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The GOP Is The Food Stamp Party

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The GOP Is The Food Stamp Party


It’s a well-known irony that states that tend to vote Republican—the party that constantly raves about the “makers” and trolls the “takers”—generally take in more tax money than they pay out.

The 10 highest tax-producing states have all been “blue states” over the last few presidential elections. Of the 10 lowest, eight are “red.” Even within states, Democratic-leaning counties tend to consume fewer services for the tax money they contribute than red counties do—even though Democratic areas generally include large urban populations.

While food stamp growth ballooned during the president’s first two years in office, from 2010-2011 it only increased by three percent as the recovery began to take hold.

Yet during the 2012 election, Newt Gingrich constantly referred to President Obama as “the food stamp president,” a term whistling with “welfare queen”-like racial overtones. Despite Gingrich’s racial connotations, the majority of Americans who use food stamps are white, and they increasingly live in Republican areas.

Bloomberg recently compiled U.S. Department of Agriculture data and found that, “70 percent of counties with the fastest growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008.”

Democratic voters are increasingly supporting Republican voters. This is largely due to the lingering impact of the financial downturn, which has been exacerbated in red states and red counties with red policies. Republicans have been enacting austerity measures  at state and local levels with unprecedented downsizing of public employees during the jobs crisis. Total governmental employment is down more than half a million since President Obama took office.

Many of these workers who lost their good government jobs are unemployed or forced to take wages so low that they still qualify for food stamps. In 2010, 41 percent of those who received food aid had jobs.

Blue states tend to take better care of the poor and also take steps to prevent poverty by spending more on education.

“By nearly every measure, people who live in the blue states are healthier, wealthier, and generally better off than people in the red states,” according to The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn.

Republican states not only benefit most from government support, their policies create the need for food stamps in the first place.


  1. nobsartist November 12, 2012

    The republiCONs have been trying to turn Michigan into a food stamp state for years.

    Failed again.

  2. bcarreiro November 12, 2012

    if you want a reduction of people on assistance then noncustodial parents need to pay their fairshare then court ordered minimums of $11.00 a week or nothing at all. DOR has to step up and hold them accountable.

    1. SibyllasStuff November 13, 2012

      Why are you picking on noncustodial parents? Every situation is different. I know of a custodial parent who has taken advantage of every offer of “assistance” – leaving the non-custodial parent the “bad guy” who is constantly living under verbal threats of going to jail if payments aren’t made. Does the kid get all the money? I doubt it. There is a whole system of people “enforcing” the “rules” and yes, I think Bill Maher is a little strong in saying ALL Americans are stupid. But that is what he does – shock.
      We’re all “sucking at the tit”. Some just more than others.

      Some people on “assistance” of one kind or another are getting disability payments, social security, payment to NOT grow crops, payments to grow certain crops, payments for sitting in an office and not doing much, tax breaks for sending jobs overseas, or for not doing anything at all except letting someone else manage your vast wealth. I think both paying a fair share and eliminating so many of the little tax loopholes that insiders enjoy, that the little guy only knows of after the fact would be just about right. Give a little, get a little.

      1. bcarreiro November 13, 2012

        you must owe in child support.

        1. SibyllasStuff November 13, 2012

          No. I don’t. But I know of someone who is obliged to. And I have heard of other young men who fear losing their jobs, for fear of not having the child support payments to pay for the system that collects the money from the non-custodial parent – and then pays the custodial parent – but it is a bureacratic system that was put in place in this state nonetheless.

  3. old_blu November 12, 2012

    Why does this not surprise me? The takers are really the Republicans.

    1. idamag November 13, 2012

      The statistics show that the red states who take the most welfare are the ones who want free stuff.

  4. Don Ramsey November 12, 2012

    We have known this for some time. The only mystery is why it has not been made a major talking point? It is “in your face” evidence that the republican policies don’t work to benefit the middle class.

    1. latebloomingrandma November 13, 2012

      Well, when you have Bill O’Reilly, who many people think speaks a non-partison truth, says the outcome of the election is that people just want more free stuff,—meaning Obama people. Do you expect him to state it’s just the opposite?

  5. Barry W. Bruington November 12, 2012

    much of this comes down to education as said blue states have better eduction systems, this is far far from what is actually needed. If we, this country are to be competitive with the rest of our planets growing population we must do as many other civilized countries have done for example look at finland, there the most repected jobs in society are those of teachers, there teachers are paid one of the highest wages. In finland to be a teacher you must have years of learning yourself, to teach math you must be a math proffessor, in a world wide study on education finlands students came out on top, our united states came out 37th how embarrassing is that. One reason could be we teach utter nonsense in our schools, can one even imagine if a teacher was to attempt teaching creationism in a finland school ? that said teacher would be banned from teaching forever. Yet here in the great united states some still believe in gods,noahs ark,virgin births,adam and eve, and all the other total crap in the bible. teaching this crap is no different than teaching children that santa claus is real, so is the tooth fairy, its no different. The rest of the world laughs at our stupidity, our drug laws for one we have millions of non violent drug offenders in our prisons, more than all other countries put together, this system the war on drugs has gotten way out of control unless a person does an act of violence or steals then they should not be sent to prison for having or selling a drug, Hell you want all the drug violence, drug lords,drug gangs, drug dealers, ect.. to be put out of business ??? Do you ? well then do as we did in the 1930s with alcohol make it legal and sell it at pharmacies, it would put all the above out of business over night save our country billions in prison costs, and make us billions in profits, its a win win situation. As bill maher says ” americans are stupid ” and mostly he is correct, we never learn from our past, we never take another countries idea which works much better than our way, Religion and idiosity,ignorance,gulible, all go together hand in hand, how could any sane human believe our entire population came from 2 people adam and eve, it all starts there and the fairy tales go on .

    1. Kurt Haas November 12, 2012

      Do you really want coke to be available for legal use? Speed? Metamphetamine? Ecstacy? Crack? Which of these would you legalize? Where do you stop?These drugs produce no good results that could even qualify to be sold by pharmiscists, yet you expect a doctor to write out the scrip for one? And, if you need a scrip for one and the doctor does not give it, whats the other alternative to the freindly crackhead? Oh yes, buy it illegally..square one we are back. Now, suppose we do legalize another drug, like pot. I agree, btw, that pot is about the least harmful of drugs and is likened to booze. So now instead of just drunk drivers who kill thousands every year, we can double that with potheads. Awesome. And, we can increase health care costs, insurance costs and prison populations due to people driving under the influence of the weed. And who pays for this? John Q Public.
      What’s the answer? I don’t know. But knowing as Bill Maher says that Americans are stupid and tend to go overboard on, well, everything, do you really think adding a new instant gratification like pot is a good idea? We can barely handle booze as Americans. I personally think Americans tend to be smarter but the fringe element tends to do more harm than the majority of us can cover.
      As for education, does it make sense that states continually send money up to Washington and the Department of Education only to have to kiss rear ends to get it back and then only if the do as Big Brother says? What if, crazy thought, the states managed their own education systems with their own money? Talk about forging competitive schools. It would also force schools to gasp, live within a budget.

      1. idamag November 13, 2012

        know what, Kurt? Illiegal drug use has spawned the criminal element. The murdering drug cartels in Columbia and Mexico get rich from selling narcotics in the United States. If drugs were no longer illegal, the criminals would be out of business. We need more education in grade school about drugs. People, in my state, said if we allowed wine to be sold in the grocery stores we would have a state full of winos. Guess what, it has been in grocery stores for ten years and we don’t have any more winos than we used to.

      2. FredAppell November 13, 2012

        You are wrong! First off, I don’t like drunk drivers any more than you do but as terrible as I feel for victims of drunk drivers, prohibition has caused way more problems for society as a whole than drunk driving has for individuals. Prohibition of drugs is doing the very same thing in our current society. Research shows that many people do drugs only because they are illegal and people like to feel that they are getting away with something because most Americans by our very nature are rebellious. Second, we can’t leave education up to individual states because we will have too many schools teaching our kids that science and mathematics are false and creationism is true. America needs the Department of Education to set a national curriculum. Unfortunately it isn’t easy teaching kids anything nowadays. They lack any critical thinking skills, they are way too hyper sensitive, over stimulated with digital electronics and too over indulged by mom and dad. When schools try to do something about this problem the parents raise holy hell. The schools have tried to bar cell phones but parents won’t allow it. If you can come up with the solution to that conundrum than I will personally nominate you for Person of the Year.

        1. grammyjill November 13, 2012

          In our schools we didn’t ban cell phones but during school they have to be off. If one is found on it gets taken away until the day is over and thereafter the student has to give the phone to the office during school. Problem solved. A couple parents put up a fake protest. It lasted a couple hours. Save face in front of their kid.

          1. FredAppell November 13, 2012

            Fair enough! But actually my point was that it is becoming increasingly harder to teach children these days because of the reliance on our technology which the irony of me putting this out on the computer hasn’t entirely been lost on me. But I digress. This was really about the importance of having a national curriculum in education and keeping the church out of public schools but i am glad that your schools at least have some control over the gadget war.

          2. grammyjill November 13, 2012

            Agree. We have one school up here that threw out the text books and gave everyone a laptop. It actually works good. Of course the kids weren’t too happy when they found out that being out sick was no excuse for not attending class and getting homework done and emailed in. Just have to figure out how to make that tech. work the best.

          3. FredAppell November 13, 2012

            That was a great anecdote, thanks! I got a good chuckle from that one. Have a good night.

          4. grammyjill November 14, 2012

            How this school started is a good story. My son is adhd. With children like that the best thing to do is find out what they are really interested in a nudge them in that direction. My son is a computer nut. In grade school, his principal was also his weight lifting coach so got to know him well. So he started this school FOR adhd kids. It works great. Funny thing is my son never got to go there. By the time it was set up he was too old. Son is now 26 and still a computer nut. He can tear one apart and put it back together. He fixes them for friends and family but can’t get a job doing it because he couldn’t sit still for college. He wanted them to teach him something he didn’t already know.

          5. FredAppell November 14, 2012

            I know all about adhd. I have it myself but I haven’t done anything about it. I am and always have been a musician and it has taken me most of my life (31 years) to finally get to a level of playing that takes most people 5 years to master. I read a few of your past comments from your profile and was impressed with how personal you get. It is hard for most people to open themselves up the way you have even when they are hiding behind a keyboard. Thank you for sharing some of your story with me and keep nudging your son because it sounds like he found his niche. Maybe he could go into business for himself. You could put feelers out in your area to see if there is a market for that sort of thing. The start up cost is virtually a drop in the bucket and if he isn’t interested then encourage him to do something creative in the arts. It will help him to learn how to focus and relax his thoughts. Your son will be fine because he has a pretty terrific mom who has his back. Goodluck!

          6. grammyjill November 14, 2012

            I actually have four adhd kids. Lots of fun! My oldest son started taking things apart when he was little. Now he’s military and takes apart blackhawks. My girls are alot different. The oldest works with the disabled and the youngest is good at anything she wants to do. They are all extreemly senative people. In the past week I think all of them have told me they don’t want to be a grown up anymore. That means they really need a mom hug. It doesn’t bother me to tell people about myself. How else can they know I’m for real. And hopefully they’ll learn something or can teach me something. Question: You said you are also adhd (me too), do you still suffer from Oh Shiny?

          7. FredAppell November 14, 2012

            Yes! Everyday and every waking moment. It generally takes me anywhere from a half hour to an hour to have these exchanges. Every time I try do say something I end up losing my place and have to gather my thoughts so I can finish. It happens when I have regular conversations with people who are in the same room with me too. My creativity is off the charts though and so is my ability of observation so I don’t mind the trade off because I get the better part of the deal. Your sons sound like they have a lot of creative energy too! That’s probably why they are both good with their hands. Even though you haven’t mentioned it, I bet they have a need to understand how things work, I know I do. That is why your older son took things apart as a child. I did the very same thing! It’s funny what you said about each one of your kids saying they don’t want to be grown up anymore! I’m 43 this month and sometimes I feel that way too. I think most adults feel that way from time to time. The trick to dealing with that is to find one special thing to indulge in at least for a little while everyday and it doesn’t matter what that special thing is. Maybe your special thing is making connections with total strangers and there is nothing wrong with that. It is very brave but it has it’s rewards too and learning something is one of those rewards. After all, that’s how we grow as people.

          8. grammyjill November 15, 2012

            I will tell you the same thing that I tell my kids. When you’re having a rough time with the adhd, remember, you are one of the smartest people on the planet. Sure your brain works differently but that is what makes you smarter. Bet your IQ is somewhere in the 116 to 140 range. And I completely understand Oh shiny. The kids had to get it from somewhere. And mine got the double whammy. My youngest daughter Sarah, use to build robots in high school. She got a job offer from Dean Kamen when she was 15. He even told her he would send her to college. She figured he was joking and told him he was an asshole. She’s 24 now and he’d still like to hire her but she lost interest in robots. She’s a server instead and makes good money. And is very unhappy with days off. Workaholic! I told my daughter-in-law that the worst words out of my son’s mouth is “I’m bored.” If she hears that she should hide the microwave. He’s 34 and I still buy him models to put together. Trying to save the microwave. lol! I’ve tried to get him to go into crash investigation. A blackhawk crashed at his base and he had to help with the cleanup. He called to let us know he wasn’t involved in the crash and told us he knew what happened by looking at the two small pieces he picked up. Sometimes my kids are so smart it’s scarey.

          9. FredAppell November 15, 2012

            My IQ has never been tested so I don’t have a clue as to where I would rate. I have to ask though! What is Oh shiny that you keep referring to? I’ve never heard that term before. By the way, tell your daughter to slow down and take the time to live before life passes her by. It is O.K. to be a workaholic if she enjoys it or if she is working towards a goal. But make sure she isn’t doing it to avoid dealing with something. Regret can be a tenacious enemy.

          10. grammyjill November 15, 2012

            Oh shiny comes from that daughter. It means easily distracted. Mid conversation something shiny catches your attention and your train of thought gets derailed. She has that part pretty bad. She doesn’t have alot of friends so she likes to go to work mostly to be social. She really likes meeting new people, so waiting on them suits her. She has the day off today and is a little grumpy about it. I have found that most if not all adhd people have a pretty high IQ. Usually within the range I gave you.

          11. FredAppell November 15, 2012

            That’s really interesting that she seeks people out. Like mother like daughter! I deliver mattress sets and work in the store selling them for a living. I find that people tend to burn me out. The job keeps me physically fit but for me, dealing with people all day long exhausts me in every sense of the word. I get irritated with everyone very easily including with my family and my employer. Even customers have gotten it from me. Sometimes it amazes me that i’m still employed. I don’t have any children and I have never been married and it is a good thing because i’m not good at those kind of relationships. I hate sharing any time with the people I love, to me it is like pulling teeth and yet I always feel remorseful. At the end of the day even with all my flaws, I will never screw anyone over, am always honest and I will always do the right thing. In other words, I am dependable.

          12. grammyjill November 16, 2012

            Sarah is a combination adhd kid. She is quite the social butterfly. The oldest, Tina, is add. She is very quiet most of the time. People don’t bother her most of the time unless she’s having a bad day then it’s time to leave her alone to do her own thing. She works with disabled people. Really good at it too. She prefers children but currently has a 90 year old woman that can’t talk. Jarad does alright with people which is good since in the military he is the boss. He has 25 guys that say yes sargent to him. He calls them his merry morons. Charlie (my computer nut) on the other hand is alot like you. Doesn’t deal with people well. Can’t work anywhere where there is a boss close by. He’s turned getting fired into an art form. Can do it in record time too. If we have a family thing like holiday dinners, he comes out of his room says hi to everyone, gets food and goes back to his room until everyone is gone. The family understands it. When he tried staying a fight always broke out. The keep your mouth shut filter doesn’t work so good. In most adhd people one of those that filters don’t work. Usually it’s the one that if you think it, it comes out of your mouth before you can even think to stop it. It takes alot of self training to get yourself to wait a moment and think about it before you say it. When Sarah is at work the filter works most of the time, but the minute she walks out of work that’s done. She turns into a stand up comedian. An insulting, cynical, sarcastic one. When I was fighting cancer she would come up every day and make me laugh until it hurt. If you’re laughing you’re not scared for a while. Jarad has the same warped sence of humor and called whenever he could to make me laugh. It helped alot. You said on one of your posts that you live in the northeast. I’m in the cold zone too. NH.

          13. FredAppell November 16, 2012

            I was thinking about what you told me regarding your son Charlie. There may be more going on with him than the ADHD. Make sure it isn’t something much more severe such as depression or something else just as debilitating. It sounds to me that even with the quirks your children have, it is very evident that you feel blessed for those four people and that really is all that matters. As for your comparison between your son and myself goes, there are some differences. When I get irritated it is clear that I am annoyed but it never manifest as hostility which is probably why I tend to get away with it. I hate confrontation so the filter does work but I do let people know where they stand. I can get along with everyone but at the end of the day I just want to be left alone. It sounds strange considering that I do a lot of corresponding on The National Memo but it allows me to vent my frustrations and it is therapeutic. By the way, i’m in Connecticut and it doesn’t get quite as cold here as it does there but honestly we are both very lucky because we get to see nature in all it’s wondrous beauty. I wouldn’t trade the four seasons for anything.

          14. grammyjill November 26, 2012

            Hi Fred, Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
            Yes, Charlie does suffer from depression also, but his problem with crowds he’s had his whole life. I don’t much like them either. I don’t run though. Just stay out of the way and stay quiet. Charlie only argues with two or three family members. My sister-in-law, who thinks she’s the best thing ever, and her oldest son. My nephew is also adhd. They all think that anything that goes wrong, it must be Charlie’s fault. He takes exception to that and so do I. So, avoidence is best. Hard to have a good holiday with a war going on in the family. They stayed home for thanksgiving. It was a nice day.

          15. FredAppell November 26, 2012

            It’s nice hearing from you and yes I did have a nice Thanksgiving, thank you. I laughed a little with your post because you pretty much described the typical American family. Usually the one popping off in my family is my older brother who is the oldest of four. He is the only religious one and the only conservative in a family full of secular liberals. He has other issues but I will keep those private. I love my brother very much but he is difficult to handle in large doses and my experiences with him have taught me well on how to interact with conservatives. We all have our quirks though and mine as you are aware are well documented. I’m happy that this year was more enjoyable for you and your family. It’s important to start off the holiday season on the right note that way it sets the tone for the rest of the year.

          16. grammyjill November 27, 2012

            Glad your holiday was good. I just ran across a petition to dump Grover Norquist. You just put his name in your subject line and you’ll get a bunch of Grover stuff including the petition. I signed it.Time to dump that guy. It can be a bit difficult to deal with someone who’s belief is so counter to your own. I just smile or run away if it’s a family holiday but if it’s not, I will try to talk calmly with them. If that doesn’t work, well I know when to quit. Like with that sister-in-law. She told me once that she would never come to my house as long as my dog Conner was still alive. He’s antisocial. Conner will be 15 on Jan.5th. His breed usually only lives to about that age, so I’m thinking about having him stuffed when he dies just to keep her away. She’s a nutjob!

          17. FredAppell November 27, 2012

            I just googled Grover Norquist and there are many different links, some of which are discussing the GOP ‘s willingness to abandon his tax pledge. There may be hope for them yet but I doubt it. Just as there is hope that if you stuff your dog, your sister-in-law will stay away. You are so funny!

          18. grammyjill November 27, 2012

            Accidently deleted your last post, but read it first. Been watching msnbc and more repubs are waving bye bye to Grover. Maybe we’re getting somewhere.  Hope the dog works as well!

          19. FredAppell November 27, 2012

            I have decided to keep my enthusiasm tempered for now. It’s a small step forward for them but we haven’t heard the price tag yet so be careful making too much of it. By the way, I love the dog story.

        2. Bradbrea November 14, 2012

          I agree with you 100% on this. Also, to liken smoking pot to alcohol clearly comes from someone who has never smoked pot. We will NEVER win the “War on Drugs” unless we legalize it, package it, tax it and control it. Way to go Washington and Colorado for passing that law! I hope it holds up for you. Just think of the tax income that those states are going to make and how many drug dealers they are going to put out of business. By the way, marijuana is NOT the gateway drug! BUT, buying it on the street gives the drug dealer the opportunity to offer up other drugs that would not be offered up if pot was being sold in packages to adults.

          1. FredAppell November 14, 2012

            Yeah! There are rumors here in Connecticut that there may be a Bill brought to the floor here for legal consideration. It is already decriminalized here so who knows what will happen. You do realize though that the Fed super- cedes those laws don’t you? My dilemma is that I support a strong Fed and limited states rights. By the way, hemp also has a lot of commercial and industrial uses too, and you are right, it is such a cash cow, that the revenue the government would bring in could be very beneficial for all of America including creating new jobs. It defies logic as to why this plant is still stigmatized. It was good talking to you though. Have a good night.

        3. Inthenameofliberty November 24, 2012

          I agree with Fred that prohibition caused more problems than the risk of drunk driving has created. I also think that drugs will should be decriminalized.

          Dr Ron Paul : ‘ The War on Drugs is a total failure.It’s created a monster of a problem for us. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars and prohibition is absurd’.

          And, yet, people tried to tell me he was just ‘a crazy old man’.

          But I can not agree that the Department of Education has been helpful. The government just does not do things in an expedient and fiscally responsible fashion. Options anyone? Privatization seems reasonable to me. But who in on this earth would take it on?

          1. FredAppell November 24, 2012

            Privatization of education is definitely not one of my favorites. How do we assure everyone gets an education? Now if we cut out the special interest and the waste than we could rebuild the system the correct way.

          2. Inthenameofliberty November 24, 2012

            You pose a very good question – how to assure everyone gets an education? I suggest we think outside the box. What has been put in place is not working. Tell me – what marked good has the department of education really done with taxpayer dollars? I have read numerous articles written by both sides. I am not convinced of the good. Did you catch my post about education in PA elsewhere on this site? Our teachers are outstanding where I live. Why this is so here and not elsewhere…I do not know. What I DO know – it is a fact that the IQ of the average student here is 10points or greater than the national average. It has been that way for quite a while. People are passionate about their kids and are willing to pay local taxes and HAVE A SAY with what is done with the money. Many teachers [not all] are also willing to take pay freezes and work with the community in these tough economic times instead of letting their union leaders get into adolescent fights with school boards. (man that has been brutal in some townships) I don’t know why……what is being done in so many states is not working. And the department of ed has been in existence a very long time now.
            Is it a culture issue? My great grandparents came ‘off the boat’ so to speak. They worked long and hard hours, as did their kids, then the kids’ kids, now us. Is it a work ethic issue? That we learn our work ethic from our parents? Is it a culture ideology? Why was I dead set on thriving in school no matter what I needed to do when others could have cared less? I don’t know. You can lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink. In other words, access to an outstanding education does not necessarily equate to success. The ‘WHY’ of that needs to be examined. Breakdown of the family unit? Less emphasis of parents on following their kids through in their schooling? I am at a loss as to the answer. All I know is that it’s not working and a new approach needs to be found. I wish I had an answer.

          3. FredAppell November 25, 2012

            Well I am afraid that you have me at a disadvantage right now. You have given me some clear points that I need to ponder. I am not a parent so I have never had to deal with school politics. If your questions are rhetorical than I am inclined to agree with you but If instead you are looking for my opinion, I have none to give. I however was one of the students that couldn’t care less and I can tell you from personal experience that there were many reasons why. Every reason you mentioned has applied to many of the kids that I grew up with. It was typical of my circle of friends. As I got older I did a 180 so it is possible that things can turn around but it won’t happen without an honest dialogue from all of us. I too wish I had an answer.

          4. Inthenameofliberty November 25, 2012

            Just a thought that popped into my head.
            I had a teacher.
            Well, yes, I had many…..
            Yet I refer to the ONE. That individual was amazing. And he took me, a good student, and caused me to stretch myself and to sore. He pulled the best out of me and made me give all I had. He was one tough son-of-a-bitch was what he was. Scared the shit out of most of us on the first day. Then went on to be the most outstanding teacher of my lifetime. But what I learned, I took with me.

            So maybe that is part of the key, right there. Finding those rare individuals who are fantastic at what they do and giving them the freedom to be fantastic in the classroom.
            Still, if I had not feared letting my parents down I might not have responded well to that teacher.
            Who knows. I am not sure. Just the thought popped into my head, is all.

          5. FredAppell November 25, 2012

            You and I responded to fear in 2 completely different ways. Anybody that caused me fear was a threat. Even if that fear was only perceived by me. I was the kind of kid that if a grownup didn’t inspire me in the first five minutes than all bets were off. I only responded to kindness and to this day nothing has changed in that regard. I also had family problems and a learning disability that wasn’t diagnosed. I did however have some memorable teachers and I would have walked through fire for them. They treated me with a gentleness and respect that somehow penetrated through the obstacles I was dealing with but only to a degree. If that sounds too bleeding-heart to your sensibilities than I apologize. The greatest teacher I ever had was a former best friend who taught me that ignorance was my most formidable enemy. We are no longer friends but I conquered ignorance thanks to him which has shaped me into a more observant and open-minded person. I am constantly challenging myself to rethink prior prejudices and conceptions. Perhaps that is also part of the key. Humans need to be willing to consciously evolve mentally and emotionally to improve ourselves and our world. That’s the journey I am on and it is very sacred to me. Improving my humanity is the only goal I have.

          6. Inthenameofliberty November 27, 2012

            We are all a work in progress. This year I realized that I have a really, really long way to go.

          7. FredAppell November 27, 2012

            Self realization is the most difficult step of all. It takes courage and a great deal of honesty to look within oneself and be open enough to see through the veil and really know ourselves. We each have a tremendous barrier of lies from others and also self deception to breakthrough but if the will is there than all things are possible.

          8. Inthenameofliberty November 30, 2012

            This site makes replies too narrow. Let me just say it has been a pleasure to write to a reasonable and knowledgeable person on this page and we will likely meet again.

          9. FredAppell November 30, 2012

            I doubt it but it is a nice sentiment and thank you very much for listening. This is my last post on this blog, as of yesterday morning I closed my National Memo account. The divisiveness is stressing me out and quite honestly it has become too easy to lose one’s own sanity and it just isn’t worth it. One final thought before I go, every person on these political blogs and every American for that matter need to put aside the politics. It is perfectly fine to disagree and have a spirited debate but at the end of the day the result should be common ground, not hostility. Politics and polarization is the true cancer that is destroying all of us. Go in peace and good luck in the future for you and your loved ones.

          10. Inthenameofliberty December 3, 2012

            Life is full of irony. It just really is. Just in case you decide to swing back one last time……I did the exact same thing with my facebook account the day after the presidential election. I just needed a break…had lost faith in my country and my fellow man……and desperately was wondering why Ron Paul or Gary Johnson could not be my president. Then a friend sent me a wonderful link, gave me hope….then Dr Ron Paul made his farewell address to Congress – I HAD to share that so I went back on FB to share. Ironically, many of the people that I know that voted for Obama are now truly, truly, regretting that decision. I can not help them. That was their choice. Now the real work begins, as we have a president who is FINALLY not wasting my time and yours campaigning and FINALLY has to deal with the mess of our country that he has been ‘guiding’ for the last four years. I still want him to succeed, for if he fails then we all fail. All I can do is hope. And spread the message of Liberty to people that will listen, before it is too late. Be well. All we have is each other in this world, and so far the human race has not lived up to the challenge to be the best it can be.

          11. FredAppell December 3, 2012

            I just got home from work and saw your email. I’m glad that you responded because I have been thinking a lot about you. My biggest regret about closing my account was that we wouldn’t be able to converse anymore especially when there is so much to say. If this is the only way we can communicate then so be it. I have to admit that my feelings regarding Obama are a little different today than they were a few short days ago. I still support him but I won’t blindly look in the other direction if he commits transgressions any longer. Maybe i’m evolving or maybe it is the fact that i’m not being bombarded with political messages any longer. You are only slightly younger than me so you would remember when we were kids, adults were nothing like they are today. I don’t recall adults being so divided politically and culturally as we are today. I’m not one of those people that longs for the “good ole day’s” although the music was clearly much better then it is today (fashion, not so much). I have a challenge for you, if you refuse this challenge it won’t change anything between us but if you except, it won’t be easy but I believe that you have already taken the first few steps so here is the challenge. Retrain your thought process regarding what you hear and see. Your heart is open enough so you shouldn’t have any problem with the first step. Next, take yourself out of the emotional state and be an observer with as much objectivity and sincerity as you are capable of. You will find that it gets easier as you practice it more. It sounds easy and obvious but you’d be surprised how many people can’t do it. Are you willing to try meditation? If you are you’ll find that the process occurs more smoothly. The goal here is to expand your mind and quiet any negative thoughts and to introduce you to your true self. Your love for yourself, your family, friends and the rest of this imperfect world we live in will be greater. Your interactions will be more positive even with people that you disagree with. Your stress level will decrease, while your patience and understanding will increase. then perhaps you won’t look at the human race with apprehension. I have bad days too so don’t think that everyday is supposed to be wonderful because that is a lie but our perceptions help to create our reality and how we face issues. Some days when i’m behind the wheel and see a driver do something I find annoying I tend to lose it. Remember what you said to me about ignorance? I too become quite annoyed when dealing with ignorance and guess what, I tend to let it show. That is something I am working on. I’m a work in progress and someday i’ll grow up.

          12. Inthenameofliberty December 6, 2012

            Hello! I have not had too much free time to play on the computer. Again, life is full of ironies! Reiki, meditation – yep – I have been involved with, but truthfully need to devote more time to these important modalities. It is not easy being calm in my world – kids, work (most of the time which is truly not pleasant), spouse, activities – I tend to be more stressed than not. It is not easy for me to control my stress, although I am better at it than I used to be. I get very aggravated when I am forced to partake of things that are not of my choosing. I never asked my government, led by ignorant individuals, to take my money and spend it with so little care. You know I am a Dr Ron Paul fan. Enough said.
            I was just posting responses to some comments on other pages. Why is the world full of such ignorant and uneducated people? Why can’t people see both sides to an argument? Anyway, it is what it is. But FYI – your account is still open! At least, it was at the time you made your reply, because it is on the National Memo page.
            I wish there were more individuals like yourself. More people who can converse online and actually get somewhere with their discussions. I believe there are too many adults who live in their own little worlds, and who prefer to make themselves feel better by belittling others. Yep – I am guilty, too. I do at least recognize that lousy trait as I am expressing it. Which is more than I can probably say for the others.

          13. FredAppell December 7, 2012

            Good morning! Thanks for letting me know about my account. I had A feeling that it wasn’t closed completely when you had responded to me via my username after I canceled my account. The result being that I don’t receive news stories and I can’t reply to anyone unless they contact me first. I would give you my email address but then anyone who checks out your profile could get it and i’m not willing to take chances. If you can manage to find a few quiet moments every now and then to meditate than your ability to cope will be much better. Thank you for the compliment about my willingness to discuss issues. Actually I thought Dominick Vila was quite intelligent and eloquent. But if you’re referring to my willingness to listen and converse with those that I disagree with on some things than again I thank you. It means that I am reaching one of my goals. I bite my lip often because I abhor confrontation. I stopped going to the National Memo for that reason and I don’t see what there is to gain by arguing with a bunch of strangers over a political news story that is telling me what I want to hear. It is nothing but antagonism under the guise of news. FOX, MSNBC, Limbaugh, Mathews, Beck, Maddow, it doesn’t matter,their all the same (maybe not politically) but you get my point. You compliment me for being different but you deserve some credit too. The first time you ever replied to me you were very respectful even though you were on the war path with others. You made the first move and it was positive. Everyone has something to contribute to the conversation but few people are willing to sift through the rhetoric and allow themselves to connect with their opposition. I agree with you whole heartily about adults being in their own little world but my point is that you and I have managed to break through that barrier (that is no small thing) so please don’t give up hope and try to control your stress for your own sake. If you are interested in having a steady correspondents with me than let me know. I sure could use a new friend but only if you are open to it. You have a fantastic day and I hope to hear from you.

          14. Inthenameofliberty December 23, 2012

            Hello there! I made some time tonight to catch up on my email accounts. Hope the holidays find you well. Last week was a really tough, tough one for me. We had two scares here this week after the horrors of last week…..parents need to be much more careful of what they allow their kids to have access to in the house. Guns are for adults, folks, not children.
            I so believe that we need to help our kids. They are not getting the help that they need. Such tragedies are avoidable. Not by gun control, but rather recognizing/identifying those kids that are crying out for help then GETTING them that help.
            Maybe we adults need to take classes before having kids…….kidding here, but I wish my kids had come with a handbook some days.
            Happy and Prosperous New Year to you!

          15. FredAppell December 23, 2012

            Hello back at you! It’s been a little while but it sounds like your doing o.k. and I hope your holidays are going well too. You had a couple of scares where you live? Where is that? What happened? Unfortunately there are people out there who get amusement from creating fear and some are just plain stupid. We truly are a dysfunctional country aren’t we? But we bring it on ourselves. The issue’s you bring up about the kids and the gun’s are all true but something else is driving this and we as a nation keep missing the clues. I have some ideas about what a few of the causes may be but it is still only my opinion based on observation of which isn’t even entirely objective i’m afraid. Not to mention i’m not a parent so naturally people like me always think we could do better than those who actually do have children. Bet you’ve heard that one huh! Every parent has. The one irrefutable thing that we as Americans are lacking is common sense. I don’t agree with all of the laws past by either party so I will place blame all around. I will leave it at that for now besides you already know my ideas from past discussions with me. It is so, so good to hear from you again and I wish you and your family much joy from this day on, not just for the holidays but all days to come.

          16. Inthenameofliberty December 26, 2012

            Good evening! Thank you for your well wishes. Sometimes, however, I have to remind myself to be thankful of having family no matter how difficult it may be for us all to get along. I must. Remain. Thankful. lol!
            And I also hope for you and yours a wonderful and prosperous New Year!!!!!!
            I have family (who do not have kids) that are very opinionated about my apparent ‘lack of parenting skills’. You know what I am like at times – I told them to go have kids of their own, then get back to me on that.
            I don’t think they appreciated my humor! Truthfully, I wasn’t trying to be funny. I was being serious. ‘Walk in my shoes’ and all that. A breakdown of the family unit and poor parenting has lead to many problems. And I get tired of hearing that I am too hard on my children. My kids know they are loved. But kids need rules otherwise there is chaos. I tell me kids often that ‘even though I yell at them, I still love them’. They know that they are loved to the nth degree.
            But I don’t think it is easy for someone to have an understanding of a situation unless they have lived it. It’s just the human way.
            As to the scares – a local high school was closed and a disturbed student (with access to guns) was arrested. Sigh. These poor kids with their problems…….yes, we are missing many, many clues.
            Is it that we humans just close our eyes to the suffering all around us? Is it easier to turn a blind eye than to try and make a difference/ I suppose the answers are ‘yes’ and ‘yes’.
            I have many conspiracy theories. I can not help myself. But what better way to destroy a country than to destroy its children?
            I have NEVER seen so much cancer in children and pets in my life. And it is not because we know to look for it. It is because it IS THERE to find now. And it was not there before.
            Kids and animals have smaller body mass indices and therefore disease is likely to show up in them first (compared to an adult human).
            What the hell is going on? I don’t know. But no one seems to be listening. Certainly not the drug companies – they make their profits by selling pills and chemotherapy. Monsanto doesn’t care that it is causing cancer – their ‘scientists’ say their foods are safe. Yet, other nations have done their own research, to horrifying conclusions. But that is hushed up. And Monsanto will sue your ass off if one dares to utter one bad word about them. Go Kaiser Permanente (sp?) is all I can say. They are big enough to take on Monsanto.

            I lack common sense. And in so many instances I run off my mouth before engaging my brain!

            Be well!

          17. FredAppell December 27, 2012

            Hi there. How was your Christmas? By your comment I trust that your happy it will be winding down soon. I started laughing at your first few sentences, it really did sound like you were trying to inject some humor into your words. Please tell me i’m right! I also have the same issues except it is my sister who has the kids and I have learned to bite my lip. The discipline of your kids is very important as long as it isn’t abusive than no one should stand between and your duties as a parent. Have you considered that some of our nations problems with youth come down to a lack of parental discipline. Dr. Phil would probably have a field day with me which is too bad because I love his style and I agree with much of what he says. But young people today have no boundaries because too many parents want to be friends with their kids. Encouraging kids and adults is a good thing but honesty is the most important thing, however, when people hear the truth they become upset. It is exhausting just talking about it. Also your other concerns keep forcing my thoughts in another direction. I hate how my mind works. See this why I could never run for public office, I can’t even organize my thoughts. But I digress. The concerns you raised about cancer and mental health in kids and gun violence aren’t do to any real conspiracy, the truth is actually a lot less intriguing than that. It really boils down to greed and power. It is a powerful drug that some can’t seem to resist. By the way, you have plenty of common sense. Your problem is that your passionate about all the wrongs you see and you feel helpless. You have more power than you think. Have a good night.

          18. Inthenameofliberty December 29, 2012

            Once again you make some very good points!
            I have never hit my children. Why do adults think that violence and abuse is the correct way to discipline a child? There are two families with parents that spank on my husband’s side – Dear God how I would love to haul off and have them go after someone their own size – see how they like to be hit. Especially because an adult ‘spanking’ in anger is causing a whole hell of a lot of pain. Assholes!
            Yep – I am still an ass as well.
            I see you could not stay away from National Memo….I feel like I should say penance for all the unkind things I have been posting lately. I am not proud when I act meanly. Yes, I am still that work in progress. It is so easy to have a conversation with you. And so difficult to control my tongue when dealing with some of those others.

            I stayed off facebook for less than 1 week. I keep hoping that I will reach at least one other person and that will set off a chain reaction to reach two others and so on.

            I can not stop myself from trying. Likely that makes some unhappy with me. I just can not seem to stop. Our country is heading down a collision course of ruin.

            And people are arguing about things, that although the discussions are important and we need answers, those discussions are not the most pressing concerns.

            What’s the use of being divided over gun control if we no longer have a country to argue in?

            Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! We may be getting some snow. My kids are thrilled. I am not.

          19. FredAppell December 31, 2012

            It’s just shy of 5 hours until 2013. This is not political talk, I want to wish you and your family a happy and safe New Year. Go in peace my friend.

          20. Inthenameofliberty December 31, 2012

            And right back at you!!!!! All the best!

  6. havetoask November 12, 2012

    Your article is very well biased on presenting spin on the numbers. While you hit on a main point it apparently wasn’t understood or completely ignored. 70 percent of counties with the fastest growth in food stamp aid voted for the Republican….why is that you think? Could it be that those who voted for the Democrat were already on food stamps while those others were employed , now aren’t and need help until they find work? Cutting government will/has resulted in less people being employed and needing temporary assistance is understandable. After all, what is government but people being employed which , in fact, is just another welfare program paid for by tax payers? You, as a tax payer, should be happy to have some fiscal balance injected at the state and local levels – it keeps your tax bills from rising. Now go ahead and convince me that people living in Detroit are better off than people living in Dallas…go ahead with sweeping statements that are purely full of baloney.

    1. Vonnekowski November 12, 2012

      The people you’re comparing (Dallas versus Detroit) is moot. You’re arguing about “better off”, when the article was about which states can’t pay their bills. There’s always going to be better places to live. Texas is completely subsidized by oil and STILL can’t balance their budget. Also, it can be understated that a lot of the South is still rural. You can whine all you like about high taxes, but the stats have always supported a higher marginal tax rate as a means of creating jobs and generating revenue. And SPENDING during a recession is necessary, while saving during high times is unwarranted. It sound counter-intuitive but every economist worth a damn can’t be wrong.

      1. Inthenameofliberty November 16, 2012

        But to point out about those economists – aren’t they the same ones that didn’t see the housing bubble getting ready to burst?

        Kind of doesn’t make me feel a whole lot of confidence in their assessments, then.

        Especially when the economists that ‘weren’t worth a damn’ were screaming to stop the insanity and no one listened. People hate to hear the name Ron Paul – but he predicted the housing collapse when the first policies were set in place to require banks to make risky loans.

        People thought he was crazy. So who exactly were the crazy ones?

  7. Baron Cormac November 12, 2012

    What still amazes me is how poorly educated, welfare collecting, food stamp receiving Southern Whites still buy into the Republican Party’s myth that non-white Northerners are the ones suckling at the public teat.

    1. Carol Tamu November 13, 2012

      well said

    2. MalcolmTheProfessor November 13, 2012

      It’s called bigotry.

      1. TheSkalawag929 November 13, 2012

        What is truly fascinating is that they believe that they are on the right side of the argument and that everyone who doesn’t think (?) the way they do is a lying, cheating, God hater and must be eliminated.

        1. Liz Feeser-Regan November 13, 2012

          Well one thing is for sure Romney had a very low turn out of his white redneck supports.

          1. Onofre J. Escobar Rivera November 13, 2012

            Fully agreed, they are part of the 47% Romney offended. 2 million votes less…and you can still hear the same rethoric on Fox News and right wing radio stations….

          2. meanderingmushroomman alsoknow November 13, 2012

            Eliminate God Hating Liars ~ Vote for God Loving Liars

          3. drthelly1 November 13, 2012

            To Liz Feeser-Regan and Onofre Rivera: Wait a minute. Were there actually fewer GOP voters? Other articles I’ve read point out that the Obama campaign did a record-breaking job of registering students voting for the first time, Latinos, Blacks, and other ethnic minorities, women, etc.–causing Democratic voters to increase by record-breaking numbers. So, let’s us Democrats not diminish this astounding accomplishment. Fox News and GOP sore losers like Gingrich want the nation to believe that Obama won merely because the GOP voters stayed home. False. Obama won because his highly-organized campaign team rustled up tons of new voters! Thankfully.

          4. shopper November 13, 2012

            I prefer to hope that there really aren’t that many of them compared to the rest of us………..LOL

          5. TheSkalawag929 November 14, 2012

            We need to focus on State and Local races. They are the ones that affect us the most. We can’t rest now.

          6. CommieChaser November 14, 2012

            That’s easy to say when in St Lucie county Florida they had between 114% and 131% turnout! Ohio, Pa, W Va, Co, Or, Wa. and Ca. all had voter turnout figures in excess of registered voters or “glitches” with the voting machines. Can you spell F-R-A-U-D?

          7. Bettie November 15, 2012

            You are aware, CommieChaser, that most of those states you mention have voting machines that the Romney family is heavily invested in? Maybe the programmer for those machines was as inept as the campaign’s ORCA.

          8. rl November 23, 2012

            Yes, it seems that the Romney family can’t even program a win into their own machines.

          9. sparkyracer100 November 19, 2012

            Bull Sh*t.

          10. CommieChaser November 19, 2012

            You’re probably one of the “ballot stuffers” … or at the very least, a red diaper wearing Democrat! Enjoy your “Rope and Chains”, PUNK!

          11. rl November 23, 2012

            It definately needs to be said again. Yes, it seems that the Romney family can’t even program a win into their own machines.

          12. Denis Winkle April 6, 2013

            That’s why ALEC governors and election commissioners are exploiting voting rights. As they are redistricting. Hope the State Supreme Courts stay strong and Firm on Republicanism.

          13. Denis Winkle April 6, 2013

            If it were true? Where were the “law suits”??? It was the ALEX republican Governors and Voting Commissioners that sought to obstruct and deny the right to vote. As the State Supreme Courts told them to FK*off.
            The good and honest living knows F-R-A-U-D when they see it. The good and honest living would never call ALEX and its tea party. The TRUE gift of Christian and Conservative Values in the up-right heart of the GOP!!! They are nothing more than bought politicians. Who sold out their Constitutional Oath laid against “We the People”! The good and honest living. As they Signed a Pledge to out source our jobs and devalue what is good and honest on principal. They are “corporate fascist” and money mongers.In pushing the Political Terrorism of supply side economics of Regan. The voodoo economics of . “Deficits don’t matter in “cutting” and “exploiting” government programs. The good intentions of governing. In the tax free holiday of twenty years and corporations that don’t pay taxes today. In the deficit of today. As the tax burden is shifted onto you.

          14. Mike Shea April 6, 2013

            You must be off your meds. It’s scatterbrained, confused old clods
            LIKE YOU
            that fill the Democrat Party. Is that why it took 5 MONTHS for you to think
            of a reply? It must be true that … “The best way to derail the Democrats
            argument is to present them with FACTS” … Your response PROVES IT!

          15. CMH01 March 17, 2014

            Wow, I’m surprised that people still repeat those lies. You ‘facts’ are completely fabricated. Now that you know, you can stop making yourself look like such an uneducated fool. Of course, you could just ignore education and keep acting the fool.

          16. CommieChaser March 17, 2014

            I’m surprised that you even responded to that story.let alone read all the comments! Too much time on your hands, TROLL?

          17. CMH01 March 17, 2014

            So you must have a credible source for your ‘facts’ then. Please show us where you get your 114% turnout information from, so we can all laugh at your sources (hint: chain mails are not reliable sources for facts).

            I’ll just save your some time and provide this for anyone else who had no idea how ill informed your statement was: http://www.factcheck.org/2013/01/voting-conspiracies/

          18. CommieChaser March 17, 2014

            You’re just like every other Liberal idiot. When you find out you’re loosing a debate, the first thing you do is quote “Fact-check.org”. That site is staffed by the most biased, hard Left Democrats on the planet. All the figures in my statement came from official district

            sources in Florida. I suppose now you’ll claim that the Florida district vote counters got their numbers wrong too? Nice try … TROLL

          19. CMH01 March 17, 2014

            No, using facts is what rational people do. Saying that anything that is not Republican talking point media is somehow ‘left wing’ is what irrational partisan sheep do.

            Read the article unless you just hate facts that much. It has links to the sources of their information on the bottom as well so you can double check their facts.

            It’s sad to see people so partisan that they have no idea they are being fed lies. The lies you are repeating come from a chain email full of other lies. Somehow that becomes a better source of information than people who actually take time to check facts.

            Show me your sources in Florida, so we can compare notes. I’ll happily point out the errors in your sources if you would care to let us know where you got your bogus information from.

          20. CommieChaser March 17, 2014

            Where did I say that “anything that is not Republican talking point media is somehow ‘left wing’? I DID read the article… All of it… and I’m NOT a damn Republican! Talk about “people so partisan that they have no idea they are being fed lies”! …That’s why my response took so long! The sources and numbers I researched OVER a year ago have been long since deleted. Morons like you who INSIST that there sources are the ONLY ones with the “facts”, and then claim “The lies you are repeating come from a chain email full of other lies” … is a LIE in itself! Where’s your proof? That’s why anyone with two brain cells worth of common sense would refuse to give your argument any credibility. Keep trying. You’re just digging your hole deeper … TROLL

          21. CMH01 March 17, 2014

            So your facts are ‘gone’? Ok, so I guess we are done here. You have no facts, and I showed you where the actual facts state you are wrong.
            If you are not a partisan Republican looking for Fox News worthy ‘facts’, then why would you even bring up debunked claims?
            Moderates are supposed to be the ones that can spot crap facts like the ones you seemed to believe at one time. If the ‘facts’ you had were real facts then they would still be available and Sean Hannity would mention them on his show every night. Don’t try to say some massive CIA/NSA cover-up, because we know that Republican talking point media hold onto fake facts long after they have been proven wrong or irrelevant (birth certificate/death panels/Kenya/Benghazi/etc.).

          22. CommieChaser March 17, 2014

            The figures I HAD are out there … somewhere! It would be a waste of
            time looking for them again. The only ones that got DELETED were the
            outdated files that were still in my computer. The figures and all the
            research behind them took up a lot of space on the hard drive. After six
            months, the damage from the crooks running the Florida voter
            registrations had already been done and no amount of legal arguments
            sent through the FEC, DOJ, or an equally corrupt judiciary system was
            ever going to fix it. Go ahead … believe everything the DNC tells you
            concerning voter registrations, turnout at the polling booths,”two page
            forms”, etc… By your delusional rhetoric, it’s clear that you don’t
            consider any “actual facts” worth accepting beyond the ones you
            represent! Everyone else is “wrong” except the other TROLLS that share
            your goals and agenda. That’s why you claim the fake birth certificate,
            Obamacare, and the Americans murdered in Benghazi are “proven wrong or
            are irrelevant”… Tell me … WTF has been “proven”? Since when is
            four dead Americans considered “irrellevant”? They were left to die at
            the hands of Muslim extremists by a pack of COWARDS in the Situation
            Room of the White House! You failed to mention Fast and Furious, IRS
            targeting, the attempted EMP attack on the USA that was foiled by a
            loyal military Admiral and two brave Generals (who were promptly forced
            into early retirement by Obama), along with scores of other top military
            leaders who refused to obey the Dictator-in Chief! There are literally
            dozens of DOCUMENTED felonious, treasonous, fraudulent acts committed by
            this administration and cover ups by clapping seal sycophants and Obots in the media. You’re nothing but a CLUELESS TROLL …

      2. Shirley November 13, 2012

        Baron is absolutley right i lived in southeast Ok for a while i saw this every day they had nothing but a junker but boy they had a Romney sticker on it he didnt even realize these people existed

    3. 13observer November 13, 2012

      you want to make this a RACE, CLASS, NORTHERN, SOUTHERN issue….be careful now!
      Sure more whites are using the program……….there are more of them! dah! but when you ask who fills our prisons…………………..what you say then? that is when the minority becomes the majority!!! like I said if you want to make this a race issue….bring it bro!

      1. Elizabeth_in_RI November 13, 2012

        The difference in race in our prisons is also largely due to policies skewed toward white and against minorities. For example crack cocaine, typically used by urban minority populations carries a very heavy penalty. While regular cocaine, and now meth, typically used by whites, and particularly for meth, rural whites, carries far less criminal penalty (e.g. prison time). And often the white folks get interventions such as referral to drug treatment programs. If our prisons were not largely corporate owned and operated, I wonder how much interest there would be in incarcerating such a large portion of our population??

        1. R. A. Austin November 13, 2012

          Elizabeth, you have hit the nail on the head. I hope that the President second term address this disparity and create laws that fair across the board.

        2. Colleen Klemp November 13, 2012

          YOU HIT IT RIGHT ON THE HEAD, which is why we need to change our laws, but hope for that is a slim chance because corporate prisons are big business!

        3. idamag November 13, 2012

          That is also true.

        4. 13observer November 13, 2012

          sure, you keep trying to sell that story babe.

          1. Elizabeth_in_RI November 14, 2012

            Wow – a racist, a moron and a sexist too. Can’t imagine why our political discourse has gotten so divisive with pithy commentary like yours.

          2. 13observer November 14, 2012

            Sorry, but I think we have all become too “SENSITIVE” about EVERYTHING and that is the BIGGER part of our problems today. Everything is taken so literally and your rights under the First Amendment have truely been compromised by the potential liability from such actions. TOO BAD FOR ALL OF US!

          3. Denis Winkle April 6, 2013

            Much more than that! Its’ all about ALEC and the Tea Party in the deformation and demonizing of Christan and Conservative Values verses Human Decency today. As the signing of a pledge laid against a Constitutional Oath. Exploits and demonized the Up-right Heart of Governing. We need to rebirth that Conservatism and Liberalism is a Sacred Family. The Soul Importance of Life and Essence. Disavowed in the Agenda of Political Terrorism.

      2. R. A. Austin November 13, 2012

        This article is not about race, it is about the facts of who uses government assistance. The arguement of the President giving this country away to black folks by the right wing party is unfounded. As an AA man I live daily knowning that this govenment (USA) is not going to give me any handout, but if I am willing to work for it they will reach down and provide a hand up. Please stop making this all about race, and focus on the fact that American needs all its citizens to compete in the global world.

        1. 13observer November 13, 2012

          well it’s quite obvious that you have been sucked in by the bullsh*t! if you truely want a handout………..change you name to Garcia or something because these fools will give you anything regardless of your immigration status.

      3. FredAppell November 13, 2012

        Uh! hey bro, we’re not talking about prison statistics. We are talking about the hypocrisy of people screaming and yelling about handouts while they are receiving those very same handouts. It is a fact that higher taxed states pay for the lower taxed states and still the lower taxed states bitch and moan about high taxes and entitlements. I won’t argue with you about who fills our prisons because you are right about that but you can’t ignore the reasons why. When I was a teenager I was pretty wild and I went through the court system many times and I have seen young black men go to jail for the same offences that I committed. I am white and was raised in an upper middle class town. My family was lower middle class but that didn’t matter to the court system. As far as the system was concerned they viewed me to be more redeemable than my black counterparts so don’t ever rule out race as a factor.

      4. Mary Martinez November 13, 2012

        Also, how many black and hispanics are serving time for a crime they did not commit. Look at all the pardons in Dallas/Tarrant Counties. I know a gentleman serving life time for being caught with baggies, nothing in them, just baggies. (grant you they might have contained something illegal), but not on his possession. You can kill or molest your child and serve no time, but a third time looser will get life for intent to distribute narcotics. I’m not saying it’s right to sell drugs, I’m justing saying the laws favor the white.

        1. 13observer November 13, 2012

          I beg your pardon, but hispanics are the “favored” class today as they have been given AMNESTY for their crimes!

          1. grammyjill November 13, 2012

            What is it with you and hispanics? Our current President has deported more hispanics than the last three presidents. If they get arrested for anything, they get a one way bus trip. So, chill out!

      5. northroader1775 November 13, 2012

        You two bit half brained moron….it is a race issue…it is a class issue…and it is a northern southern issue..we don’t have to make it anything. What we need to do is stop arguing about whether it exists, who’s fault it is and, who’s policies are to blame, and get busy with solutions. If we continue to strive for agressive mediocrity and fail to realize that a european 8th grader has a better education already than our HS graduates, and I don’t even want to make a comparison between our drop out rate and theirs. The bottom line is we are losing the education race and we are losing by several laps. Our own coporations are looking for forign engineers because ours are too far behind to do any out of the box thinking…hell they don’t even realize they’re in a box.

        Our best and brightest go to the mil industrial complex and get sucked into that nonsense, while the rest of the world goes on about making necessary changes in the way they do business we make changes in the way we kill people.

        1. 13observer November 13, 2012

          How is it that you are worried about other countries getting ahead of us when Obama is about to give AMNESTY to 20 million illegal alien criminals that will compete with my chidren and grandchildren for a fu*king education…………..PROFESSOR. There will be MANY more arguments to come after that folly! Our labor unions will be dead because of illegal immigration because they will FORCE us to feel the ills of “GLOBALIZATION”, and hence a new “third world” country is born just like the sh*thole they left but still support by sending a majority of their income HOME. They will get your social security check sent to Mexico!

          1. WhutHeSaid November 13, 2012

            I guess you’re too stupid to realize that YOU are part of one of the American immigration waves. If you and your children can’t compete, then why don’t you go back to whatever shit-hole YOUR family came from, and leave some room for people who whine less and work more.

          2. 13observer November 14, 2012

            Yes PROFESSOR you are so fu*king smart but………………. our “wave” as you say was…………..”LEGAL” and there is a difference. Obama is guilty of not upholding our laws and should be put in jail!!!! He only panders to illegals in hopes of broadening the democratic base……but that is what happened to GREECE and it don’t work!!!!

          3. Jeremy White November 14, 2012

            What exactly is “LEGAL” about invading a land, occupying it and nearly eradicating the indigenous population? Suck it up and get a clue.

            Your side lost because you’re dinosaurs in a changing world. No amount of whine made from sour grapes will change that. Evolve or continue to wander a political wilderness until you return to the dust from whence you came.

          4. 13observer November 14, 2012

            Oh, you must be talking in the “past” again!!! You do slip away from us now and again but more to the point silly, today laws are in place to protect law-abidding citizens….not “ILLEGAL ALIENS” sorry but this doesn’t pass the smell test Odumba.

          5. WhutHeSaid November 14, 2012

            It’s lucky for you that public lying isn’t illegal, because you’d probably be sentenced to having your tongue yanked out for telling so many whoppers.

            Your first ridiculous whopper is, of course, that your family was part of a wave of legal immigrants. I sincerely doubt that you can point to any Native American law that granted you permission to come here from whatever land of whining nut-bags that your family is from. Oh – your immigrant ‘wave’ granted permission to itself? Well, if that’s how it works then I guess you will now offer an apology for being an incredibly myopic hypocrite, yes?

            Next, President Obama has enforced laws against illegal immigration far more thoroughly than the Bush administration or any other recent administration for that matter. But then any of these immigrants should be able to follow your family’s example and grant THEMSELVES legal status — isn’t that right?

            So I’m guessing that you are one of those European ‘anchor babies’ born to families that came here without the permission of the inhabitants, correct? Well, now is a good time for you to jump in a boat and take your whining, sniveling, xenophobic self back from wherever it is that your family came from — if they would even allow you back, of course.

            America has grown to be a great nation because of it’s rich history of immigration, but if the people who were here when YOUR family came only knew that they were letting in bigoted, ignorant, whining, sniveling, xenophobic future morons they would have sent you straight back to whatever shit-hole you came from in the first place. What a shame it is that they didn’t.

          6. 13observer November 14, 2012

            Sorry PROFESSOR but the indians traded it for beads and alcohol just like cheif odumba is trying to trade it for VOTES! Everyone is so over the indians owned the land bullsh*t that it is starting to stink and make my ass tired. So why may i ask are you so opposed to taking from the indians when you have no problem taking from the wealthy??? I suppose because you and your infected liberal democrat brothers and sisters live by the same “DOUBLE STANDARD” embraced by your party!!!!!

          7. WhutHeSaid November 14, 2012

            Although I have no doubt that your ass is both stinky AND tired, that’s about the only point in your post that wasn’t bullshit.

            Just face the facts: You are an anchor baby.

            Don’t get me wrong — I have no problem with immigrants per se. Most immigrants are honest and hard working people looking for a better life for themselves and their children. These are exactly the kind of people who make America vibrant, successful, and interesting. America benefits from these immigrants.

            No, the problem is that a few of these immigrants — like you — turn out to be lazy, lying, stupid, bigoted morons who whine constantly about everyone else. Instead of contributing to America’s success like most immigrants, they contribute nothing and try their level best to turn America into a sewer of stupidity and hate. They try to ease the pain of being worthless losers by disparaging everyone else, but of course it never really helps.

            If worthless walking turds like you actually loved America, the very first thing you would do is deport yourself so that there is more room for good people. Naturally you will never do America this favor, because you don’t love America and, well — because you are a worthless loser.

            Just to show you that I have some empathy for all people — even ass-hats like you — I offer you these words of comfort:

            Obama is your leader, and he’s black. He has already achieved more than you ever will. He is smarter than you, more successful than you, and more popular than you. He is wealthier than you. I have no doubt that he is stronger than you and could kick you ass in a heartbeat. He’s better than you in every possible way — and he’s black.

            So you just be a good boy and obey your leader — you don’t really have a choice in the matter anyway.

            Oh, and have a nice day!

          8. 13observer November 15, 2012

            there is little chance of fixing stupid so I must say; “go fu*k yourself”! Stupid liberal loser!

      6. Ed November 13, 2012

        So you don’t think that a persons skin color makes any diffrence when he stands in a court of law, charged with a crime?I will be kind and say you are nieve.

      7. Razorback_06 November 14, 2012

        Clearly, this response shows the lack intelligence from someone on the right. Let me break this down to you. When debating an article, one should stay ON TOPIC. So, what was the point of inserting the demographics of the prison system and how does it pertain to this discussion?

        1. 13observer November 14, 2012

          Sorry, I like illegal aliens chose not to play by the rules so too bad, so sad! If the illegal aliens can make crime pay….so can I….. Also, if Odumba wants to pander to illegals then he is dubbed “THE PRINCE OF THEIVES”.

          1. WhutHeSaid November 16, 2012

            Well … YOU are an illegal alien anchor baby so what’s all the fuss?

        2. idamag November 15, 2012

          On another post, 130 let his racism slip so don’t let that KKK person tell you he is not a racist.

      8. Denis Winkle April 6, 2013

        I prefer the ideology of the “oriole cookie” The work left undone in poverty verses the work left undone in extreme wealth. And you and I as the cream filled center being squeezed for everything it has to offer.

    4. ANN November 13, 2012

      You are so right. I am from New England but I live in South Carolina. I see EBT card flying around. I can’t belive how high the need is for assistance. They have to some how turn their way of thinking and governing around. I belive the key is education or at least a big part in this. Don’t get me wrong I love being retired in the south,I am in no way tring to belittle anyone. But it’s not working for the good of the people here,and they will not budge!

      1. idamag November 13, 2012

        Ann, it is not belittling anyone to tell the truth because it might show a need for that state. This is one reason I am against states being responsible for education in that state. There are states with better schools, better education and states that don’t have that. illiteracy weakens a nation. As a nation we need to ensure that education is a number one priority.

      2. korhal November 13, 2012

        The GOP’s sole method of staying in power is to keep people uneducated, poor and dependent, then feed them bullshit through conservative corporate media.

        1. Guerre Thomas November 14, 2012

          History is repeating itself….that’s exactly what the Nazi’s did in the 1930’s

          1. idamag November 15, 2012

            Guerre, I have studied Hitler as I wanted to know how an entire country could have followed him. I can understand that nuts are born every day. I can’t understand how they get a following. I suggest that some of these dupids read, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” It shows how Hitler came to power. That is why i don’t trust the tea party. They want to destroy one party and take over the other one. Instead of Hitler leading them, it is the Koch Brothers and multi-national corporations. They use idiologues and like Hitler did with the brown shirts, they will discard them when they no longer need them.

      3. dljones November 13, 2012

        Ann, you have the correct diagnosis by identifying the pathway out of assistance is education. The obstacle is the social moral quality of many schools is contributing to a lack of strength to build student character. The intrusive counter balance is the continuance of parental abstract involvement.

      4. karinursula November 13, 2012

        I think one of the problems in the south are that the wages are so low. Most places incl, Walmart pay just over 25 cent over the minimum wage.

        1. Warren Nicholson November 13, 2012

          If you check which states are right -to-work, you will find they are red. Low pay, underfunded education, large numbers in the uninsured and a large gap between haves and have nots, that equals neocon control. We need large strong unions to stand up the the large, out of control corporations.

          1. idamag November 15, 2012

            That is exactly what happened in my state when the RTW law came in.

    5. Rvn_sgt6768 November 13, 2012

      Try checking the literacy rates in those states and it will tell you volumes. When the Republicans come to power they do it by cutting Education first. In my 65 years I have seen it at the National level and at the state level in the 6 states I have lived in. The lazy use this as a reason to drop out of school and actually get less educated over their life time by watching Faux News. Here in NC. the rate is over 30%. That is a scary figure but by no means the highest in America.

      1. idamag November 13, 2012

        I did bring up a map showing IQ averages per state. Mississippi has the lowest. The thing that really bothered me is that the average IQ for the nation has dropped to the mid nineties. Mississippi also has the highest poverty rate, takes more money in welfare and is one of the reddest states.

    6. Clintstantinople November 13, 2012

      Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

    7. ChristoD November 13, 2012

      I don’t see why there is such confusion about the poor white folks being so angry at us blue staters, it is about GUNS folks, their right to bear arms and use them any way they want to. G-U-N-S….and complete ignorance.

    8. Butch November 13, 2012

      I guess if you keep them dumb = they’ll do/believe anything you say.

    9. rl November 23, 2012

      It doesnt suprise me at all. You stated the real reason with your first sentenance. the Southern White voters is another word for which in most cases is absolutely correct. The LOW IQ (Southern White) voters.

  8. aaastickit November 12, 2012

    every so often there is the worst states for this and for that and the RED states are the worst for health care, food stamps, education, jobs you name it the RED states are the worst for everything thats Geargie alabama mississippi MISSOURI, IndianaOklahoma Kansas all them red states

    1. grammyjill November 13, 2012

      Lets not forget Kentucky. My son lived there and tried to get his 16 year old sister to move out. He missed family. She told him she should finish school first. He told her she could teach school there.

  9. Kurt Haas November 12, 2012

    The “ten highest producing tax states”. Why would you be proud of this? This is a vague statistic at best and could actually be interpretted to mean those states tax their people more than any others. Layman’s terms, they are taking money from the people in their states at a higher rate.
    “While food stamp growth ballooned during the president’s first two years in office, from 2010-2011 it only increased by three percent as the recovery began to take hold.” Again, it still means the people who were on food stamps are still on food stamps but add an additional 3%. That’s a recovery only from the left side of the aisle. The Right side actually measures recovery in terms of a percentage decrease in people actually on food stamps, not a decrease of the increase.
    “Many of these workers who lost their good government jobs are unemployed or forced to take wages so low that they still qualify for food stamps. In 2010, 41 percent of those who received food aid had jobs.” First, the government is like any other industry. It has it’s fair share of bloat and does need trimming down. Secoontinually improve their product, themselvesnd, that money that pays them comes from the taxpayer to support a not-for profit industry with zero competition. So they lose their jobs because we the tax payer can’t afford them anymore. How is that different from IBM or GE doing the same thing? People are losing jobs because the economy is weak. It is not up to the Feds to make sure people stay gainfully employed nor is it up to big business or even little business. Ultimately it is up to the individual. It is up to the individual to stay competitive, to constantly improve their product, themselves. This is the heart of true conservatism. To drive oneself to be the best they can be at what they do and aquire those skills necessary to remain competitive.

    1. Ashetalia Staatz November 13, 2012

      Darwin and Rand love you.

      Despite your moving rendition of Randian conservatism, you fall short, as you don’t respond to the article. What do you make of the fact that the Red States take more than they give? Do you feel that this is a good thing, as it starves the government “industry” and forces it to fend for itself?

      What do you make of the fact that these states TAKE from the government, the industry they would like to see drowned in the tub? What would happen to them if the government became a real industry? Why would any industry send billions to individuals who are giving it nothing, not even votes, in return? In Rand’s immortal words, “altruism, yuck.” True industry, which you claim the government is, is not altruistic. It fends for itself.

      What do you make of the fact that the Red States are poorer when compared to the Blue States? If the world is a Darwinian bloodbath, does standard of living matter?

      Also, since my bff is a therapist:

      What about the tooth/claw/Darwinian bloodbath turns you on?

      …why should I support your “true conservatism” if it insults my intellect?

      …does the fact that reality is complicated bother you?

    2. MARTIN November 13, 2012

      “Ten highest producing tax states” refers to federal taxes that we all pay to federal government. In turn the federal government returns some, all or more of those moneys to the states for mandated expenditures like medicaid, public transportation, headstart, foodstamps and other fundings that the states handle for the federal government. These states receive less from the government than is paid out.
      State taxes stay in state.

    3. Independent1 November 13, 2012

      That’s not what it says Kurt…the point was that six southern Red States suck back $4 for every tax dollar they send to Washington, whereas, the 8 states that get the have to suck back the least number of dollars for each dollar they pay in taxes are all Blue States. Plus, since on average, people in Blue States generally make more money (fewer are below the poverty level), it just figures that these states would pay more taxes. The whole food stamp increase is a function of the total economic disaster that Bush left us with..and keep in mind, that Bush’s disaster from an economic standpoint was much more devastating than the big depression because far more companies went bellyup and far more people lost their jobs just because of the increase in our population. But 3-4 years after GOP president Hoover let the country spiral into depression, the unemployment rate wasn’t around 8%, it was over 20% because he exaserbated everything on the wrong side. And it took 13 years to get America’s economy back to being close to pre Depression levels..and that was speeded up by the many jobs created during WWII. And we’re not in year 11 or 9 or 7 after Bush’s great disaster, we’re only in year 4. The major problem today being, too many dellusional Americans like yourself looking for instant gratification…stupidly believing that by some kind of magic we’re suppose to have waved a magic wand an all the thousands of jobs Romney and his ilk shipped to China, and the millions of people whose homes were taken in foreclosure, and the hundereds of companies (many that had been in business for 100 years) that went bellyup, and the trillions of dollars people lost on Wallstreet were all supposed to be magically fixed….when are you and millions of other Americans going TO GROW UP!!!!

  10. Captain Morgan November 12, 2012

    Obama is the foodstamp president it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the fact so many people are on them that werent before because they had jobs. Republicans arent about stopping helping people in need we are about getting people back to work.

    1. debzp November 13, 2012

      Oh yeah Captain. You have a very short memory. More people are on food stamps because our economy is recovering from a recession. You may recall that the Republican president before left with an economy in free fall. Obama had ad 33 straight months of job creation. Moreover, in the past 52 years repubs have held the White House for 28 years and produced only 24 million jobs. Dem have held the WH for 24 years and produced 42million jobs. So much for which party gets people back to work.

      1. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

        But economists say that it takes 3-4 years for changes made by the government to show up in the economy.
        So then who really gets the credit? Or the blame? It’s just too complicated.

    2. fedupwitgop November 13, 2012

      Really??? Why not tell Congress to pass the jobs bill?

    3. Mimi2kool November 13, 2012

      That is a nice sentiment. But the reality is that getting people back to work these days means paying them much less than what they are worth because people are desperate and employers know it. Also, some of the so called good jobs were at places like Walmart, and most of their poorly payed employees qualify for food stamps. The economy was crashed by the greedy one percenters on Wall Street, and aided and abetted by GWB’s policies. If not for the policies of this POTUS, this country would have had a second Great Depression.

      1. Mary Martinez November 13, 2012

        WALMART, great example. Look at how many millionaire they created for their families, on the backs of people making minimum wage, part time, uninsured.
        IT DOES NOT TRICKE DOWN. The country went wrong when it stopped cost of living wages to keep up with inflation.

      2. idamag November 13, 2012

        There has been a big push to devaluate the worker so he will be grateful for a job and work for little with no benefits.

    4. WhutHeSaid November 13, 2012

      Just stop your preposterous lying. Republicans today are all about constructing elaborate excuses for their greed while trying to impose their morals upon others against their wishes. It’s been like this for quite some time now.

      Self-serving whoppers failed miserably in the last election — why is it that you believe that you can successfully trot them out in public a scant week later?

    5. Mary Martinez November 13, 2012

      Then, why do they embrace sending jobs overseas, shutting down USA companies, and putting people on unemployment.

      1. idamag November 13, 2012

        Mary, and then some are so crass as to blame the person who lost his job. Or when the jobs went across the water, blame the President. Try blaming the greedy multi-national corporations.

    6. idamag November 13, 2012

      Captain, while you are spouting platitudes, why not do some research in corporate welfare. Farm subsidies were put in place to keep family farms in business. To some greedy people, money flashes like a neon light and they want it. Sixty minutes featured a story about a man who bought up 8000 acres of farm land in Texas and put it in the land bank to recieve government money. Some puribred Kentucky horse raisers, who raise horses for the racing syndicate, get farm subsidies. The oil and gas companies pay no taxes and receive subsidies. Rich speculators pay only 15% tax and with all the loopholes sometimes pay no taxes. These people are far more clever than the unemployed person who is on food stamps.

      Everyone remembers the $600 toilet seats and the $1000 screwdrivers sold to the Pentagon.

    7. Justin Napolitano November 13, 2012

      OK, captain then what are Republicans doing about creating jobs. Please don’t tell me that by giving a huge tax break to a millionaire that that will create jobs. We all know that doesn’t work evidenced by millionaires paying the lowest taxes in 80 years and unemployment higher because of it.

  11. Lynda November 13, 2012

    This is another area of concern that the denier crowd will ignore.

  12. Elisabeth Gordon November 13, 2012

    Ya won’t find many Obama “naysayers” here today….while those of us who can actually think for ourselves realize that these statistics say so much about the “Faux” deriders inability and unwillingness to grasp the truth, they, the Fright-wingers will not show up to argue points that are un-arguable. OBAMA – Forward !

    1. patuxant November 13, 2012

      Love the term, EG–Frightwingers!

  13. wolfboi1970 November 13, 2012

    Tight fisted people generally are takers not givers…they are greedy and self serving and somehow….in their own heads they are able to look down on aand critisize people who are doing the EXACT SAME THINGS AS THEY ARE…yet somehow they are able to excuse themselves while grabbing the torches and pitchforks towards the other takers.

  14. Joyce Otway November 13, 2012

    Thats how republicans brain wash people. No wonder they were demolished this time , people wise up to their distortions and lies

    1. Inthenameofliberty November 22, 2012

      Both parties lie. It’s always been that way. So I wonder why you single out the Republicans. Really now, let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?

  15. John Sehler November 13, 2012

    Check out Kentucky.Mitch McConnell’s State. Receives more in tax relief than it sends to the government. Republican to the core.

    1. patuxant November 13, 2012

      Glad to hear that piece of info. McConnell is a nasty-looking, mean spirited, self-righteous jackass and I am so thrilled that his “mission” from day one of the President’s inauguration when he vowed to make him a 1 termer, crashed and burned. HAHAHA! Take that to your grave, sir!

      1. idamag November 15, 2012

        he also looks like a turtle.

  16. William Deutschlander November 13, 2012

    This FACT sticks out like a sore thumb in Pennsylvania, most of the states counties are Republican controlled and have been declining and deteriorating since the 1960’s.

    The Democrat controlled areas around Pittsburgh, Erie, Allentown/Bethlehem and Philadelphia have grown and prospered, that is where the great majority of registered Democrats and Democrat leaning Independents reside.

    The Republican Cartel needs to cease to exist, the “New Party” needs to be formed and ban Republican operatives from membership, then and only then will we see true Democracy return to both sides of the aisle.

    1. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

      We are not a Democracy. We are a constitutional Republic. There’s not a democracy in history that has ever survived – they imploded.
      “Democracy is a lamb and two wolves casting their votes for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote”.
      Let me ask a question – why is there so much incivility and plain rudeness being posted on this site? If adults can not have a spirited yet respectful discussion, how can we ever expect to go forward with our country?
      Truth – Obama permitted more debt over the last four years than ALL of the previous presidents combined.
      We can debate the how’s, the why’s and the who’s that led to this happening.
      But what is important to me is the HOW our government is going to fix it. Take all the money from the rich – won’t run the country for a year. When they are gone, who are you going to take the money from next?
      Let’s make a pact to treat each other with more respect and work with each other for a common goal instead of pointing fingers at one party or another. Democrats and Republicans are BOTH to blame for the mess we are in. Time we stop this bickering. How can our children learn to get along if we adults can not get along? It’s tiring, listening to some of the juvenile and disrespectful rantings. Just. Tiring.

      1. idamag November 15, 2012

        Democracy means, “by the people.” Ancient civilations did not implode, they were crushed by hoardes of barbarians. The U.S. has hoardes of barbarians trying to crush our Democracy.

        1. FredAppell November 15, 2012

          True Democracy works best with an intelligent and well informed public. Republicans would never go for it especially the Ayn Rand crowd because it favors the needs of the many over the needs of the individual which isn’t a bad idea. Individuals would be protected by the laws and they would still have rights but every citizen is expected to engage and participate for the good of the whole. I would like to see it here but it will never happen because of all the special interest groups and too much of our citizenry can’t be bothered. It is sad that not enough people care.

          1. Inthenameofliberty November 22, 2012

            I don’t think the problem is not enough people caring. I look at it from a different angle. I think the problem is that the human animal tends to be lazy by nature. When expectations of us are low, we deliver….and boy, do we become lazy. Favoring the needs of the many over the needs of the individual…..well…then why is inner city Philadelphia filled with homes with 4 or more children with no fathers and free health care and food stamps for all? It once was the needs of the few in that aspect….now it has become the needs of the many. White, black, no difference. Same story. Who is holding up those people to expectations? Who is telling a woman that ‘NO’ you can not feed off the system and have 4 children on the government dollar? Who? WHO? And where is the deadbeat [or, in some cases that I am personally aware of, the deadbeatS, plural,] that helped get her pregnant? From all accounts, he’s not being a stand-up dad.
            Is it any wonder why there is so much strife in this country? Many people are lazy. It’s a fact. I see it everyday. And those people are not held accountable then they drag down those that are working hard in this country. I see ranting about the southern states and the food stamps……..is anyone looking at the reasons why this is happening all over the country? Perhaps, instead of arguing about it, there could be solutions. How about, let’s not have 4 kids if you can’t even afford one? I agree education is the key. It comes back to education. But someone has to break this cycle and I have not yet heard one good idea on HOW that is going to happen. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one…..such a cool saying. Problem is I am part of the many and I am tired of working so that the rest of the many can sit on their asses and do nothing. We need to fix a broken system. And having less than 50% of this nation help take care of over 50% of this nation is the tipping point that will DESTROY this nation. Because educated and well-off people like you and me spend our time BICKERING and not actually ACTING on fixing what appears to be an utterly insurmountable problem. Let’s face it, if the best of the country are the people like you and myself who are posting on this site —-well, we are doomed.
            I am not feeling too optimistic today.
            Happy Thanksgiving everyone…………hope it’s a good one. Next year…..who knows what it will bring.

          2. FredAppell November 22, 2012

            Wow! I don’t know where to begin but I will be sincere and respectful to you because you have shown me that same courtesy already. I am not really sure about where I politically fit in. I have said in past comments that I am a socialist but it is a lot more complicated than that. I actually despise the welfare system as it is currently set up. I am certain most if not all the people who comment on this site agree with that too. Dems and liberals are also hard working people and they are every bit as fed up as you are. These are good people who just have a difference in beliefs from your own. But I do agree with you about the lazy factor although I can get pretty lazy myself when I am off of work. I have been fortunate enough to have the same job since 2001 but who knows, anything can happen and this is where it gets tricky. I run my household on a strict budget and all my bills are paid but should something happen and by that I mean anything at all, there isn’t enough in my checking account to handle the “what if’s”. I have done everything I can to keep from receiving help of any kind, so far so good. Personal responsibility, for which I practice everyday of my life, is not a monopoly of either party. There are irresponsible people all over the political, social, racial and cultural spectrum so this is a human problem more than blue vs. red or rich vs. poor. You said to me, quote: ” I don’t think the problem is not enough people caring, I think the human animal tends to be lazy by nature,” now what if it is a combination of the two. One may be a symptom of the other and then you throw in a lack of pride and we end up with the problems we are now facing. What if we had a system where being a politician isn’t such a glamorous career? The pay would absolutely reflect the job performance. No special interest groups of any kind because there wouldn’t be a need for them. That way corporations can’t get involved either. Take away any notion of compromise. I don’t like the word and I don’t like the concept. The problem with compromising is, someone always feels screwed and rightfully so. One group may feel like they have given up more than the other and sometimes that is the case so eventually it fosters animosity and mistrust. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? What we really need is a government (at all levels) that best reflects the diversity of Americans so the two party system would have to go. We should do away with all parties, that way there is no formal party line so no agenda. This is where education plays a huge role, using knowledge and wisdom ( I know, easier said than done!) with respect to religion, science, economics and the rule of law (laws that actually make sense) the elected officials would collaborate by taking the best part of every idea and making them law in essence thereby creating a hybrid. Most of us don’t fit into any single category so why should our government. I don’t think I will live long enough to ever see something like that but it sure would be nice but it also requires people keeping their ego’s in check. There is too much to say all at once but if you are interested in discussing this further then please feel free to reply. I am interested in your feedback and I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one.

          3. Inthenameofliberty November 24, 2012

            We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, thank you very much, and I hope for you the same. You raise some interesting points. Part of our problem is that reasonable individuals such as yourself will not go into politics because there is no reward in it for you. You would be criticized, your life dissected and printed in the media for all to see, and you would be demonized and made to look like an of idiot by your opposition. There is no morality in politics, it seems. No holes barred – just look at the horrific and nasty TV ads that ran all year long from the Dems and Repubs. And so, so many of the citizens of this country believe what they see and look no further than what they read. Dear God – just read what people are writing in their posts! How many are partial truths vs. down-right lies? From both sides of the fence. People write the truth as they see it, not as it actually is, because they want to believe in what they want to believe in. Did you see the Time article – that they found in a study that the more educated a person was the more forgiving of their presidential candidate’s faux pas? What was THAT all about?
            Is there hope, FredAppell? Because I am just not seeing it right now. My parents’ generation, in my opinion, was the most brilliant of late. And they are dying off, that generation. What has been left behind is a ghost of what this country used to be, but that is just my opinion. The entitlement generation is at bat right now. And I don’t know if my parenting skills will lend to rebuilding a generation of personal responsibility and good morale character. It seems rather hopeless.
            Want to go into politics?

          4. FredAppell November 24, 2012

            Hell no! I don’t want to go into politics! Wait! I’m going to do something very un-political, i’m going to tell the truth and at the very least even if i’m wrong I will tell you as I believe. I wouldn’t mind being a politician but there are some reasons why I could never do it. Everybody has a past and most people are unforgiving so that would be a big obstacle. My education goes no higher than a high school diploma and I would refuse to play any political games. The term and the very notion of political games repulses me. After all, isn’t that the true problem here! ” Rome burns while Nero plays.” You have stated several truths about the pitfalls of running for public office but the one concern I have is the casualties of all that negativity. The wrong people tend to pay the price for no good reason. I’m a big boy and can handle criticism as long as I am being honest but everyone meaningful to me would be put under a microscope and that would infuriate me. I wasn’t sure what you meant when you said reasonable people would not go into politics because there is no reward. I don’t want to take that statement out of context so I can only assume you meant that with the best intentions. For me, the only reward would be doing the right thing. I wouldn’t be trying to exploit myself for personal and financial gain. Unfortunately, people like myself would end up with a bad case of death. A few good-honest people would be a threat to dirty politics. You and I may not agree in our politics but I may be wrong, but one thing is certain, all Americans from big and small, rich and poor,
            and everything in between scream freedom but nobody is listening. There are amazing ideas out there that could transform our world in so many important ways however those ideas come from people of all walks of life, not just a few at the top. Remember in my first post when I said collaboration. Collaboration is just an open exchange of ideas being put forth to accomplish a common goal and most of us are more than capable of that. Instead, we let our differences divide us.

          5. Inthenameofliberty November 27, 2012

            I like you Mr FredAppell. By ‘no reward’ I meant that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. There is no reward to the soul of trying to do the right thing by entering politics, because those already in politics will smash the spirit of the just and never allow success. I was not referring to a monetary reward and I appreciate you giving me the benefit of the doubt. And we do, indeed, let our differences divide us. Again, the problem seems insurmountable. ‘My education goes no higher than a high school diploma’. So what? A college education is not needed to distinguish a brilliant mind. College as of late has been overrated, anyway. I agree very much with your first few sentences – more than you know. I wonder, what if more people, who are reasonable and willing to brainstorm solutions, actually became PART of those solutions? Just saying……….

          6. FredAppell November 27, 2012

            Thank you, I like you too. I enjoy the exchanges that I have with you and others. I look forward to the reply’s, I learn something new from each one regardless of whether I agree or not. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could sit down, shut-up and learn to truly hear one another. I don’t want you to look at the problem as insurmountable though, difficult yes, but there is always a way to work through it. The first time you replied to me I made sure to check out your profile so I could get some sort of idea about you. I noticed that you had gotten into it with some people and so I read some of your posts several times each to try to understand the context of your words and meanings. The more I read, the less angry you sounded and that was promising. If you click on my profile you will read some fairly outrageous things that I have said that even I refer back to from time to time and ask “what was I thinking”. I always say what I feel but sometimes the words don’t do justice to the meaning. Everything seems to get lost in translation. But I digress. Your views on education are interesting and I am tempted to agree with you almost entirely except that my own personal experiences keep pulling me back. See, I am 43 years old and still trying to find my place in the world. I was developmentally much different than other kids and it created a tough time academically for me my entire life. This is why I push so hard for higher learning. I realize that I am somewhat of a paradox but I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I am going through. There again maybe some people are more than satisfied to work jobs that don’t seem fulfilling to the rest of us. Perhaps the problem is that we put too much emphasis on what kind of career we want and too little emphasis on the kind of person we want to be.

          7. Inthenameofliberty November 30, 2012

            Here’s this narrow margin again….
            we are more similar than you’d imagine. I’m 42 and although I did place a ton of emphasis on education for me, I will not be doing that by force to my children. ‘Too little emphasis on the kind of person we want to be.’ SO true. So many don’t see it. They look right past the obvious. ‘Insurmountable’….I just don’t see enough good, kind people to outweigh the number of the opposite. It makes me sad. As for my profile – I am not proud to say that when I read something I find to be ‘stupid’ posted by someone that I find to be ‘ignorant’, then I become a ‘stupid ignorant’ poster, too! See, work in progress…….and a long way to go.

        2. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

          Yet -America is still NOT a Democracy. Once again, our Constitution is set up that we are a Republic. I did not make it so, our founding fathers did. I wonder why you hold onto the idea that the USA was set up as a Democracy? It isn’t.

          “Remember, democracy never lasts long.
          It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.
          There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

          John Adams

          Me: Well, we are well into our apathetic ‘waste’ phase. Soon will enter the ‘exhaust’ phase. Wonder how long it will take to commit suicide?

  17. Mildred Ortega Calderon November 13, 2012

    If there is a need to cut back on “entitlements” you can start with the people who voted for Romney. They clearly hate “free stuff”. So why give it to them?

  18. Stephanie Gilley November 13, 2012

    Food Stamps are a lifeline and the GOP want to cut it even from the people who voted for them. Disgraceful! The President and the Dems go to bat for the poor whether they are mostly Republican or not. The poor have been exploited by our Corp News Media and the wealthy “job creators” long enough. It’s time to tax the rich and significantly like > 50%. Let’s set this nation back on its feet once again and create laws to protect it from the money grubbing scoundrels who thrive by creating more poverty.

    1. karinursula November 13, 2012

      I’m 68 old white female and I’m on SS. I receive 16.00 a month for food stamps. In Jan I will receive 1.7% cost of living, my medicare will go up, my rent is already up since 1 Nov, how much more will I receive in January, big fat Zer0. I’m only “Lucky” that I live in Arkansas and the cost of living is still tolerable. I’m not ashamed for the food stamps I worked in this country for over 40 years, came originally from Germany.

      1. patuxant November 13, 2012

        Realize that Medicare will go up slowly and progressively over time. It has nothing to do with AFA. It has to do with the rising costs of healthcare in general. If you haven’t had to be hospitalized in the most recent years, you should know that a 2 day stay for surgery on a broken arm was well over 500,000. Yes, you heard that right! The price of a toothbrush was $20 whether you asked for it or not. If you are on Medicare now, you realize you don’t have to pay for Part A (Hospital) so you see what I am getting at. These people know where to go to get the money–the FED! Lots and lots of big players with big bucks in DC and screwing the middle class every freaking day.

    2. Inthenameofliberty November 22, 2012

      Well, Stephanie, if I were rich and worked hard for more money I would take exception to your comment of taxing me over 50%. I have a GREAT idea. Why don’t you go out and work really, really hard. And become rich. And give all your money away to some poor family with 5 kids from 3 different fathers that need health care and food stamps and child care and free housing. Then YOU can be a bigger part of the solution to our insurmountable problems that our country now faces. After all, if you are so eager to take someone’s money, I think you should JOIN the tax bracket that you seem to hate so much and then no one can accuse you of being a bigot.
      Have you not realized yet that even if you take all the money from all the rich in this nation, every last dime, our country still can not operate but for a FEW MONTHS. Come on now, Stephanie, I am wondering why you hate rich people? What have they ever done to you? Go out. Make money. Give it away. Making money and being successful used to be the American Dream. When, exactly, did it become OK to expect someone who works their asses off to give 1/2 of what they accomplished to someone else? When? What is wrong with our country? When did we stop expecting personal responsibility to be the norm? When did it all go wrong? Taking 50% of the money from the rich……well…..from where I stand that is called STEALING. Stephanie, you expect too little from the parasites in this country and too much from the people who helped make this country what it is today. You are part of the problem, your accusations of take, take, take are part of the reason why we are where we are today.
      I am happy to help people that need a hand. I pay my taxes. By why in God’s name should I continue to bust my ass and work 50 hours a week while raising two children with my husband when you are telling me I should give more away? I am not rich. We make ends meet, barely. And we work, hard. I think the young of this country who are sucking away our resources should be help accountable for their actions. I think the billions of dollars of free healthcare to individuals who aren’t citizens and don’t pay into the system (Arizona, anyone?) should be stopped or we should bill the Mexican government to recoup the lost American taxpayer dollars. I am tired, Stephanie. And you and people like yourselves have not offered any real solutions to our current problem. Go get educated in economics a bit more before you make statements such us ‘It’s time to tax the rich and significantly like > 50%. Let’s set this nation back on its feet once again ‘ because it makes you sound uneducated and very, very small. And I am feeling really nasty right now after what you wrote. And shame on the people that actually ‘liked’ your comment. Shameful. You are shameful.

  19. John Sehler November 13, 2012

    Old blu. Couldn’t have said it better. Repubs are better at hiding the” take” and usually take in larger quantities and list it under loop holds.

  20. ObozoMustGo November 13, 2012

    Republicans the food stamp party? Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!


    Talk about trying to reverse the reality? Holy cow. You leftist freaks have gonads the size of bowling balls. Numbers never lie, and liars use numbers.


    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    1. WhutHeSaid November 13, 2012

      Wow — it only took the bigots a week to get back on their feet and work up some nerve after getting their collective snout slapped into the dirt. I’m impressed.

      If you don’t like the FACTS, then perhaps you are overdue for your daily Fox News ‘fix’ of propaganda.

      1. idamag November 13, 2012

        This racist has appeared on many blogs, using right wing hate blogs rhetoric. Sometimes it was almost as if he cut and pasted from their blogs. He put a quote that was supposed to have come from a foreign newspaper and actually came from a hate blog called professoroflife101.

        1. WhutHeSaid November 13, 2012

          Well, racist or not, he has his amusing moments. I especially liked his colorful description of a fictional ‘liberal’ (graying ponytail, John Lennon glasses, Birkenstocks) he encountered at a Romney Rally. Oh, and the X-Ray glasses he was suckered into buying as a boy in the hopes of peeking at little Susie’s underwear.

          Once a sucker always a sucker, I guess. What else could you be to buy into the ‘Fox Fantasy’?

        2. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

          Alexis de Tocqueville was an 18 century writer, who penned the words that you say came from a ‘hate blog’.

          Idamag – time to start using GOOGLE so as not to look as silly as the person you are trying to defame.

          Look it up – I did. So I know you are wrong.

          And Alexis was obviously a VERY smart man. “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”

          Yep. He was a VERY smart man.

          1. idamag November 15, 2012

            Since you have a hard time reading and processing, it was not the Alexis de Tocqueville quote I was talking about. Look at what I said again.

          2. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

            ‘He put a quote that was supposed to have come from a foreign newspaper and actually came from a hate blog called professoroflife101’

            So, please advise me then what this refers to, since I seem to be misunderstanding you.

            Are you truly referring to the simple ‘Numbers never lie, and liars use numbers’ comment?

    2. Justin Napolitano November 13, 2012

      I don’t think you read the article bozo. In fact you never read the articles and just make up stuff to forward your political view. You never let facts get in your way, do you?

    3. patuxant November 13, 2012

      OB1…hello! wondered what happened to you.

      1. ObozoMustGo November 13, 2012

        Hi Puxy! I have been around. Throwing grenades and poking fun as usual. 🙂 I was wondering where you were, also. How have you been? And Congrats! Your guy won this round. But the battle marches on as it always does. Keep on fighting the good fight, right.

        Have a nice day, Puxy!

        “You mean that you’re telling me that we have to go spend more money to keep from going in debt? Yes, that’s what I’m telling you.” – Joe Biden

        1. patuxant November 13, 2012

          Thanks for the reply. Am doing well and being in the sunny CA desert helps alot! I sent a pix to you. Did you get it?

          1. ObozoMustGo November 13, 2012

            Puxy… Sunny CA?… Good for you. Too bad you’re in the land of fruits and nuts and leftist freaks! 🙂 hehehehehehehehe. I’m back in PA and it’s getting cold now. Did not get you’re pic. Sorry! ;-(

            Have great day, Puxy!

            “It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan

          2. patuxant November 13, 2012

            Am originally from PA, born and bred so to say. Aliquippa to be precise. Now embarrassed to say am a PSU grad from before Paterno but only by one year. Rip Engle was head coach then. So freaking sad about all of that mess. It really was Happy Valley when I was there, but some fucking psycho ruined it all….

          3. ObozoMustGo November 13, 2012

            My oldest chose not to go there, thankfully. Unfortunately, the kids that are there don’t have anything to do with Sandusky, but pay the price. Something unjust about that, but it is what it is. I’ll bet it was “happy valley” back in the 60’s. Might be able to say that about most college campuses back then. That’s when the leftists started taking over education in America. Everyone was high and didn’t notice it happening! LOL 🙂 Were you a tie dye hippie?

            [click image to enlarge] hehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!! ROFLMAO!

            Have a nice day!

            “Looks like you have what it takes, son. Now let’s hit the showers.” – Jerry Sandusky

          4. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

            And Ronald Reagan was another truly, truly smart man.

        2. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

          It continues to amaze me…..the things that Biden says.
          Why does he get a free pass when other government officials are taken to task?

          Just asking….because Biden has come out with some really horrible things.

          At this point, nothing had better happen to Obama, because Biden as president is truly terrifying to me………

          1. ObozoMustGo November 15, 2012

            liberty… the reason, of course, is because Plugs Biden is a leftist freak like 90% of the leftist freaks in the media. It doesn’t matter what he says. That’s just “Joe being Joe” as far as they are concerned. Put his words in the mouth of a Republican and all hell will break loose.

            And I’m not so sure Biden would be as dangerous to America and the world as Obozo is.

            Have a nice day!

            “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” –Joe “Plugs” Biden on Barack Obama

  21. Colleen Klemp November 13, 2012

    This is obviously true as more evidence just consider “the trickle down therory” which is upheld in red states as bible verse, yet they usually are the poorest, the whitest & have the lowest wages & support RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS!

  22. dljones November 13, 2012

    Whether your blue or red we all get hungry. Obama four years, and we’re still hungry. He professes “we” have more work to do. Washington and the unions are eating good. Obama is still at the helm. Is it fair to continuing asking when does the time arrive for the hungry to eat well?

    Obama worshipers, help sort this hopelessness out.

    1. Dee Rien November 13, 2012

      Did you READ this article?

      1. dljones November 13, 2012

        Certainly! What parts of this article did you not understand?

    2. idamag November 13, 2012

      dlj, I doubt if you are really hungry. You can afford a computer and an internet service.

      1. dljones November 13, 2012

        idamag:: And so do 90% of the poor that profess hunger. You want to have them eat their computer and internet service?

        1. idamag November 15, 2012

          Sell their computers and drop their internet service and use the money for food.

      2. dljones November 13, 2012

        The 90% who profess hunger have these items plus a TV.

    3. patuxant November 13, 2012

      Well, for one thing, I didn’t see a magician’s hat and wand on Obama Nov 6. Patience is a virtue my friend. Eight years to get us into this mess with Bush and now you want miracles in righting the ship? Use your common sense. Plus, please accept that the Congress was obstructing any progress for 2 years of the 4 we are speaking about.

      1. dljones November 13, 2012

        That patience it but it does not rival the pain from hunger. Don’t keep feeding me the Bush mantra. Your boy should put on the big boy pants and begin taking his elected responsibility.

        Among the many, is not prosperity what he promised? Of two of the four years you speak, Obama prioritized Affordable Health Plan. In conjunction, he spent 200 million playing Thomas Edison. I would say that obstructed buying a lot of food.

    4. Stella53 November 13, 2012

      Dear GOP Worshiper:

      Please tell your party that they need to bring the word “compromise” back into their tent. The President will need help from Congress in order to work together. Last year Obama compromised to the point where he was willing to give the republicans everything they wanted. This time the GOP needs to re-learn what compromise is.


      A Democrat

      1. dljones November 13, 2012

        My Ill Informed Demo:: Like the word compromised? Then bring substantial change of substance to the table that do not impair the integrity for the advancement of growing wealth, resistance to regulation, lower taxes and income distribution. Of course, if you pay no taxes, “you gotta be lovin this.”(Granny government at your service)

  23. jerrimyers November 13, 2012

    These are interesting statistics. But the bottom line on food stamps and other safety net programs is that the majority of these folks have found themselves in a hard spot and a little help for them is the right thiing to do and it is not the huge source of the deficit problem. From what I’ve read the George Bush funded wars was the biggest drain on our resourses. Oh well–that’s looking back. Let’s look forward and right the ship.

  24. SgtCedar November 13, 2012

    I worked to the PA Department of Public Welfare for 17 years. One of the programs I administered was Food Stamps. I live in a very Republican county. Many of my clients were Republican. I know because I registered many of them to vote. I agree completely with the article’s conclusions. It agrees with my observations.

    People forget when they talk about welfare that cash assistance is the smallest part of the program. Medicaid is be far the largest part of the program by expense. And the greatest percentage of medicaid is for elderly people in nursing homes. Do we want our seniors sleeping on park benches.

    Programs, like Food Stamps, which allow people to continue to live at home are a great bargain for the tax payers.

  25. howa4x November 13, 2012

    Red states are on the federal dole and usually get back 7 dollars for every one they send to the feds. If we realy want to cut our federal taxes we should ask the red states to volenteer to take 4 dollars less. That would go a long way to reduce the deficit, but you don’t hear red state governors offering that. Hey where is the Tea Party on this issue. I thought all you tealiban types are for personal responsibility and against the nanny state. Well here is a good issue to get your hatchetts into, and cut, cut, cut. Aren’t these people part of the 47% that Mitt of the super rich was yammering about? So all you lazy and shiftless whites get off your collective asses and find a good paying job. Isn’t that the Republican line. Well it all starts at home republicans, so put your money where your mouth is, so to say.

  26. jstsyn November 13, 2012

    It will be nice to see the reichwing party self destruct. Robme/LyanRyan were good at that.

    1. idamag November 13, 2012

      I would like to see the return of the real Republicans.

      1. Sand_Cat November 13, 2012

        They have returned: Obama and Clinton.

        1. Inthenameofliberty November 22, 2012

          Don’t think so.

  27. Jim November 13, 2012

    you notice what the majoity of the people who gets food stamps. the red states.

  28. Catherine November 13, 2012

    This really explains a lot. Reps are struggling more than Dems. in general, but they want to blame it on the Dems. instead of looking at their own policies.

    1. patuxant November 13, 2012

      And the bizzare thing is they call themselves Christians! Even Jesus chased the money changers from the temple!

  29. Grunge45 November 13, 2012

    The fantasy Republicans will never believe these facts. It is so much more satisfactory to believe one’s own set of facts.

  30. Liz Feeser-Regan November 13, 2012

    I lived in the bay area, (San Francisco), for many years and only knew one person who had ever taken food stamps, then when I moved back to my home state of Indiana it seem like every other person I knew was receiving some kind of government assistance, either food stamps, health care, or both. Indiana is run by the Republicans. The other thing I notice was how bigoted people were in Indiana, they were so bigoted two of my children ask to go back to CA and live with their Dad, my middle daughter said “Mom these are just not my kind of people, they hate everyone.”

    1. patuxant November 13, 2012

      I know what you mean Liz. A rad-right acquaintance of ours tweeted positively to Trumps rants of revolution on election nite. Un-freaking-believable! Are this people missing a critical chromosome or something?

    2. Sand_Cat November 13, 2012

      I read somewhere that – at least for a time in early-to-mid 20th century – Indiana had a higher Klan population than Mississippi, or perhaps more than any single southern state, I can’t remember which.

      Ashamed to admit I was born in Indiana, grew up in South Carolina.

  31. Onofre J. Escobar Rivera November 13, 2012

    Ladies and Gentlemen: I wrote about it in this same forum about this matter when I mixed it with the fact that American Businesses do not need to ship jobs overseas. All they need to do is to move their factories and businesses to Alabama, Lousiana, Georgia, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, etc where the cost of living is a lot lower and still keep the jobs in America. As I said before, we need to educate the red states, they are totally misled by Fox News anchors and other tve and radio hosts who are war and fear mongers… lets start the job early and now, lets visit the state between Texas and Florida and the five above them, they will change their ways. May God Bless America

  32. Delores S November 13, 2012

    well its see i stay down here in texas you can get food stamps only if you have childern or if you can no longer work like if you lose a leg bad back you might get s.s.i or nothing at all if you live in a senior living center they get food stamps me @ my sister we don’t get food stamps at all you only get about $ 20.00 in stamps that is how mr. perry has set up on the food stamps here in texas unlesss you have a child

  33. patuxant November 13, 2012

    So fascinating! Biting the hand that feeds! Love it! And Ryan with his prophetic “teach a man to fish” rant. The numbers’ guy should start looking at statistics before spouting off like a know-it-all doofus! The guy doesn’t have an original idea of his own and the one part he took from A. Rand he bastardized to conform to his own obtuse viewpoint. Big BIG mistake, Mitt, choosing this guy as a running mate.

    1. Stella53 November 13, 2012

      So relieved Ryan is not VP.

  34. Carlo November 13, 2012

    I live in Alabama and I know many of them, and I know just a hand full that have some sense, but most of them are a bunch of ignorant uneducated fools that will always vote republican no matter what. Do you remember the one holding the sign ” Keep your government hands out of my medicare” well it is the same here, many of this people either were getting food stamps themselves or their mothers and yet they were chanting anti Obama and anti Government slogans on facebook.

  35. MarkC November 13, 2012

    Baron: what amazes me is how many private-school educated, trust fund having, tax-hole loop jumiping regular whites insist that minorities are the ones consuming welfare at the public teat!!

  36. Michael Kollmorgen November 13, 2012

    Some have pointed out that different states have different programs, different educational goals, different laws.

    This is the biggest problem this country has to deal with. I thought this was the “United” States, not a conglomeration of 50 firefdoms only responsibile unto themsevles.

    As far as educational goals, there should be only one ruling body, the Federal Department of Education. Everyone needs to learn at the same level, with the same circilum.

    There are No Longer ANY Special Conditions that could set apart one localty from another. With mass communication, the Internet being in nearly every house, information gets transmitted instantly.

    As far as value systems being different between localties, we are supposed to be under one government. So, why have seperate laws, even between states?

    So, what is really going on? Simply put, Republicans don’t want to have unity in this country. If they had their ultimate way, each state would have their own laws that don’t adhere to any federal standards.

    Ever notice the states that fight for more conservative rights, more states rights, are republican and have some of the worst human rights records and some of the worst test scores on a standard federal education test?

    As far as Food Stamps and which state recieves the most, it don’t surprise me as the article states.

    1. FredAppell November 13, 2012

      I was saying the same thing hours ago. I may not agree with all the laws but I have never supported states rights. I disagree with conservatives who want a small federal government. What makes them think that their own states wouldn’t impose draconian laws on them without the federal government to step in and stop it? These idiots think that they will rise up and rebel against their state governments if their demands are not met. Yeah sure! With what, pea shooters? Some people may not like the federal government but the pros far outweigh the cons as you have duly noted and you only gave a few excellent examples.

      1. idamag November 15, 2012

        Fred, absolutely! An example of what will happen if states have more rights, is what happened in the South during the Jim Crow Laws. An example of states rights, lately, it the voting rights. There should be strong federal laws to protect voters from purging, and other crap that happened during this election.

    2. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

      The Federal Department of Education has not been too good at delivering on a promise to fix our problems with the education system. But it has cost us a whole lot of money. We want the Federal Government to fix us. But it can’t. Large governments become corrupt. The private sector is much better at figuring things out. Can one imagine what a cell phone wold cost if we could only buy one from the government?
      And the states are supposed to have their own laws. It’s in the Constitution. You know, the legislative document that was written by our forefathers? We have forgotten about that document.
      Listen – the change has to come from the bottom up. Teachers here in Pennsylvania are spectacular in so many schools. It’s not because the government told them to be spectacular, but rather hard working people came together and decided to pay school taxes of a nature to fund education in PA. I can not answer why that can not happen in every state across the nation. But I truly don’t believe that a government mandate will make the process work better. We have to change, fundamentally. Us.
      Stop buying inferior products imported from other countries. Buy from small manufacturing plants in the USA and WE can fix our economy.
      Stop buying foods from companies known to use GMO foods and WE can fix our food supply.
      Stop having 5 children when you can not even afford one and YOU the individual will not be so poor that you need government assistance and hence the country around you will stop having debates on who supports you and who is wrong for not wanting to support you.

      Individual responsibility has to return if we have a hope of stopping our financial demise. I am tired of being told I am not a good person because I am tired of working hard and not having a say where my money goes – the government is too big to listen to me.
      I am tired of knowing that someone in jail for murder, stealing, rape…..they can get an education and three meals a day and healthcare [ and illegal drugs, too!] , yet seniors and veterans can not get the same……there has to be a better way.
      Please, can’t we all stop pointing fingers and figure out what we need to do to turn this around?
      Stop blaming rich people for what you don’t have. Being rich used to be an American dream. Work hard, save money, do for yourself. Now people are jealous and hate rich people. I don’t hate rich people. I will never be a rich person. But I don’t hate them and I certainly don’t see how hating them does anyone any good. If you are jealous because someone is rich, how about figuring out a way to join them, then give all your money away and do it all over again? But stop blaming them for all our problems and stop expecting them to fix all our problems. I will state again that taking all the money from all the rich people in this country will not provide enough funds to run our country for a year. So why are we still haggling over how much to take from them when there isn’t enough anyway?
      Forward, let’s move forward. With progressive ideas. MAKE A CHANGE. Buy American, support whole foods and small farms, donate your time to help a teacher at your school, donate your time at a soup kitchen, help a senior neighbor, take care of an older family member…….BE POSITIVE and let’s get this thing done.

      1. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

        What – no one has anything to say to me about my post? Come on now, someone must want to say something.

  37. Wilbur Moore November 13, 2012

    I am upset with them because they cry they are the real Americans, when they don’t wish to pay taxes and are the first to ask for aid after a fire, tornado,hurricane, any disaster, and now are partitioning to annex from the UNITED STATES!!!

  38. Bobby November 13, 2012

    “And the truth will set you free” Good article on food stamps in relations to Red States.

    1. thedirtydemocrat November 13, 2012

      I heard they want to secede. That’s gonna hurt! LOL!!!

  39. kim November 13, 2012

    this cracks me up.#1 i don’t receive food stamps, #2 i work everyday and pay taxes,# 3 i would rather my taxes pay for somebody in America to eat then send it to another country people just have nothing better to do than complain.their are actually a lot of people out here that work and struggle to take care of their families and need a little extra help!!!!

  40. wayne November 13, 2012

    The pot calling the kettle black is a custom for both party’s. Its easier than doing the job they were HIRED to do.

    1. thedirtydemocrat November 13, 2012

      “both parties” is a usual excuse the GOP and tea baggers come up with so they can become equal takers

      1. Inthenameofliberty November 15, 2012

        Not really. Look at history. Both parties are culpable – I am taken-aback that you believe otherwise. Go read history about the presidents – please don’t take my word on it.
        I am neither Republican nor Democrat at this point – both parties lie, cheat and steal. Obama has made and broken many a promise, just like Bush. For that reason, he is no longer a man I wish to see a President. He lied to me. I thought he was different. [promised to label GMO foods, said it was ‘his priorty’ – NOT; promised no back door deals – NOT; promised transparency – NOT; some democratic dealerships got their businesses back during the government take over, it was covered in the newspapers – NOT what an honest politician is supposed to allow].
        I digress.
        Yet, he is our president. And I am desperate to see him succeed. But with this bunch of nasty and disrespectful people in his corner, I have no idea HOW that is going to happen.

        My teacher once said – ‘You don’t have to love your neighbor. What you need to do is respect him’.

        I remember those words. I haven’t always lived by them. But I am going to try and learn to. But the people on this site, on both sides, are brutal and just downright nasty.

        Good luck to our country if this is what Obama has to work with to help him achieve his goals.

    2. Stella53 November 13, 2012

      The GOP is the party that has an issue with race.

  41. Shirley November 13, 2012

    we knew that all the time you did not have to tell most of we have a brain and we can see ok excuse me i said most of us not all

  42. GodlessRabble November 13, 2012

    Isn’t this rediculous? If most saw how measly the government assistance is they would understand that folks who are forced to live on this do not do it out of choice (there are some deadbeats…always will be – but they are not that many). This entire takers vs makers is BS anyway – just another smoke screen to the continued existence of bigotry in this country. No one is born lazy – laziness is a learned condition. If the playing field was fair for all you would not see so much of a problem. This blame game is just a way to disenfranchise folks that disagree with their extreme positions.

    Why are these right wingers so afraid of women, minorities, gays and non evangelicals? If they would listen and learn – They will find that all peoples basically want the same thing…a chance to contribute something useful and good to this world and a way to earn a decent living for themselves and their families. Thankfully, the Right Wingers attempts to demonize non WASPs and divide this country has failed for now. They need to quit blaming everyone else for the problems and maybe help to fix them.

    I was so glad that this election turned out the way it did. It has given me renewed hope in these United States and the constitution on which it is based. Conservatism, basically means that you live within your means and you efficiently and approriately allocate your scarce resources to where they will obtain the best result. Why the right wing seems to associate conservatism with hate, fear and greed generally puts a negative spin on something that is really positive….probably it is useful to keep the morons in line with their extremist agenda. Let’s hope this election relieves us from having to hear more of the radical extremism of this American Taliban….

  43. ElGran Reyes November 13, 2012

    That’s just it, this shouldn’t be an us vs. them issue. We have a patriotic duty to care for all Americans, but conservatives consistently demonize the other, pretending their voters would never accept government hand outs when the evidence is overwhelming that that’s not the case. It’s not a race issue, and it’s not a southern issue. It’s a question of denial and the Republican Party’s lack of sincerity about this issue.

  44. Jim November 13, 2012

    If anyone notices the rise in bigotry and dislike of minorities rises when the economy goes south no pun intended. The KKK rises during these down turns and the blame always falls on minorities so wow blame it on the chief black guy available, But no one had a problem with invading Iraq who had not attacked us. No one complained that Vice President company had a direct withdrawal form the Treasury that would be Chaney and Halliburton and no one seems to be concerned that Chaney , Rumsfeld ,and Wolfawitz have been trying to get Iraq since Ford Administration and Rove delivers the perfect stooge and they get there. They wrapped themselves in the flag spoke of patriotism and mission accomplished. How brave our young men and women are and raked in the cash. How do you get from chasing Ben Laud-en in Afghanistan to Iraq so that really speaks to why education is suffering in this country.

  45. Mulligatonney November 13, 2012

    Sounds like a whole lotta love going on here…

    You fall prey to the same things you criticize in others – 1. Racism 2. Believing what you read from a political publication 3. Intolerance 4. Thinking you are more enlightened than others, although most of you have not received any more education than the people you malign… 5. Thinking your politicians care about you more than the other guy’s politicians care about him.

    The truth is, you have swallowed the pill just as readily as your “southern white” counterparts. Probably worse. At least most of them profess to be in support of smaller government.

    And the true winners are – once again, the POLITICIANS and the MONEY behind them. Rich people on both sides of the aisle. 14 out of the top 20 richest people in America are Democrats. What does that tell you “educated folks”…?

    The only solution that the world has found up to this point is limiting the power and scope of the government, as was discerned and established by our founders, and yet you continue to vote for your personal short time gain, astronomical debt and elimination of your liberties guaranteed to you by the Constitution.

    So – doesn’t that make you at least ignorant as the people you hate?

    …”for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God…” You can repent and change your heart, but your pride and “intellect” won’t allow it.

    You speak and behave just as badly as those you wish to eliminate. Only for you “enlightened ones” its worse. Because you are so educated and “progressive”, you know better… Right?

    Oh, I’m sorry – no! Its left… Liberalism is really nothing more than a religion, yes? You actually believe that the politician is going to make things better for you just out of the benevolence of his own good will, even as you see the mounting debt and looming economic catastrophe – the approaching cliff, as it were… and your messiah seizes one liberty after another from you, all the while making it appear to your half-closed eyes that he is doing you a favor.

    But – its the Southern Whites who are the real culprits – those effing bigots!

    I laugh at you…

    You pseudo-intellectuals are the worst of all. At least the “stupid, simple country bumpkins” know when they have been sold a “pig-in-a-poke”… Look it up. It might help humble you a little bit.

    Don’t forget – they are also the people who are delivering most of your food to you…

    1. Inthenameofliberty November 22, 2012

      Mulligatonney – now, you… I like you. A voice of reason in a sea of insanity on this site.

      1. Mulligatonney November 23, 2012

        Thank you sir…Sea of insanity is absolutely correct.

        …nice to meet you – have you noticed that the waves are getting higher?

        1. Inthenameofliberty November 24, 2012

          Nice to meet you too!

  46. Felicia L.Hicks-Briggs November 13, 2012

    You know what gets me started, How The Republicans don’t want Obamacare to help people who need insurance but We The People are paying for their health care insurance and their families as well and their medications too, sorry The Democrats too..And their doctors come to them,to their offices and the doctors billed us for the visit ..We pay for it all in your taxes..Think on that America..

  47. Michael Stoll November 13, 2012

    This is the comics section right ? Like the Onion right ? Lets crunch numbers there are more people on entitlements under Obama then at any time in this country’s history . It is why he was reelected . He promised to give all you lazy progressives free sh&t . Want an Obama phone anyone ? Wheres Fern ?She has one . Under Obama 1 of every 3 households recieve benefits and he has increased foodstamp recipients to over 47 million and you progressive sheep now want to pin that on the Republicans hahahahahahahah . To prove who wants a Welfare state why dont you sheep put up or shut up . Every Conservative I know doesn’t mind being our brother keepers but we certainly dont want to be Ferns Sugar daddy . We all support DRUG TESTING for Welfare , Sec 8 , Food Stamp recipients and those on Disability . Do that and you sheep could balance the fed budget with no new taxes . And an added bonus neither party would have to take the blame for cutting entitlements . We all know the DEMS dont want to let down their supporters right ? That is why they don’t want to do entitlement reform . This would relive them of the blame and free up benefits for the truley needy .Drug testing would fee the budget and doing it this way the people who fail would only have themselves to blame for their OWN entitlement cuts . It also might teach them some personal responsibility which we all know is the hallmark of your party right ?hhahahahahahahah . It would also balance the budget without new taxes and military cuts . A win win win .

    1. debzp November 17, 2012

      How’s those sour grapes tasting LOSER ahahahaha

  48. GandLRocks November 13, 2012

    Knew it already. The stats are readily available. It’s pretty much the same with the commenters pounding the conservative drum; unemployed or on disability with nothing to do but echo the nonsense the garner from AM radio and Fox News on comment boards. Myself, I just have a lot of down time between projects that hit my desk, and am delighted when I do get an intelligent counter. Those are rare.

  49. Ed November 13, 2012

    This is news?

  50. onedonewong November 13, 2012

    40% of those on food stamps are BLACK and 0 voted for the republicans, and another 20% are brown again they didn’t vote republican.
    Blue states take better care of their population???? Welfare, foodstams and medicaid as well as sect 8 housing are all paid for by the us taxpayers. Few taxpayers live in the blue states.
    As for who receives the most federal dollars the “so called authorities” fail to distinguish between $$ on the dole from military spending. The later are due to the fact that blue states don’t want anything to do with the military

    1. Pat T. Riot November 13, 2012

      Well, you got about all of that wrong. But you will never be convinced. You’ll just keep repeating your misconceptions until you stop breathing.

      1. onedonewong November 13, 2012

        Once again the deniers come forth without any facts and just some made up gibberish. Its a shame that folks like you are so intellectually lazy that they think MSNBC is a source for your ideals

        1. debzp November 17, 2012

          Oh no all news comes from Fox and Rush. You have no ideals and are completly dishonest, just like your candidate Mittens. That’s why you lost ahahaha.

          1. onedonewong November 18, 2012

            all the UNBIASED news comes from FOX. The tainted pro obama nonsense comes from the State Run Media

          2. debzp November 18, 2012

            Yea that’s why Fox viewers score lower on tests of current and international events than people who watch NO news. If that’s your notion of unbiased then we have nothing to talk about. Go eat some more Crow.

  51. rhallnj November 13, 2012

    You mean they’re “takers”?

  52. GEAgent21 November 13, 2012

    My largest frustration is that the very poor buy the republican lies hook, line and vote.

  53. chrise November 13, 2012

    Ok, I’m from Alaska and it never surprised me that there were military families who qualified for food stamps. I wonder if there’s any data on this.

  54. Juan W. November 13, 2012

    you bunch of friggin racist pigs sucking at the public teat??? Non white Notherners you friggin raciset pigs. You have your heads so far up your ass it would take a crane to pull them out. In case you forgot for thirty years while Coleman Young was mayor of Detroit it was known as the food stamp capital of the world and Baron you are a racist moron in ten years you ignorant a holes won’t count cause whatever Whites think of you Mexicans think less and what would you expect from a bunch of dumb well I know you know the word, but to vote for a racist bigoted left wing half While liberal lying thieving Kenyan???? Keep it up a holes cause it ain’t only White people’s jobs being shipped to China and with the quality of cars the UAW continues to build it won’t make much difference anyway Detroit Flint and Cleveland will be back as food stamp capitals!

    1. Mort Alcoil November 15, 2012

      Thanks for your unhinged and massively incoherent rant; best laugh I’ve had at an Internet post in AGES.

      It helped quite a bit that it was full of appallingly bad grammar, atrocious spelling and completely devoid of anything resembling useful punctuation; do you know what a paragraph is?

      Again, I must thank you for showing us all EXACTLY what the average red state Republican’s educational level is.

  55. alwaysthink November 14, 2012

    With 40% of Food Stamps going to those who are employed in low wage jobs seems like we taxpayers are subsidizing these employers. Who pays low wages? Walmart, Papa Johns come to mind. These same employees also use the Emergency Room for health care so more taxpayer subsidy to their cheap employers who won’t provide private insurance.

  56. joyscarbo November 14, 2012

    The greatest concentration of poverty is the southern states…Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, S.Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas. There are more but the fact that these states are so stubbornly RED repulican states is what get’s my craw. These are the places where republicans rule over only the fair-haired deserving….and maintain instutionalized poverty. It disgusts me because of how open these governments opperate. There is a lot of money keeping those who are poor, kept that way!!! My three, hard working nieces were born and raised in Flomaton, Alabama. They work for the chain BP stations, and take a second job at a local fast food restaurant. There isn’t much else offer as employment. But here is where the scam reveals itself: My nieces work for BP and Church’s–and cannot afford anything more than government subsidized housing. The subsidized houseing is also being run by the men who run the BP gas stations….so they give money to these women with one hand, and then take it back in rent with the other hand. Does that sound like a path for lifting youself and your two kids out of poverty???? NOOOOOOOooo. It’s a perpetual and vicious circle….the Bossman givith, and taketh awasy. And guess who runs thesse states of perpetual poverty?????

  57. Nathan Anderson November 14, 2012

    Destabilization of our economic structure to create our current financial epidemic resulted from the tax changes (trickle down) of the W years. The top heavy empowerment policies generated a mechanism of perpetual motion; the more extreme wealth that exists, the greater the ability to sway policy toward amassing more extreme wealth. This ideology has legions of supporters who do not benefit. They suffer their own financial losses while striving that the policies remain. However illogical or irrational, these supporters unwittingly believe their own interests are represented. Through the desperation of economic disparity and the misapplication of religion as a substitution for humanity, the mold is cast for recruitment in mass. These supporters are the soldiers in the economic civil war we are referring to as “The great recession”. The political party they used to believe in and follow no longer exists. It has been overtaken for the purpose of developing extreme wealth and power for the privileged few. This war exists only by the willingness of the unwitting participants’ to support this financial terrorism movement.
    The truth is that the Right is not right. Conservative idealisms are not represented by the Conservative Party. The fiscal policies of the Republican Party are liberally giving away our countries financial resources to individuals and corporations that in many cases are not even American.
    I hope and pray that there will be enough of them brave enough to face the truth and realize they have been duped and lied to, that they will break rank and follow the path of re-stabilizing our country’s economic balance.

  58. Jim Lou November 14, 2012

    There is no surprise here.

    It is natural to want to go from those areas with little in the way of public assistance to those areas that are more munificent.

    An example was NY, which was at one time a magnet of those who wanted increased welfare.

    Another example was California. It provided much more in the way of health benefits.

    Unfortunately, California is having a big financial problem. Partly due to laws limiting tax increases. Partly due to economic downturn.

    Now many people are moving away from NY and California to those states that seem to have the jobs: the South, states like Texas. These states also have much lower income taxes. These states are also anti-union.

    That has led to those states gaining Congressional seats and thus electoral votes.

  59. Eleanore Whitaker November 14, 2012

    There’s a huge problem among whites in the south. Their culture remains tied to the idea that free labor is the only way to keep their states economically conservative. When you consider how many whites in the southern states own businesses that barely pay their employees a living wage, pay zero healthcare benefits and zero pension benefits, you see that plantation mentality more clearly. What else would explain why the highest percentage of wealth in southern states is distributed mainly among their biggest industries CEOs?

    When you get down to brass tacks, you see that these same southern business rely most heavily on federal tax cuts, breaks, loophole and subsidies the rest of the states are paying for most heavily. Then, their state politicians help themselves to the lion’s share of our tax dollars to subsidize healthcare, education and infrastructure …all items that should come out of their state taxes first as it is in other states around the country …before they beg federal help. This is why men like McConnell and Ryan are desperate to keep the federal tax dollars flooding their states while the rest of the states struggle to pay our state and federal taxes and THEIRS.

    This is the biggest reason they are dead set against healthcare reform that would force them to create affordable healthcare for their state residents. They cry, “The government is forcing us to pay for healthcare..” Well gee…if they aren’t paying for it already, who is? Look in the mirror.

    Most of the southern states are in varying stage of grand denial. They know their industries are not sustainable over a long term. They don’t care. Those industries are keeping their CEO bank accounts fat and that’s really all they care about. And let’s face it. Unsustainable industries in this state are bankrupting other states and that only puts more power in the southern states.

  60. Eleanore Whitaker November 14, 2012

    Most Americans know that behind this surge of right wing lunacy lies several all too rich billionaires ready and willing to reinvent the government to suit their tastes. Read…dictatorship.

    It’s no coincidence that the most vocal loonies of secession come from the most typical red states…TX, AL and the rest of the morons who still believe they won the Civil War and their Confederacy and Stars and Bars flag is the only way to go.

    These billionaires who founded Americans for Prosperity and the Tea Party lost billions betting on Romney and against the people of this country. Now they are insurgents trying to incite a second Civil War and all for the same reason as the first one…free labor that makes them as rich as plantation owners were in their antebellum days.

    What else explains why Middle Class salaries and benefits have been stagnated for more than a decade now? What else explains why no CEO’s salary has stagnated in the same proportion? What else explains why they are still flooding Wall Street with their high risk investment gambling? What else explains why they’d take billions to put into the GOP campaign?

    Be very careful of their retaliation. Our response should be: NO more tax cuts, breaks, loopholes or subsidies. By going this route, they’d have to actually pay the bills they owe instead of using taxpayers as their safety net and for a change, their salaries would stagnate.

    1. idamag November 15, 2012

      They have been saving their confederate money for this day.

  61. Marcia Hayes November 14, 2012

    Romney needs to take a look at the states he carried – red states – overwhelming on the take.

  62. Kennith November 15, 2012

    the mis education of white people is how these parasites stay in power.

  63. Kenny November 16, 2012

    How ironic.

  64. Kenny November 16, 2012

    How can you vote Republican and be on foodstamps? Be a union member? If it’s not racial motivation then what is the motivation? Please help me to understand?

  65. 13observer November 16, 2012

    sorry, not “illegal” anchor baby as my grandparents came here legally! If you are considering the “native American” fairy tale that they owned the land some how…… then I must refer you to the fact that we bought the land that didn’t belong to them anyway…. with booze, beads etc. and to this very day pay for it! We have had immigration laws in place that Mr. Obama chooses not to enforce making him in violation of his duties as President…..anything for votes, you dems just kill me!

    1. debzp November 17, 2012

      Sore loser ahahaha…..

  66. bsantimyer November 16, 2012

    I noticed this sentence in the article:

    “Bloomberg recently compiled U.S. Department of Agriculture data and found that, “70 percent of counties with the fastest growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008.””

    – and I wondered: How can the USDA possibly know this, if our votes are private & secret? How can the question even be asked on a government survey questionaire?

    Can you elucidate?

    Thank you,
    Obama Supporter

    1. Theo May 6, 2013

      You ever hear of election returns? Votes are counted and the results are posted thus it is known how many people voted for the President in one town, county, state, etc as opposed to how many people voted for Romney.

  67. Marti November 19, 2012

    I believe this kind of thinking started in the south during the Civil War. It was thought that if the richest of the plantation owners could turn poor whites against blacks then the poor whites would always support the rich white man. They did not want to be identified with poor blacks. And still don’t.

  68. FredAppell December 29, 2012

    You have more control over the things you say than you think. For instance, you basically came to me when you replied to me the very first time. Although I wasn’t being nasty I thought I was pretty clear about my politics and you liked my ideas. You lean towards Libertarian and quite honestly I am way left of center but you know through our conversations that I believe strongly in personal responsibility. I believe in privacy and ownership and people becoming successful through their own merit and so on…But make no mistake about it, I am left of center. I stayed away from National Memo so I could find my own voice instead of sounding like everyone else. I was only away for a couple of weeks and my only correspondence was with you and an occasional reply from people reading my past comments. When all this was new to me, the only thing I cared about was being a superstar and joining the chorus of voices but over time as I identified my motives I started to post more to who I really am. It started to become evident that I was sounding much different than I did earlier. My point is, that both of us became friends through mutual understanding and respect. We might not agree all the time but i’ll never put you down for what you believe in. I will offer you an alternative way of looking at the situation or try to help you with a problem if I am able to but your beliefs are your own. Your not wrong to try to reach people through social media and you may not feel like you are making a difference but you can’t give up, you are making a difference. Look within yourself and figure out how others perceive you and proceed from there. You have a lot to offer, just stay away from the trap of rhetoric and speak from your heart and you will be fine. Your going to be mad at me for what i’m about to say but COME ON SNOW!!!! I will have a very short day at work today if it snows and the best part is that I get paid for the entire day regardless.
    We’ll talk again before the new year. Have a great day, be safe and go play in the snow!!!!!!!!

  69. Porter Browning June 16, 2013

    Then by all means cut off the programs! Starve republicans!

  70. Enzo March 21, 2014

    Just because every red state has at least one urban area FILLED with democrats you could hardly blame the Republicans. The stats say otherwise.

  71. zxer91 November 15, 2014

    Historically a higher percentage of Democrats than Republicans have used food stamps. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/07/12/the-politics-and-demographics-of-food-stamp-recipients/


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