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Saturday, August 19, 2017

If Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) wanted to divide the GOP and put House Republicans in an impossible position, he’s already succeeded.

The junior senator, along with Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and right-wing groups like Heritage Action and FreedomWorks, spent all summer rousing the GOP base for a fight to defund Obamacare. He’s convinced the Tea Party (and no one else) and compelled House Republicans to vote to defund the Affordable Care Act.

He’s won! And now he would be in an ideal situation to defund Obamacare  — if only he had 60 votes in the Senate and a president willing to sign his bill.

But of course, he doesn’t. 🙁

So now Cruz’s bill is about to hit the Senate. For months, he has been selling the GOP base on a simple and false premise: Obamacare could be ended today if the Republican leadership would just do it.

Since there simply aren’t enough Republicans in Congress to make that happen, Cruz’s message really is: If we absolutely refuse to compromise, if we shut down the government, if we refuse to raise the debt limit, if we hold our breath till the economy turns blue, we can get anything we want without even having to win presidential elections.

The truth is, Republican leaders don’t seem to want a shutdown for even a day — and they know that Cruz’s plan would destroy the GOP before it destroys Obamacare.

With just about a week before the government is set to shut down, Cruz is in a battle with House Republicans for who will get the blame when this ridiculous plan eventually fails. Here’s how the scenario is likely to play out:

Because Democrats control the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will is set to make the House’s bill that funds the government and defunds the Affordable Care Act “fully debatable on both ends.”

That means it will require 60 votes heading into the Senate and 60 votes going out for it to pass.

There are 54 senators caucusing with the Democrats, so at least six Republicans will have to join with the majority to open debate on the bill. That likely won’t be a big deal since the bill is what the GOP wants as it enters the Senate.

Then Reid will allow amendments to the bill that only require 51 votes to pass. So, with a simple majority, Democrats will remove the part that defunds the president’s signature legislative accomplishment. Some Democrats will pressure Reid to advance another amendment to restore the sequester cuts to research and social services. He’ll likely skip that since passing it would give Republicans something to use to blame Democrats in case of a shutdown.

So now the bill no longer defunds Obamacare. What will Ted Cruz do then?

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84 Responses to Ted Cruz’s Plan For Dummies: Government Shutdown Or Bust The House GOP

  1. The Republicans HAVE funded ALL other government. Just not Obozocare. If anyone is shutting down the government, it’s Obozo and Dirty Harry.

    Besides, how do any of you leftist freaks make it through a weekend when the government shuts down on Fridays at 4:00???? How do you do it???

    Have a nice day!

    Sen. Barack Obama’s Floor Speech, March 20, 2006 — “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

    • Actually, no, they have funded nothing. They passed a bill only through the House that would fund SOME other government functions, not all, at levels comparable to what GWB had. Population growth, inflation, and a slow economy now make those funding levels too low.

      • They are funding everything except Obozocare. So the lie that Repubs want to shut down the government is just that……. A LIE!!!

        • You can keep typing stuff like this, but it doesn’t make it true. You should listen to the Republicans you admire, because they keep saying what they want to do over and over. They want a government shut down in the hopes of defunding the AHCA. Just open your ears and listen. Cruz, Rand, et al are telling you that they want to shut down the government.

          You can call it “Obozocare” but it is *private sector* health care reform package that was created by the Heritage Foundation and then implemented by Romney in MA. In other words, it’s an entirely Republican plan.

        • I’m sure you and the other half-dozen or so American Taliban Congressmen believe that. The rest of America sees through it.
          I hope that they stick to their guns and we have a repeat of the 1990s, when Newt the Coot got the Boot and the economy really took off.

      • They are funding everything except Obamacare nice try at propaganda though . Meanwhile the Dems are threatening to affect Americans if there is a shut down while the ILLEGAL ALIENS will still get their checks

          • If I had my way NO ILLEGAL ALIEN would be getting rewarded for their ILLEGAL and totally disrespectful behavior in this Country ..especially when there are homeless Vets …but that is the prevue of the Dems and the Liberals who shamelessly pander for more votes at the expense of their Country

    • THE REPUBLICANS ONLY WORK ON WHAT BENEFITS THE 1%. They have done nothing, but hurt the average American. We the people includes ALL. Is that so hard to understand?

      • Trying to reason with Bozo the Infantile is a waste of time? He is just parroting what he hears on the right wing media. So if John Boehner or any other Republican states that they aren’t shutting the govt down he believes it 100%. The Republicans are doing this so that when the Senate takes out the defund ACA they can say they tried but the Democratic controlled Senate is actually doing the shutdown. It’s great to say to the addle-minded people like Bozo the Infantile.

    • You’re funny…like a clown. You amuse me.

      When the clownish antics of the GOP blow up in their faces know that I am laughing at them…and you.

    • Agreed Obama should take his own advice . It isn’t a revenuing problem we are Taxed Enough Already and it is costing us our ability to be consumers …It is a spending problem and Obama and the Dems are unwilling to put on the brakes . Now they will threaten the Military to try to blackmail America and they will keep giving the ILLEGAL ALIENS free housing welfare food stamps and phones …None of that will be threatened by Obama and the Dems in a shut down

      • Sorry, even the CBO said today that America does not have a spending problem – the problem is tax revenues. You are not taxed enough – just try running to Europe to countries like England and Germany where the max tax is 45% plus a VAT of 23%; or to France where the max rate is 75%, or to Sweden where it’s 57%, or to Austria where it’s 52% OR To any of 15 plus other countries where the max rate is over 39% and the tax laws don’t include all the exemptions and deductions that our code does!!! – GO AHEAD!! And don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!! Good riddance!!! I’m so tired of you whiners!!!!! Little kids that think you’re still living under Mommy and Daddy’s roof and it’s not going to cost you anything to live!!! HOW DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

        • yeah right… sure, sure…. the guys with the spending problem proclaim they have no spending problem!!!! They’re as credible as the drunk that says he doesn’t have a drinking problem! At $17 TRILLION in debt (that’s just on the books) you’d have to be a complete idiot to say we don’t have a spending problem.

          Apparently, Obozo disagrees with you. See quote below.

          Have a nice day, dope!

          Sen. Barack Obama’s Floor Speech, March 20, 2006 — “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

          • When are you ever going to stop replaying that speech Obama made AFTER BUSH HAD RUN UP 6 STRAIGHT YEARS OF BETWEEN 350 AND 500 BILLION IN DEFICIT SPENDING!!!! Obama had every right at that point to be upset about increasing THE DEBT LIMIT JUST ONE MORE TIME BECAUSE BUSH WAS SPENDING MONEY LIKE A DRUNKEN SAILOR!! Bush was passing one piece of unfunded legislation after another: 2 UNFUNDED tax cuts, starting 2 UNFUNDED wars, an UNFUNDED drug benefit giveaway to the drug industry all while keeping over 25% of his spending outside of his budget and constantly refusing to follow through on providing the federal subsidies to the states for federally mandated programs!!! It’s Bush’s constantly cutting the federal subsidies to the states that drove a large number of them to the verge of bankruptcy!!

            And as big as America’s debt is, as a percent of GDP it is still well below that of every other similar non communist nation on the planet. And because the GOP IS RESPONSIBLE for more than 90% of that debt, has nothing to do with the fact that spending today is at a 60 year low – cutting spending is not what is needed to get America back on track – WHAT’S NEEDED IS FOR THE GOP TO STOP BEING OBSTRUCTIONISTS AND START PASSING LEGISLALTION THAT CREATES JOBS!! What America needs is to get 10 million people back to work AND PAYING TAXES!!! And hundreds maybe thousands of the companies that Bush’s disastrous policies trashed back in business again AND PAYING TAXES!!


        • Man that is one of the dumbest posts I have ever seen …So your argument sounds like …We should raise our taxes and kill our economy just to pay for all the Socialism because Country’s in Europe do it ????? Yeah because it is working so well for Greece Portugal Spain Italy right ? You are the one who is supporting Higher taxes and Socialism and then you tell me ” I ” should move there ???? You are drunk right ???? shouldn’t you just say YOU like high taxes and Socialism so YOU will stop whinning and YOU will move there ? And as far as living under parents roofs it sounds like you are describing the Occupiers and Liberals who went to College and got a Liberal indoctrination only to find out that that is not a resume enhancer .

      • Of the $3.7T the US govt spends, about $500B is discretionary. The rest is social security, medicare, medicaid, the military and interest on the debt. If the entire government shut down for the entire year (no courts, no Congress, no FBI, no CIA, no NSA, no air marshals, no TSA, no Coast Guard, etc.) spending would still outstrip revenues by $300B.
        So in order to match spending to revenues, not only do you have to turn everything off, you also have to cut the military, or social security, or medicare, or medicaid.

        • So it sounds like we agree that spending is out of control ..We already know there is history for Obama making America pay when he doesnt get his way so that is moot . Of course he will try to punish Americans he did the same thing when the GOP accepted HIS idea of Sequestration

          • Nice deflection. Spending is far lower today than when GWB was adding $1.2T to the national debt every year.
            So, yeah. Cutting $800B a year from military spending would be the best start. Stopping the GWB drug program would save another $300B per year. Fully implementing the ACA would save another $10B per year.

    • Obama was once a junior Senator for under 150 days before he announced for President . He was so wishy washy and didnt want to have a record for his opponents to criticize that he punted on most issues choosing not to represent his constituents and voting PRESENT over 86% of the votes that were out to him . He did however do a lot of bombastic and unfortunate pontificating …See Debt and spending limits show a lack of leadership speeches …this bombastic and ill informed pontificating has continued to this day …See the Redline rhetoric . It just shows that being only a Community Organizer is not a good skill set for a LEADER …Now Obama has stated he will not negotiate with the GOP even before they took this action …And you people will prove your cult like devotion and sheepleness ( Gee I made up a new word ) by claiming wrongly that the GOP are obstructionists …sweet hypocrisy and the reason Liberal and Hypocrite are interchangeable

      • You LIE!! Obama has said all along that he would be glad to negotiate with the GOPers in the House on the budget – IF THEY WERE SERIOUS ABOUT NEGOTIATING!! Which they obviously ARE NOT, as they deliberately passed a budget like a bunch of children that they knew was DEAD IN THE WATER!!

        The only thing Obama has refused to negotiate on – IS THE DEBT CEILING!! Because there’s NOTHING TO NEGOTIATE!! The debt ceiling is nothing more than writing the checks to – PAY FOR SERVICES THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT!!! We’re not going to go back and say HEY! I’M NOT PAYING THAT BILL BECAUSE I REALLY DIDN’T MEAN TO BUY ALL THOSE ITEMS I BOUGHT!!

        And if you’re too blind to see WHERE THE BLAME LIES, you can be sure the AMERICAN PEOPLE AREN’T BLIND!! Numerous polls are showing that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW WHO TO BLAME!!!!

        • Well said, but don’t forget that a former U.S. President did refer to the debt as “IOU’s…pieces of paper”. How he would have reacted if would had defaulted on our obligations and our creditors had refused to buy the U.S. Treasury bonds needed to cover the services we refuse to pay for is anyone’s guess, but judging by his record I think it is fair to say that the scope of invasions would have required mercenaries like the ones that joined the Roman legions.

          • Treasuries are a lot more than pieces of paper. They are a promise by the most powerful, third largest country in the world with the biggest economy to repay Federal
            obligations, no matter what. That promise represents the integrity of the American people, all 315 million of us and our Republic. The effect, even for a short time, of creating doubt that we will honor these almost religious promises has world wide consequences.
            An even small change in the interest rate we pay, on our debt, adds up to billions of dollars and does have a serious effect on what all nations pay. If the US can not be trusted who can be?
            Those that screw with the Federal budget and the debt ceiling to the point of shutting down the government should be chastised and shunned.
            Lastly, with the weakness in our economy still apparent
            it is stupid to inflict another uncertainty just to make a stupid point. It reminds me of the kid that doesn’t like the rules
            taking his ball and going home.

        • wow..The Debt limit is the ONLY thing this hinges on . And if you want to talk about bad budget proposals what about Obama’s ….hahahah His own Party voted unanimously against the other one because it was Crayola like and the other only I think 3 of the Dems voted for …You lose that argument everytime… Ask Billy how that worked out for him

          • It’m getting a little frustrated dealing with someone as clueless as you are: Obama has submitted a budget IN GOOD FAITH to the House every year he’s been in office. And his budgets are just a little different than the House was used to getting from George Bush – Georgie’s budgets didn’t include 25-40% of his spending. He picked up that little trick from America’s worst president ever: Ronnie Reagan.

            In any case, although Obama submitted his budgets to the House IN GOOD FAITH, being the lowlifes that House GOP people are, they didn’t present Obama’s budgets to House members, IN GOOD FAITH!! Cantor and Boehner stripped out all the detail within Obama’s budgets and presented them for votes with NOTHING BUT THE BUDGET CATEGORY HEADINGS!! They left out all the detail that Obama had included which explained within each category where the money would go.


            You haven’t presented anything in all your posts that makes one bit of sense!!!!

          • Boy when you cant defend Obama just spin and deflect it to Bush …Gee Bush’s budgets passed with overwhelming Bi Partisan support and they passed budgets EVERY YEAR . In trying to deflect you just made a great comparison Thank You . Obama’s two proposals went down in FLAMES. They were rejected by his OWN PARTY because they were so bad and childlike .The GOP didn’t even have to vote on them . And we are still waiting for a budget from the Obama admin . They are too scared to pass one because they don’t want America to see how badly the Community Organizer has screwed the Pooch

      • President Obama is the president because he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut when he was a freshman senator.
        Newsflash: The American people do NOT like noisemakers living in the White House. Conservatives will have to learn that fact of Americana before they can expect to compete with quiet leaders like President Obama.
        Even ignorant loud-mouthed Americans want to elect quiet intelligent Americans to lead this great nation. That is why razzle-dazzle clowns like Donald Trump cannot get any traction in national politics.
        Learn more by reading “Tao te Ching” by Chinese master Lao Tzu (circa 600 BC)

        • Maybe you didn’t see that I am a Jedi Haha…Of course Ive read the Tao …to compare Obama in any way to that is comical ..If you ask astute observers of Illinois Politics they will all tell you they recognize the ploy Obama used by voting present ..It is just so the one voting present will not have a record for his opponents to attack him on ,.It also is totally unfair to the people who voted for him and expected some freaking leadership …believe me it has nothing to do with the Tao and I doubt Obama has read anything other then Rules for Radicals ….lets see what that has to say about it ???? …Nice try though it was great satire

          • Listen to the Biker-Jedi: “Of course Ive (sic) read the Tao …to compare Obama in any way to that is comical.”
            As most intelligent people find out very quickly, understanding the Tao Te Ching takes a whole lot more than ability to read.
            Regular clowns can read the Tao Te Ching; arrogant clowns dismiss it.

          • Yes the Tao is a great read and anyone that can read should be able to deduce it has nothing to do with the way Obama acts or has acted …He doesn’t believe in that philosophy only the ones of Sal Alinsky and David Axelrod . It is totally irrelevant to his lack of leadership as a Senator and anyone who reads the Tao would know the difference …Maybe you should read it again and then compare it to Rules for Radicals and see which fits Obama better K …Maybe they should just start calling Rules for Radicals the Tao Te Obama

    • Especially mentally!! How anyone can take Cruz -The Clown – seriously is even more preposterous to me than people taking Romney -The Snake Oil Salesman – seriously.

    • That is exactly my question. My guess is it has to do with the CR having to be done at the last minute, because that’s how they roll, there in Congress.

      Or it could be a mean trick: Load up the CR with Republican goodies and defunding Obamacare. Maybe Republicans will continue to rail against Obamacare until the government shuts down. The shutdown occurs and the Republicans self-destruct in time to lose the House in the 2014 elections. After the shutdown, the CR gets re-worked anyway, perhaps morphing into something that more resembles a budget.

      My problem with the whole thing is that the deep pockets behind Republican candidates are not insulated from very bad consequences they would actually feel if the debt ceiling is not raised. I do not see any upside for them in the Tea Party winning any of this. Could Cruz be a bought-and-paid for giant target to deflect attention as Republicans behind the scenes defect from the Tea Party in order to keep their donors happy? While Cruz crusades around Washington pleasing the base, things quietly get sorted out. So what if he’s in no position to win the presidency, let alone run in 2016. He could make more money as an attorney or as the head of a fancy Republican think tank than he would otherwise, spending the rest of his life being rich and adored by the party rank and file. I see a lot choreography in what is happening now.

      • I wish I was as confident as you are on this issue, especially who will be held responsible for a government shutdown and defaulting on the debt this time. The GOP bill funds all government programs and covers our obligations, except for the ACA, a program that remains unpopular.
        If the government does shut down, that is exactly what the GOP will tell the American people, and they will blame the consequences of a shutdown on President Obama’s refusal to compromise on ACA.
        Their ploy put the ball on the Democrat’s court, and it is now up to the Senate to respond in kind. Bear in mind that the GOP is not interested in compromise, what they want is a mix of capitulation and scoring political points.
        Regarding Sen. Cruz, I am mystified by the attention he is getting from media outlets like the National Memo. Ted Cruz is not going to be the next GOP nominee for many reasons, which should be obvious to everyone by now. He is a distraction.

        • Hi Dommy! I hope you are well these days. It’s refreshing to see some honesty and objectivity from someone on the left. Though you and I disagree on many things, my friend, I can say that at least you are honest in your assessments. You’re exactly correct on this one. ACA is HIGHLY unpopular with the American people. I’ve called my congressman and even his office says the calls are 8 or 9 to 1 AGAINST Obozocare. America wants that bill repealed or repaired, and we are resolute in seeing to it that it happens. And if the DemonRATS want to shut the government down, this time they WILL get the blame even if Obozo’s Praetorian guard in the media try to lie about it and cover his ass. America already knows the terms of this debate are NO Obozocare and a funded government, or Obozocare and a shutdown. That die has been cast. Only the diehard Obozo zombies on this site are in denial of this basic fact, which you obviously see.

          Have a great day, Dommy!

          “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.” –attempting to make the case
          for government-run healthcare, while simultaneously undercutting his own argument, Portsmouth, N.H., Aug. 11, 2009 — Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo showing the world yet again what an idiot he is.

          • You state: “America wants that bill repealed or repaired”. That is the problem, Republicans and the 2 Democrats who voted against the funding of the AHC, have had 2 years to improve or as you said “fix” the program which came from a Republican premise. Why didn’t they offer constructive ideas on how to improve the AHC?

            CBS article states the Republicans voted to repeal 33X and it cost an approximate 48 Mil and that translated to 1.45 mil per vote than: Votes 34 through 41 = 8 more votes @ 1.45 mil per vote = additional 11.6 mil. Bring the grand total to approx. 59.6 mil to have 41 votes to repeal or defund ACA which they knew would not repeal the ACA and were grandstanding to their extreme right base only at a cost to ALL our taxpayer dollars. Why wasn’t their time and energy spent improving AHC if they believed it was flawed and by doing so help the uninsured.

          • What kind of idiot tires to calculate the cost of a vote in the Congress, complains about it, yet ignores the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted by Obozo and Moochelle on lavish vacations that inlcude private plane service for the family mutt?

          • First let me start with is this how you discuss issues? When you do not like what someone says or is doesn’t share your point of you result to name calling.

            Yes I do resent the time and money wasted Congress voting 41 times to repeal and the last to defund the AHCA knowing it was just their base. Unfortunately they members of United States Congress and it is their responsibility to balance the interest of their district with the interest of the Nation. Why did they not spend that time and money passing the Jobs Act which would have benefited the Nation.

            As far as what or was not spent on “lavish vacations” please
            provide documentation. I am not privy, as you must be, to the expense reports submitted by the President and his
            family. So you re correct I am ignoring your “Fox News or Drudge” reporting with no factual data to back it up, like
            the budget breakdown or the expense reports.

            Don’t bother to respond because you are only interested in name calling and only interested in discussions with people who share your opinion and I most definitely do not.

        • Dominick, please stop saying the program is unpopular because that is not true.
          If you ask anyone whether they like the idea of people with preexisting conditions being able to get health insurance, they answer yes, by a large margin.
          If you ask people whether they like the lifetime limit on health care expenditures going away they say yes.
          If you ask people if they like keeping their children on their health insurance until they are 26, they say yes, by a large margin.
          If you ask seniors if they like getting free health screening, they say yes, by a large margin.
          If you ask women if they like free birth control and breast cancer screenings they say yes, by a large margin
          If you ask seniors if they like the doughnut hole disappearing for medicare drug coverage everyone says yes.
          If you like competition in the health insurance market and someone watching costs everyone says yes.
          These are all part of Obamacare but if you ask whether Obamacare is a good idea many say no.
          I ask how can the parts seem so popular and the whole not?

          • dirtnappy… if you ask the people if they like “free” anything, they say yes. Trouble with you idiots and morons on the left is that you actually believe things are free when in reality there is no such thing. The only real thing you morons like that is free is freedom FROM responsibility. You think it’s everyone else’s job to pay for your healthcare. Well, it’s not. Too bad, loser.

            I noticed you did not ask if you liked how Obozo ignored his own law and illegally exempted businesses from the effects of Obozocare until after the next election.

            I noticed you did not ask if people like having their medical records comingled and kept with their financial records at the same agency that abused political opponents. Betcha they love that.

            I noticed you did not ask if people like Obozo giving Union thugs waivers while everyone else must suffer.

            I noticed you did not ask about how much people like how Obozo has exempted Congress from the law by making taxpayers subsidize their healthcare by 75%. Betcha the people LOOOOVVVEEE that one, huh?

            I noticed you did not ask if people like their doctors being FORCED by the law to interrogate you about your personal life so they get paid.

            dirtnappy, EVERYONE hates Obozocare by a wide margin because everyone realizes what government control over programs and their lives means. It means healthcare now being run like the Post Office or DMV. And we all know what that means…. CRAP service that costs too much and is too damned slow.

            Have a nice day, dirtnappy!

            “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.” –attempting to make the case
            for government-run healthcare, while simultaneously undercutting his own argument, Portsmouth, N.H., Aug. 11, 2009 — Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo showing the world yet again what an idiot he is.

          • why not you believe the bullshit that comes from the jackasses on the right, and most of the time they are telling a lie or getting something wrong, like the lie you are telling right now, because the people of this country love OBAMACARE its just you assholes who have the problem

      • It’s just that the extortion of passing the budget cutting everything else is of a piece with the extortion to cut ACA. The writer rightly regards this as a huge Republican victory if only the ACA part is removed, but seems OK with that. Extortion is extortion, and caving to it assures more. If the Dems weren’t so clueless when it comes to communicating their positions, one would hope the electorate would understand that ALL of the extortion has to go, not just the obvious part, and put the blame for any shutdown or other problems resulting from this where it belongs: on the GOP.
        Unfortunately, I suspect I’m dreaming about both. But even losing Senate seats is better than acquiescing in a bunch of nasty and malicious cuts by a bunch of nasty and mentally imbalanced t-partiers, cuts that will likely not be restored for years, if ever. The president can still veto GOP trash, and the Dems in the Senate should at least remain numerous enough to block any more from coming through.
        Sometimes, somebody has to show a little guts and take risks for the right thing. The public just might recognize it as the huge and refreshing change it would be, and decrease GOP hold on the House and Senate. But hey, I’m really dreaming now.

        • The intelligent American people will take care of this business in November 2014 when they get to choose (or re-choose) all 435 House members and about 33 Senators. This great nation has recently endured enough political garbage to last Americans for another 230 years; the United States will not survive another 20 years as a Republic if America remains evenly split between the two warring major political parties that are equally at fault for all
          this mess.
          WARNING TO ALL LIBERTARIANS: This is not a call to arms for those who believe that the ignorant American people need no governance. Children, crazy people and bankers will always require strong governance.

    • There must not be anything called “concessions” on this issue (Obamacare). The law was taken as far as to the highest court in the nation – The Supreme Court. It was upheld there the way the issue of George Bush junior was upheld as the 43th POTUS of the country. Nothing more, nothing less has to do with Obamacare. It is the law of the land the way we all respected Bush 43th as the President of the nation so as the Affordable Care Act. Period.

    • huh …Obama has already TOLD everyone that he wont negotiate and of course the Brain dead will turn around and call the GOP obstructionists …Hypocrisy is a Liberal hallmark and it is why the terms are interchangeable . Liberals dont get your soaked panties in a bunch …Obama will just veto it and they control 2 sides …Obama proves his own hypocrisy with his new stand on the debt limit which is a lot different then when Bush was in office …so if he wants a debt limit increase he should admit that he was wrong and that Bush was right …oh but then who would he Lie and Blame things on ????

      • If you recall it was John Boehner who said the last time he will not negotiate will President Obama again. Cruz may be a brilliant Litigator, however he has not demonstrated the same brilliance when it comes to governing. Everything he has done is to advance his own personal career and nothing for his party or this country.

        • True however that was posturing and the words didnt match his actions because Boehner caved for your description of Cruz besides the brilliant litigator part you are describing Obama not Cruz …Cruz is trying to act in the best interests of the country . Look the Whole Country knows that ACA is a trainwreck and all the Liberals want exemptions . Cruz has never said he didn’t want a Healthcare plan only that this one will SUCK and hurt the economy …And of course he is right . Instead of arguing we should all be demanding a bill that works and doesn’t hurt the economy

          • I am sure you are not surprised I don’t agree. They have had 2 years to improve or fix what they felt were flaws they did nothing. The only interest Cruz has is advancing his career. How can he be right about a program that has completely been implemented? What is so damaging about the parts that have been implemented since it became law: not being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, kids can stay on parent plan til they are 25, no more life time caps on policies, insurance companies must spend 80% of premiums on health care not administrative fees and CEO salaries, reduced the cost of prescription drugs for people on medicare/medicaid. What is so harmful about that. As I have said if there are flaws work together to fix them, but they have had two years and have done nothing.

          • I think you may have missed the fact that Obama himself has changed 12 provisions of this Train Wreck that carries his name .And how can you say it has been completely implemented when Obama delayed it for all those greedy corporations that supported him in the election while not excusing those in the middle class . Of course he did that because he knew the Dems would lose every seat that was up in the mid terms if he hadn’t done that . the only thing that seems to be getting implemented so far is that his victim entitlement voters will get their free stuff while the middle class gets to pay for it . I already have several Liberal friends here who are finding out that if you like your insurance you can keep it was another Obama LIE and they aren’t happy that they now will have to pay over 10 K for insurance they used to get from their employers …How is that cheaper or more affordable for them ? I take great glee in reminding them that I warned them this would happen and that they voted for it . Meanwhile the Companies that employ them will make even more of their greedy profits by dropping the expense of their plans …

            And you dont have to try to sell this plan to out side we already agree with the guy who wrote it and now calls it a Train Wreck ( D Max Baucus )…I mean if it is so great why are all the Liberals who voted for Obama and said they supported this bill wanting asking for and getting all of the exemptions …It seems the only people in America who like it are Obama welfare voters and the Public Unions who get their coverage from the Tax payers …Even the IRS Union wants an exemption . The Private trade Unions who supported Obama also want exemptions now and have written an open letter to Obama claiming that it will be the end of the middle class because of the portion of the bill that incentivizes Companise to ONLY hire part timers

            By the way under Obama the avergae income has fallen by $4000 . yr . We have less Americans working then when he took office and yet he claims he has created 7 mil jobs …While the latter may be true he skips right past the over 10 mil jobs lost under him …We have the highest % of Part timers in this Country’s history and the Labor Participation rate is at an over 35 yr low and that is when the Population of America was much smaller …How do you think the provision that exempts part timers will effect the % of part timers in this Country ..

            As Ive often stated most Americans would like a workable plan but what the Dems gave us is simply a wealth redistribution scheme that takes money from Employers and Productive Tax Payers in the Private Sector and funnels that to the Dems entitlement class voters in a free benefit to them ..All the while all the Liberals who voted for it are getting exemptions …fair and balanced right ? What I propose is a plan based on a sales tax ..That way everyone would pay into it and that would be fair and balanced …The Public Union people would pay as they bought stuff and so would the rich …It would be more about a helath plan and less about wealth redistribution to buy votes

      • What you don’t understand is ACA is not up for negotiation because that’s what WE voted for! The President won his 1st term proposing the health care plan and his 2nd term passing it, Romney lost in part because he would remove the most essential parts. Both elections the President won with over 50% of the vote, this is call democracy! The same way we put up with Bush for 8 years, now its your turn to suck it up; and you better get used to it because if Hillary runs she’ll win in 2016 and 2020!

        • jns…. you did not elect a dictator… and you conveniently FORGET that the elections of 2010 immediately following the illegal passage of a bill that NO ONE read before they voted on it turned out to be America’s response to Obozocare. And Obozo got his arse handed to him when the Repubs took over the House in record setting swing of control. We voted for them in many respects to fight against and get rid of Obozocare. Somehow, that little fact escapes you.

          You may got back to stuffing your head up your butt!

          Have a nice day!

          “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.” –attempting to make the case
          for government-run healthcare, while simultaneously undercutting his own argument, Portsmouth, N.H., Aug. 11, 2009 — Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo showing the world yet again what an idiot he is.

          • Repeating endless BS doesn’t make it true. I read the bill and so did thousands of other people. Nancy didn’t need to read the bill because she knew what was in it and got exasperated trying to explain it to people that didn’t care since they only wanted to kill it. That is the Republican way, kill anything championed by Obama.
            Go collect your check from the tea party or Republican folks that pay you to comment.

          • dirtnappy… your mommy let you come out of your bedroom?

            Exactly what BS do you mean? That we did not elect a dictator? That the Republicans did not win in a massive landslide turnaround in the House in 2010 in response to Obozocare? Is that the “BS” to which you refer?

            You’re an absolute liar that you read the bill. NO ONE in Congress read the bill before it was passed, including that swamp snatch lying piece of sheet Piglosi. It’s impossible to read nearly 3000 pages in a day or 2 the way they jammed it through without debate.

            You are correct about one thing, dirtnappy. That Repubs are trying to block anything Obozo does. Of course they are, you idiot. That’s what opposition parties do. And that’s exactly what America wants them to do. How stupid are you? Should they just lie down and let your dictator messiah do everything he wants? Of course not. The DemonRATS did not do it when the Repubs controlled the Executive and they controlled the Legislative.

            dirtnappy, you are a stupid and ignorant little boy. Go back to your X-Box games and leave the political discourse to the adults. Einstein was right about you.

            Have a nice high, dirtnappy!

            “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

          • this must be what they mean when they say the party of stupid but they really should say the whole conservative party are stupid people, all we have to do is listen to someone as stupid as you, y’all make us so proud and just think all you have to do to prove it is open your mouth

          • Hey obozo take your member out of your mother and do something constructive with your life. We know you are paid to post your garbage because no one in their right mind could come up with the sh@@ you do without help.
            Please go somewhere and die your dirty piece of garbage. Some of use refuse to let you pollute the message boards unchallenged.
            You are beyond contemptible and have reached new levels of disgust. Please go find some hole besides your family members to go and decompose.
            Furthermore, I did read the bill because I can read and had a serious interest in it. Never assume that someone is as stupid as you.

          • The ACA was not enacted by fiat by the President, it was proposed buy him and enacted into law only after extensive debate by Congress and the Senate. ‘Obamacare’ has become a phrase often used by those who dislike the Affordable Care Act and work for its repeal. In March Congress voted 267-151 to fully fund ‘Obamacare’ and now they are foolishly using this as a pawn to shutdown the government. The House and Senate seem to be OK with violating their own rules; the Congress has not passed a budget since 2009, and the government has been functioning nonetheless. The Senate will not pass anything that defunds the Affordable Care Act, the President wont sign it and Boehner doesnt have the backbone to see a government shutdown through to the end where ‘Obamacare’ is defunded.

            A government shutdown might be what it takes to get through to ignorant voters like yourself that don’t see the big picture and will finally realize all they wants is their vote. We need to somehow get through to the Republican and Tpub middle-class who actually work for a living, but continue to vote Republican despite the fact that the policies being pursued by their party, will be just as damaging and detrimental to them as much as it is to Democratic working class. Youre the one that needs to WAKE UP and pull your head out of your …

          • why do you care what we voted for, if he is a Dictator don’t you think its our problem,or are you trying to say he is your President too.he can’t be to much of an Idiot he was Elected not one time but 2 times, so he must be a dame good idiot, too bad we can not say the same thing about your party or you

        • You voted for it but NONE of you want it . Most of the left either works for the Govt and already gets Tax Payer Supplied care or are on entitlements and will get it free courtesy of the wealth redistribution that is the ACA so of course you voted for it . The rest of you hypocrite chickens dont like it and are getting exemptions …there have been over 1400 exemptions and 20% of those have gone to Liberals in Nazi Pelosi’s peoples Republic comrade . These are the very people who supported Obama and the ACA like brain dead puppets until someone told them what a Train Wreck Obamacare is …These are the very people who should be made to take it and or do it out of loyalty but they are Liberal Hypocrite Chickens so they used their pull and got out …If anyone deserves the exemptions it is the Conservatives who told you it was a Trainwreck ….CHoooo Chhoooooo

      • Here we go with another asshole conservative who thinks he is god, you people are the real Obstructionists in this country and always do the blaming, we don’t have to blame when we all know who they are, you and your stupid party, I hope Cruz kill’s the whole party, and so far looks like that is just what he is doing, one thing is for sure we all know that there will never ever,ever,ever,ever be another Republican President in this country aging for the next 50 years and I for one am so dame Glad, and all you have to do to make my dream come true is to let Cruz run that party, or better yet let him open his stupid mouth.

        • You prove your maturity and intelligence level when the first thing you do is call someone names . You also prove I am right because you cant refute a single thing I said . Obama is the one who said he wouldn’t negotiate not the GOP that makes HIM the Obstructionist ..Try using logic ..I know it scare Liberals who are so used to having the Whitehouse tell you what to a=say and you just repeating it but try it K

          • oh now I am Immature because I don’t agree with your lame logic, of why we the people of this country want healthcare and stupid people like you don’t want us too, you show the world just how Racist and hateful you people are, and lets not talk about calling people names you people have called the President every name that you can think of, and Iam immature you people just like I said think you are god, and that its your way or its the highway, I stand by what I said you are an asshole, the president did not say that he would not Negotiate he said he would not negotiate on the Debt celling so once aging you are the one who is telling the big lie, its what assholes like you do when they don’t have a leg to stand on, all you people do is lie and when that don’t work for you stupid people you lie some more, I hope Ted cruz Destroy your party (AS IF HE HAS NOT ALREADY DONE IT) and its a dame shame cause this fool has not been there long enough to wipe his ass, but he has manage to ruin your party in the short time he has been there, and I pray that you fools put this asshole up as your forerunner for the next president, you think you assholes are still mad about mitt the nitt-witt please put him out there and watch his stupid ass go up in flames, and I for one will be LMAO at the stupid party, and its stupid people, and yes I am calling you and all like you what this country and I both know to be the truth is that all of you are assholes

          • No you are immature because you cant debate a single thing on merit and then you respond to reasonable posts with immature name calling . EVERY Single POLL out there even the ones done by Liberals show that America hates the Train Wreck known as Obamacare ( and oh I love that his name is attached to that Train Wreck ) And what is racist about agreeing with all of America ? Why do you have to show your ignorance by name calling and just resorting to the Race card ? By the way have I called Obama any names ? You cant spell or put a proper sentence together and you call other people stupid ? Are you related to Fern or something …Let me break it down to a level your ghetto welfare ass can understand …You are a stupid ghetto bitch who probably lives in one of those Dem Plantations and got yo self a great Union Public SKOO education …..By the way why are you so terrified of Cruz ?

    • I also support the President… the terrorists are Boehner, Cantor et al that are attempting to bring us all to our knees so that their ‘puppetmasters’ can gain control. In their defiance they are seeking to destroy America by blackmail and extortion of the President and the American people; Congress would rather see our country fail, than offer a compromise or get involved in democracy. Until the GOP/T is voted OUT in 2014 they will continue to ‘beat a dead horse’ in support of the rich and their pro-corporate agenda over the publics best interest; the only way to protect and preserve the middle-class is to vote out every Republican in Congress in 2014 and let President move forward with his agenda that the ‘majority’ of US voted for.

  2. Obama has already TOLD everyone that he wont negotiate and of course the Brain dead will turn around and call the GOP obstructionists …Hypocrisy is a Liberal hallmark and it is why the terms are interchangeable . Liberals dont get your soaked panties in a bunch …Obama will just veto it and they control 2 sides …Obama proves his own hypocrisy with his new stand on the debt limit which is a lot different then when Bush was in office …so if he wants a debt limit increase he should admit that he was wrong and that Bush was right …oh but then who would he Lie and Blame things on ????

    • That’s a LIE!! The only thing Obama said he wouldn’t negotiate on is the debt ceiling. He said he’d negotiate on the budget if the GOPers in the House were serious about negotiating – which they’ve proven that they’re not serious – by intentionally passing a budget that they knew was dead in the water because it’s trying to defund Obamacare!!! So stuff it!!!!

      • The Debt limit is the ONLY thing this hinges on . And if you want to talk about bad budget proposals what about Obama’s ….hahahah His own Party voted unanimously against the other one because it was Crayola like and the other only I think 3 of the Dems voted for …You lose that argument everytime

    • The headline of this article says it all-Ted Cruz’ Plan for Dummies-and if you buy into this, biker boy, then you are are proud member of the Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest TPotty club. Of course you confuse opinion with fact; your posts are all the same-boring and predictable TPotty agitprop. Get some new and original talking points if you expect anyone to take the faintest notice of your sophomoric drivel.

      • You realize that when you have to resort to name calling you make yourself look immature intolerant and uninformed right . I never use talking points everything I post is original and YOU took notice of my post and it obviously touched a nerve …So I guess that doesn’t fit with your programming huh ? and you don’t like that do you Baaa Baaaa

      • WOW” that’s telling the fools were to put it, and they keep saying the same thing over and over, what a bunch of assholes, they don’t want to here the truth or facts, all they want is to tell everybody why they lie so much, talk about having your head up some ones but its these people

    • Jedi… the Obozo zombies on this site could see Obozo caught on film performing lewd acts with a child and they’d STILL support him. Many would go so far as to suggest that the lewd acts he was performing with the child were not really bad at all. They are complete idiots!!!

      Have a nice day!

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

      • One day they will get their wake up call …Well at least the few that actually have jobs …Just wait until they like their coverage and lose it or when they have to pay for the free stuff all of the other Liberals get

  3. Texas freshman Senator Ted Cruz is either completely ignorant of the Constitution or is a consumate liar willing to do anything to advance his own personal political career.
    Real Americans have seen many Ted Cruzes rise up from the bowels of politics, cause a big stink for a short while, and then slip back below the surface of the cesspool.

      • You are right. The media is now on another feeding frenzy, publishing “the rest of the story” which will deflate this noisemaker’s sails big-time.
        Ask the former “Red Scare” conservative noisemaker Senator Joe McCarthy how his plans to become the anti-Christ worked out for him.

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