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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A liberal dark money group is giving the Koch brothers a taste of their own medicine by launching a multimillion dollar advertising campaign attacking the conservative Kochs’ “greed agenda.”

Patriot Majority began its campaign on Tuesday, with a $500,000 cable television ad buy for its spot, “Payback.”

The ad warns that the Koch brothers will spend $400 million to ensure President Obama’s defeat this November — and they will want something in return.

“What’s their payback?” the ad asks. “Politicians who will pass laws that benefit special interests but hurt the middle class. More tax cuts for the rich. Eliminate the minimum wage. Big cuts to our schools, but big subsidies for oil companies. Tax breaks for corporations that ship our jobs overseas.”

Patriot Majority, which has organizational ties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, plans to continue its anti-Koch campaign through the fall.

“The Koch Brothers and their special interest friends have been pursuing their Greed Agenda for decades,” Patriot Majority President Craig Varoga said in a statement. “Just as Rome was not built in a day, it will take a lot more than a few months to stop the Greed Agenda. The effort that we’re beginning this week will eventually include all 50 states and will continue at the local, state and federal levels.”

Ironically, Patriot Majority is a 501(c)4 group. That means that, like the Koch brothers’ shadowy group Americans for Prosperity, Patriot Majority does not have to release the names of its donors.

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  • sigrid28

    I spoke to the chair of a medical department at a premiere university hospital today, and she did not know who the Koch brothers were. Carpet bombing the states with ads depicting the Koch brothers’ Greed Agenda cannot come soon enough.

  • Hopefully, they will highlight the Koch brothers admission of doing business with the Iranian Ayatollahs, their sole contracts in Iraq, and their role in giving us higher gas prices at the pump. While they are at it, they may want to mention Sheldon Adelson and the benefits derived from new slot machines and crap tables. All kidding aside, I believe the focus ought to be on Romney’s tax returns, his proposed tax policy, Ryan’s plan to dismantle MEDICARE, the GOP ban on abortion (which does not exclude abortions to save a woman’s life, victims of rape or incest), Ryan’s legislation redefining forcible and statutory rape, the dichotomy of the speeches being delivered which vacilate from being champions of small government and reduced spending, to restoring MEDICARE funding and advocating bigger government dependent on the audience.

  • Hooray! It’s about time that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (the Koch Brothers) findout that money can also buy public campaigns AGAINST them……..They should also find out that the American voter can’t be bought…..

    • 1guy2

      To some degree Don, they can be bought, the Koch bros.,and other conservative groups,but mostly FOX prey on the uninformed,and the ignorant, daily,and these voters are easily led astray.

    • joujou228

      I don’t know who’s funding this group, but all I have to say is God bless them! Someone fighting for us the middle class and the poor finally.

  • likelystory2

    I hope this organization has enough money to have that ad played everywhere and often.

  • Its about time someone turned on the lights to watch the ‘Roach Brothers scatter! I watched the documentary “The Koch Brothers Exposed” this past Feburary. Like in the Wizzard of Oz, they are behind the curtain pulling all the strings. Do people know that the’ve donated millions to Universities if that University teaches classes with ‘their prefered economic doctrine. They’ve been buying congressional seats since 2010. Paul Ryan and Eric Canter are their stooges from way back – and Mit Romney is in their pocket! Romney didn’t choose Paul Ryan for VP…He was TOLD to put Ryan on the ticket and Romney complied. Can’t you see this? It is so clear it dilates the pupils!

    • CPANY

      The rich are firmly convinced that those who own the country should rule it. They’ve always believed this, right from the start of our republic.

      They’ll never change, because it’s their honest opinion. The Russian and French aristocries believed it, right up to the time of their execution.

  • Its about time someone turned on the lights to watch the ‘Roach Brothers scatter! I watched the documentary “The Koch Brothers Exposed” this past Feburary. Like in the Wizard of Oz, they are behind the curtain pulling all the strings. Do people know that they’ve donated millions to Universities if that University teaches classes with their prefered economic doctrine. They’ve been buying congressional seats since 2010. Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor are their stooges from way back – And Mit Romney is in their pocket too! Romney didn’t choose Paul Ryan for VP…He was TOLD to put Ryan on the ticket and Romney complied. Can’t you see this? It is so clear it dilates the pupils!

  • howa4x

    How much is enough is a question that should be asked of every 1% er. the Koch;s have somewhere near 50billion so how much more do they need? why give them more tax breaks or subsidys? 50 billion could fix a lot of our curmbling infastructure, or help build new schools. The super wealthy are sitting on their money instead of creating new jobs. The reality is that they don’t need all of us since they moved manufacturing overseas, so they can pit one against another for dwindling jobs and get the concessions they want. How does the Christian right support this and buy into the social Darwinsim that these people put out? Why aren’t they acting like their savior Jesus and drive the money makers from our temple of politics. Why aren’t they yelling shame on you to the Koch bros for demanding cutbacks in the education of children or the protection of them enviornmentally. This is why our religions are bankrupt, because they support the greed of rthe rich over the needs of the poor, and care more about the money to build giant eddifaces to what they call god than spend it on the lowest of the low.This is why we are in such a mess today!

    • Yes but God is having his say in this drouts , sand storms , floods , tornados and now a now a hurricane threatening the GOPs convention. The lord help all and is angry at those who don’t.

      • CPANY

        You really think that God is involved in our elections?

  • Aren’t these the same Koch Brothers whose Father worked for Joseph Stalin; then returned here with millions and started his own Extraction Business? The Boys learned the Extraction Rent Seeking Business well. They are certainly not great Americans. The video nailed it on all fronts. Predators have a disease; it is one of Greed, and fierce Competition for the Wealth of others.

    With respect to the Romney – Ryan Health Care Plan(s): one needs to read the recent report released by the Brooking’s Institute about what THEIR PLAN – – in conjunction with the Repeal of Obama Care, will mean for Seniors. It ain’t pretty!

    Also, the Romney – Ryan Health Care Plan continues it’s War on Women – – at least in terms of their Care, and later eligibility for Medicaid. They are manipulators and ingenious Liars! Their only goal is to consolidate Power of the Rich Elites. We are well on the Road to a Government, OF, BY, and FOR, the Elites! It has been going on for 30 years, and must be stopped. Folks, they must not be permitted to BUY the Election in November, as they did in the Governor’s Recall Election in Wisconsin, some weeks ago.

    Remember: Power Corrupts; and, Absolute Power, Corrupts, Absolutely!! The Rich want you, me, and others like us, to pay for their selfish and poor decisions; and, most certainly, for their blantant, over indulgences.
    These Bastards stole the Wealth and Income of the Middle Class during the past 30 years; they cleaned out their savings and other possessions with the Crash of 08. Now they want to put in place a Government, controlled by a very small minority; but one with Big Bucks! These people are Sick, Robber Barons, and must not be permitted to BUY our Freedom, and our Democracy!

    If they prevail; and if they continue to squeeze what’s left of the Middle Class; the Country will shift to a Police State! It will be the only way they can control the anger and frustration in the Streets.

    • CPANY

      I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in thinking that we’re headed for a revolution.

  • YepThatTell

    This is great news! I knew there had to be Millionaires With Consciences out there. Keep it coming, more, more, more, everywhere, loud and clear. Obama By A Landslide 2012.

  • axxan3

    Kock brother made millions after the US said no more trade with Iran when are they going to trial for their crimes? Is the reason they are above the law is because 1 brother married Bush sister and they are playing this game if we are the only US Corp doing bussing with Iran look at what we can make brother in law?

  • Many of the Posters here are so right! Capitalism is Amoral. It can be made to work for Good, or Evil. For the past 30 years, the System has been corrupted by unethical and immoral Predatory Capitalists of the Worst Kind. The Financial Sector has grown beyond the ability of the Government to Control the Beast. Also, the Disease of Greed has permeated Congress; and, now we have a Closed System of Governance. The Rich with their Lobbyists feed the Pigs in Congress with the Money they need to get elected; and Political Cronies in Congress reward them with all kinds of special benefits and favors that the ordinary American does not have access to. The ten year Corporate Welfare Bill from 1999 – 2009, was a Trillion Dollars! Yep, about $100 Billion per year in subsidies, favors, tax breaks, no bid contracts, etc,. etc.

    The only way this Closed, and Broken, System of Governance, can even begin to be Repaired; and, the Will of the People Restored is to: Pass Legislation to Set Term Limits. Then, Eliminate All Financial;, and, “In Kind,” Contributions (they are Bribes, really), from All Special Interest groups.. With those measures in place; then, Do NOT Permit ANY Campaigning for Office PRIOR to 90 Days before the Election. It works in other Countries – – it can work here. It’s past time for The Fat Cats in Congress to get back to work and fix the Problems they helped to create. Put all of these Measures in place, and see if that will get us back on track to our Former Representative Government. Those who are elected to office need to do the People’s Work. Government is not a Good Ole’ Boys Club! or, a front for the Rich and Powerful, Save our Democracy for our Children; and, in the process, make the Founders Proud!

  • While children starve the kochs swim in the pigs pool, and want more money and power. They are nothing but a couple of mafia idiots. They need to be stopped now a long with their pal aldeson.

  • BDD1951

    I googled the list of products that the Koch brothers sell and I will not buy any of those products. They own Georgia-Pacific. They produce a lot of building products. There is such a long list. We need to boycott these products. Dixie cups and plates, Northern tissue, Brawny paper towels and many others. Angel soft tissue and Zee paper products. I understand it would affect jobs, but how else are you going to bring people like the Kochs to their knees?

    • CPANY

      After the revolution, you can execute them.

  • ObozoMustGo

    I thought you leftist freaks wanted the money out of politics, don’t you? Or is that just conservative money you want out of politics? You leftist freaks, nutjobs, and useful idiots are hypocrites!

    Have a nice day!

    “To view the opposition as dangerous is to misunderstand the basic concepts of democracy. To oppress the opposition is to assault the very foundation of democracy.”
    ― Aung San Suu Kyi, Letters from Burma

    • highpckts

      OMG – I feel sorry for your lack of vocabulary hence all the name calling! No education? Wait and see what Romney/Ryan do to your kids education but it shouldn’t matter to you who obviously has none! Have a good day!!

      • ObozoMustGo

        Hi high! You wrote “all this name calling”….. dude, you’re a leftist freak. It’s what you are. If I call a person from New York a “New Yorker”, that’s not name calling. It’s simply truth.

        The point of my post is your leftist freak hypocrisy. Doesn’t take long to make that point. Neither does it require an elaborate string of vocabulary that most of you leftist morons on here wouldn’t understand anyway.

        Have a nice day!

        “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”
        ― Theodore Roosevelt

    • metrognome3830

      Your quote of the day aptly expresses exactly what the Koch Brothers are attempting to do — oppress the opposition. And, furthermore, I think you know it. So how is it that when the opposition fights back they are the oppressors. I’m afraid the opposition to the real oppressors is beginning to build and all the name-calling you can do won’t stop it. It is long past time that the Koch Brothers be brought out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight. Let them defend what they are doing. They have a couple of billion to spare to try and show how it is alright to buy the government they want. I would be absolutely stunned to learn that Aung Suu Kyi would find what these brother do as honorable in any way. I think you do her a disservice to use her quote in defense of them.

      Have a nice day!

      • ObozoMustGo

        Metro, I am sorry that you have once again read into my post something that is NOT there. The point is leftist hypocrisy. You can’t scream about money in politics when the right is spending it, but remain silent or cheer when the left is doing it. Either you want money out, or you don’t. You cannot have it both ways, my friend. I want all the money there can be in politics, both right and left. No restrictions. Mostly because it’s the incumbents who are the ones that determine restrictions, and I challenge you to find me an incumbent who will put himself in a worse position. Of course they won’t. Restrictions only restrict political competition and free speech, rig the game for incumbents, and force the money underground where real corruption can exist. Do you understand this point, Metro? It’s the only fair solution and I have opined on this issue at great length in prior posts and discussions.

        I understand why you guys like to go after the Koch family…. because every leftist cause needs a boogie man and/or a “crisis” to incite action on the part of the stupid and uninformed. But the Koch brothers or any other person has every right to political speech that you do. Just like George Soros does, except Soros money is WAAAAAAYYYYY more than anyone else’s and he’s to the left of Stalin and Obozo. I don’t hear you lefties screaming about how Obozo is in Buffett’s or Soros’ pockets, do I? What I do hear is……. crickets …… crickets………. crickets…… crickets…….. Hypocritical crickets, that is!

        Put your righteous indignation back in the closet, Metro. No one is trying to suppress the left’s right to speak out. For crying out loud, you leftists OWN 95% of the TV and print media. Who the hell is shutting you up? Don’t be a fool for that game, Metro. You’re smarter than that my friend.

        Finally, the beauty of the quote is that, from my conservative perspective, it applies BOTH WAYS. I don’t want my speech, your speech, or that of the Koch brothers or Soros curtailed…. not one single iota. Unlike you guys on the left who want the speech of the right silenced. Don’t believe me? Read the article and the litany of losers’ comments left behind here. Be objective and look which side it is that is calling for the Koch brothers’ heads.

        Have a nice day! I love you, Metro!!!! 🙂

        “Because if you don’t stand up for the stuff you don’t like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you’ve already lost.” ― Neil Gaiman

        • metrognome3830

          I didn’t misunderstand you at all, OMG. Remember, you were the one defending the Koch Brothers and putting down the other side for responding. Agreed: that both sides should be able to spend their money as they see fit. But they should be up front about it. The Koch Brothers aren’t. And before you blow your stack, neither is George Soros. The problem is not political ads, anyway. Anybody that watches and believes anything they say has a problem. The problem is the money that is being spent by lobbyists for both sides to buy influence in the government. Something the Koch Brothers do in a big way. And they try their very best to keep it out of the public eye. Which is why I think the public needs to see more of what they do. You claim George Soros’ money is way more than the Koch Brothers. I can’t argue that point, I have no idea who has more. If you have evidence that George Soros is exercising undue influence over our government, by all means, sound off about it. If he is spending money on political ads, it’s free speech. As to your claim that we leftists OWN 95% of the TV and print media, I’ve heard that before. My answer then and now is show me the proof of that. The fact is that is a matter of perception as people on the right tend to hold the belief that any news media that is slightly right of center, center or slightly left of center is leftist. So, I’ll put my righteous indignation back in the closet if you will. Spending money to exercise the right to free speech is one thing. Spending money to buy government influence is quite another. Lobbying in Washington has gotten way out of line. We all have the right to petition congress and that shouldn’t mean only those with suitcases full of money have the right to petition congress.

          Have a great day, buddy!

          “My opponent deserves to be kicked to death by a jackass . . . and I’m just the guy who can do it.”
          — Anonymous 19th Century Political Candidate (party unknown)

          • ObozoMustGo

            Metro… First, I did not defend koch bros per se. I pointed out hypocrisy. That’s all. And how do you stop lobbying? What if a semiconductor company that memes chips that can be used in fighter jets lobbies congress to get their American made products to be used instead of chinas? If they lobby and get the appropriations changed, is that a good thing? I bet my house you say it’s good. So what’s the difference? What Metro and the leftists think is good? No one else is allowed to have their voices heard because you dont like their voice? But you want others whose voice you like to be heard? LIke unions? You don’t want unions t have their say? Is that what you are saying? I think it is. Unions spend hundreds of millions all of it on demoncRATS. You’re a union guy. Do you want to shut them up? Don’t think you’ll go that far. But shut up the Koch bros? Hell yes!!!! They aren’t allowed to talk to politicians, now are they? Noooooo! That’s corruption now isn’t it? Of course it’s corruption. They’re right wingers and worse yet, they’re RICH!!!!! Ohhhhhhh those evil rich guys that have stolen money from poor people that have no money. Always the dumbest of dumbest assertions of the leftist idiots. But I get it… If you are conservative, you can’t be in politics. Only leftist freaks can influence their political leaders right?

            Tired of typing on phone. Will be out for a while on long weekend.

            Have a great weekend!

            “joe Biden: the gaffe that keeps on gaffing!” – ObozoMustGo

        • metrognome3830

          Well, I have good news for you, OMG. Two professors from Colorado U have devised a system to predict who will win the election. They have correctly predicted the winner for the last 30 years. Guess who they predict? Romney by more than 52% of the vote. So I guess we are all saved . . . aren’t we? I guess now that I already know the outcome, I won’t even have to bother voting.

          Glad I could brighten your day, my friend!

          Have a nice day!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Metro… You MIGHT be saved if you are a producer. If you are a taker, you might have a problem…… Hopefully! Rob Peter to pay Paul economics will NEVER work!

            I love you Metro! Have a great weekend!

            PS.. Getting your book rec this weekend. Will give a report in a week.

        • CPANY


          You were pretty quiet for a while there. Didn’t see any of your crap for about a week. I guess you didn’t like all the negative feedback.

        • If you allow all the money there can be in politics, you merely rig politics for the extremely rich. No one else need apply. Free speech is fine but buying politicians is not. Free speech and bribery is not one in the same.

    • so its okay for the republicans to pass false statements but not okay for the democrats to fight back? as usual your lacking educations. warned about the bush policies, you guys supported him, he helped with you to ruin our country and now you want us to sit back and allow
      the republicans to repeat their mistakes. you really are a idiot.

  • About damn time! The Koch brothers are the head and a few tentacles of the octopus known as the Fascist Corporate Plutarchy

  • the koch Brothers with all their greed will backfire on them and now that they are getting the heat just like Romney & Ryan all that money won’t work

  • LadyDeb

    Hopefully when Rommey loses, the Koch Brothers will see money can’t buy votes.

    • CPANY

      Wrong, LandDeb. They’ll just try again.

  • tell us what not to buy, or give us information on what they sell so we can punish them at the market place

  • dont sell your democracy, once the billionaires have bought you out, your future is bleak for a long long time, so dont do it please!!

  • You mean the ‘job creators’ would rather buy the govt? 120 straight months of no jobs from the job creators, do you think they are being insincere?

  • Nobody is donating to Romney because they like him. Most of these people want big favors in return. One of these “big favors” might be a war with Iran.

    Bain Capital received significant initial funding from people connected to the Death Squads.
    Sheldon Adelson is being investigated by three different agencies here. Abroad he is being investigated for ties to the triads.

    Romney has no core. He is a Brooks Brother’s suit on a cardboard cutout of a man.

  • In 218 BC, a carthaginian general named Hannibal Barca formed an army which traveled across southern europe with a few dozen elephants, over the alps into Italy to attack the romans on their home ground. His motive was revenge for his father and the spanking the romans laid on the carthaginians in the 1st punic war. For 15 years Hannibal rampaged thoughout Italy crushing one roman army after another. He was never defeated until forced to leave Italy to defend Carthage itself. So great was the fear romans had of Hannibal that mothers would routinely intimidate wayward children by threatening them that “if they didn’t obey, Hannibal would come to get them”. This went on for many years after the war ended in 202 BC.

    Now in 2012 a new boogey man has emerged. I forsee the day when mothers will discipline their children with “if you don’t go to bed right now, the Koch Brothers will come to our house and they’ll get you and you’ll be very very sorry.” Yes it could get that bad.

  • God will punish the Koch Bros. Maybe God will punish the Republicans by sending a hurricane to Florida during their convention!

  • The problem with hurting the Koch Brothers, is that you can’t. When you have a combined total of money that goes into the billions….what can I say. BUT, like someone’s mentioned, they can be hurt at the voting both. Though it won’t solve the problem, it will force them to spend many more millions to offset they people they don’t own. Another reason why I believe that politicians who want to run for office to use ONLY their money.