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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

BREAKING: Republicans Settle For Mitt

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

As Mitt Romney prepares to give the speech of his life to accept the Republican Party’s nomination as president, a report has surfaced that a Reagan hologram was supposed to debut at the Republican National Convention. But it was cut because Romney’s team was worried about matching its “energy.”

Thus is Mitt’s predicament. He is the candidate that many Republicans never wanted. He won by savaging his opponents, who weren’t very strong to begin with. His duel weaknesses – his cold, not relatable demeanor and his record of flip-flopping on every important political issue of our day including his signature health care plan – haven’t been mitigated by his general election campaign.

His choice of Paul Ryan has secured his base but it seems Ryan is picking up more of Romney’s unfavorable traits –flip-flopping, flexibility with the truth – than Romney is picking up from him.

The fact is that Rick Santorum was correct when he said that Mitt Romney was the “worst” candidate to run against President Obama. He’s like Madonna running against Lady Gagacare. And it’s hard to believe that the president didn’t plan it this way. Despite Mitt’s problems he’s still in striking distance and has a chance of winning the popular vote, though the Electoral College doesn’t look so promising.

Romney will do fine tonight. He’s so proud of his business career he may even may mention the name of company he ran for decades. He’ll look presidential, as he has since he was about 25. But will he find a way to connect to the women, the minorities and young people he needs to make the billions spent on his behalf pay off? It’s pretty safe to assume a Reagan hologram would do better.

Here are the speakers for tonight.

I don’t expect anything interesting. But what’s the best gaffe you can imagine happening at the convention tonight?


7:29 PM EST

On MSNBC Chuck Todd says the Romney campaign feels as if it can win the pushback by fact checkers about Paul Ryan’s speech. They feels the right wing media and the organized cyberbullying of the right through figures like Michelle Bachmann can keep the narrative on their facts. I’ve argued that Paul Ryan’s deceptions were intentional, designed to get us to talk about Republican framing. However, they overplayed their card and the story is just now: Paul Ryan lied. Republicans who lie to get what they want — see Iraq — scare Americans.


7:37 PM EST

The last night of the convention has begun. A strange note: Neither “Osama bin Laden” or “Tea Party” have been mentioned from the stage at this year Republican’s convention. “Occupy” has. This tells the story of what this question has been about, attacking opponents and ignoring the president’s success.


7:50 PM EST

It’s remarkable that Newt Gingrich has been given the chance to speak on this stage after the savaging his Super PAC did to Romney’s business record in the primary. Of course, Newt and Callista join Santorum in spreading this debunked, racially motivated attack. If this all fails, maybe Newt will finally be exiled from mainstream politics.

8:06 PM EST

Jeb Bush says, “I love my brother. He is a man of integrity, courage and honor.” Says that President Bush in a difficult time kept us safe… except that one time.

He calls out President Obama for blaming his brother. Calls on the president to take responsibility for his policies. What Bush doesn’t mention is the GOP’s persistent sabotage of the economy and how similar Romney’s polices are to Bush’s.

Jeb Bush focuses on education, which is why he will be the GOP’s nominee in 2016. Bushes know how to win. REMINDER: The GOP has not won without a Bush on the ticket since 1972.


8:31 PM EST

Mitt Romney’s friends are speaking tonight. A bit of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints informercial. Interesting.

These personal stories that show the humanity of Mitt Romney are very difficult to rationalize knowing that Mitt Romney is running on the premise that 30 million Americans should not get health care.


8:55 PM EST

Bob White of Bain Capital speaks. And he says the words I didn’t expect to hear “Bain Capital.”

Just now I saw that Romney has received a six-point convention bounce in the most recent Reuters Poll. And this is definitely the best day of the convention.

Again the GOP convention shows the brutally edited version of the president “You didn’t built it” speech. If it it’s such a clear of indictment of the president, why the blatantly misleading edit.

Now the founder of Staples comes to the stages. Heard some Ron Paulers yelling “USA!” They were quickly hushed.


We’re supposed to think that this business that put out thousands of stationary stores out business is a great thing.

Now we’re veering back into the ranting at the president; have to believe the personal narratives about Mitt are more helpful.


9:08 PM EST

It’s clear that this convention and the “You didn’t build that!” theme is all about this defense of Bain Capital. It’s almost a surprise that there is a strategy behind this mess. But Mitt waited to defend Bain and he’s very serious about doing so now.


9:24 PM EST

Now we get a defense of Mitt’s Massachusetts record from his Lt. Governor and Jane Edmonds, a liberal Democrat, who worked with him in workforce training. This is the more serious attempt to humanize Romney that has not appeared in this convention thus far. Unfortunately for Mitt it’s quite dull.

And now your American Idol from some point in history — Taylor Hicks. #relevant *** 9:38 PM EST On the Olympics. A group of Republican Olympians tells why Mitt Romney is the right man for the job, paying tribute to Mitt as a one-man TARP for the Olympics.



That’s about as politicized as the Olympics can possibly be politicized.

9:58 PM EST

An impressive video of Mitt Romney’s life story starting with his relationship with his wife. His father’s story is prominent. George Romney points out how he grew up in poverty. On to Mitt’s career — Staples, of course — and how it influenced his style as a governor.

A brief shot of Romney praying. Now testimonials of how much he cares. This is the most effective telling of Romney’s story that we’ve seen.

Romney promises to devote every waking hour to getting America strong again. Not sure if that’s supposed to be an impressive promise or a dig at the president. Would would expect less?

Here comes Clint Eastwood to disappoint millions of Americans by endorsing Romney.

Eastwood speaks to an empty chair saying it’s President Obama. “How do you handle the promises you’ve made?” The chair tells him to “Shut up.” Quite a fractured commentary about Afghanistan, Gitmo and Attorney. Mades a sexual joke — twice.

Pulls it together to say, “We own this country.”

“You’re the best,” he says that. “When somebody doesn’t do the job we’ve got to let him go.” The crowd goes nuts. Probably about as effective slogan as Romney is going to get.

“We don’t have to be mental masochists and vote for someone we don’t really like.” Is this a pro-Romney speech?


10:15 PM EST

Marco Rubio (R-FL) is next. Starts off discussing Cuba.

“Our problem with President Obama isn’t that he’s a bad person. It’s that he’s a bad president.” It’s almost reassuring to hear a Republican say that premise.

Rubio takes on the president’s slogan “Forward.” He goes into the claim the president seeks to divide us. “This election is not about his future. It’s about yours.”

“It’s a choice about what kind of country you want us to be.”

Rubio is explaining how America created a middle class — leaving out the high taxes on the rich and unions that made it possible.

Rubio — unlike Christie — is a compelling spokesman for Romney. He speaks native Spanish and to an American Dream that’s relatable to all Americans.

As a Democrat, I’d be grateful that thanks to the Consitution Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio ever can’t be on the same ticket.


10:32 PM EST

Mitt Romney comes up the center aisle of the convention hall because apparently this isn’t running late enough. After three minutes, he hits the stage. Probably smart after a pretty rousing speech from Marco Rubio.

Romney starts off saying Americans always come together — except when they plot on inauguration night to make the president fail.

He quickly gets to the freedom to build a business, which the crowd loves as they’ve been trained to do. Romney makes no mention of the tremendous catastrophe the president inherited. We expected more, he suggests, because it’s what America “deserves.”

“What can you do but work harder?”

Romney says, “I wish President Obama had succeeded because I want America to succeed.”

This is a speech that is not grounded in reality or context. He’s speaking as if Republican policies aren’t entirely responsible for the mess we’re pulling out of.

Romney tells his story. In the middle of America, in the middle of the century. He tells the story of his father, his parents’ romance.

He tells about his early career. “Those weren’t easy times.” But he’d give anything to have them back. “These were tough days, especially for Ann.”

He talks about his church and the joy of connecting with a diverse group there. “That’s how it is in America.”

Mitt is going heavy on the personal. And now connects back to the good days, which he says are too few.

He blasts President Obama for not having the business experience of Hoover or Bush.

Romney touts his own business record: Staples, Sports Authority, Bright Horizons.

He explains the genius of America’s free enterprise system, which is very useful lesson to whom? Does he believe we really need to be lectured about this?

Now we get a rant about the president. He says if the President is elected the future won’t be better. He claims he has a plan to create 12 million new jobs. The plan? Do exactly what George W. Bush did.

He says, “The President promised to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.” The crowd likes it. He goes to the President’s “apology tour” canard. He gives credit for the death of Osama bin Laden. And says that we’re in danger because the president wanted to talk to Iran. He promises less flexibility with Russia. Surprisingly he doesn’t raise the unproven accusation of national security leaks.

He asks if the President has given us the America we want and gets “no” from the crowd. He describes a United States so strong no nation will ever test our military.

He promises to restore a “united” America. “Let us begin that future for America tonight,” he concludes. James Brown’s “Living in America” comes on.

Romney speech culminated in as soaring and compelling as his rhetoric has ever been. But it’s hard to not feel as if this speech was unmoored in reality. There was no sense that he understands the crisis we faced or what actual Americans are dealing with now. His solutions were pat Republican with no sense of how they’d be any different than Bush’s. The ache for conflict is strong and not in touch with the war weariness this country feels.


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  • Thanks for this. Keep fighting the good fight. I find it personally impossible to watch the RNC for more than five minutes at a time, then I have to remove myself. I appreciate being able to get the info from someone who isn’t afraid to speak honestly and openly. Keep it up.

    • I didn’t even tune it in and entertained myself doing more constructive things, such as pulling weeds!

      • grammyjill

        You would have laughed at all those that came from the poor huddled masses to become rich WHITE important overlords.

      • Same Here Dominick I Just Watch The Highlights On The News It Was Just As I Said All Lies None Stop And Obama Bashing!!!

  • GW Bush kept us safe from being a great nation, and emptied every safe of the gratefully naive.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Lo0k…Face facts…How is putting a 3rd CEO in the White House going to be any better than the 2 who left the country in a mess? The Republicans are addicted to the idea that government is Big Business…It’s not. Your government is you. Your government is governance of your taxes for your benefit. Is that what Republicans support? NO…the only people president the GOP ever had was Eisenhower. Every president after him was a vulture for Big Business who sapped the life out of our tax dollars to support businesses that long ago would have failed and died a natural death.

    Your country is NOT in the toilet unless your hand is one of those on the handle getting ready to flush. We are never ever without options. The first thing that has to stop is handing out tons of our tax dollars to corporations reporting decades of solid profits.

    Ryan is such a little liar. He spouts that “We can’t spend what we don’t have” in one breath and signs off on $12 billion to Big Oil. This is the man who will be the back room GOP president?

    Then, ROMO says “We have to get the country “back” on track.” The corporate business track? The track they derailed for 8 years?

    If Romney was able to fix this economy, why wait until he is elected if this country is soooo important to him? His phony attempts at trying to be Middle Class doesn’t work. Not when he claims his wife drives 5 Cadillacs.

    • SaneJane

      How can they keep telling us that “we can’t spend what we don’t have” when the US is monetarily sovereign. Our debts are in dollars, payable in dollars and we are the only creator of dollars. Being broke is simply a ploy to get us to gratefully accept less of everything.

      • This Country Not Broke Can You See All The Money Being Spent On This Election !! You Know That’s Just What Going On And They Also Holding Back On Hiring In Hopes To Get POTUS Out Of Office So They Can Have Free Rein Over America And It’s People!! It Is Just A Ploy!!

      • They Just Said On The News Romney Is Practicing For The Debates!! LOL Why Practice If You Told The Truth You Wouldn’t Have To Practice!!!LOL

    • nanc35

      This is excellent! The Dems need to repeat this loud and clear: our Government is NOT a business! Government is government, not business. To each his own.

    • After They Got What They Wanted From Government They All Got Help From Government Paul Ryan Took Bailout Money And Lived Off Of Social Security, Romney Took Government Money Michele Bachmann Took Money For Her Farm And When She Foster 25 kids And The List Goes On And On!! Just More Do As I Say Not As I Do Bullshit They Love To Do So Well!!

    • ROMNEY IS THE PROBLEM!! He The One Who Made A Living Stripping American Companies And Firing And Layoff People And Shipping American Jobs Overseas!! Not Paying His Taxes But Hiding His Money Overseas!! Why Don’t The Hell He Move Where His Money Is At!!! Run For President Overseas Cause They Don’t Like Him Either Just Like The GOP/Tea Party They Know He Will Do Their Bidding!!

    • flyfshr1cd

      Romney is an empty suite flip-flopper. He’s totally without substance, out of touch with reality, completely absent from any plan to put the middle class back to work, and all but guarantees future U.S. military involvement with ill advised, unjustified and unwinable costly wars. He’s a soulless pander bear for the 1% ruling elite that is driving this great nation to ruin by exporting U.S. jobs, and importing coolie labor for the benefit of running their billionaire multiple estates and exploitation of workers in sweat shops.

  • It has been said that the main thing that sunk Nixon when he ran against Kennedy was his appearance and demeanor when they had a televised “debate”. Nixon looked dark and somewhat ominous while Kennedy was more buoyant and at ease in front of the cameras.
    I truly think the same thing is going to happen to Romney if/when he and Obama have a televised debate. Romney will look stiff and will stumble on his own words while Obama will be smoother in his looks and delivery.
    In the Nixon/Kennedy debate appearance and delivery seemed more important to the viewers than substance.

    • grammyjill

      also, Obama won’t have to try to remember which lie he told. It ought to be a laugh a minute!

  • chisolm

    Last night the RNC speakers did a wonderful job of illustrating the differences between what President Obama wants for our country and what Mitt Romney wants. If you want more government running your life, support the President and the Democrats/liberals. On the other hand, if you want our country to live by the vision of our founders and return to a path of prosperity, Mitt and the GOP are the only choice. Every time I fuel my car, go to the grocery store, pay my insurance premiums, see the unemployment rate, learn that 46 million citizens receive food stamps, and 1 of 6 families now live in poverty, I am reminded of the failed policies of the current administration. Blaming Bush and Republicans no longer cuts it with me. President Obama has had four years to turn the economy around including two years with huge majorities in both the house and senate. It will be a matter of seconds after I hit the post button before I receive several replies accusing me of being a racist, a teabagger, and simplistic. Know yourself out but this 2008 Obama supporter has had enough!!!!

    • frivolous01

      Um really, so the Republicans determination to tell women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies, get rid of Planned Parenthood, roll back the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, and tell gays they can’t get married or adopt children are not ‘government running your life’?

      On the other hand, Democrats running your life: regulations that keep financial institutions from committing the same fraudulent practices that got us in this position, provide for people that cannot provide for themselves, ensure health care for ALL citizens (not just the wealthy)…gosh those sure are things that I don’t want in MY America (sarcasm in case you don’t get it).

    • Justin Napolitano

      Chism, that is pure BS. Let’s just look at the record. Obama: passed the Affordable Care Act allowing 30 millions Americans to get Health insurance. The same act allows women to have free contraception and preventative care services. Allows senior citizens to have free preventive care services and closes the donut hole in the Part “D: drug plan. Negotiated cost savings from hospitals and health care providers and insurance companies of 700 billion dollars keeping Medicare solvent for 12 more years without taking away anything from Medicare recipients. Passed a a payroll tax cut for Americans giving working people an extra $1000.00 or more dollars in their paycheck and lowered the interest rate on student loans giving some relief to college students. Additionally, he got us out of Iraq, Killed Bin Laden and is working to get us out of Afghanistan.There are more things to list but the bottom line is that he has done things that benefit million of Americans, specifically the middle class, students, elderly and the poor.
      Romney s theme is “I will give those that have the most even more and have a record that proves it”.

      • chisolm

        Have you ever heard the phrase, “nothing is free”? ACA will be a worse financial disaster than Medicare/Medicaid and health services will be reduced, especially for seniors. The payroll tax cut was suppose to be temporary but I suspect it will turn into permanent, thereby further defunding social security causing bankruptcy in that program sooner than projected. Students wouldn’t be required to take out such large loans if tuition costs hadn’t increased 25% in the past few years. Killing Bin Laden was obviously a good thing, announcing an exit date from Afghanistan was ridiculous, especially against the advice of military brass. None of these accomplishments do anything to help the true middle class, they only increase those on entitlements. Romney will work to create private sector jobs, of course, there are some that will hate to see that happen.

        • rmarqua2921

          they said the same about Social Security and Medicare, while millions Americans have benefited greatly from these programs and until Bush and the Republicans stole money from the Trust Fund to pay for two wars the programs were doing fine! Which military leaders advised against announcing and exit date from Afghanistan? I think he, or was it Bush, also announced an exit date from Iraq! Seemed it worked fine…we are out and even though they still have their problems they do have a government and not a dictator! You need to read the real history of what has happened in this world in the past 15 years…that is if you can read, otherwise go learn how! After all this is America and their are plenty of English classes available!

    • rmarqua2921

      Well, sonny, you are better off than you were four years ago! Actually, we all were better off when Bush took over and disaster struck…If you think a return to Bush’s fiscal policies is great, then you must be part of the 1%, LOL…either that or you are losing it!

    • grammyjill

      Ok chisolm, no insults. Just a couple reminders. When Clinton took office Bush 1 had us in a recession. Mild compared to the present. It took Clinton six years to get us out of that. Obama has only had a very short time compared to Clinton. And as Mitch Macconnell stated on the day Obama took office” Our only job is to make sure Obama is a one term president.” And that is the day the congress stopped working for us. With Clinton the republicans worked with him. Why not with Obama? Could it be the color of his skin? After seeing the delagates throw nuts at a black lady and yelling “that’s how we feed the animals”, I think so.
      The trick is not to vote for Romney, but to help get rid of all the republicans we can.

  • Jim Lou

    You said:

    His duel weaknesses

    Is he engaging in a duel? Maybe he can channel the 3 Mouseketeers.

  • William Deutschlander

    First and foremost Romney is not a businessman.
    Businessmen create goods and services for customers and in so doing invest capital and create more capital for investment in the economy.
    Romney REMOVED (EXTORTED) CAPITAL from the economy, with quasi legal shenanigans, then removed that capital from the economy placing the money (capital) in personal accounts, in countries where the money would be sheltered from United States Taxes of any kind, that is not a businessman, it is a selfish opportunist.
    That selfish opportunisim is why he does not reveal his tax records since he pays little or no taxes.

    • You are right a buisness man has something to sell, to help, to build, Romney’s busisness was to make money for himself and his buddies at the expense of others.

    • Thank You!!! You Got That Right!!

    • You Got That Right !! There A Story In Rolling Stone By Matt Taibbi And It Not Pretty Showing Romney Create No Jobs He Made His Money By Create Debt!!!

  • rippper

    Romney didn’t go into his stint as governor of Massachustts, mmm? Of course he didn’t. He sucked as governor. Check out his record for that state. The Big Dig, state fee hikes, transit fee hikes, etc. Oh yeah, he’d be great at helping out the people as long as it fattens his wallet and the wallets of his millionaire cronies.

  • All I have to say is: Look at the comment that Rep Atkin made and the attack on the CNN camera women and that’s all you have to know were the Rebuplican party stands for.

    • …and what Florida’s Allen West, Pennsylvania’s Tom Smith, Murdouch, Michele Bachmann and the rest of the gang have said, and when you are through with that take a look at the GOP political platform and Mitt Romney’s tax plan which promises more tax breaks for millionaires and ending our mortgage and college expense deductions…and they wonder why most Americans don’t like Romney!

  • Good, I guess the party of spending cuts and smaller government is now the party determined to save Reagan’s “safety net”. One of the most amusing claims made by the GOP involves their determination to cut spending and reduce the national debt, while at the same time promising seniors that they will refund the money that President Obama, allegedly, took out of those programs. Maybe Mitt will achieve the GOP’s original goals by having telecons with the big guy in the sky like his predecessor did. Let’s hope he dials the right number this time, but bear in mind that, even if he does, the Book of Mormons clearly states that God and Satan were brothers, and since there is always a good chance Mitt may get advise from the wrong guy, we may end up with a sequel to W’s regalia.

    • Don’t Count Our POTUS Out Yet!! Wait Till The Debates Where Romney Sure To Screw Up!!! You Can Lie Till You Are Face To Face With The Person You Are Lying On !! This Going To Be The Beat Down Of Romney Life!!! LOL

  • All I have to say: Look at the comment that Rep Atkin made and the attack on the CNN camera women on the convention floorand that’s all you have to know were the GOP stands for. There a bunch of racistsand backward people. Abraham Lincoln should be rolling over in his grave

  • howa4x

    I can’t believe Russia is the enemy again, why don’t we just restart the cold war. You can tell the neo con advisors are getting old if they came up with that one. War with Iran? Aren’t we not out of Afganistan yet? Aren’t americans tired of endless wars? Why does Johm Mc Cain what to get us in the middle of the syrian conflict, dosen’t he understand that people don’t want to sacrafice their lives for that. This is just a bad recreation of Reagan and Bush II

    • Same Reason They Bring Up All The Other Things That Have Solved Many Years Ago Their Assholes!!!

  • Why was Jeb Bush making GWB’s statement, if those policies were so good? It is no surprise that GWB was asked to stay away from the convention. We don’t want to ever go back to those times. GWB was handed global sympathy after 9/11, and instead of calling on the world, he chose to go it alone, when no WMD were found. He is the one who sent our kids to unnecessary wars, and then declared “mission accomplished”. What “mission” was that? His own personal revenge on Saddam. And he used the might of the US armed forces to do it, while Chaney’s Halliburton reaped the rewards.

  • Elsa

    I find it funny that he references Hoover and Bush as though they are something to brag about. Hoover was the third Republican President in a series that lead to the Great Depression – he was in office when the Stock Market crashed and did little to change the course of the depression during his term. Bush left behind 5.1 trillion dollars more dept then when he took office and left behind an economy that was crashing at the speed of light. Not much to be proud of.

  • blueclouds123

    If you want to send your family members to war vote Republican. Just listening to him speak scares me. He is definitely a war mongrel. Ryan and Romney both lie, not just a litte but say things that are absolutely not true. Ryan and Romney both confess to be belivers, I doubt that. isn’t one of the commandments Thou shall not lie. What scares me most is that repubs seem to believe every word that Romney & Ryan say, just because you are a repub does not mean you have to agree or vote for them. I do not know about you, but I personally do NOT want another war. It is better to try and negoiate a settlement. Enough young people were injured or killed during Iraq and Afganistan.

    • rmarqua2921

      But remember not one of his boys entered the military! His family won’t be touched!

    • grammyjill

      Thank you. My son is military. He’s already been screwed up in Iraq. I’d rather he just stay home now.

  • blueclouds123

    Just remember the money that Romney and Ryan are now going to use is money received from people who are expecting something from these 2 if they are elected. Do not believe when Romney says that are not going to tax the middle class, he will have to do this so he can repay the people who have donated huge sums of money to him. He will have no choice. Romney is buying the presidential job and so has Ryan sold himself for the VP job. Who is helping support Obama, you are, sure he has some large donors, but nothing like the repubs. Surely you can see that. Wouldn’t it be a ni ce world is for once the truth was told to us.

  • Justin Napolitano

    I didn’t hear the speech but it sounds as if he is desperate. In fact that sums up the entire Romney campaign in that Romney is desperate to become President; not because he has any ideas about what middle class America is all about but because his ego is so large it can not be satisfied unless he becomes President. Look at me, look at all the money I have made, look at my superior intellect based entirely on how much money I have made. I demand you elect me President. Don’t think about it because I know what is best and you don’t know anything. I am lord God Romney and you will bow to my wishes.
    I serious think Romney s head will explode if he doesn’t win the election.
    The real difference between Romney and Obama is: Romney says HE will do all of these things and Obama says WE will do all of these thing. Romney is about Romney, Obama is about the American people.

    • It’s On His Bucket List!! His Father Couldn’t Do It So He Sold His Soul To Get It Done And I Hope It Too Will Blow Up In His Face And All Those Racist Lying Greedy Bastards Lose All Their Money On This Run!!!

  • blueclouds123

    Hello marqua292 I agree with your comment completely. To add: George W or Jebb Bush children were not sent to Iraq or Afganistan either. The Iraq war was a for Daddy war and unfortuntately I think we have another for Daddy contender for President in Mick Romeny. His father ran for president, did not win, hopefully the son will not win. If Romney loves the U.S. as he states why does he keep his money offshore? Why do he and Ryan continually lie to the people, for example, the closing of the GM plant in Ohio. This plant was closed under Bush, Senator Obama never promised the workers to reopen it as stated by Romney & Ryan. Ryan did not help those workers who were desperate, he totally ignored their pleas for help. President Obama helped them with the stimulas program. This lie was exposed by the dismissed workers at the closed Ohio plant. It is so important that everyone disect what is stated as the repubs are excellent liars and when their lies are brought to the surface thro fact checkers they still do not tell the truth.Imagine what lies will be told if they win. I hope America will be very careful in who they elect .

  • Getting names to the faces we saw getting off his little loveboat would probably tell us a lot more about Mr. Romney and business associates. Like they say, “Follow the money” and we will get answers.

  • ★══════════★ ஜ۩☆ ☆۩ஜ ★══════════★
    ★══════════★ ஜ۩☆ ☆۩ஜ ★══════════★
    +++++#++++­­++++++ +++­+­+#++++++­##­+#
    ++++++++++­­+++# ++###­#­#######+­+#­###♫ ♪ Sweet sound of Victory ♪

  • All needs to know about Mitt Romney is that while we have been at war over the lastt decade, Mitt Romney has doubled down on his tax evasion.

    This alone speaks VOLUMES to his lack of dedication and loyalty to our country. He hasn’t wanted to pay his share and has in fact gone above and beyond in sheltering, hiding and lying about his personal assets in order to short change the very country that he and his 1% has lobbied and cajoled into tipping the playing field in their favor.

  • iheardu2

    Romney never said how he would create 12 million jobs. His past shows thousands of job losses by investing in companies, then outsourcing product manufacutring to foreign countries thus creating extremely low paying jobs outside the U. S. After the initial investment in U.S. companies became a liability and once all Romney’s investors had raided the U.S. workers pension fund, jobs were loss, families devastated, and the company was then placed in bankruptcy. THEN, Romney would ask the Federal government for bail-out monies from the Federal Guaranty Pension Fund to cover the pension fund of the companies. Just think what Romney/Ryan would do to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable HealthCare Act. Short answer, ” Romney would Privatize Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Healthcare (Obamacare) by allowing all of his millionaire/billionaire cronies to acquire investment shares for profit in each program. ” This is what Romney calls “Free Market”. These millionaires/billionaires would OWN the United States of America. All Americans will be affected financially and medically and unfortunately be completely at the mercy of the Rich and the Super Rich. Bush tried to “privatize” Social Security and Medicare with no success.

    Buckle-up, if Romney/Ryan make it to the White House. Remember, Romney was instrumental in the increase job loss and unemployment during the Bush administration while with Bain Capital and after leaving receiving millions for his investments in Bain.

  • blueclouds123

    Hello grammyjill. I am very sorry to read your message it is a terrible pain when we see our children suffering. I truly hope that he will stay at home now and God will give him a special blessing and healing.