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Saturday, March 23, 2019

If cosmic justice prevails, Donald J. Trump could live to see the Atlantic Ocean roll through his beloved Mar-a-Lago resort from the sea to the Intracoastal Waterway. His children almost certainly will.

The plush country club is built upon what geologists call a barrier beach—essentially a sandbar between the ocean and the bay. Already, water pools on parts of the property during coastal storms and extreme high tides, as sea levels driven by global warming rise a bit faster every year.

Within 30 years, climatologists estimate, Mar-a-Lago could be vulnerable to flooding as many as 210 days a year. It’s a growing problem across South Florida. Even mighty Donald cannot command the sea.

Indeed, disaster could come as early as this year’s North Atlantic hurricane season, predicted to be an active one. Experts calculate that the storm surge from even a category two storm could leave parts of the “Southern White House” property under a foot or more of water. Maybe the president can change Mar-a-Lago from a golfing to a surfing resort.

Perhaps he might then get around to appointing somebody to head FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which he hasn’t otherwise hasn’t done—too busy conducting a one-sided Twitter feud with the mayor of London. He’s also named no US Attorneys, and a small handful of ambassadors.

But then, hey, who needs diplomats? Trump can insult and belittle America’s strongest allies entirely on his own.

Evidently, Trump thought sophisticates were laughing at him in Europe and became determined to make them pay the price in symbolic gestures. Them and Barack Obama, whose negotiation of the Paris Climate Accords was rightly seen as the diplomatic high-point of his presidency—not because it bound the United States to what Trump falsely called a “draconian” regulatory regime, but because China, India and other developing countries agreed to participate for the first time.

Why falsely? Because everything in the Paris agreement is strictly voluntary. There are no penalties and no enforcement mechanisms in the agreement whatsoever. Each nation remains free to set its own goals for greenhouse gas abatement and to change them at any time.

It’s a cooperative, not a coercive thing.

So if Trump had merely chosen to cancel Obama’s Power Plan to please Koch Industries and other industrial polluters, all he had to do was say so. Issue an executive order countermanding President Obama’s and bingo, it’s done.

Sure, China’s free to build all the coal-fired electrical plants it wants, although it’s cancelled more than 100 of the damn things. But then contrary to Trump, so was the United States free to do so, although hardly anybody wants to.

Hillary Clinton may have been smug and impolitic when she said during the campaign that her climate policies would “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” But it’s going to happen anyway.

Coal’s too expensive and dirty, a 20th-century technology that pollutes the air and fouls the water. Natural gas and solar are winning in the marketplace everywhere but Wyoming and West Virginia.

So it follows that no, the Paris Agreement isn’t up for renegotiation. Nor was it imposed by France, merely negotiated there. Anyway, what would Trump demand? The same free hand he’s already got? That $100 billion Green Climate Fund Trump railed against actually contains $10.3 billion—a comparative pittance.  Nor does America’s share come out of anti-terror funds.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry may have put it best: “He’s going to go out and find a better deal?…I mean, that’s like O.J. Simpson saying he’s going to go out and find the real killer.”

“Meanwhile, the earth is still warming,” writes Politicos Michael Grunwald, “the polar ice caps are still melting, and the seas are still rising, heedless of the inspiring words committed to paper in Paris, and just as heedless of a noisy American politician’s decision to reject them….Trump can call global warming a hoax, but 2014 was nevertheless the hottest year on record, until it was displaced by 2015, which was overtaken by 2016.”

And if 2017 were to come in a little cooler, industry-funded denialists would call the science disproved. Because if tomorrow’s cooler than today, there will be no summer. It’s the climatological equivalent of “creation-science,” based upon the screwball belief that researchers worldwide have concocted a conspiratorial hoax. “The concept of global warming” Trump tweeted in 2012 “was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

Which is ultimately what this is all about: an attack on expertise by a politician who basically ran against sophistication. An assault on diplomacy by a leader who has defiantly abdicated his role “leader of the free world.”

In short, Trump’s actions have gained him nothing while weakening the United States in what he mistakenly sees as a show of strength.

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42 responses to “Trump’s Children Will Watch Mar-a-Lago Sink Into The Atlantic”

  1. idamag says:

    I hope I live to see the day that vulgar entity sinks into the sea.

  2. says:

    When Will Mar-a-Lago Sink Into Sea? not soon enough ! one can only hope the whole DUMPSTER’S CULT & KLAN is in it when it sinks

  3. RichFromShowMe says:

    “Why falsely?”

    The awful truth is America would be funding the debacle to the tune of $100 Billion over a decade, while China and India, the two biggest polluters, really didn’t have to do any pollution abatement until 2030.

    Not to worry. America will continue leading the pollution abatement industry (worldwide), will sell many solutions to those countries who really care about pollution abatement and they will, of course, use indigenous funding mechanisms.

    As for his estate falling into the sea . . . this happens on a near daily basis in Florida, due to its geologic substructure.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Your boy is going to cause a massive financial depression for no reason other than his own lack of financial management skills. Or, as he stated not 2 months ago when asked about the cost of that Great Wall of Trump, “I love debt. I’m used to debt. I know how to deal with debt.”

      Sure he does. He just has such a lousy reputation for not paying HIS DEBTS that no US banks other than Deutschebank will lend him money. Now, even one of his own legal firms is backing down on defending him on RussiaGATE.

      • RichFromShowMe says:

        This is not a great deal of money in the real estate industry as there are many multi-billion dollar loans out there, including Deutsche Bank with its many other borrowers.

        As for who owns Deutsche Bank . . . . individual investors do.

        As for Trump’s economy, all metrics have improved since inauguration, except for March jobs report, but, granted, its easier to show growth when coming out of the obamba “depression” 🙂

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          When I worked for two international companies, the customers paid by letters of credit. These went through foreign exchange banks. Deutschebank in NY was one of those that processed the exchange if bank transactions to accept money from one foreign customer so that it could be placed in our company’s US bank.

          Most banks ARE owned by investors…they are also known as “depositors.” The US Dept. of Banking and Insurances is responsible to see that all US banks operate according to US bank regulations.

          Deutschebank did not. That’s why they got a fine for laundering Russian money. Ref. It is fairly easy when you own a casino as Trump did to launder money.

          Moneys won by Trump’s high rollers is thus transferred to a foreign exchange bank who then turns the foreign currency spent in a casino into US dollars. No need for you to try and defend criminality.

          It is also a lie to say Trump created any jobs that were not actually the results of Obama’s policies in 2016. As the US DOL published in January 2017, the greatest increase in jobs was in the healthcare industry, before your Lard Ass’s Trumpcare ever got to his desk.

          Try reinventing facts again. I am prepared to counter all of your lame ass rah rah Trump support with facts I can prove. Like these: and

          Now, since I live in the Metro region 45 minutes from Trump Tower, do you want to explain why the hell in December 2016 Kushner met in secrecy with Kislyak at Trump Tower and squirreled him into a private entrance while Daddy in Law was busy out front showing ass with his next round of appointees?

          • RichFromShowMe says:

            Bank depositors are depositors and bank share holders are bank shareholders; i.e. depositors are not owners, unless they buy stock or bonds in the bank; i.e., invest..

            Nearly every wall street connected bank has been fined for various infractions of the law, but often beat the charges when they turn their legal staff loose.


            I’m impressed that you live 45 minutes from Trump Towers, does that give you some insider information, or something? I live around 2 hours by air from NYC, as do around 150 million other folks but I don’t think that provides any extra insight into what’s going on in Trump Tower 🙂

            All Presidents and their staffs have “secret” meetings all the time. A daily log of guests and meetings is kept, but you can rest assured it doesn’t tell the whole story.

            Here’s a recent famous-secret-meeting that flopped:

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Of course, as usual, you are wrong. When depositors deposit money in any bank, they FDIC insures their deposits up to $200,000.

            Shareholders in banks are people who deposit their money in the bank that will use their deposits as part of their banking investments. Formerly, banks were allowed to spend up to 80% of all money on deposit for investments. Until the Republican big dicks looked the other way until Sept. 2008’s Financial Meltdown that took taxpayer money in Trouble Assets Relief Program (TARP) to restore what these Republican and right wing bastards spent so wildly on what they knew were ARM mortgages set to fail and cause millions to end up in foreclosures.

            Don’t bother to deny moron.

            As for living 45 mintues from Trump Tower, Yes. I do know more about Trump than you ever can dickbrain. Why because he has a golf course in Bedminister NJ and had 2 casinos in Atlantic City.

            Unlike you assface, I know better than most about Trump because he loves the media so much for the past 4 decades not a week goes by without the frig’s face on TV or in papers and magazines. That’s why he even lies about how much he hates the media.

            He’s worse than the Kardashians when it comes to hogging the cameras. In fact, he was seen in a video pushing himself in front of the line of NATO leaders, pushing one of them so hard he nearly knocked the man over. Nice bum you have there. He has the mannes of a rutting pig.

          • RichFromShowMe says:

            For someone who supposedly knows everything since you “live within 45 minutes of Trump Tower”, folks who deposit money in a bank are not owners of that bank, they are simply insured depositors, the FDIC covers to the $200k you referred to.

            In contrast, investors in a bank own its stock or bonds and are not insured as to their ownership. This makes them investors.

            Not to fear . . . the smoke you see today from the Eastern and Western seaboards is simply Liberals heads exploding in an attempt to assimilate the truth. 🙂

            Looks like you will have to fall back to the Russian Dressing scandal 🙂

      • Kurt Kruse says:

        Eleanore, once again you open your mouth, and still more garbage fall’s out. While we the people don’t actually know how much success or failure you’ve had on your life’s journey? But from your verbiage, it would be difficult to believe that your success would dwarf President Trump’s
        Given that and the fact that you obviously don’t know your ass from your elbow, perhaps you should go to your little corner. of the room put on your little cone shaped dunce hat and sulk there. Certainly we the people don’t need to hear from any more idiots, such as yourself!

  4. dpaano says:

    Couldn’T happen to a better person…maybe he’ll need to learn to swim!

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Not to worry. Right now Trump is seething with rage that he cannot stop the Comey testimony. So obsessed is he that he invited 2 members of the investigation committee, Gowdy and Cotton to dinner at the White House.

      So over dinner, we are not supposed to figure out, Trump will provide his script for the questions these nuts will ask Comey so they can steer the investiation off course.

      As for Mar-A-Lago, when Marjorie Merriweather Post sold it to the U.S. Government, the government didn’t really want it. Trump saw the place as his Florida “Castle.” But, as you notice, every place Trump uses for business, he also calls “home.” That way the profits he earns are not taxed as a business since he can claim it as a residence.

      He does this here in NJ at his Bedminster “golf course.” The cost to use the course is so prohibitive that only golf pros can use it or Trump’s hunkey dory billionaire Arabs and Russian oligarchs can afford to play there. But, he keeps 2 sheep on that property which entitles him to a “farm subsidy” and he also keeps a separate lodging he calls “home.”

      • Kurt Kruse says:

        Come on now Eleanor your just pushing your personal dislike of President Trump so that you can feel a part of a larger community.
        President Trump certainly could have used executive privilege to
        stop this particular witch hunt has he so chosen. He did not but again he could have so once more Eleanor your like many of your little friends are wrong, and demonstrably both stupid.and child like in your behaviors.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Could not have used his executive privilege to stop what you call a witch hunt. Sorry but my loathing of Trump goes back 4 decades and for those now higher NJ taxes we are paying for Trump’s failed casino businesses, not to mention his son-in-law’s failed business deal.

          Trump is not the ONLY power in this country. WE are and we will NEVER allow men like you or the rest of your slugs and slimeballs to evade our Constitutional right to clean, transparent elections not rigged by you and your Russians.

          If it is a “witch hunt” why is that young female miltiary officer going to jail for releasing the classified documents that show not only that Russians rigged the election but also conspired to rig future elections.

          Must really bust your balls that we were not raised like you to be criminals.

          • Kurt Kruse says:

            My parent’s have told me that if you fight with Pigs your going to get dirty. You Eleanore are not only a pig, your a truly stupid one!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Kruse since we know your parents were Nazi sympathizers thanks to your Nazi grandparents, I would suggest you are the pig who loves a pig like Trump.

            Who marries a Slovenian slut who poses nude for Hustler Magazine? Who snorts coke in Manhattan clubs and hangs out with shock jocks doing sleazy radio interviews with the likes of Howard Stern?

            Sorry pigshit, but your boy is going down. So is Bannon, Contwat, Pricky Ricky Trump, Dumbo Donny Jr., Cuckold to his daddy in law Kushy Kushy and Iskanka his so called wife who admits she “tucks here daddy in.”

            Grow up assface. Sleaze is sleaze and it’s time for all honorable AMericans to starte tossing trash like you on the landfills in Siberia.

            Ach Tung! Nazi Man.

          • Kurt Kruse says:

            My original statement about you is spot on. In your reply to me you have exampled just how nasty and dirty a pig you really are.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            And I suppose your original statement is LAW? Get over it bully man. You are about as valuable to society as the Lard Ass is. Oh gee. Can’t FORCE? Can’t DEMAND? Can’t get a life? It figures. Neither can Lard Ass, Bannon, Contwat, DonJuan Jr, Pricky Ricky and Iskanka.

            But I did love how Trump is now pulling out his “victim” card. Only Trump and asshats like you run for the victim card when you do the crime but don’t ever think laws apply to you too. So tell us Kruse Blowhard. How much is Poo Poo Putin paying you?

  5. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Trump won’t last this year out. Count on it. The Republican Party tried to cover up WaterGate just like they are trying to cover up their part in RussiaGate. It took only 18 months to take Nixon down. It won’t take that long with Trump for one reason: His reputation as a crook precedes him and it is far easier to get evidence on him since he already has been fined by the government for money laundering.

    The longer the Republicans delay the investigations, the faster their party dissolves into nothing. No one is going to vote into office a party we can’t trust to keep their campaigns, clean, transparent and honest.

    • plc97477 says:

      Also nixon was smart enough not to go around bragging about his crimes on tv.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        I so agree. What kind of American with any sense of class would go after the Mayor of London, who just happens to have a Middle Eastern name?

        And what are we to deduce from Trump’s sucking up to Saudi Arabia? Are Saudis not also Muslims Trump should hate? You can se why the SC will not approve his travel ban. Not only does that travel ban apply only to certain Muslim countries which is highly prejudicial, but in its very nature, it bans religion as the basis of refusing entry into the US and only for Muslims. Is this guy off the beam or what?

        Not a single one of the 6 countries he banned have had as much to do with 9/11 as Saudi Arabia who gave us 9 terrorists on 9/11.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Trump did not “go after” the London mayor. He made a comment which I am guessing many others wondered about as well. Stay Calm folks, don’t let all the police worry you.

          So you are to remain calm when they are not out in large numbers, and remain calm when they are. When exactly should you not remain calm? I guess that would be when the truck is bearing down on you.

          I think Trump and the Mayor can deal with each other without the rest of us blowing it all out of proportion.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Using your theorum, if the Mayor of London’s last name was “Lavrov” would Trump DARE open his mouth?

            Isn’t it odd how Moscow has fewer attacks by Islamic terrorists and over 660 by their own Russian terrorists?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            I am pretty sure that if the LONDON mayor’s name was Lavrov Trump would make the same statement. You claiming otherwise is nothing but your own biased opinion.

            Not sure what terror attacks in Russia have to do with this but many of those you cited were by Islamic terrorists, as you call them.

            And I don’t recall hearing any Russian leader proclaim publicly to his people that they should just remain calm about the large police presence in the streets. They got used to that decades ago.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            That’s how little you know about Trump. Trump’s real reason for hating Muslims has nothing to do with their religion. Trump is notoriously a spiteful bastard who thrives on being a vengeful, spiteful bastard.

            Here’s the proof you rah rah rah Trump supporters do NOT know. When he got that money laundering fine, it was due to his showing off his Middle Eastern Arab high rolles who played in his private casino rooms. This is HOW they laundered money to terrorists. So rather than go after these Arab high rollers to blame for his $25 million FinCEN fine, he blames Muslims, which these Arabs are. Just like the Saudis and many Syrians are.

            The reason he goes after women is the same. 2 gold digger wives who nailed him for $2 million a month in alimony and more until HIS children were emancipated.

            The reason he goes after the poor is his own paranoia over suddenly being just as poor. Everything Trump does is based on his “punch back harder” BS theory on how to deal with anyone who gets in his way.

            No need to tell the people in NJ this. When he refused to pay nearly 4400 employees their wages and the contractors and suppliers who sued him, Mr. Spiteful ASS figured, “what the hell? If I dump 6 bankruptcies on NJ taxpayers, these people will back off suing me.” Wrong Trump you Lard Ass.

            This time you go down for lying, cheating like you always do and for thinking you are the genius of the world.

    • InformedVoter says:

      Poor Elle, the Dems will still be squirming around like worms trying to make something out of this at the end of the year. Everything they’ve tried has failed to grow legs and so they move on to the next “scandal”.
      Now that Comey vindicated President Trump’s tweets, what will you low information lefties do? Oh, I just heard that they’re going to try and change the presidential method to popular vote – retroactively! Duh. That has more probability than any action to remove President Trump from office.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Right. So when Comey testified UNDER OATH, he was lying and jeopardizing his entire successful career and reputation? Even when he told 6 other highly placed FBI agents the same Trump word?

        There is NO way to vindicate Trump. Trump is a pathological liar who believes his lies. His trouble, like yours is when he tries desperately to “punch back harder” and shove his lies down the throats of the US court judges.

        DUH. Trump tried to intimidate Comey with that BS line, “You better hope there are no tapes.” Now, Lard Ass BETTER come up with those tapes he hoped would force Comey to refuse to testify. Didn’t work did it shitforbrains? Now your Lard Ass has until June 23 to produce those tapes.

        First he lied about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower and now he is trying to smear Comey.

        Comey testified UNDER OATH that he never took notes on Obama or GWB. Why Trump? Because Lard Ass is a pathological liar who believes his own lies. Svengali Trump is NOT.

        But, to make a real ass of you and your Trump HUMPs, NOW Robert Mueller the independent counsel will DEMAND Trump testify as Trump said, “100%” under sworn oath.

        If your boy dares to lie then, he goes down for perjury. Stop licking Trump’s ass for him. He has enough liars and sickos to do that.

        • InformedVoter says:

          Poor Elle, you continue to make yourself look foolish. Comey testified that President Trump was not nor is he under investigation! How much clearer do you want it?
          obozo did spy on President Trump, and it was proven.
          The Dems will drag out the meaningless hearings until next year. Meanwhile, President Trump will just keep more of his campaign promises and keep appointing more judges. When Ginsberg croaks, President Trump will name another Gorsuch-type to the SCOTUS. If a couple of weeks, the SC will reinstate President Trump’s travel ban.
          Your comment about why Comey took notes is pure speculation. Most legal experts have plainly stated that President Rump did NOT intimidate Comey. Meanwhile, Comey set himself up to be charged with a Federal crime by leaking information.
          And President trump has now started up his reelection campaign, so you’ll have President Trump around for another 7 years!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            No facts, no proof. Sorry but Comey was NOT under your Lard Ass’s jurisdiction at the time he testified UNDER SWORN OATH. But, if you think Lard Ass will get away without testifying “100%” think again. Now, not only does your Lard Ass have to cough up tapes he threatened Comey with when Lard Ass said,”You better hope there are no Tapes.”

            When asked by Burr at the Senate investigation about those tapes, Comey replied, “Lordy, I hope there are tape.”

            Grow up moron. Trump is already up for impeachment thanks to 2 people, Rep. Green of TX and Maxine Waters.

            Comey committed NO federal crime as hard as a moron like you tries to make that sound. He was fired by Trump, became a civilian and no longer owes Trump, the scum in the Trump administration or the government any secrecy. You boy fukked up royally firing Comey.

            Several to US lawyers have all stated that if Comey wants to, he can write a book about Trump and divulge even more on the scumbag you put in the White House.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, once more you demonstrate your ignorance.
            Aren’t you tired of looking so stupid? Apparently not!
            Nope, the two dummies you referred to have gathered no traction and their dumb statements mean absolutely zero in getting anything going for impeachment.
            Comey, by admitting he was leaking information about an active investigation may well end up being charged with a crime.
            Gorsuch is on the SCOTUS, and has not been overruled on anything! The travel ban will be found to be constitutional.
            Whether the tape are produced or exist have no bearing. Comey’s opinion that President Trump lied has to do with the way the FBI had been operating.
            Comey confirmed that President Trump is not then nor now under investigation. The collusion “scandal” has been declared DOA!
            And President Trump just keeps rolling along erasing obozo “legacy”.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            You know how easy it is to prove you are a nut? You repeat yourself …”poor Elle” and “ignorance” are the only punctuated keywords you use. I take it you follow the PUtin Russian hackers guide to use of keywords for your poorly rehearsed scripts?

            The travel ban is NOT constitutional because the US Constitution does not allow “establishment of religion as stated in the 1st Amendment, “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

            So don’t expect your Lard Ass to convince anyone on the SC but Thomas and Gorsducker to condone violations to the 1st Amendment.

            By the way, why no investigation of Tillerson as SOS now that HE KILLED 6 Americans last week?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Elle, but “poor” and “ignorant” are two words that perfectly describe folks like you. If you are offended by being included in that sector of the population, you should try to gets your news sources from other than the FAKE MSM.
            The travel ban was stopped under the rationale that President Trump exhibited bias against muslims. All credible legal experts have publicly stated that that reason is not valid to stop the order. Thus, if it does go to a true appeal court (not those illegal dummies out west), the ruling will be President Trump was justified and has the authority to issue the ban.
            See how much you being a low information person gets you into trouble?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Right…that’s why “I” live in the state where Princeton University is located and you live in a pig sty in DogPatch. You wouldn’t know education if it was shoved up your lard ass.

            The travel ban was declared Unconstitutional by 2 federal district courts. What’s the matter shitbagger? Your Lard Ass can’t rule the courts too?

            Lard Ass is not going to win this case no matter what he does. The SC will not agree that banning 6 Muslim countries was not banning religion. By the way, since Trump is the ONLY president to enter the White House with a money laundering fine of $25 million in 2013 on his records, you want to explain how his Muslim high rollers weren’t banned from the Taj Mahal?

            Face facts jackass. You make no sense and never will. You never post proof. Just the same BS over and over. Now, run to the toilet and get a shampoo.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, you just keep digging your hole deeper and deeper.
            The idiot judges to made the claim the EO was unconstitutional used the logic that President Trump campaigned on restricting the flow of muslims into the country. Most legal scholars are on record saying that it’s an open and shut case that their rulings will be overturned by the SCOTUS, and by a hefty margin.
            As to my education, you know that I posses a PhD in a science, as I’ve stated this many times.
            Your cute little GED betrays you in your posts. And you wonder why you never succeeded in the business world.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Poor insane dicklicker of the Lard Ass. First of all, WHO are “MOST” legal scholars? name them jerkoff.

            As for Lard Ass, MOST legal scholars like those of the ACLU are ready and waiting for that SC case to hit for your Lard Ass.

            Now as to you. We all know WHY you hate freedom. It’s because as a prisoner in a for profit prison, you hate the idea that we are free and you are not. Right shitbagger?

            Your cute little DogPatch 5th grade education doesn’t get you anywhere with top legal experts Mueller is now putting together. Neither are you remotely capable of competing with anything higher than swamp dung. Now do go play out in your prison yard moron.

            You possess a PhD in science? Hahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaha! You couldn’t possess toilet paper longer than your butt end is finished using it and your Mommy teaches you how to flush.

            I worked with a PhD from MIT and a Cambridge England MSME. I also worked with a PhD from John Hopkins back at Akzo. Now moron, there is no way you ever even got your high school diploma.

            As to the business world, I owned my first small business at age 21 while you were still having your Mommy change your loaded diapers. I had my 2nd business by age 26 when you first learned how to write your name.

            You can’t compete with me and you hate it. That’s also why you hate Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and all WOMEN you know are smarter than you will ever be. Your posts all prove that.

            Your posts are endless bits of BS without any substantiation you could hope to use in a court of law. But then, that IS how you ended up in prison right prickboy?

          • InformedVoter says:

            OK Elle, have it your way. “Most legal scholars” turns out to be the SCOTUS itself. How did that work out for you?

            You were so sure that travel ban was unconstitutional! Dumb!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Thank you for proving how little comprehension you have. When I listened to the hearing on the travel ban, the vote was not unanimous as your Lard Ass liar said. Why does he, like you, always have to exaggerate facts?

            A unanimous vote mean ALL 9 SC justices voted for Trump’s case. Which by the way you also got wrong.

            Only a PART of the travel ban was approved as consitutional by the SC. That part was that the president of the US has the authority to restrict access to the US by those proven to be potential security threats.

            And, don’t go dancing a jig yet moron. You’ll notice Trump’s lawyers are not calling it a “ban” but a “suspension.” You know why. Because if they called it a “ban” the SC would have ruled even his authority to be unconstitutional because you cannot Constitutionally apply a ban on ONLY people of a certain religion. If you base any ban solely on religion, that’s a violation of First Amendment rights.

            To whit: “Congress shall make NO law respecting the establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING (my caps) the FREE exercise thereof….”

            What about that do you nuts of the right not get? When Reverend Pence goes around preaching his gospels of his hick religion and tries to force it on Buddhists, Catholics, Jews and Muslims, he VIOLATES that 1st Amendment. He swore an oath of office as Lard Ass did to “uphold the U.S. Constitution.”

            It works out just fine and dandy for me racist moron. Why? Because Lard Ass got outwitted by the SC anyway. That ban will expire before the SC will hear it again in October.

            By then, Lard Ass will have had enough time to prove why the 6 countries he chose to ban do not include those who are most responsible for the 9/11 Terrorist attack: 19 were Saudi Citizens, 1 Egyptian, 1 Somali, 1 from Lebanon and 2 from the United Arab Republic. All were men from the ages of 20 to 33 deeply embedded in al Qaeda which later became ISIS.

            Time for you to stop lying and exaggerating like Lard Ass. If you think your lies and his don’t have consequences, think again. When Lard Ass this week put out a cryptic threat to Syria’s Assad without going through the usual military channels, he overstepped his executive privilege by making a decision, according to the US Constitution to attack a foreign country without any benefit of informing Congress of his intentions.

            Now, no one knows if this was another Lard Ass bluff to distract from the growing evidence of his money laundering and business with Putin or not.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, you just love to show how ignorant you truly are. All along we’ve been saying that the President DID have the authority to implement a travel ban. The loony courts our west ignored the law when they ruled. Thus, they continue to be the most overturned courts around. What a waste of time and money!
            I never said the SCOTUS ruled 9-0. But no matter, the entire ban was upheld. The SCOTUS added a slight change that matters little. Thus, your claims that President Trump is getting nothing done have been shredded and my posts have once more been proven to be true. You can quote all you wish about religion, but President Trump is delivering on his campaign promises, something obozo never did.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Wow …talk about stupid and slick as a shitty baby’s bottom…The issue never was his authority. All presidents have always had the authority, even the one you racist bastards hate most, Obama, to decide with the assistance of the NSA what constitutes a national security threat.

            Now cockface, so you don’t deliberately try to prove you are always so right and so superior when we know your dick is smaller than your thumb, the issue was why Lard Ass chose 6 countries that have NEVER been a National Security threat and why he left off Pakistan where bin Laden was hidden before Obama took him out and Saudi Arabia and the UAR which gave us 19 of the 21 9/11 terrorists.

            Don’t blame anyone who wants to turn you into manure. You are already rotted enough for compost trash.

  6. Kurt Kruse says:

    Neither President Trump or his children have anything to be concerned about here.
    Initially the title of this little ditty suggested a danger, however a couple of sentences
    in I saw that the doom Sayers were climatologists,and then it became apparent that
    this was yet another hit piece, on Trumps pull out of the 3 and 1/2 TRILLION American Taxpayers Dollars being given to foreign entities. To bad really this country used to have actual scientists with definitive science to point to and to prove their subject accurate.
    Now we have fools like Bill Nye the science guy who’s background and knowledge can only be found in mechanical engineering He is support by the ladies of the view and Walt Disney animators. So much for proof positive by the entire scientific community. .

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    During the glacial and interglacial periods the ocean varies in elevation by hundreds of feet. It has been both much higher (300 plus feet) and much lower (about 100 feet) than it is today.

    We are still coming out of the last ICE cycle. So it will probably get higher before the next ice age begins. Will the Trump children get to see this? Doubtful.

    Will some storm drive the waves ashore flooding the area in their lifetime? Probably.

    Will the AGW crowd claim it was all due to global warming? Absolutely.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Warning to users of National Memo, this morning I discovered my account had been hacked. When I tried to reply, a sick, disgusting ad pops up that prevents posting replies. Right click your mouse on “inspect” and you’ll see where the hacker’s ISP is coming from.

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