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REPORT: 27,000 Will Die Because Republican States Refuse To Expand Medicaid

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REPORT: 27,000 Will Die Because Republican States Refuse To Expand Medicaid


rick perry

The 25 GOP-led states that are refusing to expand Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act are not just turning down an estimated $42.6 billion in 2014 alone, they’re also missing a chance to save 27,000 lives — according to a new study from the pro-expansion group Health Care for America Now (HCAN).

HCAN’s projection is based on a Harvard School of Public Health study published in 2012 in the New England Journal of Medicine that compared states that had expanded Medicaid to childless adults to those who hadn’t:

The mortality rate in expansion states was 6.1 percent lower than in the neighboring expansion states. For every 500,000 adults gaining Medicaid benefits, 2,840 deaths would be prevented each year, the researchers found. Put another way, for every 176 people added to the Medicaid rolls, one life would be saved.

An estimated five million residents of states that haven’t expanded the program will find themselves in a “coverage gap,” where they will neither qualify for Medicaid nor be able to afford a policy in the insurance exchanges. Applying that 1-in-176 formula to five million uninsured, HCAN comes up with the 27,000 lives that may be lost.

The report also estimates how many jobs would be created by the expansion, which is entirely funded by the federal government for three years, tapering down to 90 percent by the end of the decade. In Texas, where 1 in 4 residents are uninsured, not only could nearly 6,000 lives be saved by expansion, but 300,000 jobs could be created by adding $67.9 billion a year in economic activity.

Instead of accepting new economic growth, states are putting their most vulnerable hospitals at risk of closing.

Expansion was designed to make up for the reduced fees for care mandated by the Affordable Care Act, which was written with the assumption that states would only be able to opt out of expansion if they rejected Medicaid funding entirely. The Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that states could reject the expansion without any consequence. They can also opt in and out of the program as they choose to.

The federal government has been lenient with Republican states that decide to expand Medicaid. Arkansas is implementing a “private option” for the program that may be duplicated by Iowa.

“In Florida, [Latinos] make up 27 percent, and in Texas they make up 47 percent. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured in the country. The majority of people there who are going to miss out on care — over 60 percent — are black and Latino,” The Atlantic‘s Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote.

Noting the disproportionate effect on minorities, the report finishes with a rhetorical explosion that conjures memories of the battle to end segregation and connects it to the widespread right-wing lie that the Affordable Care Act includes “death panels.”

“Now in 2013, it turns out that the only real death panels consist of governors and lawmakers standing in the doorway of state Medicaid expansion, blocking access to health care for nearly 5 million Americans.”

Click ahead to see how many lives could be saved in each state.

Photo: Ed Schipul via Flickr


  1. joe schmo December 12, 2013

    Honestly, they need to move to those states where Medicaid is rampant. States like California or Nevada….. Homes to Pelooser and Reidtard

    1. Sand_Cat December 12, 2013

      You paying the moving expenses, a$$#ole?

      1. midway54 December 12, 2013

        Wait, now. You have just insulted a part of my anatomy.

      2. joe schmo December 12, 2013

        I think maybe the State Government may help them out with that. The Government pays for everything else even at the price of our rights. Why should free enterprise pay for a thin dime of anything. We simply don’t have the money because the Government you all suck the teats on takes it all.

        “A government big enough to give you everything you want
        is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

        1. Independent1 December 12, 2013

          People like you should try living in Europe for a while where people pay more than twice the taxes than they do in the U.S. and then maybe you’d wake up a little to just how good you have it. Virtually every popular country in Europe has max tax rates over 40% without all the tax loop holes that let Americans get away with paying an average max of less than 25%.

          The IRS released some statistics for taxes collected for the 2011 tax year which gave some fairly surprising figures.

          The average tax rate paid for Americans who make $30,000-$50,000/yr was 4.8% of their total gross income. All of that!!
          And the rate wasn’t much higher for filers who earned $50,000 to 100,000 – these filers paid an average of 7.8% of their gross incomes.

          So for people earning $100,000, after all deductions and exemptions have been declared, the average filer paid Uncle Sam about $8,000 in taxes. Wow!! And according to you that’s breaking the bank!! What garbage!!!

          Of course I understand that these are averages, but if the average is around 8%, filers who end up paying say over 12% of their gross rate are probably doing so because they need an accountant to help them fill out the forms…they’re most likely overpaying!! And even those earning over $1,000,000 only averaged paying 20.4%…so out of a $1,000,000 gross they were left with over $750,000!! Poor babies!!

          I don’t like paying taxes any more than the next guy, but COME ON!! When are whiners like you going to realize that it costs money to run a country unless you want it to look and operate like a 3rd world nation…IT AIN’T FREE!!

          When I grew up in the 40s and 50s, the max tax rate was 91%, and there weren’t all the loop holes that Congress has added over the past 70 years. So people earning $1,000,000 got to keep not much more than $100,000 of it; and you know something??? I don’t remember anywhere near the whining that goes on today by ungrateful idiots like yourself!!!

          1. et March 8, 2014

            Hate to tell you but your tax info is wrong. Looks like the numbers you are quoting for American taxes is only what we pay for social security tax. You didn’t factor in the medicare tax, unemployment tax and the actual income tax to the gov. After all is said and done we pay closer to 30% gross income.

          2. Independent1 March 8, 2014

            The numbers I’m quoting are the actual averages that the IRS says each income group paid in the way of income tax for the year 2012. People earning 30-50,000 paid on average of 4.8% of their gross income. Add about 6.5% for Social Security and these folks avearaged about 11%. The Medicare tax only took effect in 2013 and only applies to certain income thresholds – it does not apply to those earning 50,000 or less and it’s only .9%.
            Someone earning 1.5-2.0 million may get to 30% since these people averaged paying around 24% in 2012 – they pay a higher average than multi-millionaires because a larger percent of multi-millionaires incomes comes from investment income taxed at 15%. So these 1.5-2 mil income earners may have paid close to 30% on average.
            But in Europe, no only do people pay over 40% in on their incomes, the vast majority pay a value added tax (VAT) of 15-20% on virtually everything they buy and many of what’s considered luxury items that they own. So quite easily, the total taxes in Europe exceed 50%.

          3. et March 10, 2014

            Medicare was inacted in 1965 and starting in 1966 was deducted from gross pay as a tax (medicare tax) in 2013 an additional medicare tax of .9% went into effect for certain types of workers and certain income brackets.

        2. midway54 December 13, 2013

          I think you failed to attribute that statement to Limbaugh and the scoundrels at Fox “News” where you likely spend a lot of time being saturated by their bilge.

    2. midway54 December 12, 2013

      Yes, CA and NV, homes as well respectively to your idols the crazies Rohrbacher and Lee (the disgusting little sycophant always at the elbow of his demagogic lunatic pal Cruz).

      1. joe schmo December 12, 2013

        They happen to have more common sense than Pelooser and Reidtard. That women simply does not have a brain in her head and Reid he needs to make his home off this continent because he has proven one to many times how unAmerican he truly is….

        1. Sand_Cat December 12, 2013

          They must have more than you, anyway. They laugh while they screw morons like you who vote for them.

          1. joe schmo December 13, 2013

            HaHaHa…..well I could say the same for you all. You all walk around like sheeple singing praises to your secular ‘God.’ At least, we have the foresight to know there are problems and that some of the people we have in office are buffoons who we would like to vote out and replace with individuals who will stand behind us..

            You see we don’t just follow a trend. We question authority….

          2. Sand_Cat December 14, 2013

            I don’t have any “god,” secular or otherwise. Don’t project your own weakness and lack of ability to think for yourself on me.

          3. joe schmo December 14, 2013

            Oh, that’s the problem then. That’s the problem with so many of your kind. Not condemning you. Just feel sorry for that empty train of thought.

            That is one thing, I am not…..weak. As for thinking for myself, I just stated,….. I don’t follow a trend…. Trust me I question authority…..

            Cicero said it best:

            “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

            But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

            For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

            He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

          4. Independent1 December 14, 2013

            Wow!! Cicero described John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to a ‘T’!!

          5. joe schmo December 14, 2013

            No, more like Obama, Pelooser and Reidtard…… Good luck when the walls of Jericho start to crumble….and they already are.

            Guess what dependent, we all don’t care too much for Boehner and McConnell we would like to trade them in for some one more capable of going up against the lot of you….

          6. Independent1 December 14, 2013

            So Boehner and McConnell aren’t ruthless enough for you huh?? They only push legislation that throws needy people off of Medicaid who can’t afford the meds they need to live and some die premature deaths. And they stall on passing anything to do with creating jobs so millions of Americans can keep struggling to survive on unemployment. Guess that’s not very exciting is it??

            I’m sure guys like you would rather have someone like Hitler who will be more aggressive in pushing more folks into their death bed – like the governors and legislatures in many red states that purposely cut budgets and services knowing full well that they can stand back and watch many of their states residents really suffer and die early deaths. You are aware aren’t you that those Death Panels Sarah Palin talked about are really popping up in Red States where its the state governments that are actually voting on whether or not to pass legislation they know full well can have a real influence on their state residents lives – whether they live reasonable lives or end up dying because they can’t afford the food they need or the meds to keep them alive.

          7. joe schmo December 15, 2013

            …..and you think it is the Repubs doing that? Why don’t you give me your interpretation to what you think the answer would be. Then give me some concrete ideas as to what we can do to end all this rumbling. Because we all realize there is a problem..

            Hitler types…we are furthest from that. More so you are closer to that form of government than the Republicans ever will be.

            I guess you cannot see that both sides are at fault and both sides are fighting to cause our demise. We are causing the divide. Divide and conquer. What a shame for a once great nation…..and the fact that true freedom lasted just a little over 200 years…..In my opinion it ended on th July 4th 1976 Bicentennial. What a shame…

          8. Independent1 December 15, 2013

            Both sides are at fault?? Let he see you explain just how the Democrats are at fault for the demise of America.

            When the Republican’s misguided governance back in the late 1920s/earl 30s turned a bump-in-the-road recession into a full blown recession, it was the Democrats that resurrected the country.

            In more recent times, when every GOP president since Nixon’s 2nd term has spent like a drunken sailor, it’s been the Democrats that have actually returned fiscal sanity to government and reduced deficit spending .

            It was the Democrats back in the 1930s who fought hard against GOP obstruction and created Social Security which the vast majority of Americans depend on today for their retirement.

            Back in the 1960s it was the Democrats, again against GOP opposition that legislated Medicare, which like Social Security the vast majority of the elderly in America depend on for their healthcare.

            Over the years it was the Democrats who supported unions and other legislation that benefited the working person and gave them a better life; while the Republicans again fought against everything like pension plans, 401ks and virtually any corporate benefit that would make Americans other than the 1-5% life easier

            And its the Republicans since America’s worst president ever, Reagan, destroyed the fabric of America by destroying a union, that America has gone down hill. Not only are Reagan and the 2 Bushes responsible for more than 90% of our current debt, they are responsible for destroying America’s economy by shifting so much of the wealth to the 1 & 2% that the middle class no longer has enough money to rev up the economy.

            It was Clinton who spurred the economy after Reagan and Bush 1 succeeded in destroying it, and for 8 years America enjoyed the best economic times in its history. Only to have another Republican come into office and preside over the most lack luster economy, job growth and personal income growth in 7 decades.

            And then when a Democrat was elected again after this disaster maker, it has been the Republicans with their totally misguided austerity nonsense that has fought tooth and nail to keep the economy from growing under Obama, But despite their constant obstruction, Obama has accomplished more over the past 5 years, as a Democrat, than any president EVER!!

            So let me hear from you all these terrible things the Democrats have done, and try real hard to see if you can find more than ONE THING the Republicans have done for America since Teddy Roosevelt was in office over 100 years ago!!!!!!


          9. joe schmo December 15, 2013

            Well, I certainly appreciate your facts, and, honestly, there are a few Liberal Presidents that I do admire and there are those I loathe. So I am being a bit more objective than you.

            Harry Truman and JFK both did an admiral job. Harry is one of my faves because for the first time in decades he was able to balance the budget. He was a business man and he simply made the system work. He also navigated the Marshall Plan, which helped to rebuild Europe. He started the transition from a wartime economy and stood firm against the threat of communism.

            As far as dislike….Johnson. Vietnam has something to do with him….Senseless war. Obama….because he is so divisive and he uses his race as a form of suppression.

            Conservative Likes:

            GEORGE WASHINGTON-our founding Father:) After leading the Continental Army to victory in the American
            Revolution, Washington was instrumental in setting the United States on a course of liberty and limited government. By eschewing attempts to make him a monarch, Washington ensured the American experiment would indeed be democratic. His words, “The Constitution is the guide, which I never will abandon,” should be the motto of every U.S. President. (We all know that today it is being reinterpreted into something that isn’t even recognizable)

            THOMAS JEFFERSON: Jefferson served the
            country better before he became President as author of the Declaration of Independence. His troubled second term left the nation’s military unprepared for the ensuing battle with the British in the War of 1812. But he favored states’ rights and a limited federal government, repealed many federal taxes, and was a fierce opponent of government debt. If a
            tenet of conservatism is getting the best bang for the taxpayers’ buck,then Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase qualifies as one of history’s great bargains.

            ABRAHAM LINCOLN): There is absolutely no comparison from Obama to Lincoln that I can see. Few have been as eloquent as Lincoln when he said at the hallowed ground of Gettysburg, “That this nation, under God,shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by
            the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” (He had a very different ideology than you all have today.)

            RONALD REAGAN: Reagan stared down the
            Soviet Union, bringing the Cold War to an end at long last. He championed free markets and limited government, and his across-the-board tax cuts breathed new life into a faltering economy. The Gipper’s constant reminder that the United States was a “shining city on a hill” gave rebirth to the notion of American exceptionalism. You absolutely can never convince me that he was not a good man. NEVER! He was a strong silent Man. He gave us back our pride, allowed us to be united and allowed through his free market and limited government idea for the economy, the .com’s to flourish even after he left office. HE MADE CLINTON LOOK GOOD. The way you make Bush look bad and blame the last decade on him, you must also admit that Reagan had something to do with hi-tech’s success. Sorry, Clinton did not make the .com’s. It was the man before him. It went downhill after that…… Bush was not a favorite of mine and many other Repubs. It’s funny how if the shoe fits……


            What gives you people the idea that Conservatives are against Medicaid for the poor, Medicare for the elderly, Welfare for people who REALLY need it. Disability for the disabled. That’s all lies propagated by your media. I am not against any of these. What I am against is the misappropriation of funds for those who use the system. I think that individuals who apply for social services should be checked out thoroughly and most often they are not. The

            government tends to squander our money nowadays foolishly.

            Rachel Maddows! Frankly, not a fan. Wish she would pull a Bashir or Sheen and get ousted.

            As for NC. You are just upset that your camp is loosing in NC….and you will make up any fabricated vindictive farce to downgrade the Repubs just to get your way. Sorry we have rights too…..

            You finally got someone in office who thinks the way you do and then some, kudos to you. However, the Man is un-American. I suppose if that is what most of you want then America will be completely devoid of the freedoms it once had. What is extremely sad in all of this is the fact that instead of bringing us together like Reagan did, sadly, the ‘Dude’ is dividing us.

            Hitler…..no don’t think so….remember Fascism is a form of Socialism and Conservatives are Capitalists. We believe in limited government and low taxes. No, you all are closer to Fascist/Communist ideology because you believe in more government intervention and spreading the wealth. Actually, Fascism looked after the middle class…. Communism has a larger divide between an elitist government and a suppressed poor but equal majority. That’s more your speed because the gap between rich government and regular joe is getting larger. Sorry, if you can’t see that correlation. If you can’t then you really can’t see the forest for the trees….

        2. midway54 December 13, 2013

          You have furnished us all as being personally a good example of how successful the plutocrats’ ranters have been and will continue to be in targeting and propagandizing the mentally vulnerable voters, who run off, vote against themselves, and ultimately become victims, along with all the rest of average Americans, of the right wing’s program Operation Phornicate

          1. joe schmo December 13, 2013

            Ranters! You should talk. Again you people are the mirror image of what we do. What you say is a juxtaposition to our ideas. The internet has allowed us to do that and it has also allowed us to visit you and find out how you tick.

            Nope, not victims rather people who are not easily swayed and sucked into what is the norm or what you would consider the norm that by our standards is way out of line.

          2. patuxant December 14, 2013

            Bottom line here. You have shown what a true jackass you are. Your mother must be so proud.

          3. joe schmo December 14, 2013

            Again, noted by ‘Peter’s. When you Libs have no more rebuff you start swearing at us. Emotions over ride facts.

            How dare you insult my Mother. Trust me….my Mother is an amazing individual. Came over to this Country LEGALLY after WWII with little else than a suitcase full of clothes and a dream. She is damn proud of me. Instead of wasting away on disability, I went to college and finished my Masters while I suffered from a chronic disease. Before you look at the stone in my eye, look at the one in yours. She told me the other day….that I should run for some political office and I just might.

            Again, I am sorry for you all. We are all shifting the tides towards self destruction because of our divide…..

          4. Duckbudder December 14, 2013

            I wish I could Up-Fist that 953X10X993X8231

          5. joe schmo December 15, 2013

            Likewise to you. You see, your non-understanding tolerant ideology just went out the window….peace man.

  2. tax payer December 12, 2013

    Money doesn’t float from the sky like I always tell my sons and daughter. You have to buy Health Insurance once you are on your own in the future. Daddy isn’t going to be here forever.

    1. Sand_Cat December 12, 2013

      But while he’s here, “Daddy” and his friends are going to try their utmost to assure that those who can’t afford health insurance will suffer and die unnecessarily as a result.

      1. tax payer December 12, 2013

        We have no say as to what each State does because they make the decisions as I make mine to insure our children, while they are living with us. Even, if people have Health Insurance it really doesn’t help in a terminal case.

  3. sigrid28 December 12, 2013

    I am no longer confident common sense will prevail–though I am still HOPING common sense will prevail–in red states intent on denying health care benefits for the uninsured through Medicaid expansion under the generous provisions of the ACA. The figure of five million denied coverage should shock all Americans; even moreso, the figure of 27,000 deaths that could occur among those denied what many of us view as a basic human right. In conjunction with the decision of Republican Senators to waste time filibustering the inevitable approval of the president’s appointees over the next few days (at taxpayers’ expense), I now see these frivolous acts as callous behavior because it causes needless suffering. This is a moral and social outrage carried out knowingly by Republican senators in Congress and red state governors with compliant legislatures, who were elected to represent their constituents–not intentionally HARM them.

  4. nomoretraitors December 12, 2013

    The “report” was funded by George Soros

    1. joebloggs4president December 12, 2013

      If you want to fund a report that says people without heath insurance live longer, then go right ahead. This is obvious stuff to anyone with mild intelligence.

      1. nomoretraitors December 13, 2013

        Do you really believe having health insurance makes you live longer??
        It’s making the right life-style choices that helps you live longer.

        1. Independent1 December 13, 2013

          You can’t say that having health insurance makes people live longer across the board, but there are thousands of Americans who are alive today ONLY BECAUSE they went in for a checkup and the doctor found a terminal illness which he or she was able to cure. And had these people not had insurance, many of them would not have gone for the checkup because of the costs and would most likely have died because their terminal illness would not have been detected when it was curable.

          Not only are Republicans sentencing many people to premature deaths by refusing to provide them with Medicaid, they’ve also been responsible for people dying because they weren’t able to get to a hospital quick enough. Republicans refusal to expand Medicaid has forced hospitals to close, resulting in many people in Red States having to travel 50 miles or more to get to a hospital when they’ve had a heart attack or been in an accident. Since time is often the critical factor in saving people’s lives, having forced these hospitals to close has resulted in people dying who could well still be alive had the GOP not been so callous about refusing to expand Medicaid when DOING SO WAS GOING TO COST THEM NOTHING!!!! Wake up and realize how anti-Christian the GOP has become!!! They care about nothing by MONEY!!!

          And believe it or not, I’m being generous in calling them callous. Two of the best Senators in Congress, both Independents – Bernie Sanders and Angus King are much harsher on Republicans in Red States that have refused to expand Medicaid – these two Senators say that these Republicans are no better than MURDERERS!!!!

          1. shawnthesheep December 14, 2013

            You can say that statistically, people with access to health care live longer than people without access to health care.

          2. Independent1 December 14, 2013

            Although it makes sense to me, I haven’t looked up any stats on that so I didn’t want to out on a limb claiming that statistics have proved that being insured does help people live a longer life.

            I do have stats on the reverse: longevity projections which show that people in Red States with populations that generally have much higher rates of uninsureds actually live two year shorter lives on average than people in Blue States which have populations with higher rates of insureds. Every state with a longevity projection of age 75 through 77 (ten of them) are governed by the GOP. No Blue State has a longevity projection below 78 and 9 Blue States have longevity projections to 80 & 81, whereas only 1 Red State has a longevity projection to 80 (Utah).

          3. joe schmo January 5, 2014

            Guess what, no one minds the new law, it’s the fact that it is being FORCED on us that we don’t like. Why not make this fair and offer both Government Insurance and private insurance for those who want it. Isn’t that only right and fair. It is the principal of the thing, ‘forced’ that’s what we DO NOT LIKE…. and what else will we have crammed down our throats that we ‘DON’T’ want. One sided don’t you think?

        2. joebloggs4president December 14, 2013

          Not even worthy of a detailed response. What you are saying is that not having insurance is pretty much the same as having insurance. Which is simply idiotic.

          That’s the problem with you right wingers – you will lose all semblance of logic to push your twisted ideology.

          1. joe schmo December 14, 2013

            We push nothing. We don’t like what you are pushing on us.

            I have a chronic medical condition. Because of all this healthcare drama my ‘Government’ insurance has suffered and I do not have Medicaid… The Drs. don’t want it and they will find ways around Odumbocare. Believe me, I know this all too well. I have the money to go to private Drs. My family are Drs. in Europe. They opened a private clinic because they were not happy with the way the Socialized system ran….. Has nothing to do with living longer.

            Not twisted ideology and no one is pushing it on you. How can you disprove something that you have seen it with your own eyes.

          2. magnius159 January 5, 2014

            Read an article in EU that talks about socialized health care or even see how they respond to the health care crisis in the US. They are literally laughing their asses off at the US because we can’t figure it out.

            Your family opened up private businesses, or the reason why everything is privatized in the US, because that’s where money is made.

            Give me a break.

          3. joe schmo January 5, 2014

            Read an article? Articles do not say squat. If you have been there and seen it with your own eyes, I am certainly more apt to believe reality. That’s right the US is a laughing stock. Gee, I wonder why? Our demi-God has all the dumb sh*%’s in the US falling prey to it.

            Yes, private Dr’s. in Europe. Smart Drs. who could give premier service to those who wanted it for patients who don’t have to stand in line for healthcare. This will be coming to a health clinic near you.

            Give me a break

    2. midway54 December 13, 2013

      You need to cite one you may have which was funded by ALEC to inform their rightwing purchased politicians and its media stooges, who in turn regale the mindless dupes with it.

      1. nomoretraitors December 13, 2013

        If you’re looking for “media stooges” look no further than MSNBC, who are still saying how great Obamacare is after millions have lost their health insurance and people can’t even get on the website to sign up

        1. shawnthesheep December 14, 2013

          Millions have not lost their insurance. Some have had to change plans because their plans were so crappy as to not meet minimum guidelines. Of those people, a small percentage are complaining because they want to keep their crappy plans that are cheap but essentially worthless. In addition, millions more who previously did not have insurance now have access to affordable insurance..

    3. joe schmo January 5, 2014

      I don’t doubt it….

  5. rustacus21 December 12, 2013

    Then & only then, maybe their living relatives will come to their senses & stop voting Republican – en mass…

  6. Independent1 December 13, 2013

    It’s not only a lack of insurance coverage that may cause premature deaths in Red States that refuse to expand Medicaid, it’s also the fact that states which are resisting the expansion of Medicaid are forcing hospitals to close due to lack of funding. The following is an excerpt from a ThinkProgress article on hospital closures:

    At least five public hospitals have shuttered their doors and many more are cutting staffing and services in non-Medicaid expansion states, according to Bloomberg. Three such hospitals have shut down in Georgia, while North Carolina and Virginia are experiencing similar closures. Patients who relied on the closed hospitals will be forced to make treks as long as 40 miles to receive the care they need from another facility.

    The closures are tied directly to Republicans’ refusal to accept generous federal funding to expand Medicaid. And experts warn that even more closures may be on the horizon in poor states like Tennessee and Mississippi that have also refused the Medicaid expansion.

    Another article I came across was about problems being encountered by these hospital closings; they are not only affecting the poorer folks who often use these hospitals, but also folks who while driving through the less affluent areas on state roads or highways get into auto accidents with no closeby hospital open. The article featured a woman who died, because it took the ambulance who picked her up from the accident more than 50 minutes to get her to a hospital that was still open, and by that time she had died.

    So not only are Red States putting their citizens at risk who live in their states, they are putting all Americans at risk who may be unfortunate enough to be driving through an area in their state where hospitals have closed due to their refusal to bring in the federal funds for expanding Medicaid.

    1. ThisAmerican October 6, 2016

      Funny, in CA hospital closures are due to ILLEGAL ALIENS, the DIMS favorite

      1. Independent1 October 6, 2016

        As usual!! Total hogwash!!!

  7. Benjamin Dover December 15, 2013

    To those of the liberty school, the liberty of a free country implies a state of affairs where centralized power, control, and coercion are minimized.

  8. Sandy Lorvig Mathews January 6, 2014

    Why no stats for WI?? Did the Koch brothers get to you and prevent that data from being published. We all know Scott Walker is in their pocket.

  9. Jay April 1, 2014

    Whether its sending our troops into the wrong country or denying families life-saving medical care, the Republicans have a need to kill thousands of people. They have so much American blood on their hands.


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