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Monday, October 24, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has boasted that his proximity to New Hampshire could give him a leg up for the Granite State’s primary in his underdog bid for the Democratic presidential nomination — and a new poll released Tuesday suggests he might just have a point.

Hillary Clinton leads in the state with 41 percent, followed by Sanders at a surprisingly close 31 percent, according to the new survey from Suffolk University. Joe Biden has 7 percent, Martin O’Malley 3 percent, Jim Webb 1 percent, and Lincoln Chafee less than 1 percent.

The survey of likely Democratic voters was conducted from June 11 to 15, and has a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percentage points.

During a recent campaign swing through the state, The Keene Sentinel reported, Sanders told a crowd of supporters: “Let me tell you a secret: We’re going to win New Hampshire.”

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  • Xenophon

    God damn do I hope he gives hillary a run for her money

  • Andrew Freeland

    The stakes are high in a Presidential election – Supreme Court picks, Executive actions, veto powers, and many more – and the next chance will be at least 4 years later. I like Bernie – I liked McGovern, too – but he was creamed at the polls. I’d gladly take Clinton or any Dem over any GOPTea.

  • Dominick Vila

    The reason Sen. Sanders is so popular is not surprising. Everything he says, and his record, are consistent with Democratic values and aspirations. However, we would be well served if we don’t read too much into early polls in small states, often influenced by emotion, and wait until the Fall, when the campaigns go into overdrive, and the electorate starts thinking about who has the best chance to win, instead of who excites us the most. A Clinton-Sanders ticket would be great, but even that is a long shot.

  • Alvin Harrison

    Don’t count old Bernie out yet…his biggest strength and biggest weakness is his refusal to take campaign contributions from big money. Divorcing himself from the Corp/1% might just win the day however….Americans are just plain tired of this country being controlled by the fat cats….and they understand this issue. Let Bernie keep getting these type of numbers and people will start to believe….because they want to. Americans are starting to understand that this might be the last chance we have to start getting our country back. AND…if Bernie should win the big show….Both Dems and the GOP better take heed…because the bloodletting will b begin at every level with those who put corp/1% needs above the people. For the moment…I rejoice that we have hope.

  • geraldhoey

    Alvin, unfortunately you are wrong. All Americans are not tired of America being controlled by the fat cats. Republicans love that. So Democrats who are in this love fest with Bernie are not enough to get him elected. If the election were just among liberals Bernie would have a real chance. But in a general election his self proclaimed socialist status would scare off the middle ground voters.

  • booker25

    Bernie is going to take it for win in 16 just like Barack did in 08. Go Bernie!!!