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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Daily Show Takes A Look Inside The ‘Meth Labs Of Democracy’ At The GOP’s Effort To Make Poor People Have Kids And Then Punish Them For Doing So

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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If Republican policies are so great, why are so many red states so poor?

Arkansas passed a set of laws on Tuesday designed to copy Mississippi’s strict abortion restrictions that have the one clinic in the state that performs the procedure constantly on the verge of closing. North Dakota and Kansas are attempting to ban abortion completely. North Carolina is just trying to make it impossible for non-Republicans to vote.

Red states — as The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart has often pointed out — are the “meth labs of Democracy.”

Check out this video from Tuesday’s Daily Show and you won’t be surprised that the need for food stamps is growing the most quickly in counties that vote Republican.

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Image: Visualizing Economics

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  • WhutHeSaid

    Leave it to comedians to point out the utter insanity of the current Republican brand, because sex with monkeys, “I can see Russia from my house”, ‘legitimate rape’, and scientific ‘lies straight from the pit of Hell’ aren’t funny enough to embarrass the GOP.

  • Yep, ignorance breeds ignorance!!

  • Pamby50

    Well Sen Campfield is an idiot. I thought when I heard what he proposed that other senators would see this for the nonsense that it was. Unfortunately it made it through committee and will be going to the full senate. It also has passed through the house committee. Poor kids in this state are in trouble.

  • Allan Richardson

    I keep wondering when political satirists will lose their jobs and be replaced by actual clips from politicians saying stupid things. The sad part is the number of voters who do not RECOGNIZE the stupid as stupid. So, we still need people with creative minds to FIND AND PACKAGE the stupid things, and point out where the stupid parts are. Jon Stewart is a master at this, as is his protege Stephen Colbert.