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Saturday, October 22, 2016

WATCH: Fox News Demands IRS Investigate Tax Status Of Media Watchdog… In 2011

My, my… how times change! At the moment, the right is up in arms because the IRS is doing its job: questioning the political activities of groups that apply for tax-exempt status. And with good reason. But of course since a small number of Tea Party groups were included among the nearly 300 groups investigated (and often flat-out lied when asked on their applications if they’d be spending any money on electioneering), conservatives are acting like they’ve been singled out for victimization, even though not one of these Tea Party organizations was denied the tax status they sought –in fact, the only group that was denied was a left-leaning group in Maine.

Since the whole thing began, the melodramatic outrage on the right and at Fox “News” has been nonstop. The tyrannical government is overstepping its bounds! It’s a conspiracy! It’s an affront to our liberty to have the IRS deliberately single out groups based on their political affiliation! They’re practicing viewpoint discrimination! This is all horribly, horribly wrong! Congress, you must investigate this!

Oh, but what have we here? The good folks at NewsCorpse got to thinking that all this rang a bell, so they did some digging into their archives, and bingo! Seems back in 2011, Fox ran a campaign against that repository of right-wing lies, Media Matters for America, encouraging viewers to insist that the IRS investigate the watchdog organization for its purported left-wing bent, and snatch back the group’s tax-exempt status — even though Media Matters doesn’t involve itself in political ads, campaigns, lobbying or electioneering… it simply collects examples of lies and hypocrisy in the media and debunks them.

But this is Fox — whose new slogan should be “We Never Let the Facts Get in the Way of a Good Story”– so of course they proceeded to do what they do best… create scandal out of whole cloth. “File a complaint with the IRS!” came the call to action. Excitable host Steve Doocy (falsely) exclaimed:

Your tax dollars are subsidizing Media Matters’ liberal propaganda war against Fox News. They’ve declared a war on Fox.

In another segment in this baseless campaign against reality, they instructed viewers to lie on the IRS complaint form, and check the boxes for “Organization is involved in a political campaign” and “Organization is engaged in excessive lobbying activities.” Neither is even close to true. Media Matters is guilty of one thing: exposing the lies, hypocrisy and misinformation in the media. Unfortunately for Fox, the vast majority of it just so happens to emanate from their own studios.

And in perhaps the most prescient observation we’ve heard in quite some time, author “Mark” at NewsCorpse had this to say in July, 2011:

If NBC were to instruct its viewers to file tax status complaints against the Tea Party because the organization attacks the network, would the folks at Fox News consider that acceptable?

Of course not. Fox would regard that as scandalous, unethical, outside the jurisdiction of a news network, and deliberate harassment.

For a huge, Fox-sized helping of lies and contrived righteous indignation, enjoy the video below, courtesy of The American Intel Report:


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  • docb

    Ha…scanadlmania fails again..Bless those little peapicker repub bagers hearts…No purchase on any level….

    While Fox News was informed nearly three years ago about the subpoena
    for call logs for five lines related to Mr. Rosen — apparently after the
    phone company had already provided them — it did not publicly disclose
    the action. Instead, it emerged only this month when court papers were
    unsealed that also showed that the government had separately obtained a
    warrant for the contents of Mr. Rosen’s private e-mail account. A lawyer
    and spokesmen for Fox did not respond to requests for comment.

  • charleo1

    If this IRS, scandal, actually turns out to be a scandal. And that discussion
    leads to a clearer wording of the law. Instead of leaving enough room for
    an IRS employee to use as much subjective conjecture as they please,
    when granting, denying, or holding up for review, the tax exempt status
    of one of these,”public service,” entities. It could turn out to be a good
    thing. Because, I consider myself to be a person that believes in fairness
    That fairness is a good thing. A thing that is sometimes difficult to determine.
    But, always worth the effort. And there is no truth about life, I hate to be
    reminded of more, than when somebody asks me, “Who ever told you that
    life is fair?” It’s not of course. But, then on the other hand, that doesn’t
    excuse us to stop caring about what’s right. Doing unto others, as we
    would have them do unto us, is really all about fairness. There is one
    additional line, that most of us have known about, and recited, all our
    lives. If we’re Christian. “The Lord’s Prayer,” says, “Lead us not into
    temptation,…” If I’m an IRS agent, and human. And, an application for
    tax exemption comes across my desk from a T-Party group calling itself,
    “Patriots With A Plan.”(for the thieving, IRS!) I might be tempted. Even
    if I’m a Republican! So, there is a positive to be found here. There is also
    the possibility, that after this, the IRS will never question any of these
    groups again. And, I don’t see that as fair, to those groups, or organizations,
    that truly do work for the common good. And deserves the public support.

  • One of the greatest contributions made by the Tea Party on this issue is that it brought attention to an issue that does need attention and resolution. Why are organizations that do not contribute to the welfare of the people or the betterment of our society exempt from paying taxes?
    I have no problem with organizations like the Red Cross, the Shriners and others who focus their efforts on helping people afflicted by the ravages of natural disasters, disease or extreme poverty being tax exempt. I do have a problem with my tax dollars going to organizations whose only purpose is to influence the outcome of elections, or advance the interests of the elite, not paying taxes like everyone else. The same goes for churches, who instead of dedicating their efforts to giving spiritual comfort and using the teachings of prophets like Jesus Christ to influence peaceful coexistence and high moral standards, engage instead in endeavors designed to accumulate wealth and abuses of power to achieve their materialistic goals.
    An investigation is warranted, but instead of limiting it to alleged or inappropriate abuses against a single ideological group it should include the propriety of society giving special privileges to those whose only goal is to enrich themselves and advance the interests of a few at the expense of many.

    • elw

      I agree 100%, why should any organization get a tax break unless they are non-profit and contributing to the welfare of people and applying it to all people regardless of the skin tones and beliefs? I believe that was the original purpose of the tax break.

  • By investigating and refusing tax-exempt status for the NAACP, as well as for many other liberal social and environmental groups (many of which I support,) the IRS is doing its job, but you don’t hear these liberal groups crying – as does the Tea Party and its supporters – about being unfairly targeted (because of its conservative roots.)

    In every mailing, the non-tax exempt status of those progressive (or liberal, if you prefer) groups to which I contribute, is – without apology or complaint – clearly stated, and accepted.

    Let’s all shed a tear for the poor, maligned Tea Party. If the Tea Party and its affiliates, individually and/or collectively, are PRIMARILY non-political, then Bibi Netanyahu is the Pope!

  • elw

    Why is everyone surprised, the radical right has always believed in two sets of rules. One for themselves and another one for anyone who does not agree with them.