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Friday, March 16, 2018

Iowa state Senate candidate Randi Shannon (R)  “has ended her campaign and instead declared herself a U.S. Senator for the state of Iowa.”

Mitt Romney is not releasing any more tax returns.

14 reasons why this is literally the worst Congress ever.

Does America actually need more outsourcing?

Francois Hollande wants African nations to organize a military intervention in Mali.

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8 Responses to THE LIST: July 14 Edition

  1. When will the Republicans discontinue defending theories and start showing facts such as Romney’s tax returns since 1999?

  2. The difference between the Republicans and Democrats is theories and actualities. The Republicans tend to defend on either failed or false theories while the Democrats tend to show actual facts.

  3. Why is it that we are all expected to hold 7 years worth of tax returns in case the IRS decides to audit us, and a man running for President does not or refuses to make them public? The answer is quite simple, most of us comply with the law, work all our lives, pay our taxes, and have trouble making ends meet. Moreover, 98% of us don’t have $250M stashed away in the Cayman Islands or Switzerland to avoid paying taxes, or invested in corporations in places like Bermuda which more often than not are just a POB being used as part of a shell game to hide overseas investment from Uncle Sam. It pay to be rich enough to buy lawyers, politicians, and those whose opinion can be influenced by ideology, greed, or a 30-second commercial.

    • Because it will show where his money comes from in the US under foreign umbrella so he will pay minimum tax or not at all. Domino Pizza, Staples, Beneficial Life Ins,, some shopping malls, cattle ranches, etc are his investments and that’s how unemployed man makes and hides his money. He have to hide them if not when people find out source of his money some will boycott them (rightfully so) or some will beat the door down to buy (the lemmings and wanna be 2%) it. We always have a choice – to research and make a intelligent decision or sit on the fence and cheer for the winner, no matter how it affects them. Just take the ACA, it is enough of the ignorance to make you puke at the gullibility of the masses that follow Faux News and Republicans motto – it’s a tax when truly is not.
      Robbeofmoney have a lot to hide and his legacy as A Gov. of Mass is hey I am a job killer but I gave mandated healthcare. So U R healthier and no job.
      Kudos 4 you, common sense commment.

      • Romney doesn’t want the world to know that he supported liberal things like PBS, gets mucho money from businesses that make their money off of the abortion industry. He is afraid of what it will look like when the public sees that the give millions to the Mormons like Tom Cruise does to Scientology. He doesn’t want folks to know that he gets tax credits for his horses and maybe other animals. He isn’t hiding because he didn’t pay taxes, he is hiding because he would have to engage in a new round of lying to cover where his money goes. When he says the Democrats will nitpick over his returns he’s right, and expose him as the two faced liar he really is. But he is more worried about how the right will react not the Dems.

  4. Willard the Rat man is born of deception. He is so acustomed to not telling the whole truth or changing his mind every other time he speaks that it portrays his lack of character. Hard to break habits.

  5. Is Mit Romney a Mexican Citizen ? His daddy was born in Mexico. That qualifies Mit to be a Mexican Citizen. Has Mit ever denounced his Mexican Citizenship? Where can I find out if Mit is still a Mexican Citizen? Can someone help me and the rest of America find out if Mit Romney holds a dual citizenship? Please help.

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