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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Chris Christie

#EndorseThis: Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Back Against Cassidy, Graham, And Fox News

Yesterday Jimmy Kimmel’s Tuesday night monologue criticizing the Graham-Cassidy health care bill — and Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), co-sponsor of that “scam” — erupted into a nationwide debate. Cassidy and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) both appeared on television to defend their radical legislation, while other Republican voices piped up to attack Kimmel. The insouciant Kimmel […]

September 21, 2017
Ted Cruz

#EndorseThis: Chris Christie Utters The Ugly Truth About Ted Cruz

No longer laying low, Chris Christie showed up on Morning Joe today — where he proceeded to trash Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), one of the few political figures even more widely disliked than he is. The topic was the politics of disaster relief after Hurricane Sandy and now, following Harvey’s devastation of the Lone Star […]

August 30, 2017
Christie, Bridgegate, Sapien

Christie Just Got Mauled On WFAN Over ‘Beachgate’

“Next time you want to sit on a beach that is closed to the entire world except you,” said a caller identified only as Mike from Montclair. “You put your fat ass in a car and go to one that’s open to all your constituents.” Christie, who is used to far-friendlier, pre-screened calls on his monthly radio show on NJ 101.5 FM, “Ask the Governor,” at first seemed a bit flummoxed.

July 11, 2017

#EndorseThis: Chris Christie Explains That Embarrassing Beach Photo

You may have read about Chris Christie’s holiday on the state beach he closed to everyone else in New Jersey. You may have glanced at the aerial photos of Christie and his family lounging on that beach, staring up at the plane as the photographer took those shots. But to fully understand why the obnoxious […]

July 6, 2017
Gov. Chris Christie

Hudson Attorney Files Ethics Complaint Against Christie Over ‘Beachgate’

A Hudson County attorney has filed a complaint against Gov. Chris Christie, saying he used his position unethically when he and family members basked in the warm sun at Island Beach State Park Sunday while the public was turned away because of the state shutdown.

July 6, 2017

Danziger: For Chris Christie, Life’s A Beach

Jeff Danziger’s award-winning drawings are published by more than 600 newspapers and websites. He has been a cartoonist for the Rutland Herald, the New York Daily News and the Christian Science Monitor; his work has appeared in newspapers from the Wall Street Journal to Le Monde and Izvestia. Represented by the Washington Post Writers Group, he is a recipient of the Herblock Prize and […]

July 5, 2017
Chris Christie hits historic low approval rating in new poll

5 Ways That Despised Chris Christie Is Trolling New Jersey

Chris Christie is just trolling New Jerseyans at this point. In June, a Quinnipiac University poll found that his approval rating stood at a dismal 15 percent, the lowest of any American governor in decades. Yet this past weekend, he was photographed sunbathing on a beach that had been closed to the public amid a state government shutdown. Here are five ways the New Jersey governor is extending a giant middle finger to voters before he leaves office:.

July 5, 2017
Gov. Chris Christie

He ‘Didn’t Get Any Sun’ But We Got Burned Again By NJ’s Liar In Chief

There he is, Gov. Chris Christie, chilling with his family on a beautiful stretch of deserted beach on a holiday weekend, something that no living mortal has ever seen in New Jersey, a treasure that for the common man and woman is the stuff of dreams. “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there,” Christie said when he was asked if it’s fair. The huddled masses were crammed together at local beaches nearby, held back by the governor’s patrols. Little people. Let them eat cake.

July 4, 2017
Trump alibis

#EndorseThis: Seth Meyers Scrutinizes Those Trump Alibis

Seth Meyers opens his “closer look” at the ongoing Comey-Trump showdown with a backward glance — recalling how the president and his minions defended their current target last fall, when the FBI director endured withering criticism from…Democrats. But returning quickly to the present, Meyers scrutinizes the various Trump alibis for his blatant attempts to derail […]

June 9, 2017

Danziger: ‘A Normal New York City Conversation’

Jeff Danziger’s award-winning drawings are published by more than 600 newspapers and websites. He has been a cartoonist for the Rutland Herald, the New York Daily News and the Christian Science Monitor; his work has appeared in newspapers from the Wall Street Journal to Le Monde and Izvestia. Represented by the Washington Post Writers Group, he is a […]

June 7, 2017
Chris Christie, Bridgegate

Judge To Weigh Citizen’s ‘Bridgegate’ Complaint Against Chris Christie

Brennan has accused Christie of knowing about a scheme to shut down access lanes at the George Washington Bridge in 2013 to punish a local mayor for failing to endorse his reelection campaign.

January 11, 2017
Christie, Bridgegate, Sapien

Former Christie Aide Embroiled In Bridgegate Scandal Gets White House Job

Gov. Chris Christie’s former top political adviser, who he cut ties with in the immediate aftermath of the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal, will serve as White House political director and deputy assistant to the president.

January 5, 2017
Jeff Danziger envisions a dark scene on the Jersey shore

Danziger: Washed Up

Jeff Danziger envisions a dark scene on the Jersey shore, where a certain prominent political figure has just…washed up.

December 29, 2016
Newt, Republican, Trump

Why Donald Trump’s Favorite Targets Are His Republican Comrades

Donald Trump has inspired so much fear among his Republican comrades that he no longer has to issue harsh tweets when they misbehave. They do it themselves.

December 26, 2016
Seth Meyers examines Trump's Russian hacking scandal

#EndorseThis: Did Trump Try To Frame Christie For Russian Hacking?

During the campaign, Trump went so far as to hint that a “400-pound guy at his home in New Jersey” hacked those Democratic emails. Was he trying to frame the nefarious Chris Christie? Now, instead of taking daily intelligence briefings, he’s on a campaign-style tour of rallies, handing out hideous hats.

December 13, 2016
Chris Christie hits historic low approval rating in new poll

19 Percent! Christie Scrapes Historic Bottom In New Poll

In the latest Quinnipiac poll, 56 percent of New Jersey voters said Christie’s involvement in “Bridgegate” deserved further investigation, and 71 percent believe Christie knew his aides were behind the scheme.

December 6, 2016
Jared Kushner

The Story Behind Jared Kushner’s Curious Acceptance Into Harvard

Charles Kushner had pledged $2.5 million to Harvard University in 1998, not long before his son Jared was admitted to the prestigious Ivy League school. Did he buy Jared’s admission into Harvard?

November 20, 2016
Chris Christie hits historic low approval rating in new poll

Judge Rules ‘Bridgegate’ Complaint Against Christie Can Proceed

The ruling ratchets up the political pressure on Christie, an avid Trump supporter, who now heads his White House transition team.

October 13, 2016

Trump Aggravates Attacks on ‘Disloyal’ Ryan and Republican Party

“Our very weak and ineffective leader, Paul Ryan, had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty,” Trump said in a tweet on Tuesday. He added in a later Twitter post, “It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.”

October 11, 2016
Trump Tower

Trump Vows: ‘I Will Never Drop Out Of The Race’ Despite Lewd Taped Remarks

“The media and establishment want me out of the race so badly – I WILL NEVER DROP OUT OF THE RACE, WILL NEVER LET MY SUPPORTERS DOWN!” Trump tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

October 8, 2016

Former Whitewater Counsel Endorses Clinton – And Dismisses ‘Scandals’

Asked about Clinton’s email problems, former GOP prosecutor Chertoff briskly brushed that overhyped “scandal” aside, comparing it with the Whitewater circus as a frivolous distraction from serious issues.

October 7, 2016

‘Bridgegate’ Witness Says Governor Christie Backed Lane Closures

A key prosecution witness testified Tuesday stating New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was aware of and supported a plan to close lanes at the George Washington Bridge in 2013. This testimony marks the first time federal prosecutors have presented specific evidence in the case, claiming this was an act of political payback.

September 27, 2016
Christie, Bridgegate, Sapien

Chris Christie’s Chances For Impeachment Just Went Way Up

The chickens are coming home to roost in the Bridgegate scandal as NBC News reports NJ legislators are considering whether to impeach Gov. Chris Christie.

September 25, 2016
Christie, Bridgegate, Sapien

Bridgegate Prosecutors: Wildstein To Testify He Told Christie Of Lane Closings

“The evidence will show that … they bragged about the fact that there were traffic problems in Fort Lee and that Mayor Sokolich was not getting his calls returned,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Vikas Khanna said about Wildstein and defendant Bill Baroni. Wildstein’s attorney once suggested “evidence exists” Christie knew about the traffic jams.

September 19, 2016

Christie Scrambles To Cover For Trump’s Immigration Flop

Christie defended Trump’s statements on immigration and deportation, insisting that the Republican presidential nominee has been consistent in his messaging despite rhetoric that suggests a waffling on his hardline stance.

August 28, 2016