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Ted Cruz: The Man Who Made Immigration Reform Possible?

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Ted Cruz: The Man Who Made Immigration Reform Possible?

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was unrepentant Wednesday evening at The American Spectator‘s Robert L. Bartley Dinner  in Washington, D.C.

According to the Washington Examiner‘s Philip A. Klein, who livetweeted Cruz’s speech, the junior senator from Texas is hitting almost the exact same notes after the government shutdown as he did before.

“Republicans in Washington don’t know how to negotiate,” Cruz said, in defense of his strategy to use a shutdown and debt limit crisis to force the president to repeal his signature legislative accomplishment. The senator is sure he would have gotten away with a “remarkable victory” if it weren’t for those meddling Senate Republicans not supporting those heroic House Republicans.

Notably, Cruz is sticking with his argument that any vote to fund the government is a vote in favor of the Affordable Care Act, dismissing the notion that Republicans only disagreed on tactics as “hogwash.”

We’d be celebrating the defunding of Obamacare right now, he’s sure, “if everything played out perfectly.”

Clearly things didn’t work out perfectly. Unless this is what Cruz was hoping for:


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Ted Cruz: The Man Who Made Immigration Reform Possible? Reviewed by on . Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was unrepentant Wednesday evening at The American Spectator's Robert L. Bartley Dinner  in Washington, D.C. According to the Washington Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was unrepentant Wednesday evening at The American Spectator's Robert L. Bartley Dinner  in Washington, D.C. According to the Washington Rating:

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  • Dominick Vila

    Immigration reform has solid bipartisan support in the Senate, but that is not the case in the House where opposition reflects the desires of constituents in districts throughout the deep South, the Bible Belt, and every red district in the country.
    It is true, however, that after the shutdown and debt default debacles, the GOP is in desperate need of appearing pragmatic and cooperative or, better yet, claiming ownership for anything substantial including things they formerly opposed. I am sure they understand that political parties don’t win presidential elections by catering to small constituencies, and that even senatorial races are affected by perceptions of intolerance and hatred. They have no choice but to move to the center right, or they risk becoming a minority party for many years to come.

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      Dom, while I agree with you, anytime a Republican moves to Center Right, he is denounced by the American Equivalent of the East India Company. Those with the money (Koch’s, Addelson, etc.) will make sure those with the microphones (Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Coulter, etc.) take to the airwaves and pummel them as RINOs, then some knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, drooling, inbred nutjob will announce that he is running against someone considered a traitor to the people of the United States. The only hope if that person succeeds in winning the primary is he is so odious to the rest of the voters that his opponent (99.99% probability it is a Democrat) will win. Then the East India Company mouthpieces (again – Palin, Coulter, etc.) will claim the reason their guy lost is he didn’t run conservatively enough.

      • Dominick Vila

        I enjoyed the analogy to the analogy to the East India Company! Yes, you are absolutely right, and it would not surprised if the moderate Republicans that challenged the tactics embraced by Cruz and his cohorts are themselves challenged during the nomination process. I would not be surprised if John McCain becomes the new lightning rod for the Tea Party. He is either planning to retire, or he is consider another bid to the presidency. The latter would not surprise me when you consider his likely nomination opponents.

  • howa4x

    I think the house will pass a much more watered down bill that will appeal to some conservatives. Boehner knows he can’t do this with his republican caucus and will need overwhelming democratic support to pass it, just like the end of the shutdown and debt ceiling debacle. Latinos will see that it is the democratic party that has their interests since not more than 100 out of 231 republicans will vote for a bill, leaving the need for all 201 democrats to make a majority. This still won’t help the republican/tea party brand since most of the damage has already been done in terms of derogatory comments , and they will only look politically cynical. Let’s not forget that the republican talking heads will carry on the immigration fight on the airwaves, further alienating the Latino community. I can imagine old Rush will have a few things to say. Each of these talking heads like Huckabee, Coulter, O’Reilley and a cast of local radio personalities all have their own constituencies apart for the party so they can keep the drumbeat of anti immigration language steady. Add in the blogs like Red State and there will be enough information out there to keep the Latinos from embracing the GOP brand. Here is an example of the republican problem. Since Christie refused to raise the minimum wage, democrats placed it on the ballot in the November election in NJ. His republican allies like the chamber of commerce are running campaign adds to convince voters not raise the minimum wage . Who are the minimum wage workers? You guessed it, the Latinos

  • midway54

    The worship of this demagogue continues unabated by the plutocracy, its propagandists, and its targeted uninformed, if not mentally deficient, dupes:”

  • mandinka

    HUH Ted Cruz and his tea baggers are the BIGGEST traders to this country. Just wait until the next election so we’ll finally have a real health care plan.

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