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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TAMPA, Fla. — Finally, Mitt Romney shook the Etch A Sketch.

Having given conservatives everything they had asked for — from switching his positions on abortion and immigration to picking their favorite as his running mate — Romney turned Thursday night to his essential task: converting some President Obama’s 2008 supporters into Republican voters.

At a convention where the rhetoric was harsh and often indifferent to facts, Romney took the path of quiet persuasion. For the most part, he chose not to speak to the fervor and anger of political activists on the right. He addressed instead less-partisan voters he hopes will be open to his candidacy by virtue of their disappointment with the man who had inspired them four years ago.

“Hope and change had a powerful appeal,” Romney said in the speech’s key passage. “But tonight I’d ask a simple question: If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn’t you feel that way now that he’s President Obama? You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.”

In a sense, the appeal Romney re-launched here was the argument he had hoped to make from the beginning — that the election was primarily an exercise in judging the incumbent’s stewardship and, in particular, a painfully slow economic recovery.

Romney’s turn had been promised last March by his veteran aide Eric Fehrnstrom, who provided his boss’ foes with a useful metaphor for describing the ease with which the candidate has altered his positions on a long list of issues.

After the primary campaign, Fehrnstrom argued, “everything changes,” and he added: “It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again.”

Romney knew that what he most had to shake was a personal image tainted by an impression of inconstancy on issues; attacks on his record in business both by his primary foes and the Obama campaign; and off-the-cuff comments that suggested a great distance between his own experience and the lives of most of the voters whose support he needs.

Speaking a few hours before Romney’s address, Andrew Kohut, head of the Pew Research Center, said the surveys pointed to three imperatives for Romney: He had to make himself more likable, more credible and more empathetic.

159 Responses to Romney’s Etch-A-Sketch Moment

  1. hes got to win he is most likely hand picked or from the same school or blood line as the rest off them ? just like commonwealth off australia and watch out, there comming for your guns .

    • IDIOT

      Show me where that is written in the official Democrat Party Platform. You have got to quit listening to Karl Rove’s crap and fear tactics from the NRA morons.

  2. Here we have a party running on one issue an criticizing an imaginary incumbent sitting in a chair being lectured to by a 82 year old actor, who forgot his lines. And may have had to many courage drinks.

    They have nothing. Will always have nothing. They are the nothing Party. A 3rd Party in actuality; behind the 2nd Party, The Teahadist Party. The GOP is a stooge for the Right Wing and their Party the Teahadists.

    • Romney is really scaring you neolibs isn’t he! He’s a proven leader who knows how to fix the Bush/ Obama economy so you can not think of anything bad to say in that regards. So your way to try to discredit and deman him is with unsubstantiated and meaningless jabs against him . Let me fill you in. It worked to get your manchurian candidate voted in as president in 2008 but it won’t work today. I have a lot of friends and family who were fooled in 2008 but when I ask them who they will vote for now, not one says they will vote for him again. I live just north of NYC too. One of the democrat capitals of the US. So go ahead and keep trying to spread your obvious hateful lies because it sounds soooo moronic to normal everyday working people like myself. OK go ahead you hateful neolibs and try to put me down by saying I’m one of the rich elite. Well I hate to burst you bubble but here goes…POP. I’m a small business owner barely struggling to get by and YES I built it MYSELF! Romney and Ryan will win in by a landslide in Nov. and I can’t wait. Any neolib bettors?

      • First of all everyday working people like yourself are losing their jobs and have no health care. president Obama is trying to change all that but needs another term to clean up the mess of the Bush administration. By the way, where was the former president at the convention? Why didn’t Bush speak on behalf of the republican party? I will tell you why his presence would have turned off anybody watching who knows he was nothing short of a criminal when he was in office?
        Where is Mr Bush? The republicans have kept him hidden away for a reason . Wake up !
        My 18 year old son had a brain tumor .He can’t get medical insurance until he is 28 if at all because of a pre- existing condition. Thanks to President Obama he is under my insurance until he is 26 and Obama care will insure he has health care Regaurdless of a pre- existing benign brain tumor. I guess working class people like my family don’t matter to people like you or the Romney camp! You would rather see people like my son die while waiting for medical help. I know Mitt Romney doesnt give a damn either. SAVE AMERICA ! VOTE OBAMA 2012

        • In case you missed it, it was Bush who took himself out of the limelight. He said he had his time and there was no need to try to stay in the national spotlight. It is a lesson a couple of former Democrats Presidents need to learn. By the way, I suffered from both polio and cancer. My family was poor, with no insurance and no government help. It was hard, but we managed and eventually paid off the enormous medical bills. What you are missing is that at some point, a government bureaucrat will look at the cost of care for someone with cancer and make the determination that it is just too expensive to help them if they have a prognosis of a short life expectancy. The hard truth is that you have the expectation that someone else must pay for your son’s medical service since it is a hardship for you. We are a compassionate people, but when the compassion of others becomes expected and demanded, it will soon turn to resentment.

          • Montana, I had a malignant tumor and a kidney removed a couple of years ago and, I assure you, I did not have to talk to any bureaucrats to get approval and none questioned the care I received. You are probably one of the most objective conservative posters in this blog, and I suspect you are well aware of the fact that neither our old medical system nor Obamacare require dialog between patients and bureaucrats. Since I became eligible for MEDICARE several years ago I only had to talk to a MEDICARE employee once when I was informed by a service provider that I had to pay a bill in full because MEDICARE did not pay for services rendered, only to find out that the service provider had sent the bill to my supplemental insurance company instead of MEDICARE. Both Social Security and MEDICARE run efficiently, unfortunately, service provider abuses, including fraudulent claims, require disbursements from the general fund to cover expenses.
            You are correct in pointing out that we are a compassionate and generous nation, but I disagree with the innuendo about people demanding help. Let’s not confuse the alleged actions of a few with the fact that most of the senior citizens, children, handicapped Americans, and the poor who benefit from our social programs do not demand help, many paid for what they receive through taxes and FICA contributions, others need help for a variety of reasons and we, as a nation, should help them overcome the circumstances that put them in that position. People are not poor because they want to be, most are poor for reasons beyond their control. The key is to find solutions that allow them to become productive citizens without a permanent crutch.

          • I’m primarily trying to warn you about what is coming. Obamacare is unsustainable, is driving practitioners out of medicine and will, inevitably lead to driving insurance companies out the healthcare industry. That will lead to single payer. Single payer means no choices and complete bureaucratic control. For example, if you now depend on the VA for medical care, you are glad to have it, but also it means you have few choices.

            It may not sound to you like people are demanding someone else pay for their medical care, but be careful you are not becoming tone deaf. I may have sounded harsh to teach62, but in reality, that is what teach62 is saying. When a Sandra Fluke gets up and says we must pay for her sexual decisions or a man gets up and says I need my Viagra, those are people not willing to take responsibility for their own lives. I grew up in a very poor family and you are right, most people don’t want to be poor. But outside of being born with a severe handicap, a terrible accident or a debilitating illness, staying poor is a choice.

          • “But outside of being born with a severe handicap, a terrible accident or a debilitating illness, staying poor is a choice.”

            Working as an AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) intake worker fresh out of (public) university, I saw firsthand how so many people had no way out of the cycle of poverty and joblessness. A young single mother on welfare taking the initiative to find a minimum wage job usually earned enough (what a joke) to lose her pittance of a welfare payment and more importantly, the healthcare she could not otherwise provide to her child. It was apparent that the system effectively kept people trapped where they were; whether those policies were deliberate or not I do not know. All I know is what I saw and the people I met. I saw how they lived and where they lived. I saw how many tried to raise themselves out of the welfare system and how they were penalized for it.

            Even if there were some alleged spectacular instances of welfare fraud in the past, you gotta know being on welfare was not a path to riches. What a sad myth that so many of us swallowed hook line and sinker.

            What a mean and hateful attitude you bear, M’bill.

          • It is not mean or hateful. It is simply the truth. Be honest about how many of the people you service have made good or changing life decisions. I know it is hard. I had to do it. But it is the only way out. As long as you provide a safety net, the really hard decision will only be made by the bravest. Remember, the ‘system’ has a vested interest in keeping these people on aid. Your job, your co-workers jobs, your supervisors jobs and the votes for the politicians promising to keep delivering the aid, depend on it.

          • There is no argument with a need to do something about Poverty, but is takes a unified approach. Just cutting people off is to radical, and the results will be radical. Apartheid didn’t work in South Africa, it will not work here. There is already a Negro Middle Class with law degrees, medical degrees, etc. They have influence, and along with the Negroes who are willing to risk their lives there will be hell to pay if Cold Turkey is the Right’s only way of dealing with Poverty. The diminishing Caucasian Middle Class is losing it’s influence, which is just as well for the Oligarchs. The Caucasian Middle Class was a barrier island, so to speak, an educated portion of America which had influence and could fight against radical change in the Social Structure. The fact that the Middle class was hardest hit by the Depression, has eliminated an obstacle to the Oligarchic Rule favored by the GOP. This constant beat of we have to stop handouts, is another of the veiled racist dog whistles The GOP uses to garner so much excited support for their anti-Welfare clarion call
            The Right have become great at avoiding overt racism as in the past. Their method now is using veiled statements which get the same reaction. The cheers and applause attest to the success of this manipulative method. Now they have come up with this faux sympathetic story, telling all Americans they need to be free to choose for themselves, not be taken care of. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out who the “being taken care of” refers to. Unless your guilt is there to delude you to see and hear this as a pleasant call for self determination. This was a very effective method in 1930s Europe to turn citizen against citizen looking for someone to blame the troubles of the Country on. It’s insidious and unchristian at that.

          • I’m gathering you never had to fight your way out of a real poverty. Your way sounds good, but it is closely akin to providing nicotine patches to stop smoking. Nice thought, but useless.

          • I grew up with it all around me. I thought it was normal at the time, until I was able to get into College through a scholarship, did I realize that not everyone lived like that. Welfare Checks, Welfare food. Boxes of Cheese and large unlabeled cans of beans, butter, etc. My dad has a small businessman, he would lend people money in exchange for the welfare food, which he would then donate to the Convent of Nuns in our neighborhood. I was lucky that my mom and dad worked hard to raise me and my 5 siblings. But all around us were good people who had to live under unfortunate circumstances. They were Poor, and working poor in my neighborhood. It was not a pretty thing when I got to experience how the rest of America was living. This was a Caucasian Catholic Neighborhood. Negroes were only seen on garbage day, when the trucks came for the garbage, not trash, garbage. That day, garbage day was the worst smelling day of the week. The trucks were followed by thousands of flies. The Negroes lifting and dumping the garbage were the only Negroes we got to see in our neighborhood.

          • Yeah, I grew up with it all around me too, because my family was one of them. It wasn’t government there with a helping hand, it me, mom and my brothers out hiking streets to find bottles to sell. It was buying papers from the newspaper company and reselling them on the street and in bars at age 10. You had to a least sell enough so that you had enough money to buy papers tomorrow. Hopefully, you could sell more so that there was a profit. It taught us how capitalism works and was put to good use in my teen years when I started my first business washing windows. Didn’t have to have government’s permission in those days.

          • You story is admirable. I delivered newspapers, I shined shoes, I sold produce door to door. My father had a successful business. I didn’t have to do it. I wanted to. But I cannot hold myself up as an example to anyone. They are not me. I am not that familiar with everyone’s circumstance, but I do know poverty is nothing new. And we tried the old method of debtor prisons and jails full of vagrants. Child labor, tenements and slums. This notion there was some generation of people who all, that is everyo0ne of them, got out of Poverty on their own. Pure fiction Where would this country be without the Unions and the GI Bill. Helping hands to build a great nation. One that the GOP reminisces about, but wants to tear down, brick by brick. The GOP would never pass a GI Bill if it came to the floor. They are so miserly they prefer to hurt people to get their way.

            How in God’s name can two American adults, Romney and Ryan, stand on stage in front of a room full of other adults, and say they have the solution to our problems. The solution? Cut back on Welfare and entitlements ( savings), but at the same time reduce revenue with tax cuts for people who do not need it (loses). It’s so blatantly impossible, it verges on crazy, and the room full of adults stood up and cheered. What the hell am I missing.

            We have been reducing revenue for nearly a decade. And here’s what we got the 2008 Crash, a broken promise from the Job Creators, we were losing 750,000 a jobs month before Obama took office, and the Dow was around 6000 following that genius idea of cutting revenues when we didn’t have revenues to cut. And now since Obama took office the Dow is at 13,000.

            And who suffered, not the 1%. Not Romney or Ryan. It was just the Middle and Working Classes of America, that’s who. And these two guys want a mulligan, they want sell us the same lemon we had to bite into before, with disastrous results and your thrilled to take it. What the hell am I missing?

            They have persuaded you with the Welfare skit about those lazy Negroes laying around taking checks from the tax payers and Obama, are the sole cause of our economic problems. And you’re writing comments defending that position. What the hell am I missing? All your doing is trying to rationalize this lame notion that cutting welfare, Medicare and taxes for the 1% is going to reinvigorate the Economy. Please you don not seriously believe that. Being angry at a portion of American that has a percentage of dead beats, while sitting back and let wealthy dead bets get financial break after financial break.. That type of Welfare really pisses me off.

          • Once this country needed slave labor for plantations. That time is over. Once this country needed unions to counter industry barons. That time is over. At no time have the GOP ever failed to support programs for those who served to defend America. In fact, WW II veterans groups rejected Roosevelt’s proposed plan.
            Harry W. Colmery, a World War I veteran and the former Republican National Committee chairman, wrote the first draft of the G.I. Bill.
            The greatest amount of revenue to the government occurred immediately after the initial Bush tax cuts because it expanded business and our economy. Instead of using the money to balance the budget or pay down debt, the government (Democrats and Republicans) spent it on government expansion. It was a repeat of what happened after Reagan lowered taxes.
            Don’t try to feed me the hocus pocus on job numbers. The huge job losses were a direct result of the construction industry collapsing and taking supporting businesses with it. That was the result of the collapse of the housing bubble built by Barney Frank and the Affordable Housing Act.
            The President should have emulated Clint Eastwood’s empty chair. Since he came into office not knowing a single thing about business or economics, doing nothing would have resulted in a much faster recovery than doing the things he did.

          • And the construction industry just up and decided to collapse on its own, no cause, they just felt is was time to collapse. My My. What kind of thinking is that? The housing bubble, I knew it, you would find some way to turn Supply Side economic failures on the DEMs. Barney Frank and the Affordable Housing Act. I recall that bill, there was that specific part of the bill which encouraged lenders to lend money to people who could not afford it, and the other section of the law which allowed pie in the sky deals. Yep, all of those cheating lenders were following the law as it was set out in the Affordable Housing Act. I think they missed the affordable part. Well, why don’t we just blame it on the naive people who borrowed the money with promises the housing bubble was going to go on for ever. Buy it, and when the mortgage payments are about to rise, flip it for a wind fall. Once again the lack of compassion in your right wing view comes to the surface. Blame the victim. Bail out the perpetrator.

            These complex problems we face can not be simplified by the GOP thought you eat up like a starving man.

          • They felt like it was time to collapse when there was no longer any money flowing to fund new mortgages or renovation to pay for their services or products. The easy money stopped when everyone realized that there were trillions of dollars in already bad mortgages. The financial guys knew they were bad, but tried to disguise them as derivatives sucking more investment into bad paper. Lenders weren’t ‘encouraged’ to make those bad loans, they were threatened by Barney Frank.
            And yes, I will blame the victims. The people who got mortgages they knew they really couldn’t afford, the new turn-over specialists and flippers who were trying to use the easy money, and a lot of rich real estate investors who got banks to give them no guarantee money, but especially, I’ll blame Barney Frank who was the most instrumental politician in creating the whole mess, just trying to do good.

          • You’re boring. Like a broken record that skips endlessly back to the same part of the song over and over. Put the blame…Put the Blame…Put the Blame…

          • The bravest? I conclude the ones who are not so brave are lazy cowards. I just love the simplicity of it all, just stop smoking and your habit will go away. Stop taking heroin and everything will be okay. Just stop being sick and you will feel better. We will stop feeding you, then you will gain courage to go out and change your life. America with become your oyster. And you can get one of those life building jobs not available to millions of Americans. The Job Creators will create those fair wage jobs, so you can move out of Poverty and join the rest of America who are eagerly awaiting you with out stretched arms and affordable housing for you and your family.

            You can open a soul food restaurant in the neighborhood, have hip hop concerts in the park. Get your children a great education at the public schools or private schools which will need a voucher the Government is giving to everyone who wants to avoid sending their kids public school where most of your children attend. Yeah, my Poor brothers and Sisters welcome to the new America. No racism, they have assured you of that. In fact they scream bloody murder at the slightest accusation. So, you will be welcome. God Bless America.

          • What world do you live in? I smoked, for a time up to 3 packs a day, with an occasional cigar thrown in. How do you stop? You stop and live with agony, frustrations and dreams of smoking for years until the habit finally gives up.
            How do you fight your way out of poverty? Day by day with lousy jobs, working to get an education while your friends are playing, ignoring those who would drag you back. There is no easy way.

          • Also, may I emphasize the working poor, who work those jobs you speak of. Unemployment in most major cities among the Negro populace runs around 15 to 20%.

            That means 80 to 85% are employed and doing what they can to get by. Every office building in America is full of these people after business hours, cleaning the offices for the next day. Unseen, unnoticed good Americans, who have to suffer the indignation tossed at their race of being lazy people sucking at the teat of the US Government. It is shameful that the GOP and the Right Wing has decided that the Poor and less advantaged are the enemy of America. How good Americans can casually offer some simplistic solution as yours to solve a huge problem, that does not need the contempt of fellow Americans to remind them of the Poor lives they live. It is so disgusting that an organization is that desperate to achieve power by turning Americans against one another looking for a convincing scape goat for the dissatisfied Caucasians of Ameirca. The use of Race is revolting and so un American, but not beneath the GOP and the Right Wing in their greedy pursuit of power, so they can repay their masters the 1% of Americans who are the only ones not suffering in any way shape or form from the Crash of 2008, and yet they are hopng to create an enemy of American citizens to turn other American citizens against, to attain that power. It is so unChristian. It is sad.
            You need to look closer at the history of Poverty in America and the World. You have to get out your Bible and go to the New Testament where Jesus spends an inordinate amount of his time on earth to the ill treatment of the Poor. Jesus had some insight into Poverty which convinced him, that those who have, have a responsibility, with out qualification, to the Poor.

          • I am offended by your comment that the Republicans and right wing consider the less advantaged to be the enemy of America. It is totally incorrect and shows you have not been paying attention to the real argument. The disagreement is how to get people in that position out of it and give them the opportunity to change their lives. The Republicans do not believe that simply throwing money at the problem with no accounting will work. We have 0ver 40 years of experience in doing just that, and it clearly isn’t working. I think history shows that the real problem is culture, not skin color or ethnicity. Many diverse ethnic groups have migrated to this country since its beginning and most of them arrived with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Many settled into squalid ghettos with rampant violence and crime. It didn’t happen to groups overnight, but over time, people worked their way out of those ghettos. Government did offer some incentives, such as the homestead program, but that was hardly an easy way to succeed. It was simply a chance. There was no supplementing them with food or money. For the majority, it was simply work any any job you could get and continue to try to do better, or find a way to start your own business in hopes that would be a successful venture.
            Over the 40 years, Republicans think we have made being poor a little too easy. Even our poorest are the envy of those in many nations. For those who find the going just a little too tough, why try harder? People today can’t even begin to imagine what life was like during the Great Depression. Because today, there is opportunity. There are jobs. Some good jobs and some are those paying minimum wage or below. But you will never improve your lot in life by turning down any job when you need one or should be working instead of taking welfare. Even the worst of our schools can prepare you for a better future, but not if you goof off, skip classes or don’t study. There are lots of reasons to stay poor and dependent on government welfare. The decision and effort to stay there is far easier than making the choice and doing the hard work to get out of poverty. But as anyone who has done will testify to, it is worth the pain, sacrifice and effort. The Republicans want to have an America with lots of jobs, opportunity and good education. But they also know that it can’t be given, it must be earned.

          • And throwing tax cuts to garner favor with the wealthiest American, who hold the power, in the GOP view of America. Has helped? We gave them their much wanted tax cuts and deregulation. The result, the Crash of 2008. Now the current candidates for the GOP, have figured out what the solution is, gut welfare, Medicaid, Medicare and cut taxes even more for those who do not need it. How does taking from the Poor, sorry, those lazy ass Negroes who are sucking us dry address this humanitarian position you take on Poverty. It’s economics not compassion. This has nothing to do with this noble statement you have made. It’s socio-economics. Social engineering. My only bit of confusion is, how do tax cuts figure into helping the Poor.

            Municipal Governments with GOP school boards. The Municipal Government mis- manages the budget. Solution, cut spending on education, and the arts. Don’t punish the mismanagement. Punish the children, blame the teachers union, not the managers who didn’t know what they were doing.

            It’s just a little too convenient to say the whole problem with America are the social programs, entitlements and Obama. That’s a myopic view with a sinister intent. The intent is to eliminate the last vestiges of the New Deal and get rid of the Negro in the White House. There is not a lick of compassion in any thing the GOP says. Accept maybe the concern they have for those struggling 1%er’s who need more tax relief. Why is that issue so high on the GOP agenda. Always with the tax cuts. Hmmm.

          • Let me try to explain it one more time. What America needs are jobs. How many jobs have you created in the past four years? Would a tax cut for you give you the money to create more jobs? A tax cut for the wealthy leaves them with more money to invest. They do not need to buy necessities with it or pay off bills. They will invest it in growing their own businesses or by providing capital to other companies to grow. That results in jobs.
            On the other side of the coin, if you threaten them with more taxes, they will look for ways to avoid them. They will not invest in things that will get them taxed even more here. They will invest places where they are not at risk. You can rant all you want about ‘greedy’, but my friend, that is the way of the world and it hasn’t changed in thousands of years.
            Entitlements are not sinister. Mostly, they just don’t do what they are intended to do. They are good intentions, but sometimes tough love is the real solution.

          • Let me try asking the question again. Did they not get the tax cuts and deregulation they wanted during the Bush administration? I believe they did. And now explain why they invested in everything except job creation. When things went south economically, the first thing they did was start firing people. How was it capable that we were able to have low unemployment when the taxes were higher and the regulations were in place. I don’t get the logic. They were taxed higher and regulated more and unemployment was low. They get a tax cut and deregulation and unemployment soars. This job creator BS, is about one of the lamest stories ever foisted on the public to convince people like you that the guys who came out on top of the Crash of 2008 are so incapable of creating jobs because they are having the best years of their lives. Corporate profits up, Dow at 13,000. More Billionaires than ever. And we need to prod them with more tax cuts and deregulation to get them to part with their dough? You’re nuts, it’s a con job. Where are the guarantees they will invest in jobs rather than just invest in a money making scheme unrelated to your promise of jobs. Like they did with the mortgage scam. And other scams that are nothing but money makers for the investors and nothing trickles down. The Fed is lending money at a discount rate of 0.75%.

            Here’s a novel idea, being over looked. Interest rates are low, capital is there to acquire. This can spur economic development because businesses can borrow cheap money to expand their businesses and create new jobs. Why tax cuts when the job creators can borrow cheap money, deduct the interest payments and grow their business and create jobs. No need for tax cuts when the Government is giving away money to the banks to stimulate the economy.

            Now why isn’t that being touted by the GOP? It causes the 1%ers to make an effort to make money. They would have to hire people to handle the loans and investment in expansion of their businesses. Whereas, a tax cut takes no effort. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money Mo’ Money. Without lifting a finger. Or being inconvenienced with details of creating jobs. It’s all a great big scam bought and paid for by the likes of the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson. Take that money and give it all to the geniuses at a hedge fund and Bingo. Mo’ Money Mo’ Money Mo’ Money. Without breaking a sweat.

            Get the GOPers to get us guarantees the money goes to job creation, and then maybe there wouldn’t be so many people skeptical of the GOP’s intentions with the tax cuts.
            Prove it’s not a pay off for the campaign contributions and future wealth for the politicians. Romney and Lying Ryan, would both benefit from the tax cuts. Romney is out of business so how does he help out by adding millions to his wealth. Ditto, Lying Ryan.

          • You need some serious courses in economics.
            Some things to consider: 1) factor in the part that Affordable Housing played in your scenario. You missed the most important part of the equation.
            2) How much money would you loan to someone if it wouldn’t earn any money from interest? Or would you search for some place for that money that would earn you some profit, at least enough to keep up with inflation.
            3) Pretend you earned three million dollars every year. After paying more than a million dollars in taxes, what would you do with the rest of it?

          • Montana: Here is the first paragraph of your comment; I’m primarily trying to warn you about what is coming. Obamacare is unsustainable, is driving practitioners out of medicine and will, inevitably lead to driving insurance companies out the healthcare industry. That will lead to single payer. Single payer means no choices and complete bureaucratic control. For example, if you now depend on the VA for medical care, you are glad to have it, but also it means you have few choices.

            Let me mimic it. I’m trying to warn you about what is coming. Paul Ryan is an atheist. He will drive practitioners of Religion out of the Churches. And will inevitably drive Churches out of the Religion Business. That will lead to Single prayer. No choices of faith, complete bureaucratic control of Religion. For example you now rely on the local Minister for spiritual guidance, you are glad to have it, but it also means you have few choices.

            My comment is about as accurate as yours.
            I will admit I made mine up. It a piece of fiction I am happy to acknowledge it. Now it is your turn.

          • It was a wonderful exercise on your part Ibsyboy, but I’m in the health care business. Facts are stubborn things.

          • You Are Wasting Your Time Talking To Trolls They Are Just Like Our Do Nothing Congress Only Here To Cause Problems!! Not Trying To Help American Nor Their Country!! Just Bigots, Racist Thugs!!!

          • Montant Bill is hardly objective. He believes that people like my adult son, who is severely mentally disabled, is a “free loader” because he receives Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid. And he did use the words, “FREE LOADER.” M.Bill doesn’t believe that ANYONE should receive government assistance or support for ANY REASON. He believes his successful business was entirely and completely made BY HIM and HIM ONLY. He is an absolute INDIVIDUALIST and believes all people should be completely and utterly self-sufficient in every single aspect of life. He insists that he does everything compeltely, independently of anyone or anything. He is anti-government of any kind. He has NO compassion for anything or anyone.
            Bill doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the fact that many families RIGHT NOW- who have health insurance- are having to choose between whether they can afford to treat a life-threatening cancer diagnosis and their family becoming financially distitute/bankrupt. Care cost caps, large deductibles, limiting treatments- Bill doesn’t seem to think these are realities of healthcare right now. And Bill thinks that only lazy people, derelict people are out of work and have no healthcare at all- and don’t deserve healthcare. Bill does not believe that access to healthcare is a “right,” he thinks it’s a privilege.
            “It takes a village,” is not one of Bill’s values or beliefs.

          • One of my grandsons was born a little over 3 months premature, has cerebral palsy and is paralyzed from the waist down. Since his Dad, one of my sons, had lost his job just before he was born when the small manufacturing firm he worked for went broke as a result of Chinese competition, the insurance company did not cover my grandson’s medical care because his was a “pre-existing condition”. To say that he struggled to get the care he needed before Obamacare would be an understatement. He is now 18 years old, has medical insurance, and he collects a little over $500 a month from SSI. He is hoping to get a part time job making flower arrangements in a nursery. Severely handicapped people are not free loaders, and a country that pretends to be a Christian nation should know better than suggest such a thing.

          • Thank you for that, Dominick. My son is now 28 years old and has not been able to yet find a job that he can work at yet, but he has a job coach. I was blessed to have found a wonderful agency that manages and provides 24 hour care and supervision for adults with developmental disabilities. I feel strongly that my son has the right to live as independently as possible. My son lives in a 3-bedroom house with 2 housemates: one with down syndrome and the other has severe autism. They are only able to afford to live there because of the charitable organizations that subsidize their housing and operating costs. My son has activities and gets to participate in his own life. He gets to go outings, dances, he goes to the YMCA to use exercise. Every Christmas, a local cruise company sponsors a Christmas Cruise for the developmentally disabled. My son even got to go on a vacation to Disneyland for his 25th birthday. These are things that enrich my son’s life. If I were to die tomorrow, I know he’d be well cared for. That kind of peace of mind is something you can’t put a price on!

          • Montana Bill is not opposed to ANYONE. He is more concern with WHO. If there is anyone in America who can refute this equation. Be my guest.

            GOP Math: Welfare=Negroes.

          • Bill doesn’t believe in anything BUT extreme individualism.
            And while you’re talking about “negros,” I have some examples of “welfare negros.” My husband is from a rural area of Alabama. He was born in 1964 and lived in a house that had no electricity or running water. His parents worked as many jobs as they could to support their children. Today, his 3 nieces still live there in that small town. They all work at the local BP gas station and each work another job at one of the local few fast food restaurants as well. Even working these jobs, they still don’t make enough to afford anything more than government-subsidized, project housing. They don’t have healthcare, of course, because their white employers don’t offer those kinds of benefits. My husband’s sister has worked at Pizza Hut for the past 23 years and still makes less than $9.00/hr, with no benefits. Who is the welfare criminal in this case?

          • The criminals are the GOP and Pizza Hut for getting away without paying a living wage. Forcing people to do desperate things to get by. The story of your family is one that should not be happening in the richest country in America.

            This is the planned future for more American’s as the GOP continues to work at cutting taxes for people who do not need the cuts, yet, at the same time the GOP talks about hard work setting you free. There are millions of Americans, such as your family, who put their shoulders to the wheel, day in and day out, and the wheel hasn’t budged an inch. In fact it has rolled backwards.

            I can not stand the demonization of the Poor and the Working Poor for political gain. America is suffering and the best the GOP has to offer is work hard and you will succeed. You don’t need anyone’s help, you can do it all on your own. Well, nobody can do it on their own. There are needs that can only be provided from out sides source, whether it is one’s family or the US Government. You can not starve people out of Poverty as the GOP suggests.

          • Dominick: Well Put. I went on SS and Medicare after years of paying for my own Health Insurance. It was killing me financially. I ran my own business for over 40 years. I own my home outright. I was very lucky. Things fell my way. I worked hard, but I can give you a litany of names of the people who made it possible for me to have a successful business, it would be arrogant of me to say I did it myself. As for Medicare, without it I would have lost my home. I had a stroke. I was treated with no problem, did not have to seek approval, I was diagnosed and treated. I am now back to normal. And I didn’t do it on my own. I owe Medicare, the hospital , the doctors and nurses for my recovery. The very idea of messing with Medicare is frightening. It has helped me maintain a decent life style, and also gives me comfort knowing I have health care at my disposal. Hands off Medicare, SS and ObamaCares.

          • Right on brother. People don’t want to be poor. When you take away increases in funding for the fundemantal necessities, like education, healthcare and most of the programs in place to help the needy, to give billions of dollars in tax credits to the 1 and 2% of this nation in the hopes of getting job creation look again. These people have trillions of dollars stashed away in foreign bank accounts and countries They haven’t created jobs in this country and are all for themselves.

          • So?

            Karl Rove told him what to say then.

            Where was his convention speech? Do you know that past POTUS speeches used to be a usual occurrence at conventions when they had something intelligent to say.

            In Bush’s case, they had nothing to work with in terms of mind matter because he was such an unintelligent person who did NOTHING BUT HARM for eight years. Plus the fact that he doesn’t fit in with the current American Taliban Republican radicals.

          • Montanabill, Bush took himself out of the limelight because he did have his time. He and Dick Cheney are two of the richest men in America after their terroristic attacks on America, profiteering off of two wars and a natioanl disaster, borrowing money from China to continuing the bloodsucking through Haliburton and Blackwater, and has this country in the multitrillion dollar debt it is now in. You’re right, Bush/Cheney had their time and show Republicans and the Tea Party how to bankrupt a nation. The last time I looked in Webster, that is defined as treason. Bush?cheny were the two worst homegrown terrorists this country has ever manufactured. But you can’t see that, can you. Get your head out of your butt and enjoy the fresh air.

          • You’ve read my comments on the reasons for the nation’s economic situation. All the people you just named did not have anything to do with the housing/bad mortgage bubble that put us here. Do you think that people like Immelt and Buffett are not profiteering off of Obama’s policies? And I’ll bet you don’t have any idea whether the President really has a plan to do to get this country back on sound fiscal footing and economy moving. Don’t automatically say yes, because then I’ll just ask you what it is. I suspect all you have heard, and probably agree with, is that the ‘rich aren’t paying their fair share’. And if you do agree with it, it means you haven’t taken the time to examine whether it is really true or what the overall impact would be if taxes were raised on just them. You are livid about borrowing money from China to supposedly support companies favored by Cheney, but do you have equal anger over Obama borrowing equally large sums from China to finance the failed ‘green energy’ companies, run by his large donors? Is the fresh air in your world totally devoid of bad actions by this administration?

          • Maybe you should have expired. Look we can give money for everything in the world but when it come down to our people
            it becomes to expensive.The war machine get huge goverment,
            contracts from people like Haliburton and KBR who steal money from us.And how about the G.I.’s getting killed using those mal-
            functioning showers.Thousand dollar toilet seats and etc. The list goes on forever of the greed of these people.God certainly is watching and will handle all those selfish people.

          • I have noticed that a number of people are mentioning Haliburton, but apparently haven’t seen the GE connection with Obama, or the enormous loss of money from failed green energy companies run by Obama’s big donors. Government doesn’t change regardless of who is running the show.
            You are right. Defense gets large dollars from government and a lot of it is wasted. I spent a few of my early years working for defense contractors, so I have first hand knowledge of how it works. It was exactly the same when Kennedy and Johnson were running the show. But the Defense Dept. is not the only money sponge. Every single federal government operation is rife with a huge oversupply of paperpushers, boondoogle programs, large numbers of paid ‘consultants’, well funded ‘studies’ and ‘off campus meetings’.
            On the other side of the Defense coin is the simple question: do we want our military to be the best equipped, best trained in the world? Since no President in our history has devised a way to eliminate the boondoogles and the waste, is it reasonable to think that if we simply cut defense spending, it will cut only those items? How comfortable would feel if Putin is successful at his goal of rebuilding a military strength equal to or exceeding ours? China, like Japan in WW II, can put more soldiers in the field than we have citizens. With what do we do to counter that? Terrorists are scattering themselves around the world. Do we want a to have a force capable of multiple theaters? Or do we do a Ron Paul and pull back from the world to resume our world view of 1936.

          • Universal healthcare single payer that is exactly the system we need. Good for you that you paid your bills, not everyone can do that. No one will stop you from getting the care you need; especially if you are paying for it yourself. We always seem to have enough money for the war machine; God forbid we help our own people; do we really need the empire ; that is the reason of our decline; we are spread too thin; greedy souless derritive paper pushers who produce nothing; blame the bankers; the financiers; war profiteers; etc. Under the conditions the president has and is working under; who could do better for the American people? What president has to put up with the disrespect he has. He was the top law student in the best college in the country and all you can say is let’s see your grades or even more stupid your birth certificate? Give me a break; these are the guys that wanted to change the requirement so that Arnold from California could become president?

            Willard M. Romney is not for Joe sixpack. He has no clue what it is like for the regular guy. Never was hungry; avoided the draft by going to France as a “missionary”. Ask the people who lost their jobs, pensions, etc what they think of Willard Mitt Romney and his vulture capital company Bain capital. Romney, Mr. Willard is a liar and a white rat in the movie Ben.

          • Here are the benefits from a universal single payer health care system:
            1. Because of low compensation, we will no longer attract the best and brightest to the medical profession but that gives more mediocre people a chance.
            2. You will still have choices. If you don’t like the treatment prescribed, your choice will be: don’t get treated.
            3. You’ll have more time to read since you will spending even longer wait times to get treatment. Some limited resource treatments will require really long waits, but if you don’t make it, the person behind you moves up.
            4. There won’t be much incentive for drug companies to create new drugs but what we have is good enough anyway.
            5. You won’t be listening to either advertisements for drugs or lawyers wanting to help you if you think you gotten bad treatment. Drug companies will stop lobbying doctors and us, and start lobbying government bureaucrats. And what lawyer thinks he can win fighting the Federal government all the time. Ask the Agent Orange or nuclear industry workers how that has turned out.
            6. If you have an illness that requires very expensive treatment, a nice group of bureaucrats will decide whether you or your family are worth the expense, so you won’t have to worry about it.
            7. Hospitals and treatment centers will keep old equipment longer and be very careful about investing in new, expensive equipment. But that will keep the cost of health care down.
            8. There will be fewer hospitals and doc-in-a-box facilities cluttering the landscape.
            9. You won’t pay a thing for health care when you go for service. Just ignore the much higher taxes, they would have gone up anyway.

            Now about the ‘greedy financiers and bankers’. Why do you suppose they even created derivatives in the first place? If you don’t know the correct answer to that, you are talking gibberish.

            Do you honestly believe that there aren’t war profiteers under Obama or other Democrat Presidents?

            You know nothing about the President’s educational record. Yes, he supposedly graduated with honors, but you know nothing about how. Remember, he also got a Nobel Peace prize and got himself elected President, by what deeds? Talking.

            No one ever seriously considered changing the law for Arnold.

            Willard Romney knows exactly what is like to be Joe Sixpack (well, not really, Mormons don’t drink). Read his resume about his early years and how Bain Capital came about.

            How many wars has the President been drafted or volunteered for before he became President?

            Look at the TOTAL record of Bain Capital, not just the carefully selected examples the Democrats have placed before you. Find out what venture capitalists really do.

          • Bush was a war criminal. With what he did to America and the world; I’d hide too. He took away rights and freedoms we had and fought for for over 200 years via the so called patriot act. we are less free as a people than we were before he entered office. And stupid people say he “kept us safe” what was 9/11 a garden party? He was warned specifically of the targets and the method and did nothing; then they used 9/11 to do whatever they pleased; they kept the people in fear and it worked; Bush was bay far one of the worst Presidents in American history period. Obama is intelligent; honest; and a real leader; not like the previous idiot who called himself the “decider” which until then was not a real word!

          • Let’s see, was the Patriot Act before or after 9/11. Makes a pretty big difference to your conclusions. You also are overlooking the part Clinton played in events. Obama appears to be somewhat intelligent which means he’s deliberately fouling up the economy and not just clueless. Honest? You haven’t been paying attention. A real leader? If less than half the country believes in you, that might be questionable. Was Bush that bad a President? Well, in the 1860’s, a substantial part of the country thought Lincoln was the worst President ever. Not that I would compare Bush with Lincoln. The point is that history judges Presidents, not highly partisan contemporaries.

          • Dominick Villa got it right.
            Montana, I have neighbor who lost his job years ago due to being bipolar and his medicine was killing insurance ($2200.00 mo +), so his wife worked for one co for over 26 yrs , she wanted to insure him through her ins.He could not get it because of preexisting condition, she was making excellent salary but the worries over loosing house that they have been in it for 20 yrs, and the stress of him not getting a job took a toll on her also. She started to have migraine headaches. Finally he got settlement from workman comp (he was injured at work and co let him go once he was OK). They got 30K so they paid off the house and will be responsible for taxes only. % mos the co let her go because of her migraines she put to many claims over the years the premiums going up and up. The co. let her go. She lost her job, and she can use Cobra ($600.00 a mo). She collected unemployment and was looking for a job. He in the mean time got a job in a store for 8.50/hr but no insurance is available – same preexisting condition. His paycheck is for food and some bills. She got a job, working full time and making decent money (much less than last job) but could not get insurance no matter what. Now with ACA they can breath easier. He does some work on cars out of his garage and is very busy, he does my cars and all in the neighborhood. He charges half price and his job is solid, people trust him and his attitude despite all the rough times he is optimistic. Thanks to ACA they will not be homeless and hungry.
            I don’t mind paying extra in taxes if it helps me and others from losing everything. It took me 8 yrs to pay off my late husband 1.7 M (YES 1.&M) in medical bill for his heart surgeries, his other health problems because my insurance only covered so much a year the rest was my responsibility.
            I had to sell one of my businesses so I can have a good credit to run my other businesses. Yes there are people who scam the system, lie, cheat. Using workman Comp for years and Medicare scams )Florida Gov. is one of them, scammed Medicare out of Millions). Just because of few bad apples you don’t have to throw out the bushel of apples. Sort it out and throw out the bad and ugly from the good and you will have a system that is working. What we need is more watch hawks on billings and finding the fraud and severely punish these criminals that ripping ALL OF US. Pray that you don’t have to face this kind of problems.
            Lies and distortions work only on ignorant, lazy to think/research, due diligence and be well informed and comprehend how system/economy works then you will have a different opinion. It’s never 1 sided. Ryan was blaming Obama for closing a GM plant (that Romney father moved from Michigan) in Janesville, Wisconsin.- (Ryan is from).
            Not true, GM was shutting down the plant under Bush and nearly closed in 2008. ( I know my neighbor son worked there). GM said it that the plant is very old, needs a lot of improvement and they might invest but their main concern was to run the plants in Michigan as the market depend it on it’s existence. It would cause a major disaster, as GM like any auto ind. provide jobs for many. CHrysler shut it down Neon plant in Belvedere/Rockford, Ill it was before Obama took office. Why the distortions, why the lies when the truth is right up front. But most people down the south, never even been to the north and will believe anything they say. Why didn’t Walker mention how he supposedly balanced the state budget (NOT). Yep, laid off teachers, police, cut down on roads repairs (only patching). Biggest project is now Interstate 94/Hwy 50 expansion in Bristol/Kenosha, Guess who got the job – yep buddies that donated to his coffers. Wisconsin is now NO BID state and if U R little man and did not donated to his party or you are Dem/Indep. U R out of luck.
            Taxes gone up, he changed parking meters to electronic, buddy co. suggested and got it) and Wisconsinites paid for it.
            Guess who is running to the bank and who is loosing homes and job. He did not create any jobs and the little co he mention it, is the pits. I know I am in Wisconsin almost every other day, traffic from ther eto Illinois is going up as people drive to Ill. for jobs. Ill. have it’s own problems but we are working on it to get rid of both the corrupted Dem and Rep a like. We do put Governors to prison no matter if REP or Dem it’s the TRUTH. Now ther wear Orange suits not Armani’s. LOL Be objective and put your country first and foremost, and COUNTRY MEANS ALL OF US. White, black, Hispanic, yellow, green or from timbuktu. We al in it together. SEMPER FI.

          • I don’t disagree for a minute that insurance and health care reform isn’t sorely needed. My problem is with it is the way the ACA was created. I think that is the problem the majority of Americans have with it. It was created without any consideration of proposals from Republicans (half the country) or the private health care professionals. It was created by people behind closed doors who knew what they wanted and also knew who they didn’t want to antagonize (trial lawyers). It was passed by nefarious means. It created literally dozens of new agencies that can create regulations without anyone having to vote on them. It creates a host of new taxes that we, you included, will be paying. That is not the way to create a health care plan that people will accept. Look at the recent government attempts at ‘helping’ health care. Do you really think HIPAA was necessary?
            Do you feel like your medical records are safer or do you just notice that everything is harder to do? I’m in the health care industry and I’ll tell you why HIPAA was created. AIDS. Pure and simple, that’s it. People with AIDS/HIV didn’t want anyone else to know they had it. So, because everyone was bending over backwards for this group, the vast majority of us are paying a price. My company faces audits every single day. I have to pass the cost of that along.
            I’m of the opinion that GM should have declared bankruptcy. Yes, people would have lost their jobs, but the situation is similar to Bain Capital trying to save GST. It has been temporarily salvaged, but the truth is they are still not competitive in the market and unless something drastic happens, they will wind up were they should have been forced to go in the first place. The implications of Obama’s ‘saving GM’ have rippled far beyond GM. When he subverted the law to allow unions to have a place over the people who had loaned GM money, Obama essentially told the financial industry, ‘look out!’. That had a very chilling effect on the money sources that provide capital for industry and has had a direct effect on why this economy is recovering quicker.
            I’m not from Wisconsin, but what the unions did up there was disgraceful. If you behave like an ill tempered child, you will be treated like one. Apparently, a majority in your state sided with your Governor and not because of outside money either.

          • To: Montanabill… as well he should have! As he had no achievements or successes to hang his hat upon & just the opposite, was helmsman to the greatest American disaster since the last Republican Great Depression, which saw trillions of dollars evaporate into offshore accounts, along w/jobs, which impacted the affordability of a quality of life Americans now long for, but took for granted when Presidents Clinton & Carter were in office. In those 2 examples, Democracy nor government were too expensive, as debt was eliminated and prosperity expanded & thus, quality of living increased. WE the people were paying our bills just fine – until Reagan & the Bush’s. We now have the opportunity to at the very least, recover to where the nation ‘was’ as of January 19, 2001, w/the re-election of President Obama. Going w/Romney risks combining 1929, the 1980’s & 2001-2009 all into a single catastrophe which we may not likely ever recover! & like Bush, all Romney will have are similarly sorry excuses for the 10’s of millions of American lives he too intentionally shattered… w/lies he too knows not to be true…

          • For a totally failed Bush Presidency, as seen through your eyes, and for all the blame heaped on Bush, it is then truly surprising how many of GWB’s initiatives have been upheld by President Obama, including the recently extended Patriot Act, or did that slip by you unnoticed?
            As always, Democrats simply ignore that the financial and economic collapse were triggered, not by two wars, but by Barney Frank, the Affordable Housing Act and a complicit Democrat controlled Congress.
            Were you not alive during the Carter administration?
            Clinton found religion when Newt Gingrich and a new Republican Congress forced him to understand that big spending days for him were over. It was to his credit that he was able to compromise with Newt and together, not either alone, they were able to balance the budget and actually cut spending. If that was such a good time for Democrats, why haven’t they been calling for returning to Clinton era spending levels?

        • … but even more important – the President needs a Liberal/Progressive Congress to pass much needed, long ignored but very essential legislation, which addresses our degraded natural and civic environments, as well as our dilapidated economic systems. There’s no need trying to address conservative charges that President Obama has ‘failed’ to act, when conservative legislators have knowingly held his administration hostage – thru obstructions, if voters see this reality, but fail to act – en mass – at the polls. As this works both ways, with a Liberal/Progressive House & Senate, legislative action impacting the 3 key enterprises (natural, civic & economic) above, will move into action much faster, impacting lives and circumstances more broadly & in a more positive fashion. President Jimmy Carter prophetically warned we would fight wars over oil. No more than 25 years later, his prediction came to pass & we have yet to even begin seriously researching for petroleum replacements, in spite of the indispensable ‘OTHER’ uses of petroleum, far more valuable than ‘burning’ it!!! Joblessness, as a by-product of income inequality & tax cuts has an obvious cure, rooted in Democracy. Do Americans appreciate the gravity of what this means? Obviously not, if the 2010 MidTerm results & current polling between the Democratic & Republican candidates for the Presidency are any indication…

      • Get real! Maybe you should be named the Jestermeister? Scared by what about Mitt Romney. His candidacy for president of the United States has been one joke after another. Romney’s lies (as proven by the news media and fact-checkers) discredit and demean himself – without help from anyone!

        Maybe you did not have a good education – or you would not have believed the fascist political spin on President Obama’s comments that no one can built anything without support from others. The Republican obsession with “going it alone against the rest of the world” is pure bunk.

        Maybe you should take courses in American history? Mitt Romney reminds me of Senator Barry Goldwater who talked a good fight in 1964 but lost by a landslide to President Lyndon Johnson. Or maybe you could go back to 1932 when a businessman president presiding over the Great Depression lost the confidence of American voters with his dithering and lack of vision. The one real constructive criticism of Mitt Romney’s campaign has been its inconsistent positions lacking any real vision for solving the probelms President Obama is blamed (without reason) for causing.

        Is this enough substance for you this morning?

      • Please EXPLAIN how the Romney Budget differs from the Bush Budgets. Bush cut taxes 25% 0n Capital Gains divorced the long standing equivalency between the treatment of dividends and interest by treating dividends like capital gains .Both of these measures overwhelming favored the Wealthy.

        So as an every day working guy how do feel that under Romney’s tax Plan mitt would pay 1%. Notice that they haven’t told us WHAT loopholes they will eliminate but my guess is they will eliminate the deduction for Mortgage interest and for taxes you pay state and local government (INCLUDING those property taxes included in your mortgage). Another area they will PROBABLY make Employer paid Health care be treated as taxable income.
        Don’t you wonder WHY the can tell us about not taxing Capital Gains but can’t give us even a hint about what loopholes they will close.

        A large part of the reason Obama couldn’t improve the economy is the Senate Republicans filibustered any thing that would help. Mitch McConnell said his number ONE priority was to make Obama a one term President and he did his best to frustrate any attempts to improve the economy. Here is a PERFECT example of Republican priorities. Hedge Fund Managers get to classify their compensation as Capital Gains thus paying 15% rather than 35% but also avoiding BOTH Social Security and Medicare taxes. The House passed a law making them treat their income the same way YOUR wages are treated. McConnell filibustered it.

      • Truthmeister,
        You say your a small business owner struggling to get by and yes you built it yourself. Could you expound on exactly how you built it yourself. Did you get a loan from family, friends, a lending institution or a small business loan? Do you have employees that show up every day so your business can succeed? Do you use the post office, UPS, or other forms of transportation to ship or receive goods or mail? Did you take business classes at a school or university to learn how to successfully run your business? If you didn’t need any of these things to build your business I congratulate you because then you really did build it on your own.

      • Unless you built and staffed the schools yourself, built the hospitals and staffed them, built the roads, manned the police department and the fire department all by yourself you didn’t, in fact, do it all yourself. That is the whole point of this discussion, WE built this country not just you and certainly not Romney and his ilk.
        Yes, of course the business is yours and perhaps you started all by yourself, but didn’t the banks help you or you wife or maybe your kids?
        That was the point the President was trying to make but the Republicans seem to feel that they DID IT ALL BY THEMSELVES.
        The theme of the Democrats is let’s all work together because we will not survive as a nation if we don’t and the theme of the Republicans is give me everything I want and then maybe I will trickle a little down to you. Cut my taxes and I will prosper and then maybe you will if I feel like giving you a little and if I don’t I wont.
        If taxes, which are the lowest in 80 years made everyone successful then why isn’t everyone thriving? If giving more to those that already have plenty leads to prosperity then why isn’t everyone prospering?
        There is one answer, give the necessary aid directly to the middle class and it will help everyone through the trickle up method.
        It is time to give that a try unless, of course, you were happy with the Bush Administration, which by the way, wasn’t even mentioned by anyone at the Republican convention except his brother.

        • The whole “did it myself” charade is a tease for the voters, encouraging them to think the GOP cares and will keep the roads of opportunity open for everyone. Well, they provided a road all right, a road to the 2008 Crash. The road littered with unemployed Americans, a Middle Clash running out of fuel, and a whole lot of new Poor people hitch hiking, looking for a ride. While the obscenely Wealthy speed on by in their Bentleys with a fuel tank of gas, paid for by the people stranded on the highway waiting for Triple A. Which is not coming. That is if you called the GOP branch of Triple A.

      • The ones Romney put in his ads and at the convention all got help from low interest government loans and grants. And everyone uses the infrastructure provided by the government. No one builds it themselves.
        And if Romney is such a job creator, where are they? All I’ve seen him do is close companies and move jobs to China, Mexico, etc.
        What about the party he held on his yacht for his big donors on Wed. of the convention? Made sure he wasn’t around if Isaac got dangerous.

      • A word to the WISE business owners. Obama is trying to help you – Romney would rather put you OUT OF BUSINESS. You are a typical follow the pied piper Romney supporter putting your money where your mouth is… cause that’s all he has is MONEY. He’s rich because he stole from the poor. I would love to see the look on your face in November when Obama wins again. OMG! Wait for it!

      • Just make sure you get whatever money you have out the banks because
        if Romeny gets in…he’s going to ship your business and your money overseas. Idiot

      • There is nothing to discredit or demean. He earned his wealth through inheritance and unsavory business practices. And if I may; If you count your money in 20s, 10s, 5s, 1s and Change. He has no idea who you are. He is a privileged person. That is how he was able to callously shut down companies and leave 1000s unemployed without even a bit of regret. Of course he is a proven leader. Tony Soprano was a proven leader. The question isn’t leadership, it’s the lack of empathy and compassion. He is a high end car salesman, and you can not afford to buy what he is selling. You are way out of his customer base. He doesn’t sell used cars of any type. There no hate. It’s common sense.

        He made his money at the expense of others. He hides his money away from the taxman, can you? He intends to lower taxes on people who do not need their taxes lowered. They are not the ones suffering from the slow economy. Why is that such an essential item on his to do list? Get rid of the only national healthcare system, based on his design, without a replacement other than throwing everyone back to the mercy of the Insurance Companies. Welfare vouchers. Find me on Insurance Co0mpany that will take an 80 year old’s voucher? No one will, particularly if they have a preexisting condition, and what 80 year old doesn’t?

        He and Ryan are snake oil salesmen. The only issue they have t run on is getting rid of Obama. If that is your reward for supporting Romney, well you sure come cheap. Because what they have in store for America doe4s not include you and about 80% of Americans. They support the repeal of minimum wage, right to work, lowering education expenditures, lowering taxes on the wealthy, starting a war with Iran, privatizing SS, eliminating Welfare and Medicare, increasing Defense Spending, deregulation the hell out of private industry, not to create jobs, but to maximize Corporate Profits.

        Have you ever asked yourself why Billionaires, people with more money than God, are spending a Billion Bucks to get rid of Obama, I hope you don’t think they are doing it for you. The reason you dislike Obama means absolutely nothing to them, your dislike is meaningless. They want more than Obama out for their Billion. They want a really big return for their investment. And you my friend are not in on the winnings. Your part of the under class, cheap labor.

        No hate, no discredit, no demeaning Romney. I just flat out don’t trust obscenely wealthy people. They produce nothing, they contribute nothing, they’re into acquiring more wealth, and nothing or nobody is going to stand in their way, No President, No Democratic Party, No Union, and certainly not you and yours. Your on the wrong side of this fight my friend. You are motivated by your dislike for Obama. Which in the wealthy man’s world means absolutely nothing, but it will get your vote for them.

        Sorry, Ducky. You are being snookered.

        • Thanks for taking the time and thought, and caring about us ALL enough to write this response – Ibsyboy, you tell the Truth. I hope the “truthmeisters” walking among us pay attention.

      • What is really scary is how easily you can be had. There was nothing in any of the speeches that will improve our economy and your stake in America. Your buying a pig in a poke, and your overpaying for it.

      • Bush/Obama Economy?

        What are you taking on a daily basis that caused you to come up with mindless statement?

        Didn’t you listen to Bush’s stirring convention speech? Oh that’s right, they clamped his mouth shut.

      • My husband and I ran a small business in Louisiana from 1983 to 1996. What I learned, quite painfully, was that the likes of President George HW Bush and his Iraq-War-mongering cronies didn’t care one whit whether my efforts as a small business-owner brought success or failure. In 1992 I switched from being a registered Independent, to the Democratic Party. The current philosophical direction of the GOP pretty much guarantees they will never get my vote again. You are deluding yourself on the basis of an “I Built It” mantra that is a clever but disingenuous edition of the President’s actual remarks. The GOP is banking on such shortsighted attention, and – let’s face it – they’re counting upon ignorance to be their Best Friend in November. If the GOP had such good ideas, they wouldn’t be so hell-bent on restricting the American Right To Vote. They dish out the lies and the attacks at will, but when countered with the truth, they cry foul.


      • You describe yourself as a small business owner and insist “YES I built it MYSELF”. Are you saying that you have no employees and no customers/clients? Are you saying it was all your own money that was invested without the assistance of outside financing? If the answer is no, then your claim to have built it yourself is false, like many of the claims made by Mr. Bendyboots Romney and Paul the Puffadder!

      • You are in trouble if Romney- Ryan wins. But You get what you ask for!! So for you best interests Obama will win. And it seems you are uneducated or a racist or both. They go hand in hand . Good luck

      • I am a liberal; Not a neo anything. We stand for everything the republicans are against. We are for Unions, woman’s right to choose; voting for all eligible voters; equal rights for all; and we built that. What the president was implying was you did not build the infrastructure; you did not fight all the wars that insured your freedom to build your business. You did not make the pro business laws and infrastructure that allow all American businesses to thrive. If you knew anything about international affairs you would know how free we are. In your mind and in fact you did build your small business but you did not build America; if you had comprehended the whole speech and not just a few words that would be clear. If you knew the efforts of the President to improve America; it’s economy and it’s infrastructure were blocked mainly by house republicans , you would know that congress is to blame and in fact is responsible for the loss of our AAA rating. If they had their way there would be no social security or anything for the people; just endless wars and endless spending on the military; which has not decreased but increased during this administration . Obama has got bin laden and many of his ilk. He does not change his positions on practically every subject like Willard M. Romney. If you want a proven leader that is the president who led us our of the worst financial crisis since the great depression; who is a war time president.

        China has Europe and the united state’s jobs because they work cheap. That s not the president’s fault. Why do you not write congress who will not get rid of the law that gives tax breaks to companies to ship American jobs overseas as the President has suggested. The laws are written in the house and senate then they go to the president for signature. If they do not send him this type of legislature there is nothing for him to sign! Yes I would love to bet you the president wins; if there is a fair election; right now the red swing states are going strong with their voter suppression efforts; so Willard (that is his name you know) may win. Google the accomplishments of President Obama. Read and learn. The last republican pres was for he rich and the war profiteers; do you really believe Willard will help you and your friends or does God help them that help themselves.By the way the biggest welfare is corporate welfare. Why do subsides exist say for oil companies?

      • The good thing about Democracy Mr. or Ms. Truthmeister is that your family and friends don’t have to tell you who they will vote for. So just speak for yourself because its the only true vote you know.

      • Obama saved the Banks; financial system; auto industry; ended war in Irac; got Bin-Laden and his cohorts; equal pay for equal work for women; encouraged the developement of clean energy; etc,etc, etc, google accomplishments of President Obama and decide for yourself. Willard M. Romney = Bain capital.

      • Who says Romney’s a proven leader? The people of Massachusetts certainly don’t say that. By the third year of his single-term in office, Romney’s approval ratings were in the twenties. If he had run for reelection, he would’ve lost. If he was such a fabulous governor, why does he now badly trail Obama in the Massachusetts polls?

        Under Governor Romney, Massachusetts was the only state with three straight years of a shrinking labor force. The state was hemorrhaging jobs under Romney, even as the rest of the country was growing. During Romney’s time in office, the Massachusetts labor force contracted by 1.7 percent, and it was the only state in the nation to decline each year during the time period. The nation’s labor force expanded by 3.1 percent. When Romney was in office, the Massachusetts labor force was the only one in New England that did not grow, while the labor forces in all the other New England states grew between 4.6 percent and 6.0 percent.

        When Romney ran for governor, he bragged that as CEO he’d bring corporations and jobs to Massachusetts and belittled his opponent for “not knowing what I know.” While Mr. CEO Romney was governor, major employers like Gillette, Hancock, Fleet, and Reebok closed down their Massachusetts operation and sent hundreds of thousands of jobs out of state.

      • It has been proven his very very vague “economic policy” does not add up…and it will actually do more harm than good…Proven leader at making money off of companies like leeches and make profits off of them when they go belly up…that’s the leader you want? He’s also itching to start wars like McCain is. And linking this economy to Obama…that’s rich. If the Republicans and Tea Partiers would get their heads outta their asses and actually work WITH the President instead of AGAINST him then things would be a lot different now. They couldn’t vote for anything he was for because any sign of success was bad for their party come elections time. I am giving President Obama and VP Biden another chance. Hopefully a new Congress will get elected in that will put party differences aside and actually do their job and look out for the people of this country. You can’t point fingers at one person when it comes to talk about the economy and jobs, sorry thetruthmeister…There is plenty of blame to go around. I hope President Barack Obama uses his Executive Order power this time around to help get things done if the Republicans and Tea Partiers keep playing these nonsense games. May I also remind you this countries credit rating was down graded due to the Republicans unwilling to compromise. You cannot say the President didn’t try to get things done there. It all played out on national television for all to see. The blatant lies that came out of just about every Republican at the RNC was utterly disgusting. Their ticket can’t win on the truth so they tell lies and they even said they don’t care to fact check anything. That is the difference between our President and Romney….The facts matter and they can try to back peddle and try to say well I don’t know the whole story, it’s utter nonsense and they wont win this way.

      • that’s your opinion & your vote your struggling business why is it struggling one has look at that why. are you doing or not doing to gain the business.some things put a strain on a business like a bad economy it sounds like your in the same boat as the rest of us. one has to change adapt & overcome. the G O P theory is survival of the fittest sorry small business .its your vote be careful you not shooting your self in the foot

      • What exactly is Willard going to do to fix the economy? We need details. Just saying he can fix the economy isn’t good enough. Even Willard can’t tell us how he will fix the economy. He’s been short on details. It’s hard to trust a shady business man.

      • Are you an ass or have you forgotten the Black vote and the Latino vote oh that right that why the voter suppressing movement. Because you and the grand old party UNDERSTAND THAT THE PARTY IS OVER!!!.

      • yes Your Royal truthmeister – The time is near, folks… Obama the Sleeper-Muslim Cell, brought from Kenya and raised in America all these long years, planting fake birth certificates and phony school records to prepare his political ascendancy, all to lead to this moment: his potential reelection.. so he can finally unleash the fury of his socialistic nightmare.
        Obama held back all these years, his entire first term, even risking losing reelection, because now he is finally, actually getting ready to implement his nefarious agenda. Everything that came before was just paving the way….!!

        Somone else wrtoe this, but I felt that you had to hear it….you Regugnantkins are SO out of touch it would be amusing if it weren’t so scary….OBAMA 2012

      • I’ll see your Romney/Ryan and raise you (not by a landslide)but by a second term. You see, people like you always and I mean always bend over and take a beating/or plunging of the backside and then turn around and blame the ones that are trying or have tried to help you before or when that happens. It never fails nor ceases to amaze me that this country still caters to and support idiots like you. I may be a war veteran and neolib, but you, you sound like a welfare check, food stamp junky, that lives in a trailer park somewhere in South Florida or even Alabama. Whichever the case may be, I hope that you and those that think and act like you wake up and pull your heads out of your collective A$$e$ before its too late.

    • No Doubt About It They Are Running On A Foundation Built On LIES!! Still Haven’t Showed No Tax Returns And You Know Why Cause ROMNEY IS THE PROBLEM Him And His American Taliban Is Destroying This Country From The Inside Out!! We Can Stop Looking For The Boogie man Cause GOP/Tea Party Are The BOOGIEMAN!!!

      • The methodical distruction of the Democratic State by the influenceof big money (Corporations) which own the media (TV, Radio & Print) This enabled them to spread the emotional messages they have succeeded in using to change the face of the Political landscape. We have a two party system built on common interest and compromise. The struction is gone. Divided by ideology and money. The Corporatist have bought the politicians, mostly GOPers. The GOP_ have become the Party of Big Money. Obscene Wealth.

        20% of the population controls 93% of the Financial Wealth of the USA. The remaining 7% is controlled by 80% of the population. The amount of influence 7% gets you is next to nothing. 93% on the other hand gets you just about anything you want.
        And 1% of the population controls about half of the 93% that’s roughly 50% of the financial wealth of the USA. Imagine how much influence they have. Within the top 1% there is an enormous disparity in wealth between the bottom of the 1% and the top of the 1%. The bottom are paupers compared to the top of the 1%.
        The top 1% essentially call the shots for America. They can buy and sell Politicians on a wim. That’s why I ask my GOPer friends, what they think the Billion Dollars the 1% are putting up to get rid of Obama want for that Billion. It has nothing to do with Obama social programs. They want someone favorable to them in control. The Teahadists and the GOPers. The stuff average people complain about re: Obama is trivial, meaningless to the 1%. The under class (the 99%) are votes and cheap labor to the 1%. All the Righties on these comment threads think this is all about their opinion of Obama. They are so wrong. It is all meaningless. If all they get out of this is Obama losing, they been bought off really cheap. The 1% don’t give a rats ass about the 99%. It is pathetic to see people get so angry and emotional about Obama. When they are the only ones doing the grunt work of destroying his Presidency and Character. The 1% would l0ve to get rid of voting altogether. It costs them millions of dollars to win votes. I feel sorry for the people who believe Obama is a bad man. They don’t realize he is the only friend they have on the inside.

    • Romney Whole Campaign Is Just Obama Bashing And The Rest Is Built On A Foundation Of Lies!! Jobs?? What Is He Going To Do Give Back The Money He Made Shipping Them Out In The First Place?? Romney Is The Problem America Is Facing!!! He Polices Is The Same Polices That Cause This Mess!!! His Polices Are Bush Polices That’s Why He Got Over 17 Bush Old Staff Working For Him!! Rerunning The Same Crap That Cause This Problem Is Going To Help This Country And The American People How??? It Only Helps The Wealthy!!!

    • Romney Hood Just Dumped Clint Eastwood Part In The RNC!! That’s Just How He’s Going To Do The American Voters Once He Get Your Votes Then He’s Going To Dump You Too!!! Clint Part Was Edited Out Of Their Recording Of The RNC!!! Shameful Low Down Assholes!!

      • Modern technology. And every GOPer in America has just rebooted their brains.
        It’s just as crafty as how the GOP Convention avoided any info as to how they intend to turn America around, other than wiping out the entitlements and cutting taxes for the Job Creators again, I guess they feel the cuts weren’t big enough and that explains why the Job Creators took the money the first time and created no jobs.

        Yes ladies and gentleman the new and improved Party of P.T Barnum. The man famous for saying: “there’s a sucker born every day,” and may I add, they are all Republicans.

  3. The GOP can’t run on thier policies, so they won’t mention them during the campaign, all they can do is attack the President. Seems like most of the failed policies over the past 4 years have just been the continuation of the policies that the GOP Congress forced through by holding the rest of us hostage. extending the bush tax cuts for the wealthy by holding the UE hostage etc…

  4. Only a member of the Grand Ole Plutocracy, otherwise known as the GOP, and zombies, can refer to efforts to minimize the negative effects of a socio-economic system that enables 1% of our population to own almost 50% of our financial wealth as divisive; and to accentuate their determination to preserve and expand the status quo they insinuate civil war, the ultimate exprssions of divisiveness, to scare those who have the audacity of questioning the logic of supporting the enrichment of a few to the detriment of many.

  5. As always, Romney and Ryan are high on Rhetoric, and quiet on an Economic Plan. Is it because they, the neo-cons, and the Rowe PROPAGANDA Machine, doesn’t have one? That assumption would be, “dead,” wrong! They just have not shared it with the American People – – as they KNOW what the RESPONSE would be – – MORE PAIN FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! The GOP caused the Problem – – now, they want the Poor and Middle Class to pay for their Sins.

    In doubt who to Vote for in November? Maybe this will help. Don’t Listen to the Rhetoric; but, instead, look at the PAST BEHAVIOR OF THE GOP! At the Convention, Romney sounded a lot like George W. Bush.

    Still in doubt? FOLLOW THE MONEY! Ask yourself, “if the Country is beyond Broke – – kept on Life Support by the Chinese, and our, Uncle Ben; and, the Middle Class (the People who build this Country), are on a Fast Track to the Bottom – – as it was 6 Million of their Jobs that were Lost as a result of the Bush, and Bankster, Wall Street Crash, in 2008; WHERE IS THE MONEY? WHO HAS THE MONEY?





  6. It’s all style and no substance. Mitt Romney may well have presented a personal portrait but most voters decide by how a candidate will solve national problems. His inaccurate and misleading advertising speak loudlythat he just does not know (and probably does not care that he does not understand).

  7. Willard the Rat man talks about his America, when he was a kid. Great for the silverspoon son of a rich family, it was probably peachy, but for the children of the working and working middleclass their was a lot of hardwork involved in order to find the opportunities to succeed. If you wanted to go to college you worked and studied.


    EJ Dionne, useful idiot du jour once again ignores both sides of an issue to push an agenda on behalf of the Obozo campaign propaganda machine. Witness…

    Obozo the flip flopper…

    Keep in mind that there are two sides to this coin
    Obama used to be anti-war now he sells himself as the war president
    Obama used to be anti-lobbyist, now he has more on his staff than any other president
    Obama used to be anti-patriot act, not only continued it he strengthened it
    Obama used to against negative campaigning; now he has spent 4x the Romney amount
    Obama used to be against increasing the debt ceiling now he is for it
    Obama used to be against gay marriage now he is for it, a flip flop for politics only
    Obama used to be for immigration and disability reform now he is having second thoughts
    Obama used to be against executive orders to block information now he is for it
    Obama used to be for transparency and now he is against it!

    Have a nice day!

    “I don’t think your boss should get to control the health care you get. I don’t think insurance companies should control the care that you get. I don’t think politicians should control the care that you get. I think there’s one person to make these decisions on health care and that is you.” – Guess who said it

    • ObozoMustGo: Hello! The (very few) smart people who contribute their posts to this “cesspool” of ignorance called The National Memo welcome you back!!
      Even though I, by myself, can outsmart and neutralize all the LIES and “cute”, MINDLESS slogans that pass for truths inside these Libs’ little minds (definitely NOT brains !!), you are certainly welcome to the “good fight”.
      Since I last saw any post by you, several days ago, these people have NOT learned anything, I am afraid to say, about the REAL world. Witness how the next “poster”, somebody called Carol Frick (as in “freaking” out!), nonchalantly states:
      ” People who don’t understand that the republican party is for the rich amaze me. Unions have issues and members need to fire leaders that are the issue, but the union is the voice of the worker and the CEO’s that give to the republicans are trying to kill that voice.”
      People like this Carol Frick never cease to amaze me:
      1) Do they really believe that a Party that wants to increase the size of the “pie” so that EVERYBODY can have more, is a party for the rich?
      2) Do they really believe that the way and the path to prosperity is through (increased) taxes?
      3) Do they really believe that, if the Republican Party is for the “rich”, then the DemoCrap Party is for the poor? Really?!!
      4) Do they really believe that you can make a “poor” person “rich” by taxing and making a “rich” person “poor”?
      5) Do they really believe that the “class warfare” OPENLY advocated by Obozo’s handlers and covertly (sometimes not so covertly) by Obozo himself, is the correct way to go and will result in more “progress” for the poor?
      6) Do they really believe everything (“Oh, the private sector is doing just fine !!”) that Obozo feeds them?
      ObozoMustGo: PLEASE tell me that they are not THAT dumb??

      • Why don’t you two stooges take a ride on the “Personal Liberty” boat and let you’re guru Ben (over) Crystal tweak you’re hatred.. I promise, those zombies will suck in every lie you quote. If you can’t stand it here.. If you believe this is a true “cesspool” then for goodness sake get out and stop contributing the shit you’re excreting.. I’m sure no one would miss you.

      • Eduardo: nice to hear from you. I have been very busy and traveling so my time to post on this site, the septic tank called “The Memo”, and to joust with the leftist freak turds floating around in here, is limited.

        Your post is dead on. Notice that you wont find any of these cowards able to really answer your questions enumerated therein. To answer them is to have them prove their own foolishness. And we all know that the hallmark of the fool is the intentional ignorance of their own foolish ways.

        To answer your final question of me, I must regretfully say YES! They are THAT dumb. Look no further than the 2 posts by this truly stupid person ivory69690. But know this… most of the people that come here and post regularly are really the fringe 10% of the most hardcor left. Only 20% of Americans when polled consider themselves “liberal” while more than 40% consider themselves conservative. So, when I regrettably tell you that YES they are THAT dumb, it really only applies to the sort of moron that posts their leftist sheet on here. You know, the ones that believe in that proletariat versus the bourgeois kind of clap trap.

        Keep fighting the good fight, Eduardo.

        Have a great weekend!

        “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

  9. Ithink Romney is a real Jerkey bringing to the fold that America really voted for the wrong man, a Black man born in Hawaii in 1961. His VP is even worse saying Obama shut a auto plant in Wisconsin and Obama was not even President then, all lies, evil lies

  10. People who don’t understand that the republican party is for the rich amaze me. Unions have issues and members need to fire leaders that are the issue, but the union is the voice of the worker and the CEO’s that give to the republicans are trying to kill that voice. There is a name for work without input and it is slavery. No CEO is worth 475% more than their workers. Yes, there is pressure but there is pressure in most jobs. Republican voters that are working class are just saying kick me again, please

  11. Mitt will “help” this country by lowering taxes on the rich & big business, running pipe lines through aqua-duck, polluting water to the mid-west bread basket and attacking Iran and getting us in another war.

  12. Listen to all of you on this blog….the people of this country is going to lose everything
    if Mitt and Co gets in office. Health care, Women’s Rights, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Teachers, Fire Fighters. Latinos will get deported and poor people will be reduced further into poverty. Wake UP!! For God’s Sake Wake Up America!!!

    • Candice: Wow !!
      1) How do you know all that?
      2) You must have sources to which I (and so many others) have absolutely no access.
      3) Do you have proof of what you are “predicting”?
      4) If you do have proof, is that “proof” as credible and trustworthy as the REAL proof Owebama has been giving us for the past 4 years?
      5) Are you even aware of the path DOWN along which Owebama is taking us?
      6) Why should we believe you?
      7) I didn’t know that Latinos (the LEGAL kind) would get deported under Romney/Ryan. Where did you get that piece of information?
      Candice: “Facts are stubborn things”;
      “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Both quotes by our greatest 20th century president, RONALD REAGAN.

  13. Sorry, Mittens….your move back toward the center isn’t working….choosing Eddie Munster as your running mate was THE WORST DECISION you made in that effort. And, after the Fibfest that was the Republican National Convention, the GOP are going to lose big in November, everywhere….now, the only question is, “how bad will the GOP lose?” Will the party survive with the Tea Party Militia albatross around their necks (I’m thinking NO)? One online estimate has at least 25 million GOP moderates leaving the party to become Democrats or Independents…think about that…25 million! The voter suppression tactics aren’t working as courts keep smacking down the fascist and corrupt “voter protection” laws…even if they did work, losing 25 million voters blunts that effort. While there are three factions to the GOP now, two of them, the Conservative Wrong-Wing Nut Jobs and the Tea Party Militia members, are insuring the party’s death on 6 November, 2012…I wonder how many more moderates will jump ship between now and election day….hmmm….Obama wins in a landslide, ya think?

  14. There is that word again: Empathetic. More and more i’ve been noticing lately a lack of something i thought everybody had: empathy, rapport, sympathetic understanding of someone else’s problems. I have too much of it! Romney has none–zero. Neither Sarah Palin nor Michelle Bachman (or their husbands) have it. Donald Trump doesn’t have it. Newt Gingrich doesn’t have it! W Bush sure as Hell didn’t have it, double that with master-puppetteer Dick Cheeney. Add Ronald Reagan & Her Highness, Nancy. No empathy there! Is there a pattern i detect here? Is it possible that the GOP is comprized mostly of people who have no “conscience,” & that the Democrats, or Progressives do have it. Barrack Obama has it, as does his wife Michelle–Anne Romney does not have it & doesn’t even know she lacks it. They are the ones i call “hollow.” Beyond their religion, there is nothing there.

    I’m hung up on the idea that something evolutionary is happening & this only confirms it. The “new kind” of human is looking ahead. The “old kind” is looking back. Perhaps the “new” kind of human being has that quality we call “empathy,” and the “old” kind of human does not, and we are moving slowly into a race of people more in sympathy than in competition.

    & coincidentally, isn’t it necessary to have it to do what Jesus taught? Is it possible to love each other if you aren’t “in tune” as us old Hippies say. Can you be a Christian if your Compassion doesn’t function like everyone supposes it does? I watch the candidates lying without compunction & i think “how can he or she call himself/herself a Christian if they so blatently lie? Surely they know they are lying, “stretching the truth,” (if they don’t, they’re idiots) so isn’t it a sin to bear false witness? They are not Christians, even though that’s mainly what they claim to be. “Tell the Devil he’s a liar!” Vote for Obama–who has IT. If you’re not convinced, then vote against the guy who strapped his dog in a cage on the top of his car for a drive to Florida, and then agreed with his wife that the dog loved it–and shat in appreciation! Vote against those people! Please!

  15. How can he unite a nation when all that divides it are still on his plate. He still has assets in Bermuda and it is questionable if he still has assets in the Caymans, which renforces that the rich have options that the middle lack. He would expand those options for wealthier Americans because that is the business he knows through a weakening of the tax laws. He cannot backtrack on his pledge to repeal Roe when he is in office since he picked a true believer in the anti abortion movement as a vice president, so women will be alienated from his adminsitration. He will push healthcare issues to the states and repeal the ACA as a gift to the insurance companies whose stock will immediately rise on the Street This immediately throws 2.5 million young people off the rolls of the insured, and in all the red states closes the door for anyone uninsured to get insured since he already said that. He will unleash people like the Koch brothers to cause as much enviornmental damage that they need to make more money, and loosen OSHA standards for workplace saftey. He will try to weaken all the federal unions and try to pass laws weakening those public sector unions at he state level, like bringing back Taft- Hartley which will turn union and blue collar people against him. There will still be enough Republicans in the house to hold his feet to the fire on right wing issues, so no back tracking. He will repeal all regulations on big banks and free wall street to run wild again as well as repealing consumer protection which are bad for business. He will try to enact the voucher plan for medicare for all those under 55 but only if the Senate changes hands and by the second year will try to privatize social security.
    He will threathen Iran with war, and forestall the withdrawl in Afganistan. He will also chill relations with Russia. He will try to work out trade agreements with China to export more jobs there because it’s good for business. He will try to drop the minium wage as a gift ot the chamber of commerce, and appoint corporation friendly judges throughout the federal system.

    He will only have a 2 yr window so he’s got to work fast because when America wakes up and finds that more tax cuts for the rich didn’t produce more jobs and the enviorment is getting ugly, and their 20 something kids don’t have insurance anymore and there is no consumer protections, and we are at war again, they will sweep out the republican party as a majority party forever, and put a muzzle on Ryan and tell him to wear a dunce cap and sit in the corner. then the democratic majority in both houses will re inact evrything over Mitts weak and feeble objections.

  16. Obama has been tested and its been confirmed he has acute lyinvirus. It stems from broken campaign promises, socializing America, compounded by an acute debt crisis.

    A good old boy’s ship sailing on yesterday’s winds.

  17. Democrats please step out and vote this election and keep this fool out of office, we need more Democratic Governors and Senators in the Goverment offices to get control of this country Weather you like Obama or not we still need to control the seats that can eaither support or block Whoever is President.

  18. You have to wonder how many times Romney has stood in front of his mirror and asked “Are you talkin’ to me? Are you talkin’ to me? I’m the only one standing here, so you must be talkin’ to me.” Insanity always creates its own reality. The reality of external stimuli has no effect on Republicans and the Tea Party because they see things that none of the rest of us are seeing. They have no platform that they can speak of, using feel good talking points and insyilling doomsday scenarios in the hearts of people they know have been bombarded my misinformation, revisionism, and fragmented half truths. We need to be asking them “WHERE’S THE BEEF?” We know they are blocking President Obama from moving America forward, but what is their alternative? We don’t want to hear panned blaming and a bunch of old played out cliches. WHAT WILL THEY DO TO MOVE AMERICA FORWARD? After nearly a year of being bombed out about what President Obama isn’t doing ad nauseum, they should tell us what they will do? If they wait till the debates to do it, they will get embarrassed nationally and internationally. President Obama has already told them that he will not allow them to hold Americans hostage or use the American people as collateral damage to enforce their silly agenda. We will hear that again in the debates. They may as well tell us now while they are still on a high after the GOP Convention. Ir’ll be easier on them and on us too.

  19. Mr. Romney had a way of not expressing the truth during his speech at the RNC Convention. I watched the GOP Primary and was struck by the way he literally switched political positions to only demolish each of his party opponents with untrue nasty negative TV ads. For example, he would agree with Santorum on an issue to discredit Gingrich. This method was used many times because he had the money to use TV ads to destroy each opponent with the exception of Bachmann, Cain, and Perry. There appeared to be a deal struck between Ron Paul and Romney throughout the debates.

    Mr. Romney has flip-flop on so many issues such as healthcare, pro-life/pro-choice, and planned parenthood — he wants to eliminate it now — something that help both men and women. He has never overtly explained to the American people his policies on Social Security, Medicare or his Healthcare plan before he would blatantly repeal the Affordable Health Care Law which has been upheld by the U. S. Supreme Court.

    So, will the real Mitt Romney please demostrate that he has what it takes to be voted into the Office of the Presidency. Just saying he will create 12 million jobs is not enough when his record shows thousands of jobs were lost while he was with Bain Capital and as Governor, Massachusetts ranked 47th in the Nation on jobs created.

  20. Robert P. Robertson, You are right. It wouldn’t surprise some Americans that Bush/Cheney may still be stoking the unrest today in Israel, Iran, and Syria so that another War can increase their coffers after spending so much money to support Romney’s campaign. Believe that the Koch’s and others funding Romney want a large return on their money, if Romney gets the presidency. Tax cuts and/or privatize Social Security and Medicare so that the millionaires/billionaires can make huge profits using ordinary workers Social Security withholdings and Medicare premiums to invest in the stockmarket. That’s what Romney means when he says “free market system”. And the “healthcare voucher” that people will get disguised as health benefits will be printed with “invisible ink”, totally worthless.

    • iheardu2, this is a message that many Americans fail to see. I have seen first hand Haliburton and Blackwater in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and remembered that watchers had been warning that Dick Cheney was not only the VP, but the CEO over tyhese two corporations. Why people haven’t connected the dots is incredible to me. It’s simple logic 101! It’s not being subversive or radical, it’s commonsense. If we only look at the big picture, none of the BS we are going through right now would exist. But if Romney/Ryan get into office, they will continue the bankruptcy of America the same way Bush/Cheney showed them. They will privatize Medicare, Social Security, health care, and totally destroy the middle class. There will be no more private sector because huge corporations who are the Supre PACs now will take over business. Israel/Iran is in our future, which is why Romney continually says that “Obama has thrown Israel under the bus!” Read the signs and it will be simple to see what is in our future.

    • iheardu2, this is a message that many Americans fail to see. I have seen first hand Haliburton and Blackwater in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and remembered that watchers had been warning that Dick Cheney was not only the VP, but the CEO over tyhese two corporations. Why people haven’t connected the dots is incredible to me. It’s simple logic 101! It’s not being subversive or radical, it’s commonsense. If we only look at the big picture, none of the BS we are going through right now would exist. But if Romney/Ryan get into office, they will continue the bankruptcy of America the same way Bush/Cheney showed them. They will privatize Medicare, Social Security, health care, and totally destroy the middle class. There will be no more private sector because huge corporations who are the Supre PACs now will take over business. Israel/Iran is in our future, which is why Romney continually says that “Obama has thrown Israel under the bus!” Read the signs and it will be simple to see what is in our future.

    • iheardu2, this is a message that many Americans fail to see. I have seen first hand Haliburton and Blackwater in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and remembered that watchers had been warning that Dick Cheney was not only the VP, but the CEO over these two corporations. Why people haven’t connected the dots is incredible to me. It’s simple logic 101! It’s not being subversive or radical, it’s commonsense. If we only look at the big picture, none of the BS we are going through right now would exist. But if Romney/Ryan get into office, they will continue the bankruptcy of America the same way Bush/Cheney showed them. They will privatize Medicare, Social Security, health care, educartion, and totally destroy the middle class. There will be no more private sector because huge corporations who are the Supre PACs now will take over businesses. Israel/Iran is in our future, which is why Romney continually says that “Obama has thrown Israel under the bus!” but not him. Read the signs and it will be simple to see w.hat is in our future.

      • It’s refreshing to communicate with someone like you who definitely knows what kind of future we face should the Republicans are given the White House at this moment in time. And I mean, literally given by some States creating laws to bully and suppress the right to vote in this particular election.

  21. Republicans…..don’t come here thinking that Democrats or liberals are afraid after your lame national convention. The republicans weren’t even supported by the last sitting republicans, except Condy Rice, who promoted supporting education reform for inner city black kids…hardly the kind of topic supported by the Romney/Ryan ticket. Or maybe Bush, Cheney and the gang knew BETTER than to show their faces in public after the catastrophic mess they left the country in!!!
    There is nothing to fear by this republican party. They are ostricising their own- Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul and Michael Steele. This is not a respectable party any longer. It’s no longer the great party of Lincoln and Eisenhower. It’s now the devisive party of liars. Even their own network- Fox News- had to comment on the outrageous lying and lack of any real facts in golden boy, Paul Ryan’s speech:
    “…was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.”
    The convention appeared to be poorly attended, and many birthers spouting their ignorant ranting with few teetch. That is what the republican party has become- a bunch of lying conmen that have to use fear of a black man to get votes. NOT facts…one of Romney’s campaign spokeman said, “…and we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers!” You’re making this easy, republicans!!!
    Bring on the debates!! There is NO way Romney will win points just chirping the same lies he has. He will be found out and Ryan will have to answer to his speech. It will be fun to watch you neo-cons twist in the wind!!!

  22. ROMNEY:
    “The idea that we have to see more and more products move from our shores to China is unacceptable.” —- Mitt Romney [Detroit News, 9/5/11]
    The Washington Post reports that as CEO, Mitt Romney advised companies that were “pioneers” in Outsourcing Jobs Overseas. As governor, Romney drew from the same playbook and outsourced state jobs. And today, Romney has proposed eliminating all taxes on companies’ foreign profits — which would actually encourage companies to send jobs overseas.
    Governor Romney vetoed a bill that would have banned state contractors from outsourcing state work overseas. [Boston Globe, 6/26/04]
    “To save a little bit of money, we’re actually putting people out of work here and sending this work to India, and employing those people with taxpayers dollars.”
    —-Massachusetts State Sen. Jack Hart, who sponsored the Anti-Sourcing budget measure Romney vetoed [Boston Globe, 6/18/04]
    Under Romney, Massachusetts outsourced jobs in Child Support Enforcement, Food Stamps, and Unemployment Insurance overseas. [GAO report, “Offshoring in Six Human Services Programs,” 3/2006]
    “When Romney was governor of Massachusetts, his administration signed a $160,000-per-month contract with Citigroup to operate an electronic Food Stamp System that included a consumer call center in India.” [Boston Globe, Political Intelligence, 5/1/12]
    “Recently, representatives from the Commonwealth’s Human Resources Division confirmed that approximately $ 1 million in Medicaid Data Entry work has been outsourced to a firm in India for several years. As a governor who Promised to bring jobs to Massachusetts, you must be as disturbed by this news as I am.” [Letter to Mitt Romney from SEIU/NAGE Local 207 President Theresa McGoldrick, 5/20/2004]
    “These are Massachusetts jobs providing services for the people of Massachuetts, to stay competitive and stay strong we have to stop sending Massachusetts jobs overseas or to other states. And our citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars should stay right here and benefit the people of Massachusetts.” — Senator Ted Kennedy [Boston Herald, 2/23/06]
    Romney now says that as President, he would eliminate taxes on the foreign profits of U.S. firms. He hasn’t called for the elimination of a single corporate loophole, not even tax breaks for moving operations overseas. His plans would encourage U.S. companies to outsourcce jobs —- worsening unemployment, middle class security, and the economy.

    Mitt Romney ran for governor on the promise that with his connections in the private sector, he would helpp bring new jobs to Massachusetts and keep existing jobs there.
    As governor, Mitt Romney applied lessons he learned as a corporate buyout specialist and failed to protect good jobs in Massachusetts. His administration actually signed a contract that outsourced Massachusetts jobs overseas. Now he is proposing tax policies that would make it easier for companies to outsource American jobs overseas — while failing to offer a real plan to create American jobs.

  23. Just a friendly reminder: Fool me once – – shame on you! Fool me twice – – shame on me!

    The HISTORY of the Republican Party – – and who they really, ARE – – and, what they STAND for, has been clearly revealed during the past thirty years. Reagan’s loosening of Regulations became a License to Steal! The repeal of Glass-Steagall, tossed Middle America to the Lions on Wall Street. Twenty Million Manufacturing jobs sent over-seas during the past 35 years; and, there are many more that will be leaving . . .

    The Republicans helped to raise 400 Million Chinese to Middle Class Status; and, in so doing, sent 50 Million Middle Class Americans to the Poor House. During the past 30 years, they SACKED the U.S. Treasury. They don’t Tax and Spend; THEY BORROW AND SPEND! THREE MAJOR WARS IN 22 YEARS, WITH NO PROVISION TO PAY FOR THEM! NOW, THEY ARE BREW N FOR ANOTHER WITH IRAN. IT’S GOOD FOR BUSINESS AND THE MERCHANTS OF DEATH! IT IS HORRIBLE FOR OUR LOWER MIDDLE CLASS AND POOR AMERICANS WHO BECOME THEIR CANNON FODDER.



  24. The position that the GOP put Clint Eastwood in during the Convention, was unconscionable! Clint was a great Actor and Director. However; like ALL of us; Age has caught up with him. What a disservice to Clint Eastwood, and the Movie Industry. The GOP wanted to, “USE,” him! Instead, they caused him to me humiliated. What an Injustice!

    Some wonder now, if this is the BEST they could come up with . . . (No disrespect – – Mr. Eastwood.)

  25. nothing for nothing Pres. Obama i feel did as well as he could of for his first four years . seeing how the man pretty much had to do it all by him self against the GOP,S party of NO ding dongs . the man had to do it again. what else might go down in history besides being the first black man to have the house . the other thing will be that he did it by him self with no help from the GOP . as for even just the mitch o,connell (and there was others in the GOP,S ding dong party) how can this country,s ppl. want mitch O,C in a sit when he comes right out and says all he,s going to do is make sure Pres. Obama only has one term . and nothing else did he or has he done but just that . he is one im sure puts on his white dress and white hood gose out in the feild and burns crosses on the weekends in his spare time . so much hate its truly said how ppl. of this country could want some one to be a part of things when his agenda is only that of hate . ME do i think Mr.Obama should of done more when he had more DEMS in offices YES maybe he should of . but then whos to know that the new ones (the GOP ding dongs ) that was running to take sits in the country were going to lie and say that all thy wanted to do when and if thy won these sits were going to work on jobs for the country and the ppl. . but what thy did was to only add votes of NO,S to the GOP,S party of ding dongs thy did have chances to add jobs when it came to fixing roads and bridges . but when there chance came to do what thy said thy was going to do there lies came out. thy pretty much put of there white dresses and hoods and voted no . people these are the ones you voted in to make jobs . well even that the anti-christ romney had no sit but trying to flip flop him self to becomeing the Pres. the new GOP,S joined his flip floping pancake house with thew others in the party of NO . in history it will be writen of this . prob. how never in history did a party do so much against a man just for the color of his skin . and because thy wanted so much for the greedy bastard 2% rich thy let the country fall . from TRIPLE A RATEING down . just because of the color of ones skin. thy risked the country and what it ranks in the world and didnt care . it will go down in history how the GOP ding dongs made the country lose its TRIPPLE A ranking for the first time in history . these are thing that ppl. will read in their history books . and say WHY ? WHAT WAS THY THINKING ? not did and dose the GOP cry over loseing the house and spilt milk . by thy bring a country down because of it . and all one hears from those ding dongs are where are the jobs . well when one takes 8 years to put the counrty in to a hole (pretty much a grave BUSH dug for this country ) thy want every thing to be fixed over night . HEY ppl. it took 8 years to put us where we are at . and the last year of the bush brain dead guy what was it in that one year 4.4 milion jobs lost . in that one year mind ya. there,s no trick to fix every thing over night . if there was im sure the GOP DING DONGS woulds want the house back so thy can next time dig a deeper grave foir the country and its ppl. whats so hard to undersatand ? the GOP only want for the smallest % of a 100% thy only want for the 2% of the rich . and the 98% are a door mate for then to wipe the crap off there shoes . a tree grows from the dirt and ground up and at the top of the tree are the leaves and the top takes al the beauty . with the some might see as ugly bark but the bark is what brings up to the top and to the leaves and even being on the top the greedy trees grows out and takes up all the sun it can from any other trees that might like to grow next to them . nothing grows from the top down it all grows from the bottom up . the trees beautiful leaves and flowers dont start that way and then grow a bark and a stem under them selfs it starts and the botton the ground the dirt up . it grows from what some might call ugly dirt but with out that ugly ground and dirt the tree would never be

  26. romney has his goals set im sure he will ask john McCain to become his new war buddy and rage war with the rest of the world . might take out iran fast but then to go after THE USSR (or what ever its called these days ) and then CHINA theres a pair that would be best though of as the pair that swing in a bulls sack

  27. Hope and change had a powerful appeal,” Romney said in the speech’s key passage. “But tonight I’d ask a simple question: If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn’t you feel that way now that he’s President Obama? You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.”//// hmmmm interesting question anti-christ romney . as far as feeling excitement for voteing for Obama 4 years ago . well i didnt vote for him 4 years ago . but me understand the country and all the dresshood wearing haters in the country i didnt vote for i never thought that he would win ( but all the time i was cheering for him ) and now im glad he won. yes the country and the ppl. fooled me when thy showed that their hate didnt rise up higher then knowing the right thing to do . AND YES I WAS SO SUPRIZED . and for you ppl. that might be GOP ding dongs and find a way to take my words out of context,s as you so much enjoy doing . your feelings are if you dont like what you hear then lie take it out of context and rewrite it . well thy to take this out of context. im 52 year old male and i never voted before in my life . as much as i thought that Mr.O bama would make a great Pres. i didnt think the country and its ppl. could go above the hate . but you fooled me . a few months ago i wenmt to my city hall and at 52 regerstered to vote for the first time . mew feeling that a lot of the ppl. of the country has woken up and wont hate as much as thy once did . i fig. id vote now . now maybe the country and its ppl. have grown up now . ive learned in my life and it did take a long time . but eather way i know it now . and yes its a race thing and will always be a race thing in this world and untill every one else truly see,s it that way then and only then will things get better faiths at this point is a down fall for the world these days but if the world could understand its a HUMAN RACE THING then will be the time that the country and world will do better . theres no color or faith to the HUMAN RACE . its just us HUMAN BEINGS . what ppl. belive it is up to them . but if theres a god and the god is as it is said . then the god would be of only good . and not one that has evil and murders and hates others for any reason . think of it with out ur god in mind think of it as it isd think of ur self a a HUMAN of the HUMAN RACE . see thing as thy are and understand them that way and live by the words belive in half of what you hear and all of what you see . and to see a god in ur dreams or to feel one isnt the same if theres a true god . then why dosent this so called nice god show him self and if it was to do that then every one can belive in it and live as better life to each there own in what you belive in . but dont let ur self go down a trail of evil for something you only hear of let the god be seen and then all would be good . its easy enough to do if god can do anything . then help ppl. out god if ur there and show the ppl. urself . dont let what ppl. read from books that other human beings wrote . show urself and save ur children if you are there .

  28. Hope and change had a powerful appeal,” Romney said in the speech’s key passage. “But tonight I’d ask a simple question: If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn’t you feel that way now that he’s President Obama? You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.”//// a lot more excited with him in the house then haveing a anti-christ romney in the house now that scary very and too scary where you going to go anti-christ romney ? whwen you takeansuck the life of the country and its ppl. where are you and ur 2% greedy bastards rich going to go ? you will always need a door mate to grow . till the door mate tells you stop wipeing the crap off ur shoes on us

  29. The stark disjunction will inevitably keep alive the question that his convention speech did not answer: Who is the real Romney?/// how can even he anwser that question when he dosent know ? its like this when one thinks of the anti-christ romney . like new england weather if you dont like it or him wait a min. it and he will change

    HERE YAH GO ..!

    Mitt Romney is rolling like that !!

    Remember the boss at work a real corporate jerk evil his personal invention
    Waiting in your office doorway the provocative words he would say with mean intentions
    Insinuating discriminating agitating are there any other words that I failed to mention
    All of his impurities blended with insecurities descending on ways to end your pension

    Mitt Romney is rolling like that !!

    Now focus on that scary feeling from the actions he is revealing shock waves of deceit
    Cold as a sliding glacier a wicked force of nature by any means necessary he will cheat
    Dealing from the bottom of the deck for a six figure pay check escaping the I.R.S.’S heat
    If you want something free vote for the other guy that is not me such demands I will not meet

    Mitt Romney is rolling like that !!

    Running a company dissolving American jobs what a white collar slob the CEO of Bain
    Outsourcing an occupation in his mind does not hinder our nation is he in sane ?
    Romney for president ending HUD destroying your residence hey Mitt stay in your lane
    His 4 years will bring America to tears selling us to his international peers for personal gain

    Mitt Romney is rolling like that !!

    Speaking at the NAACP bringing black republicans “please cheer for me” there’s one thing he missed
    Our people you should have greased their palms we will rat you out like a napalm bomb the ultimate diss
    Remember nothing is free didn’t you say ? even republicans are reacting to your ways trust is high on the list
    Running his mouth shouting in despair no empathy for you or America he does not care

    Mitt Romney is rolling like that !!

    People make an informed decision Mitt wants to cash in on the President’s work in progress and the Presidents vision while chilling under a Palm tree
    Depositing our dollars into Swiss all the current policies will be missed minorities roaming the land that use to be free like zombies
    Paralyzed in disbelief the American dream no way to achieve He is like a funeral parlor go ahead just embalm me
    The Debt ceiling will remain in the red vote for Mitt and live like the walking dead because Mitt Romney is rolling that !!!!!

  31. First part of EJ Dionne’s remark is well done. Quiet referendum to Obama’s governance so far is a powerful reminder to Obama enthusiasts. This is the only persuasive point he made in his entire acceptance speech. President and his men, be careful. 9/2/12 Dayton OH

  32. Please some of you people stop saying you build that business on your own. U did not.
    What create jobs is supply and demand. Without consumers for your product you have no business. Somebody here once commented that he started farming bought his first calf, seeds, worked from sun up to sundown and what he have is due to his hard work. Excuse me. Did he gave birth to his 1st calf – no somebody else had a cow and have calf and sold it to him. Did he produced the food for his calf?? No somebody else did, he bought it Therefore all is linked together. You scratch my back I scratch yours. The roads the customer takes to your place to buy wasn’t build by you – by all of us. Just remember that if you have no customers you have no business. If nobody shop at Walmart do you think they would exist?? If you don’t go to McDonalds do you think they would be in business??
    Did you know that all the businesses Apple, Microsoft etc. started on their own, with no help?? Wrong. It started with the US Gov. Patent. That’s the first thing you do when you have idea – Patent. That gives you Federal Protection from copying. When you have idea you do not run to the bank first you run to the patent office. All the big companies to this day are on Federal help therefore also your help – your taxes pay for all of this.
    Competition might put you out of business, bad management, treating people bad or not paying decent wages etc might put you out of business or even bad product. How many fly by night companies died in a short time??? Thousands. Why do you think Romney made his money?? He invested in companies that were badly managed or near failure and they with Government money (means your) either bankrupt it them or brought them to a stable level (as a consultants) or reorganize (lay off and hiring back at lower wages no benefits or pension). Ttruthmeister, don’t be bitter, it’s not Obama fault, if you are struggling to get by then you are either trying to get rich very fast, your service sucks, you don’t know what you are doing or your product is not what people want/afford and your attitude have a lot to do with. And it’s obvious.

  33. Romney scaring ppl….Ha !….hes too simple to scare anyone……he did have some nerve having the million dollar yacht fund raising on his racist cracker bay yacht that gets no taxes paid on every year….. is that in his secret trust too?…but yet he is so smart he can avoid paying taxes cause its register from the cayman island…what an Ahole !….any wonder why we have starving ppl in this country cause some morman doesnt believe in paying taxes…he sounds just like any other other neo nazis skinhead and teaches his sons the same …see daddy …learn from daddy…daddy will show you how to take bread from out of the mouths of the true tax payers…let me see now…we have a tax evader that likes to see people go hungry….an athesist who takes the word of God from out of the schools and the church goers….such a lovely combo….and you call OB the Anti-Christ…well now…i often heard Blessed is he who is the peace maker…not blessed is he who call for war and mongers that part in their convention speeches…two losers seeking companonship in the cold…how much longer Lord do we have to wait for your coming….cause down on earth its getting mighty deep…Romney…Ryan…Christie…reminds me of the other three riders of the Apopcalypse….death, disease, and war and the rider on the white horse has yet to arrive and that wont be until these three stooges has destroyed the world and deciminates it to the Anti-Christ…..Mitt…….

  34. My folks lost a farm during the crash of 29. While Herbert Hoover’s mantra was “prosperity is just around the corner” we were going to bead hungry. I survived the days of Herbert Hoover, but I haven’t forgotten them. If Mitt Romney gets elected, we will most certainly see hard times again. We’ll see 25% unemployment again, just as we did in 1932. The GOP and its supporters like to claim that it all happened under FDR. And that works with the uninformed. Fact is, FDR didn’t take office until 1933. Yes our recovery is slow, but that is the most sustainable. At least, we are moving forward, not going backward. Know your history and be an informed voter. Mitt Romney is a carbon copy of Herbert Hoover. The last thing we now need in the White house is R&R….

  35. Make sure after Romney’s been in power for a year, if elected, you post another comment. Check out Romney’s record. This is for the truthmeister

  36. Geez, another apologist for the cheap ass GOP. If it’s not tax cuts, deregulation or defense spending, it has to go. We didn’t need slave labor, it was a financial decision to improve the margins. Free labor. We still need Unions, this naive notion that the Corporations a re fair minded and will continue to pay a living wage to keep the Middle Class alive. That’s just downright naive. Right to Work, is the right for the Corporations to dictate what wages and benefits they are willing to pay. And there is nothing the workers can do about it. Because the GOP has convinced their constituents that Unions are no longer needed, just trust the Employers. Real wages have been flat since the 70s, Corporate Profits on the other hand have skyrocketed. And you think you can sustain the Middle Class on with that circumstance. You’re nuts. My point was regarding this current flock of GOPers, if Obama were to propose such a measure, they would block it. The Teahadist Party has systematically gotten rid of the Harry W. Colmerys of the GOP. Re: Your financial bump following the tax cuts. It’s the end results my man not the small waves preceding a Tsunami.

    No Hocus Pocus. I guess you must be one of those who were better off when 750,00o jobs were being lost a month, the housing market was collapsing, the world economy was being threatened by the interest of a group of unregulated shrewd folks on Wall Street with the support of the GOP. Banks being bailed out, peoples life savings down the drain. Yeah, I say we go back to those glory days when we were all better off. Yippee, Mitt and Paul are promising to take us back four years to the time of prosperity for all.

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