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Friday, July 20, 2018

A time will come this year, and possibly in the years that follow, when parents of young children have to sit their offspring down and answer a difficult question: What’s a Donald Trump?

Having “the talk” about the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee won’t be easy, but it’s necessary. You want your kids to hear about him from you, not from other kids at school or, worse yet, from the omnipresent and omniperfidious man himself.

Why does the orange man want to build a wall? I thought bragging was bad manners? How come he keeps calling people stupid? That’s not nice!

If you’re a Trump supporter, the talk will be considerably easier, consisting largely of: “HE’S THE MAN WHO’S GONNA MAKE US ALL RICH AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND SEND SHILLARY CLINTON TO PRISON!!” After which you pat the child on his or her bright-red Trump 2016 hat and get back to blogging about how many people the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has murdered with her laser eyes.

But if you’re wary of Trump and his rhetoric, you have to gently explain to your child why the man who’s constantly on the television is saying what he’s saying.

To that end, writer, comedian and actor Michael Ian Black has given all Trump-concerned parents a useful tool: “A Child’s First Book of Trump.”

Illustrated by Marc Rosenthal in a style I’d describe as Seussically dystopian, this parody of a children’s book does a lovely and hilarious job of distilling Trump to his bare essence: narcissism.

Black writes: “It’s true! A Trump needs all of our noise to exist. Without chaos it shrinks to a sad, orange disc.”

And, of course: “Don’t respond to its brags, its taunts or its jeers; ignoring a Trump is a Trump’s biggest fear.”

Black said the idea for the book came to him, as ideas come to all great writers, on a trip to the bathroom. He passed through the children’s books section of a Barnes & Noble en route to the restroom and saw a chapter book about Hillary Clinton aimed at inspiring young girls.

“It sort of made me laugh because I was wondering, what possible inspirational book could you write about Trump?” Black said. “I sat down to write one, but the one I wrote was terrible. I wanted it to be funny, but it was kind of caustic and shrill. So I said let me go back and create something a little funnier and gentler and sillier.”

And that led to the rhyming, whimsical “A Child’s First Book of Trump,” with the central character looking a bit like Dr. Seuss’s Lorax with a swoop of hair covering his eyes.

As the book — which comes out July 5 — started getting publicity, I noticed Black getting blowback from a certain swath of Trump supporters. They’re rabid anti-Semites, and Black’s book was discussed on one website under the headline: “Sickening Jew Michael Ian Black Makes Anti-Trump Children’s Book for Stupid Goyim.”

This reaction all but demonstrates why it’s important to talk to kids about the Trump phenomenon. The virulent racism and xenophobia he has stirred up does not exist in a vacuum, and children are almost bound to hear about it or get some sense of what’s happening.

Black believes, and I agree, that people, children or otherwise, should know about the unsavory elements that have rallied behind Trump.

“Online, I had never experienced anti-Semitism before Trump became a candidate for the presidency,” Black said. “But suddenly, I and other people like me, meaning Jews, are experiencing that on a daily basis. I don’t know what that says.”

He continued: “My feeling is if you want to support Trump, fine, but understand who you’re in bed with. These are the people you’re throwing in your lot with. If these are the people who support the candidate you support, at least take a moment and ask yourself why, and make all decisions accordingly.”

And for those who bristle at Trump’s bluster, consider having a chat with your kids.

Whether it’s anti-Semitic internet memes or third-hand interpretations of Trump’s divisive rhetoric, your child is bound to be exposed.

Better they get an explanation of the inexplicable from a parent.

Or as Black writes in the book, “What is this strange beast you keep hearing about? Together, I think we can figure it out….”

(Rex Huppke is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune and a noted hypocrisy enthusiast. You can email him at or follow him on Twitter at @RexHuppke.)

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Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump jokes about how difficult he says it is for him to listen to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s voice, as he holds a rally with supporters in Fresno, California, U.S. May 27, 2016.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst.

60 Responses to How To Talk To Your Children About Donald Trump

  1. It’s easy to talk to your children about Trump. All you have to say is Trump is a good example of a bad example.

    • And Hillary is a bad example of a good one. However she is in good company along with Arron Burr and Benedict Arnold.

    • And you are a good example of an idiot who wouldn’t know the truth if your life depended on it. The sad thing is that it may.Wake up Forrest.

  2. Hillary Clinton is dangerously unstable emotionally. The Secret Service even had a plan in place during the White House years on how to protect Bill in the event that she physically attacked him. She is a volcanically angry, demented and unstable woman. There is no way this nation can allow this sick creature anywhere near the nuclear button.

    • “Hillary Clinton is dangerously unstable emotionally” LOL and your hero Trump is not??? He has the thinnest skin of anyone and responds with a tirade and insults to any perceived slight. Right now that’s all he can do, that and threaten to sue, but how will he act when he has the armed might of the USA at his disposal. What will he do when Kim Jong-un .beats him in a silly hair-do contest or some other leader comments on what an a-hole he is?

        • I have better reasons to disapprove of Clinton than that she MAY have a tendency to use profanity. I have no idea of the validity of the quotes in the link you sent and frankly neither do you. It is what is called hearsay and carries no weight.

          • Treating people like slaves is more like it. Throwing temper tantrums like a pampered Hollywood diva is more like it. Throwing ashtrays is more like it. Do you want a power hungry spoiled brat who never really grew up;someone who treats even the people who are willing to take a bullet to protect her like trash not worthy of respect to have access to the nuclear football? I sure as hell don’t The link is to people who were on the receiving end of her wrath. This isn’t a court of law.Hearsay is a legal term. Have you ever seen a refutation of the accusations from Hillary? I haven’t. I never said that these were Hillary’s worst attributes,only one of them.

          • Yes hearsay is a legal term but there is a reason why it is inadmissible in court. Unless and until it is corroborated it is just gossip. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true but I don’t judge people by the rumors. I prefer to look at their observable words and actions. That‘s enough for me to reject HRC at this point. Unfortunately the GOP alternative certainly fits your description ” a power hungry spoiled brat who never really grew up”.

          • When someone tells you something and you pass it on to a third party,THAT, is hearsay. The people who reported these things are EYE WITNESSES. Employees and ex employees of Trump says he is a great boss. He was giving women high positions in his companies years before most others. People report that behind closed doors at meet and greets he sits and listens. First hand accounts report the opposite about Hillary. She is shrill,demeaning and demanding. Liberal sites never report these things. Look at the difference between the two. Trump earned his money honestly. Bill and Hillary have used fraud and influence peddling to make theirs. As far back as the white water scandal they were bilking people. They would lure retirees into investing their life savings on a retirement home with promises of late payment forgiveness and other liberal consumer friendly policies. Their salesmen would pressure them into signing without reading the fine print.They would only deal with people they knew would default sooner or later. As soon as the first payment was a day late,they would foreclose. Then they would flip the house at full price to the next victim(s). The first hand accounts of Hillary’s DIVA like behavior and unnecessary abuse of subordinates has never been reported about Trump. I see no justification for your statement about Trump. How many reports of him throwing ashtrays or screaming at employees have you heard of?

          • “When someone tells you something and you pass it on to a third party, THAT, is hearsay.” Yes exactly, the author heard a story from someone and passed it on to the reader with no way to corroborate the story. That’s hearsay. Being an eyewitness does mean someone is truthful or even accurate in their observations.

            Of course you don’t see any employee publicly bad mouth Trump. He has made it quite clear that we will use his wealth to attack and destroy them. He is also known to pay for silence as with his ex-wife Ivana.

            “Trump earned his money honestly.” Some of it maybe. How about Trump Non-University? As long as we’re dealing in gossip and rumors how about his ties with organized crime?

            Please post a link to a verifiable source regarding your allegations of Bill and Hillary luring retirees into investing their life savings on a retirement home with promises of late payment forgiveness and other liberal consumer friendly policies and bilking people with the schemes you described.

          • I have footage of Hillary and her associates suddenly being struck with mass amnesia when questioned about the white water scheme. It was so blatant and obvious that a parody song was recorded about it. the song is in the last link I have several,not one link.Enjoy. At 13:28 in the second video is shows that people in Arkansas knwe about Vince Foster’s death 15 minutes BEFORE The park police found his body.

          • Okay, the first was Rush Limbaugh which is an immediate cause for rejection. The man has even less regard for the truth than a politician, a first class liar which has been demonstrated on numerous occasions.

            The 2nd is a mix of some “facts” that do cast doubt on Hilary’s ethics and honesty but the majority is unsubstantiated allegations, opinions and obviously biased statements. Nothing said in the piece provided any references to corroborate what is stated.

            The 3rd does provide more substance but mostly just documents that the Clintons have associated with some shady characters, no surprise there. However if we are going to use that to reject Hilary as a candidate, not a bad idea, then Trump’s candidacy should have been thrown out long ago.

            The 4th is clearly a partisan political piece with the main focus being a series of short clips of people claiming to not recall whatever it is they are being asked about. No indication of what the question was or even the identity of the respondents. There is also a parody song that was so sophomoric I deleted it after about 30 sec.
            Actually you don’t have to convince me that Hilary is dishonest, greedy and a war hawk but propaganda like this is almost enough to make me change my mind out of sympathy for the lies being propagated about her. If your hero trump was investigated as thoroughly as the Clintons have been he’d be in prison right now because he has been involved in shady deals from the outset of his career and he’s not nearly as smart as they are.

          • I see that you only made positive statements about Hillary with no backing evidence. The 4th clip is a montage of the actual answers Hillary’s aids and associates gave in the congressional white water hearings after being struck with a curious case of unexplained mass amnesia. They are not separate clips. They are from the same hearing you idiot. Only a blinded lemming who only cares about his own party {no matter which one] would see this as anything but what it is. { partisan liars covering their asses]!!! Tell me lemming. What proof do you have on against Trump??? Your blind denial of the Clinton’s criminal activities is curious at best. Is it that you just don’t want to know? Here is a huge lesson. I love how Youtube has hidden the evidence I needed to reveal the truth. Here are the results of my google/youtube search. What does George Zimmerman,Eric Holder,Benghazi,Darren Wilson,Condi Rice,Monica,Hulk Hogan,Kesha,or a fictional whale have to do with Hillary???? Answer——-ZERO. It’s obvious that the media and thew Democrat party has been lying it’s ass odd for years.You are just too blind to see the truth.

          • Wow, even among typically deluded Trumpsters you stand out as an imbecile. WHERE do I make any positive statements about Hilary. LOL Yah, “youtube has hidden the evidence” Are you sure it wasn’t space aliens or the Illuminati?

            You should listen to yourself on the only rational statement in your mostly nonsensical rant “Only a blinded lemming who only cares about his own party {no matter which one] would see this as anything but what it is.” Partisan propaganda.

            If your reading comprehension was above a 3rd grade level you’d know I’m not a Hilary fan. I’ve denied none of the allegations made against the Clintons but I prefer tangible evidence before convicting someone rather than just making wild accusations like your boy Donnie is prone to do or cobbling together a cut and paste video like the one you posted. I’m done with you. You’re too stupid to even carry on a conversation.

          • You’ve not denied the allegations against Hillary but you haven’t acknowledged them either. You criticized my using a Rush limbaugh segment even though he was informing people the gods truth about what the white water scheme really was. That opinion gave me pause right there.You don’t to come right and sat something obvious about the subject. When you attack the messenger in a partisan way like you did combined with no strong acknowledgement of Hillary’s wrong doing it’s pretty easy to see where you stand. Insults about my intellect and reading comprehension aside sometimes it’s what you DON’T say that gives you away. As for Trump:How can you lefties hate him like you do. He may have a big mouth and say politically incorrect things but anything he has done in comparison to Hillary is like comparing a serial killer to a chronic Jay walker. This site is a leftist one firmly in Hillary’s pocket. You rant about the non-story of Trump university but never mention the real Bill and Hillary scam. I’m not the one falling for biased main stream media propaganda designed to divert your attention from the truth. Maybe you should stop killing the messenger and consider the possibility that he’s on your side.

          • “I’m not the one falling for biased main stream media propaganda designed to divert your attention from the truth.”

            No, you’re the one falling for right wing media propaganda. Breitbart and Limbaugh are not serious news sources or even remotely objective commentators.

            I acknowledge the “allegations” against Hilary as just that, allegations. I’ll stick with what is known and for me that’s enough to reject Hilary as a candidate but unfortunately the alternative is even worse.

            BTW the Trump Non-University fraud case is not a non-story.

            “Trump is on my side” sorry but I’m not a racist, misogynist conman so he’s not on my side.

          • The Trump university story I nothing but accusations as well but you have already tried and convicted him in the court between your ears. And If you think that Trump is worse than Hillary than you know exactly zero about her. ZERO!!!! Your chouce of sources is still a mystery to me.,but from what you say and how you say it I see Bill Maher,Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton a viable candidates. They as we all know are not biased in any way. Right Mr.lucky?

          • Not surprising that you are wrong again. I never watch Maddow, haven’t read or heard anything by Sharpton in years and only occasionally watch Maher. At least Maher doesn’t pretend to be a serious political commentator like Limbaugh, the biggest bloviator on radio or TV.

            As I’ve stated repeatedly I don’t see Clinton as a viable choice for president but Trump is an absurd choice. He has ZERO qualifications to be president. Born rich and still rich, that about sums it up, though not nearly as rich as he claims by all objective accounts. And no Clinton is not “under investigation by the FBI for espionage, evidence tampering and racketeering”.

            A racketeer is someone who obtains money by fraud or other illegal means, that would be Trump with his non-university scam.

            “If you don’t learn from them, if you don’t learn from me, if you don’t learn from the people that we’re going to be putting forward, and these are all people handpicked by me, then you’re just not going to make it in terms of world-class success,” Trump said in one of Trump University’s infomercials.

            “In 2012, Trump testified in a deposition that he neither selected Trump University instructors nor oversaw the program’s curriculum, despite public statements to the contrary.”


          • First article is nothing but a note about an article that was removed by Huffington Post likely because there was no corroboration of the allegation made in it. The second is more of the same including “Huguenard, (author of the deleted HuffPo piece) who seems to support Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), claims to have sources within the FBI” “Seems to” and “claims”, that’s not news reporting, that’s gossip.

            The second article did include the following though:

            “But Trump was not clean as a whistle. Beginning three years earlier, he’d hired mobbed-up firms to erect Trump Tower and his Trump Plaza apartment building in Manhattan, including buying ostensibly overpriced concrete from a company controlled by mafia chieftains Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno and Paul Castellano. That story eventually came out in a federal investigation, which also concluded that in a construction industry saturated with mob influence, the Trump Plaza apartment building most likely benefited from connections to racketeering. Trump also failed to disclose that he was under investigation by a grand jury directed by the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, who wanted to learn how Trump obtained an option to buy the Penn Central railroad yards on the West Side of Manhattan.
            Why did Trump get his casino license anyway? Why didn’t investigators look any harder? And how deep did his connections to criminals really go? (Politico, May 22, 2016)”

            From the third article “Make no mistake. A Trump presidency would be disastrous domestically and geopolitically. A previous article said his only redeeming quality is he’s not Hillary Clinton,”

            Although I would turn that around and say Clinton’s only redeeming quality is she is not Trump. You really are obtuse. I wouldn’t suffer if Hilary was removed because Sanders would replace her and he is a far better candidate than either Trump or Clinton and polls indicate (for whatever polls are worth) that he would trounce Trump even worse than Hilary will.

          • The article was removed because it contradicted the Huffington post’s Hillary for president scenario. If you really don’t want Hillary then you have bad news. The FBI director announced that no criminal charges will be recommended. He announced that right after listing her crimes in detail even stating that they fouund there was evidence showing actual crimes were committed. Even if she loses the nomination to Bernie for some reason do you think that a known Communist is a better choice than Trump? The video clips in the third link shows Bernie’s thinking. Do you really want this?

          • I don’t know all the facts on Clinton’s e-mail and neither do you. Both sides of the duopoly produced so much propaganda that it’s hard to find the truth there. I prefer to focus on what is known. She is a war monger and corporate sycophant/tool. I’d add that she is a phony but that applies to all the candidates except Sanders who has remained consistent throughout his career and no he’s not a communist.(You’ve really got to stop relying on Limbaugh and Breitbart, two entertainers, go to them for amusement but they are not a source of news) He says he is a socialist but it’s a very light version of socialism. Even so it puts him to the left of Hilary which is not hard given her neocon and neoliberal leanings.

            Yes I would choose Sanders over Trump and all the rest who ran in the primaries as well. The only one worse than Trump was Cruz.

          • Bernie is definitely a Communist. You may notice that neither of the links I provided was to Britebart or Limbaugh. Then again maybe you didn’t want to notice. Your depiction of me as a big fan of either is unfounded. Britebart is not an entertainment site. If you actually went on it you would see that. You may Deny Bernie is a Communist. But the Communist party loves him. His history proves his Communist beliefs to anyone willing to actually research it.

          • I don’t know if you’re a big fan of Breitbart & Limbaugh or not but you seem to get your info from rightwing propaganda sites like those and AmericanThinker. The latter contained nothing but someone’s opinion based on half of a sentence from a Sanders interview. Breitbart may not be an entertainment site but it is certainly not a news site or objective commentary site. I have listened to Limbaugh before. It’s not his obvious right wing bias, racism and misogyny that made me switch channels after a few minutes though. It was his near constant bragging, as bad as Trump in that regard.

            Racists, misogynists and fascists love Trump so by your logic he must be all three. He is the first two but with fascism the government controls business but Trump prefers it the other way around so he is more of an inverse fascist.

          • I tire of getting nowhere with idiots like you who show no proof but snicker at mine. The last link was to the Communist party website. They like Sanders. Your obvious bias is showing. Nothing from anything ultra-leftist site will sway you. Even the Communists are too right wing for you. Anything but full blown communism is right wing fascism to you. For your information both left and right extreme governments fully control business. If by inverse fascism you mean that Trump wants free enterprise to actually be free then you are right. That is the closest thing to a truth I have seen come from you.

          • You get no where because your hero is indefensible as a prez candidate or even as a decent human being, that and you are not very intelligent as well. Putin likes Trump, or so he says, that make Trump a communist too?

            Of course I have a bias. Everyone does. Do you really think you are unbiased and objective? If so then you’re even dumber than I thought. Inverse fascism is where the corporations control the government, pretty much what we have now and are moving farther into every year. Trump is an narcissistic authoritarian. That is dangerous enough but when you add racism and misogyny he is unthinkable in a position of power.

          • Yet you are left with a choice.Trump or Hillary. Someone who says things you don’t like or a traitor. Hillary is neck deep into the corporate control you mentioned. except it is really the big banks in control. Trump knows this.He will stop it Hillary wont. The dilemma is yours not mine. As for me being biased. Yes, I side with my country. Why don’t you?

          • I think you’re pretty much right about Clinton but way off on Trump. He will do nothing of value if in office. He is a charlatan, a blowhard and an incompetent who has always had money to cover up his screw-ups which have been many.

            It’s not just his words I don’t like. I find the man repugnant in speech, behavior and appearance. I’m not minimizing the danger he presents to this country by pointing out that his half clever tweets and buffoonish facial expressions and mannerisms make him appear as either a fool or a carnival entertainer. There is nothing in his history to suggest that he would be an effective president. The prez election this year is more than a dilemma. It’s a cluster f**k of epic proportions between two demagogues.

            People like you validate Mencken’s definition of a demagogue: “The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.”

          • I’m absolutely right about Clinton. I’m right about Trump too. I don’t see him as some great savior of America but I know a flimflam man when I see one. His speech is a bit crude.He isn’t a polished silver tongued politician like Obama or slick Willie, trained in politispeak. His racial comments speak to the truth. He is right about Mexico. He never said that ALL Mexicans were criminals he was referring to the bad apples. That is you falling for media spin. He is right about Muslims too. I study political Islam. It is a cancer we can’t let metastasize it our country. I don’t see the power mad despot some do either. That would be the sign of a true flimflam artist. I see him as the best choice we have. People who have talked to him privately say he sits and listens to you. People who have had the same meetings with Obama or a Clinton report the exact opposite with them being informed on how it’s going to be. That is a big difference. Your last comment is think I am an idiot.So be it. I’m not the gullible fool you think I am. I didn’t vote for the divider in chief one time. Millions of intelligent people of all colors did. Millions regret it. I saw through his shtick from the beginning. Millions are falling for Hillary’s too. not me.

          • I sympathize more than you realize but I repeat ” There is nothing in Trump’s history to suggest that he would be an effective president.” Your defense of his bigotry is nothing new. Many bigots claim they don’t dislike all blacks, gays, Mexicans etc. just the bad ones and many will even claim to have friends among the group they are prejudiced against.

            Your statement about “reports” from people who have met with Obama, Hilary & Trump are nothing but gossip.

            I didn’t vote for Obama the second time either and would have considered McCain if he hadn’t chosen a completely oblivious pinhead as a running mate.

          • You have a simple choice.Hillary,Trump or stay at home. No other viable candidate exists. Those reports are first hand. This is one from a black pastor from Harlem. Your stubbornness in believing accusations of racism is typical leftist bias. That was what I meant about your bias. It is political in nature. I’m not a party slave. I am an American patriot and registered independent. I am also a constitutional conservative. I care about my country over any party. You say there is nothing in Trumps past to suggest he will be an effective president. What you mean by effective is still unknown but everything in Hillary’s past shows how disastrous her presidency would be. Your Choice remains. It’s up to you.

          • Actually Dan you don’t get to determine what choices I have. Those two may both end up bounced which would be a good thing. I’m also a registered independent.

            I did get a good laugh though at the good pastor’s endorsement. Just for the record pastor Manning also said ” that both George W. Bush and his father had anal sex with 100 men and likened Barack Obama to Hitler and one of the two beasts in Revelation.” Real solid man of God there and I can see why he would fawn over Trump.

          • I chose nothing for you you frigging moron. That’s how leftist assholes like you act when shown the reality of the situation. attack the messenger. Write yourself in for all I care. As for Manning being a man of God,What would a leftist like you know about it? I can show you many things Obama and Hitler had in common. Your accusations of Mannings’ belief are just you blowing smoke. I see no proof. Where is more than just your word?

          • Well Danny boy assholes come in many varieties. Which one are you? More on Manning:
            “Manning has stated that Starbucks will be “ground zero for Ebola” in the United States because homosexuals frequent the stores and “a lot of bodily fluids” are exchanged. Manning has also stated that Starbucks puts semen in its coffees,and that millions of people around the world “really think that the taste of semen is quite a flavor.”

            Apparently for the good pastor damn near everyone is a homosexual, except for me and thee of course. “Manning has frequently referred to Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and George W. Bush, among many other political figures as “sodomites” and “homos.”

            Another Manning gem, “In 2013, Manning accused Obama of having a “love child” and then shooting the mother outside the White House. In 2014, he prognosticated that Obama and Vladimir Putin would be outed as gay within 100 days”

            All quotes have citations on wiki’s pages.

            Even comparing demagogue Trump to Hitler is a stretch but for Obama it’s absurd.

            FYI there are many people on the Left who believe in God but no I’m not one of them. I prefer to focus on reality and leave the fairy tales for the kids.

          • Manning goes way beyond condemning homosexuality. All of the quotes I posted have the citations listed in the wiki article. Someone who gets their “info” from the sources you post has no business criticizing wiki or any other site ormaybe you agree wit him that “Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and George W. Bush, among many other political figures are “sodomites” and “homos.”

          • The sites I post are legitimate investigative sites. Anyone can post ANY theory on Whikipedia including theories and total lies.

          • All of the citations of quotes by Manning are listed in the wiki article. Any so-called “legitimate investigative site” or commentator can also post any theory and total lies. Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh are proof of that. Manning is quite clearly a bigot and a lunatic as well.

          • Wickipedia doesn’t post it’s own articles. You or I can put anything on it. Legitimate investigative sites have standards to live up to. If they were as unreliable as wickipedia is their readership would dry up. Anyone who disagrees with your left wing lunacy is a nutcase. I’m done. You’re hopeless.

          • “Legitimate investigative sites have standards to live up to.”

            Yes but Breitbart & Limbaugh & Savage and a number of other rightwing nutjob sites are anything but legitimate.

            Believe whatever you want dummy. Manning is an even bigger lunatic than Trump.

          • Show evidence disputing mine. Show that the sites I post are lying. You can’t. If you could,you would. I win,you lose.

          • Show evidence disputing the quotes I posted by “pastor” Manning are false.

            No, actually if it comes down to choosing between Clinton and Trump we both lose either way.

          • We are obviously at an impasse. Suffice it to say that I see trump as a decent choice. I believe that he has the country’s best interests at heart. Clinton obviously has evil intentions. If you believe they are both bad choices then vote your conscience. There are several who will never win.The choice is yours to make.

          • Carefully go through the detailed and authentic video archives and show how and when I err? Here is some things on atheism. Please show where these PHD’s are idiots and you can show their errors.

          • Well that didn’t take long. “His ObamaCare bill. now the law of the land, empowers him to create his own private army” Absolute and utter garbage but now I see why you embrace phony pastor Manning. No theory is too absurd for your ilk as long as it demonizes those you dislike.

            I’m done with you but I do truly hope you seek professional help.

          • Demonizing is not my goal. The truth is. You are the one who refuses to accept these truths. You think that Manning is the only person to see the authority Obamacare gives to our president? Think again. If the facts in the last article doesn’t wake you up then nothing will. It’s scary at best. At worst,it could mean the end of freedom. Just remember,you were warned.

    • “There is no way this nation can allow this sick creature anywhere near the nuclear button.” My sentiments about Trump exactly.

      BTW I think any secret service plan to protect Bill from a physical attack from hilary says a lot more about bill’s behavior than Hilary’s emotional make-up.

    • The only unstable person running for the presidency is Trump. She is the ONLY one qualified to run. Your Trumpf is an idiot, everyday you wake up so pray he keeps his mouth shut. You think is you get on these site and spew your bad breath, intelligent people are going to change their mind. Not going to happen, give it up you moron.

    • Interesting that you know what the Secret Service plans to do in any given circumstance. Do they routinely keep you abreast of their plans?

      • Source: From the book, “Crisis of Character” written by Gary Byrne, Secret Service Agent and former “gatekeeper” at the Oval Office during the Clinton years.
        Thank you for the question and enjoy the book…it’s a very revealing read.

  3. Now ‘distill’ Clinton down to the pathological liar and murderous, money hungry ‘self before country’ empty bag that she is.

    • If you have the courage to do so, read the Gowdy report being released as we speak. It contains firsthand testimony from 80 new witnesses and startling new facts uncovered. Then come back and report on whether you have decided to remain a Clinton Democrat lemming. I have made my decision……Hillary Clinton has disqualified herself for the office she seeks.

      • The report hasn’t changed anything, bottom line is still the same, yes they could have done things different, and because of the first report those suggestions have been implemented. They did not find fault on HIliary with the death of those 4 individuals. You are still trying to find reason, and there is none. You disqualified her long ago, because that’s what you republicans do, it’s the norm.

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