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Monday, October 24, 2016

WASHINGTON — As he tries to engineer a comeback in this week’s presidential debate, President Obama needs to recognize two things. First, when it comes to politics, Mitt Romney treats himself as a product, not a person. Second, Republicans cannot defend their proposals in terms that are acceptable to a majority of voters.

You can imagine Romney someday saying: “Politicians are products, my friend.” There’s no other way to explain why a candidate would seem to believe he can alter what he stands for at will. His campaign has been an exercise in identifying which piece of the electorate he needs at any given moment and adjusting his views, sometimes radically, to suit this requirement.

In that respect, Romney does Richard Nixon one better. When Nixon was looking to revive his career in the 1968 campaign, the terribly scarred veteran of so many political wars realized his old persona wouldn’t sell. And so he created what came to be known as the “New Nixon” — thoughtful, statesmanlike and tempered. The operation worked until Nixon’s old self got him into trouble.

But manufacturing the New Nixon took years of painstaking effort. New Romneys appear on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis. Thus did Romney move far to the right on immigration last year because he needed to dispatch nomination rival Rick Perry, a moderate on that one issue. Since then, Romney has been trying to backtrack to appease Latino voters.

During the same nomination battle, Romney abruptly changed his tax policy to placate the supply-side-Wall-Street-Journal-Grover-Norquist axis in the GOP. Romney’s initial tax proposal was relatively modest. The right wasn’t happy. No problem, said Romney, and out came his new tax plan that included a 20 percent cut in income tax rates, “rate cuts” being a term of near-religious significance to supply-siders.

Romney pointedly asserted (again, in the primaries) that he wanted the tax cut to go to everyone, “including the top 1 percent.” But this doesn’t sell to swing voters now, especially after the leaked video in which Romney wrote off 47 percent of Americans as incorrigibly dependent. So in the first debate, Romney tried to pretend that he didn’t want to cut rich people’s taxes. He reassured us that “I’m not going to reduce the share of taxes paid by high-income people.” (By the way, he could cut taxes for the rich a lot and still keep their “share” of the government’s overall tax take the same.)

  • With Romney leading in most polls, the electoral map changing, early voting in progress in some states, and the election 3 weeks away there is no margin for error, President Obama needs his best debate performance of his political career to turn things around before it is too late. In addition to defending his policies and record, he must rebut the claims Romney has been making about MEDICARE, the economy, unemployment, taxes, Libya, Syria and now China. One of the first things he has to highlight is the fluidity of Romney’s claims which have changed from traditional Republican positions on social programs, and even spending reductions, to a tacit endorsement of social programs and promises to restore MEDICARE savings and DoD program cuts that even the Joint Chiefs of Staff admit were not necessary.
    Most importantly, President Obama must convey his vision of the future to the American people in a manner that is clear, concise and convincing, without appearing condescending. The reason, Obamacare, and Obama’s fiscal and economic policies are disliked by so many Americans is, at least in part, due to the inability of the President and members of his cabinet to articulate the benefits and rationale for those policies; and the fact that we allowed the GOP to distort and demonize them with total impunity during the past 3.5 years.
    The benefits of Obamacare to individuals and the business community must be articulated clearly and forcefully, the same goes for the stimulus package, debt reduction efforts, income and small business tax reductions, regulation and other major initiatives put in place during the last 3.5 to turn the economy around, promote business growth, reduce unemployment, and avoid a sequel of the corporate fraud, abuses and greed that contributed to the mess we just experienced. A reminder of where we were four years ago and where we are today, and emphasizing the fact that the unemployment rate is finally back to where it was on inauguration day and dropping, that consumer confidence is up, the stock market is at record highs, housing starts and sales are at their highest point in over five years, the foreclosure rate is at its lowest point in 5 years, and 4 million jobs have been created the last two years would not hurt. The most important part, however, is conveying a vision of the future and reminding the electorate of where we were four years ago in a way mainstream Americans can accept.
    Attacking Romney, now that he has adopted Democratic values to get votes, require the best skills the Harvard Law School has to offer. Hopefully President Obama can rise to the occasion. Fortunately, in his zeal to demonize the President while embracing his agenda, Romney left a few openings that, if exploited, could make Mitt look like a very naïve or duplicitous politician. Among them are the promises he made to seniors to restore the $716B in MEDICARE savings, and the promise he made to cadets at VMI to restore DoD spending reductions…while allegedly pursuing an agenda focused on spending reductions! Another Romney faux pas is the statement he made at VMI regarding a more robust involvement in Syria, including providing the rebels with the weapons they need to defend themselves against helicopter and jet fighter attacks. Since the only way to accomplish the latter is with ground to air missiles, and considering the fact that several rebel groups have been infiltrated and are being led by Al Qaeda operatives, the only logic conclusion we can reach from Romney’s statement is that he favors supplying Stinger missiles to Al Qaeda! Is he proposing a sequel to Reagan’s policy when we trained and gave sophisticated weapons to the Mujahedeen, including OBL, that were fighting the Soviets, or WMDs to Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war?
    Another opening involves Issa’s investigation of the Benghazi tragedy, and RR’s claims on that subject concerning a request for increased security. Do these gentlemen understand that security at U.S. diplomatic facilities overseas is usually provided by CIA agents, that foreign countries have accused the USA of having CIA “spies” for decades and that we have denied such a practice and insist our personnel at embassies and consulates are diplomats? Do they realize they are undermining the credibility of the USA and compromising the safety of diplomats working overseas? A closed-door investigation would have been appropriate, but since that would not have produced the desired effect, which is to destroy President Obama’s foreign policy accomplishments, making our government look duplicitous was a small price to pay to achieve the GOP/Tea Party goal of making Obama a one-term president.

    • They Have Done Every Dirty Trick In The Books To Make Obama A One Term President !! It’s Up To Us We The People To Put A Stop To Their Madness Cause It’s Our Very Life Is What At Stake!! Obama Is A Millionaire Who Will Do Fine But It’s Us Who Will Suffer At The Hands of Romney And The American Taliban Members If Romney Wins The White House!!! Let’s Make The Poll That Counts Most The Voting Booth We Must Keep Our President In The White House Or There’s Hell For Us To Pay!!!

      • The way the Republicans in Washington have treated President Obama has completely turned me against the GOP. They think they have only one thing to accomplish: Get President Obama out of office. They have completely forgotten
        “we the people” in trying to do this. I will not vote for a Republican this year. I do not think they care one thing about me and the rest of the Americans they are supposed to represent. They are self centered.


          Maybe if obama would have acted like an American that loved his country

          or was for the Constitution instead of against it.

          Or if he would had followed the rules and didn’t push bills through illegally

          and Legalized 800,000 illegals without getting approval.

          And demanding and pushing bills through before you could read what’s in them and cared about OUR country instead of bringing it down.

          The list goes on and on the dirty tricks he has pulled on the American people—

          He should had been Impeached over and over again.

          Or if he tried to make our economy better instead of worse Maybe people wouldn’t be against him.

          • President Obama probably loves his country more than you do. Few people would remain calm and committed after all the insults he has endured. Everything he has done is consistent with the tenets of our Constitution, and the SC agrees. If the rules he broke involve challenging the status quo, ending abuse by insurance companies, Wall Street, credit card companies, unscrupulous business and others all I have to say is not a moment too soon. He granted a 2-year amnesty to children of illegal immigrants that grew up in the USA, and studying or serving in the military. The GOP proposed a guest worker program, amnesty for all, and extended college tuition privileges to children of illegal immigrants in Texas. Obamacare was debated for one year, if the GOP was unable to read that legislation in that length of time they should go back to elementary school and take remedial English classes.
            The effect of his policies is evident, after 8 years of disastrous domestic and foreign policies Barack Obama managed to turn around the economy, unemployment is going down instead of up like it was when he was inaugurated, the stock market is at record highs, corporations and banks are posting profits and hiring, construction is picking up, foreclosures are at record lows after 5 years of record highs, consumer confidence is up, and the man responsible for 9/11 is dead.
            You may long for the nefarious W era when Republican policies almost destroyed our country, most of us don’t even want to remember it.

          • grammyjill

            Alkl of the GOP in the House and Senate should be tried and convicted of treason!

          • 345_719


        • dtgraham

          If the President is under the weather or something today, could Dominick show up to take his place?

    • montanabill

      What is Obama’s vision for the future? Oh, right. All we have seen are attack ads on Romney. A liar calling the other guy a liar. That should work.
      Benghazi security supposed to be CIA? The CIA is spy agency, not a protection agency, that is why embassies have Marine detachments. All the spin in the world is not going to protect the President on this botched mess, because he created it.

      • If the president created this mess in Benghazi then it follows that Bush created the mess of 9-11. There were warnings there too but Bush ignored them. I think this blame game is ridiculous. We need to be blame these things on the terrorists, not eachother.

        • montanabill

          According to Obama for many days, there were no terrorists, just “a reaction to the anti-Islam video”. Secondly, even grade school kids knew to be wary on the 9/11 anniversary and lastly, the Benghazi consulate had asked for additional security. So, is Hillary going to throw Obama under the bus or is he going to try to throw her under the bus? Should be interesting.

          • latebloomingrandma

            The Marines protect embassies, not consulates. I heard that the increased security was requested by the embassy in Tripoli, not the consulate in Benghazi. Also, the outbreak of violence occurred in Egypt begore the incident in Libya, and the Egyptian episode was linked to the vile video. I think there is so much distortion because people–politicians and some news orgqanizations–don’t or CAN’T wait for actual facts to come out. This may take a while to unravel. The Middle East is very complicated, trying to sort out all the various bad actors.

          • Late, for diplomatic reasons we cannot send our armies into foreign countries. It might make the country nervous. The host country is supposed to provide most of the security for the embassies and consulates. What we usually do when an ambassador is in danger is to remove him and bring him home.

          • grammyjill

            He only reported what his security people told him. They (NO ONE) has even talked to anyone who was actually there at the time.
            So, why don’t you put a hold on your pissy attitude for a while.

          • montanabill

            Mind the excuses grammy, you are smarter than that. You wouldn’t have accepted such lame excuses from a Republican administration and neither would I.

          • grammyjill

            I’m not just listening to excuses. The commitee that is investigating said they have yet to hear from anyone who was there. I will wait until such person or persons are heard from before I jump to conclusions. So, sit down before you go overboard.

          • 345_719

            Show us the report!

      • CPANY


        Glad that you realize that Romney’s a liar. We’re making progress here.

        • jarheadgene

          And of all the NERVE of this guy, Willard, NOT ONLY IS HE A LIAR, he is a deceiver. While Ryan was being “schooled” by V.P. Biden, Willard-Mitt was visiting the (dying) Billy Graham. Like Jacob before Issac, he pretended to be something he isn’t, to get the “blessing” of a bed ridden 92 year old man. All Romney was missing was the fake arm hair. For some reason Franklin Graham has some bone to pick with the President and doubts his christianity, yet takes Romney to get Billy’s blessings…….ROMNEY….a MORMON…..they don’t believe in the Trinity, they don’t believe in the VIRGIN Birth, they beleive they themselves will achieve little “g” godhood and inherit a kingdom on the planet KOLAB.
          All you supposed right wing “real” christians better read up……the
          MORMON’s are as far off base as scientologists.

          • neece00

            Your right, when you think of the Mormon aspect of Mr. Romney, it is rather scary.

        • montanabill

          You didn’t read close enough.

      • Small Marine detachments are stationed at U.S. embassies worldwide, but not in consulates. Our diplomatic facility in Benghazi was a CONSULATE not an Embassy. Security for both embassies and consulates is usually provided by local law enforcement personnel. Short of invading foreign countries we can not deploy Marines or any troops to protect our ambassadors, consuls, attaches and other diplomats without the consent of the local government and, again, there is no precedent to justify or propose such a move. We do have security at those facilities, some are CIA others are plain clothesmen like the Navy Seals that accompanied our ambassador in Lybia when he decided to visit the consulate in Benghazi. Instead of two we could increase the number to four, six or eight nd that would still be insufficient to protect our personnel against a well organized terrorist attack carried out by as many as 80 heavily armed terrorists. It is also important to remember that terrorist can strike anywhere and at any time. We can increase security in embassies and consulates, and still be targets if they decide to attack a U.S. company or Americans working overseas. I spent 30 years abroad and what some people are proposing is simply not practical. I also think we are making a mistake advertising the fact that we have “security” personnel stationed in diplomatic facilities without the authorization of local governments. Can you imagine a platoon of red Chinese stationed in Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or Dallas?
        We should demand an explanation from the Lybian government regarding the lack of protection they offered, and we must find out who tipped the terrorists about the visit of our ambassador to the consulate in Benghazi.

        • montanabill

          Good. So next time you are stationed at site like Benghazi, have been warned that an attack is coming, and have requested more security, I know you will be happy when they send out a few locals.
          You can demand of Libya all you want. The fact is, it was our people and our responsibility. It was 9/11 at one of the most dangerous of locations and we had plenty of advance warning. There are no excuses.

          • Nobody knew the consulate in Benghzi was going to be attacked. Our diplomats knew that terrorist cells were operating in Lybia and warned the State Department of the possibility of an attack. It could have been against the Embassy in Tripoli, the consulate in Benghazi, a consulate in another city, or American interests or individuals anywhere in that country.
            Terrorist attacks are far from being unprecedented, over 240 Marines were killed near the Beirut airport after Hebollah promised revenge, the Cole was hit, U.S. Army barracks in Saudi Arabia were hit, and we were hit right here at home on 9/11/01 after Al Qaeda issued a Fatwah promising to punish Americans in their homeland and after the CIA issued numerous warning to that effect that fell on the ambivalent ears of a Republican President. The 3,000 people killed on 9/11 were our responsibility and the responsibility of a Republican President who preferred to read primers to school children in Florida than protect his country.
            Yes, I agree, Lybia is a dangerous location, and the same goes for every Muslim country from Morocco to Afghanistan to Indonesia. There are literally hundreds of consulates in those countries, dozens of Embassies, hundreds of American business offices and buildings, tens of thousands of Americans living and working in that part of the world. How exactly do you propose offering protection to all of them?

        • Dominick, you are absolutely right. Yes, Libya should be taken to task for failing to protect the ambassador. Countries agree to protect ambassadors and what happened in Libya.

      • grammyjill

        Congress created it when they cut that budget by 300 million dollars. Then said NO to Obama and Clinton when they said they needed more money for security.

        • montanabill

          Those were Biden’s words. And they weren’t exactly true. The budget, which had increased significantly to $1.2 billion was cut $270 million. It had absolutely no role in the security of the Benghazi consulate.

          • grammyjill

            Sweetheart, It was from the mouth of the head of that commitee. He said they cut the security budget by 328 million and when the president asked for more they said no. So, now if we need more security what is the president to do, have a bake sale?

          • montanabill

            You had info. The Republicans asked for $328 million and in negotiations with Democrats the final figure was $270.

            In testimony Wednesday before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Charlene Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, was asked, “Was there any budget consideration and lack of budget which led you not to increase the number of people in the security force there?”

            Lamb responded, “No, sir.”

      • 345_719

        Go back to the hills montana. You don’t know what you are talking about!!!

    • latebloomingrandma

      RomneyRyan and all the other R’s claim Obama can’t run on his record. Well–I think he should start bragging a little. He CAN run on his record. He needs to start claiming where we were then and now. My IRA lost one-third of it’s value, thanks to the Bush administration. It is all back+ some as of last week; I’m thanking the Obama adminstration for that one. He needs to actively refute the false claims about the ACA, and explain how it’s going to work. I saw the Republ Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn last week saying we need Obamacare repealed and replace it with something that provides access to all our people that they could afford to buy and won’t interfere with your doctor-patient position. I said—–DUH! What do think Obamacare does, you idiot? He also needs to explain what the various taxes are, as that narrative has been taken over. They’re making it sound as though the middle class will be hit with the bulk of them, when it is only the wealthy that will pay an increase in their payroll Medicare tax. There is much fuss about taxing medical equipment and supply manufacturers, but I don’t see what the detriment is in that. If I have to pay tax on a car, I think I can pay a tax on my pacemaker, should i need one.

      • Latebloomingrandma, I read your response to Marsha Blackburn and had to laugh because she represents my state and we did not want her to win. She did more harm than good while serving as a state representative and then she got elected to Congress. Human compassion is not one of the requirements to serve in Congress.


    Face the TRUTH

    What it all boils down to folks is that if the American Taliban Republicans (the old GOP) blow any part of this election they may just as well pack it in as a viable political party.

    So as RoMoney dances from one political stance to another, look at it as a death dance where the alternative would be to stand in one spot and sink beneath the waves.

    Look at it this way. As the “near death GOP” spends tons and tons of green folding money one would expect that they would be much further ahead of the game than they actually are at this point. Despite the bending and twisting of the truth and facts by Karl “Fat Pig” Rove the Taliban GOP are nowhere near the goals projected by the group early on in the election process.

    So let’s step up and give the Taliban GOP a push in the right direction and maybe they will invite us to the wake. At least, I will send flowers.

    • Romney The Con Man Once Elected Will Morph Into Bush On Steroids And We All Will Be Screwed!!!

      • trucker581

        Screwed and Tatooed!!!

      • Edsanjuan

        Fern: Go back to your duties as a “nurse” ! You are cheating your employer and your “patients” ….

        • Dear senor San Juan, hope you had a nice morning siesta, just in time for rice and beans and your afternoon siesta!

          • Edsanjuan

            Dear senor Vila:

            1) The post was for Fern; don’t you think she has the brains to answer me by herself? No, you say? NO??!! (I knew it!) Oh well, in that case it’s OK that you answered.

            2) I am not a Mexican, and if I were, I would be: a) PROUD of my heritage; b) offended by your stereotyping and patronizing attitude towards whom, most obviously, you consider an “inferior” ethnicity. (Do I perceive a “touch” (just a touch, mind you) of bigotry in your inane message?)

            3) Mexicans and other Hispanics (“Latinos” is just a newly coined, “cute” word for “Hispanics” used by Liberal “elites” who mindlessly love to call a “nanny” an “Au Pair”) have not realized that you Liberals actually look down on, and despise them. When they get to notice and realize that about Lefties, it’s “adios, amigos!!” for the Liberal Left.

          • You Are Not From America Cause You Should Be The Last One Who Should Want Romney To Win You Just Another Ass Sucker Of The Koch Brothers!!

          • Fern Is Answering Herself Asshole Same Thing Now As I Told You Before Your Brain Dead Ass Just Can’t Read Stop Talking To Me Tea Bag Fag!! Your Sissy Ass Can’t Bully Me So Why Do You Keep Trying Now Get Back On Your Banana Boat And Get The Hell Out Of My Face Bitch!!

          • I don’t get nasty with people very often, but I confess that I have a short fuse when a guy gives a woman a hard time. Should we conclude that people who work don’t have the right to express their opinion? Are you aware of the fact that nurses work shift and she may be off? Why is it that Republicans feel they can give people a hard time, but rebuttals are inappropiate? BTW, I had rice, beans and carnitas at Chipotle for lunch…


            NOOOOO—-we know she’s at work when she is blogging!!!! She said so—on her Employers time


          • She must have one heck of a long shift…

          • Sometimes when they are shorthanded for nurses, nurses have to pull a double shift. I have a lot of respect for nurses. They work long hours, face some pretty bad stuff and they give their lives to other people.
            They are one of the professions that get my esteem.

          • You Just A Damn Low Life LIAR Just Like ROMNEY!!!

          • Nurses get breaks and time to eat which is their time not their employers time which you would know if you were working.

          • highpckts

            And you are not a bigot when you condone t-shirts for Romney saying “put the white back in White House”?? Don’t go all moral on us! It doesn’t work! You talk out of both sides of your mouth!!

        • lana ward

          I would hate to be under her care since I’m Republican

          • You Little Tea Bagging Bitch I Wouldn’t Touch Your Nasty Ass With A Ten Foot Pole!!! Take Your Nasty Ass Back To Pat Ding Dong Web Site And Keep On Sucking Out Of Rich People Asses You Dumb Ass Bitch!!!

          • lana ward

            I didn’t reply to you, I thought you were going to avoid me so what’s up with that. Leave your liberal bubble once in a while, you might learn some truth

          • Shut The Hell Up Talking About Me!! Your Dumb Butt Sucking Ass Wouldn’t Know The Truth If It Punch You In The Eye!!!

          • WillNeverVoteRepublican

            Hi Fern: It seems this Lana Ward and EdSanJuan ain’t worth your precious time. ANYONE has to be racist, rich or out right CRAZY to vote for Mitt RobMany!!!!

          • I Agree With You Totally And I Will NEVER Vote Republican Ever In Life!!!


            YOU ARE SICK IN THE HEAD!!!!!


          • Why Do You Keep Coming Here With Your Crap!! There No Sign Saying There A Need For A Cheerleading Tea Bagging Troll!! Why Don’t You Catch Up With Your Crowd!! We Don’t Care To Hear From You Don’t You Get It???

          • 345_719

            I feel sorry for you!

        • When I Post Believe Me My Job Has Been Done Now You Need To Get A Job And A Life Cause You Are About To Get Shown The Boarder!! LOL You Edsanjuan And This Tea Bagging Fellow Cocksucking Lana Ward Bitch Really Needs To Get A JOB AND A LIFE!!


            You must be VERY VERY angry at something else in your life.

            I guess when you look in the mirror and you hate what you see!!!


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            I bet you’re loaded with tattoos and piercings


        • Bet If You Get Your Dumb Ass Off The Computer And Get Yourself Some Skills You Too Can have A Job And A Life Cause Romney Sure In The Hell Is Not Going To Help Your Dumb Ass!!!LOL


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            Who would live with a mouth like that!!


          • highpckts

            Allllamerican – Low life, scumbag, dirty rotten mouth??? And you don’t call names?? Please!! Hypocrite!!


          Haaaaa Haaaaaaaaa GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!


          • neece00

            Hi there friend, you have sooo many friends today. Wow, I am so jealous.

          • Friends Like These I Damn Sure Don’t Need!! They Are Just Tea Bagging Assholes LOL

          • Fern, I have some good friends who are gay. They are much more intelligent than some of the tea baggers that post here. I respect gay people.

          • Faggots Are Not Gay People These Are Trolls I Wouldn’t Dare Call Gay People Faggots I Have Gay Friends Also!!

        • Go get a life Edsanjuan or should it be Edneedtogetsome!

      • K_O_N_G

        Give Mittens some credit. He’s changed his positions so often, we have no idea what he’d be like as president. Hell, he might nominate Bill Mahr to the Supreme Court.

        • Yeah That’s The Problem We Don’t Need No Shape Shifter In The White House!! Here Go The Tea Bagging Cockaroaches Back For More!!! Romney First Agenda Is To Put You Edsanjuan On The Banana Boat And Send Your Dumb Ass Back To Where You Came From!!! LOL Romney Will Have The Power To Deport Your Dumb Ass Fool!!! LOL

          • Do not worry Fern..listen President Obama is winning on early voting 59to ROBMY 31…almost 1/2 girl….I know GOD? don’t like “moran mormon”….worst!! don’t like F@@@KN’G LIARS & OPPORTUNIST LIKE THE FASCISTS, EXTREMISTS & RACISTS TEA BAGGERS JACK ASSSESSS!…I HOPE THEY SINK IN TEASHITT!

          • You Got That Right Celia The Voting Polls At The Voting Booths Are The Only Polls That Really Counts!!!

          • Bob Williams

            You sound like a typical Obama supporter, which is “Not the brightest bulb on the tree.” It’s clear that English isn’t your first or second language.

          • DurdyDawg

            Always spouting with the ‘correct’ English when they don’t have a good come back for their idiotic beliefs. At least Celia has a light to show her the way, you on the other hand should change yours.. It’s a cold room when you walk around in the dark.

          • she is wrong talking like that but then the republicans are the same way, we cant work together anymore. By the way , if your all american, then your native american, but Ill bet your not.

          • highpckts

            Yeah, well try this! The Koch Bros have notified all their employees that if they do not want the companies that they work for and also the companies that the Kochs own to close they will vote for the candidate that will not impose health care or raise taxes!! Now I know this isn’t illegal but, at a time when jobs are of greatest importance, these billion dollar companies are issuing veiled threats to their employees implying that will have no job if they don’t vote the “right” way!! I am outraged, disgusted and ashamed of this country that we have stooped this low!!

          • jimmab52

            Is he for ABORTION this week or aganist, Is he for COAL FIRED POWER PLANTS this week or aganist this week, is he for WAR this week or aganist it, going to wait to vote untill the 6th and see where he is that daymaybe MITT-NOCCHIO can make his mind up then

      • Good morning, Fern, How do you like it? You got 32 likes.

        • LOL I Love My People Who Understand Just Where I’m Coming From We Will Always Refuse To be Conned By Romney Snake Oil Salesmen Con Artist And His American Taliban LIARS And Traitors!!

        • Good Morning My Friends!!! 🙂 <3 And To You Ms Maggie Top Of The Morning To You!!! 🙂


            Oh LOOK—-It’s Fern just got to work so she can BLOG allllll day on her employers time.

            I bet you live in an apartment and ride a bus to work!!!

            YOUR JUST THE TYPE and you shouldn’t be able to vote anyway if you don’t own property or contribute to the country.

          • Oh LOOK! Just another angry uneducated and ignorant white man trying to demonize someone,so he can build himself up and the ” plutocratics”, who doesn’t give damn about his dumb ass!!


            another LIB puking out a bunch of no good nasty crap out of your rotten mouth.

          • WOW! ” The pot that called the kettle black”! Get educated first,”All-UNKNOWLEDGEABLE-man!!

          • grammyjill

            Romney signed 800 bills while governor. The Dems overturned 750 of them because they would hurt the people. One that was overturned was to aid a policeman that was severly injured on the job. Sweet Guy!


        NO MORE FEEEEE, FERN!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaa



            why are YOU so stuck on COCK roches????

            do you have them everywhere in your trailer or apartment

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            You are lower than Whale poop at the bottom of the ocean.
            There is NOTHING lower than that and that = (Fern) Whale Poop

          • Your Mother And Father FOOL!! They Are Lower Than Whale Shit They Had You Didn’t They????

      • dalnb

        Well stated – – – I hope your message is going further than just this forum! We all need to do our part to see America is not sold to the highest bidder; America is a land of opportunity for all; not just the wealthiest and certainly not for those who are ready to take funding from the wealthiest in order to ensure America continues to slide backward!

    • Ed

      Don’t start the victory dance yet. One h..l of a lot of voters are willing to vote against Oboma, Romney just happens to be the only alternative. And Americans have a long history of voting on their prejudices, and against their own self interest.

      • metrognome3830

        Unfortunately, you are right Ed. In fact, I would go so far as to say that people voting against their own self interest are more of a problem than the politicians.

      • grammyjill

        No he’s not. There is a Libertarian Goode, an Independant Johnson, and a Green Party Jill Stein.

    • grammyjill

      They don’t deserve the flowers. Save your money.

    • dalnb

      There are a lot of “good” and highly qualified Republicans in Washington but they are being forced by party leaders to follow the GOP agenda. Failing to comply results in no support for their bills and no support for reelection. My Republican Senator publically backs the GOP talking points but in frequent correspondence I get from him he seems to cross the line and often shows support for Obama’s agenda.

      We should not lump all Republicans into one failing group but by all means identify and remove those who have so visibly backed Mitch McConnell’s Mission of Failure and those who have embraced and refuse to sway from the Tea Party doctrine. !

      It has been McConnell’s Mission of Failure and Tea Party pressure on Republican representatives that has hindered ANY national recovery!

      These are the messages we need to get to ALL voters who put America over party!

  • The only way Romney plan could be implemented is by bankrupting both American and its middle class.

    IF the US would go into default, the Rich would remain rich and the middle class would suffer horribly, America would become a Third World country and the US wages for the middle class would be competitive with China.. as would the benefits be on par.

    Remember, the wealthiest man in the world lives in Mexico and incredibly rich Chinese exist.

  • alboy5

    Under Obama the middleclass has shrunk, the deficit is out of control, the middleeast is in crises.
    In Obamas words we should re-elect him because he hasnt realized his full potential as an incompetent president.
    He has robbed medicare of 736 billion dollars. Small business has been repressed, no wonder unemployment is so high. If you are a small business, Obama says you didnt build that business.
    Obama a president, well he didnt do that.

    • The Middle Class shrunk before Obama, The Middle East has always been in a crisis, Saving $716 Billion in Medicare over 10 years is about an 8% annual efficiency reduction. Romney calls it “robbing” as wealthy investors lose that unearned excess profit in their portfolios, and that money can be used for real productivity increases or deficit reduction. WHy you complaining about reduction spending by $716 Billion? Are you one of those Borrow and Spend Republicans? Bush doubled the National Debt, Reagan tripled it You can create a lot of jobs with borrowed money, kicking the can down the road to our children and destroying the future of America.

      Romney says corporations are people, too. What does that mean, they get 2 votes to the working man’s one? Wanna Bet $10,000?

    • You’re full of b/s…Not a damn word of truth to your comment…Have you ever heard of facts,instead of drinking that Kool-Aid over at faux news or from the lips of that lying flip-flopper,Romney??????

      Hey,idiota, here’s some facts for you…There would be no Social Security or Medicare without the Dems..There would be no middle class without unions…

      That 736 bil is to be turned right back into Medicare,closing the prescripton donut hole for Seniors,etc….

      How about 73 filibusters by Repukes on jobs bill in the present Congress???? ….

      You think there aren’t people on here that are going to call you on your non facts…

      • Edsanjuan

        AliciaSolis: They say it takes an “idiota” to recognize another, but, in your case, lady, it took an “idiota” to recognize that alboy5 is a perceptive, smart individual.

        • BDC_57

          you can’t anwser can because your a tea bagging idiot.

          • Edsanjuan

            BDC-57: I repeat: Get some English Composition & Grammar classes !!
            …. look at WHO is the idiot here ….
            P.S. – Are you taking your English classes with Fern WoodCock as the teacher?
            Yes??!! NO WONDER !!

          • BDC_57

            i don’t care tell me what romney going todo help the coutry. and I want facts. not what you belive.


            Good JobEdsanjuan !!!!!!!!

            That’s what I wanted to call that idot FERN (WoodCock) I said she is a C**t

            Typical LIB Typical LIB

          • grammyjill



            She deserves it and asks for it over and over with her truck driver mouth

      • Veracity is not one of these tea party people’s virtue. The figure never was 736 billion.

    • old_blu

      alboy5 I figure you must come on this site to change my mind on who to vote for, I’m pretty stuck on Obama right now cuz I know what he is going to do, and I’m okay with it, so convince me I should change my vote to Romney. Tell me what he is going to do to make things better. I run a small business, and I’m not doing bad. how is Romney going to make it better?

      • alboy5

        Obama wants to raise taxes on people making 250k, he wants small business to pay Obamacare for every employee in case you wanted to expand. Read up on Obamacare which is a boondogle for insurance companies.
        Possibly none of these things apply to you. Falling off the fiscal cliff might. Find out what that means.
        Obama already took 716 billion out of medicare.
        Whats next social security? Maybe you’d like some. Obama might not be the friend you thought he is.

        • old_blu

          So you don’t know huh? See that’s the same problem I and everyone else on this site have we don’t know.

          I’ll ask you one more time and then we are done, not because of you but I’ve ask the same thing of many and I get weary.

          What is Romney going to do to make it better?

          Remember I already know what Obama has on hasn’t done or is going to do. And I’ve heard all of Rush and Fox News, I have a TV.

        • neece00

          I can give you some honest information about our HCR (healthcare reform) if you want to listen. Every business will require their employees to have insurance which means the American people won’t be paying for the hospitalizations on the uninsured. Your insurance will no longer deny your sickness for preexisting because her had a lapse of coverage. Your young adult child will be able to stay on your policy again decreasing the uninsured. Preventative treatment is now covered with no co-pay. If you do not like the cost of your insurance through your company, you have the option to purchase coverage through other programs. In case you did not know, the healthcare reform with strengthen the Medicare program. Tax credits and other programs are available to small businesses to help make insurance affordable for their employers. Your insurance is required to spend at least 80% of the premiums on direct care and not on CEO bonus. This is just to name a few.

          • alboy5

            No one in the Obama administration denies cutting 736 billion from medicare. The fiscal cliff is coming and social securityis on the table. In fact the current Obama plan for soc sec is to reduce cost of living increases to nearly nothing.

            I dont want to give Obama the chance to do that. Its not right that seniors have to eat dog food after working most of their lives.

          • neece00

            I found your report on the CBS (not fox or MSNBC) and this debunks your statement.

            “I can’t believe it. He has taken $716 billion out of the Medicare trust fund to pay for Obamacare,” Romney said at a recent campaign stop.

            But where did that $716 billion figure come from?

            From here: A July letter from the Congressional Budget Office to House Speaker John Boehner, which says if the president’s Affordable Care Act is repealed, “spending for Medicare would increase by an estimated $716 billion” over the next decade.

          • Typical tea party lies. The figure they are bantying around is not 736 billion. It is 716 billion and that was eliminating a very costly Medicare program called Vantage Plan. It was the cheapest medigap offered. It worked when the government gave a flat rate to Medigap to use to pay the medical costs for the person who opted for that plan. It allowed insurance companies and doctors to goug the government.

          • alboy5

            Right why should people on medicare be able to afford competent doctors.

          • grammyjill

            Both of my parents are on medicare. They have whichever doctor they wish to see. My mom has three top specialists. My dad had open heart surgery a couple years ago. He got the BEST heart surgion in this area. He is also the professor at the medical school.

          • grammyjill

            I just got a cost of living increase at the begining of this year. The first one in years. The republicans are scareing you. Stop listening to them and just ask us, we know the truth.



          ObamaCare… Seniors Must Submit To Counseling For ‘End-Of-Life’

          Hey old blu —Hope you don’t get sick to often you will be sent for End of life counseling with your beloved obamacare—You wanted it

        • grammyjill

          Yea, so, does that include you? Is that why you’re having a hissy fit? So they will have to pay alittle more. Maybe they’ll even catch up to what my husband and I pay on our huge 27000 a year.
          He didn’t actually take any money out of medicare. He just talked to the insurance companies and hospitals and got them to stop double billing and stop unnecessary tests. That SAVES 716 billion over 10 years, which makes medicare stronger and last longer.
          As for the fiscal cliff, that is probably the only way to get Grover Norquest out of the way so some work can get done. Yea, it will be a little rough for a while, but much better than anything R/R have to offer, whatever that may be.

    • Do you live in a tree? The three things in your first sentence are the result of Bush policies and the obstructionist republicans Tell me Romney or bush wouldn’t have us in ten more wars to change the middle east. And Obama never said he was incompetent, did he? He has added years to Medicare solvency thru finding waste in the current system such as overpaying Medicare Advantage companies an extra 14% over Medicare premiums. It cuts cost of medicine for current beneficiaries in the donut hole and allows for payment free preventative care. And Medicare Adv. companies have not gone out of business, so no loses their Medicap coverage. romney would continue paying those companies an make Medicare insolvent by 2016. You want that? He never said businesses didn’t build that. Romney took Obama’s words out of context. Read something besides the Drudge report, alboy 5. It’s sad I wasted time explaining facts all for the sake of an idiot.

    • BDC_57

      the middle class shunk because of bush. not because of obama. obama is bringing the
      middle class back. do you ever listen to the news?

      • old_blu

        Oh they listen to their own version of the news.


        NOOOO, Obama has been in for four years and hasn’t done anything!!!!!!!!!

        We have several small businesses we were doing GREAT with Bush and now almost bankrupt with obama that doesn’t have any idea how to run a business ROMENY does and has!!!!!!!!!!
        If you are not a small business owner—YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!!

        • neece00

          You do not know what you are talking about. Get you head out of the sand my friend.


            SORRY but I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Been there and done that!!!!!!!!!!

            Have you????

          • neeceoo, I have been reading your posts for a long time. One thing I find is that you are always well research with credible resources. A lot of these people cut and paste from the hate blogs. Or they make the same tedious statements over and over without ever showing us where they got their tedious statements.

        • grammyjill


      • If it does not agree with their pre-conceived notions, they do not listen to it.

  • bcarreiro

    …made in china.


      EVERYTHING is!!!!!!!!!

      • grammyjill



          What have you done

  • Mitt Romney cannot cut taxes without a painful unbalance somewhere in the American landscape. I remember when Bush said he was cutting taxes. He had no way to replace the revenue he took from the federal coffers, so of course the Federal bank account went down, then he took us to war. The Federal bank account took another draining hit. We need to raise revenue somewhere, seriously, to pay down the debt. Let the very wealthy pay a bit more, even it is just for a while so we can build up our coffers again that Bush allowed to go way down. This blended with a balanced reduction in spending, new revenues, investment in energy and education will bring our beloved country back. Mitt is now repeating all the things Pres. Obama has been saying for four years and that John Boehner and his gang have vowed not to permit. We need Obamacare because without it the uninsured put a huge drain on the federal budget this has been evident years. Mitt Romney is George Bush. America’s comeback team will take us back to 2008.

  • Edsanjuan

    Ok, guys, start practicing: PRESIDENT MITT ROMNEY, President Mitt Romney, President Mitt Romney !!
    Obozo is NOTHING without a teleprompter !! LOL !!

    • neece00

      I hate to disappoint you Ed, but Mitt needs more than a teleprompter. He needs a planner, an organizer, a secretary and anything else that will help him keep his stories straight. How else will he be able to keep up with the many different lies he tells and to whom he has told what to. Eventually all the lies will come back to bite him on the butt.

      • Edsanjuan

        neece: If you substitute the name “Obama” where you said “Romney”, you will be correct (at last!) in everything you said … LOL !

        • old_blu

          You need some new material ed, one of the first signs of mental illness is to repeat the same thing over and over.

          • Edsanjuan

            Hi, old-blu: You got me there, my friend ! How did you come to realize that my mind is not working right (for many years now)? …. I guess it takes one to know one, right?
            But, old-blu, I never repeat the same thing over and over again !
            And, haven’t you noticed that I never repeat the same thing over and over again?

            P.S. – old-blu, just to set the record straight, I never repeat the same thing over and over again!!

            As OUR good friend says, Have a good day! (I mean it !)

          • old_blu

            That’s funny ed thanks for the smile, and you have a good day also, and I mean that too.

          • metrognome3830

            Glad to hear you’re alright, Ed.
            Glad to hear you’re alright, Ed.


            Why are you Libs sooooo HATEFUL
            and NASTY mouths

          • grammyjill

            us? have you read what you’ve written? you sir are a vile thing.

          • old_blu

            Vile and hypocrite.

          • grammyjill

            you noticed that too.

        • neece00

          Ed Ed Ed, oh darn I am repeating myself. Have you been drinking that coolaid again. I can tell the lies that Romney has delivered but what are the lies that Barack has delivered.

    • K_O_N_G

      Let’s see how Mitt-the-twit does with out his magic hankie before we get too excited there Ed.

    • BDC_57

      explian what mitt the twit is going todo to save this country. all hear that comes out of his mouth are lies. even your fox news says he lies. so explain what the idiot going todo.

      • Edsanjuan

        BDC-57: Before I understand your post (and am able to answer it), I need to to take some “English Composition/Grammar Classes” , please ?
        You Lefties can NOT talk about Obozo’s record (there is none), and do not WANT to talk about where he is taking this Nation, so all you want to talk about is Romney.
        Repeat with me: President Romney, President Romney !!

        • BDC_57

          never you don’t know what your teabagging leader is going todo to save the country. in fact he don’t even know.


            We DO know we DON’T want to be in the breadline like OBAMA wants us to be

        • grammyjill

          How about…We are NOT in the depression we were speeding toward…5.5 million people have gone back to work…housing sales are up 6.2% instead of foreclosures…credit card bill of rights…Obamacare!!…Iraq is over!!We have an end date for Afghanastan. You want more, cause there is alot.

    • metrognome3830

      Hey, Ed, the only reason Romney doesn’t have a teleprompter is because they can’t change the speech as fast as Romney changes his positions.

      • old_blu

        Hahaha metro, now that’s some funny “stuff” (quote from VP Biden)


        The reason is Romney knows what he’s talking about

        Obama only knows Muslim talk and has to read the teleprompter to say

        GOD BLESS AMERICA because it is sooo hard to come out of his mouth.

        • neece00

          How can Romney know what he is talking about when he doesn’t even know which lie he is presenting for the moment.

        • grammyjill

          there you go vile again.


            YES, I do get Vile when you allll vote in a terrorist to run our country. And can’t EVEN say GOD BLESS AMERICA or Wear the American Flag on his jacket because he might offend some other country.
            NOT ACT LIKE THIS

          • grammyjill

            We are confident because we pay attention. The President is not a terrorist, muslim,communist, marxist,or socialist. Your right wing buddies are just trying to frighten you and you are falling for it. You don’t like that he refers to God. Well, he read the constitution. That little thing about separation of church and state. That means his religion has to stay out of the office. And I watched the debate last night and his flag pin was there. He’s only been without it once as far as I can tell and that was on a talk show before he was elected the first time. He was even asked about it. He said it is usually there but he had lost it and hadn’t gotten a new one yet. He had it the next time he was on tv a few days later. You ought to instead of throwing all this wrong info and vileness around, actually check things out with an open mind. Our country IS getting better, no matter what that fat pig limpdick says. I wouldn’t listen to that thing on general principals. I don’t like whining. Although if he really gets worked up, maybe he’ll do us a favor and pop a blood vessel.

      • grammyjill

        He has sneaky cliff notes instead.


      I can’t wait until President Mitt Romney takes over the office—–

      Guaranteed the Libs will have a riot—-They are a bunch of out of control animals—-


      • grammyjill

        actually, I and my family already have plans to move to Canada if that ass gets in.


          Good idea—-Take the rest of the bums with you

    • grammyjill

      and the puppet is nothing without his puppetmasters!

  • atc333

    Obama should point out that both Romney and Ryan have executed the Norquist “No new Taxes Pledge”. This means that the only solutions for our budgetary problems are limited to cuts. not increases on those best able to pay, the very groups, the 2%, and the 10% who own 44%, and 90% of all the wealth of this Nation respectively.

    Our nation had a progressive income tax for a reason. Our rates were all the way up to 90%. The distribution of wealth in this Nation were radically different than they are now, as proven by the wealth distributions above.

    Now, Romney seeks to continue the redistribution of wealth to the above groups with his failed trickle down exonomics.

  • William Deutschlander

    The Republican Cartel’s Romney & Ryan are very flexible human caricatures, they will match any desired hue and offer any desired position on any given day. The Republican Cartel’s position is to regain POWER thereby extracting more monetary rewards for the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

    Reagan, H W Bush and G W Bush, with the Cartel have done a splendid job of destroying the United States Economy while diverting the monetary rewards to the 1%.

    What is most AMAZING is that nearly one half of the registered voters do not have the mental capacity of reasoning and logic, and stand in support of the Republican Cartel’s HOLLOW and DEMEANING RHETORIC, that ultimately will lead to their economic doom.

    Having been involved in the volunteer end of state politics I came to realize that many Republicans are GENERATIONAL Republicans. In other words Great Grandfather was a Republican so we are Republicans. Actualy this was not a danger up through the Eisenhower Administration. After the Eisenhower Admin. the Republican Party started a major restructuring that has totaly transformed the Republican Party from a party of the people, to a greedy Republican Cartel for the advancement of the select few or the 1%. This is born out and proven by the pouring of money by the select few into the support of those they have convinced to represent the interests of the select few, 1%.

    I would hope that many of these GENERATIONAL REPUBLICANS would take a close look at their own personal interests and wake up to the fact, that they need to register as Independents and make evaluations of candidates that truly represent programs that are in their own personal interest.

  • Thank you…again…for wording everything such as is..calling the Republicans…the American Taliban Republicans(the old GOP)…and stating the truth as is…and to all the others like Fern…and trucker581…and Kong…where he said we will be screwed and Tatooed!!!…and this is to Edsanjuan…telling Fern to go back to nursing…Mitt was all for the woman the privilege to do with her body as she wants to…and now he has shifted his opinion once again…he is to unfocused to be especially the President of the USA….he is going to get it at the next debate….you need to take something for your memory…thanks to all the others who agree with me…on so many issues dealing with that “Narcissistic Personality”…the con-artsit and liar that he is…we are facing the “Truth” about “Big Bird”

  • AnnMarieCad

    Mitt is a camillian on 2 legs. He should be put back into his natural habitat. Where that is is left to the imagination.

    • jarheadgene

      Natural Habitat…..Planet Kolab……..hahahahahahahhahahah!

  • Gerry1211

    Romney is the ultimate saleman, a deal closer. So where ever he goes he asks his people “ok what do I have to say to close this deal” and that is precisely what he says. Once we undertand that it is not at allcurious why he has a different story every day. He has a different audience and his aim is to “close the deal with them” Of course YouTube preserves all these different “deals” he’s made from day to day.
    Now this suits (to quote ExPAVIC) the American Taliban fine. All they want is someone who can hold a pen and sign Sharia laws into effect. The man is an empty suit, and what he is selling on behalf of Corporate America is a SCAM.

    • It is true that he seems to try to be what his present audience wants. Is he going to wear falsies when he talks to women’s groups?


        REALLY Maggie!!!!!!!!!

        • neece00

          What is your problem, I thought that was pretty funny.

  • lana ward

    The only way Dems win elections is by voter fraud. People vote twice, dead people vote, animals vote, illegals vote. There is thousands of threats of country wide rioting if Obama loses. Republicans arn’t threatening violence if Romney loses. Just another example that Repulicans are a more decent group of people.

    • nobsartist

      thanks lana. you are an idiot. perhaps you should tune back in on the drug addicted pedophile, rush or maybe the half wits on fox entertainment.

      its more your speed.

      here in michigan, we have a governor elected thru voter fraud and 2 republiCONs up for felony charges of voter fraud.

      we all know that the AWOL coke head that lied us into 2 wars and was convicted of war crimes, that you no doubt voted for twice won by fraud.

      you are a chump.

      • lana ward

        Voter fraud happens more with Dems, that a fact. You must agree with me, you have to have ID or you DON’T vote


        Do you have ANY idea how many voter frauds happen during the obama election????? That’s the ONLY way he got in.
        Have you ever heard of ACORN????? I’m sure on your news channel they don’t mention it.
        They have already caught several this time. The Republicans do NOT want to be the idiots and just watch the Dems do allll the fraud and then win again.

        Stop talking like a Lib with a trash mouth

    • Replying to lana ward –

      THE FRAUD PERPETRATED BY A REPUBLICAN OPERATIVE OF THE “HOLIER THAN THOU” REPUBLICANS HAS SPREAD TO AT LEAST 11 STATES, and is on a scale in the 10’s of thousands, possibly 100’s of thousands of fraudulent votes.

      Contrast that to the extremely low number of actual cases of voter fraud that has been found at the polls in over a decade of searching.




      Because, the top Republicans know they have NO CHANCE of winning a fair election.


      Unlike you, I try to see both sides of the argument. But no matter how hard I try, I cannot justify so much of the “conservative” mantra.


      I don’t like paying taxes any more than anyone else, but I know that deficits cannot be reduced simply by screwing the middle class and the poor at the expense of the rich.

      There needs to be a balance between spending and revenue. Without that balance, the deficit will continue to grow. Nothing can stop that from happening.



      Just more of the yellow liquid
      waste from the 1%.

      • MrFreeman122

        Jim you forgot to mention now the Millionaire employers are telling their employees that they will be laid off or fired if President Obama wins. Whats up with that?

        • grammyjill

          they want to force employees to vote against themselves in hopes of Obama loosing so they won’t have to pay their fair share of taxes. I believe montanabill has made that threat to his workers. I hope they are all smart enough to tell him where to get off and go find better jobs.


      This is a FACT and has been proven over and over!!!

      Libs CAN NOT face the facts.

  • howa4x

    Romney should wear a sing saying new positions every day. Whatever your groups concern, it’s now mine too. But problems are brewing for the spinster. One the radio last week in Iowa, he of course is now pro choice, said he wouldn’t pass any legislation over turning Roe. Immediately the right wing of the state lambasted him and of course he changed his position back again. So now he is on all sides of he issue. Obama need to question his different positins on the issues. Romney is like shifting sands that the desert winds blow into different shapes. He has no moral center or convictions. The real conservatives are being taken for a ride with him. The never really trusted him and wanted someone that would champion their cause, not fold in front of every group. Now conservatives this may just be an act because as you are well aware we live in a centrist country that throws out both the ultra left and ultra right, and he may unveal his big red C on his cheast when elected, or not. His only track record governing is from a slightly left of center position, you know pro choice, gay friendly, pro enviornment, pro health care reform, so how can conservatives be sure he will fight their fight. He hasn’t fooled anyone on the left of center of far left. Women, Latinos, Gays, still don’t trust him and take to heart what he said about immigration, same sex marriage, and abortion, but you conservatives have watched this canidate take every side of the issue, so how do you really know he supports what you really believe? You have convictions, and are true believers. What about him? Can any of you really tell me what this man believes? The only group he remains feircely loyal to is the ultra rich who will get the store if he is elected. This man believes in money, and how to keep the American oligarchy in place, not social causes. this is why he looked so uncomfortable trying to be a conservative. He came to life being a moderate, and he will govern that way. He will work with democrats, not touch abortion, leave health care alone. Yes conservatives your worst nightmare is comming, Romney is trying to become a white Obama

  • lana ward

    What the Dems claim Republicans do, is exactly what they do. They are talking about themselves

    • metrognome3830

      Ah, yes, the PeeWee Herman theory. “I know you are, but what am I?” Very good, Lana. I don’t think anyone has used this one yet.

      • lana ward

        I don’t know the PeeWee Herman theory, but I’ve seen what the Dems do


      That is what I say when I read this Bullllll Hockey—–they are describing themselves!!!

  • I have one simple question that no one has asked either candidate for president.

    A simple yes or no question without any qualifications with the answer.

    Have you lied in the past or will you lie now to be elected president of the United States?

    We Americans appear to accept lying as a norm for all our elected officals from city government to the president of the United States.

    What is the benefit of asking any other questions until one knows the answer will be truthful and accurate.

    How can adults vote rationally if we do not manage our emotions. Both parties ads are irrational and have minimal information on how to vote for the candidate to lead and manage our government for the next four years.

    • DirkVanden

      No one alive could ever claim to have not lied, so your question would force them to lie if they say no. We need a better test & i think it is “Do you have genuine compassion, or is that your religion talking?” Treating people decently because your your sympathy or rapport or compassion forces you to is entirely different from treating them decently because your religion commands it. It is Mormonism you hear every time Mitt or Ann open their mouths.

  • mormonwiki

    Possible explanation for Mitt Romneys disdain for honesty…..It is learned from his Religion
    Excerpts below are taken from Wikipedia and an article taken from the Middle East Forum.

    Lying for the Lord refers to the practice of lying to protect the image of and belief in the Mormon religion, a practice which Mormonism itself fosters in various ways. From Joseph Smith’s denial of having more than one wife, to polygamous Mormon missionaries telling European investigators that reports about polygamy in Utah were lies put out by “anti-Mormons” and disgruntled ex-members, to Gordon B. Hinckley’s dishonest equivocation on national television over Mormon doctrine, Mormonism’s history seems replete with examples of lying. Common members see such examples as situations where lying is justified. For the Mormon, loyalty and the welfare of the church are more important than the principle of honesty, and plausible denials and deception by omission are warranted by an opportunity to have the Mormon organization seen in the best possible light. This is part of the larger package of things that lead many to describe Mormonism as a cult. “Lying for the lord” is part of Mormonism’s larger deceptive mainstreaming tactics, and conversion numbers would drastically lower if important Mormon beliefs were fully disclosed to investigators.

    Like Islam, Mormonism crystalized under conditions of persecution, and like Muslims and Evangelical Christians, Mormons believe that God wants them to convert the world to their form of belief. The combination means that Mormonism sends some mixed messages about honesty.

    Taqiyya offers two basic uses. The better known revolves around dissembling over one’s religious identity when in fear of persecution. Such has been the historical usage of taqiyya among Shi’i communities whenever and wherever their Sunni rivals have outnumbered and thus threatened them. Conversely, Sunni Muslims, far from suffering persecution have, whenever capability allowed, waged jihad against the realm of unbelief; and it is here that they have deployed taqiyya—not as dissimulation but as active deceit. In fact, deceit, which is doctrinally grounded in Islam, is often depicted as being equal—sometimes superior—to other universal military virtues, such as courage, fortitude, or self-sacrifice

    • DirkVanden

      Mormonism itself is a lie. Joseph Smith was an Epileptic who had a Giant Toad either as a pet, or it lived in his back yard. Mormonism was born during an epileptic fit,and the giant toad was used to make Joe hallucinate and write his books. Mormonism is Christianity wrapped in bullshit. Mormons learn to lie at a very early age and are very good at it. I was born and raised a mormon, but left the church at age 16 when i realized they had lied to me, my parents & relatives, my neighbors and teachers, all the people i trusted had all lied to me. They say that Satan is a Liar, so draw your own conclusions. Mitt believes that Jesus and Satan are brothers from a previous life, both sons of God, who lives on the planet Kolob and has many wives. A vote for Mitt is a vote for Mormonism.

      • DirkVanden

        Here is my favorite example of that lie: When i was in high school in Vernal, Utah, my senior class went on a field trip to the Dinosaur National Monument, 18 miles east of Vernal, in Colorado, just across the border. The museum was built around a sandstone hill where the skeleton of a dinosaur was partly unconvered. There was a huge skeleton of a brontosaurus in the main lobby, and hundreds of displays of items removed from the surrounding sandstone hills, that the placcards said were millions of years old. At the time, Mormons believed the earth was around 7000 years old, having counted the number of ‘begats’ from Adam to Jesus. I asked one of my teachers, a sweet little old lady who taught Civics, “If the earth is only 7000 years old, how could these dinosaur bones be millions of years old?” My teacher said “God made those bones to test our faith.” Oooops! He lost mine.

        & btw, have you noticed that the Mormon church has flip-flopped on many issues itself? It teaches flip-flopping! I’m guessing, but I think President Monson (LDS prophet, seer & revelator & church president) is going to get word from God that it’s okay to be Gay if you join the church and get married and pay tithing–just like the “Negros” (Which Brigham Young still hates and despises.). The church already has an outreach program in SF. When it happens, remember I told you so!
        Mormons seem to have no problem with God changing his mind. An Article of Faith states “As man is now, God once was, and as God is now man may become.” So God, like man, can change his mind to suit the times. Even God can flip-flop, so it’s certainly okay for Mitt Romney. Mitt is preparing to be a God. He will lie like Hell to make that happen.

  • Boniface Emeka Nnakwe

    Governor Romney will keep dancing around until the policies he is trying to sell to the American people is a copycat of President Obama’s and the only difference – which has always been the fanatic tea party, the Bachmann’s and the McConnell’s election potfolio is ” to make sure President Obama is a one-term President”.


    Romney is so full of crap that it’s laughable. Unfortunately, a lot of old whites will still vote for him, even though his intentions are to deprive them of their medical coverage and Social Security pensions.

  • This GOP is not the party of Ike Nixon or any normal Republican of yrs gone by
    Mitt has millions of gullible fans / Fox followers who believe Mitt and
    ( all his many personas ) Mitt has done a 180 on all his former positions
    He flips with the polls How can we trust a man who will NOT stand up for his beliefs if he has any / whatever they may be . Mitt insists Corps are people Money is speech
    47 % of us are victims/ lazy bums Huge part of them are old folks in nursing homes who are broke. Mitt looks down from atop his Ivory Tower
    Mitt is like a manikin who is controlled by Rove and his handlers With Obama I know what I am getting With MITT I have NO idea WHO he is

    • DirkVanden

      Oh, Mitt has his core beliefs: they’re called Mormonism. He can’t talk about those belifs because they are crazy. Mitt Romney will do whatever his church tells him to do because his future life in the sky depends on it. A vote for Mitt is a vote for insanity, ie Moronism.

      • neece00

        The Bishop of the church tells his congregation every Sunday to make sure they vote for Mitt Romney.

        • DirkVanden

          make that “Bishops” plural. the church has many many bishops, each in charge of a “ward” which has its own congregation. You can be sure that all those bishops are telling all available believers to vote for Mitt. They will do so because they believe the purpose of their religion is to “save” world for Jesus by converting the entire world to Moronism. I call it Institutionalized Insanity.

          BTW: If you remove one letter from Joseph Smith’s prophet: Mormon, and his angel, “Moroni,” you have “Moron.” I think it was Joe’s little joke while he was writing the Book of Mormon.

          • neece00

            Thanks, you are so right, bishops in multiples. Joseph Smith was just a pervert in sheep’s clothing. He was going to get whatever he wanted even if it was someone else’s wife. And all this in the name if religion.

        • grammyjill

          Not the morman church. The Deacon was on The Last Word. He told Lawrance that he use to work for Mitt’s campaign. He quit and is now out finding as many democratic mormans to vote against him as possible. He said Mitt’s plans completely go against the church.
          So, that’s two running and both of their church’s are against them. Good work huh.

    • Dianne…There is a strange connection to the ‘normal’ (?)Nixon that has survived the passage of time. There was plenty of spin and PR associated with getting the old, crafty, opportunistic ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon (who Ike and most professional journalists saw right through…and disliked intensely) re-packaged and elected in 1968 (and again in 1972) as ‘The New Nixon’. The current boss of Faux News, Roger Ailes, was a producer for the Mike Douglas Show back in 1968. That’s when he met Nixon…who was a scheduled guest on that talk show in that election year. Nixon was dismissive of TV as the new political tool it was becoming. Ailes told him he would lose with that kind of attitude. Nixon was impressed by this young, brash media-savvy upstart named Roger Ailes. And hired him as a campaign consultant. And won the 1968 election. Given the disaster Johnson had created in Vietnam and the streets of Chicago…it wasn’t that hard.

      We all know what a paranoid, vindictive deceiver Richard M. “I am not a crook’ Nixon turned out to be. His VP Agnew actually was a crook…taking cash bribes from a Maryland contractor for special ‘consideration’. His replacement Gerald Ford was OK and honest…but a bit ‘out to lunch’. But Roger Ailes has been behind the scenes of many changes in the media landscape over the years. And he knows how to turn the dials of human nature (especially the more gullible, ignorant humans out there in the now huge TV audience) and how to make his media & political employers, like his current boss Rupert Murdoch (and HIS business partner Al Talal…a rich, connected MUSLIM Saudi prince…The mind reels at what Fauxbots would make of THAT…if their pea brains could comprehend it) succeed in making their investment in a deregulated media environment pay off big time. And it has. Faux News has beaten everyone consistently in ratings shares and ad revenue rates. CNN has caved in to economic pressures and become Faux Lite. Roger Ailes has just used a ‘divide and conquer’ business model approach to roiling the political waters…like Nixon did way back when Ailes advised him. Nothing succeeds like success…especially when you have no moral scruples whatsoever. We know Faux News is just infotainment…and that only discredited journalists would work there. But low information voter types…ie. ‘rubes’…don’t seem to get that. Maybe we truth & fact pushers just aren’t repeating stuff as much as Roger does…

      Btw, Roger Ailes and his Faux News are basically the bosses of the GOP and it’s presidential candidate these days…not the other way around…like back when Nixon was running for president.

  • DirkVanden

    This has been the most despicable Presidential campaign I can remember. I’m almost 80 and have lived through 20 of them, Roosevelt & Dewey, Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy, Bushes 1 & 2, Clinton , Obama, and their various challengers, and have watched some dirty campaigns, “mudslinging,” but I’ve never seen such a perversion of our democratic way of life as this current attempt to elect a functioning president. Romney has managed to change the campaign to his advantage by making it about money, making money, spending money, raising more money. That’s Mitty’s forte, making money. Now he has forced Obama to try to beat him at making money, not at governing, or doing what’s right for humanity, but who can raise the most money to buy the most commercials to LIE about Obama’s accomplishments and abilities and vilify him. The election should be an examination of Obama’s job in office and of Romney’s qualifications to do a better job. Instead it has become a kind of pissing contest. Now the daily headlines read: ROMNEY RAISES MORE MONEY THAN OBAMA! Duh!!!
    Then Romney uses all those billions to promote lies, outright lies, forcing Obama to answer those lies instead of defending his administration.
    Romney and Ryan are embarrassments to the country they want to govern. They are a step backward from Cheney & his puppet “UU”! if we elect them, then we truly deserve what we will get: a loss of women’s rights and gay rights and seniors’ rights. The unborn will be protected until they become women or Gay or old. We will also deserve those hordes of Mormon Missionaries, boys of 18 who genuinely believe themselves “Elders,” who will be knocking on our doors to save our souls and 10% of our earnings. Depend on it if Mitt gets elected.
    Obama has done all that could be done to reverse “UU’”s damage–against an obstructionist Republican congress; give him a democratic congress and 4 more years, and judge him then.

    • smartdee

      I could not have said it better!! Too bad so many people are duped!

    • I, too, have seen a lot of campaigns. I have never seen such hatred and ugliness before. I remember when Rebuplicans and Democrats could get together and argue politics and no one got mad.

  • nobsartist

    republiCONs call President Obama socialist while they campaign for someone in bed with the RED CHINESE ARMY.

    that figures since the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY owns the republiCON party.

    thats why it is no surprise that they would nominate a liar like willard the rat.

  • rockcut

    Mitt has sold himself totally as a product during this election. He has taken every position possible depending on the crowd he is addressing. No way do I want this man representing the USA. I will stick with President Obama.

    • He has more possisions than the kama sutra.

    • grammyjill

      I thought we had truth in advertising laws in this country?

      • We used to.

        • grammyjill

          I think we need them back.

  • nobsartist

    I yearn to be led by someone that grew up in Bloomfield Hills in a house with a swimming pool fed by a waterfall in the living room.

  • emadis41

    Who are you?
    Which Romney?

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    Amen Fern! I’m in!!

  • FAREED511


  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    With all due respect Mr. Vila….which polls are you reading. The Obama lead is not as big as it used to be but our President leads in most polls.

  • elw

    Yes, all Romney is a salesman trying to sell something he does not believe in. It has nothing to do with what Romney believes personally, it has everything to do with winning the prize, the Presidency. He is a rich boy manipulating to get his way. Nothing else.

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    You are preaching TRUTHS as truth could EVER be told!!!! When I go to the polls on the 22nd, I AGAIN will vote for OUR President and then I will go down the line and vote DEMOCRAT for every other candidate running for whatever office that the democrat is running for!!!!I never was R Repuke-lican and I never will be!!!

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    Oh that’s right…You are from Montana and most people from that state are racist and dishonest as you are!!! You KNOW that there is so much fair BLAME on you REPUKE-LICANS and YOU PEOPLE try y’all’s darnest to find anything NEGATIVE to blame YOUR President for. Well I tell YOU what….Why don’t YOU run this country and see how far we get!!!!!

  • He’s a big liar! He’ll try anything to win this election! The insulting part of all of this is there are people who are stupid enough to believe him! What a shame!

  • notafoxfan

    the problem still lies in the fact that so many who support romney deny he is “flip flopping” on issues to suit his various audiences..the fox news channel of course vehemently denies he has done this, even though it can be proved,not by “fact checker”, but by looking at and comparing the unedited videos of his campaign appearances and even the republican debate among their own candidates..obama is not perfect, but he is a much better statesman than romney.and he does care about that little “47%”!..god help us if romney wins..there will be an even larger gap between the millionaire “have its”, and the “have nots”, because there will be no middle class left!

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    You are all too right jarheadgone: Mormonism is just another cult!!!! I follow the WHOLE BIBLE, not some book that has been altered by people. I disagree with a lot of Democrat policies, but most I support and helping poor hardworking people is one of the things that I support democrats on

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    Good point Catherine!!!

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    That’s ridiculous!!!!

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    That’s right neece00….Religion which is different from a REAL relationship with the Lord!!!! Whisch is not hypocrisy and elitism not caring for the poor and hard-working people like most Americans.

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    Sounds like a great plan to me!!!!

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    I mean seriously though! Most Repuke-licans get a kick out of watching poor and middle class people beg to survive. It’s like the bible story about THE RICH MAN IN HELL and Lazarus begging for the CRUMBS that fellfrom the rich man’s table!!!! If they are not careful, they will all be in hell wishing they had cared about poor ANand middle class people!!!

    • One day, my daughter called to says she saw a t-shirt and one of Romney’s rallies. It said, “Put white back in the White House.”

      • grammyjill

        Saw that on the news tonight. What scum!


        Would you rather see a T-shirt made by that dumb idiot drunken Biden—

        “They are going to put you all back in chains”


      You know you’re an Obama voter if you think Obama and Biden care about the middle class – instead of looking at them the way Dracula views a blood bank.

      You know you’re an Obama voter if you believe that Ann Romney – who raised five sons while running a household, doing charitable work and battling MS – “never worked a day in her life,” unlike Michelle Antoinette who earned a six-figure salary for serving as “vice president of community relations” for the University of Chicago Medical Center and vacations at five-star resorts on the Spanish Riviera.

      • WillNeverVoteRepublican

        Whatever!!!!! It is weak-minded people like YOU PEOPLE that REFUSE to give YOUR/Our President the credit that he deserves!!!! And stop hating on our First Lady you racist, wealthy GREEDY idiot who is too darn stingy to want to pay your fair share knowing theat YOU can afford it!!!! And do NOT tell me that I am playing the race card because it is you REPUKE-licans that started it with this tea-bagging reminding Americans of the CONFEDERATE FLAG waving days in which you probably have one in your front yard!!!!! The problem that YOU PEOPLE have is that you are all insecure and the Obamas are strong and confident letting NOTHING and NO ONE stop them from progressing toward what is important and they don’t budge when people try to chop ’em down, letting ignorant people be ignorant all by themselves!!!! What the heck does poor and middle income people have to take from ? NOTHING! You can NOT get blood out of a turnip DUMMY, when it’s a freakin’ TURNIP!!!! I am an entrepreneur and I work my hind-parts off and always did! 47% my foot Mitt RobMany!!!! I don’t hate the man, but one certainly would assume that he hates EVERYONE without money!!! Of course he will PRETEND to love the elite because they are no financial threat to him and he knows that they won’t ask him for a dime!!!!!! I cannot STAND selfish people and MOST REPUKE-licans are just that, SELFISH. They enjoy watching people beg for food, clothing and such!!!! And Mittens them are hypocrites because they, like myself, oppose some of the same polices like abortion, same-sex marriage and such, but are the BIGGEST LIARS when it comes to trying to win the OVAL OFFICE!!!!! BTW, what type of lodging would you like Mrs. FLOTUS Obama to lodge in when she vacations, the same type that YOU lodge in, DRUG/PROSTITUTION INFESTED MOTELS? I think not!!!! She is a LADY with CLASSSSSS, hello!!!!!????? Now! I just told you didn’t I?!!!!! He he he he!!!!!

  • widollar

    The ever changing Mitt Romney will continue until his constant changing and after the election when if he buys the oval office, America is in deep trouble, or he will lose the election and that will be the end of Mitt Romney and his revolving door policies.

  • irishtap

    It’s not only Romney/Ryan with severe allergies to truth, the entire right wing prevaricates with every exhalation. Their immune systems have become dependent on lying to the point they risk choking to death if a truthful statement were uttered. The GOP is dead, kaput, extinct, they have morphed into the party of lies or POL. It’s inconceivable to suggest this cult would invite the talents and wisdom of Abraham Lincoln or Dwight Eisenhower into their filthy sewage plant. Republicans have been reaching out to the lunatic fringe for several years leading to today’s political platform of perpetual obfuscation: it needs to be this way when your motives are about denying you’re constituents real representative government or even the right to vote. Through their religion to the ‘god of obstruction’ they made a conscious choice to willfully ignore the plight of fellow Americans, desperate for work, toward the end goal of defeating president Obama this election. This is all the proof we need that republicans are determined to undermine economic recovery for the middle class, in favor of moving us toward a full plutocratic government. Our democratic republics’ most feared enemy is not communism or terrorism, but comes from within. ‘Other worldly rich denizens of greed’ cannot fathom ordinary people having a say in workers rights, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. They see our bodies as nothing more than a commodity of the healthcare industry and climate change as a fairytale.

    Give what you can, get involved in any way available to you and vote. Then STAY involved until we beat back these UN-patriotic sociopathic parasites into submission.

  • Tallboy52

    This is an absolute. Mitt will be whatever you want him to be. That concerns me very much. I have seen the same here in my home state. Our governor was running for office, told the voter whatever they wanted to hear. He said ‘Trust me’, I have a plan, I can’t explain it now though. The voter trusted him and what we got was not what we expected. Typical Republican Playbook Politics. Tell the voter whatever they want to hear, then do as you please when your elected. The same was the case in Congress with the Tea Party, they actually told the folks back home they did not care what they had to say, they were elected and that’s that! The result, well, Look at Congress today! You can’t get anything done.

  • Well, Romney the Prorduct-Salesman or Rodney the Person. they are both messed up as they both change the product to please one side or the other, but it is impossible to serve both God and the Devil simultaneosly unless you are Mitt Romney. American Voters are more intelligent than Mitt Romney gives them credit for. In the meantime, the good news keep piling up for Obama: 1) USA is the only brigh spot in the whole world when it comes down to the economy; 2) Consumer’s Confidence is up; 3) Government revenue is up 6.4 %; 4) deficit has been reduced for the first time in 8 years when Bush 43 started the slide; 5) jobs creation is back. The only negative, slightly negatively, is the Benghazi tragedy where we lost 4 American Patriots, including Ambassador Stevens, but we have to be fair in two areas here: a) Republicans cut Ambassies budged for 328 milions dolars, that is 100 million for 2011 and 228 million for 2012, therefore security in our embassies abroad was compromised; b) the bigger question is What was Ambadasor Stevens doing in Benghazi’s consulate on 9/11 (about 450 miles from Tripoli where the American Embassy is headquarted without his Security Detail. I believe with all due respect that Ambassador Stevens was reckles when he left the more secured compounds in Tripoli and to top it up without his Security Detail on 9/11. Nobody can blame Obama for Mr. Steven’s decision to go to Tripoli on 9/11, Mr. Stevens had no business in Benghazi on 9/11. I hope Mr. Obama tomorrow addresses the question about Benghazi from the fact about the cut in funds for embassies done by the Republicans in the budged they passed and the fact that Mr. Steven went to Benghazi without his Security Detail knowing that it was 9/11. Finally, for those Recalcitrant Republicans who complain about the 47 milion in the Welfare Rolls, let me remind you that Bush 43 left 37 million in the welfare rolls before he left office. We are lucky the welfare roll only grew to 10 million once Obama came in. In other words, Obama stopped the welfare bleeding and slowly but surely is moving this country forward. May God Bless America and illuminate the American Voters to give Obama 4 more years to get this country back from the economic abyss the Republicans and Bush 43 brough us all into after Bush 43 with the help of his brother Jeb stole the election from Gore in Florida. More good news later on.

  • ayayaboy

    Obama needs to call out Romney for his tax returns and stop him when Romney begins to flipflop around new positions. I wish Romney was facing RESCUER Biden who would call him out as lying – MALARCHY.


      Romney should be able to do whatever he wants with HIS money!!!!!!!!

      You LIBS always think everyone should share with you!!!!!!!!

      • ayayaboy

        Obama needs to call out Romney for his tax returns and stop him when Romney begins to flipflop around new positions. I wish Romney was facing RESCUER Biden who would call him out as lying – MALARCHY. Americans want someone to question Romney’s leadership honesty about his tax returns like Biden told Ryan that Romney insulted 47% who pay taxes which romney does not pay. Biden also told Ryan that him and his party brought down the economy by waging a war that was not focused on Bin Ladin. Obama should also tell romney when he raises issue of 716 billion dollars that his VP solicited for bailout money, When romney talks about job creation, Obama must tell romney that he was 47th out of 50 in Massachussetts; he was in Bain and Sensata and fired people making money and outsourced jobs. Remind romney that he cannot fool voters because they know that he changes positions in so many things day by day. If romney changes position on rape and incest, Obama should dramatize it by addressing the Tea party and republicans to hear their candidate. If romney changes position on immigration, challenge romney’s support for Arizona law. Tell Romney that Obamacare and Plan Parenthood are here to stay. If Romney talks about foreign policy, challenge romney that America was attacked while his party was in power for eight years and I Obama took the fight to Bin Ladin. Tell romney that he the candidate for billionaires and wall street, and Obama is candidate for middle class. On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 3:58 PM, Disqus <

      • Replying to ALLLLAMERICAN

        You are wrong. I don’t care how rich Romney is. All I care about is how he made it.

        How many people lost their homes and income due to all the outsourcing to China and other offshore sites?

        How many companies did he bankrupt in order to provide all the exotic returns that Bain scored year after year?

        Of course, you will never be able to see that side of your newfound hero.

        I don’t like all of President Obama’s decisions, or some of his policies, but at least I do know that he is trying to make this a better country for all Americans than it was when he took office.

        Unlike Romney & Ryan, who are only concerned about making things better for the wealthiest people this world has ever seen.

        Romney stated that he would reduce the tax brackets for everyone, and make up the difference by reducing the deductions, allowing it to remain revenue neutral. How is that supposed to reduce the deficit?

        It is mathematically impossible to balance the budget by cutting spending, nearly all of which is targeted towards the middle class and poor.

        So, if the deficit is that big a problem, where were all the conservatives during the rein of George the Second?


        If not, here is what he said. “PRESIDENT REAGAN TAUGHT US THAT DEFICITS DON’T MATTER.”



          Why do YOU want to know or CARE how he made it “HIS” money???

          You Libs don’t get it—-IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!

          Yes Obama is trying to make this a better county for him and his people
          the Muslim Terrorist.

          The President you all want in there wants to change the American flag and also the Nation Anthem. Have you ever heard of such???

          He Never wanted to wear the American Flay pin on his lapel and was asked in an interview why and he replied–” I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides, there’s a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. He and his wife disrespects the American flag and they have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past.

          And Michelle says: For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country …
          FOR THE FIRST TIME?????????


      • grammyjill

        With me it’s not that I want him to share anything with me. God forbid! I’d like to know where his money is spent(what country), and if he is truly honest on those returns. Because he certainly wasn’t honest as governor!


          It’s NOBODY’S business where “HIS” money is or what he spends it on!!!!

          • grammyjill

            maybe you don’t care but I’d like to know if you are voting for a crook.

  • Miit can not keep his story straight, because he is a liar I believe. He personify everything White politicians has been doing, to perpetuate White Supremacy in America. He is nothing more than a lying throw back from the days of Duke and other political Klansmen. I will never support a racist in America again, regardless if the pig is wearing a suit in stead of a sheet.

  • mbm

    I wonder which Romney will show up for the debate?

  • S-3

    God, Romney looks like my nightmares – and whatever I see in those, I aim to kill when I confront them… Oh, and Obama 2012…

  • I will be 75 the day after Election Day and I just got out of the hospital after a short stay. I didn’t have any insurance company bureaucrat come between me and my doctor.

    While there I got to thinking about the election and got to wondering who was Milt Romney? When a program came on TV, there a journalist was interviewing a high Romney advisor. He was asked a question and he gave an answer. The journalist then said, “Back in March, Romney said this about that”. The advisor said, “That was when he was trying to get the conservative vote, he is now trying to get everybody’s vote. So things have changed”. I wonder what he will say (or do) if he is elected president. I think Romney has made an art of flip-flopping. he is a genuine “Etch-a-Sketch”.

  • Gammaanya

    AS I said before, United States of America is SOLD to the higheet bidders – Koch Bros, Adelson, Paypal guy (forgot his name ) Romney, and other millions dollars donors. They will HAVE the best ROI EVER, (ROI – Return on Investments), Bush did it in smaller scale – ROMNEY gone big –
    Americans sold their own country and their souls for money and China. Romney owns and invest in China Big time. LIAR. Welcome to United States Of Austerity. Obama will survive and he will pay less taxes or no taxes under new President R/R, get ready for any war with anybody whom R/R don’t like. Russsia comes to mind ( per Romney they are now a foe) Afghanistan barefooted army is kicking our butt for last 10 yrs and don’t expect Russians, Iraninans and others to laid down and surrender – Far from it. Guess who will pay for it. YOU.

  • I will be 75 the day after Election Day and I just got out of the hospital after a short stay. While I was there no insurance company came between me and my doctor. I thank God every day for Medicare and wish everyone could enjoy its benefits.

    While I was there, I had lots of time on my hand, so I started to think about Mitt Romney and thought who is this guy? Then, on TV, I saw a journalist interviewing a high Romney advisor. The journalist asked the advisor a question and the advisor answered it. The journalist then said “back in March, Romney gave this answer to that question”. The advisor then said “Well back then he was trying to get the conservative vote, now he is trying to get everybody’s vote.” I thought now if he was elected president what would he say (or do) about that question. Mitt has made an art of flip-flopping and really deserves the Etch-a-Sketch label. How can anyone vote for such an unknown.

  • blueclouds123

    Republicans & Independents if you vote for Romney and your young LOOKOUT, anyone of age to be in the armed forces if Romney is elected start saying goodby to your love ones. Why do you think Romney is giving an extra 2 trillion dollars to the defense budget, because he is kind, because he cares for the country, because he cares for YOU, NO!! it is his plan to start war with Iran, go back into Iraq, stay in Affganistan, war with Libya and war with Syria, his words not mine. The Defense people said they do not want or need it, then why is he insisting if he is elected that will become their higher budget. Guess why, because he is planning war and not just 1 war, but many. As they he considers himself a product he is offering you, not a person who cares, is intelligent, and has strong moral standards, products do not have these abilities. You must think before voting, It has been proven many times Romney lies or twists his words to meet where he is and what he saying at that particular time, products can do, most people do not.

    • Romney has already advocated a show of force and said he does not believe in dialogue. He doesn’t have to worrry about leading these troops to the front line nor will his kids ever be on the front line.


        Do you people think we should have NO army, military, navy or marines????

        Do you think we should just let the ENEMIES come to YOUR front door and blast your house???

        Why do we have the troops????

        TO PROTECT us and keep the enemies off our home land!!

  • mormonwiki

    Possible explanation for Mitt Romneys disdain for honesty…..It is learned from his Religion
    Excerpts below are taken from Wikipedia and an article taken from the Middle East Forum.

    The book “Lying for the Lord” refers to the practice of lying to protect the image of and belief in the Mormon religion, a practice which Mormonism itself fosters in various ways. From Joseph Smith’s denial of having more than one wife, to polygamous Mormon missionaries telling European investigators that reports about polygamy in Utah were lies put out by “anti-Mormons” and disgruntled ex-members, to Gordon B. Hinckley’s dishonest equivocation on national television over Mormon doctrine, Mormonism’s history seems replete with examples of lying. Common members see such examples as situations where lying is justified. For the Mormon, loyalty and the welfare of the church are more important than the principle of honesty, and plausible denials and deception by omission are warranted by an opportunity to have the Mormon organization seen in the best possible light. This is part of the larger package of things that lead many to describe Mormonism as a cult. “Lying for the lord” is part of Mormonism’s larger deceptive mainstreaming tactics, and conversion numbers would drastically lower if important Mormon beliefs were fully disclosed to investigators.

  • mormonwiki

    I know this may sound strange,but I believe Mitts motive is religious.He is striving for perfection so he can become a god.I found this information about Mormons ..see below
    God eternally progressed: once he was a man, and then he became god. Thus, -all-
    can progress to be gods. “As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become”

    -Deification is tied to the marriage and family unit. Women cannot go to
    heaven unless married to a ‘good’ mormon man and be taken through the temple in
    The Presidency may prove him perfect therefore god…….Could this be true??


      I’ll take a Mormon over a MORON any day

  • blueclouds123

    I just heard on MSNBC that Romney is plus 3 on reducing the deficit Could someone pls tell why you think he would do a better job. He can do it by making the lower and middle class pay taxes,thereby more money is coming in the coffers for him to use to reduce the deficit, Romney will absolutely NOT increase taxes on the rich so guess who will be paying the lions share – if your not rich, you will. Also ,even tho Romney states he is no longer with Bain, he owns 51% of Bain stock and just as Bain as bought into the U.S. chinese workers that had to be trained by Americans in the company located in Freeport. he will make millions on that move. Really, just think, they were not chinese already living in the U.S., but brought into the country to replace American workers, do you not think there should be a law against this, and do you really believe that Romney will stop anymore takeovers and not replace American workers with cheaper chinese workers . NO!! he will loose too much money. Does he care about you, smarten up, NO,NO. Why are people so gulible. I can sell you a bridge for 2.00. All Romney cares about is not the 47%, but the remaining rich 53% who also own the companies who very well might replace American workers with chinese workers and Americans can become the trainers of these people then leave. If no laws are passed to stop this obscene behaviour then this is what the Republicans will do under Romney, It never stops with one once it has started.


      If you don’t know by now—-YOU SHOULD NOT BE VOTING!!!!!!!

  • Mitt the Flipp. This guy will say or do anything to cultivate his own ambitions. If you want another war or two, more taxes for the middle class., deregulation of the national banks and wall street, and an overly agressive relationship with our allies and a man whos main ambitions is for himself, his church and his supportive politicians and businessmen. a man who will say and do anything to further his political ambitions, a man who flip flops from one month, day, or hour depending of the situation, a man who has no respect for 47% of americans and who will change our Obamacare system because he didnt invent it., if this is your guy, go get him, he has no chance for those who use their heads.

  • alboy5

    Why mess with success. If Obama or anybody else messes with medicare vote against them.

  • “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda”.

    Not “familiar with” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or that he doesn’t know about it.
    People know you have to take a test to get a driver’s license, how many people can tell you exactly
    what all the questions are.
    He doesn’t get it, “covering my as##'” doesn’t work.
    I lost count of how many times he “flip-flopped’ months ago.
    He’s already P.O.’d some of our allies in Europe, and he’s not even in the White House. That’s NOT the kind of person that should be elected as President of the United States.

  • ridemybroom

    hes a product alright….hes a bain product…takes you to work….takes you farming….take you to the laundry and then he fires you….what a product…a lifetime product….i dont know how this man made it this far with out the feds coming down on him,…im serious….he and his entire family needs to be investigated…..i hope when this election is over justice will prevail….this man is a cheat, a liar , and a tax evader….his counterpart is not far behind him….he is also a liar and a cheat and would rather see you dead than help you….and thats the religious way according to him…is it any wonder why we have children starving all over this land of this great country because of guys like romney and ryan and those other selfish people in the house and senate….if romney and ryan was so concerned about the children when they were in west va trying to stand behind the miners coal pact which shud be outlawed cause coal is no good for anyone…no such thing as clean coal in my use of words….its all bad….they could have donated at least a million dollars to the children of applachia if they are such charitable ppl….give to them that can appreciate….

  • Mitt is in full “I will tell you what you want to hear, to get elected mode”.

  • To really access Mitt Romney you have to go back to evaluate his character. Consider that when his country called Romney dodged the draft twice, he also “bullied” a young fellow student by ganging up on him and cutting his hair, an assualt charge that was squashed because of the influence of his father no doubt. He went into business with his father’s contacts and money and made millions by bankrupting and outsourcing functioning businesses. He may give 10% to his church but that is a demand from the Mormon church and besides it is all tax deductable, which we all pay for. Patriotism, not Romney he didn’t serve his counrty, not one of his five sons have served in the military and he does not trust his country because he keeps all his money in banks out of the country that are tax havens. He refuses to show his tax returns and that can only mean that he has something to hide, from us or his wife. He wants to go to war with Iran, he is willing to send your sons, fathers, brothers, sisters and mothers to war but not his FIVE SONS. The U.S. Gov’t is not a business and does not function on a profit basis, is Mitt goiing to outsource gov’t jobs to China or Mexico?
    Remember all businesses must have “Capital” to function so how is he going to cut taxes “gov’t capital” and still supply the services that gov’t supplies. Also how is he going to cut the deficit when he told the students at VMI that he would have 15 ships and 3 submarines built every year. Folks don’t be fooled, the Presidency is just another “want” for a very rich man that has everything and this is just another possession, also he was a dismal failure as Gov. in Mass. he was beaten for re-election by over 17 points. So is he really that good, think again.

  • dranyamelknur

    What I cannot begin to understand is why anyone will support a man (or woman) who has no morals, scruples, principles, integrity or backbone. I wouldn’t want him for dog catcher, let alone president. Especially, when we have heard his real opinions from his own mouth in the tape from Boca Raton (Mouse Mouth), Florida.
    It is not like he is clever, slick or highly ingenious. Although I imagine he did do a pretty good job impersonating a traffic cop, a Mormon Missionary, hiding his Vulture Capitalist intentions when he introduced himself to his victims, and rationalizing to himself it’s the Lord’s plan for him to go around ripping jobs out from under hard working citizens.
    He even seems to have gotten many otherwise sceptical people to forget that he must have very good reasons he won’t reveal his tax returns. Maybe he’s the Chris Angel of mind control but his simpering prance and supercilious smirk don’t bewitch me in the least.
    Has the voting public been dumbed down so much that about 47% can’t see he’s a bonafide phoney? (sounds paradoxical except to describe the Mitt-wit)

  • paule33

    Romney to me has a serious character problem. A man must stand for something and have conviction on what he believes. Unfortunately, he does not have that. He would be a mistake as a leader for our great country!!!

  • msrita

    Flip Flop I believe in Gay Marriage, Its a woman choice to choose if they want an Abortion, Illegal Immigrants have a right to go to school.


      Gay Marriage is Against the Bible—-
      Abortion is Against the Bible—
      Illegal’s can go home and go to their schools!!!!
      The Bible condemns homosexuality as an immoral and unnatural sin.
      The Bible Identifies homosexual sex as an abomination, a detestable sin declares homosexual desires and actions to be shameful, unnatural, lustful, and indecent.

        Also in that same bible is,love thy neighbor as thyself
        thy shalt not covert thy neighbors good,
        almost as bad,thy shall not tell lies,thy shall not take things out of context and tell people they are true,you will not steal other peoples money and then take away their jobs,you will pay your share of taxes,you will give unto Ceaser what is his,you will give unto God what is his.
        Shall I go on you hypocrit.


          You Libs turn everything around—-
          In reply to—msrita
          (Flip Flop I believe in Gay Marriage, Its a woman choice to choose if they want an Abortion, Illegal Immigrants have a right to go to school)

          We were not talking about you and your sins


          You know you’re an Obama voter if you think “gay marriage” strengthens the family.

  • dalnb

    The Koch Brothers and several similar groups and businesses’ have manipulated their holdings and investments in keeping our unemployment roles high for no other reason than ensuring an Obama Administration failure! The Republicans for almost two years said “this is not a good time to start a new business, expand a business or hire new employees!” The Koch brothers and their followers applied this in order to see we continued in the mess Bush left us in!

  • Like an octopus, Romney can change colors and shapes to fit whatever environment he’s in to either attract prey or evade predators. He walks in a constant metamorphasis, changing dimensions and astoplanes as he goes from one campaign to the next. Like a mad hatter, he can switch from a sombrero, to a turban, to a yamaka, to a fedora in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to tell which Mitt would appear. If you pin him down, he’ll release a bloodchilling shreik that would make you back away from him and give him room to escape. It’s frustrating. Were he to miraculaously become president, he will bring these characteristics to the White House. It is who he is. A strange, mysterious, almost mythological beast, someone unpredictable and mystical. Mystical Mitt.

  • karinursula

    I read this morning that Romney has 47% in a poll. Are all these people who will vote for him so blind that they can’t see what a flip-flap he is? Or are they really so racist that anyone who is white will do? Before you criticize my grammar, german is my first language.

    • dtgraham

      Ihre Englisch Grammatik is ausgezeichnet karinursula. Keine Fehlerin. Ich weiss nicht was der Mehrzahl von der wort Fehler ist. Das war ein Raten. Ich versuche die Deutsche Sprache zu lernen.

      • karinursula

        Danke schoen, Sie schreiben gutes deutsch. “Fehler” ist O.K.

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    Romney must defeated because he will always need the support of the conservatives and tea party as a base and his Supreme Court and other judge appointments would come from this base even if he himself wanted to be more moderate. Romney shifts to win but he is a conservative in many ways. He would have to remember this base and go against Obama Care etc. To me he would be devastating to the country; it is much more than his flawed character and lust for power; it is issues on the environment, planned parenthood, Supreme Court, unions, pell grants, food stamps, social security, medicare, immigration and taxes. We must stop him!

  • On November 7th, Mitt Romney will be on his trusty steed Bain and riding into the sunset. We will be looking behind him in awe and amazement.
    ‘Who was that mysterious masked man?”
    “I don’t know, but I’m glad he’s not presdient.”

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    Goody goody gumdrop Mittens!!!! When you was talking this 47% crap, you had NO IDEA that a disloyal elitest had a camera up-side your tall head, LOL!!!! That’s whhat you get for BEING Mitt RobMany, and now you want to say that you “Were completely wrong”? You think so Mittens, sure you were dead wrong and referring to the American people as “those people”. You were already predestined to LOSE this election and that statement pushed you over the edge!!!! You are done!!!! Sorry Ann” TUNA FISH Romney. Get Mittens ready for retirement!!!!!

  • threejmarine

    In the second debate, Mitt R used the word “offshore” like he uses air because the word offshore is hwere his heart is and where he hides his millions. And this man wants to lead us? How would like to have as you president – a tax-d0dger in chief? What he did not say why his father George was born in Mexico was that George’s father – Mitt’s grandfather
    escaped to Mexico to hide from the curse of polygamy and which the Mormons spent millions upon millions to lobby the Supreme Court via the best laywters money can but to only say that Mormonism was not a cult but areligion. You can dress a mnkey well and still is a monkey.

  • threejmarine

    Furthermore, if ever Mitt arrives in the West Wing, The East Wing will be a Wall Street Annex complete with all the running NYSE codes and the ups and the downs of the daily
    market to make sure the Social Security is reocving what it lost when those shameful politicians whom ostly are either dead or retired borred from it billions that today it could not longer repay. Indeed it promises hugereturn given the size of the SS fund. But like all that is traded on the floor, it can dunk and dunk big time. By the time Mitt and his cohorst will ahve earned their billions and he will have done his one term.

  • threejmarine

    Hey Barack, make him explain his hidden money in the last round, will ya ??????????? They maybe legal though that might still raise lots of eyebrows but where’s Mitt’s moral compass?