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Millions More Denied Coverage By GOP Refusal To Expand Medicaid Than Obamacare Cancelations

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Millions More Denied Coverage By GOP Refusal To Expand Medicaid Than Obamacare Cancelations


For weeks as HealthCare.gov foundered, Republicans focused on President Barack Obama’s claim that “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” which was dubbed PolitiFact‘s Lie of the Year. Republicans purposely neglected to differentiate between the number of Americans whose plans were being canceled and those whose entire coverage was lost.

Now it turns out that the millions of notices that were sent out will result in just thousands of Americans losing access to affordable insurance.

A new report, however, from the minority staff of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce shows that only 0.2 percent of the approximately five million cancelations – the number often referenced by the Republican Party – will lose coverage because of Obamacare, and be unable to regain it.

In other words, only 10,000 people will lose complete coverage.

The report assumes that 4.7 million people will receive cancelation letters about their current plans. It then finds that half of that number will have the option to renew their 2013 plans, due to an administrative fix to the health law. Of the remaining 2.35 million Americans, 1.4 million would be eligible for tax credits through the ACA exchanges or Medicaid coverage, and out of the 950,000 individuals left, according to the report, “fewer than 10,000” people would lack access to an “affordable catastrophic plan.”

As the Washington Post notes, “there’s no doubt that for those 10,000 people, the health care law left them worse off than before.” Still, that number is significantly less than the amount of people who did not have access to any coverage prior to Obamacare.

“This new report shows that people will get the health insurance coverage they need, contrary to the dire predictions of Republicans,” says Democratic representative Henry Waxman (CA). “Millions of American families are already benefitting from the law.”

Ironically, as Republicans fret over the approximate 10,000 people who will lose coverage in 2014, they are to blame for the nearly five million Americans who will not have any health insurance this year because of the GOP’s refusal to expand Medicaid in various states across the country.

Though the Affordable Care Act provides complete funding through 2016 for Medicaid expansion in all states – and 90 percent funding in the following years – 25 Republican-controlled states have still refused to expand the program that offers coverage to the poor.

As a result, approximately 4.8 million people will find themselves inside the so-called “coverage gap,” which one report suggests could cost 27,000 Americans their lives in 2014.

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  1. docb January 1, 2014

    It figures!!!! The repub baggers do not give a DAMN about the PEOPLE…Just the profit and the BS!

    Bloody rubbish obstructionists and cruel arse hat repubs! Spread this around!

  2. Dominick Vila January 2, 2014

    I think it is also important to point out that the 10,000 people that will be affected will not qualify for subsidies or tax credits because their income is too high. That doesn’t mean they cannot get insurance coverage, it means they will have to pay for it in full, the same way most of us have done throughout our lives. Interestingly, the party that accuses Democrats of taking government handouts, is the one lamenting the fact that 10,000 fellow Americans do not qualify for handouts and are going to have to pay for what they need and use.

  3. itsfun January 2, 2014

    4.7 million lose their insurance, while 1.1 million get insurance because of the Obamacare tax. Not one Republican Representative or Senator voted for the Obamacare tax, and somehow the Republicans are responsible for the complete failure of Obamacare. Of the 1.1 million, how many have actually made any payments yet?

    1. stcroixcarp January 2, 2014

      Governor Scott Walker refused the federal medicaid money, set up a state insurance exchange, or set up a rate review commission.
      As a result thousands of Wisconsinites will lose their Badgercare and have to pay more for their health insurance. This is not because of Obamacare, but because Scott Walker is running for tea party president. Republicans are a total failure.

      1. itsfun January 2, 2014

        Without the obamacare tax, there are no exchanges. You can spin this anyway you want to try and blame the republicans, but the democrats completely own this disaster. Obama is a complete failure as a leader and president. He is a big cause of the hate and dissent in this country. He calls himself a person that will unite, but he does everything he can to divide Americans.

        1. jmprint January 2, 2014

          Hey democrats will take the blame or praise at the end, but the republicans need to stop pulling on the track, move out of the way and let things fall in place. itsfun – Are you insured now? And how much do you pay on your insurance plan?

          1. itsfun January 2, 2014

            They won’t take the blame they are already looking for people to blame. Why do you think so many representative are already running away from it. My personal situation is just that and will stay that way.

          2. jmprint January 2, 2014

            What representatives are running, and where are they running to?

          3. jmprint January 2, 2014

            Oh I see you are not here to share facts.

          4. Stan H January 4, 2014

            Why not do something FOR the country, instead of trying to obstruct people who are, simply because you can’t stand the idea of a Black man in the White House.

          5. itsfun January 4, 2014

            First I don’t recall ever saying one little word about Obama’s race. I don’t care if he is green, blue, red, black, orange or whatever. I do care that he is a miserable president. Why do you assume I have done nothing for my country?

          6. Stan H January 4, 2014

            I didn’t assume that you haven’t done anything for our country, I just haven’t seen any evidence of it from the right wing since Obama’s election. That, combined with the unprecedented obstructionism since then, easily does lead to the very reasonable assumption that race (as is frequently the case in America) is a major factor. Why is he “a miserable president” in your eyes? (And what role has the right-wing had in hampering the success that he’s accomplished)?

          7. FT66 January 2, 2014

            Don’t worry let republicans continue pulling on the track and sit there, they will be hit very hard there there.

      2. Stan H January 4, 2014

        And hundreds (if not thousands) of preventable deaths will occur because of his (and the Wisconsin GOP). Hopefully, the voters there will come to their senses and vote all of the bums out.

    2. Sand_Cat January 2, 2014

      Not one REPUG voted for it, and every one has done whatever he/she could to sabotage it. I realize that you accept nothing said here, especially inconvenient facts, but the article says something very different from your argument. So where does yours come from? Please don’t cite some neo-Nazi source.
      And perhaps you could share with all of us what is “fun” about “it,” and what “it” is. It seems likely, based on your posts, that the “fun” for you is in shafting those in need.

      1. itsfun January 2, 2014

        Why would I cite any source for you? You only believe what Obama tells you to believe anyway. Did you and your family have a wonderful discussion over Christmas dinner about obamacare as you were told to do by Michelle? As for my handle, guess.

        1. Charlie McKenna January 2, 2014

          As usual tea party lackey idiots feel that facts are only for liberals. They never want to reveal their sources because they know everything say is at the very least misleading and most of it is 100% fabrication. We all know you and your fellow tea partiers are all full of shit. Every other country in the world thinks your party is a really bad joke.

          1. itsfun January 2, 2014

            nice language you use. It is obvious you are a class act. Actually every other country thinks our president is a joke and has no credibility.

          2. Sand_Cat January 2, 2014

            Wow, the lies just keep coming out, no matter how stupid they make you look.

          3. Stan H January 4, 2014

            What’s a joke is that you might actually believe that. In reality, the international opinion of the U.S. was almost universally higher than the Bush years (until the Teapublicans recent budget brinksmanship). It’s the Tea Party that most of the world thinks is a joke (with good reason).

        2. elw January 2, 2014

          You have no source for you information, we all know that.

        3. Sand_Cat January 2, 2014

          No, actually, you’re a bit off base. But then, why should I justify my comment to a liar and moron like you?

          1. itsfun January 2, 2014

            do you mean lies like you can keep your doctor period, or you can keep your insurance plan – period? Obama is a proven liar, even receiving the big lie of the year award. How can you keep defending this man.

          2. Sand_Cat January 4, 2014

            Yes, those are really critical lies. Far worse than Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
            You are the proven liar. I feel compelled to defend Obama, even though I’m not a huge fan, because of all the scum like you who spread flagrant falsehoods and insult those of us who realize that – even if his faults were tripled – he’d still be infinitely superior to any dirtbag someone like you would pick.

          3. itsfun January 4, 2014

            You are one class individual. Too bad its all low. What “lies” have I told about Obama? He is the proven liar. You can only call people names and try to make yourself feel important.

          4. Stan H January 4, 2014

            How about 4.7 million have lost their insurance (as a result of Obamacare) ? That’s a blatant lie.

          5. itsfun January 4, 2014

            That figure was reported on NBC, CBS, CNN, and FOX news.

          6. Stan H January 4, 2014

            I must apologize. It wasn’t a “blatant” lie. It was just a mis-representation of the facts. Your 4.7M figure doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Of that 4.7M, approximately 70% would have some Insurance-imposed changes on a yearly basis (historically), regardless of Obamacare, so we’re really talking about 1.4M as a result of Obamacare. Put that against the 4M who’re already included in the Medicare expansion, and the further approximately 4M (7M in a best-case scenario) who’ll sign up this year under the individual mandate, and you have a likely net gain of 5.6M insured people. That’s a much more complete picture of the benefits of Obamacare. Not to mention the fact that because of the benefits “floor”, EVERYONE who is insured, will have better, more comprehensive coverage.

          7. Sand_Cat January 5, 2014

            Class warfare? Are you engaging in class warfare?
            Oh, you mean that kind. Seems kind of unfair, since you have none at all.

          8. itsfun January 5, 2014

            good one

          9. Sand_Cat January 6, 2014

            Are we having fun yet?

          10. Stan H January 4, 2014

            Great response!

          11. Caryn Vesperman January 4, 2014

            We can keep defending “this man” because President Obama is at least TRYING to do something for the U.S. vs. the Teapublican obstructionists. And honestly, all you types can do is make a big deal about “you can keep your doctor period.” So what? We evaluates the options we have with our HMO every year and, while we like our doctor, if we needed to change to another because another plan provides similar, good coverage but we have to change doctors and we can save thousands, we change. There IS more than one good doctor. So…care to harp on another useless little Faux News/Teapub propaganda point? Sad.

          12. itsfun January 5, 2014

            It is a shame that some of us have come to expect and accept lies as the norm. How many more lies will you defend? No matter how hard you try, the lies are not going away. It was reported this morning, that there are actually more people without insurance now, then before the obamacare tax law. The law takes away the right of individuals to choose the doctor they prefer, and you think that is just wonderful. Do you know that only 1 policy in the exchange in Ohio, is accepted by the Cleveland Clinic. Do you know that only one policy in the exchange in Minnesota is accepted by the Mayo Clinic. I hope for your sake, you never need the help of one of these great medical centers.

          13. Sand_Cat January 6, 2014

            We accept the lie as the norm because we had Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush I, Bill Clinton,and – most of all – George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to teach us to expect it, not to mention the right wing and the racists at all levels practically all the time. Clearly you and your friends are either no longer able to tell the difference or – more likely – desperate to project the previous administration’s flagrant and deliberate dishonesty which got lots and lots of people killed and crashed the economy and the non-stop lies of the GOP obstructionists in Congress and on Fox during this one onto Obama in order to make their transgressions seem less serious. Clinton was not a very honest man, but I saw a bumper sticker that said it best: “When Clinton lied, nobody died,” something that can’t be said about the lies of the GOP. The ineptitude and stupidity of GOP lies are almost as flagrant as their ubiquity: most of us love all the UN and “War on Christianity” BS among many others, but somehow, your base – and apparently a lot of you trolls – actually manage to convince yourselves it’s true, no matter how outlandish and self-contradictory it gets.
            The crap about keeping your plan or your doctor was talking about PLAN REQUIREMENTS, but as with most GOP plans – which despite all the hysterical opposition, the ACA fundamentally is – depending upon those whose sole mission in life is to rake in as much money as possible by any means necessary to allow people to keep substandard plans when they could gouge them for more was bound to fail. The fact that you can even attempt to equate such a triviality with all the death and misery caused by the Cheney-Bush lies only shows how absolutely desperate you are.
            If you don’t like being called a liar and an idiot, then stop being one.

          14. itsfun January 7, 2014

            Keep on posting your lies all you want. Just try to keep spinning the truth it won’t work anymore. You are proving yourself to be the biggest liar and truth spinner on this site. You make excuses for every Obama lie, and when that won’t work, you try to change what Obama lied about. We will see just how far these lies get the Democrats in November.

      2. dpaano January 2, 2014

        Yeah, ItsFun seems to take EVERYTHING that is fact and turn it around so that it works for his little Republican mind. For some reason, he believes everything he’s told no matter how wrong it is. Oh well, wonder where he’s getting his insurance…..probably from his employer (if he has one). Let’s face it, you can’t argue with stupid!!

        1. itsfun January 2, 2014

          Guess I shouldn’t argue with you then, as you say I can’t argue with stupid.

    3. elw January 2, 2014

      Give-up you have lost this battle.

    4. DennisRL January 2, 2014

      Hey it’s itsfun, my old confused buddy. Let me get this right wing bubble logic straight. republicans didn’t vote for it so if they deny medicaid expansion it’s not their fault because I can’t expand it because I didn’t vote for it and……yes that makes a lot of sense. That’s like saying ‘I didn’t vote to increase the airline controller’s wages so I think we should let all of the planes crash’. Of course in the right wing bubble logic world maybe that makes perfect sense.

      1. itsfun January 4, 2014

        Just saying the Democrats have complete and total ownership of the Obamacare tax law.

        1. Caryn Vesperman January 4, 2014

          Fine by us. When more people realize they can have affordable coverage AND not be turned away due to a preexisting condition AND can keep their children on until 26…and….and…and…theTeapubs are going to WISH they had not tried to defund it 40+ times because Americans will KNOW (at least those who don’t listen to Faux Noose) the Dems have their and the country’s best interests in mind, while the Teapubs have only the 1%ers’ best interests in mind.

          1. itsfun January 5, 2014

            The obamacare tax depends on young people to pay for health care. Seeing as how, young people can stay on mommies policy until age 26, paying for the tax falls on those young people between the ages 26 and 50 to pay for health care for everyone in the country. I always see the word fair on these posts, how can this be fair to that age group? You should look into the makeup of the TEA Party. You will be surprised to see how balanced it is between age groups, racial groups, and earning groups. All of the political parties have the countries best interest in mind, they just have different ideas on how to accomplish that. A huge problem we have now is a President that ignores Congress and just changes laws on his own. This will come back to bite him in the a__. Our system of checks and balances has worked pretty good for over 200 years now, we don’t need a dictator trying to destroy that system.

  4. FT66 January 2, 2014

    I can’t imagine how those who have been denied coverage by GOP can vote for them again even if they are republicans. Being denied coverage is being denied to live.

  5. elw January 2, 2014

    I love this report. By comparing the 5 million policy cancellations, that have the right in a tizzy, to what happens normally on an annual basis in the private individual health coverage market place, this report shows how little attention to details goes into the Right-wing chaos machine. ACA is doing what was promised, making health care coverage access available and better for more people. Thank you President Obama, and I might add, good job. In other words although maybe 10,000 people in just 18 counties may end up paying more for their health coverage they can afford it and millions will end up benefiting from better more comprehensive coverage at lower prices. Hardly what I would call a failure, although this report or a hundred more like it will never turn off the Right-Wing chaos machine that will continue call it a failure and scaring people with misleading non-facts. Almost fifty year later, they are still doing that with Medicare.

  6. Dave January 2, 2014

    Private health insurance has a 70 percent churn rate per year, meaning 70 percent of policyholders drop their coverage every year. So 70 percent of the alleged 5 million — about 3.5 million — would’ve cancelled anyway. The people shafted by the GOP are a different situation. They wouldn’t cancel their own Medicaid coverage.

    (I say alleged 5 million because the media throws that number around but there’s been scant proof that it’s actually accurate.)

  7. howa4x January 2, 2014

    Republicans are masters at obstafication by painting the picture before the democrats can react. The republican governors that didn’t accept the Medicaid expansion will be DOA if they attempt to run for higher office. Most people in Blue states find this reprehensible. Even Christie who is running as fast as he can to the right took it. This will be an issue for these 25 states and I’m sure HHS will track the death rates there for publication of course. I can’t fathom why a governor wouldn’t take it. Texas has highest uninsured rate in the country and Gov Perry refused the expansion. This is the governor that mandated HPV vaccine for every high school girl, even though it’s proven that it doesn’t stop cervical cancer. One reason could be that Perry thinks that most of the uninsured are Latinos and if he gives them access to care they will stay and not leave. This will of course help republicans repair their image with Latino voters. It is a negligent move that these governors made to be more concerned with ideological purity than human life.


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