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WATCH: Boehner Called Out For Sequester Lie

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WATCH: Boehner Called Out For Sequester Lie


House Speaker John Boehner was called out for lying about the White House’s position on the sequester during a Sunday morning interview on NBC’s Meet the Press.

While blaming President Barack Obama for the $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts that began taking effect on Friday, Speaker Boehner asserted that “even today, there’s no plan from Senate Democrats or the White House to replace the sequester.”

That claim was immediately challenged by host David Gregory, who pointed out that — whether Boehner approves of it or not — the White House deficit reduction plan definitely does exist.

“But Mr. Speaker, that’s just not true. They’ve made it very clear, as the President just did, that he has a plan that he’s put forward that involves entitlement cuts, that involves spending cuts, that you’ve made a choice, as have Republicans, to leave tax loopholes in place,” Gregory said.

“Well, David, that’s just nonsense,” a clearly peeved Boehner responded. “If he had a plan, why wouldn’t Senate Democrats go ahead and pass it?”

Video of the exchange is below, via NBC:

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Speaker Boehner’s nod to the group that New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait has labeled “Obama plan birthers” is a transparent attempt to avoid political blame for the harsh cuts, which Boehner himself has acknowledged will be “devastating.

The gambit is unlikely to work, however; recent polling suggests that voters overwhelmingly side with the president’s approach to deficit reduction over that of congressional Republicans.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. docb March 4, 2013

    Embarrassing lies..and obfuscation from the dear leader, boneher! 62% disapprovals and rising daily for the gop! …Not a good prospect for the repub baggers!

    1. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

      I don’t see it. What I see is that the republicans continue to get what they want the country is screwed some more and there still enough people out there that keep putting them back in office.
      It seems to me that there is a large number Americans out there suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

    2. whodatbob March 4, 2013

      The republican faithful still believe Boehner and the baggers. If the right leaning center does not swing our way the repucks could still be strong. Heaven forbid!

      1. docb March 4, 2013

        With the gerrymandering it will possibly be a slow removal of the rabid but the loss in 2012 being so sound..we must continue the push..Daily!

  2. Hajj Jawdat Kawasmi March 4, 2013

    lies and more lies to come to save republicans faces.

    1. kanawah March 4, 2013

      That should have been “farces” not “faces”

      1. english_teacher March 4, 2013

        Or maybe it should have been “feces”.

  3. janmbt March 4, 2013

    About TIME the press was knowledgable enough to call out the GOP lies. GOod Job –David

    1. neeceoooo March 4, 2013

      With all the lies that have been voiced in the last year from the GOP, especially in the campaign and the election, they all should be called out. Maybe then the general population will see the forest for the trees.

      1. BDC_57 March 4, 2013

        You need the new edia call tem out and not fox fake news .

  4. dectra March 4, 2013

    Love it when this asshole gets called out for his lies. Does he not understand that when you’re on camera it WILL come back to haunt you???

    1. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

      First he would have to care. Second he would have to have a constituency that understands that HE is the one screwing them. And third they would have to be willing to do something about it.
      So far I haven’t seen any of these things. So prepare for more of the same.

      1. karinursula March 4, 2013

        I believe that Boehner has no power at all, I really believe that he is just a figurehead with a title.

        1. whodatbob March 4, 2013

          He is a front man for the Tea Baggers.

        2. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

          That would make him SINO. Speaker In Name Only.

  5. Dominick Vila March 4, 2013

    Why do we allow a Speaker of the House that acknowledged the effects of the sequestration will be devastating, and then added that he planned to do nothing to stop it, remain in office? Boehner’s comment means he knew the latest strategy to reduce our deficits was deliberate, devastating, but he and his cohorts were not interested in doing anything to stop what they started. Isn’t that high treason?

    1. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

      Apparently not. Not if you have enough willing dupes that keep putting you back in office.

      1. kanawah March 4, 2013

        Boneheads district is so rigged,the only thing he has to worry about is the primary.

        1. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

          Then the people of his district deserve what they get and the country will continue to decline because or republican recalcitrance.

        2. plc97477 March 4, 2013

          I hope he had something to worry about then

    2. old_blu March 4, 2013

      You are right Dominick, they should be brought up on charges. I think they all should be tried for treason. Even before this because they don’t have what’s best for America on their minds, no matter what they do. And good morning to you.

      1. lana ward March 4, 2013

        You’re right, Omuslim and all the dems should be tried for treason. They have brought this country to it’s knees. People are finally seeing through Omuslims lies. Finally!

        1. kanawah March 4, 2013

          Did you just arrive from a parallel universe. Every thing you said was wrong.

        2. David Brown March 4, 2013

          Yeah, it must be Obama that started a war with lies and forgot to figure out how to pay for it. You, my friend, should stay out of the sun. You’re far too fried to be posting anything much less the stupidity that you’re posting here. Your post is proof that you can’t follow the concepts that are being discussed by adults here so please go back into your little mind cave and pretend you have a grasp of the real world. You will never convince anyone with an IQ above drooling that you have anything to add to the conversation.

          1. lana ward March 4, 2013

            Just getting some truth in here among everyones lies. You’re brains are all in backwards, communist lovers

          2. roguerunners March 4, 2013


          3. lana ward March 5, 2013

            Go to Youtube. Type in, “How the Democrats caused the financial crisis .” It starts out with Andrew Cuomo and ends with a young Acorn Attorney, Barack Obama suing the banks to make subprime loans. In his own words!!

          4. roguerunners March 5, 2013


          5. RobertCHastings March 4, 2013

            No, Lana, the article is about BOEHNER’S lies. I guess “lie” is one of your tripwire words.

          6. lana ward March 5, 2013

            Everything Omuslim says is a lie. Why are there no articles on this site of Omuslims lies??? Because they are liars just like Omuslim so they NEVER expose him. Some journalism

          7. sigrid28 March 4, 2013

            We should welcome Lana Ward every time she posts on this comment thread. She represents the thinking of many Republicans on the far right, but not all Republicans. There are centrist Republicans, Republican women, and Independents on whom we will be depending to take back the House and strengthen the Senate majority in 2014. We also need to loosen the control of people like her in Red state legislatures nationwide, and for many of us, on a local level. She is our troll barometer, and as such, serves a motivational purpose whenever she shows up here. The combination of her ignorance, belligerence, and intransigence helps us understand the opposition to progress, and the heavy lift that will be required to bring about effective change.

          8. jointerjohn March 4, 2013

            Something everyone should consider while pondering the current republican party’s erratic actions, is that around 1988 they began a huge swing in campaign strategy. While negative campaigning has been around as long as the republic itself, they began utilizing it as their foremost strategy. Remember Willie Horton in 1988 and the Swiftboat Attacks in 1996? The hatchet job they did on Hillery Clinton during Bill’s first term? Mona Charen wrote nothing but trash on the Clintons for over four straight years!

            So here’s the point. They now believe that the way to win elections is by inducing people to vote against the opponent, so strongly do they now believe this that they no longer consider nominating sound candidates a priority. They don’t even try. Look how they ousted Indiana Senator Richard Lugar to nominate Murdouch!

            This is why making President Obama and democrats look bad is so important to them. It’s their only game plan. So now here we are where they no longer govern, they only campaign by character assassination.

            Get a copy of the book “Blinded By The Right” by David Brock. It will enlighten you on how we arrived where we are today.

          9. old_blu March 4, 2013

            You make perfect sense that would explain a lot. That would even help explain Rush and Fox News, maybe help explain lana as well.

          10. jointerjohn March 4, 2013

            Exactly! Lana is the perfect automaton. They will never have to offer her a credible candidate nor a sensible position ever again. What they fail to recognize however is that every day more Americans turn eighteen years of age and they don’t work that way. Time is now on our side.

          11. sigrid28 March 4, 2013

            While I agree that character assassination has become the Republican campaign tactic of choice–and I agree that our troll-in-residence Lana Ward aptly represents the kind of voter who responds to such an appeal–the GOPs attraction for low-information voters, as well as its recourse to dog whistle politics, is not just a function of getting the message out. While 24/7 media organizations do facilitate character assassination, a candidate is usually not destroyed with just one deft stroke.

            Low information voters take a long time to get the point, and must be reminded over and over (remember, these are extremely low information voters: think Lana Ward), even though this voting block takes the cake for accepting what it is being told without the benefit of any critical thinking whatsoever. Once the far right message is pounded into this mindset, wishful thinking and intolerance do the rest. Nothing will change a mind closed in this way.

            Of course, as you say above, the young are not so receptive to this kind of manipulation. The same might be said for immigrant populations who came to the U.S. to avoid totalitarian politics such as this. Notice that both of these groups are the least tied into mainstream media outlets. As for those of us who are, I wish we did not have to work so hard to hear anything other than extremist rhetoric repeating ad infinitum at top volume. That is how Republicans Shanghaied the political conversation in broadcast and print media, making it about the deficit and debt reduction rather than about jobs and economic stimulus.

          12. plc97477 March 4, 2013

            Great post. It fell on deaf ears, but I enjoyed it.

          13. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

            I second that.

          14. idamag March 4, 2013

            You will find lana the liar is not worth responding to. We, the taxpayers supported her and her kids until she was kicked off welfare. She just drools and babbles on while playing with the string on her pajamas..

          15. Reddiaperbaby March 4, 2013

            OMG, Idamag….you certainly have a way with words. I could actually see the string wound around her fat, little fingers. LMFAO

          16. RobertCHastings March 4, 2013

            She needs to pull her lower lip up over her head and swallow.

        3. EMS March 4, 2013

          You need a hobby. Something that has nothing to do with computers. You certainly don’t have the ability to speak (type) with intelligence. You contributions are not any different than a mosquito’s.

          1. idamag March 4, 2013

            She’s got a hobby if you can believe a word she says. She says she has 33 cats. They are probably all sick. She takes care of an old person for her money. I have one cat. It costs me approx. 17 dollars a month for food, litter and toys. Multiply that by 33. When she has her annual physical and shots, it costs 120 dollars. Multiply that by 33.. I can just imagine what her house smells like.

        4. raginyank March 4, 2013

          Lana Ward as in psychiatric Ward!!

        5. karinursula March 4, 2013

          No they not you Idiot. Most American people blame the Repubs

        6. OKsettledown March 4, 2013

          Look at this! Three reasoned arguments and a name caller.. Who would have thought?

        7. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan March 4, 2013

          Lana Ward, your stupid it showing!!!!!!

        8. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

          lana you are just tiring. We get it. You just don’t like the President. You just keep repeating the same thing over and over again.

          1. lana ward March 4, 2013

            I don’t like Omuslim!! He is destroying my country and blaming it on the Republicans! He’s a coward!! A man who is always making excuses is seldom good at anything else–Ben Franklin

          2. RobertCHastings March 4, 2013

            Is your father good at anything else?

          3. lana ward March 5, 2013

            Every time I see that smelly fly face on tv he is blaming someone for something!! I’ve never seen anything like it!!! He has NEVER taken the blame for ANYTHING and has the nerve to say the buck stops with him–A man who is always making excuses seldom is good at anything else–Ben Franklin

          4. roguerunners March 5, 2013

            NEXT ALREADY! Geez…

          5. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

            I was going to dispute your claims but after further consideration I decided it would just be a waste of time.

            That’s just the way you residents of Stupidville see things and no sane argument will change your mind. So I won’t bother.

          6. lana ward March 5, 2013

            Go to Youtube. Type in “”How the democrats caused the financial crisis””. it starts with Andrew Caumo and ends with Attorney Barack Obama suing banks to make subprime loans. So now just who is it that got our country into this mess to begin with?????? See Obama speak his own words!!!

          7. TheSkalawag929 March 5, 2013

            I watched your so called evidence I have concluded that it is pure hokum. Two things come to mind. One is that what is depicted in the video happened nearly ten years prior to the Great Recession. The other is that if it was so important why did republicans push their social agenda so if they were aware that the country was headed toward such dire straits.

            Sure the democrats’ hands aren’t completely clean but responsibility for the financial meltdown should still be laid at the feet of republicans, wall street, banks too big to fail and fed chairman Alan Greenspan.

          8. lana ward March 5, 2013

            It took that long for things to fall apart. You’re a fool. Bush asked repeatedly and the dems said things were fine. Yeah, they sure were!!

          9. TheSkalawag929 March 5, 2013

            It took all that time to fall apart. Sure it did. And in the mean time republicans did everything they could to help it along. One example is former Texas Senator Phil Graham and company pushing with all their might to repeal Glass-Stegal.

            No republicans along with the others I named were the main culprits in that fiasco and all your denials won’t change the facts of the matter nor will your adolescent name calling.

          10. lana ward March 5, 2013

            The dems have brought us to our knees. And things are still getting worse, not better. The housing market collapse started it all. Obama started it by suing the banks to give people loans who couldn’t afford to pay it back. And the dems knew they wouldn’t be able to pay it back. They hate America, this was the start of destroying us!!!

          11. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            Here in the REAL world things appear to be picking up very nicely. The housing market is up 16%, the stock market broke record levels today and the banks and corporations are making money like never before.

            Too bad things have hit the skids in your world. Maybe if you hadn’t elected Romney there things might have been better.

          12. lana ward March 6, 2013

            More and more people are jobless and more are having to turn to the Gov for help

          13. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            Do you mean more people are out of work because of cuts to Defense, Homeland Security, National Parks, Air Traffic Controllers, Airport Security, FDA and so on and so on. You know. The stupid stuff government wastes your tax dollars on.

            Now instead of earning wages and paying taxes those darn freeloaders are going to be applying for unemployment and food stamps. They’ll be taking more of YOUR money.

            Nah it couldn’t mean that because Government doesn’t create jobs. They just throw money down the rabbit hole.

          14. lana ward March 6, 2013

            O is going to make the sequester as painful as possible until he gets his own way!! There is an e-mail out telling federal officials to make sure to implement the sequester mandated cuts in the most painful way possible because if the cuts have a minimal impact, it would contradict the warnings they have submitted to congress about the dire impact cuts would have on their ability to perform and — Earnings are falling, poverty is rising, job claims are jumping, food stamp enrollment sky rocketing, inflation is creeping up, small banks are disappearing, coal plants are closing(353) devestating comunities because of Os enviornmental rules. And you voted for IT twice!!

          15. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            Yes the sequester is going to painful because that was the way it was designed in the first place. So that neither side would want it to go into effect because of the pain it would cause.

            The President and Democrats in Congress have proposed to keep their side of the bargain. They are willing to make cuts. It is the republicans that are reneging. They are refusing to close ANY tax loopholes and therefore putting the kibosh on the whole deal.

            They also refuse to give the President the authority to make cuts in a sensible way.

            Just because you refuse to accept reality doesn’t mean it will just go away.

            I was going to suggest that you get outside your echo chamber bubble but I don’t have to. Reality is going to burst it for me.

          16. lana ward March 6, 2013

            We’ll see, won’t we

          17. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            Yes we will.

          18. lana ward March 6, 2013

            Insurance premiums skyrocketing, employers dumping workers from their healthcare plan, and reports predicting TRILLIONS in new debt as a result of Ocare- and it hasn’t even taken full effect!! If Ocare is allowed to take effect for l year, it will be impossible to reform Medicare, roll back dependency and balance the budget. Omuslims plan is right on track-DESTROY AMERICA!!!!

          19. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            You should check the information that you’re getting with what is really happening. But then again it wouldn’t make any difference. You have been trained not to believe anything anyone says outside your sphere of ignorance.

          20. lana ward March 6, 2013

            We’ll see, won’t we, ignorant

          21. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            You’re seeing it right now and you don’t like what you see because you know in your heart of hearts that the republicans will be blamed and rightly so.

            You can try to deny the truth but as the facts unfold before your very eyes you will come to know what is real. And that it isn’t what you are being fed from the right.

            I don’t expect for you to admit it. But you know inside that I’m right.

          22. lana ward March 6, 2013

            You are SO wrong!! People are already seeing through this lying fraud!!

          23. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            As you said we’ll see.

          24. lana ward March 5, 2013

            “Obamas about face on his sequester.”. He says, NO, he’s not getting rid of it. That’s on Youtube too

          25. TheSkalawag929 March 5, 2013

            You only point to him saying no. What was the reason for his saying no?

            There are a lot of things on youtube and not all of them are true.

          26. lana ward March 5, 2013

            That is him and his words, what more do you want

          27. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            I want to believe that you have some understanding of the context of his statement. Such as WHY he said no.

            But it looks like that’s to much to ask.

          28. lana ward March 6, 2013

            He doesn’r want the sequester now because it will slow down his outrageous spending. Maybe now he can’t spend us into a resession

          29. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            He never wanted the sequester.

            The idea of the sequester was to put forth a plan that both sides disliked so much that it make the two sides compromise rather than implement it. Only the President didn’t anticipate that the whacko republicans would rather blow up the country rather than make a deal with him.

          30. lana ward March 6, 2013

            The sequester was his idea! His grand bargain plan! He doesn’t want it now because it ruins his plan of spending us into oblivion!! He is going to hurt the whole country because he can’t get his own way. The more he hurts us, the more the Republicans will be blamed for not giving into him. He is one evil treacherous monster!!

          31. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            lana I’m going enter realm of no ideas where you reside and for the sake of argument except that the sequester is Obama’s idea and his grand plan.

            What is your idea your grand plan to get us back on the road to prosperity? What do YOU propose we do?

        9. roguerunners March 4, 2013


        10. RobertCHastings March 4, 2013

          I guess this is just ANOTHER article you didn’t read. And if you did, it is apparent you don’t understand it. Too far above your grade level? Sounds like another content product of No Child Left Behind – they left you WAY behind. Just put in your 2 cents worth and ignore the point of the discussion, spew your anger and hatred, and just pee all over yourself with excitement for stirring up the liberals.

        11. Madelaine Ayers Henne March 5, 2013

          Seriously? Another drone spewing nonsense!!

          1. lana ward March 5, 2013


      2. neeceoooo March 4, 2013

        I still think their plan is to make this presidency look so bad that we all vote Republican in the next election. But what they haven’t figured into the plan is that they are the ones who are losing ground with an approval rating that continues to sink.

        1. BDC_57 March 4, 2013

          You got that right they are so stupid for believing that they are making Obama look bad.

        2. Wrily March 4, 2013

          Their plans ignore reality; just look at the Romney candidacy.
          I want to vote for Elizabeth Warren in 2016.

          1. neeceoooo March 4, 2013

            I am with you, Elizabeth Warren would be an excellent choice.

        3. bckrd1 March 5, 2013

          They are probably still using the morons who told Romney he was going to win by a landslide.

      3. labrown69 March 4, 2013

        But Obama should not be “tried for treason” by hyping the sequester to the point of the absurd by releasing illegal aliens in Arizona? You have an odd sense of treason.

        1. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

          Informing the public of what the republicans are about to unleash upon the country isn’t hype. And releasing people that we can’t afford to hold because the republicans cut funding to hold them is not treason and therefore not chargeable offenses.
          Republicans are all for cuts until they see what the results are. Then it becomes the President’s and the democrat’s fault for allowing to happen what the republicans wanted to happen.
          As a liberal I’m tired of protecting republicans from themselves and their stupidity. It’s time for them to suffer the consequences of their intransigence .

          1. idamag March 4, 2013

            With all the lies, name calling and whisper campaigns, I think President Obama is doing the right thing by taking it to the people. We, the people, count.

          2. TheSkalawag929 March 4, 2013

            Right on all counts.

        2. old_blu March 4, 2013

          Has nothing to do with this story but way to bring up your own agenda, and every President pardons someone. I mean really? what was there 17? Jeeez, if that’s all you got go ahead.

          1. idamag March 4, 2013

            It would be nice if they knew enough about the discussion to enter into it with facts.

          2. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

            That would be nice. Highly unlikely since facts are like kryptonite them. But a nice thought none the less.

          3. BDC_57 March 4, 2013

            Because he is as stupid as Lana.

      4. idamag March 4, 2013

        Lying seems to be a right wing trait. Lying and name calling. They are robbing Paul Public to pay Peter Wall Street.

        1. Reddiaperbaby March 4, 2013

          And another excellent post from Idamag!! You go, girl…

      5. lana ward March 5, 2013

        Go to Youtube. Type in, “The Democrats caused the financial crisis. ” It starts with Andrew Cuomo and ends with a young Acorn Attorney, Barack Obama suing the banks to make subprime loans!!!!!!

        1. roguerunners March 5, 2013


          1. idamag March 5, 2013

            I could probably find out that Martians landed in Oklahoma on U-Tube – not a reliable source.

      6. Sand_Cat March 6, 2013

        As I said before, Boehner and his confederates are the scum of the earth, but they have not committed treason, nor – to my knowledge – any other illegal act in bringing this about. PLEASE don’t sound like the wingnuts do when they talk about us.

        Call the repugnants any name you want that insults their character, intelligence, morality, or even – when applicable – patriotism, but base your arguments on facts, not anger.

        1. old_blu March 6, 2013

          Sorry Sand_Cat you are not going to shame me into even remotely talking nice about these jack asses they should be tried for treason just because of the pledge they made with Norquist, they don’t have what’s best for America on their minds at all.

    3. docb March 4, 2013

      WE do not..the repub baggers do…Dom!

      He is not the treasonist..the newbie idiots elected in 2010 are! He, boneher, is just trying to herd the adolescent cats! Now he has broken the Hastert rule 3 times…that will not help him but it is for the good of the Nation and the people! Boneher is just the ‘Peter Principle’ of the repub bagger gaggle!

      1. idamag March 4, 2013

        the t party is holding Boehner hostage. He needs to point that out to the people.

        1. docb March 5, 2013

          I agree but think he knows that it is obvious to all already!

    4. whodatbob March 4, 2013

      Answer to frist question the republicans (Tea Party) want him there because out of fear he is controlled by them.
      Answer to second question it does not rise to the level of treason. So the idiots are in control.

    5. highpckts March 4, 2013

      Boehner specifically said he was going to sit on his butt and do nothing!

    6. lana ward March 5, 2013

      Go to Youtube. Type in, ” The Democrats caused the financial crisis. ” It starts with Andrew Cuomo and ends with a young Acorn Attorney, Barack Obama suing the banks to make subprime loans!!!!

    7. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2013

      Why do we allow a Speaker of the House…?

      One word gerrymandering.

    8. Sand_Cat March 6, 2013

      “We” have nothing to say about it, unless we live in his district. The other wingnuts in Congress don’t care what sane people want!

    9. CPAinNewYork March 7, 2013

      We allow it because that’s democracy in action. True, Boehner’s a dumbass, but he was reelected enough times to get the seniority needed to become Speaker of the House.

      Nobody said democracy is the perfect system. Winston Churchill hit the nail on the head when he said “Democracy is the worst political system…Except for all the rest.”

  6. charleo1 March 4, 2013

    Since Republicans gained majority in the House. And Reid failed to properly address the filibuster.
    Something else the majority of Americans said they wanted, but didn’t get. We have the leader of
    of one dysfunctional branch, asking the leader of the second dysfunctional branch of Congress, why it is, he hasn’t passed any legislation. It’s maddening! Somebody needs to tell Speaker Boehner, there is nothing, nada, zilch, that comes out of his House, without a single Democratic
    vote, that has even a snowball’s chance of being considered in the Senate. Boehner knows this.
    Somebody should suggest he talk to the T-Party and explain, any legislation with an addendum
    attached, calling for the President’s real, birth certificate, is going to thrill those back home that
    voted for you. But it is going exactly nowhere. To which they would ask, “And your point being?”

    1. Rvn_sgt6768 March 4, 2013

      Problem is the John Birchers in the House and Senate do NOT CARE if any legislation ever gets passed. Their job as they see it is to make the rest of us (US) hate Government enough that we kill it or at least reduce it to a mere shell with no powers. What has made the US great IS the power our Government has. The States by themselves were and are easily overtaken by outside interests. The power comes from unity which is a union principle and now you understand why the Libertarian Party needs to destroy us (US). Look t which party the Koch Bros. and others are and see what they espouse. Hint, follow the money, learn who our enemy is and what his intentions are and compare that to what the founding fathers really wanted for the US. These people are true enemies of the state and need to be rooted out if we are to save our Democracy.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2013

    Boehner won’t admit the real reason why he and the GOP Gang of Relic Preppie Wannabee CEOs went ahead with the sequester. The major effect of the sequester is the growth of profits as it stagnates employment and government operations.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2013

    Boehner is only the Speaker of the House…not the President of the US as the GOP is trying to empower the position. Therefore, as SOTH…he can be impeached. Do it.

  9. latebloomingrandma March 4, 2013

    Boehner said the House already did their job and voted twice on their bills. The problem is, they were in the previous Congress, not the current one. Those bills/votes are now moot. And David Gregory rightly pointed out, those bills had specific things deliberately put in that no Democrat would vote for . Talk about lipstick and pigs.
    Boner, Cantor and McConell are ONLY concerned about their own jobs and re-election, not about the job they are to do for the country. All are worried about primary challenges from the TP. It would be awesome if MConnell goes down by the formidable liberal Miss Judd.

  10. EMS March 4, 2013

    The only way to get anything done, and to stop this foolishness, is to INSIST on filibuster reform. Until we, the people, force this issue, nothing will ever get done.

    1. sigrid28 March 4, 2013

      I used to think this, but seeing the level of belligerence and callous self-interest in the Republican dominated House, I think now concur with Reid’s position on keeping the filibuster in place. If a Republican majority took over the Senate and rubber-stamped TP legislation, where would we be?

      Maybe the long game is to rub the public’s face in this hard truth: the TP branch of the Republican Congress is mainly concerned with limiting government by destroying it. Centrist Republicans, Republican women, and Independents need understand this improbable situation.

  11. Rvn_sgt6768 March 4, 2013

    The GOP is holding out until the 27th which is their real goal. The fact that is may hurt us (US) in the meantime doesn’t mean anything to these rich fat cats. I do not know about anyone else but I am tired of the tail wagging the dog all the time. Cantor and Boner are as evil as any movie coming out of Hollywood could be made to be.

    1. neeceoooo March 4, 2013

      I agree with you on your points and as far as the movie, I will have to pass on that one.

  12. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan March 4, 2013

    Man is he a good liar!!!!!! And when he answers that question he thinks we are all stupid and don’t know what’s going on!!!!!!

  13. elw March 4, 2013

    Seriously, do you really think David called the Speaker out about his sequester lies? I hardly think that weak question qualifies as anything more than allowing the Speaker to repeat his lie one more time.

    1. sigrid28 March 4, 2013

      Total agreement here. Both broadcast and print media have wimped out ever since the election, allowing Republicans to hijack the conversation, making it about deficit and debt reduction rather than jobs and economic stimulus. These self-serving media are to blame for making Bob Woodward’s slight in a White House email into the time-consuming centerpiece of last week’s news, with the Sequester looming. Lately, the self-satisfied U.S. media seems content to waste time fiddling while Rome burns.

  14. HarlanDutton March 4, 2013

    I find it interesting that everyone seems to forget::
    Article 1 Section 7. of the U S Constrtution states ” All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills. ”
    End of discussion

    1. ralphkr March 5, 2013

      There you go again, Harlan, confusing the issue by bringing facts into play. I must say that I have been wondering for some years now about the constant harping by Republican Representatives on the fact that no budget has been passed by the Senate or President since the budget must be originated and passed in the House and passed by the Senate (House has to agree to any changes made by the Senate) and sent to him to be either signed or vetoed.

  15. neeceoooo March 4, 2013

    Did we expect him to do anything different. I just want the American people to remember this in 2014 and again in 2016.

  16. neeceoooo March 4, 2013

    So true

  17. sleeprn01 March 4, 2013

    Dear Speaker Boehner,
    I’m sorry that you haven’t heard of Google! Perhaps you can have one of your lackeys Google White House Budget and they could down load the Cliff Note version for you. You could then take that to can with you to read since you are too busy taking vacations to do your job.

    1. ralphkr March 5, 2013

      Hmmm, sleeprno1, I agree that Boehner should get a print out the White House Budget and that he and Cantor should take it to the can but I can not agree that the Budget would be read by the aforementioned Anti-American terrorists (Boehner & Cantor) but I fear that they would put the Budget to use in another unmentionable manner.

      1. sleeprn01 March 5, 2013

        Great response, I love it. sleeprn01

        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: WATCH: Boehner Called Out For Sequester Lie

  18. RobertCHastings March 4, 2013

    What, John Boehner LIED? On TV and in public? About the sequesterand the President’s plans? I cannot believe it! That is simply ludicrous. The Honorable Speaker, the second in the line of succession should something untoward happen to the President is a common liar? Come on, this is a joke, right? I mean, he is a duly elected and honorable representative of the people of Ohio – what a bunch of idiots.

  19. bckrd1 March 5, 2013

    Sedition. That is what the Republicans are doing. They need to be brought up on charges.


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