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Sunday, October 23, 2016

WASHINGTON — Will we soon see a distinguished-looking older man in long white robes walking among the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in New York’s Zuccotti Park? Is Pope Benedict XVI joining the protest movement?

Well, yes, and no. Yes, the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace issued a strong and thoughtful critique of the global financial system this week that paralleled many of the criticisms of unchecked capitalism that are echoing through lower Manhattan and cities around the world.

  • the_sage

    Any right thinking person will realize that the current behavior and excesses of the economic elites is unsustainable and if it continues much longer will lead to worldwide turmoil. We are quickly approaching a fuedalistic condition where 99% of the world exists for the pleasure and benefit of the other 1%.
    The Vatican has joined a growing number of voices protesting this trend and demanding that something be done about it.
    The “occupy Wall Street” was slow in evolving, primarily because some hoped that with the election of President Obama there was hope for a real change. This has not happened yet. What I predict is that there will be a landslide victory for liberal forces in the upcoming elections after which President Obama in his final term will become the President that was elected, honoring and fulfilling the mandates handed to him by the vast majority of the American People.
    I hope this will be the case as if conservative forces prevail there will be a loss of hope for a real change which could lead to chaos.
    Remember there can be no economy without an environment and no future without order.
    Arrogance, prejudice and greed leads to hatreds and conflicts.
    The way forward is LOVE. Treat others as you would like to be treated.