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Monday, October 24, 2016

The closest abortion provider in Texas to El Paso is now 600 miles away, thanks to a ruling issued on Thursday by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

“Today’s decision affirms our right to protect both the unborn and the health of the women of Texas,” Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) said in a statement.

As many as 13 of the state’s remaining 35 abortion providers will likely be closed as result of a series of regulations passed during a second “special” legislative session that followed the filibuster by State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) that briefly delayed the bill from becoming law. The Texas Tribune‘s Becca Aaronson reported that by Friday afternoon, nine clinics had ceased performing abortions, including four run by Planned Parenthood.

The panel of three judges — all appointed by George W. Bush — overruled a decision from earlier this week by U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel, a fellow Bush appointee, that stated that requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles put an undue burden on the women of Texas. Yeakel also ruled that it was unconstitutional to force doctors to use a federal standard for drug-induced abortions if they determine another evidence-based method is safer.

The panel felt the state would likely be successful in appealing these decisions in a hearing before a federal appeals court now scheduled for January of next year.

“It is a sad and dark day for women in Texas,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and chief executive officer of Whole Woman’s Health, a women’s health provider that has already discontinued abortion services at three of its five locations.

“The decision was not unexpected, however,” writes RH Reality Check‘s Andrea Grimes. “The Fifth Circuit is one of the nation’s most conservative courts, comprised in part of one judge who has garnered praise from Rush Limbaugh, and openly anti-choice Judge Edith Jones, who has been accused of ‘making denigrating statements against minorities and people with mental disabilities,’ and who has been put under review by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.”

An estimated 22,286 Texans will be blocked from accessing legal abortions due to the admitting requirement, according to testimony presented to Yeakel. Clearly, the poorer or more disconnected from resources a woman is, the longer she will likely wait to seek an abortion and the more dangerous the procedure becomes.

The effort to limit a woman’s choice by limiting her medical options in Texas follows a movement to slash reproductive health care in the state that has the highest rate of uninsured women in the nation.

The state’s Women’s Health Program (WHP) saved taxpayers $46 million by averting more than 10,000 unplanned Medicaid births in 2009 alone. But in 2011 state Republicans passed brutal budget cuts along with an exclusion for Planned Parenthood, which had provided care to 40 percent of the women in the WHP. The result was devastating. Enrollment in the program dropped by 25 percent and many women were unable to find a provider of birth control as 50 women’s health clinics were forced to close.

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  • foundingprinciples

    New York Leftists are angry at Governor Perry. Perry went right into the belly of the beast – NYC – and encouraged businessmen to relocate to Texas to thrive in a free market state.

    NYC residents who moved to Texas in 2005: 2,955. In 2010: 3,957

    • Lynda Groom

      The population of New York state is about 19.57 million and the city a little over 8 million. Wow if 3,957 left in 2010 at that rate in a few more lifetimes it might start to make a difference.

      • neeceoooo

        You couldn’t pay me to life in Texas, such an embarrassment to the United States.

        • tax payer

          I’ll take the money and later tell them I was in Texas all this time.

        • plc97477

          I was very much for their seceding. I still think it is a good idea. Will save the USA a lot of money and angst.

          • neeceoooo

            Maybe we could get a petition going to encourage them along with the succeeding. I might even pack their bag for them.

      • foundingprinciples

        You miss the concept. The rate is increasing. People ain’t moving to NYC, and Texas is BOOMING!

        • neeceoooo


          : loud and low : having a low rumbling sound

          Yeah Texas is really rumbling loud and clear.

        • Lynda Groom

          You are talking out of your hat. Here at the real figures for you use.

          In 2010 the population of New York state was 19,378102, and in 2012 it had grown to 19,570,261. That’s an increase of 192,159 more folks coming to NY. As to the New York City, in 2010 the population was 8,175,133 and in 2012 it had grown to 8,336,697. The city grew by 161,546 people. The clear majority (84%) of the growth in the state of NY took place in the Big Apple. So much for no growth.

          So your comment ‘people ain’t moving to NYC’ is a crock. Try basing your ramblings on factual information. Unless you prefer to miss the concept?

          • foundingprinciples

            From 2010 to 2012, the population of the US increased by about 2%. NY, according to your statistics, increased by 1%.

            What does that mean? Is it REALLY an “increase?” Eh, Liberal? Eh?

          • Lynda Groom

            Actually the state of New York grew by 1% and the City of New York by nearly 2%. But neither is the point. You claimed that NYC was not growing. YOU’RE WRONG! Perhaps you believe that 84% of the entire states increase that moved to NYC is a phantom, but it is not.

            You ask ‘what does that mean?’ It means that math is an exact science and your math is just plain wrong. Also the answer to your lastest attempt at a dodge is yes indeed it is really an ‘INCREASE.’

            BTW, that sound you just heard was the gong. Next contestant please.

    • Independent1

      If you’re so high on Texas, be my guest!! I enjoyed my tour there back in the 1960s, but since Texans have allowed the GOP to destroy the state – I have absolutely no interest in returning.
      Sadly, Rick Perry’s penchant for reworking Texas into a job creating machine by cutting budgets on everything but what is related to job creation, at the expense of everything else about the state, has unfortunately lured thousands of unsuspecting job seekers to Texas – not knowing that they were being lured to what is really the cesspool state of America.

      Here are some statistics on Texas from between 2008-10 that paint a very poor light for the state (and although some of these stats have changed a little, some for the better, some for the worse, overall, Texas is still the Cesspool of America.)

      .Texas is 49th in the country in tax revenues collected per capita and 50th in
      revenues spent.

      .Texas is 44th in tax progressivity, which means it collects most of its taxes from working people and it comes in 50th in the percent of its population that have a HS diploma and Texas is 49th in what it pays its teachers.

      .Texas ranks dead last (50th) in having the most people without health
      insurance and also dead last in the number of children covered by insurance.

      .Texas is 49th in the support it provides to women & children in the WIC
      program, and it leads the nation in teenage births.

      .Texas ranks 6th in the nation in the number of people living in poverty and
      50th with regard to the affordability of homeowners insurance.

      .Texas ranks 45th in the overall health of its population and 47th
      with respect to mental health.

      .The quality of the highways in Texas is ranked 42nd and its parks and recreation facilities are ranked 48th and environmental protection 46th

      . Police protection in Texas is ranked 49th and government administration 50th.

      .Texas comes in 3rd in the nation in the number of public officials that are
      convicted for a crime; while being dead last in the percent of voters who turn
      out for elections.

      .Texas is 46th in the hourly earnings of its workers and 48th in the payout of
      worker’s comp benefits.

      .Texas also has the worst healthcare services and delivery in the nation according to the federal Agency for Health Care Research and Quality

      .And Texas ranks as having the most polluted environment in the nation because of all the oil spills and toxic fumes that are spewed by all its oil
      refineries and coal-fired power plants.

  • foundingprinciples

    Wendy Davis does not have a chance in Texas. She wants to extend a woman’s “right” to abort the unborn baby up through the second trimester. I believe it can be referred to as “dismembering” the baby at that point.

    • Lynda Groom

      From the Texas Observer back in July the following quote from Wendy Davis you might find interesting.

      ‘The mutual goal is to decrease abortion. No one is pro abortion…the only thing that really gets to the root of decreasing that demand is decreasing unplanned pregnancies. And the only way to do that is to empower women to be able to achieve it. Women want to be responsible, and I think it is disrespectful to assume that women empowered to prevent unplanned pregnanies won’t choose that…And the idea that somehow if we talk to young women about sex and the consequences of unprotected sex will create a demand for it is really absurd and unfortunately is contributing to the high rate of teen pregnancy we see in Texas.’

      She certainly does not seem much of a radical or pro-abortion advocate based upon her comments. Another good remark that has been misquoted and used against her was the so-called ‘sacred ground’ statement. Here it is ‘I will seek common ground because we all must. But sometimes you have to take a stand on sacred ground. Liberty: the freedom to choose what your future will hold.’ Of course her critics translated that to mean holding firm on abortion, when what she clearly said was taking a stand on ‘liberty’ which is sacred.

      I can’t understand why so many can’t understand that it is perfectly logical to recognize that people can be pro-choice and not in favor of abortion.

      • 324516


      • Independent1

        Absolutely!! What Republicans refuse to realize is, that by making abortions illegal and forcing clinics to close, they are not necessarily going to prevent or even reduce abortions. Theyquite simply may only be increasing the deaths of women who will seek illegal abortions in much less sanitary manners than in a legal abortion clinic. Only the truly delusional can believe that making abortions illegal is going to in some way prevent a woman who feels strongly she doesn’t want to carry a baby to term, actually not abort that fetus.

        Apparently, the majority of delusional Republicans in Texas are too young to remember back in the 1950s and early 60s when women dying from failed abortions in back alleys and dirty warehouses was a very common news item. 11 of the 12 states with the highest infant mortality rates are red states. It’s not long before red states will lead the nation in women dying because of an abortion they sought from a quack. It’s appalling that letting more women die during failed abortions is more important to Republicans than doing more to allow women to prevent pregnancies they don’t want.

      • foundingprinciples

        People who are pro-abortion like her HAVE TO claim that. Same thing with the Roe v. Wade radicals, but unborn baby killings went up dramatically after. And this person colludes with Planned Parenthood, the organization that, despite a national decrease in abortions, INCREASED its number of unborn baby killings and broke its own record in 2011!

        • docb

          If a man could get pregnant from say the village priest or bubba down the hall, you can be assured that birth control and abortion would be free on every corner…especially in Texas!

          • foundingprinciples

            All people should be responsible. The destruction of life is not to be taken lightly.

          • neeceoooo

            Remind us how many solders were killed in the unwarranted wars of recent and then tell me about destruction of life.

          • foundingprinciples

            Typical ploy of the Liberal: Deflect to another subject with the intent to 1) change the subject entirely, and/or 2) make an excuse for the destruction of unborn babies by trying to make something else sound worse.

            The second makes no sense at all; even if the claims of the left-winger were true, it does not change the unborn baby killing.

          • plc97477

            Cancers are living cells does that mean we can’t remove them either?

          • docb

            In fact the zygote is a parasite in a womans’ body. Not sustainable without the HOST!

          • foundingprinciples

            Leave it to a Leftist to compare the beginnings of human life to CANCER.

          • Lynda Groom

            Agreed everyone should be responsible. A good place to start would be in Texas. Texas is number one in the increase of unpaid child support payments since 2006. Is that part of that so-called ‘Texas Miracle’ so many are pushing?

            1st is Texas with $1,651,613,504, 2nd Florida $925,323 millions, 3rd NY $919,975 millions followed by NC at $709,620 millions and Tenn at $674,683 millions. in unpaid child support. That sure is lot responsbility being ignored by so many.

            Responsibility for the care and feeding of children does not stop when they exit the womb.

          • foundingprinciples

            Yes, the child support payments should be enforced. Better than FOOD STAMPS, housing projects and free medical care.

          • Lynda Groom

            Well you finally got one correct. Shall we move to the lighting round?

          • plc97477

            Someone once said that if men could get pregnant abortion would be an olympic event.

      • plc97477

        I am pro-choice but anti-abortion. That means that my mind set will not allow me to advocate for abortion but I do not have the right to make that choice for others.

    • 324516


      • foundingprinciples

        Hey, don’t you even know how babies are made?

        People voluntarily engage in behaviors that lead to that, ya know. Nobody forces others (don’t claim that all unborn baby killing are for rape and incest, pleeeaaase; that is not the issue and you know it).

        • docb

          Republicans love you before you’re born (zygote/fetus), and after you become a vegetable (Terry Schiavo)

          It’s that awkward period in between where you’re capable of conscious thought they find so annoying. dm

          • foundingprinciples

            I see…. You think that people are NOT responsible for the creation of new life. It just “happens” because we are little more than animals with urges, urges that we cannot control.

            And, when we give vent to our impulses and immediate desires (as Liberals say to do otherwise would be to be “repressed” and/or “inhibited”), we are no longer responsible for them, but the government is.

            I see….

          • Independent1

            Has it occurred to you that one reason poorer folks have more babies than they want is because they don’t have some of the luxuries richer folks have (like cable TV and other entertainment), so that they have too much free time on their hands??

            And especially when they live in states that insist on preventing them from getting the contraceptives they need to prevent the pregnancies that these states insist on them carrying to term- while at the same time, many of these states shortchange them on the medical coverage they need to ensure they have healthy babies – which has resulted in 11 of the 12 states that harp the most about abortion, having the highest incidents of babies dying at birth and before their 1st birthday. Since when is it better to see babies that were ‘forced to be born’ dying before their first birthday???

          • foundingprinciples

            Leave it to a Liberal to find a way to twist the truth about people who refuse to restrain their impulses and immediate desires, people who will not delay gratification and monitor their lusts – Leave it to a Leftist to twist that into “it is the fault of the evil rich (or society).”

            “when they live in states that insist on preventing them from getting the contraceptives they need to prevent the pregnancies”

            Please tell me what states prohibit the sale of rubbers.

            And, by the way, unborn baby killing ain’t “prevention.”

          • plc97477

            They really hate thinkers. It messes up their poll numbers.

          • neeceoooo

            You are so right, they want the population that lets FOX news think for them.

          • Independent1

            Republicans love to harp about abortion, ignoring the fact that making it illegal, as it was before Roe vs Wade, will not reduce women getting abortions but rather, will most likely result in more women dying during botched abortions done in back allies, old warehouse and who knows where else. Back in the 50s, news items of women dying during failed abortions were commonplace – as they well may be in red states again that insisit on shutting down abortion clinics, rather than in trying to find ways to keep women from getting pregnant with fetuses they don’t want to carry to term.
            And that’s not the only sad part. It’s red states that are abolishing abortion which are also cutting their budgets that provide pregnant women with the medical care they need to carry the fetuses these states insist on them carrying, that has made 11 of the 12 states with the highest infant mortality rate also red states, with the highest incidence of babies dying at birth and before their 1st birthday.

    • Sand_Cat

      And you and the rest of the scum want to extend a person’s “right” to starve, or blow them away in unnecessary wars, prevent them from voting, mis-educate them (or don’t educate them at all), and you apply these blessings with particular glee to the poor. Yes, force them to have unwanted children, then let the children enjoy all the benefits listed above, plus many other similar boons. And they don’t want kids but don’t want abortions? By all means, make sure they can’t get birth control, either. The incredible hypocrisy of your “concern” for the unborn “babies” and the obvious fact that you consider them dead after birth beggars the imagination.

      • foundingprinciples

        Left-winger thinking: If a person is in a situation, mostly of his own choosing, it is the fault of other unrelated people for not taking actions that the Liberals deem proper and necessary.

        It is like saying some guy walks across the street and gets hit by a car, then I am held responsible because I was not watching out for that person and therefore did not warn him not to cross the street at that dangerous place. That, instead of putting the responsibility on the person who voluntarily crossed the street there. Somehow, in Liberal-Land, that person is not responsible for his own behavior.

  • neeceoooo

    We can thank George W. Bush, his legacy will haunt us for years to come. Because of his choice of Texas Judges, Priscilla Owen or Janice Rogers Brown, Texas has no access to birth control, educational programs, breast and cervical cancer screening, pregnancy prevention (not just abortion), as well as planned parenthood training. These are lifetime positions so they will be around FOREVER. In addition, the ruling that your company has the right to provide or not provide birth control is a thank you from GWB.

  • Texas Abortion Opponents To Cheer Selves Up With Execution

    AUSTIN, TX—Following state senator Wendy Davis’ successful filibuster of sweeping abortion restrictions last night, disappointed Texans told reporters they are looking forward to tonight’s scheduled execution of convicted murderer Kimberly McCarthy to cheer them back up. “I was completely devastated after learning that abortion providers throughout the state would remain open, but thankfully, there’s nothing better to lift up our spirits than an old-fashioned execution,” said Fort Worth anti-abortion activist Caroline Hinton, who added that the impending lethal injection of McCarthy was “more than enough” to put a smile back on her face. “And as soon as I remembered that the state of Texas is preparing to take a woman’s life this evening by strapping her onto a gurney and shooting a cocktail of deadly chemicals into her arteries, I just perked right up and put those failed abortion restrictions out of my mind. And it’s our 500th execution, too, so it’s going to be a real celebration! I guess this week won’t turn out all bad after all.” At press time, Hinton reported feeling “even better” after learning that Governor Rick Perry is expected to call a special session to reintroduce the anti-abortion legislation and that political analysts say it will likely pass