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Friday, February 23, 2018
Immigration Law

New Alabama Immigration Law Causes Many To Leave State

Hispanics are rushing to cross the border — not to get into the United States, but rather to get out of Alabama. In the days following the implementation of the state’s harsh new immigration law, both legal and illegal Hispanic residents have left their jobs and homes before they will experience the new crackdown. Last […]

October 4, 2011

Huge Increase in Deportations, Administration Report Shows

WASHINGTON (AP) — Huge increases in deportations of people after they were arrested for breaking traffic or immigration laws or driving drunk helped the Obama administration set a record last year for the number of criminal immigrants forced to leave the country, documents show. The U.S. deported nearly 393,000 people in the fiscal year that […]

July 22, 2011

Alabama Gives Arizona’s Immigration Law a Run For Its Money

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed a bill into law today that bans illegal immigrants from seeking work, attending college, and renting property, among other essential activities. The draconian measure helps solidify the Deep South’s status as immigration battleground second only–if at all–to the West. [Los Angeles Times]

June 10, 2011