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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Add another statement by Pope Francis that may sound a little too liberal to Sarah Palin. Speaking to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and other UN executives Friday, Francis offered an economic vision for the world consistent with his previous statements about the global economy — and horrifying to American conservatives.

Most notably, Francis called for the “legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.”

Addressing executives who oversee the UN’s network of humanitarian offices, Francis reflected on the UN’s sustainable development goalsAs he has in the past, the pontiff called for an end to the “structural causes” of poverty by challenging economic norms. 

“Future sustainable development goals must therefore be formulated and carried out with generosity and courage, so that they can have a real impact on the structural causes of poverty and hunger, attain more substantial results in protecting the environment, ensure dignified and productive labor for all, and provide appropriate protection for the family, which is an essential element in sustainable human and social development,” the pope said, as quoted by Vatican Radio.

Within a matter of hours, right-wing pundits pounced on the comments. Luckily, Rush Limbaugh was able to properly explain the complex Catholic principle of subsidiarity and charity to the “Marxist” pope, as termed by the radio host.

“The pope is demanding the United Nations somehow use its influence to get member states to redistribute wealth. That’s Marxism. That’s socialism,” the right-wing blowhard said Friday. “That’s not charity. The church is the place where that kind of thing, charity, should come from. And he is in charge of that.”

Limbaugh, it seems, may be getting his understanding of Catholic social teaching from the Ayn Rand-inspired Paul Ryan (R-WI). In fact, he is a great admirer of Ryan’s.

“We have a guy on the ticket now who knows how to answer the playbook ideologically,” Limbaugh said of the supposed budget wonk after he was tapped as Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012. ” This is why I’m a little jazzed by this. There is a conservative on the ticket — a proud, bold, unashamed, unapologetic conservative. And not just a ‘fiscal’ conservative, a small-government conservative. Not all fiscal conservatives equal small-government conservatives. This guy is a small-government conservative.”

Photo: thierry ehrmann via Flickr

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270 Responses to The Marxist Pope? Limbaugh Slams Francis’ Call For Legitimate Wealth Redistribution

  1. I would just say to this Pope that the United States is by far the most generous nation on Earth in charity & foreign aid. Not just our Government, but our People. I believe the Catholic Church teaches also, that homosexuality & abortion are detestable to GOD…….Why make this political?

    • Foreign Aid should not be considered charity or even generosity. That’s because it’s given as a matter of expediency and for political gain.

      • Track whose pocket most of the foreign aid dollars actually ends up in and you will see it is US corporations and businessmen. If country x get y millions in foreign aid much of the time they do not get a check to cash and use as they please, rather it is credit with company z to supply bulldozers or something. Or the country agrees to wipe out some opposition party, or hold elections or take some political aciton. That is not necessarily bad as it may be creating jobs and wealth in the US, but the idea that US foreign aid is some sort of gift without strings or ulterior motives is flat out wrong.

        • Foreign aid synonymous with sanctions. Besides, I thought the right are in their glory when we “donate” to large corporations.

    • He’s not making it political, Pauly! You and your right-wing idols are doing that! You a bible-toter, Pauly?? Get a load of these:

      Deuteronomy 15:
      11 There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.

      Psalm 82:3-4
      3 Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. 4 Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

      Proverbs 14:3
      31 He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.

      Proverbs 19:1
      1 Better a poor man whose walk is blameless than a fool whose lips are perverse.

      Proverbs 19:17(#6 of 20 Bible Verses about the Poor)
      17 He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done.

      Proverbs 21:13
      13 If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.

      Proverbs 22:2
      2 Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all.

      Proverbs 29:7
      7 The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.

      • Wow Joyce, what prejudice you have! I am not a right-wing “Bible-toter”. Who said anything about not helping others, I just stated that Americans are very generous in helping others. I could also state verses from the Bible that show Jesus wanted us to help others but that people were to make the best use of their talents and not expect from others.

        Of course this is political, mentioning Rush Limbaugh. I myself donate monthly to charities & have the right to use my money, (which I don’t have much of) to help who I like, NOT the Federal Government telling and taking it from me. That is the difference.

          • Rush does not even consider the aspect that it is the regular church goers who are donating to the poor by contributing their hard earned money in the collection plate each week. It is the people who pledge that the church receive their inheritance., etc. I hope I am not using the term church too loosely.

          • By re-distributing my wealth, and then THEY decide who to give it to, get it? Happy Mother’s Day.

        • It is too bad that we have to pay taxes, but we do. How could governments operate with $00.00? I also donate, we just need to pick a cause of our choice. Rush insults his own integrity once again. The various religions in this nation are not responsible to support America’s poor, or contributing resources evenly from person to person, I guess he is not aware how much the Catholic church does contribute to America’s down and out.

          • The question is really how the Federal Government needs to just operate the “necessary” functions of the Federal Government that the States allowed them to by our Constitution. The National Defense, Treasury, Trade, etc. are a necessary function of our Federal Government, many other policies are not.

          • Are you talking about social programs?  There has been a population explosion, a loss of manufacturing, soldiers coming home from war traumatized or physically disabled, and I paid FICA taxes since I was 17.  What would the legitimately poor, the disabled, children born with handicaps, and those who are actively job hunting because the jobs they held previously are obsolete?  We need these programs.  I think we should raise the minimum wage and reinstate the FICA taxes.  The prosperity of corporations is astounding; they can afford to pay a higher wage.  Income for workers has not nearly kept up with inflation.  As far as I am concerned, the amendments are not a part of the original constitution either so we haven’t been going by the so called book in years..  Those who wrote the constitution could not for see the conditions of the world today.

          • The First 10 that are called “amendments” are actually part of the original Constitution, even though they added them later, the States would NOT agree to the Constitution with excessive Federal Control without them. Without them, imagine how many of our Rights would be lost. Excessive Federal Government manipulating of the free market, excessive regulations, some of the highest corporate taxes in the World, & the global market are the major reasons for businesses leaving the Country. Indeed, what did N.Y. do when their city is going bankrupt like Detroit? Give tax breaks to businesses that relocate to N.Y. for 10 years! As for social programs, that were meant as a safety net such as S.S. & Medicare, are going bankrupt, without anything being done about it. Obama even “took” $716 Billion from Medicare, & I have yet to hear an outcry from the progressives. Also, whenever the GOP want to have S.S. in a lock-box so politicians keep their hands off our money, the Dems. scream. The Dems also Oppose a balanced budget amendment, term-limits for Congress, mandatory E-verify to keep businesses from hiring Illegal labor, meanwhile pushing yet “another” Amnesty while 25 Million Americans remain long-term unemployed.

          • A budget amendment would be a mistake,.  The fed gov needs wiggle room so that they can cover unexpected natural disasters and wars, to name a couple.  Of course a war budget does not to be intact for our stupid country to go war.  Who insisted that social programs be cut, and who would not negotiate until they were?  Presidents throughout the  years have used the SS funds for other uses. You will see an out cry from medicare recipients when they find that a certain service is not provided.  So far, I have only seen positive changes in Medicare.  They are offering more preventive care.  From what you are saying, one of the amendments did actually change the constitution.  Now they want another amendment barring large donations from people like the Koch brothers and Karl Rove.  That is good, but you extremists are always saying the democrats are not following the constitution; well neither are you.  Term limits, determined by the voice of Americans, is exactly what the const. says.  Two years for the House and 6 years for the senate.  Actually I am really weary of this democrat/progressive/liberal/republican/conservative/tea party/radical stuff.  It would be nice if we just voted and kept our mouths shut.

          • A balanced-budget amendment (would have) allowances for emergencies, but would keep the Congress from spending more for votes and favors & pork. Wasn’t the “sequester” supposed to do this? Obama constantly calls for debt ceiling increases.
            Where is your anger that Obama took $716 BILLION from Medicare? And Medicare is NOT doing alright, they are even closer to bankrupcy, as is S.S.
            By term-limits, of course the Constitution states the years of a term, but NOT limits, like many States have, as well as the President. Many Americans believe it would better serve the Country to have a limit on only a few terms in Washington, then return back to private live, not to become a lifelong, bought out, out of touch career politician,
            Large donations come from both sides, George Soros for one. I for one, do not like so much influence from lobbiests, another reason why term-limits & a balanced budget would mostly solve that problem.
            It would be nice if our nation wasn’t so divided as it has become, but when the Federal Government gets as powerful as it has been getting, that is a very dangerous threat to our Liberty. Many may not think so when they are “getting” something from the Fed. Gov. but eventually, there will be nothing left to “give”, from those that pay for it.

          • I believe in a balanced budget. Now that the debt ceiling has been raised, I think they can produce a balanced budget now, but not the Ryan budget. But no amendment, we have enough already

            If people in a state have a representative or a senator who is producing and caters to his voters needs and wants, these citizens should have a voice.When the constitution stated the number of years a rep. or senator should serve, I see this as a given that constituents can re-elect their reps. When the constitution was written, many current issues did not apply and it could not predict the future. Voting along party lines is unconstitutional. So we are either going to follow the constitution or we are not..

        • You’re a right wing Tea loser.
          Funny you can’t face it.
          The Pope hates the income gap favoring rich corporate elitists over the people. The Pope hates phonies who pretend all workers can even find jobs, much less get paid a living wage.
          You’re just one of those anti-middle class liars. Jesus, if he had existed, would smack you silly for your goober speak.
          BTW, Jesus said to help the poor and helpless. He did NOT :qualify it, PaulRyan. What a liar you are.

          • My guess is that Paul Ryan may give to charities like Mitt Romney, whatever amount their accountants say would save them the most money on their taxes.

          • I am glad to see that you have the gift of mind-reading. I am the Middle-Class, & have worked in union labor my entire life and believe that is exactly what made America great, a strong middle-class. Under the last 6 years, that has drastically declined with tremendous debt without results.

        • I’ll take you up on that offer Pauly, let’s hear those verses where Jesus said something about “people were to make the best use of their talents and not expect from others”.

          Let’s hear those verses (book, chapter and verse please).

          • Well, there are many, but I’ll just name a few. Mat.25:14-30, & 2 Thes. 3:1-16. I have been busy with Mother’s Day…………..

          • Unfortunately, Matthew 25: 14-30 has nothing to do with the point you were trying to make. Back in Jesus’ Day, a “Talent” was like a dollar. In fact, in the NIV it says: “To One he gave five talents of money, to another two…”.

            The point Jesus was trying to make is that as Christians we should be doing all we can to increase our faith and belief in God and to work at helping others help others in believing in Him. These verses have nothing to do with “people making the best use of their “god-given human related talents” which is what you were implying.

            And similarly your reference in Thessalonians, has nothing to do with your point either. In these verses, Paul is encouraging Christians to live honest, upright lives and not to “deliberately” be trying to take advantage of others. This in NO WAY suggests that those who fall onto hard times should be condemned for needing assistance as you, Rush and other conservatives like to keep harping on!!

            Jesus NEVER CONDEMNED the honest poor. Sure there are those that take advantage of the system, those are called crooks, slaggard and worse, but the vast majority of poor need help despite their every efforts to naught be needing help. And your implications otherwise are absolutely reprehensible!!!!!!!

          • God, through Jesus, expects us all to love another and help others & of course never condemned the poor. What he also expected was for everyone to use their talents and fruits of their labor, not to become dependent on the generosity of others if they are able to contribute. The government does take care of many that truly can not, & Jesus opposed people that would take advantage of the labor of others, expecting equal results. We, by our own free will should, and many do, help the less fortunate. Also, 2 Thes. 3: 7-12.

          • “What he also expected was for everyone to use their talents and fruits of their labor, not to become dependent on the generosity of others if they are able to contribute. The government does take care of many that truly can not, & Jesus opposed people that would take advantage of the labor of others, expecting equal results.”

            Nowhere in the Bible does it get into”not to become dependent on the generosity of others if they are able to contribute.” That’s something you’ve made up.

            And nowhere in the Bible does it talk about being dependent on or not being dependent on government or anyone else’s assistance. In fact, the Bible goes into great detail about not protesting or fighting against what the government edicts.

            This is from Romans 13:

            Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

            So notice, when you and your ilk rebel against legislation like food stamps for the poor, or other assistance for the needy such as welfare and Medicare and Social security, all of which are in constant threat by the GOP, you are rebelling against what God has worked to put into place.

          • The Bible also tell us not to submit to secular authorities if they ask us to disobey GOD. We must obey GOD as ruler, rather than men, Acts 5: 28-29.

            There is also a huge difference in governments of men helping those in true need, than to just allow them to grow unrestrained for politics and create more dependency by not expecting something from those that receive the help of others. When some growth goes beyond the means to pay for it and force future generations to suffer themselves, creating a spiral of unsustainable debt that will cause ALL means of charity & social programs to fail.

            As for your 3rd. paragraph, I had already listed 2 Thes. 3: 7-12. One of the problems with religion, many people interpret Bible passages in different ways, sometimes incorrectly. This is why eventually, & likely soon, all the Governments of men will, and have failed, to prove that man can not govern himself in accordance to His will, and He will rule us with Jesus as our King. I am sure you know who rules the World now.

    • Paulyzzzzz,From the book of Bud:First chapter,second verse,Verily I say unto you,”go ye forth and multiply with thyself.”

    • We make abortion and homosexuality an issue in politics, and many vote for a certain party if they know their candidate is against these. Poor way to run a nation.

    • There is no WRITTEN word in the Bible that says homosexuality and abortion is detestable to God!! You will only find that in the GOP Bible of hate!!

      • What??? Read 1 Corin. 6: 9-10. God also created Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve, and marriage between a man & a woman to raise children in accordance with God’s plan. I also believe that the Bible states that murder is against His commandments and didn’t say “unless it’s before the 3rd. trimester, and I am sure He would not agree to partial-birth abortion.

        • What??? The Bibles a story book meant to be used as a guide line! Do unto others as you would do unto Me!! One of the ten commandments says thou shalt not kill so why does everyone own a gun??? You can’t justify your arguments!!

          • Not to sound like some Bible wacko, but humans from the time of Adam went their own way and have to find salvation in this World controlled by, yes, the evil one. Awful hard to just turn the other cheek when someone is trying to kill us, but being human, we all fall short. Abortion is also murder, so it goes both ways.

          • Adam and Eve is a fairy tale used to soothe the mindless faithful!I If it were true, there would have been human remains found along with ancient dinosaur bones! You are WAY off base! Abortion is not murder when cells are aborted! It makes no difference because it is none of your business what I do with MY body! It’s my choice! Why don’t you make it illegal to ejaculate without the purpose of making a baby? You are killing the other half needed to create a “baby”! I guess that will never happen since men can’t seem to manage not having sex or masturbating for less than 2 days! Crude but oh so true!!

          • Wonder what you would have thought about your cells being aborted? If a woman can do whatever she wants with her body, or a man, I suppose we would have to legalize prostitution, and if you choose to murder a baby by partial birth abortion, then that would be ok as well.

          • OH PLEASE!!! You are one of those unhinged people that have no reasoning power or sense! Go away!! You are just a gob of flesh walking around spouting off just to hear yourself!

          • The Bible are commands from God to show us how to gain salvation, not a guide, but what we need to do.

          • Happy BS!! According to the “Bible” you were created in God’s image so If you are so weak that you need to rely on a “book” to tell you what is right and wrong you are in trouble! God didn’t write the Bible!! It was written YEARS after his death!

    • Adultery & ‘Spilling your seed on the ground’ (masturbation) is also called an ‘abomination’ in the Bible. That’s the problem. You folks just pick out the parts you want to use to justify your own hatreds. Many ‘Christians’ I know have committed adultery AND masturbated!!
      They don’t mind being detestable to God when it feels good to them or benefits them in some way. Yet, they are the worse at pointing out the flaws in other people!!

    • Fuck off, religious Nazi. Take your hate god and your tiny penis extension and go help Bundy on his ranch.
      You sound like you’re posting from prison, Paulie Wide Cheeks. Thanx for the hillbilly banter.

    • Pauly, if homosexuality and abortion are detestable to GOD, explain why Jesus actively preached the Gospel for over three years and never once brought the subject up. Jesus wasn’t one to mince words and hold things back. Kind of curious isn’t it??? I’m not suggesting I know for sure what God is thinking; but the Pharisees who were so convinced they new what God wanted because Moses had told them (just like many blind religions of today) were clearly wrong all along.

      And don’t bring up about Paul mentioned in the New testament in some of his letters – Paul also stated that some of what he preached was based on his own biases and not just revelations he had gotten from God.

      • I just know that Jesus told persons living in sin such as this, would be forgiven, but also that they repent and sin no more.

        • No where in the Bible is homosexuality called a sin and abortion is never mentioned. In Leviticus it says that homosexuality is an abomination but God never declares it a sin. He will judge those who live that way just as he does all of us, based on how closely we have conformed our lives to what Jesus preached in the New Testament where he never mentioned either of these acts.

          • Look above, 1 Corin. 6: 9-10. How do you get your information about the Bible if you don’t know what’s in it? Kind of like passing Obamacare so we can find out what’s in it, how much it will cost, if we can keep our Doctors, or save $2,500………..You would think these outrageous lies would piss you off as well as anyone.

          • In my original post I said don’t point out to me what Paul said in his letters to the churches, he indicated in several places that some his preaching was based on personal biases and not revelations from God.

            Neither in the words of God related to us by the prophets in the Old Testament, nor through Jesus’ words in the New Testament, was homosexuality called a sin.

          • I am sure you understand that there aren’t ANY gospels in the Bible actually written by Jesus. All of Jesus’ statements, parables, words, wisdom, were written by his apostles and prophets, so what Paul and many others, Old Testament & New about homosexuality being a sin detested by God, they had the Spirit of God to write all the words of Jesus. So homosexuality is a sin, abortion is a sin, all of us sin, but only by God’s mercy and our repentance can we receive salvation & everlasting life.

          • Sorry, Jesus’ words are Jesus’ words, documented for us by 4 different people; that’s why many Bibles print them in red. And what most striking is that although recorded by 4 different people, and sometimes decades apart, a number of times they were recorded by them in their writings almost word for word. And God’s words were God’s words expressed to us in His revelations to the prophets during Old Testament times and passed down via their writings.

            They are totally different than the words of the Apostles and of Paul recorded in Acts and in their letters, in that they carry a much deeper meaning than the words of Peter and Paul; they reflect specifically what Jesus and God wanted us to know. You’re very misguided if you’re trying to equate Peter’s and Paul’s words as having the same spiritual significance and meaning as those that Jesus himself spoke while on earth and which God had passed down to us through the prophets.

          • Like I said, all the quotes of Jesus were written by the apostles and in the Old Testament, by the Prophets, NOT actually written down personally by Jesus……What the hell are you talking about, the words written in red? They are all written down by witnesses that heard Him speak those words. The people that had written them, were given the Spirit of God, as the prophesies from the Old Testament.

          • These also pertain to homosexuality being detestable to God: Lev.20:13, Rom. 1:27, & 1 Corin. 6:9.


  3. Paulyz is dead wrong. USA is a very stingy nation giving a far smaller percentage of our GDP in foreign aid than most other countries.


    • This graph does NOT include private donations, & the several countries ahead in % of GNP are very wealthy nations. Why do you Liberals always criticize the United States so much?

      • You Tea terrorists hate our government, the middle class, our black prez, minorities, youth, women & the middle class AGAIN.
        Why do you and your mommy,BarryUnderpants, hate Americans so much?

        • Conservatives & Americans that identify with the Tea Party Love their Country and that is why they oppose the growth, control & power of a corrupt Federal Government, constant deficit spending, taxes, & loss of freedoms. They are out of touch from Washington when the States are closer to the People. They completely believe in a strong middle-class & how we are losing it because of the “progressive” direction we have been headed. They will always support a person of any race, gender or ethnicity that has the same concerns for their Country. p.s. Many Whites DID vote for Obama, but now many have seen the damage he has done. Wasn’t it Obama that sat in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s pews spewing anti-White, anti-American comments for 20 years?

          • “the States are closer to the People.”

            Not really. Take Pennsylvania, where I live right now and have for quite some time. There’s Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and then a huge sea of rural communities. PA tends to swing blue because of the demographics of the urban centers. The rest of the state feels underrepresented.

            States in the USA are so big and/or populous as to be nations onto themselves. If you really believe that smaller and more local government better reflects its constituents, you’d have to go to the county or even township/borough level. But of course, since there’s no framing for that in the Constitution (the principle of federalism is between the federal and state governments, counties and cities are subordinate), “state rightists” settle for what is now (even if it wasn’t back when the Constitution was drawn) irrelevant.

            Breaking us down by states is pointless. Either we go with a more expansive federal government or we drop to local government; state government is, on principle, outdated. Pragmatically, it’s useful as a bureaucratic filter that basically helps the federal government. But there are also a lot of problems with that — some inconsistencies in vital areas of law that were left up to states, and now does a pisspoor job of legislating fairly across the nation and within state borders.

    • I am not sure, but think Libertarians are against financial aid to foreign countries. We need leverage, how else can we apply sanctions?

    • Why does the United States feel obligated to give anything to people who have demonstrated their hatred of us?

      • Marlene, you’re right! What an insult to pigs everywhere! My granddaughter, a pecatarian, says:”Pigs are our friends, they’re intelligent beings. They are smarter than dogs or cats and NEVER should be slaughtered!”. So..Pig definately doesn’t apply to our subject. From now on, I will refer to him as UFO. Undignified FOUL Objectionable. So, i repeat, Why does anyone give this UFO air time? Don’t tell me $$. Why does he have any listeners?

          • Hmm, that just about seems consistent. Ignorance, cowardice and bigotry often hide behind anonymity. Whether it’s a white hooded sheet or no face at all…by the way, a PIG is a very cool animal, very intelligent. Everyone know what a pig looks like when it’s coming…..too bad there isn’t a way to identify bigots like you…you probably think you’re a Christian, too, huh? …You’re laughable. Don’t bother to respond. I’ve already wasted too much time on stupidity.

          • Listen, you old fuck failure…your commie ways are coming to an end soon. 2014 is going to send you red fucks packing.

          • Evidently,your Mother didn’t hold the pillow over your face long enough and,tragically you are forced to exist for the rest of your life with brain damage!

          • I see somebody took a break from jacking it to [email protected] porn on his welfare-bought computer to make a retarded comment. Stick to your [email protected] fantasies, queer…you’re in over your head.

          • Jan,Heaps sees but,fews knows,lots starts but,nobody goes.Make dates but,can’t fill em,see snakes but,can’t kill em.So,honk your horn and,toot your tooter,THERE GOES JAN ON HIS MOTOR SCOOTER!! Figure it out DICKEED!!!

          • Jan,You sound like an individual that woud throw both ends of a rope to a drowning man!!

          • Want more of what? you re-writing retarded canned comments you already said to others or more community college wisdom from some reject who blames his life failure on society? LMAO. It’s not going to be interesting for me in anyway. Just sad and predictable rants from a loser.

          • You’re so fucked up,when you asked your Momma what’s for dinner,she spread her legs and said “CRABS”. Come on MOTHERFUCKER,let’s get it on!!!

          • janderson2000-YOU ARE A TOTAL ASSHOLE. Typical tea bags repuke whose only source of info is Rush Limberger, Glenn Beck, and of course FUX news. I hope your wifes legs grow together.

          • That’s mean. I wouldn’t hope your fag husband’s AIDS-ridden asshole close on you.

          • Such eloquence! So you hate women and use a crude name for their genitals as an insult? No surprise there.

          • Personal attack!! Gotta tell you janderson, your comment says more about you than MarleneM.,who actually looks pretty sophisticated. You are sooo Rush like.

          • And yet, you continue to make a fool of yourself. Your mother would be so proud of you, and how you turned out.

          • Mikem42, I’ve found through years of experience, that a person as blatantly and openly homophobic as janderson2000, is that way for I of 3 reasons: 1. They themselves are gay and trying to divert attention from themselves; 2. His wife/girlfriend left him for a woman ( for obvious reasons!); or 3. The poor slob is impotent, has never had a meaningful relationship in his life and doesn’t want anyone to have a happy loving, sexual relationship either! My vote is for #3…;)

          • That’s hilarious coming from a dyke reject so heinous she can’t even attract a mate. The only thing that could possibly make me impotent is looking at your disgusting, penis-melting face. Nobody is afraid of your defect…they’re just repulsed.

          • You may be right MJ, but I see self loathing which causes meaness and nastiness towards others. One has to like their self before they can overcome this character defect. Hope he gets better.

          • Mikem42 you are quite correct, janderson(very little j) 2000, which I’m now referring to as a UFO as well as Limberger..( Undignified FOUL Objectionable ), certainly does self-loath. Homosexuality really hits a nerve with him. The venom that spews from his masogynistic mouth is evidence of his own impotence. What is interesting about this UFO, is that this article was about the Pope and the chief radio UFO. Our impotent UFO must just troll the comments sections and just look at pictures to try and change his “limp”situation, because all of his hatred is aimed at something he assumes about me from my picture. He dost protest too much! 😉

    • Because of the multitudes of little piglets who swim around in the mud with him, unfortunately. Some slimey sponsers still pay him to spew his nonsense.

    • He really does. He knows his job very well. He knows what he has to say and do to fulfill the requirements. Quite contrary to those whom we hear saying they are christians, while they always act against christian’s teaching.

      • You’re an idiot. Christians give voluntarily. It’s called charity. Marxists like you use governmental force to confiscate and call it fair taxation. It’s really theft.

        • When kindly old dowager Mrs. Stanhope, who regularly patronizes the Tasty Grille Restaurant, springs for the health insurance of the busboy out of the kindness of her heart, and when thousands more like her do the same, I will say Christian charity is adequate to the task of keeping Americans healthy. But I’ve never heard of anyone doing what Mrs. Stanhope did. And so I support the ACA and other government programs that even that well-known Republican Teddy Roosevelt supported. We survived him, we survived FDR, and we prospered as we had never prospered before.

          • It’s not supposed to be ADEQUATE. Life thrusts upon the individual DEMANDS to survive. NOBODY is owed a living. We must promote economic systems that provide OPPORTUNITIES that give the most people the best chance of survival and even prosperity. Time and history has proven IT’S NOT SOCIALISM and it’s sad to have to watch America learn this lesson one more time.

          • History has proven different things. You are evidently taking as “socialism” mainland China, the East Bloc states and certain African nations with no existing infrastructure or democratic/republican rule. I am not taking those as my models at all. I am taking all – just about all – of the advanced nations as my examples of where universal healthcare was instituted as far back as 150 years ago and where the nations have thrived. We can, too. You call it “socialism”. I call it progressive and smart.

          • Opportunities themselves are assets not everyone has, an inequality you ignore and chalk up to the individuals’ “laziness”. Walk a mile in their shoes and then talk about laziness.

            Nobody is “owed a living”, but everyone has the right — a moral imperative — to be able to live and seek fulfillment. If a society and its economic principles are failing to deliver on that — and capitalism fails that — then the principles need to change. I’m not suggesting Communism is the change we need to make; it’s wrong, too. But deluding yourself into thinking everything is hunky-dory the way it is and it’s just the fault of “lazy bums” isn’t helpful either.

            Nor is it particularly fresh. This was the mindset of people during the feudal era, too. Even serfs, who had it worst of all. They were content with the way things were; change frightened them. What prompted feudalism to give way to capitalism wasn’t any kind of “movement of the people”, but the greed of merchants who were furiously envious of the political power that the aristocrats still had. Merchants didn’t want to just depose the old nobility. They wanted to REPLACE them, to become a new aristocracy.

            They succeeded.

          • Yes, people work much harder when they’re inadequately nourished, have no place to sleep or wash, see no hope for the future, and know that the pittance they’re offered is given only grudgingly by people who despise them.

        • Yep…They blindly give to their non-taxable church and write it off…You’e been listening to Faux News way too long…Get your head out of your a$$ and take a deep breath and maybe you will wake up to what the far right is doing to the working class in this country.

          • You fucking sick moron…who do you think contributes the most to charities? CHURCHES

          • Oh give me a break! The “CHUCHES” ARE the charities. They don’t give crap to anyone. The rich are giving millions to the churches in return the churches are preaching THEIR (the rich’s) propaganda, NOT the word of God that they were built for. It’s about time there is a Pope that might reverse this horrible action. Also, don’t forget, the churches, in general, are all violating their oath to the IRS to qualify for their tax-exempt status and should be paying taxes in every form possible! See how much money they get from the rich if that ever starts getting enforced…. Hahahaha. Get the churches our of the political business and back into the biblical business. Act as Christ – not as Republicans.

          • The churches many wealthy people give to take in tens or hundreds of millions per year, of which next to nothing goes to any charitable purpose other than buying more goodies for the church and trying to ram their alleged beliefs down others’ throats.

          • A recent study by MIT has revealed that Christian conservatives and secular liberals donate about the same amount to charity. Whereas liberals donate to Unicef, Oxfam, and other secular groups, Christians tend to donate to Christian charities. But the actual quantity of generosity is about the same. So get off that moral high horse and come down to reality: charity is inadequate.

            Interestingly then, liberals also don’t base their entire political universe on reducing taxes (claiming then they would give more to charity if they paid less taxes, as conservatives often trumpet). In fact, they give to charity AND pay their taxes, knowing that some of those funds are to be spent on the social safety net — which functions as ADDITIONAL charity. (If anything, liberals complain that not enough is spent on social programs.)

            That actually means liberals are MORE generous than conservatives.

          • “Faux” News always has opposing views on their show, MSNBC never does, and CNN sometimes does. Actually I listen to all 3 to see everyone’s viewpoints. It has already been proven that MSNBC is by far the most opinionated & non-factual, with Fox & CNN much better.

          • Actually, it’s been “proved” that Fox viewers are the most ignorant and that their “news” people offer more opinions as part of the news than any other network.

          • The question is why should I have to pay more and some should pay none or even get subsidized. And why should what I pay be sent to other nations or used to benefit people who aren’t even my own countrymen.

          • The old “why should I pay for…” rears its head again.Tell you what: you pay my share of the “defense” and “intelligence” budgets, the maintenance for Guantanamo and the pay for the torturers, the debt for Iraq and Afghanistan and a few hundred other things I can think of if you give me a few minutes, and I’ll pay your share of what goes to people who aren’t your countrymen.
            You should because you – unlike most of the world – have the privilege of having been born in a country where you probably got more help from others in the first couple of years of your life than most of those you dismiss with such venom will get in their entire lives, a country where you can vote, and – though your party and mine have sold our government down the river to the wealthy and powerful – if enough of us vote for change, at least it has some chance of happening.

          • No, I don’t have “privilege” to be an American, I have legacy. My starting point was bequeathed to me by my lineage and I attend to pass it onto my lineage and preserve the great country that I inherited. This will mean fighting to the death commie scum like my fore-bearers did. You are not talking to some liberal who can be “guilted” into giving away his country so some elite ruling class can redistribute the fruits of my hard work.

            BTW, I put myself through college working. I worked hard to develop my skills…and I didn’t stand around and protest to make the government make me equal by force to others who had more than me. I didn’t demand a living wage. I knew that if I wanted to live well, I’d have to demand much of myself.

            You’re 1% figure is wrong. The amount spent on illegal aliens in this country alone is staggering. We are importing poverty into this nation to make a more dependent populace to keep the Democrats in power…one that doesn’t resemble the independent spirit of America at all.

          • “This will mean fighting to the death commie scum like my fore-bearers did.”

            Commie scum, like Chief Pontiac. And by fighting, we mean crying because Pontiac and his men were too dug in and determined, and the militia were too spineless to take on a superior enemy. So, they pretended to flee, leaving smallpox-infested blankets. Yes, that’s “fighting”. Cowards everywhere were very proud of those particular Americans’ (in western PA) forthrightness and honor.

            Shall we find some other examples of “commie scum” and “fighting”? The Sand Creek Massacre, perhaps? Which is also part of a prime example of the so-called “independent spirit” of America — the myth of the Western settler battling through hostile natives and environments. In reality, were it not for the federal government (and more importantly, its army), the settlers and their pathetic militias would have been slaughtered time and again. Sand Creek is the only kind of victory they could regularly claim; when they actually fought the braves without federal support, they tended to get their asses handed to them (or scalps, as it were).

            But I forget. You can’t be “guilted” into caring -how- the American legacy came to be. It doesn’t matter to you if the foundation you’re so proud of is based on shameless lies, murder, and dishonor. You can’t be bothered to consider that if we as a nation avoid taking responsibility for our past mistakes, we are doomed to make them again and again, and invariably self-destruct as a result. I say invariably because there are countless nations around the world in history that have made the same mistakes and are now kaput. We have not learned from their history; but why should I expect we would when we haven’t even accepted the cold, hard facts of our own history and instead continue to mythologize and even idolize and deify our forefathers?

        • Right janderson, we all can give voluntarily, there isn’t any charity to be “forced” by the government to take it from some to give to others. The US already has many programs to help those in need, but not to allow them to spend generations on the sweat of others. They must be expected to contribute to society when they get back on their feet.

        • The only “private” individuals who COULD afford to make meaningful contributions to charity in ancient times were kings, high priests and the nobility. There was no system by which the poor could advance. The rich people WERE the government, and they were denounced by the prophets in their day, and by Jesus in His time, for taxing the POOR and spending it on THEMSELVES and on military force to KEEP the poor downtrodden. So yes, the “government” in Biblical times did have, and still has, an obligation to all of society, not just to people in, or friends of people in, the government.

          Remember Joseph, of the Technicolor dreamcoat? Pharaoh appointed him to tax the surplus grain during the abundant years and pass it out during the famine. Nothing there about “encouraging farmers to save their own grain,” just about common storage and administration in disasters.

      • I think bud was referring to you or your guru Limbaugh. The president is neither fat nor a drug user unlike the bloated Limbaugh!

      • yep we know you got our president mix up with you asshole conservatives, try not to get a hard on just so you could bring the president into limp dick Limbagh bullshit keep the bullshit on your side where it belongs, hell the whole country knows who and what Conservative are Except Conservatives

        • Yeah,you fucking racist!You’re not only stupid but you can’t tell the difference between your fat fucking Uncle and someone that is fit! That,and the fact you are color blind.Have a pleasant day shit for brains!

          • DICK crews,That’s for your Momma! I think your Momma must have removed the p[illow from your face to soon and your still suffering fro0m brain damage

          • Racist? That’s the sole province of little Tea garbage like you, Handjob. You’re projecting your own failings. HAhahahaha.

          • Steve COCK,You could probably warm up to a lot of people if you were cremated with them!

          • Steve COCK,I can out Motherfuck you any day of the week>Keep it coming!! You definitely are not in your right mind,or,your right element!

  4. Thus, by definition, ODA does not include private donations.

    According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the countries giving the highest amounts of money (in absolute terms) are as follows:[1]

    United States – $30.46 billion

    United Kingdom – $13.66 billion

    Germany – $13.11 billion

    France – $12.00 billion

    Japan – $10.49 billion

    Canada – $5.68 billion

    Netherlands – $5.52 billion

    Australia – $5.44 billion

    Sweden – $5.24 billion

    Norway – $4.75 billion

    Switzerland – $3.02 billion

    Denmark – $2.72 billion

    Italy – $2.64 billion

    Belgium – $2.30 billion

    Spain – $1.95 billion

    South Korea – $1.55 billion

    Finland – $1.32 billion

    Austria – $1.11 billion

    Ireland – $0.81 billion

    Portugal – $0.57 billion

    New Zealand – $0.46 billion

    Luxembourg – $0.43 billion

    Greece – $0.32 billion

    • So, on a per capita basis, and using your statistics here, the United States (being at the top of the wealthiest countries list) would be somewhere around the bottom of the list in giving.

    • This should come out of the DOD budget since foreign aid is a tool to protect our security and the security of other countries.

    • Why didn’t you scroll down just one little inch and post THIS list from your same source? This is a much more accurate reflection of the generosity of a nation. (Note the USA comes in 19th – so much for your claim that we are the most charitable)

      Official Development Assistance by Country as a Percentage of Gross National Income in 2012 (April 2013)

      Luxembourg – 1.00%

      Sweden – 0.99%

      Norway – 0.93%

      Denmark – 0.84%

      Netherlands – 0.71%

      United Kingdom – 0.56%

      Finland – 0.53%

      Ireland – 0.48%

      Belgium – 0.47%

      France- 0.45%

      Switzerland – 0.45%

      Germany – 0.38%

      Australia – 0.36%

      Canada – 0.32%

      Austria – 0.28%

      New Zealand – 0.28%

      Portugal – 0.27%

      Iceland – 0.22%

      United States – 0.19%

      • I did mention that if you took the time to read what I said, but you intolerance & hatred for opposing views blind you to that. I mentioned that these amounts DO NOT include “private donations, and that several countries pay a larger % of their GNP, but many of those countries are not burdened by as many government dependent people or spend large amounts in Defense of Freedom for the World, and have much wealth. Even so, the US is very generous and when you add all the help, the money, the food, etc. we are always at the top, but you still find fault with that. Learn to love your country!

        • What utter and TOTAL tautological CRAPOLA!

          You know, your ipse dixit may fly at your usual radical right-wing sites you infest – but it’s for $h!t here.

          YOU LOSE!

  5. All governments redistribute. That’s the nature of government is to serve common cause. Anyone who equates redistribution of wealth with Marxism and Socialism is an idiot who either needs to think before speaking or who needs to learn a little more before being deserving of attention.

    Which is Rush?

    • Rush, like Hannity and Beck, is an uneducated buffoon who has made a fortune selling neofascist plutocratic bilge to the community of duped teabaggers, rednecks, and other species of mental mediocrities who are the dependable voters responsible for the shameless congressional rightwing servants of the plutocrats appearing in congress, there to paralyze the workings of our democratic republic to the great benefit of the robber barons in the top one percent of income recipients in the Country.

      • And that,along with the money from their fundamentalist churches is the main reason the gop pander to them.

      • The way rank and file voters in the GOP base lap it up and give money to these vultures (no offense to vultures meant) is like the hens paying the fox to raid the henhouse and then eat them.

        • Agree. I have on occasion described the dupes and yahoos at the ballot box voting for rightwing stooges as like cattle moving up the chutes and cheering those ahead with the knives and sledgehammers.

        • What you cons. call Marxism, is not what Marxism is really about.  Marx (1818-1883), was an economist in his own right.  He predicted the ongoing struggle between the classes in every area. Eventually the antagonistic environment would eventually destroy capitalism.  He did realize the need for a central government intervention in cases such as depressions, recessions, inflation, taxes and issues involving the military.  Many anti-Marxists were social scientists.  He also predicted wages lower than the value of the workers, and that workers would become slaves to the machinations of capitalism.  Does this say anything about social programs?  His predictions were right on the button. Gee, if he was still alive, maybe he could contribute wise solutions to the corrupt and the useless government we have today.  The above info is available in my textbook called Eco.101.

          • All of the above, except “conservative” should be in quotes, because they are not conserving anything.

    • But of course all governments are redistributive. That’s what are taxes do: they redistribute private resources for public purposes. Since the wealthy have a proportionately greater stake in the material aspects of the social order, they should be glad to provide that order proportionately more material support.

      Someone who owns a $1 million home will pay more for insurance than will the owner of a $200,000 home. But the insurance company is not penalizing the first homeowner for his/her success. It’s only because that first homeowner clearly has more to lose, and therefore should pay more.
      If the core function of government is to provide a stable environment in which our society can flourish, then clearly the wealthy have more to lose from government’s absence – and so should pay more in taxes.
      But there is an art-form to framing our arguments …

      Never say Redistribution of Wealth … say Fair Wages for Work
      Never say Entitlements … say Earned Benefits
      Never say Employer Paid Health Insurance … say Employee Earned Health Insurance
      Never say Government Spending … say Investing in America
      Never say Gun Control … say Gun Responsibility
      Never say Pro-Life … say Anti-Family Planning

    • Every bit of actual wealth redistribution since Reagan has been UPWARDS, to the top 1%.
      Time for redistribution the other way. The ACA is a start.

      • Not the top 1%. That’s what OWS got wrong. More like the Top 0.01% (the Top 1% of the Top 1%), with most of the gains going to the Top 400 individual personal fortunes.

        Assuming that over 100 million of the over 300 million Americans are either children or institutionalized and thus not active participants in the economy, let’s assume for easier math than 200 million are active participants. 400 of those would be 0,0002%. That means that it’s not so much the 99% vs. the 1% as the 99.9998% vs. the 0.0002%. The rest of the 1% are being victimized as well!

        Got that? 49,999 out of every 50,000 of the 1% should actually have been on OWS’s side, yet OWS demonized them! Most of these are the actual job providers (not “job creators” — jobs are created by demand for products and services that outstrips the suppliers’ ability to supply with the labor force they have, requiring that they hire more) so deified by Limbaugh and Fox News and their ilk.

    • For a Republican, redistribution of public funds only becomes an issue when it flows downwards. Consider the enthusiasm and support that the redistribution of $1T enjoyed during the invasion of Iraq, when companies owned by Friends of Bush got sole source contracts and collected billions for project they seldom completed. In that instance, the redistribution of public funds was considered an investment. When the same expenditures are designed to help the poor and the middle class, they become overt examples of socialism, communism, and all the other evil isms.

  6. [email protected] says:

    there is only one thing that should have a rush on and that’s a cross-hair to the mighty mouths head

  7. The Pope is correct stating that a sustainable system is needed to feed the less fortunate, and so is Rush for agreeing with this economic view. Capitalism is a fueling system that allows for active participation in a work force that allows for distribution of wealth in a legal way as opposed to any confiscatory , commune system.

    • You are correct when capitalism works properly. However, the top 1% should not hold 40% of the wealth.

      It seems now that “love of money” is the driving force for many and especially for some major corporations.

      To me, in many cases, it’s corporate greed not corporate capitalism. There is a rule of reason.

      • Also, the top 1% shouldn’t pay more taxes than the bottom 90% either. The fairest way that would have us all in the game, is all pay the same % of income in taxes. As much as people criticize the wealthy, “most” built their businesses the hard way with hard work and long hours, taking risks. If not for them, we wouldn’t have many good things in life or jobs. Many have small profit margins to run their businesses. A large part of businesses failing are high corporate taxes, the global economy with cheap labor, & excessive regulations.

        • A flat tax would hurt the middle and lower class and, as a result, the overall economy. They are left with much less discretionary income than the rich when you apply the flat tax.

          • I would argue that if you want equality the same percentage paid by everyone would equally affect them. If the flat tax were, say 10% without any deductions, a person making $20,000 a year would pay only $2,000 in taxes, while a Millionaire would pay $100,000 in taxes. People would be encouraged in keeping taxes low…………

          • “a person making $20,000 a year would pay only $2,000 in taxes, while a Millionaire would pay $100,000 in taxes.”

            For the millionaire, at worst that means he can’t buy that second yacht he’d be dreaming of. For the working class person on 20 grand/year, that’s 3 months worth of rent and bills.

            “People would be encouraged in keeping taxes low….”

            Mmmkay. And, exactly, WHY is that necessarily such a good thing? Taxes aren’t just money you have to give up to the Wizard of Oz. They serve purpose. Now, I’m with you if you want to fight graft and eliminating waste. But you don’t cure cancer by amputating entire limbs.

            “There is also the Fair Tax that you keep 100% of your income but pay sales taxes on only what you buy, except food.”

            There are a variety of ways to tackle taxation differently than what we have now, including eliminating EIT, which I support. But only if that revenue is raised equivalently elsewhere, not eliminated entirely (forcing the cut back of too many government programs and services). EIT is a big chunk but far from the biggest chunk of our national revenue, so we could get rid of it so long as we replace it. Which means someone will still have to bear the brunt.

            From a utilitarian point-of-view, obviously the wealthiest should bear the brunt. But from a libertarian point-of-view, they should not since libertarians assume the wealth every person holds has morally intrinsic value to that person — generally on the notion of “earned”. Of course, not every rich person actually earns his wealth. Many are born into it. Many others combined personal ambition and talent with a -wealth- of opportunities that others are arbitrarily (if rarely intentionally, at least anymore) denied.

            A contractarian point of view makes a different argument, meeting those other philosophies halfway. Libertarians are right in that individual rights and properties are theirs. But -what- those rights and properties are must be derived fairly, not arbitrarily and hierarchically — at least if we want to have any semblance of morality in our political system. There are different ways to determine that fairness; Rawls suggested a hypothetical “original position”, for example. (Basically the ultimate “put yourself in their shoes” mentality.)

            At any rate, continuing as we are is deeply unfair, which also makes it immoral. “Life isn’t fair”, so they say, but simply sitting on that statement is a support for Social Darwinism, the most fascist pseudo-philosophy ever. A philosophy that has no place in the United States of America.

    • You forgot to mention that Capitalists are not hiring nor do they give a damn about their employees. They have cut benefits and no job is secure anymore in the world of big business. If you want a secure job within a corporation , go to China and enjoy the pollution.

  8. Critical Thinking is needed again to help solve the problem of equality in this World of ours. I would? have to question people Who? do not want? to distribute the wealth of the World with other People of this World. Where? has our Democracy gone, Who? is causing this disagreement of doing the right thing or everybody. Why? are we so divided. What? the hell is going on in America. All the things that akes our Democracy Work, such as Unions, J A Z Z, Freedom of speech, Love for your fellow human being, Obamacare, medicare, Social Security these things WORKS, so do not let (MONIES, Capitalistic Pigs, Plutocracts(Commissioniers) Do-Nothingiers Republicans, and Democracts, Etc’s) turn You away from the things that WORKS, and the VOTE is still supreme so Vote those Jokers out that can’t agree with your Democracy. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

  9. “..It is not just a coincidence that tax cuts for the rich have preceded both the 1929 and 2007 depressions. The Revenue acts of 1926 and 1928
    worked exactly as the Republican Congresses that pushed them through promised. The dramatic reductions in taxes on the upper income brackets and estates of the wealthy did indeed result in increases in savings and investment. However, overinvestment (by 1929 there were over 600 automobile manufacturing companies in the USA) caused the depression that made the rich, and most everyone else, ultimately much poorer.

    Since 1969 there has been a tremendous shift in the tax burdens away from the rich on onto the middle class. Corporate income tax receipts, whose incidence falls entirely on the owners of corporations, were 4%
    of GDP then and are now less than 1%. During that same period, payroll tax rates as percent of GDP have increased dramatically. The overinvestment problem caused by the reduction in taxes on the wealthy is exacerbated by the increased tax burden on the middle class. While overinvestment creates more factories, housing and shopping centers; higher payroll taxes reduces the purchasing power of middle-class consumers. …”

    • The dems have tried to raise taxes on the rich, and to return to the taxes of the Clinton years. Raise taxes with this congress? If the some of the wealthy even paid taxes it would be appreciated

      • The US Dollar does not come from rich people. It comes from the Govt. There is absolutely no need to raise revenue by increasing taxes on people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

        We should indeed tax excessive wealth and income. 75% no incomes over $10 million a year and 75% on all inheritances over $10M per person.

        If Cons wont raise taxes on the extremely wealthy, maybe they could be shamed into cutting regressive taxes on the middle class like FICA. At least until we get back to full employment and rising real wages.

    • Excellent post. Unfortunately, facts like these don’t impress those whose decisions and actions are influenced by greed and the need to support the economic interests of their donors.
      In any case, I doubt Rush realizes that the criticism he expressed extends to Jesus Christ, a man who dedicated his life to help the poor, the infirm, and who was a champion of tolerance and compassion. In summary, the anti-thesis of Tea Party orthodoxy.

      • Not to mention His Apostles, who, in the very early (pre-Paul) Christian Church, actually implemented a proto-Marxist socioeconomic system!

        • Acts 2:44–45 summarizes this system, using language almost verbatim identical to that which Karl Marx would use some 1¾ millennia later to synopsize his proposed system.

        • Acts 4:31–37 repeats this Marx synopsis, then shows an actual example of this system working as designed. This crosses over the chapter boundary into—

        • Acts 5:1–11 in which the Apostle Peter, then head of the new Church, empowered by Almighty God Himself, divinely (and fatally!l) enforced honesty in participation in this proto-Marxist socioeconomic system.

        There’s more: Capitalism simply cannot be found in the Bible, and especially not endorsed by God nor any of His duly authorized representatives (angels, prophets, apostles, the Psalmist, the Lord Jesus Christ, etc.). Neither can Austrian-school economics.

        You know what can be found, and inspired by God Himself? The Keynesian economics that right-wingers and Ayn Randian corporatist fascists (who think of themselves as “libertarians,” which they’re not) so loathe, that’s what!

        Where? Practically the entire last ¼ or so of the very first book of the Bible, namely, Genesis! You remember Joseph, right? Son of Israel née Jacob? He of the Technicolor Dreamcoat? Sold into slavery in Egypt? Yeah. Him.

        Remember what happened once he got to Egypt? He started interpreting dreams by the power of God, which eventually got the attention of Pharaoh, who told him of dreams he kept having of seven healthy and seven sick or withered sheaves of wheat and kine of cattle. Joseph interpreted this as prophesying seven years of great plenty to be followed by seven years of dire famine, and told Pharoah how he and Egypt could not only withstand the seven years of famine, but profit mightily from it by having surplus that could feed surrounding nations at a hefty price.

        How? By saving up during the seven years of plenty. And how was this done? By forcibly taxing the wealthy! The main producers of grain and other storable food! Tax more during good times, so that you have surplus and infrastructure to spend during lean times — that’s full-cycle Keynesian economics in a nutshell!

        Pharaoh made Joseph the equivalent of Prime Minister, the actual ruler of Egypt, with Pharaoh himself becoming little more than a figurehead on the throne, and empowering Joseph to follow through with this plan. Joseph did not ask the wealthy nicely for a hefty chunk of their surplus during the seven years of plenty. He took it by force, through the power of the Egyptian national government.

        Jesus Himself said that one cannot serve both God and mammon (money, worldly wealth). Ayn Rand, an atheist and downright anti-theist hater of Christianity, was pretty much the High Priestess of mammon.

        Jesus Christ or Ayn Rand. Pick one, Limbaugh and other right-wing “Christian” Republicans. Otherwise, you’re doing it wrong. He said so!

        • Twisting the Bible around to actually compare Karl Mark to Jesus Christ ? What the hell kind of site and people is this?

        • Joseph was the BLM, EPA and Social Security department of Egypt all rolled into one! And he increased the Egyptian balance of trade by saving enough grain, over and above what was needed to feed Egypt, to sell to other nations.

          The only thing Rush could have against Joseph is that he invited his whole family to immigrate; but they prospered and became taxpaying Egyptians, until a racist Pharaoh enslaved them.

  10. The Pope is taking the Gospel’s to heart and sorry to say, that’s not what the right wing wants to hear.

  11. Limbaugh, and the rest of the right wing babblesphere, never voiced any objection to the thirty year campaign to redistribute wealth upward. Trickle down was going to save us all.

      • We have trickle down in most cities. It is called urban renewal or Community Redevelopment Agencies where tax dollars are taken away from the city services which the vast majority of the public need and give the tax dollars to billionaires to construct unneeded over-priced mega projects.

        Since these projects often pay no real states taxes, each project becomes a perpetual burden on the rest of the City as the City runs out of cash to pay to keep roads in repair or to keep parks open or have enough police or paramedics. While paying no property taxes, they increase the demand for street repairs, more cops, and more police.

        LA missed BK by 1 year because the State of California abolished its CRAs effective 2-1-2012. In 2012 and 2013 the CRA was set to away so many tax dollars that LA would have been BK.

        LA is still insolvent because Garcetti continues to transfer tax dollars to his corrupt developer buddies, but the death of the CRA’s drastically curtailed the amount of money he could give to his friends.

      • They won’t win in 2016…Hilary is too popular and the ass clowns in the Tea Party will keep putting their feet in their mouth.

        • SZwartz, you misunderstood me.  I am a Keynesian.  Buying one’s way out of a depression is putting more money into circulation, a function the private sector is unable to accomplish during a recession or a depression.  Money has to be spent, and in times like we just experienced, only the pubic sector can fulfill that need.  There has to be spending, and if the public sector is doing the bulk of the spending, so be it. If inflation occurs, the percentage of interest increases and taxes should go up to again balance the economy.  Trickle down is one of the most ignorant ways to run an economy.  Doesn’t work and it hasn’t worked.  I fear that a republican will win in 2016 and all the work of the last i8 years will have been in vain.  BTW, Greenspan was responsible for the crash of the housing market.  He even admitted it on television.

  12. Limbaugh appears to ignorant FAITH based people who shun facts in favor of emotionalism. The United States already redistributes the gains of productivity away from those who created the wealth to the 1% and Obama has allowed the greatest transfer of wealth to the top 1% of any President in over 100 years.

    • You either misspoke or you can supply us with documentation. And buying our way out of a depression does not apply

      • I did not misspeak. I am uncertain what you mean by buying out way out of a Depression. If you mean that deficit spending does not work, then you are simply wrong.

        The Crash of 2008 was caused more by corruptionism than by government fiscal policy. There were Keynesian solutions more sophisticated than mere deficit spending, but a good jolt of spending would have helped, but the first Keynesian move was to insure call home mortgages. That would have made every Wall Street bank solvent overnight and cost the tax payers zero dollars.

        For a variety of macro and micro factors, we needed to bailout the auto manufacturers which Bush started and thankfully Obama did not stop.

        Glass-Steagall needed to be re-enacted in a beefed up form and credit default swaps outlawed. [Another form of credit default swaps now threaten the solvency of major cities like Los Angeles.]

        We also needed to stop the Community Redevelopment Corporations nationwide like California did in 2012. Their purpose was to divert tax dollars away from city services to the billionaire contractors who built beautiful down towns like Detroit which fastened its BK. Not all spending is beneficial. Keynes is more sophisticated than that.

        • Keynes was definitely more sophisticated than that, and he even supported tax cuts, too — when it was mathematically correct to do so. That’s why I think it’s so funny that this Austrian School vein has infected the GOP’s fiscal platform. Neocons were at least a little Keynesian. Now it’s “cut taxes no matter what” and when asked for the formula to prove why that would help, the answer is (and can only be) “what formula? I believe in praxeology, I just KNOW it’ll work, because I said so. It’s, uhh, a priori. Yeah. That’s it. A priori. That’s a fancy philosophical term you don’t understand, right? Good, me neither.”. lulz.

  13. First of all, I was in Rome and visited the Vatican. I do not think it is a country of it’s own. Second, I am not crazy about the pope meeting with heads of states, seems as it is not a role the pope should play. I still resent the Catholic religion for past deeds. Nevertheless, voices should be heard, it is just that he really does not delineate how we should attain these goals. One way is to help subsidize small businesses, giving them an opportunity to begin to prosper also. If conservatives want the states to be in charge of their own gov, then they should not look to the federal gov for aid. It also enables one party to have more power than the other depending on the state legislatures. Furthermore, if you don’t want to pay sales tax or a lower percentage of sales tax, just cross the state’s border. Go to Delaware where there is no sales tax, go to Pa where cigarettes are dirt cheap and where they don’t tax clothing. These are just examples. Now if all states followed the same procedures, then we are back to big gov. Makes no sense and the states do not have the money. The Catholic church, on the other hand, is very charitable. They provide housing for the homeless and the mentally ill. Rush, how much do you expect one sect to donate? Do you donate Rush and how much?

    • Knowing a bit about the Catholic mindset, I would say that the Pope does not concern himself with how. One makes his desire known to ones higher power,in the Popes case that would be God, and then acts in gratitude and faith that that which is desired is delivered. It’s believed that to be concerned with “how” is to set conditions and otherwise tell God how things are to be done.Of course that will seem impractical or unacceptable to those who are hung up on details but there are those whose job it is to be concerned with such things.

  14. Sorry Rush – Pope Francis has more followers than you. And he doesn’t care much for the super rich, like you.

    How is that trickle down working for us in the USA?

    • Trickle down or “supply side economics” NEVER worked. Even David Stockman, the guy who thought it up as a campaign stunt, admitted that it is all a lot of crap.

  15. A Fascist f*ckwit fat windbag calling The Pope a Marxist? LMAO…
    This shows us one of two things: either, one, the Fascist and psychopathic Con Republicans, Fascist and sociopathic Tea Partiers and Fascism-suborning sociopathic Libertarians don’t know what Communism, Marxism and Socialism are (they know what Fascism is because they practice it all the time), or, all of their arguments are so riddled with logical fallacies that you can’t trust anything they say. Neither is good, but, if I were to make a bet, it’d be on the latter…

  16. Uh, oh. The pope is going biblical on us. Whoda thunk it? Maybe he is thinking of this:

    “And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things in common.” — Acts 4:32

    Even worse:

    “And laid them down at the apostles’ feet: And distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” — Acts 4:35

    Oooooh. Does this mean Luke was Marxist before Marxism was cool?

    OK, some say this is a voluntary donation, and not a government tax. Well, tell that to poor Ananias, and his wife Sapphira. That’s Acts 5. Read what happens to them when they withhold some of the price of their land. (This is where “gave up the ghost” comes from.)

    And what happens if fundamentalist Christians get their way and make Christianity the state religion of the United States? How voluntary will it be then? You can bet that some of your taxes will go to Christian churches. The penalty for not paying may not be what happened to Ananias, but the IRS will become part of the Christian, shall we way, “outreach.” And there will no longer be any distinction between what is God’s and what is Caesar’s.

    • Puritanism never died, it just changed forms. Worse, it replaced what was once an honest and respectable love for knowledge and wisdom (think of many old colleges and universities in New England) into populist demagoguery (known as the Second Great Awakening).

  17. Who gives a damn what Rush has to say other than knuckle draggers? Rush couldn’t sell soap to children with dirty hands.

  18. When I first heard of Obamacare I was against it because there was no way that we could provide health care for an additional hundreds of thousands of people without increasing health care costs.

    But when I was at church the sermon was ” Lazarus and the Rich Man”. And I thought — Would Jesus want me to have health care just because I can afford it and some poor person not have health care?

    Of course not — this is the closest thing to “Lazarus and the Rich Man” that I can think of. Are you a Christian?

    • What about the people who lost their insurance because of Obama Care? Don’t they count? And yes I’m a Christian.

  19. I’m reading some of these comments with amazement. What does redistribution really mean? Does it not mean to TAKE the fruits of ones labor and GIVE that fruit to someone who did not earn it? If you have kids do you want them to make something of themselves or do you want to teach them to be lazy and expect a handout from the people who show responsibility and take care of themselves? What is more blessed to you? Do you not understand that God helps those who help themselves?That is why we are all blessed with certain talents or abilities. Rush Limbaugh believes in everybody having the chance to use their God givin’ talents to become a successful and useful citizen. One who is not a drag on his fellow citizens. Is it not a sin to sit on your ass and expect other people to take care of you? Do any of you out there who work to survive want to be taken advantage of like that.? Use your heads! Redistribution IS COMMUNISM. If you are really serious about helping the poor than show them how to help themselves. Don’t just give them money. Give them hope and pride in themselves by providing programs where they can learn. Drug test them before they get one red cent or any help so you know they really want help. The communists want votes. They could care less about helping anyone. Notice that ALL of the people in Government who favor redistribution are RICH !! Why aren’t they giving their wealth to the poor ? Because they are phonies !!! That’s why.
    I realize there are people who are not capable of taking care of themselves and that is why we have charities. Good people, and most of us are good people, are more than willing to give to those charities. I personally give all I can afford to the needy but I have a real problem with GOVERNMENT taking money out of my pocket against my will. I than have no idea where that money is being spent. I’m not saying all government programs are bad and we do need some of them but we have more poor people in the United States right now than ever before. King Obama and his lying administration are doing a great job huh ? While they fly around on jets attending lavish events and taking vacations, more and more people are on food stamps. VOTES BABY. That’s the bottom line with these phonies.
    I am a Catholic and I have to say I am very disappointed in what I hear from this Pope. The Socialist and Communist are loving what they are hearing. The Catholic church has always been an enemy of these God hating people. When they agree with the Pope, you know something is NOT RIGHT.

    • So you have a problem with the United States Constitution; especially the part that says Congress has power to lay and collect taxes to provide or the general welfare (Article I, Section 8). That is “GOVERNMENT taking money out of my pocket against my will.” According to your “logic” the United States Constitution is a Communist document right up there and equal to The Communist Manifesto.

      Your hatred of a Pope who is only reflecting the commandments expressed in Matthew 25 by Jesus Christ about social responsibilities of nations is also anti-Christ.

      Please explain where in the US Constitution and the Bible you find justification for your greed and hatred.

      • Nice try Mr. Bonsell. The general welfare means just that. THE GENERAL WELFARE. It does not mean providing for people who are gaming the system and taking full advantage of the taxpayer. That is what I was talking about and you know it, but like most good Liberals you choose to SPIN the truth. Just like your statement that I hate the Pope. Nothing could be further from the truth. Disappointed in him yes. Hate him? Not at all. Remember I said I am Catholic? The Catholic faith is beautiful and I believe it comes straight from Jesus. I love my Catholic faith and I also love freedom.
        You, apparently have fallin’ for the liberal line that if one makes a lot of money they are greedy. Well tell Mr. Bonsell, what should people do with their lives ? Sit on their buts and wait for the almighty government to take care of them? Or should they do their best to try and take care of themselves. What is more blessed in the eyes of God? And by the way, I’m not talking about the helpless. I’m talking about normal healthy people. It is a sin not to use the brains and talent givin’ to us by our Creator. If you happen to make a lot of money using those God givin’ gifts I think that is great. Most people think that’s great. The GREED is in the heart Mr. Bonsell. What you do with that wealth is a different subject. I happen to know some wealthy people. I am not one myself but most of them are some of the kindest people I know. They also provide jobs for people like me. I have never worked for a poor person in my life. Have you?
        Now as for people like Obama and all the Hollywood elites and the rich entertainers and sports figures who preach redistribution, don’t you think they should lead the way and give everything they have to the government? They should be the example right? Than the government can give it to all those people who need help. Fat chance right? I’m sure those hypocrites would be more than willing to part with their money.
        That is not how the world works Mr. Bonsell

        • Where are these people who “are gaming the system?” Are you talking about a 50-year-old family man who has a family to support but had his job eliminated so a greedy executive could move operations to a third-world nation that allows slave-labor wages?

          Government action to keep as much of the population out of poverty is THE GENERAL WELFARE. By the way; use of food-stamps, the right claims makes people lazy and worthless, go up by about 30-40% whenever a conservative gets into the White House. So quit complaining about unfortunate people in the nation, it is your kind that make them unfortunate.

          Want to know who is taking advantage of the taxpayer: in 2011 7,000 people who “made” more than $1 million paid no federal taxes; 22,000 people who got between $500,000 and one million paid no taxes; 81,000 who got between $200,000 and $500,000 paid no taxes; and 381,000 people paid between $100,000 and $200,000 paid no taxes. Those 491,000 are the ones gaming the system. Additionally, from 2008 to 2010 30 major corporations paid no taxes. All but four continued that practice until today. Those four that did pay some taxes, paid far less than 10%. Many of them also got “rebates” from the Treasury worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Those are the freeloaders who sponge off the taxpayer.

          Join the real world and quit relying on the lies of the far-right “media” to provide you with subversive propaganda to spread about.

          PS: get to know Jesus: he was the first liberal. And he told you to work for poor people.

          • Get your facts straight Mr. Bonsell. Fact, people earning $389,000 and over pay 39.87% of the income tax collected in this country. That is a fact. That is almost 40% of the income tax burden paid by the top 1% of earners. Look it up, or do you choose to ignore the real facts that do not support your America hating Liberal agenda.
            By the way, if that 50 year old man had his job eliminated it’s because the company has been taxed and regulated so much that it is not profitable to run the business in the U.S. any longer. What is the company supposed to do? Stay here and go broke or be forced to move to survive? Democrat anti free market policies are what cause things like that to happen. I can see that you know nothing about running a business. The Libs love to demonize people who create wealth and a higher standard of living. It does not fit their agenda of control over everything and everybody. And no I did not come to that conclusion because of right wing media. I used something called common sense. Something Liberals lack, along with substance.
            Oh and no Jesus was not a liberal. He does not believe in abortion ( murder). He never lied -( Obama) and the whole liberal agenda including so called climate change. God and God alone controls our weather. Always has and always will. How these clowns can be so arrogant to think that man has anything at all to do with our weather is insane. No they are not insane. Again. It goes right along with their destructive agenda. Remember Jesus on the boat with his Apostles in the storm? He stopped the storm. Who controls our weather? God sent a flood in the time of Noah. Who controls our weather?
            Oh and I wanted to mention something else. I grew up in Detroit Mich. I saw first hand what Liberal policies can do to a city. If they can do that to a city they can do it to a country. And they are.

          • Like Sgt. Schultz, you know nothing.

            Read Matthew 25 and notice that what Christ requires of all the nations on Earth is exactly what liberal policies are. Exactly.

            Taxes and regulation have destroyed no corporations, they are collecting RECORD-HIGH profits. Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts and deregulation did not improve business climate. It was under his deregulation and the deregulation of George W. Bush that thousands of businesses were destroyed in the two worst recessions since the Great Depression. Get a clue. The economy and business ALWAYS DO BETTER under Democratic administrations than under GOP. Regulations usually create new jobs by the hundreds of thousands

            Get some facts yourself. Are you so ignorant you can’t type into Google such items as “Job creation under GOP, Democrats”? How about “GDP growth under GOP, Democrats”? Try “who is best for business, GOP or Democrats”? Then come back and apologize for all your lies.

            And the top 1% percent own more than 40% of the nation’s wealth. The National Taxpayers Union shows them paying 36.73% when Bush left office, so that means they were undertaxed then. The Tax Foundation puts that figure at 35.06% under Obama; so they are even more undertaxed now. Your claim is a lie.

            And those tax figures cover ONLY THE INCOME TAX; they do not cover the PAYROLL TAX that provides nearly the identical figure in government collection as does the income tax. The working middle class pays both taxes. The top 1% does not. The working middle class also pays the majority of the tobacco tax, the liquor tax, the gasoline tax, air-travel fees, admission to national parks and numerous other fees. Like the typical right-wing zealot, you use only the one figure you think will bamboozle those who are capable of looking at many figures.

            Liberals also do not believe in abortion; they damn well know that there is no authority in the United States Constitution for government to regulate the reproductive process. If you think there is, please quote it. And your concern for the “unborn” is hypocritical. The Affordable Care Act extends healthcare coverage to millions of women who are pregnant or can get pregnant. That is prenatal care for the unborn that the right-wing House has voted 54 times to take away from the “unborn.” That shows a lot of concern for the “unborn” doesn’t it?

            It is the right that wants government controlling everything in our lives except commerce and guns, where the Constitution clearly states those are subject to government regulation. The right wants government to tell us who we can take as lovers or spouses. The right wants government regulating our thoughts (such as anti-communism laws); our patriotism or lack of such; our spiritual lives by using government to advance some beliefs over everyone else’s (see latest SCOTUS decision); morality, like claiming homosexuality is a choice even though it clearly is genetic; association with segregation laws; property confiscation in the Nixon-Reagan war on drugs; assembly (see Bush’s free-speech zones); movement from state to state; language with English-only laws; attacking freedom of the press; censorship, and dying (such as Oregon’s death with dignity law the right has tried to kill). And the right is doing its damnedest to interfere with the right to vote regardless of what the Constitution says.

            You haven’t the faintest idea what biblical stories are telling you. There was no flood or Noah. The story is trying to tell you the obligations of a leader to prepare protection for his people so they can survive a disaster and we are to be environmentalists to protect the wildlife. David didn’t kill a human being with god cheering him on; he had to slay his internal demon in order to be fit to be king. If you think the Bible is historical, please tell me where archeologists have uncovered skeletons of giants that members of Caleb’s recon mission said were everywhere in the Promised Land.

            Maybe you should move to Seattle or Portland to see how those two places have become virtual paradises compared to GOP-controlled areas and have always had liberal leadership. And Detroit wasn’t ruined by mayors, who have very little control over an area’s economy. Look at the suburbs of Detroit that are some of the richest in America. The city brought that wealth to the area and it was taken out of the city by corporate bigwigs to make the Grosse Pointes extremely wealthy. Those enclaves did nothing to bring in the wealth. And it was those same executives that did in Detroit.

            Get real.

          • Mr. Bosnell. You are the one filled with hate. That is very obvious. You continue to live in your liberal world and I’ll continue to live in my conservative world. By the way, abortion IS murder. Do you think Christ approves of that? Also, there are several places in the Bible referring to man on man sex or woman on woman sex as being an abomination. Why do you think God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? Read Genesis 19 verse 1-29 and pay special attention to verse 5. That will tell you what God thinks of homosexuality. I didn’t wright it. God did. There are many places in the Bible referring to that subject and no where does it say that God approves of it. Remember, he doesn’t hate the sinner, he hates the sin. Your distorted view of the Bible like your comment about Noah and the flood is just too screwed up for me to even comment on.
            I’m done talking to you sir. You will not hear from me again because there is no point in arguing with someone so hell bent on negativity and so brainwashed with the liberal agenda. Good luck to you with all that.

          • Good riddance.

            You give up the fight when it is apparent you have no facts to rely on.

            Quote the Bible where Christ said abortion is murder or that gays are evil. Quotes, please.

            Then you engage in projection, assigning to others the hatred and ignorance you have in yourself.

            I can’t wait until Judgment Day when you stand in front of your Creator and explain why you constantly portray him, her or it as a mass murder because you are incapable of understanding metaphor, or parable. It will also be interesting when you have to explain to your Savior why you depict him as a bigot, just because you are a bigot.

            Og by the way, god created homosexuality with the X and Y chromosome arrangement and then does nothing to alter the fact. Take a genetics class.

            Good luck with that.

          • Ok Mr. Bosnell first of all I did not know this was a fight but since you view it that way I will give you one more response. First, who is the hater here? I do not wish Hell for you as you do me. Not at all. I hope that someday you begin to see things in the right light.
            You wanted facts so let’s start with Noah. Read Genesis 6:5 all the way through to Genesis 11:32 It will show you ( if you believe the Bible to be true ) that Noah was real, not a metaphor or a parable. We are all descendants of Noah. The flood was very real. God had had it with the evil of mankind. Man was corrupt, totally corrupt except for Noah. It’s all there and for you to think that story is a metaphor is just beyond me. Yes Jesus spoke a lot in parables but the story of Noah is NOT a parable or a metaphor. Noah was not only real but he had sons. Read it. You are talking about the repopulation of the earth here. Again, ( it’s weather you believe the Bible or not ). Your choice. God left that up to us as human beings.
            Now as far as abortion goes. The word abortion does not appear in the Bible. But the commandment not to murder is there. Do you think abortion is not murder? Again, if you believe that life begins at conception than abortion is murder. If life does not begin at conception than where does it begin Mr. Bosnell? Do you know the answer to that? It has to begin at conception. If you plant a seed to grow a tree when does that tree have life? When the seed germinates right? If you kill it after it germinates you kill the tree correct ? Do you think Christ would approve of killing the fertilized seed in a human being? I don’t think so. You don’t murder your child just because it is inconvenient to have it. That is, if you believe in God’s commandments. That is where the true problem lies. Not to many people believe in his word any more.
            Ok bible facts on HOMOSEXUALITY. Read Genesis 19. Find out why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Where do you think the word sodomy came from? Read Jude 1:7. Also read 1 Corinthians verse 9. Well here, let me type that one for you. ” Do you not realize that people who do evil will never inherit the kingdom of God? Make no mistake — the sexually immoral, idolaters. adulterers, self-indulgent, SODOMITES, 10: thieves. misers, drunkards, slanderers and swindlers, none of these will inherit the kingdom of God.” Read Leviticus 19 verse 22. It says ” You will not have intercourse with a man as you would with a woman. This is a hateful thing. ” There are several verses in the Bible referring to man on man sex as being an abomination. You can google Bible verses pertaining to that subject.
            Remember, God does not hate the sinner, he hates the sin. One can be born with Homosexual tendencies. Acting on it is the sin. I didn’t wright those verses. God did. It sounds to me like God demands justice against those who do not follow his teachings. He is not always Mr. nice guy. Just like when you raise your children. If you were Mr. nice guy all the time your kids would end up being spoiled worthless brats and have no respect for anything. Well I’m done. Good luck Mr. Bosnell

          • Once again you are portraying your god as a mass murder because you can’t understand the function of story.

            Murder applies to living human beings, not to your low-IQ concepts. Abortion doesn’t kill humans, it removes a mass of undeveloped cells. Do some thinking. You “true believers” think all innocent people go to heaven to live in paradise forever, so shouldn’t an aborted collection of cells go to heaven to live in paradise forever?

            Do some thinking. The Earth’s atmosphere is composed primarily of hydrogen and oxygen (99% are those two elements.) Water is one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen. Oxygen is only 21% of the atmosphere. To take that much oxygen out of the atmosphere to create enough water (which is 800 times denser that atmosphere) to be 30,000 feet deep (needs to cover Mt Everest) would be impossible because we would run out of oxygen before than much water would be created and Noah and his family and all the animals would die of asphyxiation long before the flood was high enough to do what you claim.

            Do some more thinking. The first criticism of homosexuality was in the book of Leviticus. That book covered a time before the Hebrews created Judaism, therefore the origin of homophobia was pagan. It doesn’t matter how many fools want to adapt that pagan belief to incorporate into their religion, it is still pagan, just as you are a follower of the Antichrist.

          • Excuse me sir but that is not MY portrayal. It’s all right there for you to either believe or not. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah too. I guess that also makes him a mass murderer in my eyes right? How do you explain that story? Remember, God hates SIN. That is why he sent his son to give us a chance at redemption. That is also why he did some pretty drastic things before he sent his SON. And shall we only look at the first criticism of homosexuality and ignore all the others? Including in the New Testament ? I guess so huh. That fits your agenda much better. Did you look up all the other verses pertaining to it? Your smart and I’m dumb but I found them so it should be easy for you. I also asked you to tell me when life first begins. You did not answer my question. Since you know the almighty God so well I would think you would know the answer to that. At what point does that baby have a soul? What month of pregnancy does that happen? Look forward to your answer.
            Oh and by the way, your comments about being Antichrist bounce right off me. I’m very secure in my belief of our Lord and Savior. The difference between you and me is that I chose to believe in the whole Bible, not just the parts that make me feel good about myself. There is a lot in there that makes me realize that I don’t know it all and that I’m far from perfect. Sounds to me like you should get with a Preacher or Priest and have them give you some Bible study to clear up some of your questions rather than relying on your own distorted interpretation.

          • If you believe the “whole Bible” then you believe that god is a mass murderer, because you haven’t the faintest idea of the difference between history and allegory. The Bible stories are supposed to teach you something and it is clear you haven’t learned a thing. Guess that does make you dumb.

            Now try some history. It has been shown that the Hebrews, before developing judaism as a belief, were a warring tribe wandering the desert and attacking other people they came across, then creating stories to justify their actions by saying god gave them authority or did it himself..

            Try Jericho if you have enough intelligence. God called Moses to the top of the mountain to give him laws that included “do not steal” and “do not kill.” The Bible then says god led the Hebrews to the city of Jericho and assisted them by destroying the walls so they could go into the city and kill all the men, steal the gold for god’s treasury, eat the animals and take women and children as slaves. There is your god as a mass murdering, thief and a hypocrite. But this is only a story the Hebrews concocted to justify their actions, not god’s. Learn to think.

            Learn to read the stories for their instructive value rather than dismiss all knowledge only to hold onto the structure. Suppose you will try telling me next that Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and others in Mark Twain stories were real historical figures.

            Explain this quote: “God hates SIN. That is why he sent his son to give us a chance at redemption.” Try to tell why your god would send his Son to be murdered so that you would be absolved of your sin. What sort of monster relishes killing an innocent man to provide you some redemption? Explain that.

            It”s obvious that I understand the Bible much better than do you.

          • Oh my gosh Mr. Bosnell. I, in all my days have never seen anyone with a more distorted view of the Bible. I really do recommend you go to CHRISTIAN Bible study classes and get knowledge you need to even sound reasonable about what you are talking about. I’m sorry sir, but I am not the dumb on here.

          • Yet, you can not, or will not, explain the reasoning behind your statements.

            I’ll try again: how is murdering Jesus Christ going to absolve you of your sins? Answer the question to show you have a smattering of intelligence.

            If you can not, then maybe you could take a logic class, or several, and a reading class, because none of you claims of expertise on biblical stories make any sense and you are incapable of seeing the contradictions.

          • Ok I’ll try one last time. I did not write the Bible. Let’s pause right there, did you get that? I did not write the Bible. Most of the statements I made with the exception of the question I asked you about when a person receives a soul ( witch of course you could not answer ), came right from the Bible. God’s word, not mine. Now I’m going to answer your question about Christ being murdered. This is straight from the Bible, straight from Christ himself. Got that? It’s not me saying this it is Christ himself. Here goes: JOHN 3:16 – 21 FOR THIS IS HOW GOD LOVED THE WORLD: HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON ( he allowed them to kill his son. Got that?) SO THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM MAY NOT PARRISH BUT MAY HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. ( we are absolved of our sins through the body and blood of Christ. Did you get that? ) 3:17 FOR GOD SENT HIS SON INTO THE WORLD NOT TO JUDGE THE WORLD, BUT SO THAT THROUGH HIM THE WORLD MIGHT BE SAVED. 3:18 NO ONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM WILL BE JUDGED; BUT WHOEVER DOES NOT BELIEVE IS JUDGED ALREADY, BECAUSE THAT PERSON DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THE NAME OF GOD’S SON. 3:19 AND THE JUDGEMENT IS THIS: THOUGH THE LIGHT HAS COME INTO THE WORLD PEOPLE HAVE PREFERRED DARKNESS TO THE LIGHT BECAUSE THEIR DEEDS WERE EVIL. 3:20 AND INDEED, EVERYBODY WHO DOES WRONG HATES THE LIGHT AND AVOIDS IT, TO PREVENT HIS ACTIONS FROM BEING SHOWN UP; ( are you calling me dumb because I’m exposing your actions Mr. Bonsell?) 3:21 BUT WHOEVER DOES THE TRUTH COMES OUT INTO THE LIGHT, SO THAT WHAT HE IS DOING MAY PLAINLY APPEAR AS DONE IN GOD.
            Again, those are not my words. Get your Bible and read it yourself. If you can comprehend it you will see why God let them murder his son. Oh and don’t forget that his Son rose from the dead and he still lives, so they were not able to kill him. So I guess God’s not so mean after all.
            Good luck my friend, I hope you see the light someday. I really do. I mean that. You can call me all the names you want. That does not phase me at all. You seem to be a very confused person and I sincerely hope you find peace.

          • I know what the words are, simpleton. I also know what they mean and it is apparent that you have no clue. Try again and tell me what it means to have Christ killed in order that your sins are absolved. Try to figure out what that means.

            I have studied the Bible, and it is apparent that I have learned a lot more about it than you have, because it is evident you haven’t a clue what any of it means and your refusal to provide UNDERSTANDING is evident you know nothing.

            The Bible says that even Satan can quote the scriptures, and that means just spouting the words are meaningless. You have to know what those words mean. You do not know but you hold yourself up as an expert. You are not.

            Try reading again II Timothy 3:7. That is a perfect description of you; forever studying the word but never coming to understand it.

          • Thomas. Your an IDIOT. There is no reasoning with you. I will no longer waste my time.

          • Isn’t it amazing how “progressives” like to pick & choose which parts of the Bible they try and show that agree with their ideology, but ignore all the parts of the Bible that disagrees with their views.

          • Ah, yes.
            Another right-winger engaging in the right’s favorite activity; projection of attributing to others what is so despicable in themselves.
            Just not smart enough to understand what they are doing.

          • Kind of reminds me also of the Lefty Socialists also picking and choosing which LAWS to uphold or enforce and which parts of the Constitution they consider fits their ideology!!

          • Wow. What a crock of crap.

            Those people you call Lefty Socialists wrote the Constitution; it is their ideology, simpleton. Those like you were far righties who abandoned the fight for independence and followed their right-wing hero Benedict Arnold to Great Britain to take up ams against America. Righties who remained here wanted two or three nations to keep slavery alive forever.

            Those Lefty Socialists then wrote a Bill of Rights. The Lefty Socialists kept the nation whole after you righties started a Civil war again to preserve slavery forever and then ended slavery. Lefty Socialists cured the Great Depression that righties created with their idiot economic theories.

            Your stupidity is getting tiresome.

          • Likewise………if the Socialist Lefties wrote our Constitution, why doesn’t Obama follow it? The Civil War started because the Northerners used the Federal Government over States Rights, and steps were being taken to abolish slavery, which could have happened without a terrible war. Our Government is a Republic by the way, not the United Socialist States of America. Even FDR understood that S.S. was to be a safety net.
            What history books do you read, or are you a product of the socialist indoctrination of our universities?

          • Where do you get this total nonsense?

            States don’t have rights; please quote that part of the Constitution you think says that. Please quote. States have power, not rights.

            The North stared the Civil War? The war started when South Carolina military forces attacked Fort Sumter, a federal military base. That is called “insurrection” and the Constitution is perfectly clear that the function of the Second Amendment militias in service to the United States is to “suppress insurrections.” Article I, Section 8m paragraph 16. Learn to read and to think.

            If you can ever muster up enough brain cells to do any real thinking, try some research to find out what socialism is. You haven’t the faintest idea.

            It appears that you are the product of one of those Mooching Red States that keeps its women barefoot pregnant and its men stupid as rocks.

          • The 10th. Amendment about States Rights & the People. EVERYONE understands that the militia and right to bear arms is an individual right, and have the readiness for a militia. Actually I am in quite a blue state, Wisconsin, so…. wrong assumption again. The problem with elitist Liberals like you is you believe you have all the answers for everyone else, and certainly are NOT tolerant of opposing views as you claim.
            The North sent troops to S.C. because S.C. and other wanted to secede from the Union over States rights & the Federal Government didn’t want to allow it. There were many attempts at trying to solve this at the time without a bloody conflict, but the Northern troops set it off.

          • The Tenth Amendment says nothing about “states rights.” It says that government POWER for the federal government and state governments comes from the people, nothing more except that the people retain some political power. States have POWER, people have rights. Those of us who studied the Constitution in the graduate school of one of the finest American universities under some of the top constitutional scholars most assuredly do have the answers to constitutional questions.

            Those of us who can read dispute that the Second Amendment refers to individual rights. it says “the People.” That means society. If the writer of that amendment, James Madison, wanted individual rights he would have said some like “no PERSON’S right to keep and bear ams…”. Lean to read.

            Sucession by a state is not possible and there was nothing to settle. The Constitution starts out with; “We the People…ordain and establish this CONSTITUTION….” A simple-minded governor nor a collection of slave owners can take apart what the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES put together. Learn to think.

            Then there’s the other matters such as Article IV, Section 3, that says only Congress can make rules for disposal and or use of property belonging to the United States. Every state has US property, and no state government can appropriate that property if it tries to leave the Union. Those of us with an expertise in constitutional law know that. Of course the constitutional also says no state can enter into an agreement or compact with another state or foreign power.

            If you are going to try to lecture me on the US Constitution, read it first.

          • According to your thinking, then the 1st. amendment applies only collectively, not individually as well.
            The 10th. Amendment gives all power not explicitly stated to the States & the People, NOT the Federal Government, they are very restricted, but “progressives” like to use the Federal Government to ram their ideology through, as well as try to fill the Courts with Lefties that Legislate from the Bench. Kind of like Obama, Legislating from the Executive Branch. Our Founders wisely understood this corruption of power so they installed our balance of power of checks & balances. This is the only thing that is stopping, (barely) you Socialists from removing our Liberty & Freedoms from the last 225 years.

          • I have to question your comprehension in reading. The First Amendment is a definite statement of “limited government.” It says “Congress shall make no law…” It doesn’t mention “the people” or any singular person. Lean to read.

            The Tenth Amendment: “The powers not DELEGATED to the United States by the Constitution…” most assuredly says the federal government gets it powers through the Constitution from the people. Learn to read.

            You are full of BS. The Constitution says government has power to regulate commerce, to regulate guns through arming of the militia and to tax and spend to provide or the general weldare. That is the progressive agenda.

            On the other hand; conservatives want to regulate who we take as lovers or spouses, our patriotism or lack of such, our association (segregation), assemble (Bush’s “free speech zones”) the press (Ann Coulter’s demand of prison for editors who publish what she dislikes), movement (crossing state lines to exercise a constitutionally protected right), thought (anticommunism laws), language (English-only laws), voting, how we die (trying repeatedly to kill Oregon’s death with dignity law), our spiritual or religious lives (see latest SCOTUS ruling) and many other things either not authorized by the Constitution or expressly prohibited.

            It is the conservative court that legislates from the bnch. See Bush v Gore in which right-wing judges rewrote the equal protection clause. the latest gun case in which they rewrote the Second Amendment, decision allowing cops to break down your door and storm your house by claiming the “smelled marijuana” a rewriting of the Fourth Amendment. Stop insulting my intelligence with your know nothingism.

            It is the right trying to cram down our throats its agenda that is mostly anti-America, not the left. The left sticks to the Constitution’s guidence. Study constitutional law before to try to lectures those who have a well-rounded knowledgable of the subject.

          • Maybe you could use a reading refresher course, the 1st. & 2nd. Amendment states “the right of the people”. While the 10th. Amendment clearly states that “the powers Not delegated by the States or the People to the Federal Government, (United States), are reserved to the States or to the People. All of our Bill of Rights has to do with individual freedoms for the People & States, with the Federal Government very limited.

          • Why do you insist on arguing on a subject it is clear you have never studied?

            I know what all the amendments and the body of the Constitution say and mean; that was the field of study in the graduate school of one of America’s top universities under some to the top constitutional scholars in existence.

            At least you said something that totally contradicts one of your stupid statements previously made: the Tenth Amendment concerns powers of governments not the anti-America “states rights” bullshit you originally shovel out while claiming it was chocolate pudding.

            Take some classes in constitutional law before arguing with someone who has had many and has an IQ much higher than your low score.

          • Growing up in Detroit and then claiming it’s all due to “liberal policies” reveals one of two things.

            a) You didn’t grow up in Detroit and are lying; or
            b) You’re a partisan hack.

            Detroit didn’t founder because of liberal policy. Detroit foundered because of ineptitude. Bald-faced ineptitude. Their political principles were irrelevant; the City Council simply made a lot of bad decisions on their practical face, ideology notwithstanding.

            Anyone who has grown up in or lived nearby Detroit knows this.

          • Ok Mr. CamCubed. First of all I don’t like being called a lier and I am certainly not a partisan hack like you are. I am an independent and I use common sense to guide my opinions. Now I agree that it was bald faced ineptitude that brought down Detroit but principles ARE relevant. It’s the lack of principles that guided their bad decisions. What political party did these inept decision makers belong to? What party runs Chicago? The MURDER CAPITOL OF THE U.S.. liberalism, Socialism, Communism never works for the betterment of mankind. Because it is destructive in nature. It has no substance and it has nothing of which to build on other than power and control for the hypocrite elites who promote it. Just look at people like Obama, Sorros, Reid,Palosi and all the others who promote redistribution. Do you see them giving up their wealth or their lavish lifestyles? NO YOU DON’T DO YOU? Don’t you think they should be the first to give up their wealth and be an example to the rest of us? Or is that just for us to do and not them? GEE, I WONDER. Use your common sense man.
            Now to change the subject:
            I know you hate him, but google Bill O’Rilley and his rant on why young black men murder more than any other race. He just gives FACTS that anyone can understand. The blacks have been used and misguided by Liberals and Liberal groups for years and years in this country. He gives all the stats. Nobody can argue the FACTS. These FACTS are a perfect example of what has happened in cities like Detroit and Chicago and is still happening all across the U.S.. I, as a fellow human being, feel sorry for these young black men who had and still have no guidance except for corrupt music, movies and political figures they are exposed to. God help them and God help you and other Liberals see these hypocrites for who they really are.

          • “First of all I don’t like being called a lier and I am certainly not a
            partisan hack like you are. I am an independent and I use common sense
            to guide my opinions.”

            My analysis of your political savvy is based on your many posts here on this story. Having established that obvious fact, let me thus address your response:

            I said you were either a liar OR a hack. I didn’t really think you were a liar, since that’s a silly thing to lie about. Which means you’re a partisan hack. Calling me one is playground “I know you are but what am I?” nonsense that requires no response (save scorn that you would resort to that).

            Here’s why you’re a partisan hack, because you’re flashing all the flags of one:

            1) You claim you’re “guided by common sense”, which is nothing more than unconscious (and laughable) double-speak for “common sense is whatever reinforces what I already believed, because I was right all along”.

            2) You recommend conservative pundits as a source for facts. Yeah, go fish. That’s a hoot and a holler.

            3) “It’s the lack of principles that guided their bad decisions.” I agree with that. It was pure greed and short-sightedness, faults that applied regardless of the councilmen’s party affiliations. They’re making even more bad decisions with a Republican pushing them now, like selling Detroit’s art for money. That makes perfect sense, sh’yeah. It’d be a drop in the bucket of what’s owed, and it’d strip Detroit of one of its last cultural highlights. Might as well taking a wrecking ball to every last building. A community without an appreciation of its culture is faaaaar more unprincipled and devalued than a community with sound economic principles. Art trumps cash. Always has, always will. Nobody remembers a people for their wealth, they’re remembered for their culture.

            4) “Socialism, Communism never works for the betterment of mankind.”

            So, you’re also a hack because you don’t seem to know the difference between socialism and Communism. Please examine Germany (at least pre-2000, before Merkel and the conservatives took over and gradually drove their own economy into the ground). West Germany, and later for a decade after the Reunification, had one of the best economies in the WORLD. And they were highly socialized. Still are, though Merkel and Friends are whittling that away for the benefit of 1% cronyism (just like the good ol’ US of A), and trying to hide it by fudging statistics and scapegoating their neighbors (which we also do; Mexico and Mexicans are our whipping boy; Germany used to have Turkey and the Turks, now they just blame the rest of the EU).

            Thus, I agree that Communism in practice is always a failure. But socio-capitalism is not Communism, and it is the opposite of failure. It is highly successful, as Germany (and Scandinavia) reveal.

            As for principles of redistribution and the apparent hypocrisy with which you would charge liberal elites, you’re either missing the point or straw-manning the principle by assuming a rather extreme utilitarian approach (stripping everyone down to bare bones sufficiency, no luxury assets whatsoever) in the veins of Peter Singer, an approach that no one takes seriously. Hell, many liberals aren’t even utilitarian anymore. Ever since Rawls, a lot of us are Kantians and liberal contractarians. Still some liberal perfectionists out there, too. Myself, I’m a blend between contractarianism and perfectionism…

    • Actually, Yoladane, you would have a good point except the current system is set up to take from those hard workers (the 80%) and give immense wealth to those who did not earn it (the top 20%). Of course, I am generalizing but, on the whole, the people who work the hardest are those who get the least in wages and many of them are only able to survive with benefits from the government. Those immensely wealthy bosses raking in more millions every year are being indirectly supported by government subsidies. It is a pity that everyone working for substandard wages cannot just quit working and then watch those wealthy leaches panicking when their obscene income dries up but, no, they shall just keep slogging along trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their children’s head.

      Yeah, Yoladane, the current system of not taxing those entities pulling in billions in profit (in many cases, they pay negative taxes) while soaking those of us making less than $250,000 is certainly the Fascist Conservative dream world.

    • I’m not sure where you’ve gotten all your misguided ideas but my guess is a great deal of it is from Faux News.

      Let’s put just a few of you’re misguided notion into some context:

      1) King Obama is flying around attending lavish events and vacations.
      Obama has taken the least vacation BY FAR of any of the last 10 presidents. Obama has been on vacation less than 100 days in almost 6 years. In contrast, Bush Jr. was on vacation for over 950 days in 8 years and flew more than 78 times back and forth from Washington to his Texas Ranch – costing more money in fuel costs than Obama has spent in all his travels so far. And Reagan took more than 450 days in his 8 years, and Bush Sr. took more than 300 days in his 4 years. You talk about vacations – it’s the Republicans that take all the vacations!!!!

      You also need to realize that whenever Obama goes on vacation, HE PAYS FOR EVERYTHING but the plane fare because he has to by law bring along a pretty large security contingent. But when he stays at a fancy house, HE PAYS FOR IT!! And in case you’re not aware, when he puts on special nights at the White House, if it’s not for entertaining a foreign dignitary, HE PAYS for that too. In fact, the Obama’s get a bill every month for all the food that is used at the White House – they pay for all that too (unless they’re entertaining someone on government business). The Carters almost had to declare bankruptcy when they left the White House because of all the debt they had incurred.

      And you talk about food stamps. Are you aware that it’s Republican led states that suck BV FAR the most food stamps?? Yup!! More than 75% of food stamps go to Red States. And if you’re talking about WELFARE, of the 456 counties in America that suck the most WELFARE, more than 90% of them ( 421 to be exact) voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election. AND WHY?? Because idiot Republican legislators and governors in RED STATES!! Decided during the Great Recession to cut budgets and state services, throwing millions of their residents onto unemployment and many eventually onto welfare.

      So although food stamp use grew sharply during the Great Recession, OBAMA HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT!! It was idiot Republicans that caused the sharp jump in the need for welfare and food stamps.

      And are you aware, that if the GOP had voted to increase the minimum wage, that doing just that would have cut the need for food stamps by about 46 billion dollars over the next 10 years -actually more money than the GOP led House tried to cut in the food stamp budget.

      And this may surprise you too – of the 23 states that have more than 15% of their residents living below the poverty line, 20 of them are Republican run states. Yep!! Those are the ones that are why the GOP leads the nation by far in sucking welfare dollars and putting a burden ON YOUR TAX DOLLARS!!!

      You’re notions are so phony it’s beyond belief. You and Rush try to create a perfect world where everyone get’s a great job, never gets sick, never runs into any of life’s problems, and magically lives in a country where all the services the country provides like: roads, and police protection, and bridges that need maintence, and fire houses, and all the facilities one needs to live ARE ALL FREE AND EVERYONE LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER IN FANTASY LAND!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A FARCE PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Oh,come ON. Who really cares what a fat, terroristic, Oxycodone dealing racist and misogynist says? A Hate Christian tub of fear mongering goo.
    Yeah, social justice. Hate to have that happening, TubO’Lardbaugh.

  21. Rush Limbaugh is a bought and paid for mouth piece for the right wing and is a traitor to his country, for whom ever will pay him to speak out against Democracy, a free press, the constitution and Bill of rights.

    Rush Limbaugh is a person of very low self esteem, who has no problem selling out his country for the Millions of dollars the corporations and the republican aristocracy that he works for. Rush Limbaugh with no problem selling it out for money.

  22. DANG! Religion, this idiot thinks he’s as expert, Politics, this idiot thinks he’s as expert, finance, this idiot thinks he’s as expert, Climate change, this idiot thinks he’s as expert, women’s health, this idiot thinks he’s as expert, race relations, this idiot thinks he’s as expert. This idiot THINKS he knows everything from just talking, all he does is talk. This college drop out also thinks he’s the voice of the republican party, but many are seeing him as nothing but an ebarrasment! He says outrageous & offensive things that others may be afraid to say or the BRAINS not to say out load… I guess that’s why some listen.

  23. [email protected] says:


  24. It is proper for governments to tax those who have the ability to pay, for public services that benefit everybody. That involves some redistribution of wealth, so Rush Limbaugh is way off base when he says governments should have no part in redistribution of wealth.
    On the other hand, as a leader of a global church that has both wealthy and poor congregations all over the world, Pope Francis has the opportunity to arrange for the use of the collection plate as an instrument for the redistribution of wealth on a huge scale. And if you read the Bible, you can see that God has commanded over and over again that those who have an abundance should share their wealth with those who are living in poverty. Whatever your feelings might be about the use of taxation to redistribute wealth, there is no question that the collection plate in church is to be used as an instrument for the redistribution of wealth from the wealthy to the needy. God has already provided the answer to that question.

  25. Rush and his ilk are the perfect opponents for the pope who cares for the poor. They perfectly fit every stereotype about the grasping, uncaring rich who hate the poor and would no doubt lynch Yeshua if he came back to repeat his message, but claim to be Christians.

  26. Boy oh boy are American conservatives such dopes. Marxism and socialism are not the same interchangeable terms. In fact, Marx’s great works were actually in response to brands of socialism (the French Utopians, to be specific) that he thought were ineffective and weak. He was not reacting to some great evil that he perceived within capitalism. In fact, he and Engels respected capitalism. They just saw it as one more step towards a moral society. My problem with Marx then — and with anyone else who feels the same way regardless of their position on the left-right spectrum — is that the morality of society is not based on economics. In fact, to base your society on economic principles is about as nihilistic as you can get, and utterly destructive of morality and human value.

    Another point conservatives like Limbaugh always get wrong: Marx wasn’t about redistribution of wealth. He was about redistribution of the means of production. There’s an important difference. That wealth is tied inexorably to the current division of labor of capitalism is the blinders that capitalists wear. Corporate bigshots “need” massive paychecks because they’re the eye of the pyramid. This ignores the fact that the pyramid would crumble without a steady base. So how do you get a steady base? Either you provide for that base — those bottom-of-the-rung workers — or you don’t. And if you don’t, then you have to deceive or bully them into accepting that role without basic human fulfillment, only fulfillment they need as your workers. Capitalism is long past bullying workers. That was the hallmark of feudalism. But that doesn’t mean capitalism is any more “moral”; it deceives instead of bullies. (Mostly.)

    Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean Communism is the next natural step after capitalism. Here I disagree with Marx again. But at least I understand why I disagree with him, instead of robotically churning out simpleton McCarthy-esque redbaiting blather.

  27. I am grateful for a Pontiff who is in the league with John the XXIII . Labor ( the working class) should have a voice on how business is conducted since the wealth is created in part by investment and in large part by the sweat of labors brow . Capital should bear at least some of the costs it incurs involving humanity in the business process. Customs welcomed me back into the United States after I was in South America for three and a half years , Pope Francis welcomed the masses as well as myself back into his church . I too want an Evolution. Mike B.

  28. Rush views Pope Francis as a socialist/Marxist because the Pope wants income fairness for all peoples. He wants to eliminate inequality and poverty in the world which is a very noble but probably unattainable goal. Rush on the other hand defines capitalism as unfettered by any rules that would prevent harm to the people and also allow these capitalists to buy every politician they want to. Nowhere does he follow Henry Ford’s idea of capitalism. Someone once asked Henry Ford why he paid his workers an unheard of salary of ten dollars a day and Ford said if he didn’t then who would buy his cars. He understood that capitalism only works of you put money in the hands of the working class.

    • Precisely. That was Marx’s primary criticism of capitalism: when the workers are given so little that they can do nothing with their lives BUT work, and are thus equal to slaves.

  29. according to studies, conservatives are born that way,
    surprisingly some kind of conservative gene, so the
    authoritarian sociopathic personality disorder they
    manifest is not curable by conventional means, though
    LSD certainly would be a good cure. Rush is fifty years
    behind the times, socialism and capitalism as terms
    have been eclipsed by third wave knowledge based
    economy terms, , Fifty thousand Viet Nam vets
    killed themselves, many thousand Iraq vets,
    why is that? Because those who have not removed
    the capitalist kleptocrat brainwash stick from thei;r
    rear end have no real inner resourrces, when reality
    like the Viet Nam war comes, they are blown away.
    Conservatives have always been lying nogood do nothings,
    stealing from real people, the term itself means opposed to
    change, so have boxed themselves into non productivity
    in Nature, the small government ruse they preach is transparently fake to a child, they advocate wars and favor the rich, which make for govt way more huge than it need be, also they tend to be perverted sexually and do drugs like Rush, are snobbish and elitist, materialistic, anal, mean spirited,inhumane, repressive, cruel, and untrustworthy, jpetty,
    treacherous, and in general have never been and never will be a majority because of these and other reasons, thank God

  30. I’m now a senior citizen and was in high school when Joe McCarthy was running wild. I truly thought I’d seen and heard everything. But now my thought has been exceeded by Fatso the Drug Addict with; THE POPE’S A RED.

  31. Jan,the best part of you ran down your Mommas leg. I can out Motherfuck you ten ways to Sunday! Go for it Motherfucker!!~

  32. sorry, Rush, but it’s the pope’s job to weigh in on morality & corporate greed definitely falls into this category

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