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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Weed is the Devil’s leaf! Sharia law has invaded Walmart! The federal plot against Texas thickens! Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Stewart Rhodes

StevenRhodesThe Oath Keepers is a self-proclaimed “patriot” organization, comprising mostly veterans and retired police officers, that was founded six years ago in order to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It is the domestic variety that came under fire last week.

At a summit in Tempe, Arizona, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes denounced the “GOP good old boy network” that he claimed had sabotaged Ron Paul’s unsuccessful runs in 2008 and 2012.

To wit: He put the crosshairs on Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, the Establishment’s “pre-ordained, anointed candidate who would go along with the program of the destruction of this country.”

“John Cain [sic] is a traitor to the Constitution. He should be tried for treason before a jury of his peers,” Rhodes said, to wide applause.

He concluded his rant: “After we convict him, he should be hung by the neck until dead,” which was met with somewhat less enthusiastic, scattered clapping.

Video courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

In a Skype interview with KPNX Tuesday, Rhodes doubled down, claiming “John McCain is every bit as nuts as Adolf Hitler was.”

Via Talking Points Memo and Right Wing Watch

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57 Responses to This Week In Crazy: Satan Is In Your Marijuana

  1. Hmmmm . . . Gordon K, why are you not mentioning that Satanic effects of liquor? Have you never heard of snakes, hoards of disgusting insects, and pink elephants?

  2. Some of the things these people say would be funny, if they were not so dangerous. Inciting violence, calling for the execution of people they don’t like, take a back seat to the fact that thousands of people listen to these charlatans and applaud claims that most sane people would be horrified to hear.
    Statements like those included in this article go well beyond what most people interpret as political sparring. They constitute evidence of paranoia, manipulation, and the distinct probability of civil unrest in the not too distant future.

      • Could be that the Republicans were right about that all along. After seeing them in action week after week here, a lot of people don’t believe in evolution anymore either.

  3. Maybe you can’t blame Klingenschmidt for his aversion to reefer madness. I heard that he tried it in his youth. He claimed that it really distorted his rational perceptions. It lead to bizarre thinking patterns and impaired judgement. He said that it impeded his ability to clearly see fact based reality and it induced paranoia. Gordon is hoping that these effects will one day wear off.

    Texas might want to give this some thought though. Those poor people. Imagine. The U.S. military working with ISIS to take over…America? Walmarts secretly housing Obama’s Gestapo. This Jade 15 thing. It’s a nightmare I tell you. If there were only some substance that could mellow out these frenzied, deranged Texans. If there were only something that could make these poor tortured souls laugh again. Mmmmm.

    • I guess that is about the best explanation of the conservative mind. Maybe poor Gordon is actually eating some funny mushrooms, though.

      • this is where the Crazy Corner of Colorado resides…In his fevered mind….I was thinking more along the lines of untreated syphilitic dementia from his youthful indiscretions….the worst form of God Bother that there is…My friend in the State House had some perspective on this guy…he has no credibility as a lawmaker, and is mostly ignored….

      • Let’s hope that’s the explanation because that’s better than saying it’s a chosen lifestyle. They’d claim they were born that way though.

        • Actually, there was a study done that says people are born inclined liberal or conservative. The last study the Brookings institute did on general I.Q. levels shows a decline in overall intelligence levels. We can see that by what people are willing to vote for and send to Washington.

    • The article says that the Bible never actually calls out marijuana. Not by that name, since it was an ethnic slur used by William Randolph Hearst and his cohorts to demonize it in the press and to Congress.

      That said, by its original name, the name it has had since recorded human civilization began, yes, the Bible does too call it out — but in a way that would surprise Mr. Klingenschmidt.

      The original name, from the Sumerian cuneiform (oldest known written human language), is KNB (no vowels were used in Semetic languages as written back then), or, applying the most likely spoken vowels, K(A)N(A)B(A).

      When the Hebrews got hold of that word (and the herb-bearing-seed [Genesis 1:29] that it names), the spoken vowels were changed somewhat and a couple of additional consonants added: “kaneh-besem” (the “–em” may be a pluralizing suffix [like English’s “–s” or “–es”], as in “cherub” vs. “cherubim” for instance). This is translated in the KJV as “sweet calamus,” and in some other translations as “fragrant cane.” It appears most notably in Exodus 33:20 as a key ingredient (along with cinnamon [“qinnamown”] and other spices mixed in with olive oil) in the God-given recipe for the Holy Anointing Oil used for sacred purposes such as anointing the altar of the Tabernacle (and later Temple), the sacrifices thereon, and the priests and Levites before participating in such rituals.

      Linguistically at least, it’s pretty obvious that these are the words that have come down to us as “cannabis,” just as the Hebrew “qinnamown” became “cinnamon.” It should also be noted that this same recipe was used throughout the Old Testament, and there is even scriptural evidence that Jesus may have used it in some of His healing miracles (such as when He anointed the eyes of a blind man who then regained his sight).

      Satanic devil’s weed? You sure you wanna go with that, Mr. Klingenschmidt? Call not what the Loʀɒ provides unclean!

  4. I recently looked up the “Texas State Guard”. Unlike the Texas National Guard and Texas Air National Guard, this is a body wholly under the control of the Governor’s office. Apparently Greg Abbot must feel he cannot trust the NG and ANG as they are adjuncts of the Defense Department, and therefore complicit in Operation Jade Helm 15.

  5. Wacko West- drummed out of the military but still treated like a “hero” by righties who see terrorists behind every tree. The incident that led to West being forced into retirement
    was the sign of a small mind- exactly like the minds of tea party types.

    • The right, for all of its war rhetoric, seems to have an unnatural love of people who were kicked out of the military in disgrace but still enjoy pretending their are military men regardless. Gordon Klingenschmitt was also dishonorably discharged but still flaunts his military credentials as if they still exist.

  6. Although this stuff is funny…unfortunately crazy is not the limited to the right. Crazy is just crazy and I do not assign it to any particular point of view…except crazy. I am a definite progressive but I believe my fellow citizens to the right of me are simply Americans with a different opinion on how to solve our problems. If we could chuck all the derisive comments and really get down to DOING some things together, to fight our real enemies the corporate masters that would subvert our democracy, instead of fighting amongst ourselves…we just might save this country from being turned into the master/slave model it is beginning to resemble.

    • The difference is that the crazies on the left are recognized as such by the left and told to shut the hell up — they don’t represent us. Whereas America’s right have such massive bugs up their asses about America voting for the mixed-race self-made son of an immigrant raised in a single-parent household that they willingly brought the right-wing crazies to prominence, even knowing full well that they were crazy.

      Put differently, the difference is that the left deals in reasons while the right deals in excuses. Anyone on the left will tell you precisely what every Republican said or did to be worthy of such scorn, whereas the right’s hatred of Democrats is based solely on the fact that they are not Republicans, ergo they will gladly trot out even borderline-murderous psychopaths like Alex Jones, Ted Nugent and Stephen Rhodes if they are the only ones who can come up with a new excuse.

      • Michael…here I am trying to try and appeal to the right wings non crazies and offer an olive branch and you screwed it all up…LOL…Thanks Guy…You really know how to bury the hatchet…DEEP…LOL :=)

        • Dude, there AREN’T any right wing non-crazies anymore. All the people with their heads on the outside of their asses either switched sides or opted out in 2009.

          Take it away, Bill!

      • Yeah! The left usually ostracizes their wacko as you point out, while the right champions them, eggs them on and actually often believes what the wackos say and do (or at least maybe pretends to believe what they say and do,so as to try and make their right-wing wackos look not quite so crazy.)

    • Give 5 crazy things that the left has said that are even remotely close to the crap we hear from the right every week. I double dare you.
      If you can come up with 5, then lets start another 5, and another… I’ll give you one guess where that will end…

      • Again…trying to offer an olive branch to the non crazies on the right,,,does no one understand this partisanship is a distraction by the real enemies..the Corp/1% that would take over this country and make you all slaves….we must forget our differences and remember we are all AMERICANS…THE ENEMY IS NOT US…GREEN is the new white…and those with the green are taking your country piece by piece while we fight between ourselves for their scraps…pitiful.

        • That is true… but to get to the point where we can deal with the Corporations, we must first deal with the crazies on the right and get them un-elected. If you don’t have the most seats, you may as well kiss reform goodbye.

  7. ‘God, grant me the serentiy to accept the stupid people as they are, the courgage to maintain self-control and the wisdom to know that if I act on it, I will end up in jail.” source unknown

    • Perfect comment!!! Unfortunately, those crazy stupid people are being elected now by the crazies that vote for the Cruz’s, Gohmerts, Steve Kings, etc., etc., too many to mention…… and all of us along with the future of this country have to suffer with the insanity and dysfunction they bring into government.

      • The problem here is that you are only looking at the crazies on one side when there are in fact many on the left as well. The reality is that all we ever hear from are the extremes in both parties and not the majority of people in the middle. Until these people finally have enough of listening to the bs from the extremes we will be stuck. It’s time that the majority start to make their voices heard and stand up.

        • Because of the nature of power, however, the “crazies on the left” have much less economic and persuasive power than those on the right. In fact, the right has so much power that even reasonable ideas on the left are denounced as “crazy.”

          Is it crazy to want to preserve our planet for future generations? And even if there is some dispute about exactly how fast the “approaching train” is going, isn’t it a good idea to get off the track rather than stand there debating it?

          Is is crazy to believe that keeping the economy from stagnating due to all the money going to the top and staying there might be of benefit to poor AND rich alike? Two analogies come to mind: the difference between the Sea of Galilee, which receives water from the north and empties into the Jordan going south, and has abundant life and fertility in and around it, and the Dead Sea, which receives water but does not empty anywhere, evaporating and leaving dead salty desert behind; and the NFL and other sports leagues, which have the “socialistic” practices of revenue sharing (taxing the teams which make the biggest profits because they are in larger markets, to support the teams which make less because they are in smaller markets), salary caps, and a draft in which the teams which showed the LEAST success get the first chance to sign the rising stars out of college. Is that “crazy left” thinking?

          Is it crazy to believe that life-and-death matters like health care should be supported by all of us together, rather than people only being able to enjoy as much health as they can “buy?”

          Tell me, what IS the “crazy” left? What left wing ideas which have any chance of receiving VOTES in America are nearly as crazy as the right wing ideas described weekly in this column, which ARE receiving not only votes but LARGE SUMS OF MONEY?

  8. Stephen Rhodes, you would be so boring in a crowd of people with triple-digit I.Qs. John McCain has a lot more credibility than Ron Paul and John McCain might have a bit of senile dementia. FYi, Ron Paul is a laughing stock. Ted Nugent stinks (literally). To paraphrase one of America’s most evil men’s euphemism, nugent suffers from enhanced flatulence. Alex Jones, I think we should pull all of our military out of Texas and our government entities. That way you will feel safe. Allen West, if you think talking like those good old boys will make people think you are white, it isn’t working. You just plain sound nuts. Religious nuts (not to be mistaken for spiritual people) don’t need a plant to hallucinate.

    • I have. It was very instructional. In Genesis 19:23-25, god burns down a whole city (women and children included) simply because they were homosexual. To think, I used to wonder why Republicans like to talk about Christianity so much. Cleared that up.

        • Nah, not really. Every Israelite dude in Sodom was driving pretty hard to the hoop to make out with Lot’s male angels who had arranged to stay the night with him. It’s only when Lot said to them that, “look…I have two daughters who’ve never slept with a man.” “Let me bring them out to you and you can do what you like with them.” That changed the entire situation, which indicates that there must have been a lot of “Bi” people there.

          Which brings me to my one and only prejudice, possibly born out of envy. I understand heterosexuality and I understand homosexuality, but that bisexuality is just out-and-out greed, I gotta be honest.

          • “Every Israelite dude in Sodom” There were no “Israelites” in Sodom (or anywhere else at the time, since this was generations before Israel was born)

          • Woody Allen once joked that it doubles your odds of getting a date on Saturday night.

      • God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for far more than homosexuality – that was just one of the people’s many sins. When the crowd of men tried to get Lot to turn over the angels, what they were looking for was depraved sex – it went far beyond homosexuality.

        If you go back to Genesis 18 vs 20: “Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievious that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me.”

        And in the following discussion Abraham had with God he appeals to God by saying: “Far be it from you to kill the righteous with the wicked, treating the righteous and the wicked alike.”

        So given like you said that he destroyed men, women and children alike, God clearly felt that the sins that had been committed by even the women and children of Sodom were as grievious as the sin displayed that last night outside the home where Lot was staying. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah committed every form of sin imaginable.

        • I know that you’re a person of great faith Indy. You take Christ’s social gospel seriously and you’re the real deal when it comes to Christianity. Because of that, you’re able to see a much bigger picture and have the capacity to both see in context and overlook some of the unfortunate details of a biblical story like this. The problem is that too many don’t.

        • I think so. Actually, I was just kidding about being prejudiced against bisexuals in my prior post above but we could be on to something here. Maybe that’s why god destroyed Sodom and Gomorra. He created and understood heterosexuality and homosexuality but couldn’t get past the sheer gluttony of bisexuality. Maybe it was a greed thing. He was thinking, “oh c’mon, this is too much.”

          I wonder if you remember that openly gay female Texas legislator from a few years back who finally came out as ‘pans*xual’ (Disqus won’t allow the word) after being badgered about it constantly. They couldn’t keep their noses out of her crotch as you put it. She said that she doesn’t relate to gender in that way. She’s open to her own gender, the opposite gender, or transgender—she doesn’t care.

          When I heard about that I thought…wow, talk about bipartisanship. Now there’s a politician who’s willing to reach across the aisle to—-anyone who’s there. It doesn’t matter.

  9. Er . . . since when is marijuana a hallucinogen? Outside of Reefer Madness, that is?
    Where do these people get this stuff? What are they smoking?

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