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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WASHINGTON — Here is a surefire way to cut $7.1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. Do nothing.

That’s right. If Congress simply fails to act between now and Jan. 1, 2013, the tax cuts passed under President George W. Bush expire, $1.2 trillion in additional budget cuts go through under the terms of last summer’s debt ceiling deal, and a variety of other tax cuts also go away.

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16 responses to “Turning Budget 'Failure' Into Success”

  1. rustacus21 says:

    This is why I revere the opinion of this expertly MINDED commentator!!! For years, I’ve listened intently to Mr. Dionne & could always depend on his sharp,piercing intellect to set straight the facts, either on air (Diane Rehm) or in print (here or the Washington Post) & as usual, he gives us reason to hope that thru it all, somehow, things can get better, whether by accident, intent or fate. But there’s s lessons to be learned here: 1st of all, the facility of intellect in this society, is so unappreciated. W/the pursuit thereof by more Americans, the last administration would not have succeeded in promoting the banality our politics suffers from at current. 2nd, we shouldn’t wait for luck or chance. All the above were avoidable by virtue of roughly 580 voters who failed to show up in Florida on election nite, 2000. I know, I know- people will scoff at this assertion, but in spite of the nearly 80,000 “eligible” voters who were “evicted” from the voting rosters by Kathleen Harris, on orders from her boss, the election winners brother & Florida governor, that number represented the insurmountable winning total & bingo! We have another 8 years of prosperity & peace, as experienced the previous 8. Then, “compromise” could have meant genuine agreement, on the basis of a prosperous economic, social & political environment, managed by representatives content in obeying the will of the people, thru adherence to the Constitution. That’s called “expanding” even greater success!

  2. Jerome Dirkes says:

    people that believe they csan make sslaves to the ultrarich and insure there stay in politicks , need to be herded on to the house lawn striped naked ,and each chainedto e lamp post on pensalvevie ave , and left there to thing about there action , witghout food or water or shelter of any kind, maybe tat will make them think.??? you were not elected to fuck up the world , as you have done since you got into office, nor were you put there to kiss the ultra riches asses . you need to be naked and hungry . jobless and cold for a while,to learn right from wrong. truthfully Jerome Dirkes, and i am not a democrat, just an honest american citizen that you have been fucking ov er since all of you have got into office under false pretenses,

  3. Ruric says:

    “This is not a partisan statement. “But genuine compromise can’t happen because Republicans refuse to accept any significant tax increases”. “This is not a partisan statement”. Yet if Republicans take over the whole federal government in 2012, it should fall to them to enact the draconian cuts required to protect the wealthiest Americans from tax increases. Let me guess you voted for Mr. Obama!

  4. doc4cd1 says:

    Everything Mr. Dionne wrote in his column is a statement of facts, irrespective of who he voted for. The Radical Reactionaries that have stolen the Republican party, are content to do nothing so long as that inaction will ill Obama’s chances of re-election. What ever happened to the “Loyal Opposition” The point is that it is the old taxes that are a major cause of the problem we are in. Also, two wars fought “off budget” (whatever that really means).

    Any American that makes less than $300,000/year and votes for Rebuplicans has NO IDEA of what the phrase “….for the common good” in our Constitution means.

    Letting the Reactionaries drown in their own pool of irresponsible rhetoric would be GREAT except it has already taken a large number of good people (unemployed, lost homes etc) with them. That is the problem, the lact of insight and vision into the harm being done by the Reactionaries. How much more pain and misery does the American electorate have to live through before that electorate realizes it is time to get rid of the smoke and mirror Supply-side VooDoo practitioners that are killing the Middle Class.

  5. Dik says:

    Mr. Dionne;

    Past experience has shown that tax cuts, even those enacted during the last administration, increase government revenue. Allowing these to expire would have the opposite effect, making the budget situation worse not better.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  6. Peter says:

    Where is the actual evidence that the Bush tax cuts increased government revenue or created more jobs? This assertion implies that we should eliminate all taxes because that would generate the most government revenue and jobs. The simple matter is that tax cuts mostly help to increase the wealth (net worth) of people, many whom are already wealthy. There was no increase in job creation or in government revenue as a result of the Bush tax cuts. The “trickle down” theory assumes those who pay less tax will spend that extra income on creating jobs. In reality, most just incease the size of their stacks of gold. The wealthy are not creating new jobs with their assets, they are hoarding what they have amassed and picking up bargains on foreclosed real estate at the expense of those poor souls who were sold over valued properties, and the general taxpayers who bailed out the banks that made the original loans. The fact is, the wealthy will continue to get richer and the others will get poorer until we hit a breaking point.

  7. Hankk says:

    National News keeps asking Occupy for an agenda here is one for the books.

    Occupy USA wants the USA’s Budget Ballanced starting with cutting all US Governments elected, hired and retired self made wages and benefits by 50%, Pensions cut by 75%, Health Care either cut out entirely or make The new Health Care workable for every citizen in the USA,if congress doesn’t fix it then they can buy their own and when you see government it means all branches including the supreme Court.

    Close the doors and sell the 2 fancy new health centers that the Congress had built for themselves. Stop all earmarks in there tracks forever. Cancel all trade agreements, then either rewrite them as equl (one for one)trade agreements or no trade agreement at all. Stop all tax payer travel.They want to go let them pay for it. Outlaw all lobbiest make it a felony to even talk,text, or see one.

    Cut out all the money given to lets pretend farmers (big property owners that collect huge amounts of money to not farm etc. Stop both wars and bring the troops home now.

    For a real eye opener read page 23, of the Nov. 21,2011 newsweek mag. Cut all of that out and put the money back in the Social Security Fund where it belongs. hankk, MI

  8. dpaano says:

    It sickens me that the Democrats keep “bowing down” the Republicans and giving them MORE than they are getting in return!! The Democrats AND our President need to NOT back down and keep to their promises to bring in more revenue and decrease tax cuts for the wealthy! It’s getting ridiculous to see one party kowtow so much to the other one….QUIT GIVING IN….STAND TALL AND DEMAND WHAT YOUR CONSTITUENTS ARE ASKING YOU TO GET!!! We are TIRED of the constant drumming of the Republicans to help their cronies keep all their taxpayer dollars (the ones that mostly belong to us)! It’s time for them to start thinking about the rest of us or they will find themselves out of jobs!! This goes for BOTH parties!

  9. LindaTift says:

    Congress always did do their best work when they do nothing at all.

  10. ABEE BABY says:

    The time to do nothing passed about a year ago when the tax breaks should have ended. Now the do nothing Congress will not do their jobs responsibly for their selfish agendas, all the while as the little guys without representation get quashed. The medicaid and medicare systems will be cut as well as social security if the tea partiers have their way. The president tries to do things in a bipartisan manner only to get spit in the face.
    As far as socialism goes I’ve always thought that education and healthcare should be a rite. I’ve read Karl Marx when in highschool and greed quashed this great thinkers sense of mores. .We need to listen to the state of the people and The Moody
    Blues; give just a little bit more take a little bit less from each other tonight, You know it’s true, We all know that it’s true.
    Truly, Frank Adcock

  11. FrederickStegemiller says:

    im a the republicans union man for 48 yrs ive always voted my billfold democratic, republicans are for the wealthy americans not all of those wealthy are bad just 90% of them they hate unions, im a retired union carpenter of 1142 in lawrenceburg, in 47025. i thought when we let the movie star a second rate one at that get by with firing the air-controllers we screwed up. we waited too many years. i think i will live to see the unions come back. people are tired of having nothing. the medical field, gas, both kind, and you name it people cant afford to live i heard today about a pill that is used by women for cancer cost $90,000.00 a year is about #89,000.00 out of the way the corporate america needs to be taken down to their knees god provides us with everything we need to live and now it costs us an arm and a leg to git it ive talked enough remember working people should always vote democratic just remember when republicans talk they are lyinf thanks fred stegemiller

  12. says:

    “It is maddening that the media are so desperate to avoid being attacked as “liberal” that they cannot describe the situation as it is.” Required reading, all: “What Liberal Media?” by Eric Alterman. Some very important recent history, from the trenches.

  13. says:

    Does cutting your income in half increase your spending power? Is black white? Can you tell up from down? This is indeed voodoo economics, magical thinking, anything to protect the superrich from the consequences of their own greed.

  14. tekechukwu says:

    Like one contributor said in his write up, “Democrats Are Giving In Too much” It saddens me to see Democrats giving in to Republican demands. This is a party that is good at negotiating with greed! They are good at this because they know the party they are dealing with. They see us as weak and ready to compromise as long as they continue with their incessant demands. They always hope and wait that we will give in after a short time. Is it not time for Democrats to learn to stand firmly and tell the Republicans,” we now know your tricks”? Sorry we are not giving in. We all love our country so much and therefore each one of us has to demonstrate it through flexibility during negotiation.

    There has been a concerted effort by Republicans to make sure the job bills would not see the light of day. Reason? “if we support job creation, Obama’s re-election will get a boost” In other words, they are sacrificing millions of unemployed Americans for the sake of one man! The worst part of it all is that they don’t seem to care at all. They honestly run this country because they want everything to go their way and they usually succeed.

    Occupy Wall Street, should carry their anger to the Congress and stay put there and make them feel uncomfortable.
    The president MUST continue making his rounds telling the American people why Republicans have refused to back up his job plans. He has to be consistent and that means saying it over and over and over and over. When he started his tour around the country, Republicans started feeling uncomfortable and increased their attacks. This is one action I can see will work if only our president and the Democrats would stay on the message with consistency!

  15. s51curtis says:

    What the Republicans are doing, and many have said this from McConnell, to Boehner, to DeMint to etc., is trying to make Obama a one term President and their tactic is to stonewall every Democratic initiative. The fact that they’re hurting the country is immaterial. They’re simply followng the ideology of their spiritual leader, Rush Limbaugh, when he said right after Obama’s election: “I hope he fails”. The real battleground in 2012 is not going to be for the White House, it’s going to be for the Senate and the House. I’m not sure the Democrats can win ruling majorties in either body. They did irreparable harm to themselves by pushing through health care reform without first selling it to the American people. They need to push the message that the solution is not bigger government or smaller government, it’s better government, and we’re not getting it with the Party of NO.

  16. Hankk says:

    Why would anyone think that 12 people from congress could do anything that would hurt the wealthy and corporations? There are not 12 government elected, hired, or retired that are not part of what has/is happening in the USA today. It has taken 29 years for them to dismantle our country and it’s way of life. It started with Ron Reagan told us that he wanted the USA to go back the way it was when he was a boy (during the years of the Great Depression), so he started breaking unions, de-regulation, and giving tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, by 1983 factories were beginning to move to other countries, G.H.W. Bush, told us that his 1000 points of light would make us the biggest and best service nation in the world, and de-regulated some more. Wm. Clinton signed NAFTA and more good jobs lost and were replaced by minimum wage part time service jobs. The G.W.Bush de-regulated everything that his dad and Reagan hadn’t done. By 2001 we were on the way to Reagans dream, everthing was de-regulated and the Greed factor took over like it had in the 1920’s.

    Everything that the republican Party has told us since 1980 has been a lie, nothing at all has ever trickled down, tax breaks for the wealthy & corporstions have not created good jobs and kept the economy strong, and de-regulation would help us all. We the people have gotten this, 1 in 6 families forced into poverty, 45 plus million workers with out jobs, and the workers get to work services jobs for $7.35 – 12.00 per hour mostly part time. They have made trade agreements with countries that have attempted to poison us and our pets, strangle our children, etc.

    Put a real super 12 in a room, made up of common folk citizens fron each corner of the country, put Warren Buffit in the room as the chairperson. Start the process with cuts to those that have not felt what the rest of us have. We the people can cut 4 trillion from the debt that congress has made.

    The USA congress is a useless group, that are there only to make as much wealth as they possibly can they are all crooks that have made laws exempting themselves of all wrong doings. Hankk,MI

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