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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday threatened to force a vote on the nomination of Loretta Lynch for attorney general, in response to Senate Republicans not having held any floor vote on her in the five months since she was first nominated by President Obama.

“We’ve put up with this far too long, and we’re going to need to have a vote on her very soon that’s created by [Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell — or I’ll create one,” Reid told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. “I can still do that. I know parliamentary procedure around here and we’re going to put up with this for a little while longer, but not much.”

Reid also added: “I had a conversation today with a number of Republicans and told them really to get her done, or I will make sure they have an opportunity to vote against her.”

To be precise, MSNBC’s Steve Benen explains that the minority leader can make a make a motion to proceed on the nomination — but that Republican senators could simply respond by voting against that motion. However, even this would still apply political pressure, as Reid implied above, by putting Republicans in a public position of effectively voting against the nomination.


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  • Dominick Vila

    If the GOP has a problem with Loretta’s ethnicity, gender, academic achievements, or professional record, why don’t they come out and say it? Why are these cowards ignoring the nomination of a Black woman, a Harvard graduate, and a person with a solid legal record in private practice and in the Justice Department? If they believe she is unqualified, or ineligible for some other reason, say so.

    • Lelandjames

      Maybe it’s because she is a nut

      • CrankyToo

        Gee. I wonder which one is REALLY the nut. You or Ms. Lynch…

        • BillP

          Cranky do you ever notice that most of these trolls make a comment without ever backing I up with provable facts. These trolls can only offer their ignorant and biased opinions.

          • CrankyToo

            I’ll tell you, Bro, I get so tired of these conservative morons… What’s a sane person to do but poke them in the eyes when the opportunities present themselves? You sure as hell can’t reason with them. They’re impervious to facts and too firmly entrenched in their intractable ignorance to engage in any effective communication. If you’re a harda$$ like me, all you can do is love to hate ’em.

          • Not half as tired as conservatives are of the lying liberals nut cases.

          • Whatmeworry

            She backs Barak’s amnesty program showing that she has never read or understood the constitution

          • Why is dan ketter a moron with an ugly wife?? I needs to know

          • Dan Ketter at your service

          • CrankyToo

            Hope you brought your knee pads…

        • Whatmeworry


          • CrankyToo

            One moron says something stupid and the other one swears it’s true. What a pair!

        • I’m Dan Ketter

          • CrankyToo

            That’s a fascinating little tidbit, but who asked you for it?

  • Whatmeworry

    Hmmmm Harry you had 2+ months to get her done now your blaming Republicans??? Pleeease

    • Why does deary Linda Rae keep fallin off the ugly tree? breaking every branch on her way down?