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Saturday, June 23, 2018


If you have Republicans in your family, be prepared. They’re going to be ready to gloat.

And maybe they even deserve a chance to rub it in… for a moment.

Obamacare was passed without one Republican vote after Massachusetts — Massachusetts! — elected a Republican senator to try to stop it. The promises that were made that everyone could keep their plans couldn’t be kept. The launch was a disaster.

These things are all true. Republicans spent the last few years predicting this law would destroy America, the economy and the Hobby Lobby with death panels. None of these things happened, but the rollout of the law’s key reforms has been a mess. Now, Republicans are sure that there’s no way in hell that the law can ever work now.

If the president’s health care reform is to survive, the end of November 2013 will have been the low point of the story. As you know from the movies, that’s the point where things either improve drastically — or explode. They’re hoping for the latter and would rather not hear anything that might dispel that belief.

So let them get in their 10 variations of the “If you like your pumpkin pie, you can keep it” jokes. Then see if you can sneak in a few things that would make them feel optimistic about America’s health care system — if that wouldn’t be a good thing for Obama.

If you’re up against a particularly rough crowd, here are some quick preambles that might help you:

I heard on Fox News that…

I just read an email forward that said…

What nobody in the Obama administration wants to admit about Benghazi is…

Then hit them with one of these five facts.

Photo: Geoff Stearns via Flickr