Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Smugglers Defy Conflict-Diamonds Ban In Central African Republic

Contraband diamonds are smuggled out of the war-torn Central African Republic, flouting international bans.

March 25, 2015
Jeffersosn Davis, the Museum of the Confederacy

Richmond, VA Is For History Lovers

If you’re visiting Richmond, VA, you can’t miss these historic landmarks.

November 10, 2014
Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

This Week In Crazy: Gay Massages Ruin The Military, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

Gay massages destroy the military, yet another call for secession, and so much more.

October 24, 2014
On Hallowed Ground

The Story of Arlington National Cemetery

A deep, inside look into the historic military cemetery.

October 7, 2014
AFP Photo/ Philippe Desmazes

Ukraine’s Chief Says Most Russian Forces Gone, Vows More Local Powers

By Sergei L. Loiko, Los Angeles Times KIEV, Ukraine — Russia has withdrawn about 70 percent of the armed groups it sent into eastern Ukraine in recent weeks, Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said Wednesday, quoting his nation’s intelligence sources. “That gives us a real hope that peace efforts have good prospects,” Poroshenko said in televised […]

September 10, 2014
Golan Heights

Syrian Rebels Seize Border Crossing Into Israel-Held Golan Heights

By Laura King and Nabih Bulos, Los Angeles Times TEL AVIV, Israel — Fighting in Syria’s civil war reached Israel’s doorstep on Wednesday, with rebels seizing the Syrian side of a crossing into the Israeli-held portion of the Golan Heights and the Israeli army reporting that stray gunfire wounded one of its officers. The spillover […]

August 27, 2014
Haider al-Abadi

Maliki Spurned As Iraq President Nominates New PM

Baghdad (AFP) – Iraq moved closer to turning the page on Nuri al-Maliki’s controversial reign Monday when his own clan spurned him for another prime minister to save the country from breakup. The much-awaited political breakthrough in Baghdad came as Kurdish troops backed by U.S. warplanes battled to turn the tide on two months of […]

August 11, 2014
Iraqi christians

Iraq Jihadist Advances Spark Christian Exodus, Western Alarm

Kirkuk (Iraq) (AFP) – Jihadists seized much of Iraq’s Christian heartland and moved within striking distance of autonomous Kurdistan on Thursday in a push that stirred panic among residents and alarm in Western capitals. Amid reports Washington was pondering air strikes, the UN Security Council prepared for emergency talks following a sequence of attacks that […]

August 7, 2014
Syria violence

‘Barrel Bomb’ Use In Syria On The Rise, Rights Group Says

By Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times The Syrian government has escalated its use of “barrel bombs” against densely populated neighborhoods near Aleppo in defiance of a U.N. Security Council resolution banning the indiscriminate and deadly explosives, Human Rights Watch reported Wednesday. The report also appealed to Russia and China to cease blocking U.N. efforts […]

July 30, 2014
American Flag2

On July 4, A Message For Patriots Of All Persuasions

When the flags fly proudly on the Fourth of July, I always remember what my late father taught me about love of country. He was a deeply patriotic man, much as he despised the scoundrels and pretenders he liked to mock as “jelly-bellied flag flappers.”  It is a phrase from a Rudyard Kipling story that […]

July 3, 2014
Nuri al-Maliki

Iraq PM Rejects Salvation Government As Jihadists Bolstered

Baghdad (AFP) – Iraq’s premier rejected forming a salvation government to confront jihadists whose sweeping offensive in the country was bolstered Wednesday when Al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise pledged loyalty to them at a border town. NATO was due to hold key discussions Wednesday on Iraq, where the UN says nearly 1,100 people have been killed as […]

June 25, 2014

Ukraine Seeks Putin Help To Save Crumbling Truce

Slavyansk (Ukraine) (AFP) – Ukraine’s new Western-backed leader sought urgent talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday after separatist rebels shot down an army helicopter despite orders from their own commander to observe a fragile truce. The death of nine servicemen outside the pro-Russian stronghold city of Slavyansk and loss of two other soldiers […]

June 25, 2014
Nuri al-Maliki

Iraq PM Under Mounting Criticism As U.S. Holds Back On Air Strikes

Baghdad (AFP) – Iraq’s leader faced mounting criticism Friday for his Shiite-led government’s failure to do more to woo the Sunni Arab minority as U.S. President Barack Obama promised military advisers but no immediate air strikes. Top Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, revered among Iraq’s majority community, warned that time was running out to expel […]

June 20, 2014
Obama June 19

Obama: U.S. Ready For ‘Precise’ Military Action In Iraq

Washington (AFP) – U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday said he was ready to send 300 military advisors to Iraq and if necessary to take “targeted” and “precise” military action to counter radical Sunni fighters. Obama said Washington was ready to deploy advisors to study how to train and equip Iraqi forces and had already […]

June 19, 2014
Obama Marine one

WATCH LIVE: President Obama Delivers Statement On Iraq

At 12:30pm, EST, President Barack Obama will deliver a statement from the White House on the crisis in Iraq. The president’s remarks will follow a meeting with his national security team, in which he is expected to review American military options in the war-torn country. Live video of President Obama’s speech will be available below: […]

June 19, 2014
Cheney Explains

Dick Cheney Explains

June 19, 2014
Iraqi police2

U.S. May Send 100 Special Forces To Baghdad

Washington (AFP) – Washington may deploy 100 special forces troops to advise the Iraqi army in its defense of Baghdad from Sunni extremists but not initially to call in air strikes, U.S. officials said Thursday. President Barack Obama is “leaning” toward a limited course of action that would “embed” the commandos with Iraqi forces, one […]

June 19, 2014
Iraqi militia

Iraq PM Under Fire As U.S. Mulls Air Strikes On Militants

Baghdad (AFP) – Top U.S. officials warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki against “sectarian” policies as President Barack Obama Thursday weighed calls for air strikes on Sunni insurgents bearing down on Baghdad. The sharp criticism of the embattled premier came as he scrambled to push back militants who have seized the second city Mosul and […]

June 19, 2014
John Kerry

Kerry: U.S. Seeks To Help All Iraqis, Not Maliki

Washington (AFP) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry insisted in remarks aired Thursday that Washington is seeking to help all Iraqis, not merely prop up Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as Islamic extremists press an assault to capture more territory. And he also sought to dispel concerns that the United States was planning to work […]

June 19, 2014
Iraqi volunteers

Welcome Back To Reality, Neocons

Here’s an amazing fact that most of the Chicken Little rhetoric about the crisis in Iraq fails to take into account: The city of Mosul, population 1.5 million, fell to ISIS insurgents because two divisions of Iraq’s army (30,000 soldiers) shed their uniforms, abandoned their weapons, and fled from 800 Sunni religious extremists in pickup […]

June 18, 2014
Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

5 Iraq ‘Experts’ (Who Are Always Wrong About Iraq)

American pundits have an unusual profession; it is one of the only careers in which repeated, catastrophic, and humiliating failures seem to do nothing to prevent one from continuing to find work. Just ask Dick Morris. The media’s tendency to forgive blown predictions and provide airtime and column inches to guests with little to no […]

June 17, 2014
Iraqi Police

Whither Iraq? What’s Happening Had To Happen

This article originally appeared at The events unfolding now in Iraq are inevitable. They are the latest iteration of all the good we failed to do from day one of America’s ill-fated invasion in 2003. Some History Iraq before our invasion was three separate pseudo-states held together by a powerful security apparatus under Saddam. […]

June 14, 2014
Iraqi soldier

Islamic Militants Advance Toward Baghdad; Iran Vows To Aid Iraq

By Nabih Bulos and Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times IRBIL, Iraq — Islamic militants took control of two more cities in northeastern Iraq on Friday, prompting a senior cleric in the violence-plagued country to call on Shiite Muslim followers to take up arms against the invaders. Fighters from the resurgent al-Qaeda splinter group Islamic State […]

June 13, 2014
John Kerry

Kerry Calls For Iraqi Political Unity Against Jihadists

London (AFP) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday urged Iraq’s political factions to unite against the jihadists who have already overrun several cities and are pushing towards Baghdad. “Make no mistake: this needs to be a real wake-up call for all of Iraq’s political leaders. Now’s the time for Iraq’s leaders to […]

June 13, 2014