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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Iraq War Resolution

There’s a reason that George W. Bush immediately supported the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate. Paul Ryan was a loyal Bush/Cheney vote on all of the worst of that Administration’s historic screwups.

Let’s begin with the Iraq War Resolution, which was supported by far too many members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. Ryan was a solid “Yay” for this resolution. This tragic distraction ended up costing well over $800 billion, mostly funded through emergency supplemental appropriations bills that were conveniently not included in the deficit until 2010. Simply: There is no better example of wasteful spending in the last few decades than the Iraq War. And Paul Ryan voted for it.

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  • I knew we were in trouble when W got that wrinkled-brow, dumb-Cowboy look on his face and announced the presence of WOMD to instill the fear-factor syndrome into Congress and the American public!

  • Just what they need …more tax breaks… I’m “SO sure” this is going to create jobs! This “trickle-down” idea has been around since Alexander Hamilton…It really didn’t work well in colonial days either…

    • ExPAVIC

      New Name

      Now it is called “Pony and the sparrow” economics. The pony gets the grain and the sparrow picks through the turds.

  • Rep. Ryan’s record reflects the extreme ideological convictions of a man who enthusiastically calls for spending reductions and then supports expensive crusades; calls for trnsparency but engages in accounting schemes such as emergency supplemental appropriations, or unfunded liabilities, to pretend our deficits were not as bad as they were. What will damage his credibility the most is his proposal to dismantle MEDICARE. His plan, which GOP rhetoric make you think is akin to the Ten Commandments and the Bible combined, is a 4-page high level blueprint that lacks specificity. On the issue of MEDICARE it says that the only people affected by his plan would be those under 55, what it doesn’t explain is how will MEDICARE be funded for people 55 and over when most of the contributors to the system are taken out of the system. Is he planning to raise taxes? Substantially increase the MEDICARE fees seniors pay? Convert the entire system to personal accounts and vouchers when it collapses due to lack of funding? Or does he expect the chinese to pay it?

    • that is a very good point you bring about removing people from the sytem. It is their way of totally breaking the sytem when actually adding people TO it would strengthen it. JOBS and people paying into the ss sytem is what will repair it. and I think they know that .It is why they want fewer jobs.CORPORATE PUPPETS is the very best i can call them but actually they are worse than that.

    • And The Fact That His Own Church Called Paul Ryan’s Budget Bill IMMORAL Says It All!!!

  • Taxes WILL have to be raised under Ryan’s plan…The GOP will just try to make it (tax increase) as subtle as possible since they have “demonized” the word “Taxes”

  • highpckts

    You wait and see. Ryan will be the power behind the throne! Just like Bush/Cheney!!

  • Romeny and Ryan, say one thing but does another.

  • Romney needs someone who can speak cleverly since he can’t. Ryan can make a rattlesnake look like a harmless worm. On CBS interview he never answered even on of the interviewer’s questions but completely avoided giving a straight answer. BEWARE he’s using Gov. Walker’s playbook by not unvailing his plan-Just Trust Me, that’s crap. Walker didn’t balance the budget but made WI the worst in the nation for job creation & we continue to loose jobs on a monthly basis.

    • Gammaanya

      Collen, according to more than 60% of Wisconsin people voted for him to stay on the job under his talk of balancing the budget – Yeah. Cutting all ed, higher fee for Nat’l Parks (he might make them private) and of course the Medicaid and other programs that help the low income people. I guess money can buy any crook in Wisconsin, you people voted, got it live with it. Be wise next time. More and ore small businesses is moving to Ill or people look for a job in Ill. I live only 6 miles from the border depends from which way I come, Richmond, IL I am in Genoa in 5 min or Wilmot in 6 min -. When you take a drive to Silver Lake from Rt 173 it’s sad to see every 3rd house is up for sale some already empty and the roads – horrible. He is patching the holes and cracks – so where did the money go??? Walker knows – people of Wisconsin do not. RE taxes ever so high. What you people did to yourselves??? People of Wisconsin can not complain. Watch and see when R/R come to Wiisconsin Ryan will run his mouth what he brought in to Wisconsin (the stimulus money that he voted NO on) and 60% will buy it just like they bought this one.
      I guess money talks, BS walks and common sense is dead

  • The only reason Romney was only 7-9 points behind was because seniors were evenly split between the two candidates. Ryan is the lightning rod that will change that in a hurry. Add to that criticisms such as comparing student loans to stage III cancer, stating that the only compromise acceptable to the GOP is for Democrats to embrace the GOP agenda, and other arrogant or ill conceived statements and this election is likely to be a landslide for President Obama.

    • As for how seniors will vote, it all depends on whether they are paying attention. Far too many seniors don’t keep themselves informed hence the large numbers that supported McCain/Palin. Also white seniors are more inclined cast their votes based on race unlike younger more enlightened voters.

      • i am a senior Big spender and I think you could be slightly off mark. SeniorsDO pay alot of attenion to politics . more particularily when they affect THEM. and BTW SENIOR VOTE more religiously than younger people becase they VALUE that right more .

        • Total Creation

          False false false. The young do value the right to vote… however out of state students are stopped or hindered, those that work generally work slave wage hourly jobs where they cannot afford the lost time from work to vote. Seniors are generally retired and have all the time in the world to go vote.

          What we got from that is the selfish baby boomers sucking the system dry and gutting everything while handing down the debt to the younger generations. Hey, thanks for destroying what your parents, the last great generation, built. Stupid hippies.

          • Total Creation,

            You are a misinformed, nasty young ‘un. The baby boomers paid into the system long before you were born and supported the benefits that their parents and grandparents received. Congress took the money that they paid in and used it for other purposes instead of putting it aside to pay for the baby boomers’ benefits. If you want to accuse someone of sucking dry the system, point the finger at the proper people (Congress) not the people who expect to get what they paid for (the baby boomers). You are the stupid one.

        • Mrs. Marilyn: you had better take a good look at Mr Romney if you think he is a Christian or not . I am here to tell you he is not a Christian , Mormon is not a Christian ,they believe that man can be a GOD when the Bible tells us different. God says to have no other Gods before HIM ., Plus the GOP are nomore of a Christian than the DEMOCRATS are . I know this because I am a Christian and a Democrat . We don’t believe in abortion no more than the Republicans do they are telling you we do and they are lieing when they tell you this . Lieing is a sin also . the abortion issue is just away for them to get you to vote for them . The Democrats did not make abortion legal in this country the supreme court did noy the Democrats as the GOP has being telling you for years . the supreme made it legal when they ruled in favor of the woman in the lawsuit of ROE VS WADE . not the Democrats as the GOP would have you to think . President Obama is not a Muslom he is a Chrisyian which is better than Romney . Paul Ryan would and will take away your SS and Medicare if the Democrats are to less of a majority in congress .

        • timeforchange321

          I am happy to hear this Marilyn because this election will effect every senior in this country. I hope they will vote on merit rather than race or predjudice. Perhaps you can persuade them. Obama/Biden

        • I agree, as a general rule seniors pay more attention to politics and socio-economic issues than any other segment in our population…and we vote! As an aside, I voted about an hour ago and I was appalled by the low turnout. Hopefully it is the result of early voting and absentee ballots…

        • You are so right. I have been voting for 71 years now and only missed one national election because I was in the hospital. I am interested in politics and read everything I see about both parties. Admittedly, I am what my kids call a “yellow dog democrat”, but I have occasionally voted for a Republican. The only reason Pres. Obama has not accomplished all he wanted to is because of the mentality of such as Mitch McConnell whose first priority was to make him a one term president. McConnell should not be paid for such a do nothing attitude.

        • adler56

          that would be “effect them” Marilyn. Unless you’re crying about something
          like the government messing with your Medicare.

      • onedonewong

        Barak plans to defund Medicare by $300B

        • Gammaanya

          By Faux News. BS and U know it.

          • onedonewong

            Obviously you don’t read any newspapers and post rubbish

      • karinursula

        Not this Senior, I voted for Mr Obama in 2008 and will again this year. I know exactly what those 2 are up to.

    • Only Way These Two Koch Brothers Butt Kissers Will Win Is If They Lie Steal And Cheat!! And They Are Trying To Do All Three!!! LOL Funny But Most Polls Say It Has Not Help Romney Hood At All His Choice Of Little Paul!!!LOL

    • onedonewong

      You better stop watching the state run media polls and start watching the unbiased ones that all have Romney leading barak anywhere from 3 to 5 points

    • thetruthmeister

      You lefties are really shaking now huh? Heh heh. The main streammedia is going to try to put forth an all out unfounded and totally B.S. barrage against Ryan. You know what? We fell for it in 2008 but we won’t in 2012 . I live just north of NYC and I do not know anyone who will vote for Obama again, even those who voted for him in 2008, like myself. I say it’s going to be a monumental landslide win for Romney and Ryan. I can’t wait . 🙂

  • Paul Ryan is not a good example of a statesman. He lives in the mansion once owned by the owner of Parker Pens, Ryan had a lot to do with the disappearing of that great company loosing many good paying jobs. The factory is gone but Ryan now lives in the mansion.

  • LittleStream

    Hasn’t worked in the 8 years Bush was in office, created the tragic mess Obama found himself in, won’t work if Romney is elected.

    • Trickle Down Bullcrap Works For No One But The Wealthy!!!

      • onedonewong

        Vs trickle up disaster from Barak??

        • “V” who the heck is V? Should’nt there be a lucidity criteria for these post?
          Being germaine and proof reading are not required but have’nt we set the bar too low on this one!

          • onedonewong

            You never seen the term VS guess literacy is no longer taught in schools

        • Hey You Asshole What Part Of Don’t Troll Behind Me With Your Ass Kissing Of The Rich Man Do You Not Understand!! STFU Talking To Me!!!

          • onedonewong

            Ahhh the Obama comes out as usual

          • onedonewong

            If it wasn’t for the rich, you would be living on the street. No more welfare checks food stamps, WIC and housing vouchers for you to live on. Have to give up the big screen TV and actually work for a living something you and your parents never had to do

          • Your Mother Will Be Very Mad Now That She Can’t get No More Food Stamps!!! Now You Better Stop The Stalking And Trolling And Go Get You A JOB ASSHOLE!!! All That You Stated Apply To Your MOTHER Dumbass!!

          • onedonewong

            a yuck a yuck thanks for your normal stupid comment. on thing is for sure you’ll still be able to sell crack and coke like most of your peeps

        • If Anybody Want An Ideal Of How The GOP/Tea Party American Talin Member Thinks You Are The IDIOT They Can Look At And See All You Do Is Lie Just Like Romney Hood, You Just Making Yourself Look Stupid You Need To STFU You Just Like The Rest Of Your American Taliban Have Earn Your Masters Degrees In Lying And Chaos!!! Do Yourself A Favor Stop Talking To Me !!!

          • onedonewong

            Lie??? Every thing I post is factually correct, unlike you and most posters here that haven’t a clue about research or reading.
            If it was easier for Barak to tell the truth on a topic he would still lie its the Chicago way

          • You Need To Wipe The Do Do Off Your Face Next Time You Post All That Butt Kissing And Sucking Rich People Asses Tend To Leave A Mess !!! What Part Of Don’t Talk To Me Do You Not Understand???? Asshole!!!

          • onedonewong

            The only butt kissers I’ve ever seen is barak and the rest of the colored as they wipe their brow and say yas master

          • louisy8

            why don’t you stop you fool, where all the money Pres. Bill left for Bush jun, did he left office with money for Pres.Obama? no no no. that Rayan vote on all these plans of Bush because of the the GOP the US is in that mess you do your reseaech jackass. the GOP has all these bills sitting on the desk and they are not voting on them just to make Obama look bad but Americans are not stupid like you, Gop care about the rich and to hell with the poor all they is lie about Obama but there is a God and he has the power not the GOP

          • onedonewong

            W left obummer and his fellow Dem’s a 4.6% unemployment rate and budget deficit 0f $180B deficit.
            The House has passed 7 appropriation bills and the senate Zip Nada this has been going on with the Dems for 4 years no budget from the senate.
            47% of the population doesn’t pay any taxes so why should we worry about them?? They are a drain on the country

          • louisy8

            you are so right Bush did not pay for the two wars , tax break for the rich lack of over look on the big banks, why can’t people see what this Pres. has to
            deal with, it will take more 8yrs. to fix this Bush/Rayan mess.Everything Pres.Obama try to do for Americans the Gop block everything we are not fools they are the fools

          • I agree with you, it’s about time someone has come up with what really is happening with the Republicans and how they screw everythilng that Obama tries to fix and help the 99%. Thanks Louisy8.

        • After All Of Over 1600 Comments LOL All You Got Is 827 Likes LOL If I Was You I Would Shut The Hell Up!!! LOL You ARE A TROLL!!!

        • PacificRim

          You’ve obviously never owned or run a business!

          Rule No. 1: No demand, no business!

          It’s that simple. Put money into the pockets of working people and businesses will be fine. This is so obvious a child could see it. Soak the rich. Give tax breaks, loan modifications to the middle class and working poor. Everything will be OK.

          • onedonewong

            You meaan like GM’s Aug sales?? 78% of them were to the US gubermet that kind of demand??
            Yea you and Peeelosi have the same view of the economy that welfare and foodstamps creates jobs

    • onedonewong

      W inherited a recession from Clinton did you ever hear him complain, W inherited a hollow military and a hollow CIA from Clinton he never complained he just fixed the problem. that’s the difference between a man an a quota boy

      • LittleStream

        What is wrong with you? We weren’t in a recession with Clinton. We had no deficit under Clinton. If we want a bulked up military and CIA, we need to figure out how to pay for it. Investing in war bonds was an idea that worked once. But then so did doing our own manufacturing. Oh, well!

        • onedonewong

          have you ever read a book or a newspaper?? That’s rhetorical because obviously you haven’t if you don’t think W didn’t inherit a recession.
          If we want a bulked up military and CIA then we have to reduce unessential programs.
          Starting with pay for feds who earn on avg $130,000 a year and then eliminate unnecessary agencies starting with
          >1/2 of State and Justice

          • Peoples425

            So, your ultimate conclusion is that these aforementioned agencies are unnecessary? At the end of the Clinton era, there was no reason for a bulked up CIA nor Military as there were no wars and no need of them.

          • onedonewong

            Yep to your 1st question name 1 student that the dept of Education ever taught???
            No need for a bulked up CIA and DOD yep 9/11 sure prove your point can’t fool you

          • Peoples425

            Yeah, the CIA sure did help with the information they had in regards to that event. Still surprised there are people who believe that this country wasn’t involved in that incident.

            Concerning DOE though… education equality has always been a desire since the civil rights movement. Let’s not forget the financial benefits for those who cannot afford post secondary education.

          • onedonewong

            No question that this country was involved with 9/11 it was just another mugging by blacks
            as for DOE they have never been interested in Education equality its always been about equality of OUTCOME. That way the student and their family is never the issue its always the schools and teachers etc. Just like in KC where the DOE brought suit and the taxpayers had to fund over $2 Billion in improvements in inner city schools. After 5 years test scores were still abysmal
            As for post secondary there have always, always been student loans by the banks. Its the paying back is the problem. If DOE was honest they would not provide loans for black or women studies, sociology, Psychology art history and the host of worthless degrees

          • Peoples425

            “No question that this country was involved with 9/11 it was just another mugging by blacks”
            This quote in and of itself illustrates the difficulty of trying to argue with intellectual defects. 9/11 was a coup de grace that was used to hijack the domestic and foreign defense policies that many conservatives argued were demolished under the Clinton era.

            “If DOE was honest they would not provide loans for black or women studies, sociology, Psychology art history and the host of worthless degrees”
            This further proves that you have little value placed on anyone outside of the WASP foreigners in this country that continue to perpetuate a self-centered zone of focus.

            I will wish you the best of luck with that intellectual birth defect. Have a blessed day.

          • TomShoop

            The folks that committed 9/11 were all Africans and was no different than a normal drive by in NYC
            All the so called “fields of Study” are for folks that go to college for a degree and then work minimum wages for the rest of their lives. Its just another scheme to remove money from the taxpayers.
            Does it hurt you that much to understand that minorities occupy the bottom rugs of society not because of their color but because of their parents

          • Peoples425

            Sorry to laugh, well, I’m not all that sorry. Even the submitted reports label the criminals as Middle Eastern Muslim extremists, having very little or nothing to do with Africans. If you’d like to be specific though, all descendants upon this Earth are born of African heritage so I guess using that particular thought process you could validate your assumption. Let’s not even get into the overhaul that the country undertook afterward that have included the Patriot Act, the baseless wars and the tax breaks given to the rich.

            Well, concerning the aforementioned fields of study, the usefulness of said studies can prove to be quite valuable in certain aspects of the economy especially considering the amount of organizations that could use culturally sensitive individuals. This is would be likely to be preventative measures considering the rising racial tensions and the discriminatory behavior of several sectors in this country.

            In all actuality when compared to equally in level playing fields, minorities, even African Americans have and continue to outperform caucasians in just about any subject and/or physical activity. It has been primarily been because of the discriminatory practices of this country since it’s founding that has caused the hierarchy of this country. Concerning one’s lineage throughout this society it is quite telling the mentality that has been passed on through history that children such as yourself continue to perpetuate. My original idea was to replying to your provocative tactics by responding in kind, however I see no need to further stoop to the level that you have.

          • I think you must be reading the wrong books and newspapers.

          • onedonewong

            yea the unbiased articles that actually print the truth

          • karinursula

            Bush inherited a surplus, and if he had stayed out of Iraq who knows where we would be today, definitely a lot better.

          • onedonewong

            and a RECESSION, had Clinton not gutted the CIA 9/11 would have nver happened

        • And If These Money Hoard GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Really Cared About This Country We Wouldn’t Have A Problem Now !! They Are So Hell Bend On Getting Obama Out Of The White House They Are Destroying This Country!!! And Due To The Fact That Paul Ryan Is Just Like Romney The Problem Romney Striping And Shipping Jobs Overseas Plus Hiding Money In Offshore Bank Account!!! Paul Ryan Collecting A Check For Work He Never Earned SCREW BOTH OF THESE RACIST MONEY HOARDING BASTARDS!!!

      • mkspg

        I find it very difficult that anyone could possibly defend the actions of George Bush.He alienated the entire world against this great country of ours.His incompentance led the world to believe we were being led by a fool.I hope George and Chaney can sleep at night for putting so many of our brave girls and boys in harms way,and many did not return.He was the captain of the ship when she went down and he must accept responsibility for his terrible actions.Trickle down does not work,you feed a tree from its roots.As a people we need to come together for the good of the country and its people not just the one percent.

        • onedonewong

          That’s fine I find it doubly hard to believe anyone could vote for Obama who has no skills no ability no experience. Its been amateur hour now for 4 years.
          We now have every tin pot dictator in the world thinking we’re weak after Obama’s apology tours

          • 113121

            No, you would rather vote for a plane crashing confused old man and a con artist quitter.

          • You Are A Hater So Why Don’t You GO TO HELL ASSHOLE!!!

          • onedonewong

            Your native country is calling Kenya….

          • karinursula

            What apologies? You are living in a dreamworld. Congress stopped him from doing anything, since they had decided that they would do anything to make him a 1 term President.

          • onedonewong

            ?????? HUH???? he had a filibuster proof congress for 2 years and piled up $5 Trillion in new debt in 22 months

      • I’m probably dumb, but please explain what you mean by ‘quota boy’.
        And I seem to recall that GW also inherited a surplus.

        • onedonewong

          quota boy = how barak was admitted to college he was always a C or D student dope has an affect on your barin and its obvious that its had its affect on Barak
          W inherited a recession and took the necessary measure to right the economy and rebuild a hollow military and CIA

    • louisy8

      Rommy is rich, he don’t care about the poor, what is he hiding why don.t he show us he taxes fors the past 10 yrs. like his father did.what it is in these taxes he is hiding?

  • William Deutschlander

    Ryan and Romney are a GRAVE DANGER to DEMOCRACY, they are both AUTOCRATS!

  • so, the R-R is a continue story of Bush-Cheney, history repeat. Anybody want 8 more years of B-C without B-C

  • Maureen Morena Solis Hice

    That guy Ryan has the face & ears only a mother could love..Ninety minutes of exercise every day will not help this guy…

  • LOL! This is so laughable…. Iraq war resolution was supported OVERWHELMINGLY by both sides, Social Security and Medicare ITSELF was created by the democrats to pander to seniors, Bush’s tax policies were proven to INCREASE tax revenue and the true cause of today’s woes was the democratic Fair Housing Act…not Bush tax cuts, Oh yeah…let’s make it so illegals have unfettered access to our country, jobs and taxpayer dollars, and the President himself said without TARP, the financial system would have collapsed but Ryan supporting it is now right wing extremism??

    • awakenaustin

      You live in a vacuum don’t you?

      Please I beg you, show us the proof that the Bush tax cuts increase tax revenue. We await.
      Show me the money! The suspense is killing me.

  • if american seniors still go ahead and vote mitt/ryan in, if i see anyone of the on the road begging for anything i will never have pity on them because they are the engineer behind their calamity then. once GOP cancelled their medicaid or any assistance to them then they will sleep on street.

  • joujou228

    Why aren’t democrats making the point that someone who does not believe in medicare will be one heart beat from the presidency. Republican pondits keep saying that because Romney is the top of the ticket, therefore, Paul Ryan view doesn’t matter, which is why Romney is distancing himself from a budget proposal that he called marvelous during the primary, but let’s not forget Sheney’s influence on Bush and “the Iraq war”.

  • bigsurmac

    Why continue worrying about the Romney wealth, with the Ryan wealth overshadowing it?
    The Ryan family is now into the sixth, possible even the seventh generations.
    Check out Ryan Construction’ website — They declare “500 heavy earth moving machines, trucks and other equipment.”
    Conservatively for this level of equipment — that means about $100-Million minimum for their equipment — conceivably $240-Million — OR MORE.
    Having a few years in the contracting business — If the number is $150-Million, the prudent businessman expects a long term return of at least five times NET PROFIT from the investment in capital equipment.
    $200-Million cost of Ryan Construction’s equipment — at least $1-Billion in NET PROFIT over three to six years.
    With the grandfather’s fortune protected via trusts and other legal devices by a sharp attorney, which the congressman’s father was credited with being — there is no way we will ever know how much secured wealth is there for the Congressman and his children to fall back upon.
    Certainly, at the least, it means Mitt Romney has become the “po’ boy” on the Dixiecrat/Republibigot ticket. Wonder why Ryan prefers Democrats talking about his politics being geared to protecting the Romney wealth.
    Old $250-Million indolent rich Mitt is strictly little league compared by his newly-announced running mate.
    By the way — Has anyone noticed?
    Newly Uber-Conservative Paul Ryan has managed to carry a huge chunk of the Federal Pork Barrel to his home district and state.
    Somewhere in the neighborhood of $25-Million in Pork Barrel and Earmarks to the relatively small community of Janesville.
    Show anyone a single community of Janesville’s population and economic category which received $10-Million — not even approaching $25-Million — unless their native son congressman or senator was in position to make it happen.



    Anyone who votes for this whacky RoMoney-Ryan Ticket should get their water supply checked or their heads examined cause something is not coming together or it is falling apart.

  • Ryan is obviously Bi-Polar, and if elected most Americans will suffer from his lunacy.

  • imabrummie

    So, are these two RePUBIC-clowns the product of inbreeding? How any sane person could even consider giving them the honor of their vote is completely beyond my understanding.

  • Germansmith

    Getting Paul Ryan as a Vice-Presidential nominee will work as well as Sarah Palin. His budget is poison as he wants to cut benefits, but not defense spending (and therefore defense contractors)

    Let’s see, two white guys from the upper Midwest with clear mission to benefit the rich and powerful

    How are they planning to win the black and latino vote? Why would people over 50 looking toward retirement and Medicare would vote for these dudes?

  • holdbar

    “Free market” advocate, Paul Ryan has always collected a government paycheck.

    • imabrummie

      Says it all, really, a total hypocrite! How can anyone capable of intelligent thought believe and support a single word that spews from his facial orifice?

  • Robert London

    Hopefully, voters will become more informed about the issues which are facing all of us and the impact they will have individually. I look forward to hearing the debates that will be forthcoming. Hopefully, the emcees will be asking the hard questions about where the Reps or the Dems will carry the country if elected. Congressional elections will be just as important to evaluate the candidates as the National one.

  • mortgage123

    This is again is a tragic mistake by the Republicans by choosing Ryan they shot themselves in the foot yet again ( Like John McCain did 4 yrs ago with Palin) This guy is a nightmare and just doesn’t get it and ALL will come out in the next few weeks from saying inflammatory things like comparing plan parenthood to stage 3 cancer or for him voting for and supporting the Iraq war which clearly the most wasteful campaign in decades

  • timeforchange321

    I think that we as voters need to get past what the rehtoric wants us to worry about and look at the big picture. Romney is mormon..he added a Catholic.Ryan, to get those votes.. He is hoping to distract you with Ryans platform..which is taking away benefits to the elderly, cutting all programs for the poor and working class,….these are distractions people…dont let the Romney campaign distract you from seeing the big picture.. the RR campaign is CORPORATE RAIDERS..they do NOT care about ‘we the people’ they care about “their portfolio’.. They will make us poorer than we are now. Obama has made a difference in foreclosures by 5million less, jobs have been created, people are making purchases, my stocks earned money in the last quarter and have been for the past two years..American stocks… Obama inherited a mess, but in a business you have to put money in to make money….WE ARE THE INVESTMENT…vote Obama/Biden.

  • timeforchange321

    Romney/Ryan talks about a ‘voucher’ program for senior medicare…. HMMMMMM… Ryans proposal will affect every senior or person born in 1958 or later…thus sounding very good to the Boomers…who are the majority of voters during this election. you are correct..they are going to worry about themselves and ‘too bad so sad’ for the rest of us. WHICH IS WHY WE NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE IN NUMBERS..UNITE.. For everyone’s information, The ‘voucher’ program, let me educate you all.. A voucher program is one one that you must apply for. A voucher means that you qualify ONLY if the funds are available..If not you must wait…years some times for those funds to be available.. For instance ; Section 8 Housing’ is a voucher program that pays a portion or all of your rent if you are low income, If there are funds, and if you have time to wait for it. Second, you must find a provider who Accepts the voucher… AND THEY ARE LIMITED..Thus no one except for a very few benefit… and once they are approved…. they never get off..thus NO NEW VOUCHERS ARE ALLOTTED. So the Romney/Ryan party are willing to allow seniors to wait till they die before they will get medical assistance………………..OBAMA/BIDEN

  • tranz2deep

    To Empty Mitt and the unworkable Ryan Plan, otherwise known as Voodoo Economics, Generation Three:

    “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”–Mark Twain

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    The American Public’s four worst “Blunders” ever:

    Electing Richard Nixon

    Electing the Peanut Farmer

    Re-Electing Bush 2 (However the choice was equally poor)

    Electing Barack Obama

  • ridemybroom

    if mitt and ryan is elected you women are in trouble……you know what Perry of texas thnks about women…dig deeper and find ot what mitt and ryan says about you…talk about freedom…you go back to the 1920s with them 2…you will have no freedoms…no voting…no anything…Anti-Christ and his Imp is rising….

  • nomaster

    Ryan definitly comes with a lot of baggage which must be understood before even thinking of voting for him in your best interest. He has very radical ideas but like Romney plays to the audience he speaks to trying to disguise there real meaning.

  • onedonewong

    I’m reading the list and am waiting for the 1st Blunder…The article should have been titled 5 great success stories that Ryan helped implement

  • signek

    What is this? I don’t believe this leftist propaganda for one second. How irresponsible for a newspaper to fabricate such deceitful garbage. I was curious when I saw your headline, but was unprepared for the undeserved bashing you gave Paul Ryan. One of the very few things Obama voted on while he was a senator was yay for the Iraq War Resolution. Let’s all remember Obama voted present more times than he voted yay or nay. I am also disgusted by the terminology used when your organization speaks of the GOP, always inserting words associated with terrorism: extreme, extremist, radical, fringe. If you were reality based , you would know those terms fit Obama and his administration to a T. At the very least, quit your filthy name calling and save it for the George Soros minions.

  • 1896 – 2012, “The Second Civil War!”

  • Paul Ryan has always been known. He’s been known for the works he do. He has hurt Wisconsin just as much as he’s hurt the rest of America. His own colleagues dislike and fear him because he’s an ambitious Bush Hog, a pig in the Bush/Cheney administration who could be sure to tip a vote their way. He knows that the more of a suck-butt he is, the more lobby money, super PAC, and corporate donations that can come his way. Many Americans were duped by the Bush/Cheney adminstration from the 9-11 attacks on America and naively fell into the trap of revenge, not knowing that Bush/Cheney had ulterior motives. With Ryan being a cheerleader in this, he was a big part of the problem that has grown out of proportion today. He and Romney will carry the Bush/Cheney legacy forward with a war with Iran under the guise of helping Israel and will profiteer off of a long drawn-out conflict that will cause the collapse of the American economy as we know it. Stay tuned.

  • Former President George W. Bush and Former Vice-President Dick Cheney–THANK YOU!


  • Folks need to seriously wise-up and realize just how dangerous and disastrous a Romney/Ryan ticket is and VOTE Obama/Biden and straight BLUE!

  • Trickle-down economics>don’t pee down my back and tell me it’s raining.

  • Johnny Thomas

    Hey Fern does that guy’s mean won done wrong or won gone wrong or what it sounds like something from a dirty movie that I sneaked out as kid and watched He has no picture or no real name to stand up with that stands for coward don’t it .If my pic doesn’t show up with name let me know because I am not ashamed of what I stand for you know the one’s that actually work and support our country and are willing to help the week too as we alway’s have the strong cannot survive with out the week and the one ‘s that are usually big bastards
    that watch the week die in misery that they inflict on the poor I ma using to many words I am gonna shut up.
    Johnny T

  • jussmartenuf

    It is a trickle up economy. You buy a gallon of gas it trickles up to Exxon. You buy a sack of potatoes it trickles up to Monsanto. You buy a roll of Brawny Paper Towels it trickles up t0 the Koch brothers. You stay at the Venetian in Vegas it trickles up to Sheldon Adelson. Etc. Etc. Etc. And then those billionaires take the money in the form of dividends and pay no social security or medicare taxes and zero on the balance if reinvested rather then spent and get richer and richer and give billions, which they deduct as political contributions, to the Republicans to be re-elected and do it all over again.
    How dumb do you have to be to not understand this????

  • onedonewong

    This is a lib blog, so I’m used to the folks here having an limited intellect and an inability to reason. Your the poster child for politically incompetent

  • onedonewong

    as opposed to a dope smoking illegal and a guy with an 80 IQ?? You bet

  • onedonewong

    For 2 years Barak has a filibuster majority and he still couldn’t submit a budget that Dems would agree on.
    As for 1 term he’s proven that he was never up for the challenge, That’s why quotas are never a good idea since the recipient actually THINK they are as competent as their peers

  • onedonewong

    Hmm your a blue gm and it shows africa is calling

  • onedonewong

    No one whats to rish their hard earned money knowing a socialist is in office

  • onedonewong

    Yea the ones that prsent an unbiased view of barak

  • PatriciaEdws

    Bush and Cheney,made this mess we live with today, why would anyone with common sense vote Republican. We don’t have much now and Rommey and Paul will take the little we have away. Please people use your brain think, do you hate yourself so bad tovote for two more people that will put you futher back in the poor house

  • nancysnead25

    i wish all the citizens of our country would smarten up before its too late amd realize what a scoundrel rommey (mittens) is we need for obama to b reelected he came into a hellva mess its gonna take a while to clear it up

  • Ed

    You have to believe that Republicans hate America. Or perhaps just democracy in general.