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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Our readers are well aware that the majority of violent crimes in this country are committed by white people. But few Americans have been willing to point out how white culture has run amok in this country since the 1700s, when non-whites were often enslaved.

After he saw a crowd of white surfers riot in Huntington Beach, California, Gawker‘s Cord Jefferson decided he’d had enough. He took on white lawlessness in his post, “A Dangerous and Irresponsible Culture.”

Unlike white leaders who are too afraid to speak the truth to white people, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was willing to give Jefferson a forum on his show All In to urge a new era of responsibility from the people who brought this country Jersey Shore.

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48 responses to “Taking On The Culture Of White Violence — Finally”

  1. Sand_Cat says:

    We have a violent culture. Period. If we don’t kill and torture one another, we do it to people in other countries. Our culture is all-consuming and massively destructive, and was best characterized by Derrick Jensen as “omnicidal.”
    Bravo to these guys for at least helping dissipate the notion that all the violent people have dark skin.

    • TZToronto says:

      Slavery was ended. Jim Crow was ended. Segregation was ended. What’s left? . . . Ah, it’s prison!

      • rkief says:

        Yes, the Emancipation Proclamation proclaimed freedom for Black American slaves, but freedom to do what – to starve, to be deprived of education and opportunity, to be taken advantage of in every way, to live in ghettos?

        The government, for the most part, has kept its promise of freedom and opportunity for these people, but those who want to keep White Supremacy and slavery alive – although small in numbers – have too much influence in our national life.

        • TZToronto says:

          I’m glad to see there are still some of us who understand that placing roadblocks in the way advancement is not the same as promoting equality.

      • Fern Woodfork says:

        Not Ended Hidden By People Who’s In Denial!!! 🙁

    • idamag says:

      That is so true. A poll showed that Canada had more guns per capita than the United States. Yet, they have 1/10 the violence. Why are we the angry country?

  2. Dominick Vila says:

    Most violent crimes in the USA are carried out by white people. The same goes for the largest massacres. Interestingly, African Americans who make up 12% of the US population, constitute 40% of all inmates held in prisons and jails, and 42% of those on death row. Hispanics-Latinos make up 15% of the inmate population in U.S. jails.

  3. FT66 says:

    Of course the majority of violent crimes in the country are committed by white people. It is simple arithmetic. If blacks are less than 20% of the entire population, how come that people like Bill O’Reilly was talking the other day that it is blacks who are leading in crimes. This man annoys me a lot nowadays. He thinks he knows everything while he doesn’t. Black people can’t lead in crimes in the entire nation, unless every and each individual of blacks is a criminal. This is not the case. This man looks like he has lost his bearings. I can understand it, the more we grow old, the more our ability of thinking declines. Get this man off the air, he is totally a disgrace.

    • Nene says:

      I agree with FT66 on this.

    • idamag says:

      Instead of saying, “Yes, we have a problem, what can we do?” You say, “yahbut looka the other guy.” That attitude does not fix problems.

      • FT66 says:

        idamag, you can never fix the problem unless the person who has it realises it and admits it is there. This is not the case in the White Community including Bill O’Reilly. Unfortunately, I do not have his video tape at the moment to send it to you. He is always on denial and will never accept facts.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      But don’t you get it? That IS the position of Bill and a lot of Republicans (including the trolls commenting on this article): every black person (perhaps even the “preborn” ones) IS a criminal, or should be treated like one until he/she repeatedly “proves” innocence.

      • Allan Richardson says:

        And yet if “preborn” black babies are already criminals, why are the conservatives against allowing their mothers to abort them? On the other hand, if these babies are too precious in God’s eyes to abort, why do conservatives want economic and criminal policies that make it so difficult for them to grow up to become productive citizens (or for that matter, to grow up at all)? If they are precious to God, would not God’s people want to make sure that the CHILDREN do not suffer, EVEN IF the parents deserve that suffering?

        The first Freakanomics book that came out some years ago pointed out a significant reduction in teen violence in poor neighborhoods about 15 years after Roe v Wade allowed abortion (not “on demand” but in the early stages of pregnancy). Will the states that recently made those abortions so difficult to get for poor women see a spike up in violence 15 years from now? And will that be an excuse to crack down even more on aid to the poor?

        • Sand_Cat says:

          Yes, I am aware of the Freakanomics book and mentioned that in another comment on this site (I think one on the article about stopping the war on Planned Parenthood).
          The reference to the “pre-born” was gratuitous ironic dig at the GOP’s large crop of “Pro-life” people who are also racists and pro-war, as I gather your reply was as well. Just wanted to make sure we understand each other.

      • FT66 says:

        I really hate this assumption that every black even before born are all criminals. That is quite wrong. If they are criminals, why did our forefathers bring them to this country? Were they happy to bring criminals to work for them? This ill mentality thinking must stop. Young generation can not be brought up thinking this way. It is totally wrong.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          I agree, but we must deal with reality. If you can’t stomach the idea that some people regard dark-skinned people in the womb as actual criminals, you can see it in terms of thinking they should be treated as criminals until they “prove” otherwise, and that proof has a very definite expiration date in the very near future. It’s called racism, but I’m sure you know that.

        • idamag says:

          Because, in order to colonize the southern eastern coast, England emptied their prisons. Those slaves were being bought by criminals to begin with.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      As logic would dictate and, as you so aptly point out, the simple fact that blacks comprise a small percentage of the population in the US, more whites than blacks commit violent crimes. It is established fact that while blacks commit less than half the murders in the US, more than half those on death row are blacks, more than half those receiving life w/o parole are blacks, and far more than half those getting off with minor sentences are white. O’Reilly is a total ass, and his BFF Glenn Beck is all the way up it.

  4. awakenaustin says:

    I think this article is a hoot. I love really good satire and this is great satire. I give it two thumbs up.
    Sometimes satire is the very best form of criticism.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      It’s not satire, and it sure isn’t funny. Don’t know why you got thumbs up from anyone here, but unless I misunderstand you greatly, my answer to itsfun and the other racist trolls applies to you in spades (take that how you like).

      • awakenaustin says:

        It seems to me they have simply taken the usual way the media views the actions of some young black persons and used that same lens to view the actions of young white people. Seems to me that is satire. Kind of a turnabout is fair play idea.
        Maybe one or the other of us doesn’t understand what satire is and its uses in making political statements. Maybe you should watch the Daily Show on occasion.
        If you wish to believe this is serious effort to address or confront the violence of white culture – right on.
        The guy writes for Gawker for godsakes.
        Hell who knows, maybe I am giving them more credit than they deserve.

  5. itsfun says:

    What about the black kids going around in various cities attacking white people just because they are white?

    • johninPCFL says:

      You mean the white group that chased the black kids out into the interstate to be killed in NYC?

      • itsfun says:

        nope, the back group of young men ages 19 attacked a white man getting gas for his car. They beat them and then he got ran over by a car. How about the group that beat the young white girl, then put on a flick called white girl bleed.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          I’m sure you and your friends would like to pretend this means there are more black racists than white ones, or that the rates are roughly even, as if – even if it were true – this would somehow excuse your own racism and that of our government and our culture against blacks. The handling of black malfeasance in this country is already at an incredible level of overkill, as a look at the prison statistics, or those comparing sentences for whites and blacks convicted of the same crimes would convince anyone not blinded by the level of prejudice and denial shown by you and other white racists.
          The issue here, which you choose to ignore or deny, is that there is a tremendous level of violence against blacks by whites in addition to that done with impunity by police and other societal institutions. And even if there were not a single such incident, whites have such a HUGE head start in this “race” that it would take blacks years, if not centuries, to catch up at the current rate.

          • itsfun says:

            So, what you are saying is its alright for black mobs or gangs to beat and kill white people. If your racist feelings keep growing, look for more Zimmerman cases.

          • Yappy2 says:

            This is just another attempt to make white people feel guilty. Like the President of America saying, if if had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin. MSNBC has jumped on the bandwagon of trying to make all white people feel guilty. I was mugged by two young black males and my brother was stabbed by two young black males but we both voted for Obama. Before the last election I talked to my neighbors and encouraged them to vote for Obama but since the Zimmerman/Martin verdict and all the slamming from the President and Eric Holder I won’t be doing that again and I don’t think my neighbors will either. I don’t like the Republican Party’s platform either so I just won’t vote. I don’t know if my neighbors will vote for Republicans but I know they are fed up with Democrats about race.

          • itsfun says:

            I agree 100% with you. I too am not happy with the Republican Party platform. I think they are just the least of 2 evils. I guess you would call me a old time Democrat or a moderate Republican in today’s world.

          • pisces63 says:

            It’s true and what the president said is spot on. We don’t make this up and I for one don’t give a crap about making anyone feel guilty. We have one son. He was consistently stopped by this white cop asking for his ID. IN HIS OWN DRIVEWAY! ! He woild even stop him two doors away from home to again ID him
            He and his wife have lived in this predominantly white neighborhood for over 10 years. THEY OWN THEIR HOME. He is a college graduate as is his wife and is a computer graphics engineer. Also, until he had gotten his degree, he worked at a hospital. This one white guy harrassed him almost daily after he found out he owned his home. It really hit the fan when he bought himself a new Camaro. He saw him in that car and once inside just pushed him for no reason. My son called my youngest sister, an EEOC person in our county’s personnel dept. She told him oe to file charges. He did. As for the cop, his uncle, that same sister’s husband had a heart to heart with him. That’s just two incidents in my 40 year old, 6’7″ son’s life. Don’t you EVER yell us abouy us again. Tell your friends to ke their phony guilt and shove. Don’t get me started on the harrassment my late father received because he owned a business and drove high end cars because he could afford to.

          • Yappy2 says:

            You sound like you and your family like to lord your good fortune over people.You sound a bit paranoid with an attitude problem. You know the President had a white mother, grandmother and grandfather and they were the ones that took care of him and saw to it that he had food to eat a nice place to live and good schooling. His black father abandoned him when he was very young.
            You think you are the only ones that are ask for ID or ask questions.When my son was young he used to get stopped all the time and ask questions because he had long hair. The police would tell him he looked like a missing person. I have been ask to show my paid ticket at the Metro Link when others weren’t ask. I didn’t go all ape on them because they are just doing their job. I have had to show proof of ID when I was using my charge card and I don’t mind at all because I had my ID stolen by black people at least three times.I had my car stolen by young black men,. This was besides me getting mugged by two young black men and my brother getting stabbed by two young black men. I don’t have any phony guilt and will not let anyone push phony guilt on me.

          • pisces63 says:

            You sound like the typical white person who loves to vilify us but can’t stand it f we donot fit your sqeued ideology. I was lording nothing. You picked your half witted talking points. Jow, when did a cop stop you t your residence? Name one time oily r get a clue. Those were two incidents and there are more. When did a black person take a childhood friend out of his home and lynch him as my dad witnessed in rural Louisiana? Obama’s mom is white but he looked upon, treated as black. As he still is by right wing . His African father left. Thomas Jefferson, as so many white men fathered children on theirs slaves and sold the product of their legalized rape. Did they do better keeping them in slavery?? As for our accomplishments, deal with itor no. I don’t give a ratsass. This is us, parents were sharecroppers kids in Louisiana. They had five daughters who all have degrees. We have seven children, in marriages, who have degrees in progress, #6 just finished her 2nd year on dean’s list as a n asian culture major. Speaks fluent Japanese and writes it. Her sister#7 just graduated with a 4.0 gpa, national honor society and starts college on full ride, soon.

          • pisces63 says:

            Oh, no criminals, teen pregnancys or out of wedlock births. I mm ow have 5; grandchildren. My grandson, 10, read The sorcerers Stone atv3. His sister, 7, ahs been published and spent the summer reading R. L. Stevenson’s Jeckyll and Hyde plus Poe. Did I lord enough? Want more?

          • Yappy2 says:

            You know you horned in on a conversation I was having with itsfun and thats alright if you get your facts straight.
            First of all I was taught english and don’t understand ebonics. You may know some very intelligent people but I imagine people have a hard time understanding you. I know I do. You ramble all over the place, from way back when Thomas Jefferson was alive till I’m guessing you are talking about how smart your grandchildren are. I do know i, my great-grandparents, my grand-parents or my parents never owned slaves and things have changed since Thomas Jefferson and when your dad was young. Live in the present.

    • idamag says:

      And, this happened where? You have actual incidences that can be proven? Or you are one of the yahbuts look whut…

      • itsfun says:

        one in Louisiana and the other in Georgia

        • idamag says:

          That isn’t proof. However, if you grew up being told to keep a low profile, keep your eyes averted, and yield the sidewalk to the white folks, you might grow up a little resentful of your oppressors.

    • rkief says:

      Blacks were brought here as slaves – not the other way around. After all the abuses and indignities, not to mention lynchings and discrimination, whites would have (and do) react the same way.

      • itsfun says:

        Slavery was terrible. Getting rid of it was one of the best things our country ever did. It ended over 100 years ago. We can’t be spending our time or energy on something that ended over 100 years ago. We need to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Making excuses for mobs beating and killing people is no way to help anyone or fix any problems. Maybe thinking like you do, is causing more and more of these kinds of problems. We must all strive to be civilized, not act as killers out for revenge for something over 100 years old.

        • Yappy2 says:

          I agree with you.Slavery was abolished over a hundred years ago but black people are never going to admit that today they have a better life than their forefathers did. No matter how much they accomplish it is never going to be enough.If we had ten Black Presidents in a row elected they still would complain that there were 43 elected before one black man was elected.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        Actually, blacks were slaves in their own country, sold as slaves, bought by many races then brought over here (and over there) which is where the term ‘slave’ should have ended here because they were (or shouldn’t have) no longer (been) considered slaves rather serfs who owed their benefactors a certain amount for freeing them from slavery and brought to a free country to work the fields for repayment just as we do for human beings today then once the debt was paid they would be free to either return to their birth country or apply for citizenship just like all other immigrants.. But of course things went haywire and the money toads (much like the money mongers of today in other scenarios) decided that “Once a slave always a slave”.. and because they and their northern ilk were wealthy enough to spread this propaganda, it stuck onto ignorant Americans who heard the freedom word but associated it’s meaning selectively and as a result it became a tradition for bigots and color haters even to this day (just as most idiots still believe ‘reefer madness’ was a documentary). Once these blacks landed on this continent, the word “slave” should have been remanded. We are a sorry lot that fails to live what we fought so damn hard to believe in… Freedom for all!

    • Jason's Robot says:

      You’re changing the subject.
      This post (and thread) is about white violence, white criminals, and white-on-white crime. We’re not afraid to discuss this racially charged and, perhaps, politically incorrect issue. Maybe people like you are, but we’re not.

      BTW: The issues you brought up of someone harming someone else merely based on different races is a bad thing but that’s a different topic.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        When was the last time a ‘subject’ was followed without other opinions/examples? This is a forum with a multitude of opinions and when one post implies upon a different subject (to be used in context of what’s being discussed) then it’s natural that others will take that subject and expand upon it. If you want nothing but the issue, if your satisfied with wearing blinders and focus on one ideal then read a book because of the years that I’ve been haunting these forums, not once did I experience only that one subject that was being discussed. Irritating? Sometimes, but not enough to chastise someone over.

  6. LaRae Bailey says:

    I think he is full of crap, and lets be real sure we contact him everytime his beloved blacks break the law, kill, rape, burgularize, ect… the black crime rate is so high for good reason…they are a lawless bunch of thugs in the inner cities..

    • cissy969 says:

      And we will contact you everytime a white person kill their families (all of them) rape their daughters and cry insanity.Sure you will be busy keeping up

  7. pisces63 says:

    Its amazing how white folk get their feathers ruffled when the truth is told. No black person pullled any whit from their homes and lynched them. We did not blow up white churches and nothing done about it. I see white violence all the time against each other. Yes, we have our share of numbnuts but it has been made abundantly clear through articles in our local paper, very much to their eternal chagrin, that only do whites do these things but are bigger drug pushers who get no time and only probation and rehab. Found this out after a two year study to prove us liars. WRONG. The right even used footage of white riots in Vancouver and said it happened here after the Martin Verdict. You rampage, turn over cars, burn cars and that was just at OSU after victory or for Halloween night. Just blowing offf steam. We had a free beer night at an Indians game and white folks tore up downtown Cleveland but they just blew off steam. For every one probl em we have and shown, you have more not even aired, let alone shown. They write of drugs and gangs but they never tell of their scools In suburbia with weekly lock d out wns, drug searches. Never on the news at alk. Let there be a fight at a black school and allllllll over the news for days. Spare me. I have some cheese to go with that wine. Where do I get my info, from white parents who have to go get their kids after getting busted. Such a fun time!!

  8. silence dogood says:

    This piece belongs in the Onion.

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