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Friday, January 18, 2019

Terry McAuliffe Contrasts Himself With Ken Cuccinelli’s Extremism


Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on Saturday drew a clear line between his vision for the state and Republican opponent and current attorney general Ken Cuccinelli‘s before an enthusiastic crowd of around 250 gathered in Arlington County’s Rosslyn neighborhood to celebrate McAuliffe’s 56th birthday and launch the campaign’s first field office.

In an opening salvo, McAuliffe took a shot at Cuccinelli’s controversial term as attorney general, which saw him wage a war against climate scientist Michael Mann, sue the EPA to prevent regulation of greenhouse gases, sue the federal government to stop Virginia from implementing health care reform, urge universities to end gay protections, and other ideologically extreme actions.

McAuliffe said, “we need a good attorney general, because we know what happens when we have an attorney general who’s more interested in suing scientists and all this other stuff, instead of focusing on the job at hand. So it’s important for us to have a real attorney general who’s focused on the people’s business and not some social ideological agenda which is going to divide us.”

He pointed out that Cuccinelli is against the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, while he is “all in,” saying that by embracing the Medicaid expansion, Virginia would be able to cover nearly 500,000 more residents with quality health care and receive $21 billion over the next seven years. “It’s the right thing to do morally for these folks. Also it’s the right thing to do for us here in the Commonwealth to keep our citizenry healthy and prevent illnesses,” going on to say that if Cuccinelli’s plan to reject Medicaid expansion takes place, Virginia will lose that money to other states. “Our taxpayer money is going to go to those other 49 states. It’s our money. It takes care of our citizenry. Let’s keep that money here in Virginia.”

The former Democratic National Committee chairman, Clinton confidante and electric car company founder also touched on key issues he will focus on over the next nine months, including the need to create the jobs of the 21st century by doing something about making the state’s renewable energy standard mandatory, having a dedicated source of funds for transportation, infrastructure upgrades, and education reform.

McAuliffe acknowledged he is up against history because “whoever wins the White House, the other party’s won the governor’s mansion for 40 straight years.” He then went on to remind supporters that President Obama defied history by winning Virginia twice in a row.

“He did it, and we’re going to do it too. We’re going to shake up some history.”

Photo and video credits: Josh Marks

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5 responses to “Terry McAuliffe Contrasts Himself With Ken Cuccinelli’s Extremism”

  1. browninghipower says:

    A piece of dry toast should be able to beat a dangerous ideologue like the Cooch…and MacAuliffe is a bright guy. But I never ever underestimate the stupidity and evil of the GOP and their minions. But…here’s hoping.

    • And also let us not underestimate the power of the purse, especially if Karl Rove’s financial backers (both of them – both named Koch) decide they like Cooch enough to go against Rove’s idea of running electable candidates!

  2. docb says:

    McAulliffe is a nasty piece of work but anything is better than cuccie the bagger against women, fairness, climate change and everything that will better the State of Virginia!

  3. charleo1 says:

    I remember a couple of years ago when the Koch Brothers invited all their butt boy Governors
    they had managed to get elected in 2010, up to their posh ski lodge, to give them their marching
    orders. All very hush-hush. I remember thinking how proud their John Birch Society, troll of a
    Father would be of his two baby boys. Just like him. Out there, busting unions, and bringing
    back the old organization that had called President Eisenhower out for being a Communist.
    Yes, before the Democrats elected a Black man to the Presidency, about all the legacy the Birch
    Society had left, was the rotting teeth of millions of Appalachian, and other rural kids. After
    their, “one great victory,” in convincing other ignoramuses, fluoride added to the water supply
    was a Communist Plot. But now, how glorious it must have been, in that short time between the November’s wins at the polls, to think, in two short months more than a dozen State Houses, and State Legislatures, along with the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington would fall under their control. Could the Presidency be that far away? Yes, Bush was a flop.
    But we had managed to strangle the small Democratic uprising in it’s cradle. Healthcare, my
    ass! Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Loans for poor kids to go to college. All that Socialist,
    Communist crap, will be nothing but a bad memory in five years! Dad, are you watching? Okay, boys! Grab your drinks. We’ve got some work to do!

  4. dadhoover says:

    I’m a resident of Virginia and the Cooch has embarrassed our state enough already !! I’m putting my hopes on the more educated and progressive thinkers of Eastern Virginia to ‘drag’ the TBAGGER and CHRISTIAN RIGHT of the western and other rural parts of Virginia Kicking and Screaming all the way into more people responsive state government for their own good under Mcauliffe.

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