Wednesday, March 4, 2015
barack obama
US President Barack Obama makes a statement to the press after a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House March 3, 2015, in Washington, DC (AFP/Brendan Smialowski)

Obama: Netanyahu Offered No ‘Viable Alternative’ To Iran Talks

Presidnet Obama says there was ‘nothing new’ in Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial address.

March 3, 2015
President Obama in Miami

5 Ways Democratic Presidents Kick Republican Butt

The evidence is clear: Democrats make the pie bigger for everyone, while Republicans redistribute to the rich.

March 2, 2015
Leonard Nimoy, who played the role of Spock in the original Star Trek television series, gestures on arrival for the Los Angeles premiere of the movie 'Star Trek Into Darkness" in Hollywood, California on May 14, 2013. (AFP / Frederic J. Brown)

President Obama: ‘I Loved Spock’

President Obama released a statement on Friday, in honor of the late “Star Trek” performer Leonard Nimoy.

February 27, 2015
President Obama in Miami

In Miami, Obama Vows To Veto Any Bill Blocking His Executive Immigration Action

President Obama is daring Republicans to oppose him on immigration.

February 26, 2015
Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, Once Heroic, Now Simply Foolish

‘America’s Mayor’ has completed his transition into ‘America’s batty uncle.’

February 25, 2015
keystone xl signs

Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline Bill, Heightening Clash With GOP

President Obama has officially rejected Congress’ Keystone XL bill.

February 24, 2015

Endorse This: The Story Of ‘Yes We Can’

The famous Obama campaign slogan, “Yes We Can,” almost didn’t happen.

February 24, 2015
Summit on violent extremism

College Tuition Hits Home For Obama

The high price of education is personal for the president.

February 24, 2015

Late Night Roundup: Larry Wilmore vs. Rudy Giuliani

Larry Wilmore bluntly said that Rudy Giuliani’s statements about President Obama were racist.

February 24, 2015

Cartoon: Rudy Giuliani’s Cafeteria

‘America’s Mayor’ is still serving up hate.

February 23, 2015
Obama designates the Pullman National Monument

Black History Is More Than Just One Month

In the age of Obama, is Black History Month doing more harm than good?

February 21, 2015
U.S. President Obama meets with a group of young undocumented immigrants - DC

Obama Administration To Ask Judge To Lift Block On Immigration Actions

The White House will make its next move in the immigration battle on Monday.

February 20, 2015
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks on the legislation he sent to Congress today to authorize the use of military force (AUMF) against Islamic State in the Roosevelt Room of the White House Feb. 11, 2015 in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

This Week In Crazy: Obama’s Secret Muslim Gang Sign

Obama sends another secret Muslim message, Glenn Beck predicts World War III, and more.

February 20, 2015
Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani: Obama Doesn’t Love America

Giuliani is no stranger to ridiculously over-the-top rhetoric.

February 19, 2015
John Boehner

How Republican ‘Success’ Could Sink The GOP Presidential Nominee

Republicans are beating Obama on immigration reform — and their reward may be President Hillary Clinton.

February 19, 2015
President Obama requests congressional authority to use military force against ISIS. - DC

Obama Splits Muslim Faith From Terrorism At Extremism Conference

Why you won’t hear the term ‘Muslim extremism’ at President Obama’s terrorism conference.

February 18, 2015
white house afp paul j. richards

Obama Selects Joseph Clancy To Lead Secret Service, Rejects Calls For Outsider

President Obama has a new Secret Service director.

February 18, 2015
Boehner RS

Boehner Says Obama’s Military Authorization Request Falls Short

Congressional Republicans are taking aim at President Obama’s request to authorize war against ISIS.

February 16, 2015
Photo: SEIU International via Flickr

5 Policies That Republicans Loved (Until Obama Did, Too)

The easiest way to turn Republicans against an idea is to tell them that Obama is for it.

February 13, 2015
President Obama and Chancellor Merkel hold a press conference - DC

Obama Hypocrisy On Gay Marriage Was Ethical

Why Barack Obama was right to lie about gay marriage in 2008.

February 11, 2015
President Barack Obama speaks at a press conference in the East Room of the White House on Monday, Feb. 9, 2015 in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

What The Right Doesn’t Get About Obama And Religion

You can learn a lot from the conservative freak-out over Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast speech.

February 11, 2015
Kayla Jean Mueller

Obama, Family Confirm Death Of IS Hostage Kayla Mueller

The White House has confirmed the death of Kayla Jean Mueller.

February 10, 2015
DREAM march

Coming Out Of The Shadows

Many eligible undocumented immigrants aren’t seeking deportation relief.

February 9, 2015
Photo: US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel hold a joint press conference at the White House in Washington, DC on February 9, 2015 (AFP/Saul Loeb)

Obama Says No Decision Yet On Arming Ukraine

President Obama is still undecided on sending weapons to Kiev.

February 9, 2015
U.S. President Obama meets with a group of young undocumented immigrants - DC

Obama Says Wealth Accumulation Speaks To Need For U.S. Tax Shift

President Obama is making the case for a fairer tax code.

February 9, 2015