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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Poll: Americans Upset With Nation’s Direction, But Republicans Feel Cheerier

Poll: Americans Upset With Nation’s Direction, But Republicans Feel Cheerier

A Gallup poll released Monday finds that only 23 percent of Americans are “satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. at this time.”

That 23 percent is 7 percent higher than 2013’s low of 16 percent in the midst of the October government shutdown; still, that’s 7 percent lower than 2013’s high of 30 percent in April.

Overall, the results are far from surprising. In fact, 23 percent almost exactly reflects the 24 percent average for 2013.

Democrats are among the most satisfied in the country. On average, 40 percent of Democrats expressed contentment with the direction the country is moving in.

Independents and Republicans are, by contrast, less happy: 19 percent of Independents (1 point less than the 20 percent from November and December) and 12 percent of Republicans – 5 points up from December — say they are satisfied with the way things are going in the nation.

Though attitudes remain constant among Independents, Democratic and Republican voters alike seem more optimistic in the months after the October government shutdown. And yet, the slow and narrow increase in satisfaction expressed by Americans belonging to either party indicates a shared sense of cynicism — albeit for different reasons — among voters that indicates a more troubled state of the nation.

Considering what some could point to as signs of “progress” – for example, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA, banking regulators’ vote for the Volcker Rule that establishes stricter trading regulations for banks, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Representative Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) bipartisan budget deal, and the eventual confirmation of the first woman to head the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen – the sluggish “recovery in satisfaction” highlighted in the poll seems a bit off.

The numbers do, however, make more sense when considering that 2013 ended without much closure on various issues important to voters nationwide. Among the issues that gained traction this year — and then, in most cases, lost it — were gun reform, income inequality, Medicaid expansion, voters’ rights, comprehensive immigration reform, and Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits. Each of these issues was carried unresolved into 2014.

Perhaps the fact that these issues are still struggling to gain traction in Congress may explain why Republicans are feeling better off this month than they were just last year.

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  • leadvillexp

    Maybe the reason the Republicans feel so good is because the Democrats have taken on issues like gun banning. I am a Republican and voted for President Obama in the last two elections. After seeing all the attempts to ban my right to carry a firearm I will most likely be voting Republican in the next election. If you try to take away my right to protect myself I will vote you out.. The police can’t protect me only I can and I will. So good by Democrats.

    • daniel bostdorf

      I comend you for seeing through the Romney/Koch brothers attempt to complete the installation of a GOP/Teaparty fascistic political system.

      One issue thinking and no concern for the overall welfare of the American people is the hallmark of being a member of the GOP party. This thinking does nothing to improve America.

      From he article:
      “…the fact that these issues are still struggling to gain traction in
      Congress may explain why Republicans are feeling better off this month than they were just last year.”

      The GOP’s intentional 5 year long obstructivism and complete dieregard for the poor and middle class tax payer makes me question the sanity of the group mindset of the GOP, its supporters, and more important, the thinking of those who will still vote GOP.

      This is the UNITED States of America….not the divided states of America that the GOP wants so it can exploit the fact that American are upset with nations direction….know why?

      Paraphrasing a tired cliche: It’s the GOP stupid….

    • Landsende

      Despite the propaganda the NRA puts out no one is trying to take away your guns. Most of the country wants common sense regulations like background checks at gun shows and smaller magazines for automatic weapons. Why would anyone need a gun for hunting or protection that fires 30-60 bullets? Keep your guns but just use some common sense.

      • leadvillexp

        Banning things including hi cap clips is not common sense. I have enjoyed shooting with these at a range in the past. A common sense approach would be to license all firearms owners/users, renewable with a background check every five years. It could be added to the drivers licence like Hazmat is for CDL drivers and be good in all states. This also would not conflict with the Second Amendment as it would not be gun registration.

        • Landsende

          We have to get a registration when we buy a car and then have to license them. Do you object to that? How is gun registration a conflict with the 2nd amendment?

          • leadvillexp

            You can’t equate a gun registration with a car registration. Should we register all kitchen knives? Car registrations are just a means of taxing the drivers.When it comes to gun registration just look to New York State. You now have to register any semi auto rifle with a detachable magazine that has any one piece that looks like a military part and no new rifles of this type can be sold. This is just one step to find out who owns what and at a future date out law it and confiscate them. People lose their rights one step at a time and when they finally realise it, it is too late. The people in charge know if they try to disarm the public all at once they would be voted out, but a little here and there and eventually they will get their way. This works for all rights not just gun rights.

    • Marsha Matthews

      “All” the attempts? Please. This issue hasn’t been touched since early last year. And, may I remind you, much of what the Democrats proposed in terms of gun control were in complete alignment with a majority of Americans, including NRA members. There was nothing in the proposals in terms of taking your guns away. Have at ’em. You’re more likely to get shot and die from your own gun than from “the bad guy” with a gun.

    • Jambi

      WHO has attempted to “BAN” your right to carry a gun? What piece of legislation states “BAN” on your carrying a gun? What person has tried to “BAN” your gun rights? “BAN” and regulate are 2 different things…Long Live Jambi

      • leadvillexp

        As you can see from my letter I do cross party lines and do not base my vote on one issue. I am not against reasonable gun legislation. I just don’t see any and when legislation comes up it usually bans something. Just look to the NY Safeact. Most law inforcement in New York State is against it. Reasonable legislation might licensing all gun owners and users with a background check every five years. This could be added to the drivers licence in the same manner as Hazmat is on CDL’s. This is not banning anything and not gun registration. No Second Amendment conflict.

    • jillybeen

      Obama isn’t trying to take your gun..its comman sense can keep your gun feel good to protect yourself..til one of your children/spouse/parent is shot down in a flurry of bullets by some mental disturbed person…if military weapons are used for war why do an average gun owners what war weapons…is it to feel manly? is it ego what…if gun owners want to use weapons of war..join the armed services …there is no need for this type of weapons in everyday society…

      • leadvillexp

        The AR15 that New York is trying to ban, (At this time they can’t be sold in NYS and have to be registered.) is the rifle used for most competitive shooting. These National Matchs include both military and civilians. The AR15 is the civilian form of the M16. It only fires semi auto while the M16 fires full auto. Bans only take the weapons away from the law abiding citizen. The criminals will keep theirs. If you have a firearm you at least stand a chance when confronted by an armed criminal. My spouse and children all learned how to use firearms years ago and have never used them except for hunting and target practice.

  • hassanjutt

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  • Dominick Vila

    I suspect the dissatisfaction expressed by those polled is driven by how each group looks at the issues. The economy is recovering nicely, unemployment is going down, the real estate market and construction are recovering, foreclosures and bankruptcies are back to normal levels, and interest rates remain low. Obviously, the economy would have been much stronger and job growth would have been similar to those achieved in the Clinton era, had it not been for all the obstructionism we have seen since President Obama was inaugurated, but things are getting better in spite of it. We are out of Iraq, troop levels in Afghanistan have been reduced dramatically, OBL is dead, acts of terrorism have been reduced dramatically, and the global economy is recovering. So why are so many Republicans appalled? Because a strong economy and job growth spell disaster for them in 2014 and beyond, and because six million people have signed up for ACA and managed to get lower insurance premiums by joining the ACA exchanges. With that in mind, their only recourse is to insinuate economic Armageddon and emphasizing the world in going down in flames as a result of President Obama’s policies. Alas, I heard Boehner blame Obama for the water plant problems in West Virginia this morning. Next thing will be taking responsibility for the flu!

    • [email protected]

      I have notice through the past months that your comments tend to be one of the more thoughtful ones being made on various issues. Keep up the good work.

  • charles king

    I have been voting Democrat since 1948, the unions played a big part in my thinking. Now I do (CRITICAL THINKING) and my party is still Democract the reason I do not Vote Republican because, to me they(the Republicans) seem to be for others instead of for ALL. Now that I know the meaning of Plutocracy(Rich men in your government) I am more so a DEmocract because the rich in this country are making a lot of rough waves. What? the hell is going on with our Congress, senate, and White House, and our Justice department. WHY? would? one American Not Want? another American to have a fair health care plan, is it because its name(Obama Care)Why? does the country still have a race problem, Can’t? you just get along. I was a go-along American until Bush got in to office, since then I have been concern Where? is the country going, and since then I like What? Obama has done for the country, my thing has always been the PEOPLE, All THE PEOPLE, NOT just SOME Which? the Republicans seem to prefer. Thank You are the magic words with me. I Love Ya All. MR. C. E. KING

  • Marsha Matthews

    The GOTeaPee cheers for the downward spiral of the U.S. And they thump their sunken chests, brimming with fake bravado and machismo that they are the “real” patriots, “real” ‘Murikuns … treasonous losers is more like it.