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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Republican Candidate Quits Amid Voter Fraud Allegations

After months of unproven allegations that widespread fraud is endangering our electoral system, Republicans can finally cite a clear and true case of voter fraud (although it is wholly irrelevant to their campaign for strict voter ID laws).

Unfortunately for the GOP, this outrageous incident directly implicates a Republican candidate for office — and it has now forced him out of the race.

John Enright, a Republican running for Supervisor of Pinal County, Arizona, ended his campaign on Thursday morning after allegations that his former companion — who has been deceased for five years — has been voting by absentee ballot since her death.

The Pinal Country Recorder’s Office received an anonymous letter several weeks ago claiming that someone had been filling out and mailing absentee ballots addressed to Sheila Nassar, who lived with Enright until she passed away in 2007.

Enright describes Nassar as his high school sweetheart, and “former life companion.”

Pinal County Recorder Laura Dean Lytle told The Arizona Republic that the curious case “is an absolute act of fraudulent voting.”

The allegations were enough to force Enright from the race. Although he did not mention voter fraud in a statement issued by his attorneys, Enright did tackle the allegations head on in a video message.

“I do not know who is responsible for this, and at this time, it is difficult to respond to what are now assumptions, assertions and innuendos,” Enright said in the video. “But what I can say is I look forward to learning more about these allegations. If they are indeed formal allegations, I will defend myself. I very much look forward to clearing my name.”

While a Republican candidate withdrawing from his campaign over voter fraud allegations is certainly ironic, it is hardly justification for harsh voter ID laws such as Arizona’s. After all, as the Brennan Center for Justice points out, one is more likely to be struck by lightning than to commit voter fraud.

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  • rbtemsn

    This is a very sad situation. On one hand, I do not like the Republicans’ efforts to disenfranchise voters which seems to focus mostly on African American and Latino voters. On the other hand, having lived through a similar relationship with a lady who was a friend from high school, and who is now deceased, I admire his willingness to take on the responsibility of caring for her. I am sorry to see him suffer.

  • Hamilton Richards

    This instance of voter fraud would have been neither detected nor prevented by the Republicans’ photo ID laws, which deal only with impersonation at the actual polling place. Fraudulently voted absentee ballots are completely unaffected by “voter ID” laws, making it quite obvious that the intent of those laws has nothing to do with preventing voting fraud. It’s all about preventing voting by people likely to vote Democratic.

    • You are sadly mistaken, Hamilton. If the person who voted fraudulently had to show some freaking ID, they would have never been able to cast a fraudulent vote. You obviously have absolutely no concept of the implications of this. How would you like it if the fate of the US is dependent upon folks who are ineligible to vote in the first place.

      • edwardw69

        Ah, Betta, it was an absentee ballot: how can you require a picture ID? And the person was not an illegal; she was dead.

      • Sir or Madam, I think you do not get the concept. She was an American and voted when she was alive. Is that ok with you, that if you vote as alive you can keep voting after dead? for republican is that ok?

      • Betta, Get real. Every body knows that there is not a significant voter fraud problem. The republicans are just trying to keep democratic blocks from voting. Do really have the nerve or the stupidity to try to tell us the Republicans are motivated by concern for election integrity? They are trying to steal the election and you are supporting them. I have less than no respect for that.

        • yes indeed James, they suspect voter fraud BECAUSE they themselves have DONE it in Florida with fixed voting machines.

          • Projection. They have nothing to offer the average voter except fear and hatred, and just to make sure they cheat.
            Repubs hate Democracy and America.

          • Carabella1

            Karl Rove did it in Ohio in 2004 also.

        • onedonewong

          ACORN had a free rein for over 15 years registering voters not eligable to vote. It will take the new ID law a few cycles to get rid of all the trash that they and Obama created

          • Proto Type

            In the last decade of federal voting, there have been 5 or so prosecutions. Millions/Billions votes cast and there are under 100 prosecutions for fraud that would be prevented by a photo ID. Do you understand the miniscule percentage this works out to be?

            In places where they are trying to enact these laws, they cannot list one single instance, like Pennsylvania, of actual voter fraud, but Republicans have been caught saying the law would swing the election to Romney. So no proof of any fraud, but for some reason they want to do it anyway.

            Additionally, ACORN did not register fraudulent voters.. the people that they paid to collect registrations publicly got paid by the number collected so many times they added fakes.. BUT when these rolls were actually registered, the fakes were removed. There is a difference…between what the collectors recorded on the street and who actually got added to the voters rolls..

          • overpaidCS

            The reason why there have been so few prosecutions is that is virtually impossible to prove. Some goes down the local election office doesn’t have to prove they even live in the state gets an absentee ballot and mails it in. In Chicago fro years you had more people voting than the Census said lived there.
            Since voter fraud is sooooo easy how would they know?? Just like in 2008 when activist went to prisons and had them fill out paper work for absentee ballots even though felons couldn’t vote. In some black churches they allow their parishioners to vote on Sunday even through the polls don’t legally open until Tuesday. Could vote ID swing the election you bet since only “legal voters” could do so something the Dem’s abhor. Based on the size of the illegal population in PA its a real problem
            As for ACORN those fakes were only caught in 2006 the previous 15 years were never addressed

          • Carabella1

            That’s BS… NO evidence of voter fraud.

          • neverworked


          • Carabella1

            You mean “Reich”, don’t you? You people wouldn’t know the truth if it sig heiled you in the face.

        • NutCutter

          What specific Democratic voter blocks would be prevented from voting if they were required to show an ID? And why don’t those individuals have an ID right now?

          • Proto Type

            What specific Democratic voting blocks? Minorities, the poor, students, the elderly. Many states do not have a photo ID that is not a drivers licence, or obtained through the DMV so when people do not drive, they do not have photo IDs. In many places these ids are very time consuming to get. Please tell me how a person who works 2 jobs and has a family, but no car, but needs to get an ID at an office that 70 miles away and is not open during weekends?

          • NutCutter

            So voter ID disenfranchises all minorities, poor, students and the elderly? How did the person working two jobs get their jobs? They have to prove who they are to the employer. If they can get a legitimate job…they have some form of a legitimate ID. Even in sparsely populated areas…you don’t have to go 70 miles to get an id. This all seems to be invented hysteria. Can you provide specific examples of these conditions?

            Looking at what the states want as far as ID requirements…they seem quite reasonable and within the means of the average legitimate voter. As far as disenfranchisement….how about those disenfranchised with a system that would rather take fraudulent votes without question?

            I guess its okay to disenfranchise me on the voting…because I am not a liberal?

          • AttilatheBlond

            When I hired people in AZ, I was required to check Social Security card, not any picture ID. One generally doesn’t show an ID for most jobs. And the elderly who have not driven in years, or ever? For what purpose would they need a state issued picture ID?

            A news program mentioned that the offices for getting the IDs that weren’t drivers’ licenses in WI were not open all weekdays, some only being opened one day every other month. I live in a rural town, and to get a driver’s license means a 160 mile round trip. Good thing MY state mails me an official voter id (No picture) upon processing of voter registration. Lots of people do not have birth certificates, and have been voting for decades, until THIS GOP decided to make it hell for them to get the papers to do it THIS year. Why? Because keeping people from voting is the only chance they have of winning anything after the mess they have made of the nation.

          • NutCutter

            I will assume you were being honest about your ‘hiring’ practices. Unless you are talking before the 90’s…of which I have no real perspective…just getting a SS# was a failure as you have to follow the guidelines on the I9 form. You clearly where not.

            What state do you live in? Wisconsin? I just looked at the states website on this. You’re telling me that liberal voters are incapable of registering by their choice of: mail, in person at their municipal clerks office, or following the rules as laid out for registering on election day? Thats pretty sad. In looking through the requirements…if any voter cannot come up with any of that…its just pathetic…and they should not be voting.

            Birth-certificates? What does that have to do with Wisconsin voter eligibility? Or did I miss that on the states official site?

          • Carabella1

            Seriously? Why do you people lack any fundamental knowledge of any other people and their circumstances but your own? Unless you live under a rock, tht is such a selfish, self-serving attitude.

          • NutCutter

            Seriously…you should remove your head from your butt. Things will probably smell better…and you just might see past whatever it is you have between your legs.

      • DA. DADADA. DA.

      • Carabella1

        Betta, do you understand the incidence of voter fraud anywhere is about 0.000005%? Do you understand Republicans have forced states to pay millions to enact these Voter ID laws to prevent fraud that *rarely* happens? You have a better chance of being hit by lightening.

      • Dawn Rainbow

        Betta stop being a Fool & friends fool. Absantee ballots are what should be illegal, because anybody could be voting, but most absentee ballots vote GOTP so no problem. Dems should do away with absantee ballots whih are more likely to commit farud than in person ballot. these voter ID laws are unconstitutional so they need to be banned beause they violate voter rights.

    • So Hamilton, just because *this* particular case of voter fraud may not have been detected by requiring ID at the polls makes requiring Voter ID moot? Apples and Oranges, dear sir. It is an error in logic that some seem especially prone to.

      As for absentee ballots *not* requiring an ID, are you suggesting that there is no way to require presenting ID in order to *get* the absentee ballot to begin with? Your point is taken that no such requirement is widespread at this point. However, to argue that we should leave this status quo in place is to argue that we should continue to allow just such voter fraud to continue, which would likely encourage more voter fraud.

      This loophole that you talk about is *exactly* how some people have been able to vote in multiple states or even using multiple addresses in the same state in the same election. Some states only require a mailing address, (such as a PO Box) and a sworn statement. Sure, they are committing a crime by swearing that they are not registered to vote anywhere else, but if the likelihood of being caught is virtually nil, are you seriously arguing that no-one would ever do such a thing?

      The tone of this article is to attack the moral fiber of this Republican. I think that attack is deserved. However, I think that only a fool would think that this cancer does not run deeper. It is just too easy to do, and more and more tempting with each passing cycle of polarized politics. Eventually the votes of those that refuse to cheat will become insignificant. If you don’t cheat, your vote won’t mean squat. Neither will mine. I don’t particularly like that idea. Do You?

    • Dawn Rainbow

      If anything GOTP voter right obstruction is the fraud. They’re an obstructionit party of No on every level. Even in suppressing the vote, they’re really obstructing Obama. The PA official said it himself that voter ID was a fraud to steal the eletion for Myth. This won’t be Gore repeat, we were aught unawares but this time we’re on to you frauds so good luck, we’ll fight it every step of the way.

  • johninPCFL

    So now there are 121 documented cases out of over 500 million votes cast. So, the GOP solution is to spend a few hundred million bucks and disenfranchise a few million citizens.

    The hammer-and-fly anlogy comes to mind, with “atomic bomb” substituted for “hammer”.

    • Actually, the head-in-your-ass analogy comes to mind when you think there is nothing wrong with ineligible people voting. You better wake up and stop drinking the kool-aide. Your country and freedoms are being stolen from you right up under your nose, but you wouldn’t know that if your head is lodged deep inside an orifice.

      Have you bothered to do any due diligence? Ya know, search and discover the truth about things? Or do you like being lied to and led around by the nose?

      • johninPCFL

        Yeah, I did. There are 121 cases of voter fraud on the books today, 500 over the last decade. That’s 121 cases out of over 500 million ballots cast in the last three election cycles. “Stealing” would be spending hundreds of millions of dollars, as is currently being done, to eliminate such a petty problem.

        But feel free to keep spending the money. After all, you can borrow all you need, right? That’s what Reagan said: “Deficits don’t matter”. And then, 20 years and trillions of borrowing later, Cheney said the same thing.

        And before you go off on an Obama rant, remember that Congress, specifically the House, controls spending. So for today’s spending, think “Tea Party” since they’re in charge of the House. Then remember that the GOP ran the House from 1994 through 2006, so the $12T accumulated in debt during Clinton’s and GWB’s tenure also enures to the GOP.

        • You are right Mr johninPCFL but you for got about the Millions of Tax payer Money Spend ON 33 OR 34 Appeal ACA

          As long as they Republican Party waste money it ok.

          And Tell me why Republican support can’t make a statement or comments with Calling out Name or using Bully Attacked

      • Carabella1

        Are you not doing your own research, Bette? I’m not talking about declarations from right wing pundits. Facts. You are severely lacking in facts.

  • Brilliant! Hamilton, johninPCFL and rbtemsn think it’s okay for people who are not eligible to vote in our races. Absolutely brilliant. I bet you think it’s also okay that illegals sit in the oval office.

    • Betta, let me explain to you because it seems that you do not understand. A person is an American and votes normally, then this person dies and her companion send a request for an ubsentee ballot and vote for her/him. Is that ok with you???

  • I thought it was interesting that overlaid on this story was a “poll” as to whether Romney should release his tax returns. If you clicked yes, it would not go away. I clicked yes several times. When I finally clicked no, it went away. Kind of the ultimate in push polling.

  • Wao, for some people here is ok to vote after you are dead only if you vote Republican.

  • CeceliaHolland

    note that voter id would not have caught this

  • Voter-fraud laws…….

    Clearly, a ‘solution’ in search of a ‘problem’….and another symptom of a malady that has affected AND infected a certain demographic and which to the outside world presents an American dominated by …
    FEAR, PARANOIA, XENOPHOBIA, RELIGIOUS FANATICISM, HYPOCRISY, DECEIT, GREED – covered by jingoistic screeches and a brazen display of racism and dishonesty in their political discourse!

    Even in Dath, it appears Osama Bin Laden has achieved one of his goals: DESTABILIZE THE UNITED STATES!

    Never in our History has there been a House of Representatives, whose Majority so publicly and overtly swore to do NOTHING that might remotely be considered a success for the President of the United States – not EVEN when such ‘success’ is clearly beneficial to the American people!

    This despite their Congressional Oaths of Office to….PROTECT, DEFEND, AND UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THESE UNITED STATES!

    As the current version of Republicans – spiked with Teabagger energy! – have so abjectly proven, you can “protect, defend, and uphold the Constitution of these United States”, while at the same time hollowing it from the inside by the simple but deadly practice of JAMMING ITS SYSTEMIC WORKINGS….

  • Just like the Republicans they watch out for Blacks Elderly and Young Voter For Fraud.


  • ezmoney5150

    And here I thought only Acorn voted fraudulently.

  • candlou

    Connecticut has had voter ID requirements for many years and it has not seemed to stop the Democrats from winning many elections. It just seems like common sense . (and we need more common sense).

  • Those of us who are old enough to remember the days of Herbert Hoover will most likely vote for a Democrat. We are also the group most likely to not have a photo ID. Then what about a neighbor who is working at the voting booth. One who has known me for the past 40 years. will I also need to show her an ID to prove that I am who I say that I am. If I was an undecided voter, this alone would swing my vote to the Democrat…. Yes, it stinks that much.

    • tokoloshi27

      Wayne, help us out here. How was FDR (other than through populist hype) dragging out the recovery from the 1929 stock market collapse – to maintain power for over a decade – really better than Hoover? Hoover had many real accomplishments are completely buried by monochromatic-brainwashed zombies such as yourself.

      FDR was never quite as popular a leaders as his pro-big-government apologists have tried to paint him, so while you may ‘remember’ – I would tend to doubt that your memories are adult, critical memories.

  • PHOTO id laws for voters is a hidden POLL TAX. Even if the state give them the id they still have to buy the proof ie: birth cert or marriage certf. to get the “free” id so it is a poll tax

  • Just another case of Do Nothing Republicons. being liars and crooks

  • Isn’t that special? Finally the bastards can point to a real case of voter fraud. Oops, it is coming from the wrong side. The demograhics of the nation are going against them and voter removal is the only chance they have to be a relevant party for much longer. Shameful, deceitful, disingenious, dishonest and dangerous to the country just about sums up the current crop of GOPers holding and running for office.

  • Betta, please do the math. There is a far better change of you winning Mega-millions, being struck by lighting, or being eaten by a mountain lion than you will find actual voter fraud. BTW, nobody says it is OK for ineligible people voting, just that is happens so infrequently that statistically it is hard to even post a number that close to zero as a percentage. Pointing out the facts as johninPCFL has done is not condoning illegal voting. Trying to conflate the two as an argument is just disingenious and irrational.

  • That was funny. Thanks.

  • It is math my dear. Please pay attention to the details. BTW, voter ID would not have kept that creep from voting for his dead ‘companion.’ BTW, what little credibility you might believe you have was tossed aside when you made the totally childish, and inmature comment about an illegal sitting the White House.

  • onedonewong

    The Dems have a sitting US Senator from MN that was put into office with illegal ACORN absentee ballots , but he refuses to . Still waiting Al Frankenstein

  • onedonewong

    as the dems threw out bags and bags of military votes from overseas in Florida

  • freddybee

    My Mother used to complain about voter fraud when she worked for the election board in St Louis Missouri over 50 years ago. There were people voting that she knew were dead because she went to their funeral. I was involved in the mafias voter fraud for Obama in Las Vegas Nevada in 2008. There is no possible way to stop the mafias voter fraud. I can prove it to you.

    • Voter fraud was when Geo. Bush was elected 5-4!

    • Really?? I live in Las Vegas andI help register voters and GOTV. If you can prove voter fraud, Why the hell haven’t you done something about it???

      The only Voter fraud I know about in Nevada was the unconstitutionale election held when the Gov. and the democract party only allowing the 2 candidates that they chose to be on the ballot. that was for the REp seat that was vacated by Heller when he was appointed senator. check the constitution.

    • Gammaanya

      Go public for your 5 minutes of fame. Go on Faux News and prove it that there is a FRAUD. PROVE IT. Call Rushie, Hannity, O”Reilly. Help your country as a good PAtriotand American. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. PROVE IT. Call every Station, write to any Newspaper and WRITE a BOOK. You will be instant Millionaire. Palin did it, Santorum did it, Gingrich did it and promoted under his run for President so it got a promo of their books on our dime. PROOOOOOVVVVVEEEEETTTTTT. Obviously your mother was very dishonest person or coward and did not speak up and showed the world. Republican I bet. Like Romney, hide it all but when things start coming out to see the light they flip flop, flip flop.
      Prove it and stop the FRAUD. Any inaction do not bring results., therefore she and you a part of the problem and no solution. No matter what party, you obviously Republican – just waste more money and time on vote fraud not jobs and economy. Just because 1 or 2 apples in a bushel are rotten it doesn’t mean the whole bushel is bad. Eliminate the bad and sell the rest. IT’S YOUR PATRIOTIC DUTY TO EXPOSE IT, AND WE ALL WILL DEAL WITH IT. Can you do that??I bet you will not, you just will be posting here and pretend that you know it all and you don’t. Coward.

  • Hahahahahaha

  • well what should be now is thy should arest that person that cometed the votes fraud . to the fullest as the GOP seem to want to deal with them . why not thy found one after looking so hard for one thy have one . thy can use it in an ad . saying thy found a voter frauder . (even if its a GOP voter frauder ). isnt it strange how the GOP ding dongs cry so much about wasteing money . how much money has already been wasteing and will be on this GOP voter fraud thing to stop a problem that isnt there ?

  • how much moneys going to be waisted on a problem that isnt there ? instead of putting the money on something that isnt there . put it to helping the ppl. thay have true problems now and need the money and help

  • PJD219

    This cracks me up. You all think Obama has your back and is sticking up for you in the new voter ID laws. What he is actually doing is calling all of the Blacks, Latinos and elderly too stupid to get a freakin ID!! That is….unless he just knows that he can’t count votes from Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck any more !! Get real people!!!! I’m sure you all have ID….this is just another” boo hoo , poor me” moment for you all!!

    • Gammaanya

      It wasn’t anything about Obama but about this Rep. candidate. Get off you hate and maybe your life will not be so pathethic . I hate to tell you but I have clients for whom I do taxes (for free) who do not drive because they too old and have enough common sense not to injured or kill somebody. They use public transportation to move around or Senior Services volunteeers (I am one of them), they don’t have ID’s and some don’t have passports. They do use old driver license and for some I did drove them to DMV to get state ID. All of them WHITE. Color, status makes no difference to me, I have a black tenant in one of my houses, she is in a wheelchair, 69 yrs old and don’t drive, so no ID, so her kids took her to DMV and got her ID. If anybody passed votes as you call it from Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, then I question the Intelligence of the judges- Republican judges do not read. Since it seems to me Republicans cries wolf, then it must be on your side. We see results from 8 yrs of reign King George II the Drunk. For sure he wasn’t the Lion Heart. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck voted for Scooby Doo that got us in a big doodoo. U R Idiot.

  • This Mitt Romney if elected to the presidency bodes very bad for the United States of America. He is a mormon and owes his allegiance to the mormon church not this country. He will be appointing his cult’s followers to powerful positions and destroy religion in this country as we know it. This cult is based on the ravings of a nut Joseph Smith whose followers were driven out of Missouri and Illinois for their intimidation of local people and thieving ways at which time Smith was executed along with his second in command.
    Romney went to France in 1967 as a missionary but more likely to avoid the draft for the Vietnam war. He has no military experience or foreign diplomatic experience unless you count sending American jobs overseas. Yea he’ll balance the budget by cutting the military, cutting social security, and Medicare.
    Romney used every dirty political trick and over 200 million dollars to smear his republican rivals to get the nomination now he crying when the Democrat’s bring the truth out on him. Romney is just another rich lying crook who sent American jobs out of the country then keeps his money overseas so he does not pay taxes. This guy should be charged with a felony for lying on legal documents to the SEC about his company.

  • If There Was Any Voter Fraud Our GOP Are The One’s Behind It!!! Do Bush Ring A Bell??

  • Landsende

    The teapublican party wrote the book on dirty politics (Karl Rove) and voter fraud as well as voter disenfranchisement are some of their tactics. They are so afraid President Obama is going to be elected again by the people that support him, poor and middle class citizens, and blacks and Hispanics, that they will spend millions of taxpayer dollars to stop him. There is more likelihood of voter fraud from absentee ballots than at the ballot box.

  • What else could we expect from the paroinoid power and control freak Repugs who claim “We own god”, the ultimate privatisation. All i can think of is the old Elvis presley song: “Devil in Disquise.” which should be the theme song of Mitt Romney´s campaign.

  • MrJoeDoaks

    Yeah, there’s voter fraud all right. The whole damn Republican Party is a fraud on voters.

  • “an absolute act of fraudulent voting”

  • You are so right! The American people should be outraged! Unfortunately the republican followers are conditioned, (BRAINWASHED), just to fall in line. You hear them bellowing “our rights are taken away” with the health care reform but didn’t utter a peep when George W bush destroyed a majority of our rights with his Patriot Act which he snuck through a republican congress and supported by his sheeple due to scaring them with B.S garbage!

  • bigspender7

    The absolute worst case of clear and convincing voter fraud is being perpetrated in Florida by governor Scott Brown and his cronies. Arizona and Pennsylvania are pretty bad too.

  • Don’t forget that idiot O’Keefe using a dead man’s name to try to vote in MA.
    In OR and WA we vote by mail anyway

  • Sheron49

    Voter ID is a solution looking for a problem. I met with a person in regards to completing a form to vote. She just turned 18 and just moved to our city from a different state; she has no bills in her name-she lives with her parents; so to get a change of address she must again pay $24.50 to get a new liscense showing a new address in this state. She just moved to this new address in the state and her liscense will show the old address in this state unless she pays again. Now that is not the American way to deny the right to vote and blame it on a solution looking for a problem

  • Yep. We need to be protected from voter fraud. No matter who does it. Republican, Democrat or otherwise. Of course that is in direct opposition of what this article is trying to spin. The writer would like to have you believe that because a Republican in this case was caught in Voter Fraud that Democrats should feel free to do so as well! In other words: “Two Wrongs make a Right.”

    If you believe that two wrongs make a right, I think you are twisted and evil. Yes, that is just my opinion, but it is honestly stated and I make no apologies for saying what I think. You are what is wrong with this country. If you believe that your cause should be supported by any means needed, I think you are part of the corruption that shows up in our government. If you support fraud and corruption of this type, I think you are foolish to expect that your government representation would behave in anything other than corrupt ways. You enable and empower them and then wonder why so many politicians are just power mongers? It is right before you!

    You reap what you sow. This writer says that there are “unproven allegations that widespread fraud is endangering our electoral system” as if those words were enough to make the truth go away. Explain why again and again, with even low voter turnout, some areas will *always* record more votes than even people (of voting age or not) reside? Those that are making these “allegations” may not always be able to prove them, (although they *can* and *do* prove them at times — which is why the special word *widespread* is generally inserted in claims that otherwise seek to refute voter fraud) but does the fact that someone has stolen something from your house, but that you cannot prove exactly who has done it make the robbery less apparent? Our collective franchise is being stolen from us!

    I have seen many people passing around a petition lately to call for a constitutional convention, specifically for overturning certain Supreme Court Rulings, in my state. I’d like to see that constitutional convention come to pass. In 2008, we were only one state shy of making that happen. Even if you do not believe in what the particular issue is that is being petitioned, I urge you to consider signing such a petition if it calls for a constitutional convention. I think it may be the only way to get things done at this point.

    Of course, the representation at the Constitutional Convention *could* be just as corrupt as many of our politicians, (no matter what party they are affiliated with) already demonstrate that they are. But, we can hope that it will not be established politicians that will rule the day there. If not, I am very afraid for this country. Without *peaceful* revolution, there seems to be only one other inevitable result, and I *really* don’t like that. The day may come when the wisdom in reading the writing on the wall may lead many to leave this once great country…

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  • pszymeczek

    That is not true. Registration forms for Mickey Mouse, etc., were turned over to the state, as the law requires, and then disposed of by the state.

    • Carabella1

      That in of itself does not constitute fraud.

  • pszymeczek

    Most of the actual cases of voter registration fraud I am aware of have been attempted by Republicans – Ann Coulter (in two states), Rush Limbaugh, the Republican Secretart of State in Indiana, and even Mitt Romney. They all tried to register at adresses where they did not reside.

  • Republicans will do whatever it takes to suppress voting rights because a majority of Americans OPPOSE the Republican agenda.

  • plankbob

    Why doesn’t the election fraud of kicking perhaps tens of thousands, maybe millions of eligible voters nationwide off the rolls bother Republicans?

  • Balanced_Thinker

    It is quite ironic if a candidate withdraws from an election due to sheer allegations. However, it is not ironic if the allegations are true.