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Friday, October 28, 2016

WATCH: Norquist Upset That Obama Has ‘Not Been Negotiating’

WATCH: Norquist Upset That Obama Has ‘Not Been Negotiating’

Republican anti-tax activist Grover Norquist is once again slamming President Barack Obama, this time with the highly ironic charge that Obama has “not been negotiating” with Republicans over the looming fiscal cliff.

“One of the challenges, of course, is people see this happening; they realize that the president has not been negotiating at all over the past three months,” Norquist said on the Monday morning edition of CNN’s Starting Point. “We learned days and weeks and months afterwards that they had non-meetings where this is going on.”

Video of Norquist’s comments is below, via Politico:

For years, Republicans have consciously projected their weaknesses onto their opponents — leading to such spectacles as the George W. Bush campaign criticizing John Kerry’s military record, Paul Ryan accusing President Obama of trying to gut Medicare, and John Boehner claiming that Obama can’t stand up to his own party — but Norquist’s attempt at the strategy borders on the absurd. After all, Norquist’s entire career is quite literally based on the principle that Republicans cannot compromise on raising taxes under any circumstances. If a Republican even hints that they could negotiate the tax issue, Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform begin laying the groundwork for a primary challenge.

There’s another problem with Norquist’s complaint, of course: Obama has been willing to negotiate on the budget, perhaps to a fault. Just a week ago, the president was ready to raise the income threshold for tax rate increases to $400,000, and to cut Social Security benefits in order to make a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. That “grand bargain” never got off the ground, however, as Boehner instead chose to pursue his “Plan B,” a right-wing proposal that was nonetheless killed by congressional Republicans. Their reason? Plan B would raise tax rates on incomes over $1 million, a violation of — you guessed it — Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

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  • Aaaah, words to savor: “Norquist Upset”

    • sunmusing

      I’m sorry Tifosies…but that is not enough…I want to hear the words “doubled over in excruciating pain after being kicked in the balls by a poor kid”…

      • bpai99

        I’d settle for “Norquist granted asylum by North Korea.”

        • Mimi2kool

          He should be granted asylum, in an asylum.

          • …in North Korea.

          • I would settle for Syria. I believe Assad is busy recruiting people to replace defectors. I would love to see him engage in negotiations with the rebels..
            Too bad Idi Amin and Pol Pot are not around…

          • sn77339

            I’d be happy for a life sentence in Leavenworth for treason against his country.

      • dtgraham

        I like that a lot better than what I posted. There’s my mental image for Christmas day. That’s funny.

        • Kasemer Hawrylak

          Seeing him in a gulag makes me happy to no end.

    • joeham1

      Words to savor? are you that partisan? What does that do to fix things? wake the heck up!

  • dtgraham

    A big problem with the Norquist pledge is that if you never raise taxes, there’s never any cost to raising spending.

    It’s been an incorrect assumption for some time now that taxes will rise to pay for increased spending. The tax cost of spending has simply been removed from the equation. If you look at the CBO’s long term budget forecast, the main driver of long term spending is interest on the debt. If you never raise taxes you’re automatically causing an increase in spending. Essentially, higher revenues are needed to restrain spending and to change the dynamics of the fiscal process.

    Federal revenues are about 15.8% of GDP. That is far below historical averages in the post war era. If you could just get them up to something approaching the post war average, at least 500 billion dollars a year could be knocked off the deficit.

    • KarenJ

      That’s too complicated for the Right (too often Wrong) to comprehend.

  • Translation. Obama is not caving into GOP demands. What a putz!

  • bpai99

    I never realized Norquist had such a sense of humor! Disagree with him or not, you have to admit this comment is hysterical – a man famous for categorically refusing to negotiate is criticizing someone else for not negotiating. That is FUNNY.

  • Sweet Christmas, this fool’s actually complaining about facing the political model he helped engender?

    Heck, it’s not even true, Obama has tried to compromise, only to see Boehner shot down by his own party.

    Norquist is no Super Grover, I’ll tell you that, and I’ll be pleased to see it when his little political clique gets bl0wn out of the water for all this.

  • Really? Mr. “Never Give An Inch” is mad that Obama isn’t negotiating? It’s the Tea Party whackos in the House who aren’t negotiating. President has already gone from the $250K cap to $400K, and even John “Cry Me A River” Boehner has given a little bit (though his own party is killing that notion). It’s Grover and his fellow Teabagger ideologues who aren’t negotiating. They need to shut up and deal already.

  • Dominofrost

    The difference between Norquist and Obama? Obama was elected to be the president. Norquist had his hay-day and then the economy collapsed. Obama is trying to fix it.

    • joeham1

      What is he trying to do to fix it? Both parties are responsible for the collapse as I’m sure you know. The only solution offered by Obama is raising taxes the rich. That solution does nothing for jobs, or the debt. (it will still be 20 trillion by 2016)

      Today we pay 800 million a day in interest on the debt!

      So again I ask you…what is he trying to do to fix it?

      • How about the American Jobs Act that would get people back to work that Republicans will not pass? How about Infrastructure that would get people back to work, yet again that is a NO from Republicans. So yes he is trying to fix the economy, getting people back to work increases revenue (because they pay taxes), decreases spending because less people are in need of assistance and more people working increases spending which grows the economy.

        The excuse by Republicans that you can not increase taxes on the job creaters is a joke, they have had 12 years of lower tax rates where are the jobs? They got richer and the middle class is working longer and for less money.

        • joeham1

          Larraine for gosh sakes! Do you have a clue what was in the American Jobs Act? You can’t be serious when you say the President tried! The Amercian Jobs act was full of Government crap and 445 Billion stimulas program! After the 800 Billion dollars stimulas failed why would anyone think a 445 billion would work!

          Don’t you realize that Obama knew it would not pass. He knew it would not creat jobs. He put the plan together so people like you would say ” there goes the Republicans trying to hurt the President”

          The Job act had tax increases, and new regulations that would hurt the economy!

          There are 2 speeches you need to look up on You tube. One is from John F Kennedy from 1961…about raising taxes. The other is from 2009 from Obama about raising taxes during a slow economy!

          When will people like you realize that the Government can’t create jobs!

          • So much butthurt…

          • joeham1

            Your Butt Hurts?

  • Those who sign Norquist’ pledge, are in violation of their pledge to the office, and thus are unfit to be senators or representatives. The oath of office requires them to follow the Constitution, which list taxation as one of their duties, further, it requires them to do so without reservation. Norquist’ pledge obligates them, thus breaking their oath of Office.

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

    • Who are the 3 Dem who signed the Norquist pledge?

  • nobsartist

    Who cares what grover wants or thinks?

    Buy the bum a razor and somebody please get him a job at macdonalds.

  • Gregory Williams

    Lets look at King Grovers week and ask ourselves if he is a leader in the Cult of Conservatism – he weighed in on GUN CONTROL, he put out his position on right to work legislation, he spewed his garbage on some environmental regulations AND HE CONSTANTLY SLIPPED UP SAYING “WE” EVERY TIME HE REFERRED TO THE REPUBLICAN MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE & SENATE… seems he is calling the shots from outside the government and when he says frog republicans & Baggers jump … why is this being ignored by the press?

  • I see the name Grover expect a fuzzy blue muppet, but only get a flaming jackass.

  • jesus. ARe these republicans seriouse? They honestly are not willing to negotiate even when Obama gives them a plan where both sides get what they want. Then they have the nerve to say Dems and the pres. are not negotiating or trying to find common ground. Fur seriouse?

  • Grover Norquist is a tool. Why is this idiot even in the news anymore? If you ignore it, it will go away.

    • johninPCFL

      Unlikely. He wasn’t in the news for the years it took to build his coalition obstuctionists. It’s time to shine the light on him to show the anti-Constitutional position he’s tricked all his GOP friends into taking. Maybe if the populace begins to understand how taking an Oath to Grover is no different than taking an Oath to Kim-Jong-Un, this nonsense will finally stop.

      • Del WS

        I agree and wish more light would be shone on Norquist, his inane pledge, which members of Congress have signed it, and who is the big money backing him. Cockroaches scurry when a light goes on.

  • F@#k Mitch, Boehner AND Norquist…. I say we go over the cliff. That way the deficit gets eliminated and the rich get their endowments snatched and have to pay their share of taxes. It will be tough for the working man, but I’m game.

    The public knows all to well that this mess is all the fault of conservative politicians and the big banks and corporations who have been paying them.

    Let their heads roll for it when the sh#t hits the fan. That’s worth taking on a bit of austerity as far as I’m concerned. Id certainly pay some extra taxes if it means that I get to see Boehner and the rest of those souless, money hungry, sh#t-bags get politically disembowelled.

    Lets do this!!!


    Americans! Are you just going to sit there while your country becomes a plutocracy. Decisions made for you, by and in the interest of those who have enough money to buy politicians. The only time you have any say in politics is when you vote, and this years election was almost bought with money. So what is left to influence as a citizen. Rise up or see yourselves be put in a situation where you no longer have the opportunity to act. Greetings from Sweden

    • This election (and the election of 2008) was indeed bought with money. But not the kind you’re thinking. The grassroots efforts of Obama For America (OFA) collected money from people like me that could only afford to donate 5 or 10 dollars at a time. Plus, that organization spent a lot of time connecting with supporters and potential supporters. Those people in Florida and Ohio that spent untold hours in line to vote did so in order to prevent the election being stolen.

      As a nation, we are ever so slowly awakening to the fact that it’s our freedom to vote that has the most power over those who would have us be a plutocracy. ICYMI – Obama is on our side, not the side of the plutocrats.

  • ernieneverleft

    Everyone is getting a big laugh out of Norquist inane comments and I guess I can see the humor in this “thing” pretending to be a rational being. When will “The Crazies” like Norquist, Wayne La Paranoia, Paul Ryan, Hannitty, Rush, etc. do us all a favor and die. The World will be a far better place.

  • johndurbinn

    Norqiust is a fucking traitorous scumfuck

  • sunmusing

    Don’t lose focus on this guy…the real enemies of our country are the groups that were formed by wealthy donors with the express purpose to destroy our government by any way possible…The Koch boys…Adelson…Van d’ who’s?…anyway we are being slowly and quietly taken down by these folks…Look at who is in power in the States…ALEC spawn…this is where the Founding Fathers were describing the Second Amendment’s true purpose…Sedition…Treason…Secession…South Carolina…to keep folks like the wealthy from “ruling” us…

  • Euphonious_Munk

    He’s like the NRA when the NRA complains about Democrats ‘politicizing’ an issue while the NRA is a political lobby.

  • SHRED56

    Norquist’s pledge circumvented the Constitution and now he is whining about nothing. What a baby.

  • Grover Dumbquist is now the most irrelevant man in Washington. Give the man a chance to find a minimum wage job somewhere!

  • pwmcg

    Norquist being upset is going to ruin many people’s Xmas. LOL No reason for Grover to complain he has gotten more press this Dec. than in last 5 yrs.

  • Basil McDonnell

    It’s no laughing matter, unfortunately. At least a third of the Republican party in Congress are under this man’s direct control. That is the portion of the GOP that owe him their jobs- or whose jobs he can take away- easily- in the primaries. And as he answers to no one, he is free to hold the entire US- if not world- economy hostage to his demands.

    He intends to push the US over the real fiscal cliff- the debt limit- in a few months. Without massive cuts to social programs, he’ll force the US into default.

    By “negotiate”, by the way, he means “do exactly as we direct, or else”. America is held hostage by this man.

    Dr. Evil had a death ray in orbit when he demanded his “one million dollars”. Norquist doesn’t even need a satellite. He’s got the House of Representatives to carry out his evil plan.

    • CPANewYork

      Why is anyone under Grover Norquist’s direct control? Is it the campaign contributions controlled by his rich bosses?

      • Yes, his organization is a front for the likes of the Koch brothers and others that think like they do, they should have all the money and pay no taxes.

      • grammyjill

        His bosses are Carl Rove and the Koch bros.

  • If Grover is upset, then that’s good for the rest of us. I sincerely hope that the Dem’s do take back the house and maybe then we can turn our collective backs on Grover. Then, like the bogeyman, he’ll disappear.

  • What this article doesn’t say that even Grover Norquist was in favor of Plan B. So, he has agreed to an increase in taxes and the monsters he has created have turned against him. Brother…

  • Andrew me

    The only people that believe a word the republicans say at the moment is the teabaggers, seriously Americas enemies must be partying hard at the prospect that that small minority of the population is going to bankrupt the country.

  • Norquist = No longer relevant. Time to move on. This putz had his moment, pandered to those that had the most to personally gain at the expense of the common good. The country can’t afford self serving leadership, i.e. The Republican Party who would have is be a third rate nation to line the pockets of their ‘constituents’.

  • Aalaf Alot

    Reichswehreid was an Oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler and the Fatherland. The oath pledges a personal loyalty to the person of Adolf Hitler in place of loyalty to the constitution. Even then, some Germans broken Reichswehreid to provide information to Allied Forces, attempted to assassinate Hitler or even some even tried to save Jews, Oscar Schindler.

    Hitler and Nazis killed how many people? 6 Million Jews alone and indirectly affected over 75 Million people during World War II.

    Yet, we have Republicans who unable or unwilling to break the pledge/Oath to Norquist! So Norquist tax pledge supercedes US Constitution and Democracy. So, Norquist pledge supercedes decency, saving the economy, morality, etc.

    Which is worst Reichswehreid or Norquist Tax Pledge? You Decide!!!

  • Occam

    Let’s call him what he is: Grover Norquist is the front-man for a cabal of financial terrorists.

  • LJW

    Who cares about Norquist? Stop talking about him and he will go away. Even the ‘publicans don’t care about him anymore. Why should anyone else?

    • Landsende

      For twenty years republicans have been signing a pledge to Norquist and no one but the republicans knew about it until Norquist got cocky and went on 60 Minutes touting his power. Now we know and have seen the damage to the economy and the working class this pledge has wrought. The only way to stop it is to continue to publicize it and call for the members of congress that signed it to be impeached. The reelection of President Obama proved that the voters have the power to defeat big money interests. Now we need to start electing judges that will make rulings based on law and not on ideology or corporate donations.

  • Burnt_Sienna

    I would imagine that, privately, Norquist feels dirty inside for trying to nuance himself out of the corner he has been living in. Norquist imagines himself to be the smartest person in any room he walks in. I’ll doubt the “smartest man” belief, but I don’t doubt that he is smart enough to know how ridiculous he looks right now, finally powerless while his sheep stray.

  • What a Douchebag. All he happens to be is ablowhard. He has no other talent.

  • Half Fast

    Groovy Grover is a poopy-head!

  • Wow. President Obama already agreed to raise the bar from $250K to $400K and went as far as proposing a reduction in Social Security COLA and this clown is still talking about Obama not negotiating?
    Mr. Norquist, you guys lost the electoral college vote 332 to 207, and 53% of Americans voted for Obama. What part of defeat don’t you understand?

    • All of it apparently.

    • but the repubicans will say the same thing they were overwelminglly voted back into office so what they say should be . The only problem with this is they lost the popular vote and the only reason they won is due to making sure thedemocrats could not win by redistricting there stated . They are self serving, mannipulating hipocritical pieces of crap who care nothing of this country .

  • stcroixcarp

    Grover, why weren’t you screaming for transparency when Cheney had all the energy CEO’s in to formulate the energy policy for the country? Why were]t you wringing your hands when Rove, Scooter, and Dick were were trashing Joe Wilson’s wife when all Wilson did was tell the truth to avoid the trillion dollar war in Iraq? Grover, you are such a crocodile or is it just a crock?

  • Charvi3

    Norquist still thinks he is important…he needs to realize the American people voted for the man that cares about the middle class people and the poor people…they need to stick his head in quick sand..and let him drown in it..I e-mailed the President to use Amendment 16 against the republicans that are going along with this will work believe me..I cannot stand those republicans…that don’t want to work with our President…so, here goes..if they don’t get with the program as is…I will make sure that there will never be a republican to get into the President’s office ever again…as long as I live…with that recipe of psalms that I prayed on election night…when the election was over in no is powerful and with the faith I have in God…just watch me do it…I care about the middle class that have been paying more payroll taxes than the rich..and working so much harder than the rich making their investments and reaping more money off of them and not having to work hard…I am tired of the American people voting for one of them to even get into the House…or where ever…there needs to be an awakening period…where people need to realize that the republicans are only for the rich and not the poor…and now this NRA on the gun control issue…it’s something else…when we had stricker gun control laws…all these murders in school’s and even those firefighters that were killed by the hand of the man that set his house on fire…that served time in jail…set his own house on fire…just to wait for the firemen to come…so, he could killed them…how terrible…we need to change many things..

  • Norquist Upset That Obama Has ‘Not Been Negotiating’/// hey NORQUIST the ones that are not negotiating is you and your GOP buddy’s as time gose on every thing gose up and cost more . so when things cost more then its a time when one has to pay for the higher cost . as for your GOP and greedy bastard 2 % gang that has been getting breaks for too long now should pay a fair share of a %. thats all just pay a fair share . just because you have more money dosent make you better then anyone else . a lot of times it make you worse for how in your greedy bastard ways you got you money . hey Norquist every one wishes that price’s didnt go up . but when thy do go up then all should pay a fair share of a % . as it is for you greedy bastards when its time to vote you get the same amount of votes as every one else dose (JUST ONE ) and it dosent matter you only get one vote . and if you buy votes its the sneaky and greedy bastards way out

  • Charvi3

    The 16 Amendment to the Constitution refers to any member of the Senate or the House who adjures budgetary responsibility, in allegiance to Grover Norquist constitutes a breach of his or/her oath of office such as Congress persons should be immediately subjected to trial by jury – s constitutional lawyer can supply suitable charges and, upon a verdict of guilt, summarily be removed from office….they take an oath of office; is to “hear true faith & allegiance to the “constitution which includes the 16th Amendment”…Constitutional lawyers could easily make this case.

  • Republican anti-tax activist Grover Norquist is once again slamming President Barack Obama, this time with the highly ironic charge that Obama has “not been negotiating” with Republicans over the looming fiscal cliff/// (Grover Norquist) your an idiot the Pres. is standing strong by what he ran his campaign on . its the ppl. that spoke and he is standing the ground of the ppl. negotiating is already set the ppl said what we want . as for the ones that are standing in the way and are not negotiating id the party of no the GOP there the one’s that are stoping what the ppl. truly want

  • John Boehner claiming that Obama can’t stand up to his own party. the one it seem’s cant stand up to their party is you bonner head . the Pres. is standing up for the ppl. that voted him in office for the 2nd time . its you johnny girl that cant stand up to your party of NO the GOP’S

  • howa4x

    Norquist is the lap dog of the Koch bros, who constantly say go fetch!

  • Norquist is quickly becoming an irrelevant douchebag!

  • GOP’s real definition of “not negotiating:” Refusing to roll over and play dead while giving the GOP everything they want.”

  • bchrista

    This willbe my last reply to (inthenameofliberty) because I see that all you are interested is rambling on with nothing but bullshit that was evident when you couldn’t distinguish the difference between 500 million and billions Obama spent 500 millions trying to find cheaped energy to help americans and Bush and Cheney stole billions to help themselves nothing you have alluded to has change anyones opinionof President Obama again you find yourself in the minority with your opinions and you know what they say opinions are like assholes and you already have made one of yourself twice over with your ramblings and you haven’t stated one fact just opinions and innuendos like all other sore losers you just can’t face defeat why don’t you just take your medicine and go play in your sand box where you belong and leave adult matters to adults because you sure haven’t proven that you are capable of handling adult problems when you joined the bumbling Republicans they tried to put the President in a bad lightand wound up with eggs on their face remember dumbdumb everytime time you answer my post your just trying to catch up because you can’t think for yourself so you had to hitch on to my wagon in order to feel important happy hunting I hope you grow up real soon so you can make your own observation and not have to follow my lead, when you do maybe you’ll really know how it feels to be important because it’s something you did on your own instead of hanging on to somebody elses apron strings. tata litttle boy trying growing up the partys over.

  • bchrista

    You know what (inthenameofliberty) you are just another Grover Norquist always spouting bullshit and never really saying nothing important but lies but then again that’s how you Republicans got this country in the mess we now find ourselves in through your lies and not taking responsibilities for you actions and dipping in the till which you worked so hard scraping your fingers to the bone to accumilate your great wealth while the rest of the nation just wanted handouts you poor devils.

  • jstsyn

    Why does the media give grover a microphone? He is nobody. May as well go out on the street and ask anyone. Their opinion is as good, or bad, as his.

    • oldtack

      The Media gives Grover Norquist a microphone for one reason. His presence attracts viewers. Viewers increase ratings. High ratings attract advertisers. More advertising equate to Billions for the Media corporation and more income for the multi-million dollar “Talking Heads” such as Sawyer, Blitzer, Hannity, Maddow and all the rest.
      It’s called Good Business Practice.

      If people quit spending their time listening to the drivel from the TH’s then there would be no incentive to have Norquist on the air.

  • rpg1408

    “Negotiation” suggests that both sides have something to offer. What the GOP offers is more of the same stuff that got us in fiscal trouble in the first place. Until members of Congress and the Senate are willing to break the Norquist- inspired “pledge” there will be no progress. We can only hope that the President offers no more concessions to this mindless faction of our increasingly dysfunctional government and, if we do go over the “cliff”, that the voters remember , in the next election, who was responsible.


  • CPANewYork

    Why is anyone paying any attention to this demagogue Norquist? He’s just a shill for the super rich sleazebags like the Krotch Brothers, John “Papa John” Schnatter, Murray the Ohio coal baron, et al.

    • Del WS

      People are paying attention to him because we all know that too many members of Congress are paying attention to him and, because they are, Norquist is proving to be a big impediment to any kind of progress.

  • Del WS

    Norquist wouldn’t know a compromise if it bit him in the butt. All he knows is wanting his own way. Anything else he doesn’t recognize.

    The whole Norquist thing has lowered my already low opinion of many Congress members. They signed an oath to represent the interests of our country AND also signed another, conflicting, oath to a man who only has any power because some wealthy people and the signers gave it to him. Those signers have more or less turned their backs on their sworn duty to the people who elected them and if they were so willing to break the contract that goes with their elected positions, why are they still in those positions?

  • Canistercook

    And I guess if one is biased one thinks ‘your side’ has shown all the compromise! Laughable!

  • acurshen

    This miserable little guttersnipe is a liability to the American people. Republicans who signed his piece of garbage pledge should be ashamed of themselves. He is a little Hitler who relishes the spotlight and his power over elected officials. It’s time to shut him down. I hope there are sufficient brave members of the GOP who will do so at the earliest possible moment.

    • grammyjill

      Type Stop Grover Norquist in your subject line and sign the petition. 250,000 signatures are needed.

  • mah101

    Who is Grover Norquist, and why does he warrant any attention from the press or Congress? Isn’t it time for him to slink back to his hole?

    Come on, media – stop covering this guy. He has no business in determining anything other than what he eats for breakfast.

  • mah101

    Unfortunately, the irony is lost on him. I believe Norquist and his republican friends had their irony surgically removed.

  • What an EGO!

  • daniel bostdorf

    President Truman said it best actually:

    “The people can never understand why the President does not use his supposedly great power to make ’em behave. Well all the President is, is a glorified public relations man who spends his time flattering, kissing and kicking people to get them to do what they are supposed to do anyway.”

    This do-nothing, Norquist/Teaparty driven, neo-facist GOP is un-American putting Koch Brother interests and their ilk ahead of what Americans need to simply survive.

  • Norquist has no business telling politicians anything..He is not a part of the goverment..If Republicans obey him, they should get out of Congress. Term Limits is the answer for Congress. Let us start a petition ASAP

  • elw

    Norquist sounds like a hysterical child who is about to lose his game. Polls show that most disagree with him and agree with the President. He can point his finger as much as he wants to, the only people who will believe him are the 47% that voted for Romney and even they are running like rats from a sinking ship.

  • Grover Norquist is a bum.

  • Michelle Rose

    Norquist is on his way out. Ditto Karl Rove. If nothing else, this last election proved, rather conclusively, that cash cannot buy an election. Neither can disinformation, obstructionism, and plain ol’ surly bad manners.

    The Republican party is in serious disarray. The Tea Party freshman are sticking to their guns (even if they have no idea whether or not those guns happen to be loaded with anything other than empty rhetoric and ideological slogans), the “traditionalist” faction is bailing out, one by one (Sayonara, Olympia Snowe and don’t let the door hit your bony ass on the way out), and those few reasonably sane Republicans that are left are beginning to carefully re-examine the promises they made to Norquist and Rove. They may have come to the same conclusion: what good is a promise made to someone who has no vested interest in the system as it stands and in fact would rejoice in seeing that system come apart at the seams?

    This is what happens when uneducated, ideologically-conditioned people are left to their own devices. In technology, it results in failures and breakdowns of the tech at an increasing (nearly arithmetical) rate. In R&D, it results in things like the mid-Seventies Ford Mustang which was not a Mustang and only nominally a Ford. In manufacturing, it results in bankruptcies, always. In the service industry, it translates as a waitress who continually brings her customers the wrong orders and refuses to bus her own tables.

    You get the idea. The Republican Party, as it now stands with its current stable of half-assed attorneys, failed MBA’s (whose corporations exist only on paper), religious fanatics (who are convinced that Jesus will be returning, any minute now, so their duty is to pass as many morality-controlling laws as possible), and party hacks (who never had a real job in their entire lives) is literally unable to govern, legislate, cooperate, organize, plan or even explain effectively what it is they are supposed to be doing.

    I’ve seen better structure in a Three Stooges movie.

    • july860

      Aw-now you’re belittling Curly, Moe and Shemp….

  • jointerjohn

    Years ago I prayed for some people to come along and disintegrate the republican party. Foolishly I thought they would be progressives. Never dreamed it would be Norquist, Rove, Trump, Limbaugh, Beck, Ryan, Cantor, Bachmann, DeMint, Boehner, McConnell, etc. Oh well, take it wherever you find it!

  • DoctorFaustroll

    Norquist should pull his head out of his ass and scrape the shit out long enough for someone to tell him what a pledge not to raise taxes means in terms of negotiating. This guy needs to run himself over with a truck. Uncle Mike knows what I mean.

  • Speaker John Boehner is a failure in many ways than one. (1) In the past two weeks or so Boehner has been appearing on television virtually every day to address the press literally blaming President Obama for not putting up his proposal. This was a gymmick of some sort. That is exactly what is coming out of this lunatic called Grover Norquist. How does Grover Norquist know that President Obama has ot been negotiating? What does Norquist mean by this assertion? Norquist does not represent anybody other than himself and his interest groups, the millionares and billionares. Norquist should shut up his fuckin mouth and concentrate on serving those who have employed him to lobby for them against tax increases. Norquist has no idea on how to run a government leave alone a country. All he knows is to blackmail elected conservative republicans and to undermine the ability to serve the people who elected them.

  • onedonewong

    $10 Trillion in new debt in just 4 years and that’s not enough for barak. Time for the republicans to say we will stand aside on the tax increases and guess what you figure out what to cut to live with in the debt ceiling. Its amazing that barak supposedly went to college and yet he can’t add o subtract

    • Typical R, can’t even admit to their OWN numbers. The debt was $10.6T when Obama took over from W/C. It’s at $16.1T NOW. Only the GOP can make 5.5=10.
      BTW, the “Bush” tax rates added $400B/yr to the debt, even after W/C left.

      • onedonewong

        No it was $6 trillion when dems took over Congress and passed their massive job killing budgets

  • commserver

    The GOP = mice in maze + no getting out

  • I’m so tired of hearing about Grover, we all know he gives the GOP their marching orders.What I want to know is why do the GOP allow this, every one that ever signed his pledge should be taken out of Congress.

  • So, Progressives should write their congress people with a statement that they do not approve of the Grover Norquisling pledge. (Norquist is a Nowegian name. Quisling was the Norwegian traitor who was the puppet Prime Minister of Norway during the Nazi Occupation. And since Grover so betrays the Constitution intent with his strong arm tactics he can be considered a traitor. Ergo-
    Let us refer to him in the future as Grover Norquisling- as we recite an old Nursury Rhyme:

    Tax mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard-
    to fetch her poor dog a bone..
    but when she bent over-
    Grover drove her!
    And barked: I`ve got a bone of my own.

  • Norquist demanding more transparency is rich: his whole political influence depends on hiding his rich donors from public view.

  • Norquist and his slimy ilk have redefined the word negotiation ie: ” You give us everything we want.”

  • Sierra111

    What a liar!!!


    All Norquist desires is responsible budget management. No raise in taxes in a recession and a decrease in spending, one that matches revenues. Harry Reid’s Spending Protection Pledge . How many ways can we spend. How many votes can we buy. How can I stall another 3 years without a budget. The weird old man in the White House whining about cooperation across the isle. Socialist Obama’s poster boy for distorting the truth and killing he American dream.

    Hope all you illegitimates on the dole had fun spending my money through out the holidays. Do not worry about the nations economic dilemma as Mr. Socialist/Marxi’s money mill will assure your love affair with the sofa endures. When the six o’clock alarm rings for work, I get a warm feeling knowing that it is all for you. When does distribution work for me? It will be when we get our nation back.
    Eternal freedom requires eternal vigilance.