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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
South Dakota

Shocking Conduct In South Dakota’s Drug War

The state of South Dakota is practicing a form of drug war excess tantamount to torture or sexual assault, according to a pair of federal lawsuits filed by the ACLU on June 28. One suit charges that law enforcement and medical personnel subject drug suspects to forcible catheterization if they refuse to submit to a drug test.

July 2, 2017
progressive initiatives on state and local ballots

Three Ground-Breaking Progressive Initiatives That Are Under the Radar This Election

On November 8th, citizens in 35 states vote on 163 ballot initiatives. Initiatives in three states stand out as having a potentially broad national impact — California on reducing drug prices, South Dakota on revamping its political system, and New Mexico on the inequitable use of bail.

October 31, 2016

South Dakota Governor Considers Transgender Bathroom Bill

South Dakota could become the first U.S. state to dictate what bathrooms transgender students are allowed to use in public schools.

February 17, 2016

South Dakota’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Marriage equality advocates have won another big victory.

January 12, 2015

Republican Rounds Wins South Dakota Senate Race

Republican Mike Rounds decisively won the Senate seat previously held by Democrat Tim Johnson.

November 4, 2014

Five States Where Senate Polls May Be Wrong

Are we in for some surprises on election night?

October 28, 2014

Midterm Roundup: So Much For South Dakota?

Get the latest news from the campaign trail.

October 27, 2014

Endorse This: Another Singing Politician?

Is this musical ad awkward, or awesome?

October 9, 2014

Native-American Vote Could Prove Important In Hotly Contested South Dakota Races

By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji), McClatchy-Tribune News Service Over the years I have encouraged Native American tribal governments to move their elections to coincide with the national elections in November. I believed this to be very important for two reasons: First of all, the Native-American vote has been terribly overlooked by candidates seeking national office […]

August 5, 2014

South Dakota’s Gay Marriage Ban Challenged; North Dakota Stands Alone

By John M. Glionna, Los Angeles Times As South Dakota’s gay-marriage ban was challenged in court Thursday, North Dakota became the only state with such a law that has not faced a lawsuit. Six South Dakota couples filed suit in U.S. District Court in Sioux Falls, challenging a 1996 law passed by the Legislature and […]

May 23, 2014

Back To School Four Days A Week

IRENE, S.D. (AP) — When the nearly 300 students of the Irene-Wakonda School District returned to school this week, they found a lot of old friends, teachers and familiar routines awaiting them. But one thing was missing: Friday classes. This district in the rolling farmland of southeastern South Dakota is among the latest to adopt […]

August 21, 2011