU BROKE ASS BINDER BITCH!!! STOP HATING AND GET YOUR DUMB ASS A JOB AND A LIFE!!!! One Of These Day Your Husband Will Find A New Younger Dumb Ass Binder Bitch And Your Ass Will Be Out In The Cold Better Take Your Dumb Ass To School And Get Your Dumb Ass Some Real Skills And Get Your Dumb Ass A Real Job And A Real Life Cause Your Days Are Numbered Binder Trolling Bitch!!!! And Grow The Fuck Up All This ALLLLLLNONAMERICAN BULLSHIT IS NOT A SKILL THAT WILL SAVE YOU DUMBASS!!!

          • I’m NOT going to get a job—
            I’m going to live off the Government.
            FREE food stamps
            FREE obamacare
            FREE phones
            FREE gas
            FREE houses
            FREE daycare
            I got me a card
            I got fo mo yeas

          • The media didn’t get Obama reelected, the voters that voted for Obama did their research on both candidates and decided that President Obama was the better of the two for the job. Unlike Romney voters we knew what the President’s plans for the Country are, all Romney voters got was I’ll tell you after the election. That meant you would not like Romney’s plans for the Country and if told of his plans before the election would not have voted for him. Matter of fact when Romney was asked during the Republican primary what was his plans for the Country were, he replied”If you knew that, you wouldn’t for vote for me”. That answer should have told people right then that Romney’s plans for this Country were not going to be good for it nor the people that aren’t millionaires

          • He knew the 47% wouldn’t vote for him because he was cutting everything off and getting them jobs–They don’t want to hear that.
            WHAT??? GET A JOB???

            47% DON’T PAY TAXES
            that 47% shouldn’t be allowed to vote

          • Are you aware that the majority of those people who are provided with the government benefits you so hate like welfare, food stamps and unemployment live in the red states? FACT!!

          • The 47% that don’t “pay taxes” are actually people who don’t make enough money (despite many of them working 3 part-time jobs to make ends meet) to OWE income taxes. They do, however, pay sales taxes, state taxes, property taxes, real estate taxes, and usually tithes to their churches, as well. This group of citizens includes veterans, senior citizens, people living on their pensions, and people in nursing homes. Thankfully, voting is a “right” for all citizens in this country, not a function of whether they are able to pay income taxes.

          • It is called the Electoral College, we are a Republic still. The Popular vote is not what counts. However, Obama is the President now and he needs to lead by putting forth a plan and provide leadership to bridge the divide and he needs to do it now. It is his responsibility. My suggestion is that he try a new approach. The path we are on is not going to result in a full recovery. Without borrowed money spent by the Federal Government GDP did not grow at all during the past four years.

          • Old
            It is not just the President that needs to bridge the divide. The teapublicans have done everything they could to obstruct President Obama from his first day in office. This congress has the lowest approval ratings ever and it is because they have refused to work together to improve the economy. The republican party used to be moderates and were willing to work together with democrats until it was taken over by the radical conservative tea party who have refused to compromise. The republican party is losing the respect of its own members when it has politicians pledging fealty to the likes of Grover Norquist. President Obama has said he is willing to reach across the aisle and work with republicans and Boehner has indicated a willingness to do the same but unless all democrats and tea party extremists work together nothing will change and the only losers will be the American public.

          • The Republicans don’t want to spend spend spend like obama does—
            They can’t pass anything because they don’t agree with their LIBERAL ways!!!

            They don’t want to be like obama and pelosie —pass the bill then you can read it!

            Boehner’s a wuss-he’s not going to do anything

          • Then get busy.

            Obstructionism and right-wing extremism was defeated, and rightly so. All of America knows that the GOP hasn’t even tried to work with President Obama, and they’ve seen America’s response. It’s time for the Republican Party to start acting like they have a responsibility to work in the interest of ALL Americans — not just right-wing zealots.

          • And it is now time for the President to start leading the Country. Election is over. Where is he, traveling to Burma?

            My suggestion is he locks himself, Reid, Boehner and their chosen representatives in a room and they don’t come out until they have a solution to what will be hitting all of us January 1st.

            Before the door is locked he needs to tell FEMA to help these people out in New York and Jersey:

            “FEMA packed up everything yesterday and left the area,” said MaryLou Wong, whose home in the Midland Beach neighborhood was destroyed. “They haven’t come back.”

          • Take the time to look at what YOU can do to help move this county forward — and do it. Drop the useless attacks against Obama — nobody is listening anymore.

            Your party lost. It needs to find a way to redeem it’s relevance. Honest introspection and rehabilitation is the GOP’s key.

            Republicans don’t have to ‘sell out’ to rehabilitate themselves, but they DO need an HONEST effort to find out what is wrong and correct it. And honest effort will eventually be rewarded with new-found relevance, but mere decoration and repackaging efforts will invite future political shellackings.

            And one last thing: Take all of the Tea Party’s silly hats and vile tactics and toss them into the Boston Harbor, where they will be far more useful than at preset.

          • you may want to keep up with the Benghazi court speacking of HONEST.

            have you ever hear of the Fast and the Furious operation?

          • I’m really not interested in discussing a political witch hunt with a Hell-bound bigot. Just in case nobody told you yet, your team just lost big time. Try something new — like telling the truth for once.

          • obama doesn’t care about the people in New York and New Jersey.
            He dropped in for his photo op and left and trying to win over his votes!

          • Not at all like New Orleans. A professional is in charge of this project, unlike New Orleans when a Bush crony with no additional qualifications at all did a pathetic job.

          • President Obama will be working on the efforts in New York and New Jersey for the next year, at least. You are quite silly to claim to know what someone else–ANYONE ELSE–is thinking. It diminishes your credibility.

          • President Obama is fully entitled to schedule his professional life as he sees fit without consulting you. Get real!

          • Better look at the numbers Old North. He took both the electoral college and the popular vote by huge margins! It just looks like “half the country” voted against him on the internet, where anonymity allows all kinds of crap to run through the sewers.

          • All The Polls On The Internet Had Obama Losing But I Posted On Every One Of Them To Bad This Is Not The Real Life All You Dumb Racist Asswipes Are In For A Rude Awaking!!!! The Polls That Counts In The Voting Booth!!! We Will Get 4 More Years!!! LOL

          • It’s amazing how you have so much to say about what needs to be done, as you say “right now”. Well in case you did not realize it your party lost so giving orders is not your job but his. Try working with someone and the country will be just fine. We believe in America…..Republicans do not!

          • When Satan brings you back to your fiery home, you will eventually get to discuss this topic with the men responsible for the deaths in Benghazi. Obama will find them and send them along soon. Who knows — perhaps you will even become pit-mates.

          • He may not have won the House but at least one Republican Representative may not be able to serve after the AMA and TBI get through investigating him for have sex with female patients and writing prescribations for pain pills that weren’t for pain. Also for smoking pot and doing pills with these same patients. There are suppose to be four or more women patients that had affairs with this Representative and did the pot and pills with him. His district was made larger by the Republican State Congress and he was elected by the people in the new counties not by the people that sent him to the house the first time.

          • As I have already mentioned, you are entitled to no input into the President’s decisions, especially as it is pretty clear you are not one of the millions of people who supported him.

          • Really, he is the President of the United States. However the House of Representatives was given a mandate this election by getting reelected.

          • They were allll waiting to see who won—

            Look at the Stocks

            Look at the Banks

            The US is going to crash and its ONLY the smart Business people that see it

          • You must be one as well. I think this is the only salvation. Hard lessons are usually the only ones that are learned.

          • Please remember that the DOW climbed from 7,500 in 2008 to over 14,000 (before the most recent dip) DURING PRESIDENT OBAMA’s first term.

      • I did not hear him say that he would bow down to the 18 obstructionists that should be in prison. Perhaps you should write a letter to your republiCON rep and complain to them.

        better to be a sore winner than a sore loser.

        plus, being a loser means its going to have to hurt. paybacks ARE a bitch.

          • These trolls refuse to ackowledge that had their party worked with the President to improve the economy, the country and the jobless rate would have been improved. Despite their NO mandate through PO’s first term, he still got things done, 5.3 million private sector jobs, housing markets have improved, debt lowered to list a few, yet they refuse to give credit where credit is due. They refuse to admit that their President (Bush) and their party caused the economic/financial/housing crisis in the first place.
            I hope PO stand strong against these antiamericans in Congress and the Senate as he was give the mandate to lead by a decisive victory by the American people.

          • And Plus The Fact That People Like Romney Is What’s Causing The Unemployment Problem Cause He Still To This Day Is Shipping Our Jobs Overseas To China Sweatshop Show That They Give Less Than A Damn About America Or The American People!!!

          • Now we should concentrate our efforts and resources in making sure that the Senate minority leader does not return to the Senate. Mitch must goooooooooooooooo. .

          • I likes this veddy veddy much as the commercial guy from overseas would say…..How you like America now Mr Peterfy. Obama 2012 and if the republicans don’t change we will win again in 2016. Check yourself republicans before you wreck yourself……oooops too late you already did !

          • You Better Believe It He Knows He On The Get The Hell Out Of Office List!!! Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Bachmann And The Rest Of The American Taliban Know Their Days Are Numbered They All On On The List, Better Start Working Or Either Get Those Resumes Up Dated!!!

          • Good Job Fern, perhaps if they hear it enough and see it in action, they might be able to finally understand. The real American spirit is being shown in New York and New Jersey, those who have, sharing with those in need, be it time, money, food etc. whatever is needed. The other side will never be able to overcome that spirit. People from all over the country sending whatever they can to help. Reaching down to help lift someone else up.

          • That Another Thing Romney Go Buy $5,000 Worth Of Crap When He Is Worth Millions Ryan Washing Dishes That’s All Ready Clean !!! Fake Caring Was Not Cutting It !! FAKE ASS PEOPLE!!! Donald Thump Has Screw New York Out Of A Lot Of Money Where Is He Why Didn’t He Give Them The 5 Million Dollars??? Cause They Are All Full Of Shit And We Are Not Buying Their Bullshit!!!

          • In this country all you have to do is get a job and make your own money. You shouldnt want other peoples money. Its not their fault they are smarter than you.

          • You DUMB RACIST BITCH I’m A Nurse I’m Middle Class I Pay Taxes And Make Plenty Of Money!! I Got Plenty Of Money In American Banks And I Didn’t Have To Screw Over My Fellow American To Get Here Either !!! Go Peddle Your Bullshit To Some Other Fool You Talking To The Wrong American Working Woman Here ASSHOLE!!!!

          • Not only are some people with money not smarter than the rest of us, they are dumber than a box of rocks and the only reason they have anything is because they were born to wealthy parents. Just because someone is born on third base does not mean they hit a triple!

          • If They Didn’t Get It From They Parent Most Of Them Sold Out Their Fellow Man, There’s Some Who Did Work For It But There Are So Few Of Them, The Bad One Out Numbers The Good Ones By Huge Numbers!!!

          • I love you Fern. The GOP is facing B.N.P(brand new problem) And they are shaken.People like the grumpy old teddy bear known as Rush Limbaugh and Tom Sawyer known as Donna Trump are the the main obstacles in this party And until they can be rooted out of the party,there will always be problem. because we are not moving backward we’re moving forward.

          • The only good word I got from Mitt Romney in this campaign was ‘self-deportation’ because I can use it in my old argument about countries who are ‘own’ and ‘run’ by a small elite su as Mexico, Guatemala, that small elite society is the type of country the Republicans want to turn America into. Here it is: 1) Mexico is owned by about 30 families who have monopolized all the means of production, this Mexican Elite pays its workers ‘poverty line” wages and do not create sufficient jobs for the growing working force. As a result, thousands of Mexicans have to ‘self-deport’ themselves to the USA searching for a better future, these groups include professionals, paraprofessionals and farm workers2) Guatemala is owned by about 20 families who like in Mexico have monopolized all the means of production, the Guatemalan Elite also pays ‘poverty line’ salaries and do not create sufficient jobs for its working force. As a result, Guatemalans have to self-deport ourselves to the USA, these group of immigrants are similar to the group that self-deport from Mexico, i.e. professional, paraprofessionals, farm workers, etc. The same argument can be made for the rest of the latinoamerican countries. In brief, if the Republicans one day succeed in creating this ‘Elite Society’ , we would have to self-deport ourselves somewhere else, perhaps Canada? By all means, we have to stop and get rid of the right wing recalcitrant Republicans. Hopefully, we can do it in two years when a bunch of tea-party house members and Mitch McConnell are up for re-election. May God Bless Amerca

      • He would have accomplished most of his goals if it weren’t for the Republican Congress standing in the way. They even said their number one goal was to not pass anything he wanted and to get him out of office. Real hard to do anything with that in your face.

        • I like you nobsartist Especially your use of the English Language. . How about you go F@#$ your self. Get your self a vibrator a whore and a blow up doll and calm down. Smoke a little pot and bring a bottle of whine and cheese to your party. 🙂

          • These Broke Ass Trolls Don’t Have No Money If They Did They Would Not Be Sucking And Kissing Rich People Asses!!! LOL People Who Got Money, A Job And A Life Would Never Act A Fool Like These Asswipes Are Acting!! LOL Broke Ass KKK Members!!! LOL

        • YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

          WHAT DO YOU MEAN PAYBACK—–We had obama the last four years and now stuck with other 4-years.

          What do you mean—-You’re trying to steal someone else money for your healthcare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you leftists want a second Civil War there are thousands of people in this country just like me who would love to oblige you.

    • Such a violent temperament. I’m glad you can express yourself in this free democracy. What rights would you rescind if your party is elected to lead the country? Who will you exclude? Is there something you can say that will convince people that your opinion is an intelligent expression of the greater good?

      • My party WAS elected to lead this country, yours was kicked out.

        Violent temperment? What would you call those who kicked millions of Americans out of their houses to make a point? And a racist point at that.

        I would call them traitors and I would deal with them harshly as an example.

        I dont have to say anything to people like you to convince you of anything because you represent the gutless. And the losers.

  2. If Republicans are to survive as a national party, they will have to be seen as promoting rather than impeding compromise. A good starting point would be to take everything off the table. Then start putting things back on the table, one-by-one. A first priority would seem to be the “fiscal cliff.” What can Democrats, Republicans, and the President do to defuse the ticking time bomb? How do they get the train back up on the rails. Provide some ideas, and scrap the intransigence. Use “Pawn Stars” as a model, if you don’t know how to bargain. Just find some ground on which all can agree. It may not be exactly what you want, but it will have something that you can accept. Then put the next thing on the table, whatever that might be. Just stop arguing and start working together. And if you’re a Tea Partier, stop listening to your cynical overlords. You work for the people now, not the business interests that paid for your campaign.

    • The Republicans didn’t win the Senate as was their hope and lost seats in Congress also so hopefully they have gotten the message. McTurtle’s vow to make PO a one term President didn’t bear fruition, he was given a mighty smack down, too bad he didn’t loose his seat in the process. Americans have sent a clear message to them and it’s to their advantage that they heed it, 2014 is just around the corner and I think this time, the Dems will be out in force to kick ass unlike 2012. Republicans need to toss out their outdated ideology re. America is a centre right country, this election/win proved otherwise. Their numbers are dwindling as some have acknowledged and it’s time to move into the 21st Century. America has moved forward from the mid 20s-50s and is now a progressive country and they need to realise it and move with the flow.

    • If The Republicans Wants To Survive They Better Stop Living In The Past And Get With The Real World!!! They Better Start Putting Distance Between Them And The Tea Party Cause While The GOP Thinks It’s 1950 The Tea Party Thinks It’s 1850!!! And They Are BOTH WRONG!!! It 2012

  3. Now its time to get back to the table and fix that damn tax code first!!!!No more loopholes, up the anti on capital gains and lets move forward as we all pay our fair share. Right Donald, Shelley, Mitt, Ryan and Boehner its the people who make you who you are and dont you all forget it. People need a hand up not a hand out. God Bless Us All, we did it.

  4. Right-wing extremist and spewer of racial hate, Ann Coulter, stated before the election that if Romney lost, the entire Republican party needed to be decimated. I never agree with her on anything but this is one thing that I do. I am still awaiting the implosion of the Republican party that was built on angry, racist white men, billionaire supporters with a political agenda such as Koch brothers, Murdoch, and Adelson, propaganda lie machines Fox News, Rasmussen and Gallup, crazy neocon and right-wing nut cases like Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, Rove, Cheney and Trump. Unless, and until, Conservatives get rid of these distortioners and manipulaters of truth, their party will become more irrelevant with the passage of time. When George Bush won reelection in 2004 with about 286 electoral votes, he bragged about having a mandate. When President Obama wins reelection in 2012 with over 303 electoral votes, Republicans are quick to assert that he has no mandate. Republicans are still up to their same dirty old tricks. You’re not going to fool America anymore with your lies and distortions. We see right through you. The demographics of this country have drastically changed. Unless and until your party wakes up to and acknowledges that reality, it will remain irrelevant and backwards for many election cycles to come. The people of America have resoundingly spoken. They have rejected your party ideas of division, hate, repression, suppression, lies, distortions, anger, blame, right-wing propaganda and constant and unending attacks on our president. We have embraced President Obama for his inclusiveness of all people no matter race, religion, sexual preference, etc. President Obama looks out for the well-being of the middle class and poor. Despite political obstructionism by Republicans in his first term, the president has continued to make crossroads including his signature accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act. The Republican party cannot go through the motions of pretending to change and not actually do it. Americans will see through their phoniness. Marco Rubio and Chris Christie also should not be the face of the new Republican party. Just because Rubio is Hispanic and Christie worked for the president during hurricane Sandy does not make them acceptable candidates and leaders. The majority of the policies they embraced are extreme right-wing ones and ones that we should not be fooled into accepting as moderate and inclusive of all Americans.

  5. excellent concrete analysis of obama’s concrete plans for his second term. that his opponent’s keep saying repetitively that he has “no plan” is ridiculous. he has stated his plan again and again, but apparently not as much as his opponents’ worn-out cliches.

    • Reagan Use To Pull That Bullshit Like He Can’t Hear Nothing Nobody Was Saying To Him Romney Tried It Also!!! You Can’t Keep Thinking People Are Stupid But You Still Got These Fools Like ALLLNONAMERICAN CRAZY KKK BITCH AND ONEGONEWRONG!!LOL

  6. Obama spent 68 million dollars on ads against Romney, the Super Pacs and Republicans spent 6 hundred million, on this election. What dirty reason did the Republicans have, for wanting this country so badly, that they spent this kind of money? There has to be more to it, than just keeping tax cuts for the wealthy. It’s scary!

    • They thought they were buying a corporation…. (a corporate run government) Bad investment on their part to support Romney. We were lucky, he was so not electable…..

      We the people have to be diligent and keep that out of the realm of possibility.

      • Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown wants an amendment in the Constitution eliminating corporate $$ from the Federal Election Process. I am in full support of that. Also, the President has term limits. So should there be term limits in the Congress. We need fresh ideas and we need to eliminate the influence of corporate money which is so deeply imbedded in our political system (on both sides). Corporations are NOT people. Corporations are PROPERTY. Eliminate the power of PROPERTY over our individual voices.

        • There also needs to be term limits for Federal Judges especially the Supreme Court, no more lifetime jobs on it. We saw how some of the justices were always going to private meeting and private parties at the Koch brothers. One,Scilia, even said when he was asked why he was going to these private meetings and parties that it was to work on
          Republican plans for different things. When you are a Supreme Court justice you should be neutral and not making plans with anyone on what they are going to do to win elections and so on, since Scilia has shown he is not a neutral judge he needs to be taken off the Supreme Court. There will have to be a Constitutional change to change the Supreme Court, it can done because it has been done before.

    • Republicans have MORE money—
      Republicans are workers——
      Republicans donate more—–

      How much did you give to your party????????

      • Republicans brag more about the money that they supposedly have where as Democrats don’t they donate to charities and their party and don’t broadcast if like the Republicans do. There are plenty of Republicans that are on welfare and have been on it for a long time. Again Democrats work some of them work 2 jobs so their kids will have a better life than they did Fern probably donated more more to her party than you, I know I donated more than you. As I have told you before you need to change your name because if you were all American you wouldn’t hate your Country like you do and hate others because they don’t agree with you, because of the color of their skin, and their religion is different. Your blood pressure must stay sky high with all the hate you have.

        • YOU always seem to figure out a way to flip flop everything around so you can argue about it—-I’m sure your hard to live with.
          I was replying to:
          Obama spent 68 million dollars on ads against Romney, the Super Pacs and Republicans spent 6 hundred million, on this election. What dirty reason did the Republicans have, for wanting this country so badly, that they spent this kind of money? There has to be more to it, than just keeping tax cuts for the wealthy. It’s scary
          There is NOOOOO way HILLBILLY you donated more!!!!!!
          But, what ever—“IF” that makes you feel good to say

    • Duh??? Go They Can Go Back To Gutting Out America And Staring All The Wars They Want To Make Money MONEY!!! If You Got The Keys To The White House Who’s Going To Stop The Money Hoarding!!! Romney Is Bush On Steroids!!!

  7. While the republicans are on suicide watch, and Romney is paying back all that money and favors he borrowed and promised, The American People had made their decisions. This time were not sold for chicken change, Romney we are not your tragedy and you don’t win. Lynette Oden-Hamilton.

  8. While Romney continued to REFUSE to release his taxes, Obama spoke clearly to the American people. He never shied away from taking a stand. We respect that. The ignorant Trumps of the world need to go soak their heads and SHUT UP. So sick of their ranting. Anything other than cooperation from the repugnicans in congress will prove again that they do NOT work for the people who elected them. Their hatred and spewing of lies should send them ALL home where they can’t harm us anymore.

  9. By Obama’s own words he said if he doesn’t turn the economy around in 3 years, he should be a one-termer. Have you forgotten? He not only DIDN’T turn it around, he mad it twice as bad, why would you want more of the same. This is becomming increasingly clear that it is about dividing the country by race & class, not the best interests of all Americans. A strong economy by not spending what we don’t have and taxing more is what will help ALL Americans. The Democrats are now the Party of Division.

    • I’ll just bet he had no idea that he would be at the mercy of the McConnell’s, with the deliberate plan to block anything they could, even their own policies…..remember the filibusters……….

      And twice as bad, just how do you come up with that? Every economist disagrees with you, even the “Economist” (UK Publication) says we have been on a steady incline, unlike most of the EU…….

      Race and Class, well now that is a problem, exacerbated by the right, ie., the many racist comments about the President by the right’s spokesmen…..and they are now fearful that white people are the minority and they know that they’ve exploited, insulted and then ignored those very same people……

      Party of division??? When I looked at the makeup of the crowds at both candidates rallies and earlier their conventions, there was a stunningly noticeable difference. The President’s was a reflection of this country……..unfortunately the R’s looked very, very white, which is no longer the reflection of this country…

      • What would you call 44 straight months of unemployment over 8%, National Debt increasing from 9 Trillion to almost $17 Trillion, over 50% increase in welfare and a huge increase in food stanps, taking $716 Billion from Medicare while doing nothing to make Medicare & S.S. solvent, the lowering of our credit ratint, etc.?

        A strong economy helps ALL not just Whites by the way, and it is the Democrat Party that divides by going after certain groups’ votes, not ALL Americans.

        • I’d call it the first 44 months after the worst financial crash since the depression of the 1930’s…….I’d also point out the continually rise out of that debacle left by the previous presidents policies……the number of new private sector jobs is higher than any numbers during the previous administration……

          re: welfare, would you leave those most hurt to starve???? “let them take care of themselves”

          re: Medicare, that argument is dead (from the providers, not the beneficiaries)

          re: ALL Americans??? Then the 47% comment was, what?

          • The so called Bush recession “Officially Ended” June 2009. Give the blame game a rest and face that Obama has hurt ALL Americans.

    • Have you forgotten he was quoting from the McCain campaign. This has been debunked so many times and yet Karl you still spout it as some kind of truth. Time for you to get out of the sun before you totally dry up and get back under the protection of your rock where it is nice and dark and cool and you do not have to live in reality. You boy Robme also said that any one who paid more than his fair share of taxes did not deserve to be President and we, the American MAJORITY, held him to it.

    • That’s because they want to take our money and live on it
      and get their benefits
      and NOT have to work
      or do anything for it!!!!!!!!
      It’s because they don’t want to work

      THEY WANT—The Mark of the Beast —-the chip

      • You sho nuff is right, massa. Eyes don’t wanna work; eyes want the gubment and my massa to take care o me. Lawsy, lawsy, sho nuff glad Mr. Obama won again. Now give me ma gubment cheeze!

  10. It is easy to campaign. It is harder to create a working coalition as President. That has been the problem with this presidency. Unfortunately, the House will have little incentive to work with the president. That is a problem with the Fiscal Cliff hovering around.

    I suggest that Obama use the bully pulpit. He should appeal to the populace whenever the recalcitrant GOP puts up roadblocks. He needs to have weeky media events to discuss the events and what has happened. Maybe a call-in show.

    The point is that Obama must be more pro-active in getting his agenda translated into something concrete.

    • Jim Lou, perhaps you dont realize, that from the time Obama went into office the first time, Mconnell and Boener, a jerk and facist, they both saw to it that every time the Democratic process was to move forward for the people ,,,, they blocked. it. Now they have to earn their keep and compromise for the good of the U.S.A. EVIDENTLY YOU DONT HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE TO WATCH C.SPAN TO KNOW WHAT IS AND WAS GOING ON. Perhaps you could do a term paper on all what the Republicians did for the people over time. And Obama was the best and honest choice.

    • Don’t fall for the posturing of Bonehead and McTurtle. President Obama needs to let the 1st of Jan. 2013 come before he deals with the House. Let the Bush tax cuts EXPIRE FIRST before he talks to them so they understand the position of strength he speaks with. They will never negotiate an upwards tax rate as they have stated many times. This takes it out of their hands. Out with the Grover Norquist pledge and then negotiate new rates with neither party beholden to anyone but the American Public. This cliff is not the end of the world nor is the sky gonna fall on that date. We can always and will always make the new rates retroactive to the 1st of Jan. Let the Republicans cry and stamp their feet for these last few weeks before the New Year and they will and they will also attempt to instill fear as they have for the past 12 years of the collapse of America but you know what? It will never happen!!

    • you fail to understand the meaning of “loser”.

      President Obama has “political capital” and a big bag of whoop ass for the traitors in the house.

      2014, Dems will take the House.

  11. Obozo’s vision for America? What might that be? 100 million on food stamps?

    Have a nice day!

    “It is above all in the present democratic age that the true friends of liberty and human grandeur must remain constantly vigilant and ready to prevent the social power from lightly sacrificing the particular rights of a few individuals to the general execution of its designs. In such times there is no citizen so obscure that it is not very dangerous to allow him to be oppressed, and there are no individual rights so unimportant that they can be sacrificed to arbitrariness with impunity.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    • Hey Obozo writer, get a life, the majority spoke in the election, get on with your life, and just hope you dont have to go on food stamps, I never had to……. The best, truthful man won, I voted for Obama and Biden and thank God the other China employer man didn”t. Mr Bain, “Willard” couldn”t even use his last name. How did he get the nick name of Mitt, perhaps by putting his mitts in all corporations and firing and outsourcing jobs. At least I comment with a real name. Looser ,, yes, you are. Join Trump in his raves, maybe you can donate some of your hair to him, Ha, Ha.

      • And that is why you are a moron!

        Have a nice day!

        “Society will develop a new kind of servitude which covers the surface of society with a network of complicated rules, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate. It does not tyrannize but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.”
        ― Alexis de Tocqueville

          • It’s actually amusing, because his moniker (OMustGo) is the only platform his party had. Thank God it didn’t work out for the two shoddiest candidate’s this country has EVER seen….Their “campaign” was ridiculous….I doubt they could run a sock-hop effectively….LOL – America WINS!

        • Obozo, this guy you quote would certainly have been anti Romney….

          “What is most important for democracy is not that great fortunes should not exist, but that great fortunes should not remain in the same hands. In that way there are rich men, but they do not form a class.”
          ― Alexis de Tocqueville

          • nocommonsense… Alexis de Tocqueville would 100% be a conservative and would vote for Mitt. You apparently have difficulty understanding what is written. His quote is about not creating class systems as they had in Europe at the time, and how in a free market those who are poor can work hard and become rich as well as those who are rich can make mistakes and become poor. In government controlled societies as they had in Europe, fluid movement up and down the economic ladder and class rank was not possible. That was his frame of reference. Therefore, the quote you put up is out of context to your leftist freak idiology. It’s actually a positive comment about freedom in America, not wealth redistribution, you dope!

            Have a nice day!

            “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

          • Call me a dope if you must… But… He supported Louis Bonaparte’s bid for absolute power as Emperor in 1851…..before Bonaparte seized absoute power in a coup, de Tocqueville had introduced measures in parliament trying to give it to him. While de Tocqueville favored parliamentary democracy, he preferred an Emperor to the revolutionary danger of the working class. I think I know a bit… So draw from this what you will… bozo…

    • When exactly is the sleeper Muslim cell going to start implementing his nefarious agenda…..”cause he’s WAY behind….LOL

      Your guy lost for more reasons than I have time to explain….but I’ll give ya three: people do not like liars, his only vision was to destroy this country from the bottom up, and those who know him best from Massachusetts warned us….

      Have a nice day!

    • another loser pile of shit that we wont have to listen to.

      on your knees, chump.

      Louisville Slugger is coming to pay you racist scum a visit.

    • Still getting out of a protracted war created by GW…

      “No protracted war can fail to endanger the freedom of a democratic country.”
      Alexis de Tocqueville

      • nocommonsense… you should actually read de Tocqueville. You may learn something.

        Have a nice day!

        “There are two things which a democratic people will always find very difficult –
        to begin a war and to end it.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

  12. The Republican Cartel may not be inteligent enough to get the RESOUNDING MESSAGE!

    WE THE PEOPLE, the MAJORITY, will not support the Republican Cartel’s obsolete, disasterous, fool hardy, ignorant, backassward assertions.

    The “ELITE”, who blew a fortune trying to force their perverse ideas on us, the MAJORITY, MUST NOW PAY THEIR FAIR AND REASONABLE SHARE of TAXES, PERIOD, NO EXCEPTIONS!

    PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRACY was ordered to be implemented by the MAJORITY!

    • YOU make me SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wanting to live off our TAXES we pay and worked for.

      Wanting our taxes to pay for YOUR obambacare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      obama won, because NOBODY wants to work they want to Government to pay for everything—–Where does the Government money come from MY TAXES!!!!

      obama won because the Media backs him (I don’t know why they are all Libs)
      The Media painted this terrible picture of Romney and cut him down constantly and made
      up so many lies. They are the ones that turned it all around.

      The money is going to run out—-the US is going down

      Yesterday STOCKS CRASHED!!!!!!! Because obama is staying in—does that tell you something.

      You allll HATE the rich, but how do you think you get your BENIFITS!!!!!!!!!!


      Hopefully the Wealthy will hold on to their money so YOU can’t get to it or get a piece of it. Our taxes DO pay for your Birth control and Abortions. It’s in the obamacare bill.

      obama says the war is over—-It’s NOT over and he will send everyone home and you just wait and see what happens to the US. The other Countries can’t wait.
      It was also a celebration for the radicals—-they can’t wait.

      Learn how to take care of yourselves

      You talk about GREED—
      You are ALLLLL GREEDY wanting to take more money from others
      to pay for your things.

      It alll comes down to YOU LAZY LIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      IT MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      • bye. bye you loser pile of shit. your drug addicted pedophile god, rush is waiting for you.

        On your knees, chump. rushy is coming.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN, you are just plain silly. All Libs are lazy? You’ll see what happens. You’re just terrified that Obama is going to succeed. The same way McConnell did. And guess what? He will. The greatest periods of growth in this country were presided over by Democratic administrations. Also, when the 1950’s were in full swing (under a REPUBLICAN administration), the marginal tax rate was at 90% for the richest Americans. Unfortunately, GW did something NO OTHER PRESIDENT has done during a period of war… He gave tax breaks. Every other president in the history of this great country required sacrifice from the citizens in order to support the war. That is a HUGE reason we are at a financial cliff. and YES, he still deserves the blame… Bush, WANTED the war in Iraq and if he had asked for any sacrifice from us for that, the outcry would have been HUGE. So… blatantly sacrificing the lives of our soldiers, who we all love and respect… SEVERELY under-supplying them with outdated Kevlar (I knew a mother who was asking for donations so that she could purchase the latest technology vest to send to her son) vests… NOT providing well armored Humvees, etc, etc… Had he required a tax increase, the war would’ve been paid for and our soldiers would have been more protected. It’s unfortunate that you are so blind to the Sins of your previous President. Sad, really….

        • I’m terrified he’s going to succeed????
          I would have LOVED for him to succeed
          or do something
          just ANTHING these last 4-years.
          I don’t EVER want to hear another thing about BUSH—
          obama has been in 4-years!!!!!!!

          • @ALLLAMERICAN. Okay, you weren’t terrified that he would succeed. BUT the leaders of the “opposition” party (Republicans in power) said that the goal is to make him a one term President. His success is predicated on cooperation from the other party. The Congress and Senate have much more control over what goes on in this country that the POTUS does… And not only did they fail in making Obama a one term President, but they failed you, me and the rest of the Citizens of this country. If you are a Republican, I suggest you start with wrestling your own party back from the Tea Party and Grover Norquist. Because, under their radical obstruction, they held the entire country hostage by stonewalling anything to do with the economy and the success of the Administration. See the quote below relative to Mitch McConnell’s “handling” of the debt ceiling….

            “I think some of our members may have thought the default issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting,” he said. “Most of us didn’t think that. What we did learn is this — it’s a hostage that’s worth ransoming. And it focuses the Congress on something that must be done.”

            Also, during the last depression it took approximately 10 years to get out of it. And that was a much smaller economy. It took NO time for Bush to eliminate the surplus that this country built (THROUGH COOPERATION) under the Clinton administration. So you will likely hear about BUSH for while. Just like they heard about HOOVER.

        • ALLLNONAMERICAN Is A Racist KKK Binder Bitch That NEEDS TO Maybe Put Down The Meth Pipe And Look At The Real World Stop Watching Fox Fake News And Rush Limdick!!! Sarah Palin Got Her Ass Fired From Fox Fake News Also!!!

        • Stella, Canada wouldn’t let her in. What she needs is some mental help, with the hate she has. It is so stupid that a person would actually believe everything that politicans and their parties say without checking out to see if there is any truth to what they saying. It is very clear that AllAmerican believes every lie ever told by the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh, Willard Romney and Paul Ryan and the rest and never checks anything out to see if it is true. She is sick because all hate does for a person is to give them heartburn, high blood pressure, ulcers and other health problems.

  13. I have only been more relieved once in my life….the day my only child was born healthy and beautiful….I cried then and I cried on Tuesday night – for President Obama’s historic victory and for my country, which I adamently maintain would have been lost ~ given the tactics that the other guy planned to implement upon this great country.


  14. What we should be talking about is what this election means. The voters want a government that works. First of all lets get a budget that starts to address both the defecit and our crumbling infastructure. The politicians should go back to what they do best, forget the social issues, and start bringing home the “bacon” for their constituancy.

  15. BDD, I hope in another 4 years you aren’t “still” blaming Bush. The recession blamed on him “officially ended” June 2009.

  16. Reality Check – This was no landslide and most of the trouble-makers (whose idea of public service was to obstruct Obama) are back in Congress. My state went completely red – Gov, State House, and State Senate. I would like to believe that Obama won based on reason, and better math skills (and a great Sec. of Explaining Stuff). But folks who ought to be smart enough to know better believed the lies of the Right and willl continue to do so.

    Dems need to keep the moral high-ground, keep their noses clean and work for the greater good in ways that are sound and defensible. They should also no cringe from calling out lies when they occur.

    • It was a landslide because the lying republiCONs got their fool ass’s handed to them by double digits.

      Time for a stomping.

    • Keep the moral high ground? Keep their noses clean? Calling out lies? We have a narcissistic liar in the White House, being guided by a sleaze of a former president. Just how are they going to accomplish all that?

      • In THIS election – the biggest Liars have been the conservatives – specifically the tea party. Responsibility for the Great Recession does not lay with Obama, nor does the debt. It lies with Bush, 2 wars and tax policy (Trickle-down) that is a now a proven lie.

        Before you can solve a problem you must be honest about it’s cause. The Dem’s case come far closer to the truth than the opposition.

    • I agree with the thought that people believe the lies because they really do believe it is the truth. When you listen to only one thing(like Limbaugh etc Fox News) , like an ostrich , if your head is in the sand you only see sand. I too live in a very red state , the county I live in , voted 83% for Romney , but there is light at the end of the tunnel statewise .
      In 2008 the state was 67% for McCain , this election was 61% for Romney, and in Ga , the amt of counties that were blue was more this time than in 08. So even the deep south could be waking up . But Dems need to work together , I really hate it when I read how hate filled some posts can be . I believe Obama kept to the high ground and it worked.

      • If you watch ABS, NBS, CBS, CNN any other channel you are NOT hearing the real news.
        They hid the real story aboout Libya

        Thye hid everything about obama and then YOU think we are lying when we tell the truth

        It’s the Media that pushed obama back in for four more years.
        The Media made Romney out to be this terrible, horrible rich man that killed
        a women and blah blah blah

        It’s unbelievable the things the Media did.

        “IF” you ever watched Fox (especially O’Reilly) they tell the news how it is fair and balanced they don’t take sides. Shaun Hannity does, but that it all.

        The only ONE News channels that is NOT bias.

        FOX 48.0
        CBS 18.6
        ABC 18.4
        NBC 14.5

        Liberal Shows
        The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
        The Colbert Report
        The View
        The Late Show with David Letterman
        The Ellen Show

        Make sure you keep up with the benghzi court

        • Romney lost not because of the media… It is because he failed at selling his agenda for the country.
          On the same token…
          John Kerry lost because he failed at selling his agenda for the country.

          Blaming the media is a tired old trick anymore…

  17. I have a deep belief in the common sense of most Americans; they proved that to me by picking Obama over Romney. The President is not in for an easy time, the Right will not go down easy. Already they are hitting the Internet with shouts of “we will not give in.” The President will still need our support to make things happen, even right leaning representatives give in if they get enough strong input from their constituents. Read history, we got Social Security passed because the public was demanding it, the same is true of Medicare. We can elect leaders, but they cannot lead us the way we asked, if we sit back and twiddle our thumbs. President Obama knows that, that is why he keeps asking us to support him.

  18. Obama was elected by a ‘coalition’ of Blacks, Hispanics, entitlement receivers, students and government union workers that together outnumber the remaining voters. All of these groups want something from ‘Government’ be it welfare, low cost loans, high pay and pensions or bail outs for their union jobs. Guess the ‘rest’ of us, the 50 plus million that lost this election are on the hook to pick up the tab. Democracy?

    • Funny, I do not fit into any of the demographics that you spouted off….and yet, I have the brains and common sense to vote for the right man for the job of President.

      …nothing worse than a sore loser….you, like Romney and Ryan are dismissed….

      • You think you have the brains but wait a while. I’m not sore just sad that we have an egotistical inexperienced law school graduate at the helm instead of someone with more experience and concern for the entire country as a whole.

        • Well, Canistercook, I do agree with you that it would be great if we had someone better than Obama as President but…the sad fact is that Obama was the best one available at this election.

          • I hope you made a good decision and that you are right but I feel that Obama’s election was ‘bought’ by the Unions, especially the government Unions to preserve their power. The blacks voted 90% for Obama because they see him as ‘one of them’ at least so they think, the gays were bought with his change on gay marriage statement, the Hispanics were bought with liberal promises of legal status for their relatives, the women were bought by declaring that Republicans had declared war on women, students were bought with promises of low interest student loans a great deal of much I feel will never be repaid, and those receiving entitlements were bought by promises not to cut entitlements. This was a clever move on the part of the powerful unions knowing how to ‘use’ these other groups to attain their ends. Unfortunately I look at the deficit and money printing and realize it will eventually come home to roost as it did in Greece. Romney was not an ideal candidate, and some of the Republican platform I disagreed with, for example their attacks on Planned Parenthood and unfortunately many still think of Mormons belonging to a ‘cult’, while others were brainwashed by the attack on Romney’s work while in Bain although no mention was made of the fact that Obama paid almost 50,000 dollars in taxes to foreign countries on some kind of income he made in them that are shown as ‘various’ on his tax return Most big American Corporations are forced to do some of their manufacturing abroad in order to compete and stay profitable. I feel you did not elect Obama, but rather elected the Union’s power representative. I feel Unions were at one time necessary, and may be in the future, but doubt for example that General Motors can really compete in this competitive world paying an average of $54 an hour to UAW workers in combined pay and benefits. I feel we should not be looking at 30 years of work and 30 years of retirement with our government workers who retire at 50 and 55 on pensions far exceeding social security. It is too costly and has forced some cities into bankruptcy. Much of our country’s wealth and jobs resulted in the past from exports to Europe, Asia and Latin America. Without compromise on the part of Unions and Corporations and an affordable government payroll to enable us to compete in manufacturing jobs in this changing world I do not believe our jobs will come back to America. If they don’t we are looking at a much lower standard of living for all except union and government workers along with severe inflation. This is what happened in the USSR. Members of the Communist Party flourished and lived high on the hog while for many others their standard of living was falling. I hope I am wrong and you are right but how we stand 4 years from now will tell us the answer.

          • I fear that you give unions credit for far more power than they have. They had a lot of power in the 40s and 50s but that power has greatly diminished since then and they now have a much lower percentage of the workers in their ranks. The problem in Greece is not at all like our problem since in Greece people in all walks of life refuse to pay taxes (it is considered a matter of honor) although if Romney/Ryan had their way only people making less than 300K would have to pay any taxes. You are correct that I did not elect Obama (although incorrect is stating him as being a tool of unions) but you missed the fact that I was not voting FOR Obama but AGAINST the Fascists as personified by Ryan (this is the first time in over 5 decades that cast no vote for ANY Republican even though I liked some of the local candidates). The only Federal workers that I know of who may retire at 50 are LEOs while other Federal employees may retire at from 55 to 57 (depending upon the year born) if they have 30years of service. Of course the Federal retirement should be higher than SS since for many, many decades the employees paid in far higher percentage of their wages to Federal retirement than non-government employees paid into SS. Note that Federal employees had to go to court to force the Federal Gov’t to cough up the promised matching funds. Yes, a number of gov’t entities have declared bankruptcy and claimed retired employees was the reason while nicely ignoring the fact that they had been using the retirement funds to cover city operating costs and/or they had invested the city monies in those wonderful insured mortgage packages that were being pushed by investment bankers. Yes, we are much like USSR but it isn’t the unions living high on the hog but the politicians at all levels who have been bought by big business. To be exact, much of our current economic problem stems from the great reduction in government employees which really cuts back on the amount of money flowing into small business cash registers. The current popular practice of handing out multimillion dollar bonuses to the upper echelon whether a company is profitable or not is another hindrance to recovery. Give employees more money and they shall spend more money but give the bosses more money and they shall stash it away (probably in the Caymans). By the way, did you know that as of this summer the US has the strongest economy of any industrialized nation? Yep, that austerity program put in effect by the Euro nations has almost brought their economy to a halt. Another interesting fact is that for only the second time in our history has our national debt (less than 8% held by China) exceeded our GDP but no one is questioning Japan’s economy and their debt is nearly 3 times their GDP.

          • Obviously you do not live in California, where for example the average prison guard earns around $100,000 a year and gets around $50,000 a year pension and retires long before those of us on Social security retire at 65. Where for example the CEO of the Government run Water Board earns $150,000 a year while getting a government pension of $200,000 a year from a prior government CEO job. Where the average pay for a doctor at the County hospital is $350,000 a year. I believe you will find many of these retirement plans only require 20 or 25 years of service. After 45 years of paying into Social security you are lucky to get half of what the government pension plans pay taking into account the amount contributed by you personally. My neighbor, a Fireman worked 3 – 12 hour shifts and ran a pool service the other days. How many 8 hour a day workers 5 days a week can do that? He is now at 55 retired on his CALPER pension. As someone who has to get a $125 permit to take out my tree on my own property, has a Fireman, and Building Inspector come around yearly to check the triplex I own which I owned for years without their help in prior years and seeing school parcel taxes on my property tax bills that pay for schools that are educating large numbers of illegal residents and closing down almost 3 months in the summer and closing for Chavez day holiday along with MLK holiday I do not think government payroll has been cut to where it needs to be. If it were not for the non-union Silicon Valley California would be in worse shape than ever. Fortunately it has a good climate!

          • True, Canistercook, I do not live in California but I can remember when I did and found out what a teacher would draw upon retirement so I offered to pay my wife’s way to finish university since I was making really good money (nearly $7,500 per annum) but my wife said that she had seen the working conditions at the schools and she was no longer interested in putting up with all the BS (which I understand has gotten much worse over the last 4 decades). Then I found out how much a teacher contributed to their pension fund (over 10 times what SS collected) and realized that there was an excellent reason their pension was so high. You combine their large monthly contribution with the fact that they have had excellent fund managers over the years and you get the idea. When pensions cause a problem is when the bosses/politicians decide to hand out big benefits instead of pay raises and then kick the can down the road by not funding said benefits or they happily raid the fund to meet current expenses. This is not restricted to just government entities but very common in businesses.

            Your comment about someone with a $100K salary retiring with a $150K pension reminds me of when I was forced into retirement about 10 years before I had planned and everyone was asking how it felt to get just as much not working as when I was working. My reply was, “True, my check is about the same as when I was working but with a few minor differences. When I was working there was an additional $100 going to War Bonds that is no longer being with held and I was getting 26 or 27 paychecks a year and now I am only getting 12 checks a year.” Fortunately I had wasted too many years in jobs not covered by SS when I held them (LEO, military, federal, etc.) so I was a few quarters short when I was retired. I say fortunate because my pension would have been reduced by over $2.50 for every $1 of SS benefits so I don’t mind donating the years of my SS contributions to the fund and hope that I never am able to qualify because I really could not afford the drastic reduction in my income. I also do not see why anyone would criticize a “double dipper” since if someone works long enough to qualify for a pension and then gets another job and spends the years at that job to qualify for another pension it is only fair that the person be paid both pensions in full just as I do not feel that there is any justification to cut a person’s pension/SS just because they have saved and invested wisely so that they now have other income. I am sure that your attitude about the size of government payroll shall change the day you go to the county court house or city hall to take care of business and discover that they are closed because of mandatory furloughs brought on by budget shortfall (the way they do it here so they retain most of the staff but don’t pay them as much) or find that you have to make an appointment a month or more in advance because they have fired so many people. I am surprised that you can get a fireman and a building inspector to come by every year. I had some work done at my place last year and 3 years ago that both needed to be cleared by the building inspector and the tags are STILL hanging their waiting for him to OK it. You know, it could be a lot worse. They could make it a law that a building not inspected shall have to be vacated after 12 months and stay vacant until the inspectors clear it as liveable.

            You live in California and are complaining about property taxes??? Get real, I pay 5 times as much in property taxes on my $130K house in WA as I paid on my $300K house in CA (and people I know in NJ are envious of how little I pay). Prop 13 was the greatest thing that California ever accomplished since before then friends of the family who had owned places there for over 30 years were being nailed with annual property tax bills that were over 40% of what they had originally paid for their house and Prop 13 rolled back their taxes to a manageable level.

          • It really depends upon what job you have and when you have it. At one time Military, All government employes (fed, state, county, etc.), Railroad employees were all exempt because they had good retirement plans that far exceeded SS but more and more of them have lost their exemptions over the decades. I remember back in 1982 (I think that was the year) when people I knew who worked for the Post Office were complaining that they were being charged for Medicare even though they would never be able to get Medicare. The reasoning behind it was that there was a possibility that a Federal employee could have a covered job eventually that would qualify them for SS and MediCare so they should pay now just in case. It is my understanding that the current federal retirement system is a combination of SS at the base with additional Federal benefits so they are now paying into 2 retirement funds just like people working for Ford or General Mills. I don’t know anyone working for the RR so I do not know if they are still SS/Medicare exempt (and I am too lazy to look it up).

          • Just don’t understand how a government can force us into Social Security and Medicare and exempt itself. Sure seems ‘unfair’ to me. Guess they feel its good enough for us peons! But not good enough for them since they have their hands in our pockets and can take what they want!

          • I feel that you are looking at this backwards, Canistercook. Instead of trying to drag everyone DOWN to SS level you should be trying to get everyone UP to the Fed retirement and medical insurance level. Of course, if that would be attempted there would be screams heard across the nation because of how much was being withheld from their pay for pension and medical insurance. I still remember my surprise the first time I got a federal paycheck and noticed that 8% had gone to the pension fund compared to the 1.5% that SS had been collecting (no Medicare in the 1950s) but then I considered the fact that if I were to work for the feds for 30 years I would be getting much more than SS plus there was also the option that upon leaving the job I could either draw a pension or get paid a lump sum of what I had contributed. It is my understanding that now the Feds pay into BOTH SS & their own pension fund and their pension consists of a combination of two systems. I do recall that back in the 1980s they tried giving new hires a choice of either paying into SS or into both SS & Fed funds but that was quickly dropped because most Americans do not want to even consider paying ANYTHING into a retirement fund until they are in their 50s so the majority of new hires were opting for SS only which would have eventually starved the federal pension system.

          • I just hope you will pay the taxes and be able to buy a hamburger if McDonalds has to pay for pensions and health care like government workers get. We are already ‘inflated’ to the point we are no longer able to compete in the world economy, sounds like you would bury us! Have you ever thought why we are short of jobs?

    • Whatever! If it consoles you to believe that blacks and hispanics are “entitlement receivers” then go on believing it. But Stop all the whining and deal with it.

      • I never said that ‘blacks and Hispanics’ were or were not entitlement receivers. Perhaps you need to reread what I said so you can understand it and understand where the commas are!.

    • Oh, you idiot. The people we know who voted for Obama are working full-time jobs and aren’t taking anything from the government except the same infrastructure, military and other protection, etc. that you’re taking.

      My husband and I are not wealthy but we own our own home and land and the most money we owe anybody is less than $200 to a credit card which will be promptly paid off when the bill comes.

      To group everyone who voted for our President into your self-chosen categories is wrong, foolish, and ignorant. And by the way, the hardworking “group” we would be a member of is composed of whites.

    • That’s for sure!!!!!!!! and they don’t understand why we hate Libs.

      47% don’t pay any Taxes—

      You don’t contribute to anything anyway—–
      Just taking up space—ALOT OF SPACE AND MONEY

    • Cut and paste shows no originality, Canister. You’ve cut and pasted this comment all over the blogs. Try something different. While you’re at it, ask your party to do something different too. Show some originality for once…

  19. I guess Obama is going to have to place the blame on himself this time, when he starts lamenting about what he has inherited.

      • Or a better solution is make sure the “Church” can continue to hire its employees and pay them. The Medical Device Tax requires the “Church” to layoff three employees, that is a 15% reduction. In addition the “Church” is moving out of California to save the remainder of what is required.

        Hospitals have said they will not pay the 2.3% excise tax. It results in a 23% profit tax.

    • who cares? boeing does this all the time. and, they dont even pay tax on profits. i think we should cancel all government contracts with boeing because they are simply a corrupt company.

      • Boeing employees 60,000 Americans who pay taxes and provide for the living of their families. Do you care about Lockheed? They are announcing the same actions? How about FMC or do you not care about the Middle Class and our families?

        • so if it is o.k that the employees pay taxes, why doesnt boeing have to?

          As usual, you cannot justify your biased attacks.

          by the way, defense contracts are just another form of welfare for millionaire. I guess they will have to get real jobs instead of enjoying government welfare.

  20. I have found something interesting. All the republicans who feel Obama is doing such a terrible job, people like Cantor, McConnell, Boehner, Ryan are always tooting Reagan’s presidency. He was responsible for all good republicans accomplished. But Reagan was not the last rep. president. There was 2 Bushes a total of 12yrs of repub. leadership since Reagan. Of these 3 presidents Reagan is the only one these people tout as successful and yet he is the only one who didn’t follow any of their advice. He did not follow Cantor’s tea party philosophy, Ryans financial wisdom, Boehner or McConnells ideas of what the people want and even to them he was the only one they toot as successful. George 2 did follow all their advice and the economy collapsed, the stock market crashed as did the housing market, unemployment soared and 2 wars were started. I find this very interesting.

    • President Obama could fix our health care problem simply by signing an executive order that rescinds reaguns failed health care bill of 1982. then thru budget reconciliation, he could retroactively raise tax rates on corporations and individuals like willard the rat and his friends. nixon called it a “windfall profits tax”. he could also, thru budget reconciliation, tax ALL income for medicare and social security instead of taxing only the first $110,000 which puts an unfair burden on workers and targets only lower income workers.

      I would like to see a concentrated effort to reverse ALL policies favored by republiCON traitors over the last 50 years.

  21. I think all Americans want what this Administration is trying to deliver–policy making that empowers ALL people to achieve their potential and their dreams and to be able to then make their contribution to our country. What we don’t want are unregulated companies and corporations that ride on the backs of the people with one goal in mind–that of making a profit at all costs, human and/or environment. Making a profit is of course the goal and the heads of these companies would most often be surprised that that is also the goal of the workers. Their employees also want the employer to succeed and they believe, as they rightfully should, that they played an important part in that success. And the role they played and play has value. Everyone understands that corporate policy is made by people, but that does not make a corporation “people too.” They must be regulated to do the right thing in the quest to succeed.

  22. Lets also be fair to the white majority of voters in the swing states and other states who voted for Obama. Without a percentage of the white vote Obama would not have won. Lets be grateful in victory to those white voters who are skin color blind and not virulent against the President. The message of hatred spread in Fox News by Hannity, O’Riley, the Gang of 5, Ann Coulter, etc. and right wing radio hosts fear mongers Mark Levin, Larry Older, etc. lost big!!! May God Bless America

  23. As one of Obama’s entrenched door-to-door vote getter, I was fortunate to meet and know this president very well. He cares so much about veterans, elderly, ordinary people, women, working class, the vulnerable, immigrants, students, and every human being. He loves America and wants America to be number one in everything. watch out, Obama will deliver for America and for the world.

  24. BMN (Bullsh*t Mountain News), formerly Fox News, the media headquarters of the Republican Party, will continue its war on science, progress, and Obama…and until Republicans and the BMN become completely irrelevant.

  25. The people have spoken. And Obama, thankfully, won. We rejected the politics of hate and division that the GOP was pushing. And once Florida votes are counted, it appears that Obama did not just win the electoral vote but the popular vote as well. Bye, Bye Romney/Ryan.

      • Are you referring to the concession speeches of the losers? Because they are the rejects. They did not ultimately win either the popular vote or the electoral vote. LOSERS!!

        • I’m referring to allll the uneducated and uninformed people that just for and don’t have ANY idea what they are voting for.

          If you don’t pay taxes you don’t vote—-
          If you can’t pass a test—-you don’t vote—–

          go to the youtube of Howard Stern out on the streets asking questions about the President

          • hey, allfullofshit, how is that bombardier jet and bentley doing?

            if you dont have an i.q of over 80 you cant vote. how did you manage?

          • I honesty believe you don’t know how to read…I think you have a voice recognition program that writes and translates text for you.

            You are one of the most ueducated blow hards posting here….along with obozomustgo, montanabill and a dozen others…

            I suggest that you read two things before you post here or anywhere else again:

            The 13 volume set of Will and Ariel Durant’s “The History of Civilation,” and “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich,” by William Shire.

      • I suggest that you read two things before you post here or anywhere else again:

        The 13 volume set of Will and Ariel Durant’s “The History of Civilation,” and “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich,” by William Shire.

  26. If the republican party can’t look in the mirror over this loss they deserve the hole their in….
    Hey zombies you spent and lost a lot of money on losing policy. Are you still in denial? Are you going to blame Romney or the dirty campaign and make a thousand excuses? Take some anti depressants and take all your Citizens United money and crazy tea party candidates and by yourselves an enema…..Poor things, it’s hard isn’t it?

  27. E.J.–Yes. I would add only that the diverse coalition that Obama has built includes not just younger voters, and “a mighty army of Latino and African American voters.”

    Women are part of this new majority–and that includes white women.

    Romney captured just two groups: white men and Americans over 65. These are the people who were in power in the 1980s. They represent the past.

    In the future, young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and Women will join a new generation of white men in ruling this country. Obama’s voters will be shaping the future.

  28. I don’t know if this Country will be able to heal and everybody work together for the betterment of the Country because of all the hatred that has been shown in these pages and on other places where I have read the hate postings. There are people on these other places that are saying that they weren’t giving anything to the victims of Sandy because Obama won the states that Sandy hit the hardest. When a person has that much hate in them they need mental help, they are a walking time bomb. There were many people that hated Bush 2 but I do not remember any posting from then being filled with so much hate after he was reelected for the 2nd time as are being posted against people that voted for Obama and against states that Obama won in this time.
    All the people that are posting their hate post needs do some thinking and researching about the people they wanted to be President and vice president maybe then they will understand why some many others would not allow the White House to be bought by the Rich, which it would have been if Romney and Ryan had won. Maybe they will also realize that people like the Koch brothers, Anniston, Murray and other rich people didn’t donate all that money to get the R’s elected, they spent it in order to get special treatment. People like the backers of the R’s don’t give that much money without getting something in exchange for it and they were expecting to get big returns on their millions at the expense of the middle class and the working poor. Think about it.

  29. On a local radio show, I heard the percentage breakdown that re-elected Obama:
    Who voted for Obama?
    93% – African Americans
    73% -Asians
    71% -Latino
    55% -Women
    39% -Caucasian males

    We can make some interesting suppositions from these figures:

    White people overwhelmingly voted for Romney and he still lost!!!
    White people don’t think they’re in the 47% for some reason, although they ARE!!
    White people need to give up their racist ways because minority populations, when standing together, can CHANGE THE WORLD!

      • Gee, ALLLAMERICAN, you just disenfranchised the majority of those subsisting on SS, Veteran’s pensions, and the people who work in restaurants, etc. In other words, those people who vote Republican (which proves that they really don’t think things through as they vote against their own future well-being). Personally, I do tend to agree with those who drew up our Constitution and ONLY property owners, such as myself, should be allowed to vote.

      • Can’t you simply shut up with all your drivel?

        Your “bumper sticker slogans” posing as any form of original thought?

        What you gonna do next?
        ‘Cut and Paste” something from Business Week like you did at another article here at The National Memo?

        I suggest that you read two things before you post here or anywhere else again:

        The 13 volume set of Will and Ariel Durant’s “The History of Civilation,” and “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich,” by William Shire.

        Maybe….just maybe….but I doubt it…after reading them, you might be able to form a rational, coherent sentence.

        If you don’t educate yourself….keep lying to us AS YOU DO ALL THE TIME just like your fascist propagandist friends…who also post here with their collective drivel.

        To have saliva drip from the mouth; to drool.

        To talk nonsense; to talk senselessly


        Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        Keep lying and talking drivel and propaganda….

        We know who you really are “ALLLLAMERICAN” who is not a real American.

  30. I don’t think the President should back down now. But let us appreciate the consequences. Don’t forget that these are real traitors that he’s contending with. Unfortunately, they’ve already proven that they are willing to hurl the world into economic catastrophe in order block any tax increases.

  31. I think we need to pay tribute to the Occupy movement for changing the conversation from the deficit to the 99%. That was a major step forward in defining the election.

  32. I thank you so much mister the President, There is no word to express about your winning this second term, God has sent you to save America and you are doing very well in everything you touch.You are a saver for the world, you understand the poor and feel their pain, we just love you in every way possible, thanks God we had you.You got everything it takes to be who you are and be the President of the United States,i got to tell you this there is a lot of jealous people out there who don`t have your education, your class, your way of doing what you are doing for this country they have anything good they can do for the country except criticising you,Donald Trump (la trompe d`éléphant)for exemple is the first one of them all.Thank you and thank you again mister the President; myself ,my whole family and all the others who love you including Michelle and your two girls.I also wish you could be the President of the United States for life, but you and your wife are very young so you would probably like to live for yourselves to keep your family happy, i also understand that.Without you The United States would be disapeared without a trace,thanks to you.We love you, love you and love you more than you can imagine.Again, congratulations ,no matter what others say you are the commander in chief. The rich only thank about themselves as they said it they are not concerned about poor people, what kind of President say things like that and more?Elisabeth Coicou

  33. I am not from America and I am in no way concerned as to who won or who lost, yet I was inundated with more than 20 emails in my inbox per day mostly from Dems (DGA). My observation is that Obama campaign was based upon downright vulgarity, personal insults and extremely negative and scary scenario should “Neocons” win. Obama campaign was in short, ugly. Romney campaign was far more decent and graceful. In the end I, as a neutral observer feel that constant bombardment of lies, negativism and insults won it for Obama. Observing from the reactions of Obama supporters after the elections are over and Obama has won the second term, I am saddened to see only undignified, graceless and arrogant comments from the haughty posters. It is sans humility and humanity. It seems the victory has gone to their heads. Note: I am neither Obama nor Romney supporter. This is just an independent observation from a far off country.

    • I would have to say that you are an idiot. Perhaps you have lived under a rock for the last 4 years and failed to see the constant insults hurled at the President who by the way, was elected by a majority.

      I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself. And by the way, you are no “neutral observer”, you are evidently an asshole.

      • Is this the best you can come up with? Really! This tells us more about your LEADER than it tells us about you. Go, dance wildly in a street, thump your chest, and kill yourself. I assure you, you’ll not be missed.

          • I wear a thinking hat, a hat that lets me follow my analytical judgement, unlike you followers of Obamaist cult. Learn the difference between being a supporter and being a follower. Obama is at best a political leader, not a messiah whom you should follow blindly and castigate all political opponents as demons. They are after all your own people, not your enemies. An election victory or defeat is not end of the world.

            Mark my words, four years hence, you’ll find yourself in the same miserable or glorious condition you are in now. There will be no rivers of milk and honey flowing at the end of Obama’s second tenure. Much less, if any.

  34. The repubs plan blew up in their face big time !!!! Behind closed doors their probably saying WTF what went wrong???? They waged a hate campaign against the President over the last two years at the expense of the American people. The whole lot should have been voted out retaining the House is more than they deserve.

  35. Our work is not done. The members of the house need to do the right thing by supporting everyone and not just the wealthy people. Even if letting the tax break for the wealthly expire doesn’t really help, it still doesn’t make since to allow this group to continue to line their pockets at the expense of the average American.
    We all need to ask the members of the house to be fair and remind them that they are paid by all tax payers in their district, not just the folks who voted for them.

  36. E.J.

    Last week I heard Rachel and Ed and Lawrence all complaining about the spin by GOP pundits that Mitt’s momentun was stopped by Hurricaine Sandy. I tried to email them as I don’t twitter or Facebook to say, “For Heaven’s sake shut-up. Don’t blow it. Let it become the spin they want everyone to think. And then ask them, “Are you saying that Obama’s election was an ‘Act of God’ ??” Game, set, match. That should shut’em up for a little while, especially the evangelicals. As a God-fearing Christian, I am tired of the Right-wing CINO’s (Christian in Name Only) giving my religion a bad name, because they are anything but Christian. They are much closer to 21st century Pharoses than believers in Christ.

    Dave Hightower
    Cordova, TN

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