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Saturday, March 24, 2018
Anthony Senecal
Anthony Senecal

Trump’s Racist Former Butler Defiant In Face Of Scrutiny

On Saturday, the Martinsburg Journal reported Secret Service to have interviewed Senecal. He told the Journal he thought Secret Service wanted to make sure he “wasn’t going to go there with a rifle.” He told the agency that Washington, D.C. was “too far to drive.”

May 15, 2016
Anthony Senecal

Trump’s Longtime Butler Calls For Obama’s Murder

Anthony Senecal’s New York Times profile didn’t reveal that his prolific Facebook presence, which he uses to attack anything and everything related to the Obama administration, frequently dips into wild conspiracy theories. In several posts, he calls President Obama “the asswipe I call zero” and a “Muzzie,” a derogatory term for Muslim.

May 12, 2016