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Sunday, November 19, 2017

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President-elect Donald Trump has made repealing President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law the “first order of business” and intends a smooth transition to a “market-based” medical insurance system, Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Wednesday.

Democratic leaders met with Obama on Capitol Hill to discuss how they can protect the law and accused Republicans of wanting rip apart the American healthcare system with no plan on how to replace it.

Trump and his fellow Republicans who control the U.S. Congress risk causing chaos in the health insurance market in scuttling the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which is known as Obamacare, as well as political backlash against Republicans.

Pence met with Republican congressional leaders. Afterward neither he nor House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan offered few details on what a Republican-backed replacement for Obamacare would look like. Ryan said lawmakers will take action that does not “pull the rug out from anybody.”

Obama met on Wednesday morning with Democratic legislators, including U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, to discuss how they can protect the Democratic-backed law, which was passed nearly seven years ago over unified Republican opposition.

Obama “encouraged us to fight,” Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings told reporters.

The law has enabled upward of 20 million Americans who previously had no medical insurance to get coverage and is considered Obama’s top legislative achievement. Republicans, who will control both Congress and the White House in 2017, condemn it as a government overreach.

“The first order of business is to keep our promise to repeal Obamacare and replace it with the kind of healthcare reform that will lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government,” Pence said at a news conference.

Pence said it must be done in a way that does not “work a hardship” on the economy or Americans who gained insurance through Obamacare.

Pence said Trump, who takes office Jan. 20, will work in concert with congressional leaders for a “legislative and executive action agenda for an orderly and smooth transition to a market-based healthcare reform system.”

Ryan said Republicans have a plan and “plenty of ideas” to replace Obamacare but offered few specifics.

Trump had said earlier on Twitter that Republicans “must be careful in that the Dems own the failed ObamaCare disaster, with its poor coverage and massive premium increases.”

“Don’t let the Schumer clowns out of this web,” he added, referring to Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer.

Obama walked into a Democratic caucus meeting on Capitol Hill accompanied by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. He ignored a shouted question from a reporter about how to stop repeal of the healthcare law.

“I think the issue here is the impact on people’s lives,” Democratic Senator Jack Reed said. “Many people don’t really understand that they’re protected by Obamacare.”

Reed said Democrats will “point out that you are taking the protections away and you have nothing in place.”

(Additional reporting by Mike Stone; Writing by Will Dunham and Steve Holland; Editing by Leslie Adler and Bill Trott)

IMAGE: U.S. Vice President-elect Mike Pence arrives at Trump Tower in New York City, U.S., January 3, 2017. REUTERS/Stephanie Keith

73 Responses to Pence: Repealing Obamacare ‘First Order Of Business’

  1. what is so wrong with the affordable care act that it must be repealed? just because the democrats passed it?

    before it is repealed, should not someone know what the replacement is? if no replacement is passed at the same time, then what happens to all who are insured under the aca?

    how can a market based system insure the ill and old without a requirement for the young and healthy to have insurance to pay premiums to cover the cost of the old and ill?

    why not scrap it, do medicare for everyone, raise the medicare tax from 1.45% for employer and employee to 2%. then have that tax be on all income not just employment income. then there is plenty of money for everyone and this will cost much less than health ins. premiums.

    then adjust the remimbursement rate to the doctors so that they are not subsidizing the system but getting paid reasonable sums for work done.

    problem solved?

    • Gary, this issue has nothing to do with logic, or cost effectiveness. It is all about poking a finger in Barack Obama’s eyes one last time.

      • Bottom line is the Republicans are looking to create a problem when there isn’t a mandate from the people to repeal the ACA. Even Trumps supporters don’t want it repealed so why does the GOP feel like they need to kick Obama once he’s out ?

        • Repeal and replace was one of the biggest campaign issues President-elect Trump used to win the election. There is a mandate to repeal and replace. There is also a mandate to build the wall.

          • Is there really any mandate here? Yes he won the electoral college but he didn’t win the popular vote and he didn’t get a large turnout. In fact less then 27% of the registered voters voted for him. Just how are these numbers giving Trump any true mandate?

          • He promised to repeal Obamacare post haste: That is a mandate enough.

            He is going to push the republican congress down on a punji stake to get it done so as to save his big fat ass!

          • Do you Trump worries about what those people who voted for him think. He no longer needs them and most will follow him no matter what. It’s congress who need to watch their backside. The mid-terms are just two short years away.

          • Good Morning: Yes he has a mandate. Yes the President-elect lost the popular vote. If you count the popular vote outside of California he won the popular vote. California has 55 electoral votes. It takes the states of MT 3,ND 3,SD 3,WY 4, UT 6, AZ 11, NE 6, KS 6, IA 6, OK 6 to reach the 55 number. That is 10 states to equal California. All ten of those states voted for President-elect Trump. You can only count the voters who voted, not those who didn’t bother to show up. President-elect Trump got 306 electoral votes. He won 34 states, that is something like 68% of the states. That is a mandate.

          • Without the Electoral College he would not be President. You can play with numbers till all those cow he represents come home it will not change the fact. Unless the majority of the voters voted for him there isn’t a mandate. Yes he is President, but he must represent all the citizens, not just the ones that voted for him. This isn’t some game were the winner takes all. One of the major beliefs our founding fathers had was the idea that our representatives would represent all the people. Everyone of those it’s my way our the highway republicans need to remember that they MUST represent everyone, even those that didn’t vote for them.

          • You were the one using numbers, I just replied to your numbers. Last I knew we were the United States, not California and the rest of the states. It took the people in 10 states to equal California and you think that is a good thing – I don’t. Our election is decided by the number of electoral college votes, President-elect Trump won the electoral college vote by a land slide. That is a mandate. The first thing President-elect Trump said after he won the election is he would be the President for all of the people. After 8 years of Obama’s my way or the highway attitude, you actually are calling Trump that before he has even 1 hour in office.

          • I have been listening to Trumps speeches for what seems like a eternity and he use “I” 10 times more then “we”. I know it’s hard with stars in your eyes to see who we just elected President but I fear he will be the same person that was running for office and said all those thing. He will still be the same person who has done all those in his past. Last I heard we are a country of citizens and all the citizens voices are to be heard. The Republicans have complain that Obama hasn’t been listening to them, a lie. Now the republicans are going to discount 50% of the voters views. Your low population states got Trump in office but he is still responsible to all the voters, even the ones in California.

          • Donald Trump was elected because of who he is and people hope he will be the same person that was elected. Almost the first thing President-elect Trump said was he would be the President of all the people, not just his supporters. Obama hasn’t listened to Republicans or shown any respect for them. If he had, there would have been Republican support for the ACA.

          • The republicans decided they were not going give Obama anything even before he took office in case you had forgotten. There were 43 changes made to the ACA in order to get the republicans to support it but in the end they still didn’t vote for it. It was funny how if Obama came out for anything the republicans voted against it, even their own bills. In the beginning Obama bent over backwards to try to work with them but the republicans had decided to make him a one term president. Once they got the house nothing got through, we had three of the least productive congresses in history thanks to the republicans and their anti Obama movement. I guess you missed all that.

    • Obamacare WAS the Republican plan. They eventually forced Obama to drop Single Payer (i.e. “Medicare for all” as you mention above…. which Obama dearly wanted) out of it… all that was left was “Romneycare” Private Marketplace insurance.

      The main reason thet the GOP hate the idea of single payer is that it hits their campaign contributers (The Medical Device and Pharma industry spend more than any other special interest group on buying politicians) right in the wallet. See the Government would become the largest health insurer… then the Government could force prices down to something reasonable.
      That sort of monopoly is treason to Republicans, unless it’s being done by one of the companies that pays them… then it’s the “Free Market”.

      In terms of repeal… There is no sane reason to repeal it.

      If they weren’t ideological morons who’ve promised their rabid “base” that repealing (their voters’ own healthcare in any cases) Obamacare will solve all their woes… then they would be adjusting it… not trying to get rid of it.

      They also have no replacement ready… and like the lazily ignorant bigots they are, they spent the last 8 years telling everyone how terrible it was, blocking the parts that would fund it or stabilize prices, and then blaming Obama and Obamacare when prices spiked (despite causing that themselves)…. without coming up with any detailed alternative at all.
      Because, of course, if they had actually created an alternative, the Democrats would have been able to point out the alternative’s flaws… so they created nothing except very vague promises and “discussion papers”…

      It’s more sad political theater… and worse… it’s going to result in people dying.

  2. The republicans are going to have problem here because they want giant tax breaks and zero regulations for all of industry.

    Because of those two positions their plan is likely doomed at the gate!

    I say that and I hope I’m wrong because if Obamacare provides coverage for 20 million because for them “it is affordable” while for the remaining 300 million of us “it’s NOT affordable” then it would be a miracle if a “market based” fix equates with the true definition of affordable for all!

    I’m skeptical!!

  3. Now what I don’t get is this…..for the past 8 years the Rethugs have been spending our money wasting time trying to repeal the healthcare law. They had 8 frigging years to develop another plan (I realize it is too much to think that they also had 8 years to work across the aisle to fix and patch what they did not like). Now… a poor dog that finally caught the car he was chasing, they have no plan in sight. Why…why did they not take some of the Benghazi hearing time and hash out what kind of plans would work best for the American people?

    • Simple.. Their priority does not include the American people. Their so high on their own adrenalin that what they view below them are ants.. Ants who are there to benefit them and their 1% masters, not the other way around.

  4. The repeal of the ACA is going to be far more difficult than simply passing a law and getting it signed. The courts have continually ruled that once one qualifies for a government benefit, that it takes due process regardless of fiscal cost to cancel that benefit, and that is for each individual. There is no current mechanism for doing the due process required, and to do it for all who have qualified over a finite period of time – such as the 4 year term of a presidencey would be impossible for all of the 33 or so million who have qualified because of pre-existing conditions and are getting subsidies.
    One of the things that the GOP and other ACA opponents do not acknowledge are the factors that did not exist before the aca, such as treating mental health care the same way that physical health care is treated. This is one reason why premiums have increased, and given that at least 10% of the population will need such care during their lifetime, that is a lot of money paid in premiums. Also, there is the prohibition on insurance companies charging higher premims to women than men, and the giving of a free (to the policy holder) physical each year – while there is no copay, there is cost to the insurance company or co-op. Another thing that is not considered is the high cost to the taxpayers of ER care when the person is uninsured and unable to pay for this care.
    In this regard, last year a young man of 50 came to CO to stay with me because we had the expanded medicare, where AL did not, so he got enrolled and they found all of the thing that could be expected from a person who had not seen a Dr. in 25 years – the high blood pressure, the gout, the bi-polar disorder, and many other things, so when he left here about 10 months ago he took a month’s supply of all of his 13 mede, and went back to AL where they do not have the expanded medicaid, and no more medications and no more routine Dr. visist, and since then he has been in the ER and hospitalized until he was stable (as required by law) 4 or 5 times, which represent a mcuh higher cost than if he would have been able to remain on medicaide.
    Then there is another component of health care which Congress could control if it chose. That is the rising cost of prescription drugs where there does not seem to be any good reason for this. EpiPen is just one, and according to the manufacturor they only make $50 per unit even though the price has more than trippled – the contents are not patented, it is just the delivery device, so tell me how something that functions about like the device that mixes a form of glue which you can buy at the hardware store full of the glue mixture for under $10 can actually cost the maker of Epipen over $500? Why can you buy the same devices in Canada for the old price, which is apparently profitable or they would not sell them there, where you can’t do the same in the US. The VA gets its meds from the lowest cost source, so I have had meds fro France, Canada, and other places, but not in the US. The exception may now be CA, where the law forbids the state from paying more than the VA for people on Medical.
    I have heard that the sacred free market system was based on competion, so where is it?

  5. Since the ACA doesn’t insure people, it only helps people buy insurance on the market place and helps people pay for it, would that not be in fact a market based program? It rates are set by the seller not the government and different companies have different rates, that’s a market based rate. So they are planning to replace the ACA with a program that in many ways is the same as the ACA just call it something different.

    • Exactly. But the sad part is that today’s GOP politicians live in an alternative world and can’t see reality for the forest that builds up in their minds which are filled with conspiracy theories, fantasies.and plots on how they can rig legislation so that they can suck more taxppayer money.

  6. Republicans did this, they caused the enormous rate increases and insurance companies to abandon the plan. How? It was a brilliantly conceived law – by providing financial incentives for people to sign up the insurance companies were assured of a wider pool of people to cover the ones with enormous health problems and costs. And the plan supplemented the insurance companies during the startup years to give them incentive to play. When they voted to decrease and in some cases eliminate those incentives guess what the insurance market did….raise rates to cover those lost revenues. Congress made it fail.

      • They claimed it a failure from day one, before any of it went into effect. “Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” Joseph Goebbels

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  7. Any debate about this must first start with a basic truth, that is republicans don’t care if someone who can’t afford coverage gets coverage. They hate the ACA because they hate this issue, they hate Obama because he forces them to talk about an issue they hate

    In their press conference they first mentioned things they want to do like tax reform (for the rich) jobs (they have no idea) but after that they pointed out that the very first thing to do is getting rid of the ACA

    The thing they think is most important is threatening the health of millions. They claim a transition but give no details, they claim preexisting conditions will be safe, but if look at how they do that, it’s not safe at all

    Republicans always bring a lot of pain, and give everything away to people who never experience any pain. They won because they have embraced evil, and evil very often wins by convincing enough people it’s not really evil

  8. Republicans have tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act since it became law in 2010. What has been missing from their agenda is a replacement, and that continues to be the case. Now that they have boxed themselves in, and cannot backtrack without losing face…and votes, they have no choice but to press on, regardless of how much the repeal will cost tax payers, how inhumane it is to deny 20 million people access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare, or how difficult it will be to truly replace it with something more cost effective. They might as well change its moniker from Obamacare to Trumpcare and be done with it. Millions of Trumpetistas will accept the change as something worthy of a consummate statesman.
    Considering that MEDICARE is on the chopping block, expanding it to accommodate 20 million more beneficiaries, for reasons that are inconsistent with its charter, is not an easy sell. Needless to say, Universal Healthcare, another option, is off the table due to ideological reasons. That leaves only subliminal Trumpcare as the preferable option for those who reject a program modeled after a concept advanced by The Heritage Foundation, because a program run by for-profit insurance companies, subsidized by the government, is communist! Let’s hope inexpensive cyanide pills don’t end up replacing it, as well as MEDICARE and MEDICAID. Darned, you may never hear again from old gizzards like me if that turns out to be the winning healthcare option! Think of how much money will be available to shore up “defense”, and give more tax breaks to those who already pay little or nothing in taxes.

    • I don’t think much will happen to Medicare and Medicaid just because of the number of people needing and using them. The outcry would be huge. I hope they don’t just repeal Obamacare, without a replacement.

      • Evidence?

        Oh… no. It’s just your… personal guess?
        How useful.

        Look at what you’re saying. You are sure they will repeal it… and you just don’t know whether they will have a replacement.
        Do you not understand how insane that is?

        It’s roughly the same as being sure that Trump is going to be Inaugurated as President, but not being sure whether he will divest himself of all his businesses that create opportunities for corrupti….

        Oh. I see.

      • Their not particularly targeting those who are already grandfathered in but toward the next generation and beyond, same with social security.. the only legal thing they can do at this time is allow higher deductibles, bring back the donut and dissolve yearly cost of living for retirees meaning what they are making today will be what they will continue making until they croak.. as for the eventual retirees, they will become much worse off and then their children’s children won’t even know what the term S.S. benefits even means. As far as the ACA, when the pubs first started pushing back they had no alternative other than, “We’ll deal with that once Obamacare is eliminated”.. Nothing has changed in that department because their alternative has always been to go back when they were profiting from the medical lobbyists ..

        • Not sure how all this would work out. I have been paying into Medicare for years and will until I kick the bucket. Can they change the coverages I paid for 20 years ago? If the money I paid 20 years ago was for procedure A, can they now say the money they collected to pay for procedure A, doesn’t count now and procedure A is not covered. Will the government be required to refund SS payroll deductions to people if they get rid of SS? I don’t see any of these things going away. The benefits may change for those not currently collecting them though. I don’t see these programs going away. I can see the government coming up with a healthcare program that creates another payroll deduction to create a individual health care account. I can see when people need more money than what they have in the account, they still get covered, but part of their deductions will be used to pay for what their individual account didn’t pay for. Obamacare needs to be fixed. I am hearing repeal AND replace, not just repeal. I don’t see it disappearing until there is a replacement plan in place. I just hope we don’t see a name like Obamacare2 or Trumpcare attached to it. All that does is make half the people hate the program no matter what is in it.

          • Congress can change any part of SS or medicare they want. They will claim that money you paid in was in fact a tax and they are not forced to refund it or honor the agreement as to where it should go. They can change the rules when ever they want. They have made a number of small changes almost every year. The latest was on how increases were determined. Congress has a free hand here and it’s only the fear of the back lash that keeps them from doing things. The Third Rail that you must not touch.

          • Wouldn’t they have to declare it a tax before the fact? If they decide its a tax, would it be a income tax and be deductible? I suspect some smart lawyer would get very rich if the government tried to do away with SS or Medicare or Medicaid. The backlash would almost assure a new House in the next election.

          • In fact they didn’t need to declare it a tax unless someone challenges them. Case in point the ACA didn’t become a tax until the SCOUS declared it one. If you notice they call all your deductions payroll taxes. When those taxes are collected they are sent to the department of revenue. It’s only the backlash that is keeping their hands off and after this election I fear they will figure they can get away with playing around like they have wanted to do for years. There is just to much money to be made by privatizing SS. At least 10% of all that money would end up in Wall St. pockets. Think of the kickbacks those good people in Congress would get for handing all that money over. Ted Cruz will get the ball rolling in the next few weeks, just watch. He is owned out right by Wall St. That’s were his campaign gets their money from and they can paid him off directly though his wife. It’s a sweet setup for him.

  9. Whatever plan they come up with, I think it’ time ALL politicians start buying insurance just like we do!

    There is NO justification for taxpayers to foot the bill for their first class healthcare plans for self and family for life. The only reason this thievery still goes on is because they make the rules that benefit them.

    Why isn’t it socialism when it benefits them!!!?

    These people really deserve to be nailed to a burning stake!

    We don’t get our money’ worth from these usurpers of democracy!!!! They might run out of fortune and chances after DJT

  10. Thank you Indiana,for thrusting this religious fucking nutcase on the rest of America! I wish to Christ the state of Indiana would secede! Fucking hypocritical bastards!

  11. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office is conducting an automated phone poll,
    hoping to hear overwhelming opposition to the Affordable Care Act.
    Here’s how to participate: Call (202) 225-0600. Press 2 to select ACA. A
    rationale about repeal starts (you don’t have to listen to it all),
    then Press 1 to support continuing the Affordable Healthcare Act.

    Many people that I care deeply about – and millions of others that I
    don’t know – rely on the ACA for healthcare. This will take five
    minutes. Be a good human.

    • And given being the lowlife that you are, I’m sure it won’t bother you, like it doesn’t bother GOP politicians, that there’s a projection of up to 36,000 people dying each year unnecessarily should ACA be repealed.

      Here’s how many people could die every year if Obamacare is repealed – 36,000

      Nearly 36,000 people could die every year, year after year, if the incoming
      president signs legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act.

      This figure is based on new data from the Urban Institute examining how many people will become uninsured if the law is repealed, as well as a study of mortality rates both before and after the state of Massachusetts enacted health reforms similar to Obamacare.

      In fairness, 36,000 is a high estimate of the number of deaths that will
      result if Obamacare is repealed, as there is some uncertainty about how
      congressional Republicans will repeal the law. Even in the best case
      scenario, however, a wholesale repeal of Obamacare may cause about
      27,000 people to die every year who otherwise would have lived.

        • Taxpayers footing the full cost of legislators’ health insurance seems to be the perception of many, but it’s not fully correct. Paying for health insurance for America’s legislators is very similar to how it works for many Americans who get health insurance from the companies they work for where the employer covers a fair portion of the premiums. For legislators, taxpayers cover up to 75% of premiums. And since 2014, legislators have to choose plans from the ACA exchanges just like people buying private insurance do.

          See this from

          Like other large employers, the government pays a large share of the cost of coverage. On average, the government pays 72 percent of the premiums for its workers, up to a maximum of 75 percent depending on the policy chosen. For example, the popular Blue Cross and Blue Shield standard fee-for-service family plan carries a total premium of $1,327.80 per month, of which the beneficiary pays $430.04. Washington, D.C.-based employees who prefer an HMO option might choose the Kaiser standard family plan. It carries a total premium of $825.15 per month, of which the employee pays only $206.29.

    • Only idiots believe the 46th lowest Electoral college Victory was a “landslide”.
      Only idiots believe that losing the popular vote by almost 3 million people gives you a “mandate” in the colloquial sense we use it today, or the way you are using it above… meaning “so many people voted for him that his plan has been overwhelmingly approved by a majority”.

      It was an incredibly narrow victory. He squeaked in by a total of 70,000 voters across 3 states.
      It was close to the weakest Electoral College victory in history (46th out of 58).
      It was one of the two recent times that any president has won the election but lost the popular vote.
      It was the highest Popular Vote LOSS by total votes for a winning President in the entire history of the United States.
      It was the highest Popular Vote LOSS by Percentage of total votes since 1874. (When there were only 4 million votes in total).

      He won.
      But he won with a MINORITY of Americans who voted and high disapproval ratings… even from his own voters.
      That makes his position incredibly weak.

      His only option is to bring the country together, and make quick positive steps to deliver on his promises.
      Since several of them are literally impossible, I’ll give you a guess how that’s going to go.

      Let’s recap the main ones:
      – Lock her up – Broken. Trump said it himself.
      – Build the Wall – Broken. Mitch McConnell has already said “He meant more border security…” and “there’s no money for the Wall”. Yep. Not going to happen.
      – Drain the Swamp – This one is just hilarious. He just hired a Wall Street Lawyer to be Head of the SEC…. He has filled the Swamp with every Wall Street banker and insider he can find and given StateSec to the CEO of Exxonmobile…. How is this “Giving the Government back to the people.”??? – Trump from his Riverbend, Wisconsin Rally
      – Bring Coal and Oil Jobs Back – Hahaha. This one is impossible. Never was going to happen no matter how much the GOP screamed about Obama’s War on Coal… LOL
      – Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back – Broken. It’s not going to happen.
      – Repeal Obamacare – Kept!
      He’s going to keep this one. And it’s going to kill tens of thousands of his supporters… LITERALLY. They are either going to lose their healthcare altogether, or only be able to afford less of it. This will result, Predictably, in preventable deaths. Mostly in the Red States. Because that is where most of the poverty is… and that is where most of the Obamacare money goes.
      So he’s keeping the one that his supporters are going to hate the most. Some of them are already starting to work it out….
      Good job.

      Here’s the funny thing. The only way you can fix the ridiculous level of Healthcare costs in America as a whole is by instituting Single Payer. Once the Government becomes the largest customer in the market they can start screwing down COSTS.
      Insurance is expensive for two reasons… (1) Insurance Companies in the USA are rapacious morally bankrupt corporations and cartels determined to make maximum profit at the expense of human life, they oppose any oversight of their industry and are regularly caught in illegal actions over profits… and (2) The Pharma and Medical Device lobby spend more than anyone else paying off Congress to ensure they can charge you as much as they like.

      Obamacare tried to limit both. The GOP wouldn’t agree to a Single Payer option because it might interfere with the sacrosanct profits of Pharma and Medical corporations… So you got left with a sh!tty Private insurance Company “market” solution. This restrained costs on the insurance Company side and did nothing about the actual underlying costs of Healthcare.

      The Republicans are going to junk it, and replace it with something “Cheaper”.

      Since they’re freeing the Insurance companies to do almost whatever they want again, and NOT even pretending to address the real underlying costs of healthcare… what “Cheaper” actually means is “Less” or “None”.

      “Less” or “None” in Medical Insurance terms directly translates to “Sick” or “Dead”.

      Good luck, Idiot.

      • What’s mind boggling to me is that these idiot right-wingers seem to fail to realize that they’re going to have to live in the America that these newly elected Republican idiots with Trump’s help are going to work at creating. Turning America into a nation with increased violence, including increased gun-related homicides, increased poverty and shortened life spans – including maybe even their own.

        Fighting Obamacare by refusing to expand Medicaid in 20 red states has resulted in numerous hospitals across these red states going belly up; which has increased the instances of people dying in these states because people couldn’t get to an open hospital in time to save their lives due to an auto accident, heart attack or other life threatening related accident or violence; which these right-wing idiots don’t realize could be one of them or their family member or a close friend.

        It’s mind boggling how the lust for money will corrupt the common sense of these outright corrupt right-wingers!!

  12. Conservatives have some sort of tumor on the brain that impels them to want to make a business out of every aspect of life. Next they’ll be setting up some elaborate bureaucracy to require payment to use public toilets—pending GOP Congressional approval of course, which will be approved post haste.

  13. “…and intends a smooth transition to a “market-based” medical insurance system, Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Wednesday.”

    Translation: We’re going to throw out the market-based system we forced Obama to put in by bitterly opposing a Single Payer option for taxpayers…. and replace it with a market-based system.


  14. This will be the con’s waterloo come 2018.. As there are those in society who would not care if it’s eliminated, the millions who depend on ACA will not forget and forgive and will play get back come mid-election and if the cons keep it up for the next two years, expect Trump and his cabinet to be a one termer. They think they have it in the bag but they simply aren’t smart enough to think ahead, instead they’re allowing their new found power get the best of them.. Hopefully they won’t destroy more than their worth between now and 2018. It would certainly be to their advantage to reserve a small percentage of their corporate mind set for the welfare of the people but then again, they’re republicans.. ‘Nuff said.

  15. They repeal without a plan and you can guarantee the entire healthcare industry will back anyone who runs against a GOP Congressman or Senator to pay back for the chaos they are creating.

  16. When Pence, the orange cretin and the republicans repeal the ACA they will #makeAmericasickagain. All this to give the 1% a TAX CUT!!! They have no replacement, they never did.

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