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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Drop your plans and schemes,” Thomas Cromwell advises doomed Queen Anne Boleyn in “Wolf Hall.” “Put down the burden of them.”

Bernie Sanders could use similar counsel. He’s now behind Hillary Clinton by almost 400 pledged delegates and nearly 4 million popular votes. Spare us the commentary on the crowds, the passion and the noise. The voters clearly prefer Hillary.

After losing California and New Jersey, Sanders again vowed to “take the fight” to the convention in Philadelphia — a message that he still has the power to make things unpleasant for the Democratic Party. He hints that his devotees might withhold votes for Clinton. Threats are all he has left, and he can’t let go of them.

The nominating process is lumpy for sure, but actually, some of the “rigging” favored Sanders. He did very well in the caucuses, low-turnout affairs where participants have to sit in a gymnasium and argue publicly with their neighbors. These were perfect settings for ardent Sanders volunteers to dominate. Clinton prevailed in primaries, in which ordinary Democrats could quickly vote and then go to their jobs or children.

President Obama will have a heart-to-heart with Sanders later this week. Obama will no doubt urge him to deter his fan club from booing at Clinton’s name. Sanders has never been a team player, but if he’s playing for any team now, it’s Donald Trump’s.

One hopes the president will stall Sanders’ latest plot to, in effect, replace the Democrats’ popular vote with polls. The idea is to persuade the superdelegates, the party insiders Sanders once excoriated as undemocratic, to swing his way at the convention because polls show him beating Trump by a wider margin than would Clinton.

No one knows better than the insiders how worthless such polls are. They compare a candidate under partisan assault for decades with one on whom the Republican opposition has yet to spend $2 attacking. You can imagine Trump ads harping on Sanders’ warm praise for a certain bearded dictator, his odd scribbling on sexual matters and his other idiosyncrasies.

Trump himself continues making kind references to Sanders, mischievously fueling the persecution complex that Sanders has cultivated among his people. If you really want to gauge which candidate poses the least danger to Trump, look at the Democratic candidate he wants to run against.

Always moving the furniture, often distorting reality. Recall Sanders’ dismissive wave of the hand at primary results in the Southern states where Clinton won commanding victories, thanks to African-American voters. “Conservative states” was his dissimulation.

Sanders frequently tells his adoring crowds that it’s “not about Bernie.” But it is about Bernie. The sophisticates in his camp know it. Without the grouchy, charismatic haranguer, the cameras go away. Furthermore, with Trump imploding and politically serious Sanders followers moving to the presumptive nominee, Clinton can worry less about a hardcore left bent on intimidating her party.

Back in Tudor England, Cromwell offers to help Queen Anne as much as he can and then abruptly adds, “But do not threaten me.”

Sanders has benefited from running against an opponent loath to fight back and offend his people. Others will not be so accommodating. For example, longtime hippie journalist Al Giordano is mulling a challenge to Sanders’ U.S. Senate seat in 2018. Giordano is steamed at the damage Sanders is inflicting on the Democrats’ chances against Trump — and he has lots of company.

If Sanders’ ego can’t deal with his being a supportive player, he can withdraw from the scene. Burlington, Vermont, is a very nice place.

Above all, Sanders should stop the intrigue and electoral gimmicks. There’s a legacy to think about, and it should be worth something.


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Photo: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a rally in National City, California, United States May 21, 2016.  REUTERS/Mike Blake

544 Responses to Sanders Should Stop Scheming

  1. This election has been “set up” from the getgo. Firt Sanders gets no media coverage; the debates are chosen by Wasserman Shultz for times when no one will be viewing (weekends and when big games are projected);until he began making news with his own campaign, he received no coverage; independents were refused the right to vote and not informed or allowed to remedy the situation in time; Clinton received 400 deligate votes before the election even begins. That’s enough for now. And now that he is posing a ghreat, they want him to step down like a good little shill. More than just the California primary Clinton had been claiming a victory in many states too early. Sorry, but I do not agree with your article with its pressures for Sanders to “get out of the way.”

    • Maybe if bernie had explained to his followers how the election process works, he could have lost without pissing off his followers.

      • I don’t believe Bernie’s pissed them off. He never stated that his intention was primarily to win the presidency but to cause a revolution in the election process. He can only accomplish that by continuing and I think his followers are aware of that.

        • Bernie never pissed off his followers. Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC, and the mainstream media did that by rigging the process and doing everything possible to create an uneven playing field in Hillary’s favor.

          • I hope you plan to run a better campaign. Learn the rules and stop whining. Nobody likes a whiner! Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • Still delusional. You would be better off taking over the Libertarian party. Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

    • dancingcat, you know why you believe these sick delusions? Because the insular pro-Bernie media is the only media you allow to pass before your eyeballs. The problem is, no-one ever calls you kooks out on your nonsense. We’ve been afraid to do so because you BernieBullies always act so obnoxiously.

      Well, I stopped being fearful months ago.

      1. “Firt Sanders gets no media coverage” — a TOTAL LIE. He received way more than he deserved. Hell, at first I gave him a fair amount of positive coverage on my own humble political blog.

      Despite the BernieBro nonsense that you’ve packed into your brain, it is a fact that the news media did NOT want a Hillary coronation. News-wise, coronations are not interesting. Conflict is interesting. That’s why the media pushed Bernie Sanders. Normally, they would completely ignore a crankish socialist protest candidate.

      The media has always hated the Clintons. If you cannot allow yourself to admit that one simple truth, you are too damned dumb to be worth talking to. Conason and Lyons’ incredibly important book “The Hunting of the President” proves the point beyond all rational debate. If you refuse to read that book, you’re like those stubborn fools in “They Live” who refuse to put on the glasses.

      Hillary’s coverage has been overwhelmingly negative, while Bernie was lauded all over teevee as that nice old man who wants to give away free ice cream. MSNBC turned into the Master Sanders Needs Bootlicking and Compliance channel — and yet the delusional BernieBots STILL complained, on the grounds that MSNBC was not servile ENOUGH in the presence of Dear Leader.

      My response: Any movement that damns Rachel Maddow while praising Zbigniew Brzezinski’s creepy daughter is NOT progressive. Any movement that tosses hate at Paul Krugman and Barney Frank while accepting huzzahs from Maureen Dowd is NOT progressive.

      2. The debates. The insular BernieBot media has programmed you to hate Wasserman Schultz (with a “c”) to such a degree that you ignore one obvious point: THE DEBATES HELPED CLINTON. The proof: Well, there’s the morning-after “Who won?” poll results. Beyond that, we have the all-important fact that Clinton won the election despite overwhelmingly negative media coverage.

      The debates allowed Hillary to connect with an audience directly. Since 1992, the Clintons have always overcome the media’s bias against them by speaking directly to the people.

      Wasserman Schultz had no motive to depress debate viewership — not at a time when so much attention was focused on the GOP race. You simply have no case here.

      3. “independents were refused the right to vote and not informed or allowed to remedy the situation in time.” I’m not quite sure what you mean here, but it appears that you think that non-Democrats should be allowed to vote in a Democratic primary.


      A political party — ANY political party, anywhere in the world — is more of a private club than a governmental entity. If you want a say in how the club is run, join the club. Simple as that.

      Read about Roger Stone, the Nixonian dirty trickster who LOVES open primaries because it gives Republicans a chance to rig Democratic elections. Bernie’s insistence on open primaries is one “tell” which leads me to suspect that he has been working for Stone and Manafort all along. (The biggest tell: Tad Devine, Bernie’s thoroughly evil puppeteer, was a partner with Stone and Manafort.)

      As a friend of mine said: “It’s a DEM party primary. If the independents want to vote in something, let them form the independent magic pony party and vote in it.”

      Young dimwits who don’t know that they have to register with a party to vote in that party’s election are too damned stupid to be trusted with the franchise (and probably should not be allowed to reproduce, own a dog, drive a car, or be allowed to do any task requiring responsible thinking). Don’t we have civics classes anymore?

      4. Although I would prefer to see superdelegates removed from the system, it’s the height of hypocrisy to complain for any Bernie supporter to complain about the superdelegate factor. For weeks now, Bernie’s whole argument has been that the supers should vote contrary to the popular will.

      As 2008 proved, the supers will switch if a candidate receives enough popular support. Bernie didn’t. Simple as that.

      5. “More than just the California primary Clinton had been claiming a victory in many states too early.” Clinton did not claim victory the day before the California vote; AP did. Of course, BernieBots are actually wacky enough to think that that their imaginary Evil Clinton Conspiracy controls AP. What paranoid nonsense! Do you also get your news from Alex Jones?

      Think about it. By declaring the race over the day before, AP actually depressed the vote for Hillary. There is plenty of historical precedent for that point. That’s why networks stopped calling general election races before the polls close in California (as used to be common) — CA voters would stay home.

      There are many, many news stories which made clear that Hillary wished that the AP had not published that story. She wanted to wait until after the CA and NJ primaries. So what are you actually saying here? Do you really think that the Evil Clinton Conspiracy both controls AP and paradoxically forced the news organization to do something that actually HURT Hillary?

      If THAT’s what you think, then the insular circle-jerk BernieBot media has turned you into a conapiracy-addled fruitcake.

      • All I know is that I voted along with many others in NJ for Hillary. I SAW the other voters just like many in CA and other states saw Hillary’s supporters voting.

        Sanders is a pathetic old liar who is trying to force his way into the White House. Look at why. He outspent himself and is up for an investigation into how he spent campaign donations. Remember it was SANDERS himself who claimed he didn’t have to spend big bucks on his campaign. But the FEC thinks otherwise. You can’t take in $10 million in a single donation and not expect the FEC to ask how that money was used.

        • Damn straight, Eleanore. Earlier, the FEC wanted Sanders to explain $23 million that Sanders received seemingly from nowhere. The FEC never complained to Hillary. Only to Bernie.

          All this crap about “No PAC money” was pure baloney. Call up the FEC as I did and they will verify what I’m about to tell you: Donations below $50 are completely ANONYMOUS. The campaigns are SELF-POLICING.

          If you are a rich Republican and you want to bolster a can’t-win socialist, it’s easy to put a cool million into his bank account. Just keep the individual donations below $50 bucks. Keep dinging that “donate” button all day long. Ding ding ding ding. A computer program can do it.

          Again, I’m not making it up. It’s all totally ANONYMOUS. Call the FEC as I did and they will confirm.

    • Sanders didn’t want media coverage. The word on the streets here in the Metro NY/NJ region is that Sanders was scared silly that if the media started digging into his “personal” affairs, he would be branded the liar he is.

    • No media attention ? …He is all you ever saw on the news shows…. People that weren’t backing him got sick of it and started tuning out much of the media because it was all Bernie… Every day Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…

      • And didn’t you love him calling Hillary and Trump establishment while he attended the US Press Conference dinner with hundreds of the US’s top established journalists? Brainey Janey brought this oversized purse to fill up with dinner leftovers no doubt.

      • In the first four months of his run he received 80 second’s mention as opposed to Trump’s 16 – 20 hours. It was only through his own work that he made enough news to be mentioned. Then the media could ignore him any longer. He made his own news through hard work and cleverness.

        • What does that have to do with rigging the election? The same is true for all the other candidates. Ask the sixteen other GOP candidates.

  2. “a message that he still has the power to make things unpleasant for the Democratic Party.” That says a lot about the Dem establishment that they find Sanders’ insistence on addressing bankster fraud, corporate plutocracy, environmental degradation and grossly skewed wealth distibution to be “unpleasant” topics.

    Referring to Giordana as a “hippie journalist” also says much about Harrop’s credibility.

    • Correct. The Dems have always been the party of tolerance, even for traitors like Sanders and lunatics like Trump. However, the reality of Sanders supporters is they are mostly in it to see to it the pecking order stays in place for another 235 years.

      The people have spoken. There was NO finagling of voting here in NJ. Hillary too NY, NJ and CA. The morons who continue to support Sanders have their back room agenda. You’d have to near choke that out of them to get these fanatics to admit it.

      • Traitor? What treason has he committed against this country? Why are you disparaging people because they like what Sanders had to say and what he stood for? What is wrong with wanting the party to grow, expand seek new ideas? The “morons” who support Sanders? Wow this is the close mindedness that is dividing this country. Before you get your panties in a knot – I would say the same to Sanders supporters calling Clinton a traitor or criminal – which I have. I have to say Ms. Whitaker I have lost a lot of respect for you – not that you care because if someone doesn’t share your opinion you consider them a moron. Oh and by the way you need those “morons” for Clinton to win the general.

        • He commits treason when he refuses to abide by the U.S. Constitution which grants voters the freedom to choose the candidate they want without him insisting those Constitutional rules are “unfair.” Dangerous men change rules to suit their agenda.

          I have to say that I do not respect you because you support a man you know is a liar. Whether he lies openly or by omitting crucial bits of information. Women like you are too old to see that your vote for Sanders pushes your daughters granddaughters to the back of the room. Maybe in his religion that acceptable. But our elections are not and should not be precepted by ANY religious values or pecking order.Why bother to educate women if they have NO hope of EVER getting ahead of any man?

          • Wow you really are a close minded Bigot. Republicans are suppressing voters the right to vote, Democratic Party in certain states do not allow Independents to vote in Primaries that is another form of suppressing a vote. I support Obama and he has lied once or twice – all politicians lie – grow up. I am too old because I have a different opinion than you? Well my daughter and granddaughters have been taught to respect that every person has a right to their opinion even when it is different than yours. No one mentioned religion and so in addition to your ageism, are you also antisemitic? My Granddaughters at 7 and 14 are more open minded, tolerant, inclusive and respectful of people’s right to have different opinion than you will ever be. Will not engage further.

          • Each state chooses how it runs a primary not the party. That is true for both major parties. Eleanore, like you, have the right to express her opinions. She often goes too far. So what. Agree or disagree. At least she does not out right lie.

          • I never said you lied. I said that Eleanore had not lied.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • No we don’t need those morons to vote for Clinton. And we do not want liars, obsessed nuts and people who disrespect our voting rights. These nuts are small in number and Hillary already has 13.5 million primary votes. If voters truly wanted Sanders for president, he’d have been far ahead in delegate AND popular votes. Sanders slugs just refuse to accept their whiny boy lost.

      • As usual EW you push your pro-HRC agend with no reference to what you are replying too. It’s pretty clear which candidate represents the status quo.

  3. Hillary’s criminal record on so many counts is getting in the way of Democracy-you’re not supporting Bernie shows the Democratic Party’s true agenda!

    • I like Bernie Sanders and what he represents, I think both Clinton and Sanders have positives and negatives but what criminal record does Clinton have? What crimes has she been convicted of? I do believe the FBI needs to sh*t or get off the pot on the e-mail situation and allow the people to feel confident in her ability to run in the general.

      • The FBI already did that over a month ago. The head of the Justice Dept. stated in a press conference I saw on CNN that Hillary and the emails were not remotely a security threat to the US and as such has been the method used by the last 2 SOS, SOD and VPs.

        • THANK YOU for pointing that out…Seems like a lot of people for BS can’t read and never watch any news …both the FBI and DOJ have said more than once that she is not the target of any investigations …

    • what criminal record? How much time has she served.? Where we she convicted? Has she ever been arrested? telling lies does not do you any credit, it embarrasses you.

    • Vince…Nice try liar man. Don’t you boys ever grow the hell up or is attacking Hillary what your entire lives are all about?

      If you cannot show us right here, right now, the legal documents indicting Hillary for her “crimes,” you are full of bullshit and it is time to force men like you to grow the hell up.

    • Sorry “Vince” (with only one comment, WTF?)

      Hillary has NO criminal record, never convicted of ANYTHING, (unlike Trumps NUMEROUS lawsuits)

      Your verbal garbage is worth nothing. Congrats, you look a real fool.

        • Laurele..put your lies where your mouth is..Prove Hillary has committed any crime or I’ll stuff your lying mouth with all the Dixiebelle Cotton I can find.

    • Six years ago teabag Republicans took over the North Carolina legislature when we had a competent, honest governor, Bev. Perdue. Their behavior toward her reminded me (and still does) of 8th grade, adolescent boys who couldn’t stand their female Middle School teachers and were totally flummoxed, frustrated, and angry (and impotent) in the presence of more mature girls.

      That’s exactly how the BernieBros act today: like angry, frustrated, misogynistic adolescents who cannot believe that a girl beat their guy fair and square. Hillary didn’t win, she cheated. Hillary didn’t play by the rules, they were rigged. Hillary didn’t have real fans and voters, Bernie’s people were suppressed.

      To them, the “Democratic Party establishment” holds the exact same position as Judge Gonzalo Curiel does to Trump: a biased, unfair referee who can’t possibly be honest and fair to them — because they hate him.

      Get over it, boys. A girl beat your cranky old uncle. Live with it.

        • I can beat you in word games faster than you Corn Pone Queens and DixieBelles can pass wind. Which is what “y’all all” call “work.”

        • Absolutely right. See Barbara Boxer v. Carly Fiorina, California 2010. But for adolescent boys, the only girl-fights they like are either a wet t-shirt mud-wrestling or a lesbian porn scene. What they can’t stomach is a woman defeating a man.

          Personally, I would love to have seen a campaign battle between Clinton and Fiorina, but you can’t have everything.

    • Her”criminal record “….. So can you provide links to the officisl court records showing everything she has been found guilty of and the sentences ? ….. Of course you can’t since she has no criminal record…

  4. “BEING IN POWER” is a very bad disease. Once a person is attacked, it is not easy to be cured. Sanders knows in any competition there must be a winner and a loser. He is aware by now he can’t be the nominee. He is now eyeing to force Hillary pick him as VP. Hillary said open yesterday, she will pick a person who will be ready to feel a gap of President if need be. According to the interview Sanders had with Daily News few months ago, the man proved to be out of the league to lead the nation any time.

    • This isn’t a competition. It’s not about winning and losing. It’s about the future of this country and whether we or not we can salvage our diminishing middle class and reverse the highly toxic trend of growing income inequality. Bernie’s campaign is a movement, not just a presidential campaign. The many people committed to these principles will continue to fight for them regardless of who is president. And we’re already winning–state after state is passing a $15 minimum wage; five states have voted to get rid of superdelegates; and legislation against payday loans is on the floor. We have only just begun to fight.

      • Hey world! Stop dead in your tracks…Laurele The Queen of the Sanders Regime has spoken. You don’t dare vote for anyone Laurele doesn’t approve of first. You don’t dare tell her facts or truth because Queenie doesn’t like to hear anything that doesn’t make her King Bernie look bad.

        Sorry Queenie. We didn’t know Sanders movement was to turn our democracy into your King’s Kingdom..

        • Actually, it’s Hillary who is obsessed with being crowned as queen. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the face.

          Bernie’s movement isn’t for any one person. It’s for the 99 percent of this country who are suffering from the corrupt status quo.

      • We want to get behind the winner and move on. Time is not on our side.Why is it difficult for Sanders to endorse Hillary?

        • Some of us can’t and won’t get behind a person we find repulsive. What Bernie does is up to him. This is a movement, and he does not control it. The only moving on will be toward our revolution.

  5. Your remarks could not be more “derogatory” toward Sanders. He captured 23 states in a hostile environment, and there is controversy surrounding hacked voting machines, provisional ballots, and altered registrations. If you do not believe that he has earned the right to carry on to the convention while Clinton may be indicted, that is fine….we will just urge him to run independent, and then you can see how popular Hillary REALLY is.

      • I was at the NJ voting poll for my district at 7 AM. It was already busy. Hillary sailed through NJ like a magician. She received more than 1200 votes to Trump’s 564 and Sanders pathetic 434. Speaks volumes of the coming landslide some Sanders lunatics can’t handle.

        • All of those numbers are wrong. You’re asking people to believe that no candidate received more than 1200 votes in the entire state? You’re confusing the whole state with your district.

          • No dipshit. The numbers were in all 4 major NJ papers. You can’t have your way and make Sanders the winner just because you and your Sanders slugs want him for president. My vote right is equal to yours and I voted for Hillary. Eat your heart Liar Girl.

          • You expect anyone to believe that none of the candidates in NJ received more than 1200 votes??? Council candidates in my 1.9-square-mile-town receive more than that in primaries.

            Hillary is the ultimate Liar Girl. You’ve got a lot of projection going on there.

          • I posted that Trump has a little more than 500 and Sanders even less. This was posted on the site yesterday. Hillary won in NJ. What about can’t a dipshit like you get?

    • So, you’d cut your nose off to spite your face?

      Bob, and all you other BS supporters, just suck it up, ANY vote not for HRC IS a vote for Trump. If you support a racist, misogynistic, bigot it is hard NOT to assume that YOU, also are a racist.

      Either support HRC or admit you ARE the problem, not Hillary. Or be a racist and support Trump, your choice.

      • At least the Donald is not totally bought out by Wall Street, or a lying puppet like Hillary, who will change her tune a million times to get elected….hopefully she will eventually be held accountable to the law and goes where she belongs….to jail.

        • “bought out by wall street”
          “lying puppet”
          “held accountable to the law and goes … to jail”

          ALL statements that hold for TRUMP but NOT for Hillary!

          No quid pro quo EVER proven, (except for Trump, in his MANY lawsuits). And, BTW, WHEN has Trump, NOT lied?

          • Sanders has 38 investments in Dominion Oil in TX. You’ll notice he doesn’t mention that Wall Street is his best friend.

          • bought and paid for

            Top Contributors
            Senator Hillary Clinton

            Campaign Finance Cycle:
            Emily’s List $970,992 $962,072 $8,920
            Citigroup Inc $908,637 $900,637 $8,000
            DLA Piper $864,199 $837,199 $27,000
            Goldman Sachs $860,623 $850,623 $10,000
            JPMorgan Chase & Co $855,070 $852,070 $3,000
            Morgan Stanley $828,396 $823,396 $5,000
            University of California $804,277 $804,277 $0
            Time Warner $639,080 $614,080 $25,000
            Skadden, Arps et al $612,960 $608,460 $4,500
            Kirkland & Ellis $516,834 $499,834 $17,000
            Corning Inc $494,380 $476,380 $18,000
            Greenberg Traurig LLP $457,117 $449,017 $8,100
            Paul, Weiss et al $454,275 $454,275 $0
            Microsoft Corp $432,281 $428,781 $3,500

          • What’s your point? Do you want to list the contributors to Sanders or Trump also? We can only thank the Supreme Court for ratifying Citizen’s United!

          • Definitely, it’s been proven by many fact checking sites that Trump has lied 59% of the time vs 12% for Clinton. So, who is real liar here. Trump is nothing but a con man, and he’s run his businesses like a con man! He is NOT presidential material and will only cause major chaos in this country should he be elected!

      • No! We won’t suck it up. This isn’t a dictatorship, and you don’t get to tell us what to do. I will NEVER vote for Hillary, even if someone held a gun to my head. That does not make me a racist. Do you really think you are going to win people over with threats and insults?

        Hillary is the problem. It’s not the fault of Sanders supporters that she cannot win in November.

        • Laure, he lost. Vote or not vote, I could care less, but ANY vote NOT for HRC IS a vote for Trump, sorry, that is the truth.

          If you, and other BS supporters want to NOT elect Hillary, who has 95% agreement w/ BS on ALL issues, then no, the problem isn’t Hillary, it’s sore losers willing to cut off their own noses.

          • No, they are not 95 percent in agreement. Hillary represents the establishment we have been fighting against. She is everything that is wrong with the party and the country. It has nothing to do with winning and losing. You cannot force someone to vote against their own conscience. Hillary offers nothing I want, and there is no one and nothing on this Earth that could get me to vote for her. You don’t get to decide what’s in my interest or what happens to my face.

            My vote for Bernie will be a vote for Bernie, even if it’s a write in–not a vote for Trump except in your head. Hillary is not the center of the universe and all this bullying and fear mongering to get Bernie supporters to vote for her will backfire.

    • Bob 984…Did Sanders approve your lies? Sanders from the beginning NEVER was ahead of Hillary in votes in the primaries NOR the delegates.

      Now…When Sanders lied and said he was the “poorest Senator,” that was such BS. You don’t own 3 Vermont homes on a Senator’s salary.

      And..another lie. He claimed all of his donations averaged $27. That too was BS. He is under investigation right now for a $10 MILLION donation the FEC calls suspicious because it came from a foreign donor. Try again with that Saint Bernard BS.

    • Twenty-five years from now, sometime in 2041, when Hillary is 94, there will still be Republicans and diehards like Bob984 insisting that the FBI is going to indict her “any day now.”

  6. DWS and HRC have been playing a well orchestrated political game from the beginning. Some background on me I have been registered independent for the last 42 years. I have owned a second home in Southern Vermont for 24 years and have frequented ski mountains in Vermont for over 45. I have followed Bernie Sanders speeches on the house and the senate for the last 20 some years. last summer I switched to the Democratic Party so I was able to vote for Bernie in the primaries. I am one of the few that knew how the system worked and how early I would need to register to be able to vote in the primaries. I also went down to my local Democratic office in Babylon, and asked whether I would be able to help with Voter registrations. I was told that voting registration drives would not be in place until after the Democratic primaries. Can you guess why? Both the RNC and the DNC are private clubs, both holding 25% of the electorate each 50% is independent. Many of the less astute first time voters were deliberately rigged out of the system. This is not good for democracy, I want everybody to be able to vote, closed primaries and the archaic caucuses need to end. Yes Hillary got a larger percentage of votes but make no mistake the system was rigged, unfortunately large parts of our electorate do not understand the many ways they are being gerrymandered out of the process. Our democracy or republic if you so choose to call it has been reduced to ownership. The people with the most money own the people below. You are not an employee you are owned, the owner will decide your fate. The owners own the politicians, the politicians are told how to vote, legislation is written for them. I have watched our democracy descend into the depths of the deepest pockets. For me this election was a seminal moment for the future of this country and Bernie was the man to be in that position. Thanks for listening

    • So you join a group for what a year and think you should run it and they should change they rules for you. You have done nothing over the years to build the party and even today you don’t really support it. Bering part of a party shouldn’t be just an election day thing, it’s like being a Christmas and Easter Christian. Bernie has done nothing to build the party and in fact he isn’t even a member. I like much of what Bernie said but the party owes him nothing but if he supports the party now they will give him a say in the direction it moves in.

      • I have sided with Democrats most of my life, I am a member of organize labor, it is nothing short of survival. I did contribute to the Sanders campaign and I do contribute to specific democratic Candidates. I believe I am part of the solution not a problem. Sanders has done a lot to build the party he has inspired a generation 30 and under for the first time in their political lives. Sanders has also been a democratic Ally his entire time in public office. I don’t want the system change for me. I want the system to be inclusive of all, eliminating 50% of the electorate from the process is not democratic and no one should be supporting that in my opinion. Perhaps a more cerebral as opposed to our present visceral approach would benefit the Democratic Party in ways they never thought possible. Presently it is more about the money then the people either side represents.

        • I live in Pa. and we have closed primaries. I joined the republican party and have been an active member ever since. I was 14 when I worked on my first campaign and have tried to take an active part in the party. I don’t like the direction the party has been moving in lately but instead of leaving it I’m fighting for it. No one makes a person register as an independent and in Pa. it is a mistake to do it. I have voted for a number of Democrats over the years but I believe that they party system still can work but only if people get involved.

        • Thank you very much for your comments. On behalf of the dem party and specifically some of the posters on this site, I fully apologize for their behavior. They live in an echo chamber and are absolutely drunk with the idea of electing a female president. They do not seem care how flawed she is and how easily she will be attacked by the GOP. These are older voters who only really care to maintain their SS checks and their Medicare. Bernie and his progressive agenda is a threat to their status quo. The movement is here and our political revolution is coming. I strongly believe that our revolution will be slowed down more by Trump than HRC. It was what we do after this election that is important. I personally welcome you with open arms to our party and hope you will vote for the lesser of two evils hold your nose and select HRC in November. We can still feel the Bern and our time is coming. God Bless You.

          • The only BERN you’ll feel is the heat as Bernie the Opportunist switches to the GOP as their October surprise. He was always what the GOP wanted from the Dems. Smell that BS from Bernie Bots yet?

          • You are the troll. Unfortunately for you Bernie once HRC is officially nominated will fully support her and strongly encourage his millions of followers to vote for her in November. So your attempt to chase the Bernie supporters to Trump will have been done in vain. Sorry you lose. You have been outed. We are not stupid. Whatever the GOP is paying you has been wasted. Go away GOP troll.

          • Bernie said in an interview with Charlie Rose he will NEVER support Hillary. Try again. Troll boy.

          • A Moron Alert…and folks the only thing Einsteiney about This troll is his lack of ambition to get a real life. He like his Sanders slugs must have the last word or their butt ends get all curly.

          • And Eleanore is being paid to post on this website to anger as many Bernie supporters as possible from voting for Hillary in November. This is incredibly obvious and she has admitted and bragged that she is a paid to post on several websites.

          • We don’t need it. Those who will vote for her will do so of their own accord, and those who won’t aren’t going to change their minds.

          • She was on this site before Bernie announced he was running. Her posts have not changed. Yours, on the other hand have. Her posts are available and yours are hidden. The evidence points to you being the troll.

          • So why does she personally attack anybody who prefers Bernie to the point that they would never vote for Hillary to spite her?
            I do not think you know what a troll is. I am voting for whoever wins the dem nomination even though I love Bernie and dislike Hillary. How does that make me troll? I am trying to convince the Bernie supporters to vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination. Eleanore is extremely nasty and disrespectful to the point that nobody would want to support her candidate. How stupid is that if she is not a troll?

          • Attacks people like you do? Yes she does, so what? You are the only one allowed to attack? Like most trolls you hide your posts so that you can claim whatever you want because people cannot look up your past posts. But if you notice that they list past articles by authors? Your old posts also show up troll. Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • Bernie will. Some of his supporters like you may not. Bernie ran as a democrat so that he would not split the progressive vote and give the WH to the GOP. The direction of the SC is in the balance. I am not asking you to vote against your conscience. Your vote is your choice but will have consequences. Personally I will hold my nose and do what I think is best for the country and our movement. I believe Trump will do much more damage to me and my family than HRC. Sometimes you have to play the long game. I can’t lose my health insurance and watch friends and family be incarcerated and deported. That is my reality. But we still have a chance.

          • You follow your reality, and I will follow mine. Bernie knows his supporters will make their own choices, and not all the choices will be the same. Any consequences will be on the DNC, Hillary,and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who cheated their way through the primaries.

            IF Hillary is elected, I will be the obstructionist in chief, using every media outlet possible to block anything and everything she tries to do. It will make Mitch McConnell look like child’s play.

          • No, apparently you’d rather see Trump in the White House. If so, I truly pity you for being so uninformed!

          • No, sorry, I can’t and won’t hold my nose, and I will NEVER vote for her. You cannot force someone to vote against their own conscience.

    • I was a registered Independent for over 25 years. I also changed to vote in primaries for Hillary. I have worked for the Democrats in several campaigns with them fully aware I would ONLY help certain candidates and would NOT push thier party line. I was always welcomed and NEVER saw anything ‘rigged’.

      • My references to rigged refer to the fact that no voter registration drives would be permitted before the primary election. No public information was disseminated by the DNC stating to new voters the November deadline to be on the registry for the primaries. I am a 60-year-old retired member of a construction labor union I have man the phones for PAL every election cycle. I would like to see a more inclusive democratic party the young people of today want nothing to do with party affiliations. Most Will remain independent. They are the future of the Democratic Party if they are welcomed. The party that welcomes independence first will be the party to be reckoned with in the future.

        • Not to mention the head of the DNC was also HRCs chief campaign advisor in 2008. She was literally on the Clinton payroll. Disgusting and totally rigged.

          • And she claims to have been neutral in the primary process. For anyone who believes that, I have a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you at a bargain price.

          • You are a fanatical Sanders nut who would screw the younger generation of women just to feather your own nest. This is so typical of Sanders. Why did it take him 7 tries before he was elected Mayor of Burlington VT if he was so popular?

          • Persistence is a virtue. If it took several runs before he ran, good for him for not giving up. I guess you see Abraham Lincoln as a “loser” since he lost many elections before winning his first one.

          • Anything but neutral. I hope she gets humiliated in her primary however that is unlikely.

          • Hillary hasn’t been humilated EVER. What’s the matter jealous boy? Your wife caught you in bed doing the nasty with another woman and you didn’t get away with it so now you hate Hillary because she kept her marriage together?

          • You don’t have any time left. Laurele is a lazy perimenopausals whose hot flashes don’t even keep her warm in winter. She’s just a bitchy woman who can’t stand any other woman whose educated, accomplished and successful. Poor lil Laurele…the Red Light on her front door is her ONLY business.

          • Moron Alert….Moron Alert…Ever notice how bulls like Einstein think they are so superior and intelligent and they are anything but? Moron Alert!…Moron Alert!..Notice how little Heinie Einie and his troll in comradrie Laurele suck up to each other? Pathetic isn’t it?

          • Correct. We are Americans and we control our destiny. If the Dems don’t want to play we will make our own party. God Bless America. Both parties are shrinking. The GOP has had their movement and we are close behind. The establishment rule and their corruption has been exposed. God Bless Bernie and the true progressives.

          • Good work…oh puhlease…How is a paid Troll of the GOP doing good work when all she does is lie, lie, lie?

          • Oooooh well…gee…how awful…the head of the DNC was HRC’s chief campaign adviser….in 2008? Wow…let’s put the nails in their hands and feet.

            So tell us stupid moron…why is Sanders paying his wife $92,000 campaign dollars as a member Of HIS campaign? Wow..and they say Sanders is stupid? His slugs are more so.

        • In today’s climate, and with the ‘new blood’ looking for a conspirator
          under every vote, it would be prudent to be clear about actuations. The perception
          of impropriety can be far worse than reality. You clearly have a beef with the
          system set up in Vermont.
          That is not a party issue but a state’s systems issues. BE CLEAR!

    • Where have you been? The system was always that way! From the beginning it was run by the 1%. Who do you think the founding fathers were. They were slave owners and wealthy men. Women, minorities and non property owners could not vote.

      It’s been a lot more open in the the last 20 years. It will get better once the people stop playing word games (Democracy, Republic) and get those in Congress to pass the necessary laws to open it further. Yeah, get rid of the rigged party rules. End gerrymandering by both parties. End the privileged two party system.

      • I have been watching the steady decline of our democracy due to the influence of enormous amount of money, it is getting much worse than it ever has been. Yes they were the one percent but make no mistake they died poor people, and had the good of the people in the country in thoughts at all times. Our times are rapidly changing once the young realize what is at stake the revolution will start. The party that realizes this first will hold power for a very long time to come.

        • Wow! Where do you people get your history. Make it up as you go? Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • The Price They Paid

            Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

            Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons in the revolutionary army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the revolutionary war. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

            What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners, men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

            Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

            Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

            Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Ellery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

            At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.

            Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

            John Hart was driven from his wife’s bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. A few weeks later he died from exhaustion and a broken heart. Morris and Livingston suffered similar fates.

            Such were the stories and sacrifices of the American Revolution. These were not wild eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight, and unwavering, they pledged: “For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

            They gave you and me a free and independent America. The history books never told you a lot of what happened in the revolutionary war. We didn’t just fight the British. We were British subjects at that time and we fought our own government! Perhaps you can now see why our founding fathers had a hatred for standing armies, and allowed through the second amendment for everyone to be armed.

          • The least you could do is list the source for this article you just posted. But it still does not refute what I said. In fact you could say about the same for those who caused the Civil war by pushing to secede from the Union. They also encourages other to fight and die. Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • I’m certain you can do a Google search for yourself. I remember when you were less of a complainer. Seems all you want to do is have an online dispute. Perhaps a more cerebral approach as opposed to your present visceral one would suit you better. I now remember why I have not visited this site in quite sometime.

          • Wow! It is always funny when people trying to make a point can’t provide the source for their post! I do not deny their sacrifice. All I said was that our political system has always favored the 1% and you cannot refute that statement! Snarky comments may make you feel better, but prove nothing. Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

        • It basically got even worse with Citizen’s United!!! We need to get rid of that and get money out of politics altogether!! Each politician should be given a set amount of money to campaign and NOT be allowed to take money from PACs or large corporations at all!

        • That would be great, but it is only a dream. The politicians and conservatives on the Supreme Court would never allow it. Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

  7. Bernie Sanders should stay in the race. All he is doing is making a sad old pathetic fool of himself. And, he is playing it close to the vest. The GOP is desperate to be rid of Trump any way they can. And who will be right there sitting in the wings still tilting at windwills? Why Old Coot Sanders, ready, willing and able to take up the GOP gauntlet even if it means turning traitor on those so called “policies” and revolutionary protests he needed for schtick to attract supporters.

    And you know what? Those moron supporters will follow this old fool all the way to hell if need be rather than grow up, act like adults and not spoiled, privileged their hero, Sanders.

    When his supporters talk about orchestration, they seem not to want to bare the facts:
    A. Sanders never was the accomplished politician known world wide as Hillary has achieved.
    B. His millennial supporters are closet Yeshiva students ready to bow down before the golden calf Sanders.
    C. Sanders is well practiced in the art of “secrecy” ala Dickhead Cheney.

    So, go ahead Sanders, play that victim card, play that game…and when Hillary comes in with the first presidential landslide, you and your dumbass fool supporters will be on the outside looking in.

    • I watched this verbal tennis with some amusement and not a little chagrin — which metastasized upon reflection of the excoriating venom that this last volley displayed. From the beginning, Sanders was the embodiment of a grassroots revolution that was tired of the SOSO. That is why, at my age, I made a decision to follow his lead. No one knew, a year ago, that the sentiment supporting him (and Trump) was going to be so intense. That will not go away, and it cannot be dismissively ignored. Sanders’ spirit will be taken up by EW and others like her — or we are done for as a nation. That is true if you believe in oligarchical unicorns who will restore our tarnished legacy because the media moguls and the captains of industry know what is good for the peasants of our nation.

      That is the plan which has been in vogue since Reagan’s truly “trickling-down economic” policy. FDR’s legacy is being dismantled. If you don’t believe that, look up the 1956 Republican platform and compare it to the cretinous one that will emanate from the Cleveland environs in July. Then you will come to know why Sanders is still in the fight: to make sure that the Democratic platform will at least reflect the principles he stands for.

      There. Now I feel better.

      aures lupi

  8. Froma, yours is ill-thought-out commentary.
    Sanders’ continued connection to his supporters is to do as he has promised. Should he capitulate, their Trust in him drops, and many may Drop Out. That would create a 1968-like problem for the General.

    Pundits should keep their ideas to themselves – or focus on a real Problem.

    • And just what did Sanders promise that he can actually see come to fruition? Free college? Free healthcare? Free Free Free..Really?

      You know any country of the world that has a population of over 300 million who can afford to hand it all for FREE?

      The only thing FREE Sanders planned to offer was his wife for VP, his kids, his cousins and the rest of his clan as his cabinet members. None of whom would EVER be up to the battles the GOP wage.

      • You sound like a “republican”.
        Take your diatribe to their corner of “reality” – the “FREE Stuff for the Super Wealthy” side of “reality”.

        • Says the GOP troll with less than one upvote rating.

          Sorry, National Memo readers know you ARE a GOP operative, or we would believe/upvote you!
          If you aren’t in the GOP, stop supporting their racist views, you might get more people to believe you. Thanks!

          • “ill thought out commentary”
            “Pundits should keep their ideas to themselves”
            “you sound like a ‘republican’ ”

            ALL seem a bit GOP trollish to me, Thanks!

          • We are allowed freedom of thought, so you are entitled to your wrongly thought out thought. Perhaps you speak a different dialect of American?

          • Perhaps so, I am from TX and have had to deal with GOP fools like GW Bush, R Perry, and our current under federal felony indictment AG Ken Paxton.
            So yes, I likely have a distorted view (“dialect”) of the average GOP supporter, and tend to think of them as racist, misogynistic, hateful, Ayn Rand supporters, because THAT is what they are here. Thanks!

          • No, I’m a single parent of a special needs young adult, he takes up most of my spare time. Thanks for asking, I’ve been in the past, before he was born.

  9. Bernie will do what he has always said he would do. Until a candidate reaches 2383 pledged delegates the race is not over. He will go to the convention make his case and hope the Superdelegates will change their votes and hope he will become our nominee. He will also wait for the FBI to resolve their criminal investigation of HRC which hopefully will finalize before the convention.

      • The nomination rules are very clear. A nominee is not officially determined until he/she receives 2383 votes from a combination of Superdelegates of pledged delegates. Hillary does not have enough pledged delegates to be the nominee yet. In fact the DNC specifically asked the media not to count the Superdelegates in the totals or to coronate Hillary since she does not have 2383 pledged delegates. I would have thought you knew the rules. The media does not certify a nominee. Look it up.

        • The Democratic party primary process includes super delegates, and since Hillary surpassed the threshold that has been in for years, she is the nominee. I don’t like the use of super delegates, I don’t like close primaries, and I don’t like caucuses, but you don’t change things towards the end of the primaries process because we don’t like the process.

          • Superdelegates are not bound and do not officially count until they actually vote at the convention. Pledged delegates are bound and also vote at the convention but are certified at state conventions. For a change you are wrong and no rules have been changed. Neither the party or the DNC has certified Nominee yet because they cannot. The AP has acted against the wishes of the DNC by counting the Superdelegates too soon and declaring Hillary as the Presumptive nominee. The rules are clear. Look it up.

          • She is the presumptive nominee because she also has the primary popular votes. Sorry but she doesn’t even need the super delegate votes. Time for Sanders to call it a day.

          • She does not have 2,383 pledged delegates, so yes, she does need the superdelegates. Those are the rules you keep reminding us the candidates signed up for.

          • According to the official tally by the U.S. Board of Elections, winning CA and NJ gives her all of the regular delegate votes she needs. Do yourself a favor. Stop trying to ram that old coot down our throats.

            If Sanders had been the frontrunner, I’d have had to vote for Trump just so Sanders burns your ass.

          • No one is trying to ram anything down your throat. You are the sore loser trying to force others to your view.

          • Except I haven’t lost anything. What part of a contested convention don’t you understand? Both candidates and their supporters have the right to lobby the superdelegates up until July 25.

          • So where is Bernie getting the nearly four hundred delegates he needs? His stated plan is the super delegates.

          • Superdelegate don’t count? Since before the First Clinton was elected, super delegates count. You Bernie Bots need to get a clue. Wrong wrong wrong wrong …as usual.

          • Hillary doesn’t need the super delegate votes. She already has all the regular delegate votes she needs and she has 13.5 million popular primary voters who supported her to your shitbag Sanders lousy 3 million.

      • No authority is needed. The way the current system works, if no one gets 2,383 pledged delegates, both candidates are free to lobby the superdelegates for their support.

        • There is NO WAY Bernie is NOT going to garner even half of those delegates. You are not very good with math are you, and to even think that even half of them will change there mind is beyond a dream.

  10. The notion that the scheduling of the debates harms (or helps) one candiadate and not the other doesn’t add up. If the debate is scheduled for a Monday, does this mean Bernie debates on Monday and Hillary debates on a DIFFERENT day? Of course not. It’s Monday for BOTH candidates.

    Less viewership? You say? That is, if it’s on Monday, those likely to support Bernie cannot watch, but those supporting Clinton CAN? No, of course not. It’s Monday for BOTH candidates. If Monday means less viewership for Bernie, it means it’s less viewership for Clinton TOO!

    Considering the fawning and mewing over Sanders by the media, Hillary needed the extra exposure more than Sanders did; and Clinton’s supporters could argue that the DNC scheduled those debates in an obvious attempt to DENY her the audience she seeks to explain that the 25 years of smears hurled at her by the GOP, by the media (and more recently by Sanders) are bunk. But — by keeping viewership down, the smears of Clinton continue unanswered; and Bernie enjoys a decided advantage. See how that works?

    Then, on the matter of AP announcing on Monday that she’d secured the “magic number” of delegates needed for the nomination? This somehow caused a change in turnout on Tuesday, as the Sanders people lament? As in the debate scheduling, if it’s Monday for Bernie, it’s Monday for Hillary too!

    I remember right after AP’s announcement, the prevailing talk among the pundits was NOT that it would harm Bernie’s chances, but that it was LIKELY to harm Hillary’s! That seemed a plausible scenario, given the nearly evangelical zeal infecting his followers. We could see Hillary’s supporters staying home since she had it “in the bag” and his zealot windmill tilters showing up to engage in one last Monty Python Black Knight attempt to kick her ass while both his legs lay in a pile over in the bushes. The notion that it harmed Bernie didn’t gain traction until he LOST. Then, suddenly, there is a convenient excuse to complain that it was “rigged.”

    No, it wasn’t rigged. Despite media’s obsession over polls going in that it was “virtually tied,” the media WAS IN FACT IGNORING polls that showed her ahead by 12-14 percentage points. It’s not the FIRST time the media has ignored polls favorable to Clinton in exchange for those showing her in her WORST light – sometimes media organizations even ignored THEIR OWN polls that favored Clinton; and focused almost excluseively on the outliers that showed a tight race.

    We knew going it (despite the media blitz to tell us otherwise) that the preponderance of polls were showing that she had a HEALTHY lead in CA. And in fact, when the votes were counted, that 8, 12, and 14 point lead we were looking at indeed came in at THIRTEEN. Imagine that. If the AP announcement affected turnout, it affected it for BOTH candidates – and probably equally.

    The first hint I saw of this whining excuse-making was after the NV caucus. Bernie complained that turnout was low (which FAVORS BERNIE BTW — in caucuses). I thought, “That’s like the football team who complains that it lost because of the rain — like it ONLY rains on THEIR team, and not on the others playing there on the SAME FIELD!” Or it’s like saying, “We’d have won that game if we’d scored more points than the other side. So it’s not fair that we got out scored.” No, Bernie, it IS fair. She just got MORE of her people to turn out than YOU did! That’s not “rigged.” That’s running against someone who’s MORE POPULAR and BETTER SUPPORTED by voters. That’s just all there is to it. As James Carville says, “Sometimes you just lose.”

    This game is over. Now it’s time to stop the childish excuse-making; and either get on board to support the Democratic nominee; to announce your intention to remain neutral, or to actively campaign for Trump.

  11. Bernie should hang in there. The indictment is likely coming down soon leaving him in place to be the candidate.

    • The only indictment is going to be Sanders. Misuse of campaign funds, taking a foreign donation of $10 million. This old coot hasn’t a prayer of winning one ply of toilet paper.

  12. Based on the opening paragraph, Sanders would be the choice of the informed voter, Clinton is the choice of the “I don’t have time for this voter”.

  13. Lots of viral encouragement letters are circulating, telling Sanders to give up.

    Don’t believe these for a second. The superdelegates are in place to prevent weak and questionable candidates, like Hillary, from being put in the position of losing in the general election. Hillary has not won the primary. She’s still hundreds of delegates shy. Don’t believe this Clintonian propaganda for a second! Solidarity, people!

    • That’s funny…Did you bitch about super delegates with the SC decision to make Bush president or the hanging chads?

      Suddenly because the Chosen One is running for president, those super delegates are bugging you? Try again.

      Sanders isn’t man enough to admit he lost. So he figures he will just be as pushy as he can to get rid of Hillary who won fair and square.

  14. In case you lunatic fringe Sanders supporters missed it, Bernie lost CA and NJ. Hillary is now the presumptive Democratic nominee. She won both the popular and delegate votes in CA and NJ and now has MORE than the required number of delegates.

    I will be thrilled when Sanders plays switch hitter and gets on the GOP band wagon to fulfill his dream of becoming the FIRST Jewish Male President. Sorry but I’d rather have a Jewish female in the vein of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a woman whom Sanders cannot hope to hold a candle to in intelligence or national respect.

      • Get an education. She won in CA and NJ and that was ALL she needed to be declared the winner. She already has the pledged NJ and CA delegates that took her over the top and boy do little bitchy Perimenpausals like you hate that.

        Did you really think we support you for the next 8 years while you sit doing nothing all day but bitch?

        • No, she does not have 2,383 pledged delegates. You are misinformed.

          Who says you’re supporting me? I plan to raise my campaign funds on my own.

          • Yes she does..You can find the exact number at the US Board of sit if you have the short hairs to do it.

          • I don’t care what you post liar. Sanders has NO hope of catching up with delegate votes. Liar. Because LIAR…there are not enough states left to add up to the number Sanders needs to win. Give it the hell up. What are you? A mental case who thinks all you have to do is insist and it all has to be your way?

          • He can’t win on super delegates alone. What about Sanders being a loser don’t you get? Can anyone be as mentally ill as you are?

          • Hillary is seriously mentally ill. What part of her being a criminal don’t you understand? She made her choice, and that was to take the millions from Wall Street. Now I’m making my choice, and that is to publicly oppose her.

          • The part that she is not, and why don’t you post the indictment, you can’t, because she has been charged with NOTHING. And I love the choice we have to oppose YOU.

          • Thankfully, most people do NOT prefer liar and crook Hillary to me. My campaign will start on November 9, and it would be smart not to underestimate it.

          • She did NOT “take” millions from Wall Street. She made speeches as most politicians do and was paid for these speeches (the money, by the way, went directly into the Clinton Foundation which has helped many women in third world companies as well as paid for education, etc. for these same countries). I guess that makes her such a bad person…..I haven’t seen Bernie do anything for any third world country, have you?

          • Ask the people in Haiti how much the Clinton Foundation helped them after the earthquake. It’s not a charity; it’s a money laundering front designed to make Clinton wealthy.

          • Here is something from that proves you wrong: “Hillary Clinton: 2,811 (includes 591 superdelegates)

            Bernie Sanders: 1,879 (includes 48 superdelegates)

            Here is another from the Wall Street Journal, June 2016: “Competing in more than 50 contests since February, Mrs. Clinton has amassed a majority in the race for delegates. Taking into account the six contests on Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton has at least 2,755 delegates to 1,852 delegates for Mr. Sanders, according to an Associated Press count—enough to for her to declare victory near the end of the primary season. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination.”

            Want more proof she has won and Sanders has lost or are you too dippy to admit it?

            So, tell us obsessed Sanders nut…how in the world can Sanders win when he only has 48 superdelegates and Hillary has 591? Are you really that mentally ill you cannot admit Sanders lost?

            Here is more proof from the NY Times June 2016: “Clinton:
            2,220 votes, Sanders 1831 votes.

            What about Sanders can’t win do you not get? You are one very sick little girl.

          • There you go again. Delusional! I think that after 30 years of phony accusations Hillary has learned to just ignore rabble – rousers like you. So far the score is: zero indictments, zero arrests, zero convictions. What a loser you are proving to be. As Trump might say “a Huuuge loser!” Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • No they are not, those delegates are already pledge to Hillary and they are NOT going to change their minds, they are not stupid like you. They know what it takes to win.

          • Unfortunately, I am Hillary’s worst political nightmare, and I’m someone who never gives up. If you want me to do that, you will have to kill me. It’s Hillary who is both a mental case and a criminal and the one who thinks all she has to do is insist, and she will get her way. As long as the superdelegates have time to change their minds, there is hope for Sanders to win.

            If Hillary gets the nomination, at least 30 percent of Sanders’ supporters will never vote for her.

          • Wow, so deluded. Clinton only needs around 200 super delegates to reach that number. And it is the total vote not merely pledged delegates that win the nomination. You are so sad!

  15. Bernie says he can’t tell his supporters what to do, yet uses their votes as a threat to undermine Clinton if he doesn’t get what he believes he deserves.

    I’d caution him about relying too much on those voters, as not all are still committed to him, and a number have expressed regret for their vote. The loudest, proudest Sanders supporters are online, threatening to walk away or vote libertarian/green. But look at the commenters… it’s always one or two people responding to everyone.

    Sanders lost in every possible way: votes, states, pledged delegates, and superdelagates. He is now losing in public opinion, showing himself to be hypocritical, egotistical and deluded.

    • Sanders is what the GOP wanted from the Dems all along. Why else would a little known Vermont Senator who pales by comparison to is fellow Vermont Dem, Patrick Leahy former Senate Prsident, run against the world’s most powerful woman?

      When the truth comes out about who really provided that $10 million donation to SAnders campaign, some very embarrassed Sanders Supporters are going to run with tails between their legs.

        • Sorry but Hillary is the world most powerful woman. Prove what you accuse her of. Now..not tomorrow, not next month..NOW..Can’t can you Handmaiden of Mr. Man?

          • If you have to resort to ad hominem attacks (which are absolutely baseless, as I am no one’s handmaiden), then you’ve already lost the argument.

            If anyone is the world’s most powerful woman, it’s Angela Merkel.

          • If by “powerful” you mean the people she’s had killed over the last 4 decades or died due to her negligence, such as Benghazi, we are in total agreement!

    • He cannot tell his supporters what to do because we have minds of our own. This is not about Bernie; it’s about a movement for change in this country. We will not vote for a status quo we find reprehensible. I will not only write Sanders in; I will actively campaign to get as many people of all party affiliations to do the same.

      Sanders has lost nothing. A contest is invalidated when one of the contestants cheats.

        • I vote with the organ between my ears, not the one between my legs. I voted for and support Bernie because of his advocacy for the 99 percent, because I want a New Deal Democrat, not because of gender.

          • Women like you play your coy little cutesy games to get a man to give you what you want. When you get desperate that Beaver Between YOUR legs works overtime. Being a Man’s tramp doesn’t a smart woman make. Get a life and a job first.

            How in the hell is Sanders presenting a new deal? All he is doing is replaying Mr. College Boy Revolutionary Protestor BS.

          • Wow! You’re really obsessed with this whole anti-male thing. Nice try, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I have a few jobs now. The top one is 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. The other is writer, which is how I will get the message out.

          • Wow you are really obsessed…Unlike you, I put in my 45 years and I’m still working online as a freelance writer while all you have is your dream of a sex romp with the old Coot Sanders. Try again Sanders fanatic.

          • For a Dixiebelle who never leaves her state and hasn’t a clue what work is really like, I’d say you live in that typical dimension all freeloaders do…and that’s why freeloaders ONLY vote for Sanders. If he was so popular with his fellow Dems, why aren’t the most important in the Dem Senate and House voting for him? Even President Obama supports Hillary. But a bigot shitbitch like you will always come up with some fantasy reason for Sanders being a loser…That’s why he only attracts losers like you.

          • Hillary essentially bribed the superdelegates long before the contest began. That’s why so many are with her. It’s one big corrupt political machine, and they all need to go.

            It’s Wall Street whore Hillary who doesn’t have a clue what work is because she’s too busy being bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs and the health insurance industry.

            Have you ever run for office? Or do you just sit on the sidelines insulting those who do?

          • Wrong again. The only time I’ve ever been in Dixie was a 2005 weekend in Virginia visiting friends. I live in NJ, just like you.

  16. Just the opposite. Sanders should continue the fight beyond the convention and run third party if he has too. The voters do NOT prefer Hillary. She cheated throughout the primary process using voter suppression in state after state after state. I don’t vote for criminals. Furthermore, Bernie does not control what his supporters do. A good number of us will NEVER vote for Hillary even if he endorses her. Long before Bernie and Trump entered the race, I knew I would never vote for Hillary, the corrupt Wall Street shill.

    Bernie is not playing for Trump’s team. He is playing for us, the 99 percent, and the type of government and policies we need. I will vote for him even if I have to write him in. And I plan to do more political harm to Hillary than he would ever do. I hereby declare political war against Hillary, and this will be a scorched Earth campaign. #NeverHillary #HillaryforPrison2016

    • He can’t run on third party. It’s too late for that. That’s why the GOP will scoop him up. All of the third parties are already on sample ballots in races for the Dem frontrunner that are closed since the first state held their primary.

      The only option Sanders has now is to hope Trump will be disqualified, which he will given the number of open lawsuits by the government against him for RICO and corporate fraud.

      Bernie can then tell his followers that he HAS TO run as a Republican since they have NO ONE who can beat Hillary. This old coot still thinks he can override the popular votes for Hillary. In NJ, Hillary bested both Trump and Sanders by more than 1200 votes. Sanders came in 3rd in NJ in popular primary votes.

        • He can’t run on any other party. He already declared himself for the Democratic ticket and people have already voted for that ticket. Stop trying to get your way you spoiled little moron.

          • There is no law prohibiting him from taking the top spot on the Green Party line, which is already on the ballot in most states.

            Spoiled little moron who always has to get her way??? What a perfect description of Hillary Clinton.

          • Yes there is stupid. How is going to run on the Green Party if the primaries are already closed in most of the states? Who educated you? Fat Ass Brainey Janey Sanders?

          • Now, as you know, I’m no supporter of BS, but I assume Laurel is implying the Green party, has the option of voting for anyone for their nominee at THEIR convention. Bernie COULD be nominated to the top spot, especially if Jill Stein supported Bernie in this.
            So Laurel, I believe your logic is correct, though I doubt it would possibly occur. Thanks!

          • The Green Party won’t but the Libertarian Party might. And, when you consider how close Sanders policies are to Libertarians, they would love to get him on board.

          • He apparently just had his talk w/ Obama, and, of course, WILL support HRC by the end of the convention, if not before.

          • You and Sanders will have to deal with the wrath if an attempt like that happens. Even if your dream came true, he would still have to deal with congress, and have you counted how many independents there are in congress. Are you sure you have a degree, are is that a LIE also.

          • BRING IT ON (the wrath)!!!

            The political revolution is a process. We are going to elect a new Congress over time, starting with the progressives running now, regardless of party designation.

            Yes, I’m sure I have a degree. And I didn’t buy it like Chelsea did hers.

          • It’s there baby, looks like you will have to sit on the sidelines for a long while. Are you a little jealous of Chelsea? Thought this was about a movement, but we can see it’s just about hating on the Clintons.

          • No, I just want all the other men and women in her generation to have the same opportunities to attend college without going into debt and get good jobs when they graduate. I have no desire to be part of a crime family.

    • You’re a perfect example of the toxic negativity and conspiracy theories pushed without adequate substantiation. Hillary won almost 18 million votes in 2008 – and lost the primary. So she cheated for those votes too? Voting systems are set up in each state, but she somehow managed to manipulate every state’s local system? Not to mention that her core base of supporters demographically – and his – perfectly matched the results in each state. She has Obama’s coalition with POC and women and the numbers are statistically proven by independent, respected polling organizations like and If you claim to support progressive goals and values (and not just Bernie) then you would never jeopardize the progress made or threaten the untold suffering for millions that 4 potential SCOTUS picks would bring for up to 30 years. This is way beyond any individual candidate or your self-righteous opinions and hurt feelings. If you care about the poor and disenfranchised – or the survival of the planet for that matter – you would never consider enabling a Trump presidency. If not, then move aside because we will win without you and build on what has already been laid down by Obama. [btw: Your “Hillary for Prison” b.s. gives you away as a GOP troll – or a grossly uninformed new activist. Anyone who lived through the 90’s knows the truth of the well-funded GOP attack machine and the fake manufacturing of scandals that you are now recycling.] And if you think your petty anger, your “war” will stop Hillary Clinton, you really need to learn more about the past 30 years – and the 14 million voters to date who are fully behind her.

        • Pot, meet kettle. Hillary is the ultimate liar. Remember, she landed in Bosnia amid gunfire, and no one died as a result of her policies in Benghazi.

          • Hillary isn’t a liar. YOU are. Prove what you accuse her of or shut your stupid lying mouth.

            Several unbiased sites have proven that you Sanders jackasses are really paid Republican trolls. Nice 007 job you have there. Now get the proof or shut your hole.

            Benghazi? You do realize that Gowdy is being indicted for falsifying those emails he used in the Benghazi federal investigation, don’t you?

          • I’m a paid Republican troll? Where’s my money??? It’s Hillary who pays online trolls via Correct the Record and David Brock. They tried to shut down Bernie groups by littering them with porn, including child porn.

            Hillary said no one died in Benghazi. Tell that to the families of the four Americans killed, including the US ambassador.

          • I told you I want proof of what you post. Get it or you remain a liar.

            Hillary NEVER said NO ONE Died in Benghazi. The first reports that came to both the president and state department didn’t indicate there had been deaths. Nice try those acne face.

            Did you have your ass in a sling when over 200 embassies were bombed in the 8 Bush years and more than a dozen diplomats were killed or injured. You just have your short hairs in a bunch with Hillary. Hillary is all you are after…and yes..that is also what GOP paid trolls are after.

          • You sound very much like a GOP troll. You are a LIAR, when did Hilliary say no one died in Benghazi?

          • Hey GOP troll, is there any SOS that has not seen a death while they were serving their time? NO, not one. You just proved your point, you are NOT really a Sanders supporter.

          • She’s the only SOS who lied about having seen a death during her term.

            I’m not a Sanders supporter? That’s why I gave him money and time volunteering. A mind reader you’re not.

          • And no one died in Benghazi because of Hillary, but if you want to continue listening and believing all of Trey Gowdy’s conspiracy theories, go right ahead. It has already been proven many times that what happened in Benghazi did not happen because of any one person and Hillary had nothing to do with it!!! Try to catch up with the news, okay? This is a dead subject!

      • I’ve fought the GOP and their trickle down policies since the 1980s. I was there when Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and GATT, the crime bill, and the disastrous Gingrich “welfare reform” bill.

        Hurt feelings??? Only in your imagination. I am committed to a set of ideals and principles and will fight for them no matter how long and tough that fight is. Unfortunately for you, I am far from alone. Hillary is not a progressive; she is a one percenter of, by, and for the one percent.

        Our people power will stop Hillary.

        Go ahead. Win without us. If you can.

        • I was a Republican you trolling nut. I registered in 1966 and left in 2004. Sanders is a liar and he, like you, thinks all he has to do to keep is dirtry laundry out of the public eye is to deny, deny, deny, deny. That’s what Trump thought too.

          You will NEVER stop Hillary. She is admired and respected across the globe and not by dipshit women like you.

          • You’re still a Republican. I get that.

            WE the people will stop Hillary, who is recognized across the globe as a corrupt criminal.

          • No, I am a democrat, and I am not part of your WE the people. You calling Hillary a criminal is like me calling you a prostitute, no evidence.

          • No, she is not. How many times do you have to be told this. She is NOT being investigated by law enforcement for a crime. She has not committed any crime, nor is law enforcement investigating her. The FBI, however, are reviewing the e-mails, but not for any indictment procedure.

        • I’m sure you don’t control ALL Bernie supports, at least not the ones I know. So no we don’t need YOU.

          • No one controls ALL Bernie supporters. That would be like herding cats. That third of Bernie supporters who won’t vote for Hillary could cost her the election.

  17. Hey Laurele…Can you say “Madame President?” The only moron women who would vote for Sugar Daddy Sanders are women who can’t get out of bed without a man’s permission and who live off Mr. Man’s income.

    How about time for you powerless women to start respecting the women who earn the incomes that pay the taxes for your welfare and phony SSDI?

    • Actually, I’m happily single. What a ridiculous argument you make. You know nothing of the circumstances of Bernie’s supporters. I am not and have never been powerless. I have been a woman of power and a progressive activist for decades. Your berating of people on public assistance and of the social safety net is classic right wing Republican propaganda and shows where your real loyalties lie.

      Madam President? Yes, I can say it. Madame President Laurel, as in Laurel for president 2020, as in I promise to primary her that year if she does win, and that campaign will start on November 9, 2016. See you on the campaign trail.

      • Actually, I am also happily single. I do not respect women like you who want it to always remain a MAN’s World. I am sure your sisters, female cousins, nieces, daughters and granddaughters if you have any, are thrilled that they can never hope to get any value from their educations since every job will come through some man. Proud of yourself you Male Suck up?

        • I want it to remain a man’s world because I’m supporting the candidate who best reflects my principles and priorities? What a lame argument.This has nothing to do with gender. I am better educated than Hillary. This constant default to gender above all is pathetic.

          How many of Hillary’s jobs have come through men, specifically her husband? She chose to marry a powerful man as a stepping stone to gaining power for herself. That gig is as old as Cleopatra.

          • If you have a Harvard degree, how specifically is Bernie reflect your priorities. Did he promise you a job in the white house?

          • My priorities aren’t about me. They are about reversing the terrible income inequality in this country. They are single payer health care, free state college tuition, reinstating Glass Steagall, breaking up the big banks, making Wall Street and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and giving this country a new New Deal. Those are the only promises I care about.

          • You know minimum wage should have been raised long ago, every year in fact, as it was happening in the 70’s and early 80’s. Where were you then. And if you care about the same things we care about, then why are you not on board. We can make it happen.

          • I’m on board with these issues, just not with Hillary. The two are not the same thing. And yes, I have advocated for a minimum wage increase for a long time though not as far back as the 70s, as I wasn’t around then.

          • Then you were a teeny bobber in the 80’s, so you have 90’s experience, Clinton, Bush and Bush. Explains a whole lot.

    • Madame President is not how prisoners are identified…..she is more likely to have just a number like “90477” with no Madame preceding it.

  18. Hillary Clinton according to the US Board of Election has 2777 votes. Sanders has 1876. There are not enough states left with open primaries for Sanders to EVER win enough delegate votes to reach 2777. Give it up Sanders.

      • For the millionth time, Hillary doesn’t even need the super delegate votes. She has the popular votes of people like me who walked into the voting booth and voted Line B all the that dipshit?

        • Hey, Maude……you forgot one super delegate that cancels out all the others: THE FBI!!! Are you ready for the perp walk when they book your dream girl?

          • I think you intended this message to the FBI and the dozens of agents currently working on the criminal investigation… go get ’em gal…..I bet you’d scare ’em, bad, real bad!

          • I think you are a coward with no balls. I told you to prove what you posted about Hillary..NOW….or stop posting BS you know you can’t prove. Where is your proof? Now..I want it NOW.

          • Are you projecting your anger felt towards the FBI at me? If so, I accept that role and feel your frustration!

          • No I am fed up with you liars. Let me guess…You are voting for Sanders because you want to lap up as many freebies the rest of us will pay for?

          • Sorry..I have an online job…I am freelance writer. ..Get a life you lazy loser.

          • Two favorite job tiles given by the unemployed and unemployable…….1) Independent Consultant 2) Internet business entrepreneur.
            At least you fit in the norm……..

          • Wrong..I worked in environmental engineering as their office/accounting manager and tech writer for 24 years, 10 months and 13 days until the company closed. Why are you on a computer all day?

            I have to be …my clients post the articles they want written to my email. YOu? You are just one lazy welfare eater.

          • I have always worked on computers Tootsie. My first job in 1980 was at ADP for the then owner, the future Senator Lautenberg. ADP had computers networked even back then. Step into 2016.

          • Eleanore – please stop responding to the peabrained persons – they will never believe the truth. There is no FBI investigation, if there were, all the previous SoS would have to be charged too. The State Department has come out with an explanation of the old fashioned email system they use. So it is a no brainer now, which the antagonistic posters certainly qualify for. They are so embued with “free stuff” they can’t think any other way. Let us celebrate Hillary’s history making win!

          • I’m a Trump supporter…..Tell me about all the free stuff because I must have missed it.

          • AgLander is an old soc for a guy with multiple accounts. I suspect Elanore just wants to take them on forever; it’s just what they do.

          • I agree, the more you try to argue with these posters, the more ignorant they (and you) end up sounding. If we just ignore their rants and fantasies, maybe they’ll go away quietly since no one will engage them with retorts!!!
            That’s my goal and that’s what I’m going to do…’s a waste of my time and energy trying to change their one-way minds, so why bother!

          • You want the last word don’t you Sanders whore? Not going to to get it. Get an education first and stop trying to live outside your low class.

          • I am also a published novelist. And every word I know came from working with men for over 33 years.

          • Now I get it. You write fiction. That’s where all your delusions of women supporting Sanders only because they want to have sex with him come from.

          • Oh God, sex with Sanders. It might take me a couple of days to get that icky thought out of my mind!!!! Icccccck!

          • I’m not good enough for you because I’m not a millionaire? That is bigotry, plain and simple. I happen to have a Harvard education, and I will take Hilary on in an intelligence contest any day.

          • You do know that fact checking sites have shown that Trump has lied 59% of the time vs. 12% for Clinton…, who do you want to believe?

      • For the millionth time, as of today, Bernie has ONE house supporter, NBC has interviewed each and everyone of those delegates and not ONE says they will change their mind. So you need to give it up, Ms. Denial.

  19. Delegate counts mean nothing right now because the primary reason Sanders is staying in the race is three simple words: “PENDING CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION”. Smart man, that Bernie Sanders. He understands there’s only one “delegate” that counts towards the nomination and overrules all the others. It’s a super duper delegate called the FBI!

    • Women who have educations are getting pretty fed up with you bulls always accusing Hillary of things you turdbrains can’t prove. Prove it or STFU.

        • No I want YOU to prove what you posted you little turdbrain coward. Now..I want that proof NOW..not tomorrow or next year. You posted prove what you posted. I want to see the court documents where Hillary was indicted or her prison number….NOW…

          • Maude: I have some doubts about your IQ level…….There are dozens and dozens of FBI agents currently building a case against the queen of tacky looking pant suits and you’re screaming at ME to produce the case they are about to unload? Do you realize how silly it makes you look? You should be parading outside FBI headquarters right now demanding release of what they are working on…….do you have car? Do you need a ride?

          • Didn’t I tell you to prove with legal documents what you accuse Hillary of? Can’t can you Liar Boy? Did your Mommy and Daddy tell you it’s okay to make up lies about others so you can get what you want?

          • Pending FEC Criminal investigation of Sanders and his “unexplained” foreign $10 million donation. Best get yourself a ringside seat for this one. Word out on the street is Sanders got that donation from a pro-Israel JACPAC member IN Israel.

          • I don’t think you are strong enough for what happens once the FBI releases their criminal investigation results of the mafia queen. I really worry about what you will do, where you will go.

          • The FBI announced 2 weeks ago, there was NO criminal investigation agaiinst hillary? May yhou are worried Sanders is going to jail for misuse of campaign funds? Or that suspcious $10 million JACPAC foreign donation?

          • There was no such announcement and you know it…..I could call you a liar, but I’ll be nice and suggest you just dreamed it after a late night spent on the porch with a bottle of wine!

          • I thought I told you to get that proof of your accusation …Still doing the Sanders delay game? He thinks he’ll get out of providing more tax returns. Think again.

          • Again you lie. It is not a criminal investigation as the FBI has stated several times. Try again!

          • Tell that to Josh Ernest, honey…..The Obama press secretary in his
            most recent press conference used the words “criminal investigation” when talking about the FBI’s case looming over your girl!.

          • Perhaps your Google app is not working so I’ll humor you……

            Josh Ernest, Thursday June 9, 2016; location White House press room in response to question about Obama and the FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton:

            “that’s why the president, when discussing this issue in each stage, has reiterated his commitment to the principle that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political influence.”

            I expect you to now apologize for claiming I was lying…..if you have the character to do so which means I won’t hold my breath waiting!

          • That is your proof that people committed crimes? That explains why after 30 years of Clinton accusations all you have been able to prove is that Bill cheated on Hillary. You right winger are so pathetic. Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • Pathetic, off topic reply. Deliberate, or just poor reading skills and the inability to follow the progression of the point in contention?

          • As usually you lie to cover previous lies. I went to your precious right wing websites, listened to their videos and guess what? No proof, just opinion. Obama’s press secretary never said that there was a criminal investigation. He said there was no political pressure on the investigation. Big difference except in your diseased mind.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • OMG! You need help…..what’s with you libs? YouTube is now considered an unreliable source…..and that wasn’t Earnest on film, had to be an imposter! Reason #256 why liberalism is considered a mental defect, folks!

          • Your right wing delusions not only affect your mind but also ears. The man never said criminal investigation. So where is your proof? Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • Are you dumb and dumber?….Watch the ENTIRE film clip idiot… are so friggin lazy you stopped halfway through! Lazy lib!

          • Unfortunately, ANYONE can post something on YouTube…..doesn’t make it the gospel!!! Heck, I even have posted on YouTube from time to time. It’s actually pretty easy, you know?

          • It was a video of Josh Earnest speaking, Maude…..kinda tough to talk your around that one, eh?

          • Perhaps your Google app has stopped working so I’ll humor you….

            Josh Earnest: Thursday June 9, 2106; Location, White House press room in response to question about Obama’s role in the FBI probe of Hillary Rodham Clinton:

            “That’s why the president, when discussing this issue in each stage, has reiterated his commitment to he principal that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference.”

            Now it’s your turn, if you have the character to do so, to apologize for calling me a liar. Or to double down and call Earnest a liar too which would serve as high comedy!
            While you’re at it….please site YOUR source for the claim that the FBI has “stated several times” that it is not a criminal investigation….I expect the sound of crickets!

          • I believe you said “any criminal investigation.” I don’t see Hillary’s name mentioned at all in your statement. And, what President Obama said was merely a statement of fact…..if, and when, there is a criminal investigation (and there isn’t), it DOES have to be conducted independently. It’s only a fact.

          • Dozens and dozens……really? From what I have read, there are exactly 12 agents who are reviewing the e-mails….for content, not for indictment purposes! I’d be interested in knowing where you’re coming up with “dozens and dozens.” As for your IQ level, that’s been questionable since your first post!

    • I recognize your soc. A right wing troll which often spends time trying to spin. Happy to say that there is no pending criminal investigation and never has been. Even all caps can’t make it so.

      • Uh huh… Hillary says…’s just a “security review”, wink, wink!
        Even FBI Director Comey said he has no idea what she is talking about and her use of the term ‘security review”!
        News flash, honey…..the FBI does not do traffic ticket checks. The FBI does not do “security reviews”……they are a criminal investigation organization. They investigate crimes committed or crimes suspected . Get it now?

  20. Hillary Clinton has received 13.5 million primary popular votes in states who have “closed” their primaries. Sanders has 3 million. The WSJ, Washington Post and NY Times all have published articles stating that Sanders cannot catch Hillary. Time for you Sanders Slugs to admit defeat!

      • You are too stupid to know when you’ve lost. You have just begun to fight? With less than 6 states left to hold their primaries and not enough delegate or popular votes?

        Try again Tootsie..Not even you with your big mouth can save Sanders bacon.

        • This is a movement. It’s not about Bernie. It’s about the 99 percent. It’s about single payer health care, reinstating Glass Steagall, a $15 minimum wage, free state college tuition, paid family leave, breaking up the big banks, ending fracking, etc. We are winning on all of these grounds. And yes, we’ve only just begun to fight. Revolution until victory!

          • What movement? Sanders has NO movement. That’s as old as his 1960’s protest movements he barely was part of. Boy are you naive.

          • You are a master of contradictions. First, you complain that Sanders’ supporters are all entitled millennials; then, you turn around and say they are old 1960s protesters. Which one is it? There is a growing progressive movement in this country whether you acknowledge it or not. That is the reality. It’s not Bernie’s movement; it’s a movement of, by, and for the 99 percent.

          • No you are mistress of stupid. Sanders showed only one lousy tax return because he knew that 2014 tax return would prove he wasn’t lying about his lower income.

            You are too stupid to live. Check Sanders investments he has on Wall Street. One of them is Dominion Oil in TX. He sunk money into fracking and oil investments. Sound like Mr. Innocent to you, Ms. Naive?

          • I think you ought to look into your own agenda. I would throw your own words about being too stupid to live back at you. No matter what is stated that is against your beliefs, you will negate it as if it didn’t exist. With statements like, “you’re too stupid to live” you step out of the line of decency.

          • Laurele, I’m with you! EW enjoys showing off her ignorance and information gained only through propaganda as she does in her response to you.

          • Some of these things don’t require Bernie in the white house, it’s not like Hilliary’s voters are not engaging in some of these issues. And to be honest, it is a big turn off to hear your comments, you sound too much like a GOPier. They also want a revolution with a different meaning.

          • We will fight for all these things. That doesn’t mean we will support Hillary. Issues advocacy can be very effective.

            I’m not a GOP’er. It’s Eleanor, the former Republican, with her attack on social programs, who sounds like the GOP’er. Revolution is a very general term. The political revolution Bernie supporters want is completely different from that which the Republicans want.

          • This should have been done in 2008 through 2012. There should be dozens of Bernie supporters in Congress by now. How many can you count now?

          • We’re not starting from zero. There are more Bernie supporters than just Tim Canova who are endorsed by him and being helped by him. The movement is very viable; sorry that upsets you.

          • If true that is great news However, I doubt that is true. Please list those so called supporters in Congress.Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • And, laurele, who do you think will pay for that free state college tuition….it’ll be you and I (taxpayers). Same way with paid family leave, breaking up the big banks, etc. You don’t seem to understand the financial ramifications of what Bernie wants to do. I do agree with some of his ideas, but I just don’t think that any of them would get past the Congress. He would be better off if he sided with Hillary, got her to believe in some of his ideas, and assist her when she wins. I would certainly respect him more if he did that rather than try to get his followers to vote for Trump and not vote for the Democratic nominee. If he wants to TRULY be a democrat, he needs to unite the party and push the vote to the eventual nominee.

          • You sound like a trickle down Republican. Bernie has already made clear where the money will come from–Wall Street and the one percent, who are currently paying no taxes at all. I understand the ramifications of NOT doing these things, and they are disastrous. They leave us a Third World country with almost no middle class. Getting them through Congress will take time, but Bernie has already begun the process by endorsing and recruiting a new crop of candidates to run for seats in the House and Senate. We have to start somewhere.

            Hillary is a corporate shill and crook who thinks she is above the law. She wouldn’t be acceptable to many of us even if she were canonized by the Catholic Church. She represents everything Bernie’s supporters have been fighting against. Bernie would lose our support if he endorsed her. That’s why many of us plan to write Bernie in if he isn’t the nominee.

        • Nice way to get Bernie supporters to switch to hillary. Call us names and be a bigot like trumpet.Good luck with that tactic. Smh

          • Yes, I saw sneaky Sanders petition for people to pledge never to vote for Hillary. I’m sure other Dems saw it too. Now that is really very dirty politics.


          • Wow! You are back. Sorry and sad sack as ever. No Bernie is going to win nonsense? Still a hater I see. So sad for you! Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • I never left. And the only thing I hate is the status quo, which I will not vote for. I am actually quite happy and yes, I’m still rooting for Bernie to win. If you really need to be sad for someone, you should be sad for Hillary, given all the lawsuits being filed against her for voter suppression.

          • Where do you get all theses delusions? Hillary did not suppress votes. The state Democratic Parties did by refusing to let outsiders vote in their primaries. No laws broken. I know rules are hated by the losers. Too bad! Subject: Re: Comment on Sanders Should Stop Scheming

          • It’s Hillary and her Wall Street millions who is wrong for this country. The more you learn about me and my record, the happier you will be to switch to me in 2020.

          • Then you should start practicing your bowing and groveling when Trump is in the Oval Office!!!

          • Do you even bother to read the words of those you are trying to defend! It works both ways. Most Bernie supporters who have been actively involve will go to Hillary. Those “true believers:, many of whom didn’t bother to show up at the polls this week will not.

        • Eleanore, you haven’t been keeping up with the news (besides cherry picking). Sanders’ movement was for change in government mis-ruling such as election procedures. It was never solely for him to gain the presidency.

          • This socialist ran on the Democratic Ticket, then tried to take over the Democratic party and even tried to kick out some long time Dems from the party/convention. He had a H of a lot of nerve. He spent 44 years as a socialist and was a Dem (not registered) in the last month. He actually was that disrespective and thought that the Dems would vote for him? Not likely, as we already know. He lost the election, and needs to move on.


        • We haven’t “lost.” What you fail to understand is this is a movement that transcends individual elections. The movement is already working on supporting progressive Congressional candidates and recruiting people to run for offices at all levels in 2018.

          As for the presidential race, neither candidate has the requisite 2,383 pledged delegates to win the nomination,meaning this will be decided at the contested convention and not before.

          • Yes. You have LOST. Sanders loves suck up women like you who promote his need to be woman protected when he knows he’s not man enough to admit he lost.

            First of all that “movement” is BS. It only began when he decided to run for president. He was in the Congress 44 years. That “movement” should now be 44 years old since ALL of the “movement” issues have existed for nearly that long and not once did Sanders address them as he is now. Want to explain that one?

            When I voted for Hillary in the NJ primary, the election results showed she was already 2200 popular primary votes ahead of Sanders and about 1800 ahead of Trump. It also showed that with Hillary winning NJ, that put her ahead in delegate votes by more than 1200. How the hell can you pretend Sanders won?

            Do you make up these wild stories so that you can have your way? You know? Like Sanders who demands campaign and election rules be changed NOW that HE is running?

            I have no respect for silly, childish women like you. You are not mature minded enough to see when you are being bamboozled by a con man like Sanders.

            But, he damn well better carry on your “movement” like those of us did in the 60s until the Civil Rights Act of 1974 was passed, Women’s Rights to Equal Pay was passed and the war in Viet Nam was forced by OUR movement to end.

            That is a movement Tootsie. I think in the days ahead Sanderistas are going to be very sadly disillusioned. Every in the Metro area knows he lies about Wall Street because he takes campaign donations from his little girl crony at Goldman Sachs and has 38 investments in his portfolio at Dominion Oil. Does he have his own stock market too?

        • EW. You show your lack of class as well as intelligence by calling another poster stupid. Do check into what Sanders’ followers are doing before showing your ignorance.

    • They aren’t slugs. Some of his supporters are sincerely wishing for big changes to come, but are unrealistic about how it would work, with a country so diverse and with so many people voting against themselves.

      I’ve been a Hillary supporter for these last 3 months as I’ve watched Sanders show his lack of expertise in getting his agenda accomplished. And admiring Hillary the more I learn about her real record and temperament rather than the right wing (and purist left wing) spin. I don’t see any need to excoriate his reasonable supporters.

      • It has already been determined that to switch nearly 300 Americans onto a single payer plan would take more than 8 years.

        The true danger in voting for Sanders is that Sanders is the one the GOP wants. You can guess why.

        • I know. Also, single payer isn’t the only way to get to universal coverage. Throwing all the insurance employees out of work may not be the best idea either. There’s a lot that needs to be figured out, which is why Canada and other countries had to come up with systems first that were incremental.

          • Please note that health insurance is not the only form of insurance offered by these companies. They’ve had us locked into auto insurance (through lobbying) and fire, life, home protection, etc. Believe me. They won’t go out of business.

          • That’s true, some companies won’t go out of business. However, entire divisions devoted to health care and their employees, will go. There’s no doubt this is a bureaucracy that should be phased out but it needs to happen thoughtfully and will take some time.

          • Personally, I’m kinda glad I’m “locked” into fire, life, home protection, etc. Without my insurance, I would be decimated if anything happened to any of my property or myself!!! I don’t feel “locked” into anything because if I didn’t want any of these types of insurance, I’m not forced to apply or pay for them.

          • dp, you certainly are “locked” into all your insurance payments. You cannot give them up because you think of negativity in your future and are certainly “tied” to your property. I have lovely things but I certainly wouldn’t be decimated should I lose them. After all, they are only objects.

          • No, I don’t consider myself “locked” into my insurance payments. The reason I have home insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance is because I’m a responsible individual and care about my family being able to survive should anything happen to our home, to myself, or to our car (as well as anything that might happen to someone that may be injured by my vehicle). I would not be decimated if I lose my home, but my family might. It’s only responsible people who care about others….apparently, you do not. Either that, or you do not have a family to care about. It’s my decision to have insurance…..not something that I have been “forced” to have. And, if it’s any of your business, I also have funeral insurance and long-term care insurance, as well as a living trust. My family will be able to survive if anything happens to me, and that’s very important….they are not “objects.”

        • Who has determined that the single payer plan would take more than 8 years?

          I disagree that the GOP desires Sanders. He’s got them worried firstly because he’s shown it IS possible to hold an election without big money.

          I certainly believe that had Sanders received media coverage shortly after he began his run, he would have left Clinton in the dirt. The Clinton backers didn’t take him seriously (nor did the media) until he actually began making news. Once he proved that he could gain a following, they had to pay attention to him and then, interestingly, some of them began to favor him.

          If you had noted (or will note), he is the only person in that run, from either party, that they cannot discover negative instances in his past because he’s always believed in what he is saying. This is the reason the young are following him – regardless of his age. He is aware of what this nation needs and so are they.

      • Please take the time to learn more about my plans and positions on the issues. You might find yourself admiring me more than Hillary. The big changes we want are not unrealistic. They can be put in place as a process over time.

    • Well, he just wants to keep collecting donations from people who probably cannot afford them. St. Bernie is not so perfect and it is time to stop dreaming. He just plain lost, fair and square, no matter what excuse he comes up with. He can do other things for the country now. Maybe even do a really good job in the Senate. He was actually a lazy congressman, with no Bills passed or written by him. His wife was head of a college that she ran into bankruptcy. But she walked away with 22 Billion dollars severance pay. Why do these places pay so much money to those who were so lousy that they bankrupted the business? No wonder he wouldn’t show his taxes.


      • I’d like to know where you received your information regarding Jane’s severance pay. The assets of all runners-up had been investigated (with the exception of Trump) and the Sanders’ had not even reached one million. I recall it was in the range of $700,000. No one receives severance pay in the area of billions! Do check your sources and come up with some proof.

  21. Hey AG and Laurele…Where is that legal documentation proving Hillary’s been indicted, accused by a court of law and has jail time pending…Well? Ante up or SHUT your pie holes.

    • She has not been indicted for anything; and will not be indicted for anything. Just like the former Federal Attorney said, there is no proof of intent. There can be no charges if she did not willingly break any laws; and she didn’t. The prior SOS’s all used their own servers, there were no official ones for them to use. There was no rule against it until after Hillary left office. The Rethugs were just so desperate to hang something on her that they held so many fake investigations against her that has cost us Billions of dollars. Trey Goti was caught by the FBI altering her emails. The FBI kicked him out of the hearing, and ended the hearing and excused Hillary from the hearing. They had to investigate to find which ones he altered, etc.


  22. And still no legal documentation from AG and Laurele…so they flush out their sewer mouths with lies and think no one will EVER demand they prove what they post. Wrong!

  23. Something to consider. Mental patients cannot be reasoned with. Mental patients do not accept truth or facts. Mental patients stomp, bellow, rage, rant and demand they get their way. Mental patients repeat lies they tell themselves over and over until they can no longer make sense to the rational world outside. Sound familiar? This is what the Sanders mental patients also do.

      • Can SAnders EVER speak without spitting and wagging his finger? Or is this his encore act as a 1960s protestor only this time he is finally getting his chance to lead the protests? Imagined or not?

        Give it BS artist. Your boy lost. that now sugar pants? LOST

        • Give it up, vagina woman. Bernie hasn’t “lost,” no matter how many times you repeat that lie. And unlike Hillary, he hasn’t broken any laws and isn’t being investigated by the FBI either.

          • Neither is Hillary being investigated by the FBI. All the FBI is doing is going over the e-mails to make sure that there was nothing of any substance. To date, they have found NOTHING that would cause her to be indicted. Do you actually keep up with the news, laurele, or do you just believe everything you’re told? Interesting!

          • Continue to hold your breath that Sanders will be the Democratic nominee, okay? And, when he isn’t… can go back in your hole!

          • No, sorry, if he isn’t the nominee, I will be out in the political battlefield fighting your precious Hillary and her establishment every step of the way.

  24. Bernie is getting in the way? This has been bought and paid for, he has been going against entrenched evil, the evil of pandering to big Pharma, Big Banksters, the banks which ruined peoples lives and the Dems let them get away with it. The DNC is as corrupt as the GOP, and Bernie is a lone voice, with many people agreeing with him, against the vile corruption. It is the DNC who should be destroyed and rebuilt to help the working class and the people. See Thomas Franks ” Listen Liberal” How the Dems cater to only the elite rich class, and even more, Chris Hedges ” Death of the Liberal Class” Chapter and verse how the so called Liberals sold out a long time ago. Also the election in CA was fixed for her, voter rolls disappeared, 65 pages worth in one place, and machines wouldn’t let you vote for him. She and the DNC are the putrid evil here, not Bernie at all.

    • Please don’t limit your attack to the Dems or Liberals. The Republican party has been in Wall Street’s pocket for much longer. In addition, why are they always awarding extra funds and tax breaks to the defense industry – even when it’s not requested?

      • Oh, I am not, that is what makes it so infuriating, the Dems are supposed to be better then the rotten GOP, but they are not and pretend they are, and the reason that they always cater to the defense industry is because they contribute heavily to their campaigns, and they fund HRC up the wazoo. Not Bernie to my knowledge. That is why I think we need a total revolution, no Electoral college, the 2 party system is bankrupt morally, and we need a parlimentairy system, and no supreme court. The whole thing stinks. As for me, I am voting Green and joining that party after November.

        • The important word in your post is “supposed.” I believe that lobbying should be limited to average people in groups that desire laws be written for their protection. Too much money is spent on lobbying and therefore, bribing.

          Bernie has been offered the option to join the green party but refused because he, as he said, will do everything he can to defeat Trump. Taking Democratic votes and placing them with the green party will result in Clinton accruing fewer votes. He know that and that’s why he can’t switch.

          Bernie is a very clever man. Put a little more trust in him. To my knowledge he is still going to the convention. Let’s see what happens there.

  25. This is truly amazing, Eleanore is throwing insults on people who do not agree with her. Is that the way to debate and get your point understood?

    • It is her way. So if you do not like her posts, do not read them. She has the same right to express her views as you, me or Otto the goat.

  26. Pluralizm is a key to a great society, know if first hand, was born and raised in a tyranic society. So it is really mind blowing that people can speak with such hate and force to people who are simply expressing different political views.

  27. Keep dissing Bernie, whoever you are, and watch what happens. If you are attempting to alienate his supporters to the point where they will never support Hillary, you are doing a superb job. And then you’ll wonder in November why Trump cleaned her clock.

    Whether you like it or not, Bernie may not become the candidate, but he has already won the debate over the future of the Democratic Party. And if, despite your heroic efforts to alienate his supporters and guarantee that they don’t switch to Hillary, she still wins in November, she will be the first president since Gerald Ford to take office as a lame duck.

    If you want to rebuild the Democratic Party, and return it from its present position as the “other” Wall Street party back to its New Deal roots, you should be thanking Bernie from the bottom of your heart and leaning on Hillary to adopt all his major programs, from single-payer health care to free college tuition (which is how my own parents were able to go to college ninety years ago), to the $15 minimum wage. Or, you can keep putting him down and cast your lot with the 1%, in which case you’ll wake up on January 20, 2017 to find that even if you got the president you want, she will already be a has-been within her own party.

    The younger generation, who overwhelmingly support Bernie, are the future of the party. Deal with it.

    • Bravo but I am becoming convinced that these Dems will never adopt a more progressive platform. I believe more in the arrival of a 3rd party. The Dems do not want us. They are over 65 and have no interest in $15 minimum wage, free college, or doing anything significant about climate change. They only care about their SS and Medicare and any expansion of that they view as a threat. Understandable but completely selfish. So sad.

      • There are plenty of Dems over 65 who do want a more progressive platform and plenty of younger ones who don’t. They just aren’t part of the party establishment in either case.

  28. The article is dated – not surprising in our rapidly changing political environment. Beyond that, because it promotes divisiveness, it appears to be the work of a corporate troll. Looking forward, it’s time to Focus on the unity of purpose that exists among the three major players (Barack, Hillary and Bernie) and realize that your vote is for the cause of a progressive liberal democratic government of We The People dedicated to forming a more perfect union. We on the liberal side can do this because we are able to understand, reason, and bring about the policies that will put our United States of America on track again

  29. OK, so I agree with much of what Bernie says, BUT

    talk is cheap. Bernie has been in Congress for 25 years. Twenty-five
    years! Where is the Sanders Fair Minimum Wage Act? Where is the Sanders
    Break Up Too Big to Fail Act?

    The truth is that in 25 years in the House & Senate Bernie has
    accomplished absolutely squat. Why would I think that would suddenly
    change over night? The truth is that Bernie is just another politician,
    full of hot air, enamored with the sound of his own voice.

    • Really

      I believe he attached hundreds of amendments to passed legislation that either made bad legislation more palatable or made good legislation better. In 2014 he sponsored and brokered bipartisan VA bill which finally gace the VA the resources they need to begin to care for our Vets. I believe you are the one that is full of hot air.

      • Here’s what the numbers say: During her eight years in the Senate,
        Hillary Clinton sponsored 10 bills that passed the chamber. The mean
        senator passes 1.4 bills a year, so Clinton’s 1.25 bills per year is
        approximately in line with the chamber average. By contrast, Bernie
        Sanders has been in the Senate nine years and has sponsored only one
        bill that passed.

        Clinton successfully amended bills 67 times in her eight years in the
        Senate. Sanders did so 57 times in nine years. On a year-by-year basis,
        that comes to 8.4 per year for Clinton and 6.3 per year for Sanders.
        Moreover, the mean senator passed 7.4 amendments. Clinton’s is
        significantly higher than the mean, and Sanders’s is significantly below
        the mean. Put differently, Clinton passed 33 percent more amendments
        per year than did Sanders.

      • But, if I remember correctly, the GOP voted down the VA bill, so where did all of his efforts get him? As a vet myself, I am always glad to see bills for VA benefits being approved, but this Congress doesn’t quite see veteran’s as important.

  30. Clinton supporter here who disagrees with this post. The author should emulate Clinton and Obama and be praising Sanders for his and his supporters’ contributions to this election. Sure, there were times when we attacked each other or the system unfairly. That has been standard practice for the past 40 years that I’ve followed primary elections. I welcome the youthful, progressive enthusiasm of Sander’s supporters to give courage to our nominee and all the other candidates who’ve been timid in the past. Our next President might be a grandma but there’s a new day in the Democrat Party.

      • I believe both candidates and their supporters have attacked each other or the system unfairly during the course of the primary campaign. I’m not going to go into those details regarding Clinton or Sanders because the primaries are over and too many people are continuing old, unwinnable arguments rather than working to defeat Donald Trump. My point was that the diary above was an unfair attack on Sanders who we should be thanking.

  31. as far as Bernie Scheming well I don’t know this ( then maybe he should showed his taxes) either way Bernie in most term’s is a good guy . but one has to always remember he is an independent . what the difference ? don’t know really from what he ran on . I like him and feel he should be a part of the DEM party if Hillary wins (Im hoping ) as also Warren should be also them together breaking up big banks and making fairer for all is a great foundation

  32. This article highlights a clear bias of putting your party before your country. Bernie should get out of the way and accept that PAC ads and corporate money should be the most powerful voice in our election system? Bernie should get out of the way and accept the notion that the US really should be the police of the world, even at the peril of our infrastructure, Social Security system, education system, and keeping large swaths of our population in poverty? Bernie should get out of the way and accept that the middle class should continue to erode as the concentration of wealth continues to accumulate at the top?

    Sure, get out of the way Bernie. While the other two are busy playing a team sport and putting the interests of their team before the interests of the country, your independent run will bring millions of disenfranchised voters onboard.

    • uh the country at least on the Democratic side has chosen Clinton…you can whine all you want but over turning the will of the people by the Supers is not only not going to happen but it damages the democratic process as well…so yes Bernie accept the will of the people and “get out of the way”…

      • I have my doubts that the Democrats really chose Clinton. There are documented cases of voting machines counting votes wrong, new voters forced to take provisional ballots because they were purged from the rolls or even having their registration changed to a different party for no explicable reason, and the media has been on Clinton’s side all along, giving her the race before even half of the primaries were done. Heck, right now she has a 400k vote lead in California, but there are still more than two million provisional and mail-in ballots left to count. Given the confusion we have seen with newly registered voters, there is a good change that as much as 70% of those uncounted ballots could be for Bernie. How can you call a race when the outstanding votes uncounted are five times the amount of the lead?

        Anyhow, I am not onboard with this idea of Bernie trying to woo the superdelegates. I also don’t care about the consolation prize of changing the party platform to some words which will mean nothing to the warmonger Clinton. Screw ’em. They have made it clear that they don’t want us. I am hoping he will run Independent or join the Green ticket. The Dems can have their shady establishment politics and lose millions of new voters in the process. From what I am reading, there are hundreds of thousands of us who will be voting for Jill Stein if Bernie should drop out or endorse Clinton.

        • hundreds of thousands?…there millions of us who did and will vote for Clinton…the counting continues in CA and she is now 36 thousand more votes ahead…you can call a race when you see what’s out there…after the early mail ballots (about 50% of CA votes this way) were counted she had such a big lead that she could have lost the day of election votes 2 to 1 and still won the election by a slim margin…I sorry you don’t feel welcome because the door is open to all who care to join in but that’s the thing…you need to join in…to keep working towards your goals and ideals…I wish you well what ever you decide you need to do…

          • Not to belabor the point about CA, but her lead was 400k on election night. The uncounted ballots totaled more than two million! That is not a decided race, especially when a lot of those new voters who were given provisional ballots were Bernie supporters. I haven’t seen today’s results, but three counties were flipped from Clinton to Sanders after yesterday’s count.

            And, to return to your point about superdelegates disrupting the democratic process, why did a large “unidentified” group of them tell the AP they were planning to support Clinton, right before the California primary!? Can you say that this was not a deliberate attempt to discourage Bernie voters from voting? I don’t think so.

            Anyhow, this has always been about the ideals, not “my team or your team.” Clinton can bring in Bernie supporters very easily. She can release the transcripts of her paid Wall Street speeches. She can return all corporate donations she received. She can refuse unaccountable PAC money. And, finally, she can promise that education, infrastructure, and health care will be higher priorities than military adventurism and nation building abroad in her administration. Think she will do any of those things? I won’t hold my breath.

          • you don’t seem to understand about demographics…they have been key in this primary…and the demographics in CA favored Clinton…which been proven true because Clintons lead has been growing slightly not lessening…at the end of the counting Clinton’s lead will be about the same or a little larger…

            The supers were asked by the networks as they have been through out the primary who they supported…it was AP that decided that Clinton had enough support to say she had won…Clinton wanted to wait until after the primary and she would have gotten the majority of the pledged delegates before claiming victory…not that it made any difference what she or Bernie want…the networks vie to be the first to announce anything…

            You show your ignorance of Clinton’s positions if you don’t think that health care,education and inter structure aren’t at the top of her list of concerns…she has fought for them for decades…while I agree she is a little too hawkish for my tastes she dedicated to diplomacy first and showed that in her tenure as Sec of State…she has a long record on that even laying the ground work for the eventual Iran peace treaty…plus you Trump wants to bomb the hell out of ISIS including using nuclear weapons…

            You are being foolishly naive if you think any candidate can win an election in this day and age with out outside money…plus again you show your lack of knowledge by saying that “She can return all corporate donations she received. She can refuse unaccountable PAC money.” because no candidate by law can accept donations from Corporation or super pacs…if you have ever donated you notice they as you your employer…your individual donation is then listed under your employer…so an employee of bank can donate up to $2700 but it is still a donation from an individual…

            “Anyhow, this has always been about the ideals, not “my team or your team.” Doesn’t seem that way to me because Bernie’s ideals aren’t his alone…they are the ideals of many in the Democratic party like E. Warren but who have chosen a different way to try to achieve them…yes they work with in the establishment but when you think of it…if a movement is to be successful it must become the establishment or it has failed..

          • I encourage you to go back and read what you wrote and try to see how condescending it sounds. This has been the narrative this entire campaign cycle, and it has even come from Clinton herself. You want to paint Bernie and his supporters as naive, uninformed, and overly idealistic. Let’s review some of your points:

            1. Hillary Clinton’s prioritization of military spending versus education, infrastructure, and health care. You don’t have to take my word for it, just go review some of the things she has said about “America’s leadership of the world,” “strengthening our military,” etc. Do these kind of statements suggest that she is going to make education, infrastructure, and health care a higher budget priority than military spending? Doesn’t sound like it to me. And where does our international intervention get us? From what I am seeing, we are killing a lot of people and wasting a lot of money to earn more enemies. As a Navy veteran who managed a departmental budget during my time on active duty, I could give you a whole diatribe on wasteful military spending that will only grow in a Clinton administration. I know that health care was a cause she truly championed as First Lady, and I was actually hoping that Obama would have named her as HHS secretary. However, he named her as SoS, and we got a preview of her foreign policy agenda. It is one that results in more death, more billions wasted abroad, and no solutions. Just because she doesn’t use the crazy words that Trump uses, I am supposed to feel comfort? I don’t think so. You say “a little too hawkish,” and I say way too deadly. Education, health care, and infrastructure spending cannot increase unless we drastically change our foreign policy and pare back our military budget. This was a concept which Bill Clinton understood and started to implement. It’s a shame his wife disagrees.

            2. Corporate money – Bernie won 20 states with no corporate sponsorship or PAC money, so you can’t tell me it is impossible in this day and age. After the Citizen’s United decision, there is no limit to what corporations can do in support of a candidate, so long as it is under the guise of an “independent expenditure.” She could refuse this kind of support, just as Bernie did. She won’t.

            3. A movement must become the establishment or it has failed. That is a fair point. But we won’t accept an establishment that is beholden to Wall Street, big Pharma, or the Military Industial complex. We are not going to tone down our expectations or compromise on our ideals. The “establishment” can bend to accept us, or it can be broken up. I honestly prefer the latter. The two-party system has given us a few generations of “lesser of two evils” choices, and I think this will finally be the election where we refuse those evil choices.

          • ok until I reach the evil part,I was going to answer you point by point but I just erased everything because it’s just spitting into the wind…it’s not the party that isn’t welcoming you in…you don’t want to be welcomed…you want the party to ignore the majority of it’s members and bow down to your wishes…you don’t believe in Democracy because you want to force your ideals and beliefs on others…so go…and good luck to you because you are going to need it…

          • You are naive. I live in the same NY/NJ Metro area where Sanders was raised. We in this area know a CON man when we see and hear one. Sanders is a con man.

            His act is so good he deserves an Oscar for his award winning performance as the “victim” of Big Bad Hillary.

            The joke is most of us in the Metro area know how manipulative Sanders has always been. That Saint Bernard Act is just that.

            First, he whines the media isn’t fair to him. But, the dirty little secret he hides is that neither he nor Brainy Janey want the media dipping into their personal lives. It would uncover a sewer hole of dirt he doesn’t want expose.

            He isn’t the “poorest” Senate. The fact that he refuses to produce more than 1 tax record, which by the way he produced knowing it would show his LOWEST income and not the double income years from Brainy Janey’s employment as a Burlington College president from which SHE was fired.

            Don’t know much about Sanders? That’s how HE likes it.

          • First of all, she doesn’t have to release her transcripts of her speeches before Wall Street. Those speeches were rightfully paid for as ALL speeches are when made by political figures. Secondly, she, personally, did NOT take corporate donations. I think you mean donations to the Clinton Foundation, which does NOT (nor is it legal) use this money for her campaign. As for refusing or taking “unaccountable PAC money,” she has no idea what money is coming in to these PACs as she cannot deal with the PACs directly. The PACS have received monies in her name to use for her campaign….it does NOT go to her directly for her to use.

          • Calling a race the night before six primaries in major states amounts to voter suppression. Some of us don’t want to join her tyrannical racket, which is destroying our democracy.

          • you truely are ignorant aren’t you?…you have no real understanding of how things work?…try doing a little research…that might help….

          • No, it’s Hillary who is ignorant and has no understanding of how things work. Why not do some research of your own instead of blindly following everything she says?

          • you do know that Trump is worse than anything you could possible imagine Hillary as…other Republicans as well…I really don’t understand why all your anger is directed towards Democrats?…do we have to be pure and holy before we can fight for progressive goals…seems like it but as fun as it’s been chatting with you I’ve got more important things to do like call my Republican Congressman to voice my support for gun control…have you called your Congressperson?

          • My anger is at the Democratic establishment because it has engaged in voter suppression and rigged the primary process from day one. No one is arguing for “pure and holy.” What we want is a genuine progressive who represents our vision for this country and is an advocate for the 99 percent. You cannot blame people for not voting for someone who shares none of their values or positions.

          • These people aren’t interested in the facts…..they only listen and hear what they want to hear. Even the Trumpsters, who don’t understand that he has lied 59% of the time vs. Clinton, who has lied only12%! But, again, they only hear what they want to hear and don’t believe anything that anyone else tells them and won’t listen to facts, etc. It’s pretty sad. And, if Laurele wants to run for something….don’t count on my vote!

          • So you’re deciding whom to support in 2020 without first taking the time to listen to both candidates and hear what we stand for? Maybe you’re the one who hears only what you want to hear.

          • Yes, I am going to primary her. Why am I a joke? Does someone have to be a millionaire or billionaire to be taken seriously as a candidate? That is not democracy.

          • Thanks for the wish. Knock on wood, I have been an extremely lucky person all my life, and I anticipate no problem getting those signatures in every state. As for Jill Stein, she is running in the general election, not a primary, which is a different process, one that is now in progress in the remaining states.

            I have been a Democrat since 1988, participated in Democratic campaigns, and even ran for office as one. Yes, my views are closer to Green, which makes sense given both the fact that the Democratic Party has spent 20+ years moving to the right while the planet has been rapidly heating due to human activity. We cannot afford any more fracking, pipelines, or presidents indebted to the fossil fuel companies.

          • Thanks, but don’t need it. Democracy is about encouraging MORE people to run for public office, not about discouraging them from doing so.

      • No, we have not. In addition to the fact that she has not won the requisite 2,383 pledged delegates, the fact that there has been voter fraud in state after state completely invalidates the primary process. Cheating isn’t winning.

        • oh give it a rest…Obama didn’t have the 2,383 delegates either…in fact he only had a 78 delegate lead on Clinton and the popular vote was virtually tied but Obama was the nominee and then the President…Clinton has won in a land slide with almost 400 more pledged delegates (not counting the supers) and about 4 million more votes…I have never seen such sore losers as some of Sander’s supporters are but I guess the example starts at the top…I love how Sanders is too busy giving interviews to help the Senate or the House in their fight against gun violence…

          • Sharing Hillary’s delusions now? There was no “landslide,” and super delegates do not count until they vote at the convention. Sanders did not “lose.” You do not seem to understand that this is a political revolution against a corrupt establishment and status quo. The candidates and their supporters have very different visions of what they want this country to be. This isn’t a football game; it’s about issues and ideals, which we don’t just abandon because our opponents want us to do that.

          • unfortunately for you the margin of 400 pledged delegates does not count the supers and even if the supers were to vote in accordance of who won their state Hillary would still win…so yes it really was pretty much of a landslide…if you are so concerned about corruption and inequality why are you not fighting against the real villains who bring that to pass…the Republicans…there is a revolution going on right now in the House as the Democrats stage a sit-in…

          • Both parties are corrupt and have engaged in voter suppression. There is a reason why both party establishments are being rejected so soundly by the people.

            There is no landslide except in your head.

          • well my head must in reality then…when you talk about people who can’t be bother to learn the rules of voting in a parties primary as voting suppress you do a disservice to the real and persistent voter suppression going on in Republican states…you the “real” voter suppression…

          • No, your head does not have a monopoly on “reality.” Bernie does know the rules, which say that if neither candidate gets 2,383 pledged delegates, both have the right to lobby the superdelegates until the convention.

          • lobby super delegates to overturn the will of the people…the 4 million more people who voted for Clinton…yeah I can see you are all in for democracy aren’t you…lol

          • The rules specify that if nobody gets 2,383 pledged delegates, all the candidates can lobby the superdelegates for support. You’re the one who keeps defending the rules, but when Bernie decides to do something the rules permit, you suddenly object? FYI, Clinton did not get four million more votes than Bernie. That claim has been disproved. Of course, we still don’t know how many people even voted in California.

          • no I’m saying he and you are hypocrites who condemn supers as undemocratic but yet seem to think that it is democratic to use them to over turn the will of the voters…all through your comments you have taken both sides of the argument…but here is the last thing I’m going to say to you…Bernie lost Hillary won and she did it fair and square…whine all you want but nothing is going to change that…

          • Your reality is fantasy honey. If Sanders knew the rules, he wouldn’t have violated the FEC rule of not taking foreign donations.

            You can keep insisting like a spoiled brat but it doesn’t change the reality of the popular primary vote count or the state delegates. Sanders Lost..oooooh and doesn’t that hurt your little brain?

            You are neither an educated woman, an accomplished woman nor a mature minded woman.

            All you want is to get your way. Well, the court of public opinion has already chosen Hillary.

            Let me guess…when she is taking the oath of office of the presidency, you intend to push her out of the way and shove Saint Bernard in her place?

          • Oh since Sanders can’t win both parties are corrupt. YOu need professional help little girl.

            Hillary has won and if Sanders doesn’t concede he only does what you are doing right now..making a fool of himself and and idiot of his Supporters.

          • Both parties have been corrupt long before Sanders entered the scene. That’s why there is such disgust with BOTH party establishments.

            Nobody has won the nomination, and Sanders most certainly should NOT concede. His speech is most likely going to be a public endorsement for more progressive congressional candidates.

            Hillary needs professional help for her pathological lying and narcissism. The only help I need is a good campaign team for 2020.

          • Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders…45 years in Congress and now he has a “movement.” Not very convincing a platform if he and YOU don’t keep that movement going AFTER the election.

          • She is a very sick young woman. Her “movement” script would be fine if it wasn’t already nearly 50 years old. Boomer women like Hillary were out in the trenches providing all of the advantage spoiled, spiteful little girls like Laurele take all too much advantage of.

            Maybe, they have forgotten why they now have so much freedom Boomer women like Hillary didn’t have and had to fight for.

          • You’re damn right. I’m sick of Hillary’s corruption, pandering to Wall Street, war mongering, and obsession with moving the Democratic Party to the right. The 99 percent are fighting back, and our movement is only growing.

          • You just admitted Sanders is corrupt. He was a member of Congress of those two parties. Are you trying to imply Sanders has never been corrupt?

            You can keep insisting like a spoiled little girl but the fact is that Hillary has won. He doesn’t need to concede. The votes have been counted and the delegate votes in each state show Hillary HAS won the primary.

            I would strongly suggest you get professional mental help. A woman who acts like a spoiled little girl and has the kind of “savior” mentality that obsesses over a man like Sanders, shows you are far too dependent on Daddy to fix all your problems.

            I don’t accept your lies about Hillary because I know I can prove you wrong with several legal doduments. Unless you show us the legal documents that prove Hillary lied, you are lying just like Sanders does. You make statements you can’t prove to hide your own lies.

            Sanders is a liar. But, he is slick enough not to lie out in the open. So he lies by concealing facts dippy women like you should know.

            As for the 2020 election, the candidates will likely be two more democrats. Either Elizabeth Warren or Cory Booker.

            Sanders will be in his grave by then. So, enjoy your “I Need a Daddy” fest.

          • Do you ever wake up and sto dreaming? Sanders has NO hope of winning. Women like you encourage the most childish behavior in men when you refuse to demand they act like adults. But, no surprise there. You don’t act like an adult so how can you expect men you support to?

          • Yes, he does have hope of winning. Both candidates are free to lobby the superdelegates, who can change their minds as many times as they want to until July 25. If “acting like an adult” means giving up and accepting crooked Hillary, I would rather walk barefoot on hot coals. Women like me give hope to those struggling by sticking to our convictions and not caving to the one percent.

          • No he does NOT have ANY hope of winning. You can insist till your gut bleeds through Sanders veins.

            Women like you who insist, insist, insist, show how childish you are. Your convictions are only YOURS…and you can hang onto to Sanders for dear life but you better have your butts in your “movement” 5 years after Hillary has served her first term.

            If you can’t do that, I’ll be the first to remind you how your “convictions” were as shortlived as Sanders run for the presidency he lost.

            But keep insisting…it makes a fool of you and all of your nut bag Sanders obsessed supporters.

          • Yes, he does still have hope of winning–though your comments are likely to send more people to Trump. Our convictions are not “short lived.” They are the future of this country. If you think they are only mine and no one else’s, come to Philly during the convention and see how many of us will be there advocating a progressive future for our country. This movement will outlast any individual candidate or president because it is of, by, and for the people.

            If Hillary serves a first term, I’ll spend those four years building my 2020 primary challenge against her.

          • Yes your convictions ARE shortlived. How do you propose to turn all of the votes Hillary has already received into Sanders votes? You are crazy lady if you think Sanders is staying in the race because he has a chance to win. What are you going to do when the GOP disqualifies Trump and your boy Bernie decides since he isn’t a Democrat that he will just step in for the GOP which is what the GOP wanted all along.

  33. I suppose the author also wants to blame Bernie for the negative ratings of Clinton and her inability to show she is an odds on favorite thereby giving Trump a possibility of winning!

  34. Totally agree with the author of this article. It’s time for Sanders to realize that he hasn’t a chance of winning the Democratic nomination and throw his hat into the ring for Hillary. He needs to urge his supporters to do the same; otherwise, we’re going to be stuck with Trump, and that would be a disaster! I like Bernie, don’t get me wrong, but it’s too late for him to win now, and he needs to face reality.

    • No, it isn’t too late. That’s why we’re having a contested convention. Neither candidate has enough pledged delegates to win the nomination. And even if Bernie endorses Hillary, he already recognizes that his supporters will not blindly follow him. We’re cats, not sheep, and cannot be herded. And many of us believe Hillary would be just as much a disaster as Trump, which is why we will never vote for her.

      Neither you nor Hillary has a monopoly on “reality,” so stop using that term in your attempt to get us to vote your way.

      • Yes, Laurele, you are still bad at math. BS lost. Boo hoo. get over it, if not vote for Nazi bigoted racist, Trump.
        You choose, cut off your own nose, or hold it while voting for HRC. Thanks!

        • No, he didn’t “lose.” How is that ballot counting going in California, not to mention the multiple lawsuits about voter fraud in multiple states?

          Funny how you rush to defend my right to do what I want with my reproductive organs but then think you have the right to control what I do with my nose and my face. That is the ultimate in hypocrisy. Hillary doesn’t represent my nose, my face, or any other part of my body. I will NEVER hold my nose and/or vote for her, and you’re just wasting your time trying to get me to do what you want.

          • No I’m not, I fully expect you to vote for Trump.

            Your hated for HRC is so irrational that you obviously WILL vote for your disinterest. Congrats, you’ve been manipulated by the GOP/Fox.
            And BS still lost, so does this make you proud? Why? That you are so “progressive” you’d rather Trump win?

            Yea, I voted for McGovern in ’72, He was such a great progressive, he made a great president, right?

          • You’re wrong. I will be voting for Bernie, even if I have to write him in. I don’t watch Fox or any mainstream media because I have no interest in propaganda. My rejection of Hillary is solely based on my research about her record on the issues, especially on the fact that she has spent 20+ years trying to move the Democratic Party to the right, which is the opposite direction of where I want it to go.

            Sorry, but I don’t want DLC or “Third Way” or triangulation and will never vote for those things. And once again, Bernie hasn’t “lost,” no matter how many times you repeat that lie. Nobody won because neither candidate received the requisite 2,383 pledged delegates.

          • Even if you write him in, there are not enough Sanders supporters who can get him elected. Are you dense or just plain nutty?

            You don’t want? Really? YOU? And You are what? The Empress of BS?

            Bernie lost from the minute he lost California, NJ and DC. There are not enough states left to get him what he needs…delegates and popular votes.

            What about that do you not get? People like you who insist their lives away are nothing but closet control freaks.

            You are such a liar. I voted in NJ. I gave you the vote count. Sanders lied lied lied lied lied…when he said he won. The NJ Board of Elections says otherwise and they counted the votes.

            Sanders lost and now he hasn’t the balls to admit it and neither do you.

          • Don’t be so sure. The only reason you even care about those of us doing write-ins is that you’re afraid we will take votes away from your precious Hillary. Well, she can’t lose what she never had, and she never had my vote, as I knew long before Bernie or Trump entered the race that I would never vote for her.

            What I am is strong-willed. I thought you admire strong-willed women. Guess you only admire those who agree with you.

          • Look you big baby…No Hillary supporter is worried about your taking your childish revenge by writing in Sanders. He had a total count of only 3 million supporters compared to Trump’s 4 million and Hillary’s 7 million. So..tell us little girl…how can you pick up 4 million supporters when there aren’t enough states left to hold primaries? Showing your “ignerce” by your belligerent insistence is the reason I know Sanders not only won’t ever be president but he will be lucky to remain in the Senate. No one his age buys his BS act of relic protester.

          • Really? Many Hillary supporters seem very worried, especially about those independent voters that either nominee needs to win. Four million votes are not needed for the Democratic nomination, just enough superdelegates to get to 2,383.

            People who oppose injustice proudly protest it at any and every age.

          • You are delusonary little girl. And, you have zero math skills. Which Hillary voters are worried? Surely not the voters in CA. They chose Hillary over Sanders. Can’t be the voters in Puerto Rico or Guam, DC, NY or NY…again…they all voted for Hillary.

            You need to stay current. Your big mouth Sanders wants to end the super delegates. Now? Why not 5 years ago? He is as much a phony as you are.

            And you don’t oppose injustice. You do what all freeloaders like Sanders do…hold out your hand when there’s something free to be had.

            How is it a little girl like you has nothing better to do than be a paid Sanders troll? And, according to Sanders own mouth…he has a “big speech” to make tonight. So it’s only one of two things. A. Concession or B. He is going to replace Trump on the GOP ticket. Better go change your sugar pants.

          • In CA, they’re still counting ballots.

            Bernie’s speech will not be a “concession.” It will likely be an endorsement for more congressional candidates.

            Exactly what job has Hillary had for the past four years–presidential candidate? Well, that’s my job too. Of course, if I’m really a paid Sanders troll, then I’m doing a terrific job at what I was hired to do.

          • You need to stay current little girl. Hillary’s vote count in CA accordig to the LA Times is 2,523,755, that’s 54% of the CA votes counted. Sanders is behind with 44.6% of votes. So do be aware that mental deficients like you do often become maniacal. What has Sanders done in the last 4 years? Besides bail out his fat ass wife from her constant thievery?

            Sorry but you are a morbid failure on so many levels. It’s difficult to know where to begin. Only you think you are doing a terrific job. But since you don’t count in any realm other than that fantasy dimension you live, it doesn’t really matter much what you think.

            People like you never admit they are mentally ill. Mostly they love to pretend the rest of the world is.

          • How about YOU are the one who is seriously mentally ill? You never study long enough to pass a BAR exam, become a Senator or the next president of the US. Do you fukbags always gag on your own bowel movements in those fukforbrains mouths of yours?

            Take you “meds” Dixiebelle or Cone Pone Queen, whichever shitfor brains you are. That MRS degree is out of touch with women who can earn their own living, pay off their own mortgages and raise kids and have a career. All while you dipshit southern belles jiggle those asses, shove your fake boobs in guy’s faces and play sweet lil ole gals to bag a man to TAKE CARE OF YOU. Get off that trailer trash ass and get a life. Those of us who worked our entire lives want you MAN dependent bitches to get a job..and not one of your Walmartian jobs that pay you wages so low you have to collect welfare as a supplement. You do realize that Sanders is going to get his big fat ass in trouble for misuse of campaign donations, don’t you BernieBot shitbag?

            All The GREAT SAINT BERNARD DOG is after is camera time so he can ram his lying, BSing face to jack his ego. Too back he can’t jack that limp noodle of his.

          • I’m from NJ too. What lie do you claim Bernie made about NJ? California still has 2.5 million ballots to count and a lawsuit over voter suppression.

            Bernie doesn’t need more popular votes to win the nomination, just enough superdelegates to get to 2,383.

            Insist my life away? Why is that okay for Hillary but not for me? Maybe you only like women who support your idol and have no use for strong women who do not line up behind her.

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