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Friday, October 28, 2016

Right-wing Republicans are reportedly organizing a coup against House Speaker John Boehner — and if they get their way, Paul Ryan could end up holding the speaker’s gavel.

Speaker Boehner — who is currently the least popular leader in Congress — has long struggled to control the right-wing flank of his party, but his disastrous failure to pass his “Plan B” budget deal crystallized the problem in a highly public way.

In response, some on the right are mobilizing to replace Boehner with a House speaker who drops Boehner’s pretense of being willing to negotiate with the White House, and who sticks more purely to extreme conservative dogma.

According to Matthew Boyle of the far-right website Breitbart News, conservative House Republicans have already laid the groundwork to do just that. Boyle reports that several members and staffers are quietly circulating a multi-step plan to oust Boehner as speaker on January 3rd. The first step of the plan would be to change House rules to elect the speaker by secret ballot instead of by a public roll-call vote; this would protect the congressmen who vote against Boehner from retribution.

The plotters are confident that such a measure would succeed, because Boehner himself has passionately argued in favor of secret ballots in the past. While opposing the Employee Free Choice Act — ironically, a favorite target of the right wing that now has Boehner in its sights — the speaker wrote a 2009 op-ed stressing that secret ballots protect against “coercion” and “intimidation.” In a document laying out the plan to oust Boehner (which can be viewed on, the anonymous staffers behind the planned coup note that Boehner would be in the “impossible position of opposing secret ballot or being confronted on the Floor with his own, indicting op-ed.”

If the move to vote via secret balloting is successful, then House Republicans would be able to anonymously vote until a Republican gains the 218 votes necessary for election as speaker. According to Boyle, House Republicans are confident that Boehner would not survive a secret ballot — but that another, still-anonymous congressman, “will unite the party and take the speakership.”

Could that congressman be Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan? Right-wing pundit Laura Ingraham said on Wednesday that “a well-placed conservative voice on the Hill” told her that there were “rumblings” that Ryan could replace Boehner. Although the former vice-presidential nominee is a member of Boehner’s “fiscal cliff” negotiating team (and supported Boehner’s ill-fated “Plan B”), he has the support of prominent right-wing voices such as Red State’s Erick Erickson, and his Tea Party bona fides have been well established over the past four years. If any congressional Republican could unite Boehner’s supporters and the Tea Party-backed base of the party, it would probably be Ryan.

That said, were Ryan to be elected as sSpeaker, there’s no reason to believe that he’d prove any more successful in the role than Boehner has. House Republicans — most of whom come from extremely safe districts where their only electoral concern would be a conservative primary challenge — seem wholly unconcerned with the political realities facing their party, and the fiscal realities facing the country. It doesn’t matter if Boehner, or Ryan, or even an outsider like Jon Huntsman becomes speaker (as American Enterprise Institute scholar Norman Ornstein recently suggested in a Hall of Fame example of how inside-the-Beltway consensus loses touch with reality).

Until the Republican Party listens to the American people and compromises on its extremely right-wing (and extremely unpopular) positions, changing its leadership will amount to little more than shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Photo credit: AP/J. Scott Applewhite

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  • docb

    Too foolish…Boneher is the only one that has a history of WORKING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! The rest are illegitimate KNOW NOTHING -DO NOTHING freeloader repub baggers that are not there to govern but destroy!

    • Boehner was elected for one job: To unconstitutionally obstruct the president. He’s too incompetent to do anything else, much less help anyone.

      • docb

        He has been in the House for many years..he was elected to speaker because, as is the thinking of repubs, it was his turn. Not even LBJ could herd this gaggle of incompetent immature cats and he was the Master at knowing where the bodies were buried!

        ‘Ideology is the science of idiots’, John Adams!

        • dcob: Operative word here is ” thinking” it doesn’t exist on the Repub side of the isle.

          • docb

            There is that, John!

    • docb: Did you just arrive on this planet? Boehner working for the people! You need to start writing Fantasy or science Fiction.

      • docb

        Look to the history past the last two years of bagger obstruction…

  • People who think elected officials may work by SECRET ballot sure hate democracy!

  • coyotebanjo

    Breitbart? Ingraham? Why would you believe ANYTHING they are heralded as “rumored”?!?

    • They figure if they say it loud enough and often enough the rest of the Republicans in the House will believe it. The thing is the entire House votes, so it is possible that Pelosi could wrangle the Democrats along with Boehner loyalists to vote for him.

  • Ryan? The guy who didn’t win his hometown in the last election?

    • grandbaby1

      Not only that;he can’t put together a financial plan despite his supposedly financial wizardry that even mort repubs can get behind.

    • CPANewYork

      Paul Ryan has a stupid look on his face. He’s Puggsley from “The Adams family.”

      • Sand_Cat

        You are much too kind.

  • If an “extremist” wins a leadership position, then by definition he is no longer an extremist. Taking that a step further, when an extreme position becomes mainstream, it moves the middle. If those on the other side stay in the middle, then the extremists win. Don’t let Paul Ryan and the other extremists in the GOP win — right-thinking Americans (I mean “right” in the “conservative” vein) should disavow the Tea Party extremists and do what they were sent to Washington to do — govern. The Tea Party doesn’t want to govern, it wants to destroy the America we’ve come to know and love.

    • CPANewYork


      You’re putting too fine a point on it. An extremist is an extremist, regardless of whether he or she is in a leadership position.

    • mah101

      Sorry, extremism remains extremism. Just because there are crazies on the fringe doesn’t mean that we have to move the debate in their direction – and this last election pretty well demonstrated that the majority of Americans are still firmly in the middle.

      • mavilasr

        The extremist Republicans continue to do everything to hold Americans hostages with their unworkable economic, social, and political policies. They have proven that they do not understand the art of COMPROMISING. They do not understand the basic art of ANALYSIS AND BALANCE. They live in the “abiss” of the DARK, DARK AGES!!!! THESE REPUBLICANS NEED TO DO THIS COUNTRY A FAVOR—-RESIGN / QUIT/ AND KEEP ON FLYING INTO THE EXTREMES OF OUTER SPACE where you might find fictitious characters who may agree with your outdated position.

      • sigrid28

        But thanks to the media, which has profited by ginning up a conflict whenever possible, and the refusal by the left to use scorched earth policies, especially since President Obama won re-election, the far-right has, de facto, defined the terms of the debate: Fiscal Cliff, Deficit, Debt Reduction, job-creators, etc.–when what we should be discussing is instead jobs, recovery, and stimulus. When sound bites and tweets rule the airwaves, the crazies can dominate. Cooler heads only prevail when discourse is the order of the day and democracy is the rule, not “might makes right.” To take back our country, we will have to figure out a way to dominate the political conversation.

  • The GOP obviously want to spend the next 2 years passing zero bills

  • I am sure Boehner knows his days as Speaker of the House are numbered. His plan B was poison for the followers of the Norquist doctrine. An inquisitorial “purity of blood” crusade will take place within the next few weeks, when moderate Republicans and Tea Party advocates will fight for the ideological control of the GOP.
    In the meantime, Republicans continue to insist on the preservation of one of the causes for accumulation of debt: the 2001 and 2003 tax breaks that resulted in a dramatic decrease in government revenues at a time when we were engaged in two wars. They continue to demand spending reductions – without ever saying what they want to cut for fear of offending constituents and donors.
    It remains to be seen whether these traitors survive 2014 or not. Moderate Republicans will be well advised to join Democrats in averting economic, fiscal and economic disaster, otherwise they are bound to join the Tea Party nuts…in the unemployment line.

    • Annemb

      One terrific post!

      Tea partiers call themselves patriots? Ha! They would never have survived the American Revolution because they would be considered traitors. The TPs don’t understand the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, nor do they care about these founding documents.

      They are ignorant of our history, fickle and have no interest in the U.S.A. except to implement, perpetuate their own ideology and take down the government.

      Oh yes, they are against Boehner who sold his soul(?) to them instead of paying heed to his responsibility — his constituents — Americans.


      • Very well said–he sold his soul to the “666”–Power Elites.

        • Annemb

          Muchas gracias, Jose T.

          Yes, “666” – Power Elites is correct.


      • joeham1

        You need to re-read what you wrote! You didn’t say anything true or Coherent. Our founding fathers believed in a small governement, states rights, balanced budgets, free markets. Coincidently thats what the tea party believes!

        You demonize what you don’t know, you talk but don’t say anything!

        • Annemb

          I stand by my post.

          • joeham1

            I thought you would. You have no interest in the USA. You have obviously never read the constitution. Most left wing hacks consider the Constitution a 300 year old document meant to be changed!

            Without clear debate there are no answers. There are only extremists like you!

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            I suppose you don’t know, the Constitution CAN BE changed whenever the majority of our population votes for this change.

            DUH, what did you think those Amendments did? They “changed” the Constitution.

          • Sand_Cat

            Yeah, you right-wing hacks are so much better. You don’t have no interest in the USA! No sir! YOU HATE THE USA, and everything (less and less the longer your wonderful party maintains any power at all) good and worthwhile about it!

            And I love the part about “extremists.” I guess you guys in Hitlerland can see that normal people are extremely different from you, but that doesn’t make us “extremists.”.

          • We THE People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

            This is the preamble to the constitution for you teabaggers who have never read it. Article one has been changed five times.

            If you would read it, slowly so you could comprehend what you are reading. You would realize that every statement that you have ever made on this site is BS.

          • YOU, joe ham are not very smart! Per haps you should read the constitution and pay close attention to the portion that talks about elections. Elections determine the course of the nation not extremist groups like the tea baggers or the ultra left. We need to get rid of all the idiots like Ryan who is the biggest liar i have ever seen. (I am from Wisconsin) and the ultra left wingers. We in the center should run the country as it should be run and get along with each other and listen to each others ideas. I have voted both ways over my lifetime, but I cant stand what the stupid neoconservative nut case tea baggers have done to the republican party.

          • Annemb

            First, the Constitution is 225 years old not 300, and was deliberately written so it could be amended.

            You have no business judging me as you do not know me.

            I am proud to be an American. I have studied, and am still studying, American history. I love my country. I am glad to pay my taxes to my government. I want very much to see America succeed, not taken down by those who would seek to destroy it! I am an informed citizen who is actively involved.

            Have you read, “The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution” by David O. Stewart?

            BTW, I stand by my post.

        • RodgerMitchell

          This is 2012. The “founding fathers” weren’t omniscient gods. They also believed in slavery and witchcraft, and hardly any of them had an AK47.

          Enough with the Scalia-esque telling of the world what you say the founding fathers believed.

          • Charlie McKenna


        • That’s true States rights were the founding fathers intent, as long as it didn’t violate the nations constitution just ask Tennessee, about the whisky taxes, when President Washington sent troops in. or the southern states, who fought to do away with state in order to make slavery legal in all states and when they lost the war, they demanded state rights so they could keep slavery. this is the first time we ever gone to war, and two wars at the same time without increasing taxes, and passing the debt too a new leader in our history, and blame him for the bill yes the tea party are immoral and traitors. You need to read the history of the United States

        • johninPCFL

          If they believed in balanced budgets, why isn’t the word ‘budget’ found in the Constitution? If they believed in free trade and small government, why is the power to regulate commerce given to Congress in the Constitution?

          Maybe you’d better read it yourself. I’m sure it’ll be the first time.

        • This isn’t the 1700’s or 1800’s. I’d love to put the Tea Party nuts in a time machine and send them back there for good!

          • What a good idea, Elaine. They would be shocked when they found that the founders’ beliefs and intentions were completely different from their nutty interpretations.

        • The Tea Partiers contort, distort, and abuse the spirit of the law plus the letter of the law in our US Constitution, and they do so ignorantly. If the TP-ers believe in small government, why are they so intent on regulating what happens in American bedrooms between consenting adults: whether they’re women who want birth control or gay couples who want to have sex as married couples? Why do the TP-ers always inject themselves between us as private citizens and them as ideological fanatics who shove their archaic religious beliefs on us? Why do they want to insert vaginal probes into American women as they did in Virginia?

          If the TP-ers love the Constitution, why don’t they accept “separation of church and state”? If the TP-ers believe in small government, why do they bloat the defense budget so out of whack? If the TP-ers believe in balanced budgets (the key word is BALANCED), why don’t they bring in revenues (higher tax revenues is the only way to create revenue) plus cut costs, which is the only way to “balance”? And on and on and on with their out of touch, hypocritical, outdated, divisive, harmful, obstructionist ideas which Americans as a majority rejected in the November elections.

          Sorry, Joeham1: You are very wrong, just as the TP is very wrong for our country.

          • Annemb

            Thank you for one terrific, true and very well articulated post.

            Blessings to you and your loved ones now and in the new year.

        • teabaggers dont have a clue as to what goes on and how can they know anything about the constitution when their IQ is only 5 and they know nothing about our government it will be only a matter of time and our country will be rid of all these right wing idiots as they are killing themselves with their peabrains

        • They sure didn’t believe to fight 2 wars with money borrowed from China and tax cuts to boot. They also didn’t tell retirees to pay for it!

        • Do your homwork on Former Vice President Dick Cheney and
          draw your own conclusions…neoconservatives.

        • Kinda like you. The Tea Party is about self greed. Your Party destroyed this economy, now it’s time for your party to rebuild it.

        • Rob

          The passage of the Northwest Ordinance in 1787 accepted the abolishment of all claims to the land west of Pennsylvania and north of the Ohio River by the states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, and the ordinance established Federal control over all of this land in the Northwest Territory—with the goal that several new states should be created there. In the course of time, this land was divided among Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and part of Minnesota. Now, in those days this would have been a big government deal.
          Robert Morris, the Minister of Finance, persuaded Congress set up the Bank of North America, in 1782 which was privately chartered, but funded in part by a loan from France. So much for debt free Founding Fathers.

          • George D

            Rob teaparty nuts want Abraham Lincoln declared a mass killer and genocide leader. They want a return to non union slavery status for all workers except their own families. They have even reinvented the works of Christ to justify the wealthy and powerful taking the sustenance from the poor for their own gain. Greed an malice towards all and mercy for none but their own clan seems to be their call to arms.

          • Charlie McKenna

            Of course the new nation had incurred debt. Revolutions are not free. But they made it a point to pay off that debt as soon as possible. They also made it a point to avoid foreign entanglements as much as possible.

        • Sorry to say this but you don’t know your history. The founding fathers established a strong federal government to oversee the entire country. States rights are based on those rights that the federal government does not undertake.

        • rhytonen

          “Our founding fathers believed in a small governement, states rights, balanced budgets, free markets. ”

          And Slavery.
          They also advised we “crush in its birth the aristocracy of our
          moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our
          government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of
          our country.” –Thomas Jefferson to George Logan, 1816.,”

          and postulated for “revenues (raised from ‘the rich’) liberated by the discharge of the public debt, and its surplus applied to canals, roads, schools, etc., the farmer”
          (note: today=the worker, it was an agrarian society)
          -“will see his government supported, his children educated, and the face of
          his country made a paradise by the contributions of the rich
          alone, without his being called on to spend a cent from his
          earnings.” –Thomas Jefferson to Thaddeus Kosciusko, 1811.”

        • The things you cite, small government, states rights, balanced budgets, free markets are hardly the most important things that our founding fathers believed in. Separation of church and state, freedom and responsibility, representative democracy – these are the things that our founding fathers felt most strongly about. You cannot rewrite history.

        • Well Joe when the founding fathers,(which were not yours or mine by the way) could not see the future nor can you! ALL LAWS WILL HAVE TO CHANGE ACCORDING TO SOCIETY! That is not a opinion it is a fact, as it will be 200 years from today! Read a book , or better yet have some common sense! Do you or anyonelse think for one second, think the world is not going to the change?? I mean really, lol. Some fool wrote (take America back) The world does not go backwards -EVER! Cavemen like you probably could never thought we would have cars,planes or whatever. Read a book!!!!!!!!

        • edw

          We had a small country then!!!! Our founding fathers would never had wished to go against the majority rule. It is a new world! Get with it or destroy your own party!!

        • Your last sentence could be taken from the Tea Party doctrine:
          “You demonize what you don’t know, you talk but don’t say anything”,
          couldn’t have said it better myself, Thank you, joe(the)ham.

        • Leslie Gray

          Our founding fathers also had an intense distrust for organized religion and those that wanted to shape government with religious philosophy, hence the truly American introduction of the separation of church and state. Annemb is correct. The tea baggers seem to think we live in a christian nation, complete with a form of republican approved western sharia law, which we do not.

          The baggers need no help demonizing themselves.

      • Tea Party members believe in a limited Federal Government, a balanced-budget, removing our debt, less tax burdens on all Americans, & following our Constitution. How is this not patriotic and good for our country? Boehner already has met Obama more than half-way, abondoning his principles of more taxes on “certain” Americans to keep us from going over the fiscal cliff, thus increasing taxes on ALL Americans. It is Obama that wants More taxes without cutting much spending, to further increase our debt. He has yet to propose any Spending cuts, just ust class-warfare to get tax increases and increasing the debt ceiling AGAIN. This has to stop and you should be thankful that the Republican House is responsible to Amercans, now and for our children.

        • Annemb

          I stand by my post.

        • Charlie McKenna

          You really must stop drinking that koolaid and watch something besides faux news.

    • Rich2635

      Secret ballots from a group that always complains of a lack of transparency is yet another example of the right wing’s traitorous hypocrisy. They will not be happy until this nation’s founding documents have been totally trampled under their dirty boots. The Boehner situation reminds one of the “Night of the Long Knives” when the Nazis were angling for power and control in order to put Hitler into the position of “fuehrer-ship”. I can see the need for secrecy, however, since these are basically craven and cowardly people who say one thing in public to portray the appearance of cohesion, while undermining not only the country as they proceed, but each other as well. They are much more like Communist or Nazi-party groupies than the Democrats could ever hope to be.

    • sigrid28

      DV: There was a time when I hoped there were still some statesmen among
      Republican members of the House or Senate. There was a time when I might have felt a glimmer of hope about Norman Ornstein’s doomed yet brilliant concept of someone like Jon Huntsman taking over as Speaker of the House or assuming any role of leadership in among current elected officials affiliated with the Republican Party.

      The idea that Republican operatives within Congress are maneuvering to make the vote for speaker by secret ballot and CHANGING THE HOUSE RULES to do it, just sets my teeth on edge. How in the world can only one party make that happen? That the House Rules have gone so far as to serve MAINLY to protect the jobs of U.S. Representatives rather than the needs of the U.S., highlights one cause of the current disfunction of American government: elected officials now serve mainly their own self-interests and those of the wealthy individuals and corporations which financed their campaigns. As Dante told his guide,Virgil, while treading down and down, spirally lower and lower within the circles of the Inferno, “I had not thought death had undone so many.”

      Now, I have to go back to figurative language borrowed from World War II, wondering who among these Republican enemies of democracy might choose to take the role of collaborator (with Democrats) or resistance (undermining the discredited Republican party secretly from within). From that point of view, I give Boehner kudos for dealing his party a death blow with his Plan B. Maybe he has the depth of character and personal weaknesses to tolerate taking an inside role in the dismantling of a pernicious blight on the country’s welfare that even the landslide re-election of Barack Obama could not eradicate. In Germany, high ranking officers in the German army plotted to kill Hitler before he did any more damage. They did not succeed at this worthy yet ultimately self-destructive goal, but for their singularly horrific moment in time, they chose to act as true patriots. Whether he is doing so on purpose, or by catastrophic accident, John Boehner is making it unmistakable what a disaster for this country the Republican Party has bacome.

      • Like you, I hoped, naively, that moderate Republicans would prevail in regaining control of their party, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that the dominant force within the GOP is the Tea Party and that if anyone is going to have to split and create a third party it is going to be the moderate wing of the party, if such a thing still exists.
        Instead of reflecting and trying to determine the reasons for the defeat on 11/6, they seem to be more determined than ever to push their extremist agenda regardless of what most Americans want. I suspect because, deep in their hearts, they remain convinced that they are the only real Americans and that the rest of us, regardless of whether we are 47%, 53% or 80% are just “liberels” whose opinion is irrelevant.
        I think it is also readily apparent that the original plan to make President Obama a one term President has been replaced with a Plan B focused on ensuring his presidency fails, even if doing that means destroying our economy and, by default, undermining our national security and standard of living.
        These are dangerous times, not so much because some foreign zealot may strike again, but because domestic zealots are determined to destroy the institutions, programs and values that made this country a bastion of freedom and democracy admired and respected by the whole world.

        • I hope that I am wrong but it seems sometimes that unless these fools are forced out of government that we might be seeing the seeds for violence, especially if the will of the people becomes consistantly ignored.

          • Charlie McKenna

            This is the situation that the 2nd amendment was added to the constitution to address. That the gov’t. would become so corrupt that it would be the right and responsibility of the citizens to take up arms against it.

        • They also do not see a black man as the “legitimate” President either. I believe that deep down this is the true reason for why the GOP has become what it is. They couldn’t make Obama a one-term President so they are more determined than ever not to compromise or work with him.

      • Let’s not forget Fomer George W. Bush (Junior), Former Vice President Dick
        Cheney (666) and Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (Snowflakes)…
        they ruin this country.

        • William Quigley

          You left out Paul Wolfowitz! He was the leading architect of the Iraq War. He predicted that the Iraq war would pay for itself with oil revenues. We are still waiting

    • 1concernedsenior

      Right on Dominick

    • joeham1

      Dominick once again you keep say things that are whacky and untrue! The problem you ignore is that our president and the democrats don’t want to lower spending! they have no interest in it. The republicans have offered increasing revenue for this broken down Government to waste. In the mean time Obama has increased spending and has not offered spending reductions. In fact he wants another stimulas.

      Let’s call a spade a spade! Our Governement is out of control. Our President won’t take the blame for anything and people like you are so slanted to the far left you won’t admit our president has completely failed!

      • Sand_Cat

        Your buddies have offered NOTHING but things they knew would never be accepted. They clearly have no intention of EVER negotiating in good faith or reaching an agreement.

        And once again you show your moronic ignorance: there is no “far left” in this country other than a few marginalized individuals and small groups (if that). As I said before, when someone is beyond the lunatic right as you obviously are, just about everybody – and especially those who are halfway sane, intelligent, or educated -look like the “far left” because pretty much everything involving intelligence and knowledge IS as far from you bigoted dimwits as it can be.

      • This tea party congress goes down in history as the worst ever, They have got nothing done and have worked the least of any congress. No doubt in my mind they are actually the party of the antichrist. They would love to see the poor die and the world end. The republicans spent and spent then had to begin borrowing when GW. was president and never one time throught about the surplus they had before destorying it by starting two wars, and the part D medicare plan. But, you all cannot end the world or kill the poor. Fear God. He will stop you, and the end is at his time and noone can stop him. We will be rid of tea party 2014.

    • Dominick – right again. Your analyses are always coherent. Boehner might as well have done his job and protected the country and not fall to his personal aspirations. He would probably lose his Chair regardless of whether he puts the Senate’s bill to the floor. He’s weak. However, that being said, it won’t matter who becomes Speaker until the extremists numbers dwindle much further. The 2014 election will tell the tale. These extremists may be in what they believe are their protected districts until their middleclass constituents feel the economic pain and possibly have their epiphanies and vote-in more moderate Repugs.

  • 1consernedcitiz

    this countries in shambles..


    • grandbaby1

      It is already self destructing

    • roguerunners

      Let it!

  • mamacaz3


  • trucker581

    Lying Ryan, as Speaker of the House..What a joke.

  • smilelaugh

    The more I hear about the republicans the more I see how down and dirty they can get. They really are disgusting and unethical for sure. So now they want to be able to vote for the Speaker of the House but not let anyone know who they vote for? That shows character. If they are real men let them stand for who they want.

    And Ryan as speaker? Well that goes to show you how dumb they are. Not that Boehner is a good choice either. But it looks like they want to really do the American Public in and get what they want.
    How very sad for our country

  • The Republican Party has no where to go except obscurity and permanent third party status unless it disassociates itself from right wing Tea Bag fanatics who could care less about serving the public interest in this country. What a tragedy for a party which had past leaders who understood the meaning of compromise and working with the Democratic Party and independents to promote the safety and general welfare of the American public. They should have learned this lesson in loosing the presidential election last November by nominating a person who wrote off 47 percent of the American electorate and promoted tax breaks for the wealthy few.

    • downdraft

      re: “…What a tragedy for a party which had past leaders who understood the meaning of compromise and working with the Democratic Party and independents to promote the safety and general welfare …

      With due respect to you…I can only say they failed to “promote safety” and the “general welfare”…somehow by losing sight of what we hired them to do for the country…

      I find politicians…often than not…looking first to save their jobs…which they look at as a lifetime career….rather than doing what is best for the nation regardless of discomforts that come with their actions…

      …but WE out here must shoulder a great deal of those misguided behaviors because we ignored the “handwriting on the wall”…”

      • sigrid28

        I’m sorry to agree with you. I don’t know how exactly, but the left looked the other way as Republicans loaded up state legislators and governorships, and then the House. It reminds me of the 24-hour takeover recently in Michigan, where far-right bills passed into law that even Republicans did not elect officials to vote for. The officials carried out a secret agenda. I think it took basically honest liberals much longer than Republicans to realize that the Republican agenda is so unpopular, Republican candidates can only win by cheating.

        Here in Iowa, some Democrats were also the victims of their own bigotry. They were at first seduced by the far-right stylings of Alec, that had as good a feel for leftist xenophobia as it did for xenophobia on the right. Democrats locally, who can only be invited to the “Democratic central committee,” woke up rather late to the problem posed by Alec, for the same reason that they worked at cross purposes during the election workers hired by OFA, whom the locals described to me as “college students who aren’t from here.” Meanwhile, these OFA staffers were not savvy enough to include non-party members to the Labor Day Parade, local Democrats they could have depended upon. It’s a miracle the state remained blue and our candidates won.

        Another problem trusting Democrats have overlooked is that when elections are left to political candidates and appointees, a Democratic ticket may be scrambled up on the ballot itself by a Republican Secretary of State. Witness the efforts of Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State to decrease voting hours and days in Democratic precincts. It has been a hard lesson to realize that many Republicans have no interest in democracy.

        Now we find that the Speaker of the House could bring up a vote to void the Fiscal Cliff but refuses to bring to the floor any bill that can pass ONLY with both Democrats and Republicans. The bill he brings must get the votes of Republicans only. Why? To protect his position as Speaker of the House. Why do we tolerate this violation of his oath of office? Because for decades, Democratic leadership as well as Republican has let the disfunction in Congress get to this state of total impasse. Representatives from both parties have voted again and again to protect their jobs and their benefactors rather than the people who elected them to office.

        • from another Iowan in Ft. Madison…great post!

  • If they want to kick out Boehner it will be well and good, though the replacement will be even worse. Sadly, Boehner has proved to be a failure. Being Speaker is not only holding the gavel and hit it on table several times. He has failed completely to organise his troop and deliver even something small. It was depressing watching him achieving nothing.

  • RR3

    What a tremendous mess the GOP with his satellites teapartyNRA, has turned out to be….they only respond to Norquist and not to the American people….they didn’t learned anything from these past elections….Ryan was one of the reasons they lost……now they want to make him the speaker…….wow….getting out of their 1700’s bubble is a lot harder then they tought……how long they believe the GOP will remanin an important political party if they continue through that path…in 2014 they’ll have their answer….in the meantime they’re crumbling big time…..taking the middle class with them…….a new generation of Republicans needs to be born…for the sake of the USA

    • The GOP is the perfect example of what it truly means to have delusional tendencies!

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        What does that say about the populace that put them in office?

        Not much!

  • rdfsjr

    Boehner is out of it but, Lyin Ryan!??? That would be a total loss for everyone, he thinks he’s above the POTUS-OB would need to put boy wonder in his place quick!

  • Yea, paul ryan, the marathon runner, lier, lier, hands on fire, He ssaid he run a marathon in three hrs and some, when asked by another fellow runner, what marathon was that, and what club did he run for? did not know what to say, his nose grew bigger. LOL

  • Ed

    Yeah, they are stupid enough to do that.

  • jnsgraphic

    Does it really matter if Ryan or which Republican vies for his seat? It will just be another ‘puppet’ leading the right-wing and pro-corporate agenda. Greedy Corporate America and their lobbyists are running the show here, financing political operations and dictating policies in the interests of big business over the public interest = more failed leadership. To replace Boenher with Ryan will be like going from the pan into the fire (Dictator to Dick-tater), Ryan will continue with the same agenda that lost them the vote in November, his conservatism and protection of the rich will be the death of the Republican Party. If the Grand Old Pharts are just looking to ‘prime’ Ryan for 2016, they better first look into changing their conservative agenda or you guys can keep digging the hole and bury your party once and for all. Boehner has hung himself politically, the American people will hang the remaining GOP House in 2014; and the ‘my way or the highway’ GOP will have lost its power with no chance in 2016.

    • ococoob

      Which would you prefer? Boehner? or Ryan? I’d prefer Boehner over any of those teatards and rightwing nuts and I’m a conservative Democrat!

  • charliedognavy

    Sounds like Dumb and Dumber to me

  • No matter how they arrange the deck chairs, an iceberg of voters will sink em in 2014.
    Here’s a prime example of Republican logic. Yesterday McConnel stated that the reason nothing has been accomplished in Washington is because President Obama has spent too much time campaigning. How stupid does this man think we all are?

  • DOMA should be upheld, Marriage should only be between a man and a woman. John Boehner is a great speaker of the House. Paul Ryan should be satisfied with his present job.

    • WOW you too must think your God.

    • Reddiaperbaby

      Give it a rest, Diana…DOMA is soon to be history along with Jim Crow and other disgraceful episodes in our history. You might be happier in Uganda where they actually debate whether homosexuals should be executed.

  • These Republicans are idiots they just never learn vote them out in 2014, Paul Ryan could not even carry his own state.

  • tompte

    This recent election campaign + financial issues have shown us what !#%&(@$^*?>/’s the republicans really are. I shall never vote republican ever again !!.

  • downdraft

    As I look back over the years of being frustrated with the GOP and the House Speaker, including the efforts tried that might “cleanse” the party of RINOs etc. , I conclude them to be exercises and experiences that resulted only in further frustration…even failure.

    ….in reality, the GOP and the Dems are only similar groups of old farts seeking the same goals of continuous careers, jobs, good pay, excellent benefits…and nothing even close to saving this nation from becoming extinct and bankrupt!

    Boehner just doesn’t know any other way other than how to preserve his job…he will and should retire…

    But in the meantime, we as Americans all, should look seriously at disbanding, replacing, whatever, the GOP. We need a NEW PARTY…and we should seriously decide how to make certain such a new party will survive, and become powerful and effective in efforts to save America from becoming like a “broke drunk with a spending illness”….and being stuffed away in the world of other “drunks” who drank and spent their way to failure.

    It is foolishness for us to continue to cut and paste…hoping that this “drunk’s” pig’s ear can be turned into a silk glove…utter foolishness!

    The new party should seek out to recruit ONLY those G.O.P.s who have only this nation’s survival in mind, regardless of how unpopular their new policies are to those who seek handouts…while we demand “toughness and conservative policies” of our representatives, we must as Americans be willing to also take equal responsibility, and back them.

    America will only survive if WE AMERICANS stop putting out our hands to receive, and be willing to sacrifice for the better good of our country.

    Its time AMERICA for hiring patriots who can “damn the torpedoes, and go full steam ahead, fanny and elbows, into the battle”!

    • Who are you talking about? Who is “we?”

      Just kick out the morons in the GOP!

      • downdraft

        I admire one who avoids the multiple words and phrases…”kick the jack asses out…”…very simply put, very effective!

        Nice reply, Stella53…thanks

  • Just what we need.


  • Replacing a dumb with a dumbest , WOW its a great day outside

  • bjay59

    Here they go again. The Republicans keep insisting that losers represent them as their leaders, Paul Ryan did not carry his own state in the presidential election this year or for that matter he did not carry his district or hometown. What does that tell us?. It tells us that the Republican leadership is out of touch with the American people on many, many issues,.they do not understand that the demographics have changed drastically in this country, we have more of the 98% people participating in elections than ever before and if they insist on pushing the 2% agenda and ideology on the 98% then they will be losers until they change their hardcore political philosophy and accept mainstream and “Main Streef” concerns instead of always those of Wall Street. We have President Obama to thank for waking people up and getting more of the 98% registered to vote and involved in the political process than ever before, he is truly one of the greatest presidents in our history. Paul Ryan won’t change that.

  • ococoob

    Rally around the flag, folks and work to defeat these a***holes out of office in 2014!

  • ococoob

    The extremist right wingnuts aren’t going to make it in 2014, not with 52% of the vote being women!

  • CB

    Does anyone think that this could be a ploy by the Republicans? A diversion perhaps? Get Obama to give in on key issues to keep Boehner in as Speaker of the House. The devil you know is better than the devil you do not know. Particularly when the devil you do not know would gum up the works, (the negotiations about the “Cliff”), push the Tea Party agenda at tremendous cost to the country and has proven to be ineffective in a number of ways.

    I know this might seem ridiculous, but when dealing with fools, you have to consider all the angles, at least in my opinion.

  • tman000

    What a bunch of ‘self-centered’ people that we have in Congress. The majority in the House, elected their Majority Leader Mr. Boehner, but will not allow him to lead… They don’t like his proposal but won’t propose their own… We need a new Congress, no doubt.

  • rippper

    Oh well, as usual, the republicans want to get rid of one dick and replace him with another dick.

  • CPANewYork

    If the Republicans in the House do elect Paul Ryan as Speaker, they’ve driving another nail into the party’s political coffin.

    Paul Ryan is one of the reasons that the Republicans lost the 2012 election.

  • That ssound like the teaparty but they don’t do anything in secret only the president let them tell it. They always tell on themselves but they think no one is listening. Paul Ryan the man who could even win his on home town, be for real. Don’t go from bad to worst. But you can’t help it. The american people knew sooner or later it would catch up with you and boy it is catching up.

    Seem like all those haters of the president is going down one by one and he is not doing anything to make it happen. He just keep right on smiling and offering his friendship. He never turned the tables on all those who were against him, plotting to bring, showing racism with racial slurs, drawings, threats against his life and his family. He never lashed out at his enemies but now his enemies are bowing downing and guess what they can’t help it. The president has a lot of love in his heart for people and it shows everyday .

  • elw

    What a nasty crowd these people are. About as loyal and caring about their own as they are for this Country. They are the “me first” crowd if I ever saw one. It will not help them in the long run as they continue to build the memorials for the Tea Pary. Talk about back stabbing politics. Shame on them, at least be up front with what you are going to do, no one likes a sneak not even other sneaks. You should not have to hide a vote you are proud of.

  • AlfredSonny

    This is an excellent chance for Boehner to go in history as a near-sighted Republican or a visionary courageous American.

    • “visionary courageous American?” LOL! Please tell me you’re not serious? Boehner is afraid he’ll lose his job as Speaker of the House. He could care less about the nation. Nothing courageous about him.

  • 1concernedsenior

    Boehner should be sent back to sweeping floors, chasing skirts and getting drunk. Ryan isn’t much better, that poopbutt sissy needs to bow out. Anyone who is willing to trash Medicare should find another line of work!!! Ryan should be locked up in a room with a pack of teabaggers and right wingnuts and let them have their way with him!!!

  • 1concernedsenior

    The American people voted in November –>>that historical vote proved that despite the economy, our beloved President was voted in for a 2nd term. He was voted in because he knows what’s best for this country. What it all boils down to is *It’s all in the numbers “$$$” If you know what I mean. President Obama need cooperation in the House of Reps to get things done. The jackasses in the House are shooting themselves in the feet (not foot)!! When the dust settles (for a 2nd time) the truth will be in the pudding! I hope President Obama overwhelmingly is nominated for a (rarely heard of) 3rd term. By this time the dead wood in the House of Reps will be exterminated and weeded out. Amen

  • Both Karma and payback are some bad M.Fs. Everything Obama suggested to the House and Congress; the Republicans shoot it down and vote against it! What goes around; comes around! One can’t do wrong onto another and expect right to return to them!

  • I have an idea-let the tea party republicans have their own state(s). They will have the right to not pay any taxes, carry unconcealed or (concealed) semi automatic weapons, tea party fermales will not get paid equally for their work and they will have no rights to their own bodies but will be subjecedt to the male version of how they should live. All religious zealots should have the right to their own ignorance and illusions. I also have a couple states in mind which would no longer be part of the United States. Any red state, especially Texas or Arizona would do as they would require less moving of peoples from out of state.


    Harry Reid has not approved a budget for four years. So, why should Boehner continue to kick the same dead horse? In fairness, we should call it “Harry’s Cliff”.
    Boehner’s Plan B was brilliant. Vote no vote, it left a Christmas present for the Muslim Socialist to ponder during the families $4 million vacation. Must of struck a chord as he packed up and left early. What a show boat departure, “Jim Dandy to the rescue.”
    Read the fortune cookie; Pheasants, welcome to Mount St. Clifford, the new suburb to Mount St. Landfill.

    Liberty is eternal vigilance.

  • bchrista

    What you pundts who I whole heartly agree with fail to accept is that the Republican Party has taken over control of the country by geary mandering their respective states election so that only they will be voted in Office, no others need apply, and they only need to tell their constituents that under their rule the South will rise again, and those Red Necks aren’t intellegent enough to realize that that time is long passe and they dream of the days long past when blacks were their slaves and the only thing they were good for was picking cotton, making them Mint Julips, and breeding more slaves intelligent people know better but if you destroy education who’s going to tell them especially when someone is telling them that they must get rid of that Black man in the House before that can happen so they must do every thing they can do in order to accomplish that. Point number two by bankrupting the country they won’t feel it a bit because most of their money is bank or invested over seas in countrys all over they world and they won’t feel the impact of the destruction they did to the United States. The only way you are going to get those Senators and Republicans is have them removed physically because the have fixed the voting in their States so that no one can run against them and win, the voting was over whelmingly against them and they still got their seats back take the case of Paul Ryan he lost his home town and is still in Office, like I said before I am with you 100%, but you got to face facts the people have to rise as awholewalk int to the Congressional Chambers and remove then. and right now they have the money and the power of their Office,

    • Not all people in the south think the way you have stated. Some of us are educated and know good from bad. Tennessee is the state I live and the tea party is here in full swing. They have districts where noone can run against them and make dems run against dems. The tea party had members of their party running against Corker because, he can at times be moderate, he won but without my vote. I voted for President Obama both times. So some of us do know bad from good.

  • bchrista

    Barney Frank just sent out e-mail stating what I having been thinking about the TeaPartiers theyare not going down without a fight, never mind that they lost the elections, they are going to play every card they have and if allowed slip in a few extra they are very mean and evil men you put in Office and like a cornered Rat they are going to come out swinging so be ready people.

  • DoctorFaustroll

    Another Boehner boner. Cry me a ribber. I think Ryan is a better way to oust the last of these scumbags in 2014.

  • As long as he is there mouth piece and a few others I will never vote Republican again, 4 years ago they made a pack that the we the American people did not matter, remember, do not let President Obama succeed, do you people really under stand what that meant,

  • Is Congressman Paul Ryan (Junior) plotting against the Speaker?

    With friends like him, who needs enemies?

    When it is all said and done, the Power Elite (1%) will continue to dominate this country.


  • What did you’ll expect from a grown ass man, crying all the time? He looks like a crying drunk. I bet when he drinks, he cries his eyes out, about how deep his so called friends in congress have their fists, up his ass.

  • one_veteran

    Repukes want to cut government? OK just what part of their government (self granted) ENTITLEMENTS (they didn’t contribute to them so they are in fact entitlements) will they give up? Pensions? Health care for life? Automatic raises every year? Lavish budgets for travel and “office expenses”? staff to do what they are paid to do? bribes from the extreamly wealthy and the “lobiests” to screw the real Americans?

    I could go on but I know they are willing to give up NOTHING that affects them!

  • This guy Boehner is a good man with a tough job, even though he is a Republican; and it is quite difficult to find a good man who is a Republican.

  • Republicans, change the HOIUSE, rules, becaue of what THEY

  • Senor Boehner trabaja pensando en tu pueblo para un futuro mejor deja la politequeria

  • it’s time for bonehead to leave , and get someone who is ready to cooperate

  • Anna Drake

    Blame most of IGNORANT Americans who keep voting for these idiots over and over again. Just look at Bachman and now you know why we are in a deep doo doo. Vote out all of them (weak and traitors Dems and Rep), insist on term limits, put all on SS, same Medical like all of us and you will see how things will be done then.
    Blame yourself for lack of wisdom that as long as Obama is a President NOTHING will be done by Republicans. They did not get him to be one term President, so they will try everything in their power not to work with him. That’s their goal. The hell with the country.
    Mc Connel is up for re election and guess what he WILL be re elected, because the south hates Obama and they will vote for devil himself.
    In one sentence – You voted, you got it ,live with it. We had a chance to change it and we did not.

  • Boehner will go down and the reason he will down is because he is not able to reach an agreement with the Democrats, he wants to save his job and he did not take a real position. I have the feeling most Americans want this man to go away.

    Pelosy has a lot of enemies but at the same time she stays in her ground and that is what a politician should do stay in the ground no matter what. That was the reason Romney lost the election most voter did not trust him, he was unable to take a risky position and Obama won an easy election with a country with almost 20 million people looking for jobs!

  • RodgerMitchell

    Goodbye, Republican party. How about making rape legal and killing anyone using birth control, to complete the right wing trioka of political suicide?

  • Yes,until the republicans start working for the people,changing speackers will do no good at all.

  • joeham1

    What does that have to do with my comment?

  • onedonewong

    Ryan or cantor would be great replacements to Boehner if that’s what the majority decides. There is no one in the Republican party that is as nasty, mean spirited and less competent than peelosi. So who ever they pick will be just fine. Personally I would prefer Joe wilson from SC

  • It almost sounds like being executed twice for heresy. If ousted by the party the inquisition will continue and the “Speaker” will be the first of many sacrifices on the congressional alter of the “Tea Bagger’s. Heresy will be defined as conversing with the opposition. It will be interesting to note what the Tea Party will have to say after the “Fiscal Cliff”.

  • sopas612stayout

    The GOP needs a leader who is progressive and in touch with reality. A leader who listens to his colleagues concerns and the American people.

  • The GOP’s agenda is to make the President fail. And, the primary factor is that Barack Obama is the First Black President of the US. I hope people would address the President by his title, Mr. President, or Pres. Obama, he deserves respect.

  • you are so wrong on the spending Joeham1 Obama has spent the least since Jimmy Carter Reagon and Bush jr spent the most yes the debt will continue to rise because of the rightwingnuts and their greed to destroy our country which ever way they can its time for them and you to go to some other Island and do your dreaming because this is America and your time is short lived here so let me be the first to bid you farewell

  • The extreme right wing is ruining our Republican party. Paul Ryan could not even carry his own state in Presidental electio, nor could Mitt Ramney carry his state.

    Leave John Boehner alone & work this fiscal cliff out.

    • faxt42

      The Republicans do not think that they work for the American people as a whole but a hand full rich Americans who support their own hidden agendas from public eyes, only the Republicans who pledge to that oath have been stick to it and work for those hidden finanicial supporters while receiving salaries from the American tax payers…….hope Paul Ryan , Lion of liarswon’t get any position within the congress or the House. A man with no integrity who pretended he cares of the soup kitchen , a best drama volunteer actor I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • My personal feeling is that they all should be ashame of themselves, they are heartless, and cruel they have no sympathy for their fellow man and just think we the people pay the salaries for these idiots. I just hope that people remember all those that oppose and get rid of them in the next election. “VIVA REVOLUTION”

  • The Speaker is cooked, and we will cook Congressman Paul Ryan if he does not conform
    and does what is in the best interest of The United States of America!

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Good for Boehner, so he can be free from his pocupine allies.


  • tmcerc

    Ryan would be more troulbe than Boehner, after all the budget that the Republicans are trying to push through was wrote by Ryan. He is the one that wants to do away with S.S. and cut medicare, put more tax on the worken people. VERRY BAD MOVE! Not to mention few others thats in Congress today

  • joeham1

    Sand cat you have proven you are a far left nut. First of all the National Memo is far left! open your eyes and stop your hate for a minute. The Republican offered 800 billion in tax increases on the rich. So your either dumb or blind if you didn’t know that. Second you marginalized lefty I agree you are halway sane!

    The biggest problem with nuts like you is your hate runs so deep you would rather believe the lies of your trusted socialists than listen to both sides!

  • With Boehner as speaker, the House has gotten very little done. With Ryan as speaker, they would get NOTHING done!!

  • joeham1

    Rodger when you write things like this you prove your ignorance to the world. The founding father wrote a document that would stand the test of time and that would create the best country the earth has ever known.

    Of course people like you don’t research anything. You just keep your hate for the right. So I will educate you a little…When they did a ban on assault rifles it did nothing to stop violent crime! there was no difference!. 65% of the country agrees that putting a guard at schools will help stop the blood shed.

    However, short sighted, anti- constitution people like you need to realize that the issue runs much deeper than guns. Mental health, prescription medication, and violent games, and movies are all part of the problem.

  • joeham1

    Alvin is impressive how deep your hate is. Don’t be dumb enough to think the debt was passed to Obama. The deficit spending during the Bush years from Iraq and Afganistan were NOT passed on to Obama. Don’t be stupid. When they did the continuing resolutions to fund the wars during his term they did not hide it like some of you morons think.

    Let me ask you this…This year there is a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit…Is that Bushes too?

  • swhitaker6

    Boehner has the people in his best interest, his agenda is to disagree with President Obama as much as he can because he does not like him and he hates that he won the Presidency again so he’s angry. It’s time to put all that aside and work for the people. Stop fighting and do your job “for the people”!

  • joeham1

    John..your saying that because the word budget isn’t in the constitution? Congress was given the power to regulate trade because of forien nations, Indian tribes and states. I’m not sure what that has to do free trade and small Government. But whatever!

    BTW..Good insult saying your sure it would be the first time!

  • joeham1

    Elaine your a sick person. Your hate runs so deep for people who want our Government to only spend what they take in, to stop the corruption, and to follow the contitution.

    Maybe if you moved to Europe or got on some medication, you wouldn’t hate so much!

  • BoneHead, Boehner, was never up to the job

  • It doesn’t matter,we’ll remove him soon,he can scrub FLOORS again…every gun lovers will be Voted Out of office…many repubs are gun lovers!

  • rgraben07

    There is much going on in both parties right now that isn’t in line with our fore fathers…To many people looking to their own self worth and not what is best for the country as a whole…We as a nation have wrecked havoc on other countries and think there is not accountability, but look around we are being held accountable…Too many individuals in DC right now are reaping, but have not sown, this too will cost them dearly in the end…A cost I would rather not pay…
    And while the rest of us are too busy poking holes in what each other says or believes, still nothing is getting done…Do you really know who your fore fathers are or what they stood for? Is it just something you read out of a history book that has been distorted or a book written from another human being who is prone to errors..
    Why are any of the politicians getting a pay raise when the rest of the nation is getting ready to face incomes going the opposite direction? Shouldn’t they have to suffer the same thing we are? How about put their pays in escrow until they can effectively tackle out countries problems….

  • joeham1

    Darwin you talk like an 8 years old! what’s the matter with you? Did you have a bad childhood?

    What is it exactly that you don’t like about the tea party? Try to stay civil and tell me which one of the tea party views you dislike? If you can.

  • joeham1

    So now that President Obama is telling retirees to pay for it, is that OK?

  • joeham1

    Warren your a hater. You should really stop hating so much. I’m NOT a tea party member. However I don’t hate them and I agree with their premise!… Small Government, low taxes, self reliance, and less Government intrusion.

    So what does a hater like you disagree with? Take your medicine or whatever it takes to give a coherent answerif you can!

  • joeham1

    Alan, It must frustrate you to be wrong so often! What did Ryan lie about?

    Exactly what is it about the tea party that turned you so hateful? Which idea exactly don’t you agree with?

  • That is changing the Devil for the Devil. The vote of no no for no; no no no, They don’t like our government and try to destroy it. Maybe Pailn was right reload. Do you think NRA will give me a free subscription to their organization?

  • joeham1

    Jose…what exactly is it you don’t like about Cheney?

  • joeham1

    Rob..What’s your point? Are you saying that 16 trillion plus debt is ok? Are you saying that Obama’s 1 trillion plus per year deficit spending doesn’t matter?

    What most of you left wing crazies don’t understand is that in 2006 (with the Bush tax cuts) the Government took in the most money ever! what does that tell us? If you have half a brain, it tells us we have a spending problem! Now come back from 1787 and let’s talk about today!

  • joeham1

    ok 225 years old. now let’s talk about the issue at hand, you hate the tea party. why? because they don’t agree with you or the wackos who think the government should control everything. the same government who is corrupt and spending us into oblivion. you say you are informed, what is it you are informed about?

    I am not a tea party member, however there is nothing they believe in that any sane person couldn’t agree with.

    Annemb I suggest you really try to read what the tea party stands for, then you will know what you are talking about.

  • joeham1

    Jerry your hateful rant couldn’t be more mis guided. First of all I believe that our President may be the Anti-Christ. It can be proven with crazies like you believing anything he says! He add 5.5 trillion to the deficit and somehow you retards can blame Bush for that!

    The tea partydoes not control either the house or the senate. The Senate which is controlled by the democrats has not even passed a budget in 4 years. Can you figure out a way to blame the tea party for that?

    Jerry you would serve yourself and any moron you hang out with well by really reading and trying to talk about things you know. That way you won’t sound so evil!

  • joeham1

    Ronald you are flat out wrong! Read the constitution and get back to me! Until then i won’t tell anyone how misguided you are!

  • bartcy

    in my opinion all the republicans who are holding our country hostage should br tried for treason, these idiots have cost this country hundreds of billion while claiming they are trying to cut expenses… who the hell are they kidding. lets impeach them all!!!Patrick Barlet a dissabled viet nam vet..the tea party has almost totally destroyed our great nation.. they must be stopped at what ever measures nessecarry!!!

  • Proceed, Republicans

  • Robert:There is much attention given to the Republicans and John Boehner and his plan B and it has been mention that moderate Republicans need to join the Demoncrats to ,avoid the fiscal cliff.
    How do join another party when they think about new legislation on proposing new taxes and spending.That reminds me of a guy I meet this week at the Mall in a shoe store.He said to me those are great shoes you are wearing and sked where did I purchased them.I responded him right here in the shoe store.He asked howmuch did they cost,I replied $27.00 dollars.Out of clear blue sky he said to me I only have $100.00 inmy checking account and my Credit cards are over the limit.He said or well I guess I buy two pairs and and go to the food pantry to get the freefood for me and my children.I siad to him dont your children and family come first .He replied back that’s why I go to the food pantry for all the free stuff.When we look at the politicans running this country and voting on new ways to implement new taxes so they can find ways of spending the taxpayers money on old prolems,and are willing to get the free stuff.Their is no free ride ,sombody is paying for the free stuff and guranteed its the American taxpayers.

  • New ideas have to take place for success as a country or in personal lives. Using the same techniques year after year and looking for different results is called “insanity.” It is time for a democratic house and senate that will represent all of the U.S., rather than 2% of the U.S.

  • Paul Kula

    The only way to get anything done is to vote these ultra right reactionaries out of office!!! Ryan, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and the other tea obstructionists!!!

  • Yes, because he did not stand with the people. Many will fall next elections when the the party figures out, they paid for the party and can’t go to the party because they are part of the 47% needing help the Republicans is going to take from them, even there social security.

  • dalnb

    It makes no difference who sits in Boehner’s chair as long as the Tea Party continues to influence Congressional Republicans and Democrats. Congress has become a society of followers who jump at the demands of Tea Party activists giving little regard to the needs and best interest of America! Every Tea Party politician regardless of party or house needs to be immediately removed from office. When they learn to give more respect to the American people than they do the Tea Party, Mitch McConnell, the Kotch brothers and Karl Rove maybe we will have a chance to get America back on track!

  • From the Tan Man to Rocky the Flying Squirrel…a giant leap for Wing Nutz.

  • Rob Wilkens

    I’m curious, if the republican vote for speaker is split — could the democrats put up their own nominee that would outnumber (in votes) the number of votes any one of the republican candidates would get?

  • blueskies13

    The Republicans have a serious problem if they’re now fighting amongst themselves. The moderates in the party need to unite and dump the extremists like Ryan and the so-called Tea Party. All that aside, I’m really disappointed that this is the best leadership we get for all the taxes we pay, and I’m talking about Republicans AND Democrats. They’re acting a bunch of bratty fourth graders. Well, boys and girls, pick up your toys and go home and let those who care about the citizens of this country get in there and figure things out because you are all doing a crap job. Partisan politics that lead to hardship for the people is UN-American! It’s time to compromise and I think the Repubs have the most compromising to do. Let’s go!!

  • ridemybroom

    somebody needs to get his racist white behind out of there,,,the man stinks and he is no good…rotten to the core…need to take mitchie boy with him and cantor man…

  • joeham1

    I agree Marcus. However, I didn’t exclude those things you mention. So rewriting history isn’t what I was doing.
    For instance..seperation of church and state wasn’t meant to keep God out of our schools. It was meant that the Governement won’t dictate what religions are practiced.

    Everything else you mentioned goes with what I’m saying. Most extreme left people hate (with a Passion) the tea party. I see no reason for that. They seem to be loyal Americans who want the madness of the Governemnt spending to stop before it ruins our country. For some reason not one person on the National Memo that I have talked to, care about the national debt. If they do talk about it tthey blame everyone except President Obama who has raised spending more than any other president!

  • joeham1

    Well Jesse, because of your low intellect you missed the point. Let me try to explain so even you can understand.

    My point about our founding fathers is they created the base ideas for our society. They didn’t guarantee anything and we know that through Amendments the document changes.
    However if we go the way of the extreme left we will be a socialist country like some found in Europe. Our wealth will be gone and redistribution will lead to extreme poverty. An example of this is the 6% increase in poverty since Obama has taken office!

    The surprising thing to me is this country as it was before the Government grew and invaded our markets through regulations and laws, was the most successful country in the world. The amount of wealth created was unmatched. (I’m not saying that in itself didn’t create it’s own problems) (I’m also not saying we don’t need good regulations!!!!!)

    Today the left wants to raise taxes on the rich. If your against that somehow your anti American or a tea bagger or whatever. The Government has proven (especially in the Bush and Obama administrations) It can’t spend wisely.

  • Good!! I hope all those right-wing nut jobs will continue digging their own graves until the mid-term elections when the Democrats take back the House and control both the Executive Branch and the Legislature. Serve them right to be hoisted by their own petard.

  • Despite the fact that there are myriads of valuable functions of government, there are many who believe its function is to give taxpayer support to the military industrial complex and create demand for them with false flag events that will be used to “justify” fighting wars. They run up huge debts in unfunded wars from which they profit greatly and then blame the resultant debt on “entitlements” which in the case of Social Security are paid for by the workers special payroll deductions. They also want government to step aside and let them pollute, send jobs abroad and rob workers of their rights.
    They reinterpret our Constitution to allow corporations and banksters unfettered freedoms to influence elections and lobby legislators for preferential treatment. Then the “job creators” who have created the fewest jobs in any decade since WWII, claim they cannot pay even small tax rates because they need to “create jobs.” They fail to mention where they plan to do it, China or Mexico.
    Now they insist on supporting filthy fossil fuel companies instead of clean alternative energy sources. Why? Because they would rather make money than prevent our earth from undergoing disastrous changes.
    Their supporters in Congress are now ready to bring this radical outlook to the Majority Speaker’s platform.

  • ribbet124

    You know what they say about a house divided.

  • ribbet124

    I don’t believe that all congressman are sorry and worthless as teats on a boar hog…………just the great majority of them. Instead of the Norquist pledge, if congress continues to screw over america then the 98% should sign a pledge never to vote for another republican ever! Do this at federal, state and local level and maybe we will get a real and true group of lawmakers that are for this country and lend something to america instead of filling their own pockets.

  • joeham1

    Michael…Your obviously a genius. First of all smarty, it’s not my party. I’m not a robot like you. BOTH parties are full of it!

    Second of all If you really listened and learned you would no that The left wing whackos are the real destroyers of our economy.

    For instance: look at EVERY major city in America. New York, Chicago, LA, and Washington DC…. All ran by Democrats (Don’t call Bloomburg a Republican) and all crumbling from bad schools (thank you teachers Union!) over taxation, high crime, and a political party that is so dirty and corrupt they have all the elections bought and paid for.

    Now let’s look at our national situation: We have a President who has spent 5.5 trillion dollars more than he took over the last 4 years. He has some of you left wing morons believing it wasn’t him! His only answer to fix the economy is make retards believe that taxing the rich will fix everything! To be fair I will say that Bush and OBama were and are horrible President’s. The housing collapse was directly caused by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. They protected Fanny and Freddie until it was to late and then they collapsed.

    So Michael I’m sorry to say it will take both parties and it will take people like you to wake up!

    I have a way you can prove to yourself who is at fault and the best way to fix it!

    Study Texas and then Study California….One of them has a good economy and the other doesn’t… One is ran by the republican’s and the other the democrats! If you open your eyes the truth will be there for you!

  • joeham1

    edw…I’m trying to wake up the sleeping! The Presidents socialist agenda won’t work! It never has and it has never mattered who ran it! The biggest problem with the radical left is they think they can do things that have always fail, but because they are so smart they can make it work!

    5.5 trillion increase in the deficit and all the morons that read the national memo either don’t think it’s because of Obama or that it doesn’t matter! Mark my words and remember my warning when your jaws drop after he destoys what’s left of our economy!

  • joeham1

    Emma that’s cute! you didn’t say anything but it’s still cute!

    So let me ask you a questions that I’m sure your ignorance will prevent you from answering…

    A deal has been struck to prevent the cliff crisis…The president spent over 2 years saying we need a “balanced approach” ….We now have 100’s of billions in new taxes and the deal will increase the deficit as much as 4 trillion.

    Since there was no balanced approach and the deal hurts the country more! Do you still believe Obama is a god?

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  • Merrick Spiers

    Instead of shuffling deck chairs the election of Ryan would be more like poking another hole in the boat. It would be the same as announcing that the permanent goal of the Republican party is to destroy Social Security. Which it is, but Ryan is one of the poster boys for it. Having an extremist non-compromiser with a fake reputation among complete idiots for deep thought as the Speaker will only hasten the demise of the GOP as we know it.

    • The GOP must be pretty desperate if Ryan is their hope. Just looking at Ryan’s legislative record tells us all we need to know about his qualification to lead his party.

  • The root of Republigeddon is gerrymandering. So long as Republicans (or Democrats, for that matter) are in safe districts and only face serious challenges at the primary level, this nonsense is going to continue. And there is nothing to be done a out it at the federal level since the the question of drawing congressional districts is purely in the purvey of the states.

  • billbear1961

    A knife in the back; blood in the forum!

    And by anonymous hands!

    Ah, Republicans! The scum of the earth!

    And cowardly scum, too!

  • prsteve11

    “Until the Republican Party listens to the American people and compromises on its extremely right-wing (and extremely unpopular) positions, changing its leadership will amount to little more than shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

    The liberals speak very proudly now. Let’s see things again 2 or 4 years down the road . . .

  • Ryan? Oh dear, that man proved beyond any doubt during the election that he could be as incoherent about policy and a tosser of word salad as Palin. Oh well, let’s see how that brilliant idea works out.
    Toss another ego on the bonfire of the vanities, who’s next to go down in flames?