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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It’s now on between Donald Trump and his latest mainstream Republican challenger.

Senator Marco Rubio appeared on Fox News Tuesday night with Sean Hannity — a host who has deftly played both sides of the Trump vs. Establishment GOP divide — and watched a highlight reel of Trump’s various insults against Rubio (including substantive jibes like a crack from The Donald about Rubio sweating a lot).

The exchange begins at the 7:00 mark below:

“Look, it’s very clear he’s a very insecure person, he doesn’t like to be criticized,” Rubio said. “You know, the presidency is a tough job. You’re gonna be criticized, and you can’t flip out every time somebody says something about you. He does. And that’s his problem. I don’t have time to kind of analyze why that is, but that’s the reality of it.

“He had a bad week — you know, he got booed on a stage. He had very few people show up to an event he gave. Just today, Tom Brady said he’s not endorsing Donald Trump, despite these reports — he doesn’t even have Tom Brady on his side now. So he’s a very sensitive guy. And that’s fine, that’s his problem. I’m not gonna worry about it.”

Trump responded on Wednesday morning, slamming Rubio on immigration — and also calling him “lazy.” (Hmm, dogwhistle much?)

The Donald followed that up with another tweet, featuring something we don’t often see from Republican candidates: recommending that people read an article in The New York Times — regarding Rubio’s personal finances and dependence on a wealthy backer.

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  • Insinnergy

    Alas, I think Trump is actually right on at least one point… Rubio and Cruz I think it is are notorious for just not turning up to their political committees.
    Too focused on the run for President to actually do their jobs?

    • Looner

      Cruz would be severely wrong for this country. I don’t even think he has read our Constitution, not joking. He doesn’t show up for anything unless it is something hard right that he doesn’t get his way about. Both liberals and conservatives should stay away from him.
      Rubio isn’t even remotely as bad as Cruz. Rubio is very very green and in no way could make a good president.
      Trump is the GOP playground bully and should change his last name to Turdferguson. Yeah, he says the truth, but he is just saying what Democrats have been saying for years about all these candidates. Nothing original there. I find it funny these people going “oh he’s so great, he just comes out and tells it like it is!” When these people could have gone to any liberal website and read that years ago from most commenters…. Who tell it like it is!

  • Otto Greif

    Fact check: True, and true. Boom.

    • Looner

      What? That the hospital got you and the placenta mixed up when your mother gave birth to you?

    • The lucky one

      I agree, I think Rubio pretty much nailed it with his analysis of Trump.

  • The lucky one

    Weak and lazy?? Pretty funny coming from a guy who never worked a day in his life. BTW Don having the biggest loudest mouth does not equate to being strong.

  • TZToronto

    Well, at least Trump knows that there IS a New York Times. That doesn’t mean that he reads it. Perhaps someone he knows told him there was something in the Times about Rubio’s finances. Chances are, though, that he does read the Times. Ask him what newspapers he reads, and I’ll be he’ll give you a long list. Don’t get me wrong. Trump would be a lousy President, but so would Cruz, Rubio, et al. Too much pandering to the ever-dwindling base–followers, not leaders.