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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Loses It When Challenged On Budget Cuts

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly completely lost it on guest Alan Colmes during Tuesday night’s The O’Reilly Factor, screaming “bull****” at Colmes’ assertion that the White House has proposed specific cuts to reduce the deficit.

When Colmes rebutted O’Reilly’s claim that President Barack Obama has not named a single specific program for which he would cut the budget, O’Reilly flew off the handle.

“Hold it. Hold it. Now I’m getting teed off with you. Give me one damn program he said he’d cut.” O’Reilly said angrily. “Not entitlements! One program!”

He then repeatedly called Colmes a liar, demanding again to hear one specific program the president would cut. When Colmes offered Medicare, O’Reilly shouted “that’s not a specific program!”

Video of the exchange is below, via Media Matters:

With his wild rant, O’Reilly joins several other Republicans — including House Speaker John Boehner — in falsely denying that the president’s deficit reduction plan even exists. In reality, the president has offered billions of dollars in specific cuts to health care programs and Social Security — a gesture that his Republican opponents have refused to match.

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46 responses to “WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Loses It When Challenged On Budget Cuts”

  1. Remember this–the god damned conservatives do not deal in good faith, if at all.

  2. latebloomingrandma says:

    WHY is this guy so popular?. I rarely listen to him, as I can take only a few minutes of his obfuscation and self-righteousness, but this video was something else. No wonder he was an almost permanent member of Keith Olberman’s “Worst person in the world” list. What an a$$hole!

  3. charleo1 says:

    We must remember, when we take away the debt argument from the Right, they have nothing.
    When it is pointed out President Obama has already signed into law, 1.2 trillion in cuts.
    And, the ratio of debt, compared to the GNP, has gone down every year, since 2010.
    That we are no longer borrowing .40 cents of every dollar. Today, that number is.25, and falling.
    You’re playing with fire! To see unemployment fall, or housing start to regain it’s market value.
    Or, the NY. Stock Exchanges hitting their highest collective value, since before the recession began. Their fingers are already in their ears, and they are humming, Bla Bla, I’m not listening!
    Liar! Liar! I think we must decide. Do we really want to take away the only thing Bill O’Reilly
    has, he can demagogue, in so many ways, to his hearts content?

    • Rob Gainey says:

      What planet do you live on? Does it have fairys (like you) and dragons and castles? NO THANKS.
      The national debt has risen 2.8 TRILLION between ’09 and ’11. The so-called 1.2 Trill you stated was a PROJECTION OF TEN YEARS.

      Are you really this misinformed?

      • charleo1 says:

        Here’s what I think. I think the Right wingers, T-Pots, and feckless Republicans,
        have glommed onto this debt issue, not because it represents any new found fiscal
        discipline. Because Republicans haven’t change their propensity for cutting taxes
        for high incomes, and corporations, then, running up the debt, and coming after
        Social Security/Medicare/and Medicaid, every chance they got, for the last 50 years.
        I’d be willing to bet, if you spent half as much time looking at the record, as you do mindlessly obsessing about the debt, you’d be a better informed individual.
        And you would see all this dooms day talk about Greece, Socialism, and Communism,
        for exactly what it is. Politics. Go back, and look at the record of the Reagan years,
        if you’re interested in what is really going on. Because that’s when the real doubling,
        and tripling of the debt began. Bush not only used the Reagan formula for debt,
        and huge year upon year deficits. He put it on steroids. Sending 250,000 troops half way
        around the world, made sure they stayed there 10 years, added a drug benefit to Medicare,
        forbid the government from bargaining for a better price. And he done it all on the
        credit card. And, what was the first thing he did, 5 trillion dollars later? Come after
        Social Security. Do yourself a favor. Don’t be a chump. And don’t be played for a fool.
        The debt is a long term problem. But Republicans are talking as if we’re going to
        break some magical number, any day, then the debt goblin is going to get us all. It’s stupid.

        • Rob Gainey says:

          “If you’re saying that we have to spend more money to keep from going broke, I’m saying YES….WE DO” ……..JOE “The Brain” BIDEN. I threw just as many rocks at Bush (and particularly Cheney) as I do at the current admin. HOWEVER, I really can’t tell any difference between the two: BHO handed the same bailouts Bush did, continued the same war Bush did (and was stopped only by previous legislation) and has invaded country after country in the name of fighting “terrorism”. I don’t care to debate opinions or “I THINK” issues. But anyone who thinks that the Govt creates propserity has lost their mind. As far as the “debt goblin” is concerned; that’s for people who wear tinfoil hats. The Fiat currency that we place such a high value has no backing on which to stand, how can we continue to think it will not fail without responsibility. END THE FED.

          • charleo1 says:

            You don’t have to debate me of course. But, you really should care about what other
            people think. And some of your opinions, like everyone’s, could use a little debate
            once in a while. I don’t like all this negativism. No we can’t do this, and we’re too
            broke to do that. The world is not sitting around waiting for us to get our act together.
            And, of course it’s crazy to think the Federal Government can create wealth. Even though
            we’ve all seen it do exactly that, time after time, all throughout our history. What do
            you think the T-Party would say about a President that spent millions of dollars, without
            Congressional approval, on a huge piece of real estate, he had never seen, and wasn’t
            even sure if the sellers actually even owned it? I think they would say it’s nothing but
            a gift to his French pals, who financed his Presidential bid. And, Jefferson ought to
            be impeached. Is exactly what I think would happen today. It’s not the lack of money
            that will stop The United States from leading the world. It’s our own cynicism. The
            Government is not the answer to all our problems. But it’s not always the problem. The Government went to the moon. How many private industries were created in that
            endeavor, between the years of 1961, and 1969? How many jobs, and how much wealth?
            It is lunacy to go around and cuss the government, when it’s not taking the jobs, wealth,
            and knowledge out of the Country. So we agree with the politicians, that agree with the
            corporations, that want a government they can drown in a bathtub? That’s nuts!

  4. FredAppell says:

    Bill O’Reilly is a typical bully who sensed blood in the water with the weaker Alan Colmes.
    Remember, Colmes was the resident liberal on FOX for years and not a particularly strong
    one at that so it gives the perception that all liberals are spineless and clueless.

    Colmes (to his credit) actually was giving O’Reilly the answers he was seeking which was making Bill look like a fool so he decided to switch tactics and call Colmes a liar. That is
    precisely how to win a debate when you have nothing of substance to offer.

    • lana ward says:

      It’s called the No Spin Zone for a reason. When you lie , you will be confronted. He must be doing something right, his ratings are higher than anyone on cable!!!!!

      • AdamMos says:

        And falling like a rock! Most people watch him for the entertainment value. He does not even believe half of what he is saying but he sure is making a mint off of dipshits like you. Hannity, Limbaugh and Oreilly have made millions off having the black guy in the White House. They voted for Obama to keep the money train rolling. You have been played- Sucker!

    • Rob Gainey says:

      Cutting Medicare in favor of a 133% increase of Medicaid (Healthcare Act) IS NOT A CUT. On one one thing you are correct….Alan Colmes is WEAK and so is his argument.

  5. CPAinNewYork says:

    If Bill O’Reilly says that Medicare isn’t a “program,” then I want to know his definition of a program.

  6. 4sanity4all says:

    Typical GOP response to information that they don’t agree with. They believe that if they repeat a lie often enough, it will become true, and they demand that everyone buy into their hateful venomous fantasy.

  7. RobertCHastings says:

    And who in the national media (except for the writer of the article above) has called O’Reilly out? We know about people like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and their BFFs (best fibbing friends), but how much news is made by sites like The Rightscoop, or The Daily Caller(which was the source for the Sen. Menendez “sex scandal”), Stephen Gutowski, etc. These and many other such sights seem to be below our radar. “The price of freedom is constant vigilance”. If we simply ignore the existence of these purveyors of the fringe truth, then we do so at our peril, for their believers are legion. If, however, we confront them on their territory, we will easily find what lies they believe and what small minds guide them. Several of the posters on this site use these sources (and many like them) to enhance their arguements, and when confronted by the inaccuracy of their sources, they explode in a frenzy of anger and denial. For OUR truth to survive and flourish, we cannot ignore these people, nor their gods. As so frequently others have said on this site, if a lie is spoken often enough, it becomes the truth. Lies must be confronted, studied, and intelligently refuted, not with reciprocal hatred, but with truth- hard, factual truth.

  8. I watch him for my laugh of the day….when he pressed Colmes for a Program that Our President Obama has cut, he gave him two federal Programs! Does O’reilly not know that the federal programs that Colmes described are federal programs….perhaps he needs to do his homework, before he starts calling informed individuals, Liars!!!! O’reilly is out of control and I, along with many other people think he should be banned from any News Program. It is evident that his mind is slipping and badly in need of some Therapy!!!!

  9. I watch him for my laugh of the day….when he pressed Colmes for a Program that Our President Obama has cut, he gave him two federal Programs! Does O’reilly not know that the federal programs that Colmes described are federal programs….perhaps he needs to do his homework, before he starts calling informed individuals, Liars!!!! O’reilly is out of control and I, along with many other people think he should be banned from any News Program. It is evident that his mind is slipping and badly in need of some Therapy!!!!

    • Riobound says:

      He’s not on a news show. It’s an opinion show. More like a propaganda show for the T-baggers and anti-intellectuals that keep Faux Snooze on all friggin’ day. One can only hope that his vitriol will reach such a height that he’ll pop a vein somewhere unimportant … like his brain.

    • Mr Tabb, are you not aware that Obama renamed Welfare and Social Security as “Entitlements” now instead of programs? The “Programs” we American people paid into are no longer there due to the mis-spending of the President!… It is only fair that the American people know what cuts will be made and where before they have to agree with them. Mr. O’reilly is calling a spade a spade!… I take my hat off to him for confronting this situation for the cuts fall back upon the American people that Obama claims he is trying to help and those of us that are on some of these “entitlements” are outraged because we feel our monies vested have been embezzled by the government to do with as they please and not what they were intended. We the people have a right to know what is being done with our monies even if they are called “entitlements” now!…I totally agree with Mr. O’Reilly on what he has said!…It is time that the people we hired to work for “US” start accounting for their actions!

  10. adriancrutch says:

    That just reinforces most of the reasons I NEVER watch FOX! And I Love how these jokers write BOOKS about stuff like their some kind of HISTORIANS and it always lists some other guy who did all the work! The ghost writers.

  11. Tom_D44 says:

    Henry, Henry, Henry………………..Really? More propoganda from the Memo? Bill O’Rielly is a right wing talking head no different than Maddow, Mathews, Schultz, and that moron Olbermann are talking heads for the left. Nothing they say means anything because their whole job is to spin the story consistent with the mission of their employers.

    All bias aside, however, O’Reilly is clearly looking for details – and the time, now, is for details. The campaign is over. When you are in campaign mode the game is to not commit to anything because as soon as you release the details the other side will fillet you with all the cons of your plan. Ambiguity is your friend for as long as you can hold out and not feel any pressure from the media. Look what they did, and you all did, to Mitt Romney. “He has no plan” was all we heard for months and months. He kept telling everyone his plan was to close loopholes and lower tax rates but never released any details – mostly because the details are where someone is going to get hurt and the other side will exploit that immediately. And as soon as some small detail would leak out it was like a bleeding fish in a school of white sharks.

    Now this plan, which the Memo has referenced twice since yesterday, is an absolute embarrassment to the whitehouse. It reads more like a marketing flyer and has absolutely no details whatsoever. It is, plain and simple, propaganda written for idiots and part of Obama’s endless campaign. And for this website to keep referencing it as if it is a legitimate document is a joke.

    To fix the problem you will have to eventually release details and commit to the scrutiny of them – good or bad. It’s time to show some political courage on both sides to stand for something and stop trying to game the system and the people.

    • awakenaustin says:

      Tommy, Tommy, Tommy…. What we have here is a classic GOP tactic! When caught out the reply is well Mr. O’Reilly is just a pundit, a talking head and the idiocy he displays doesn’t matter. He isn’t the GOP! He doesn’t speak for the GOP! (Nope, he is just one of their chief propagandists pretending to be a news commentator.)Then you offer some slightly modified version or more seemingly more specifc version of the very same argument. Of course, what Mr. O’Reilly was so inarticulately requesting was more detail, more specifics! When he said program, he didn’t really mean program. He meant what you say he meant. Well, that changes everything. Then you trot out the current GOP strategy of labelling every thing the President says and every action he takes as a continuation of the campaign. Then you introduce the tactic of changing or increasing your demands each time someone meets them and you continue to complain they aren’t serious about solving the problem. The President’s proposal is on the White House website. The existence of the proposal/plan has been pointed out in a number of places. One simply has to read a newspaper now and again. Listen to a real news program on television or the radio. So pointing out its existence is not some failing of this website. It is a proposal. A starting point. It is a something, rather than a nothing. You and the GOP are offering a “dodge” and involved in projecting your own behavior onto the President. While you offer nothing whatsoever of substance you accuse the other of engaging in your behavior.
      Tommy, Tommy, Tommy…. You should explain to us why we should award you any credibility on whether this proposal is a “real” proposal. Your bona fides please. Expose to us the depths of your expertise.
      By the by, it is a misrepresentation of great white sharks to talk of them as if they are schooling fish. However, I am sure you were just reaching for a metaphor and like Mr. O’Reilly, not being very careful with the words you chose or the accuracy of them.

      • Tom_D44 says:

        Great awake, then lets look at the plan, which is reallywhat I was being critical about. Assuming it is not another propaganda piece so that Obama can run around making speeches with poor sorry souls in the background for photo ops, lets look at what is written in it and see what we can give credibility to. What exactly in this plan could congress debate or vote on? Because that is what it really is all about now right? If we are no longer in campaign mode and don’t have to worry about the reprocussions of an election then it is time to put the details on the table to debate and vote on.

        1. The first thing that discredits this plan is the title “The President’s Plan: $4 Trillion of Deficit Reduction Including the Last Offer to Speaker Boehner.” The title alone says, “see, we do have a plan, we did give it to the republicans and see they are still the problem”. In fact I think that I will just call it that from now on.
        2. In the first section they talk about cuts of 1.4T which have already been made but they don’t give any examples. For a moron they might just go ahead and buy in, but for a person who really wants to know and is looking at this plan for information, there are no details as to what those cuts were so nothing can be challenged. I contend that is by design. They also play around with the numbers by projecting them out 10 years to make them look really big when in fact they are not – and, again, by design, they are not specific about that in the written plan. This is why I call it marketing.
        3. Next they talk about an even split in non descretionary spending on military and non military spending of 100B. Again, is that over 10years? What are they proposing to cut in the non descretionary department. Can they give out any examples so that the negotiations can begin. No they leave 2 very broad 1 liners for the other guys to work out. That is not a plan. That is cowardice, because inevitable anything that is proposed as a cut will effect someone negatively and there will be political consequences.
        4. The next 2 sections are health savings and non health mandatory savings that are labeled “could be acheived”. What exactly does that mean? Is it a plan or just pointing out the obvious when you say that we need to reduce payments to drug companies? How does the whitehouse propose doing that? Just tell them they will get less? Isn’t that the same strategy that they use with medicare on the doctors, and aren’t doctors compensating by dropping the number of medicare patients they see? The answer is yes, because you can’t just impose costs on businesses without them reacting to it. And those reactions always have victims which are never the government or the businesses. It is always the consumer. And those are the unintended consequences of these policies.

        So once again, I contend that this proposal is a propaganda piece to make it look like the whitehouse has done all this work and to make the republicans look like the problem. You only have to be marginally intelligent to take it one step further, read this plan, and then see that it says nothing. And you call this a start?

        No matter what, if there are going to be spending cuts there will be victims of those cuts, and if there are going to be more tax increases (sorry revenues as I know that sounds a lot cooler to the left) there will be victims of those tax increases. The American people know that this is part of the solution and that it is time, now, to act. The politicians, on both sides, led by one of the most elusive ones of all time, do not have the guts to take a stand, at whatever the political costs, to do the right thing. Right now they all see this as an opportunity to kill the other party, by doing nothing and seeing who is better at selling the blame onto their opponents to the public. And the Memo spins it to you guys to get all riled up, as if there is actually a good part and a bad party. Really?

        And you, my friend, probably need to spend a little less time arguing about which species of sharks are schooling and wake up to see the real problem we have in this country. It is the politicians and the political system and we should all be demanding it be changed – not protecting one half of it.

    • latebloomingrandma says:

      I have to take issue with your description of talking heads. Rachel Maddow is in a class by herself. She is highly educated, and is a scrupulous researcher, trying to put forth the best argument for the liberal point of view. . If she makes a mistake, she owns up to it and issues a correction. She is also a very thoughtful and respectful interviewer, rarely loses her cool, and NEVER explodes like O’Reilly. Liberal? Yes, unabashedly, but happy to hash out the differences with conservatives in a compare and contrast sort of way. If more people would give her a listen she would soon be cleaning Hannity’s clock.

    • Hillbilly says:

      If O’Reilly had been looking for details, he would have given the guy he was calling a liar time to expand on his answer. Instead O’Relly starts shouting and calls the man a liar. O’Reilly didn’t even seem to know that Social, Mediaide and Medacare are federal programs the way he kept screaming at his guest about federal programs that the President has put on the table. Why doesn’t O’Reilly ask that question to the highest paid member of Congress, Speaker of the House John Boehner is paid $ 223,500 dollars a year and for what? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is paid $193,400 dollars a year? why does the Speaker of the House get paid more than the anyone else in Congress especially since this Speaker of the House hasn’t done anything to help the Country recover from the recession instead has done everything he and the Republican could do to put us back in a deep recession. It seems like the Republicans and Tea party are doing their darnest to destroy the Country and throw away the Constitution like they did after 9-11-01

  12. Obiejuan says:

    As much as it aggravates liberals to try to discuss anything with the O’ Really? type of wingnuts, the best solution is to not give them a voice at all. Ignoring them won’t make them go away, but arguing with them is worse, because there are many like-minded fools out there who want to believe this crap and somehow, the O’Reallys come off sounding genuine. Just let the fools on Fox argue with the other fools on Fox or CNN and maybe the rest of us can have reasonable discussion without the children getting in the way.
    Who was it that said, “You can’t argue with an idiot”?

  13. highpckts says:

    What a bullie!!!

  14. Jim Myers says:

    Any deal should have certain components.

    First, eliminate the cap on the Social Security & Medicare taxes. This will go a long way in leveling the playing field for these regressive taxes. It would also increase taxes on those who gained the most in the last 3 or 4 decades, largely at the expense of those who received so little, and saw such devastation to their own financial well being.

    Second, dollar for dollar match in revenue increases and reductions on the spending side. Not two dollars in reductions for each dollar in revenue.

    The past election gave a mandate to the President and the Democrats as a whole. The Republicans had no problem calling an election a mandate where Bush had less votes than his opponent.

    President Obama and the Democrats in Congress need to step back and ask themselves – were we elected to do the bidding of the Tea Party, or the majority of the American population?

    Do the job you were elected to do.

  15. Jack Ragan says:

    I remember the days after a child didn’t get what he wants. This is a updated version.

  16. frida says:

    Bill O’Reilly has no diplomacy. The way he has treated his colleague (Alan Colmes), is beyond my belief. And what was all the screaming for? He has acted unprofessionally.

    • Mlsflt says:

      If I had to deal with Alan Colmes daily, I would have a short fuse too. Colmes will agree with anything and everything as long as it was a Liberal Idea. The man is the truest example of the term “Sheep” He just doesnt get it, he comes on and acts like a whinny little child when his points get destroyed and sits back and waits on morons like you guys to defend him.
      I’m tired of people tellin me its raining yet your … you know the saying. If Obama is doing anything right, where is the great economy he promised? Where is the low unemployment and please dont reply to this comment with… “the unemployment rate has dropped 3 months straight. It has gone down because more and more people have drawn their maximum amount of unemployment.
      New Jobs created are not close to even covering the number of new workers joining the workforce and the real unemployment rate is running 16% with unemployment for graduates over 25% and unemployment for African Americans even higher.
      All that said, he is now promising new budget cuts, something he said would never happen back in 2008. He said HE had a plan that would reverse all the damage Bush did. Show us?? Obama hops from one topic to another promising the world, Election promises in 2007-2008, gun control, wealth distribution, AFFORDABLE Healthcare reform, Aide for Sandy victims… etc etc. Once the promises are made and the spotlight fades, Obama abandons his promises and declarations for the next hot topic.
      The fact people cant/wont see this and acknowledge it is why Bill is so easily upset. Our Country is going to hell and you people are cheering it on.
      If the events of this past 4+ years was implemented by a Republican, all of the people commenting here would be crucifying him for the absolute horrid job that is being done.

  17. patrick g van meter says:

    I’m always amazed that Colmses sister inlaw will agree with O’Reilly no matter what the subject. I wonder if people are literally terrified of this bully. He is out of control. I felt sorry for him. It is his program. Without that, he would not be a part of anything.

  18. ralphkr says:

    How typical, when he hears an answer that he does not like he immediately starts screaming (because his ox was just gored by the truth). The pathetic thing about this is that the ignorant folks who follow this jackass shall sincerely believe that O’Reilly has brilliantly defeated his opponent. He must be correct because he was louder. We must remember that neither Medicare nor MedicAide are Federal programs according to O’Reilly. After all, after Colmes repeatedly stated cuts in Medicare and MedicAide O’Reilly immediately started screaming that Colmes had not said anything about cutting any FEDERAL programs.

  19. Rob Gainey says:

    Of course O is going to cut Medicare: it’s been loaded up over the years with enhancements from campaign promises and it’s going broke. O is phasing it out for Medicaid. But if Colmes said O is going to cut Medicaid (as he briefly attempted), BULLSHIT. It will expand it by 133% under The Healthcare act. Look it up.
    Crap like this video is easily defused by information.
    Colmes wants to discuss “OPINION”, O’Reilly? Fact. Cuttting Medicare in favor of Medicaid in NOT a cut….AT ALL.
    But to be even more specific, the so-called “cuts” to medicare being “re-imbursements to physicians” equates to one thing: MORE OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES TO AMERICANS.
    How DECEPTIVE of Colmes to call more out-of-pockets expenses a “budget cut” because it isn’t a cut to YOUR budget. It won’t reduce the taxes either, just put more in their pork barrel.

    After having spent over 50 years trying to defeat Socialism…AND SUCCEEDING, why would so many of you support it here?

    “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher.

    • charleo1 says:

      Margaret Thatcher lived in a Country with a National Health Plan. So, I really kinda
      doubt she was speaking about healthcare. She didn’t go and end healthcare, did she?
      So, maybe we can get some people in this Country to realize, we don’t need to bust
      the budget while providing every American the opportunity to see a doctor when their
      sick. And, it shouldn’t bankrupt 30 years of hard work, and savings if they have to into
      a hospital. If Capitalism can’t fix that, then, why is it so great? Americans could live in
      Nairobi, and die a preventable death. Which American would be dead-r? The one
      that died here, or the one that died there? If the system in any Country fails the majority
      of the people living under it. It’s not worth a damn. Is it? Well, Bla ug! sort! We can’t
      afford this healthcare!! Well, we better cut the crap, and figure out a way then. Right?
      Because this Country doesn’t exist solely for the benefit of a couple of thousand people,
      at the top of the economic food chain, soaking up the wealth and stashing it some tax
      hole somewhere in the Caymans.

      • Rob Gainey says:

        You would be a FOOL to think for a second that Obamacare provides healthcare; IT DOESN’T. It only mandates you to purchase it. And if you DO wind up with a better healthcare plan, you face a 40% PENALTY (except congress). If you don’t buy healthcare, you are forced to pay for other people’s healthcare while having none yourself. THAT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE THATCHER’S HEALTHCARE PLAN AT ALL.
        The problem with being “semi-intelligent” is that you are also semi-NOT INTELLIGENT. You might want to argue with a less informed man.
        And Thatcher’s reference was to Socialism in general. Are you implying that Obamacare is “socialized”? Bahahahahaha!!!!

        • charleo1 says:

          Rob, stop listening to the claptrap. I swear, there is no 40% penalty. 40% of what?
          I do think it’s shame a Country’s elected representatives finds themselves so indebted
          to the various industries who have managed to carve out a virtual strangle hold on
          what should be viewed as a Right of every citizen in this Country. See, healthcare
          is not ever optional. We will all need it, sooner, or later. And, finding a way to provide
          it, without bankrupting the lot of us, which is what private market was doing, is the job of government. Yes, I know you don’t like to hear that government has any legitimate
          job, other than funding the military. But, nonetheless, it is necessary, and proper.
          It is also something the Medicare will end your freedom crowd, don’t want you to hear.
          Is Medicare delivers healthcare more effectively, and cheaper than any for profit
          insurance company, in the Country. And, unlike for profit insurance plans, the people
          using Medicare, love it! To the tune of 90%. How many like their current insurer?
          How many working people have company plans, but cannot afford the co-pays?
          How many, before the reforms were deemed uninsurable? That, was practically a
          guarantee, that he would get sick, and die. And leave his widow without a dime of
          savings after the hospital bills were paid. Doesn’t that embarrass you, for your
          Country to be The United States, and do no better for it’s citizens than that? It does me.
          And I’m not impressed by a leader of a Socialist Country, spouting like the Capitalist,
          she never was. Or touting a system she never had to live under.

  20. itsfun says:

    Mr. O”Reilly was just trying to get a honest answer. He never got it. What are the specific cuts anyway? What cuts to Medicaid are there? He just wants real answers, not the Obama spin. I hear Obama talk about cuts, I have never seen any specific cuts. When he says cut to Medicaid, what are the cuts to Medicaid? Its a huge program, just saying cuts means nothing. Are they cutting the number of cotton swabs, the number of flu vaccines, etc. Just tell us what the cuts are.

    • charleo1 says:

      Truthfully, I don’t think President Obama is really interested in making any real cuts
      to Medicare. So, why don’t Boehner, and his merry band of Ayn Randies, tell the voters
      what they think needs to be cut. When they want it cut. And how the cuts are going to
      effect Grandma, and Grandpa. Because, see they’re no longer interested in closing
      tax loopholes. So every dollar they take from Medicare, will be a dollar Boehner, and
      his T-Pots, has protected for the people they evidently believe needs the money more than Grandma. So let’s call Grandma, so she can hear this!

  21. tobyspeeks says:

    BillO is full of bull blank.

  22. If O’Reilly knows what he is talking about, he’s got real trouble with reality.

    He said the present government spending is $3.2 trillion.

    When Obama came into office, the budget he inherited from George W. Bush called for $3.518 trillion in spending. So O’Reilly must be saying that Obama has reduced spending by $300 billion a year; and that is failure?.

    On the other hand, maybe O’Reilly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  23. JDavidS says:

    It’s always fun when O’Idiot proves just how stupid he is. But then, I guess that’s one of the requirements for being on Fox “News”. Perhaps it should be “Faux News”. Certainly, that would be far more accurate.

  24. Hillbilly says:

    Bill O’ Reilly, Glenn Beck,Rush Limbaugh and all the so called reporters at Fox not News should be required to take economic classes and anger managment classes in order to be stay on the air. Watching O’Reilly’s outburst and the lying blonde sitting beside him has reminded me why I don’t watch Fox Not News. People that are the air like O’Reilly and company should be fined everytime they tell a lie and call it news. Personally I wish there was some way to legally have them banned from airwaves because of their lies.

  25. You libs are and always have been completely in the people wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the as

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