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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:


5. Bryan Fischer

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer has a message for all the conservatives who are thrilled with the Republican Party’s sweeping success in the midterm election: You’re welcome.

According to Fischer, the GOP’s victories had less to do with strong candidates, a favorable electoral map, and brutal Democratic turnout, and more to do with his anti-gay prayer rally.

“It occurred to me last night, you know, a good part of Sunday night was a lot of these pastors in Houston and a lot of people all around the country kneeling in prayer on the floor of that auditorium, repenting of sins, seeking God for forgiveness for ourselves and for this land,” Fischer explained. “And then, on Tuesday, we have this dramatic victory. I’ve got to believe there’s a connection there.”

Of course, if Bryan Fischer’s prayers really dictated the results of the midterms, then the right-wing policies on the ballot probably would have fared a bit better. And the results may not have been as harsh on the “black male” in the White House.

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  • FT66

    “The Walking Dead”? and “the face eater”! who ate the face off of a man on the street of Miami!!!
    Doesn’t Florida has “STAND YOUR GROUND LAW”? why didn’t they apply it on this man??
    Thanks Henry Decker for your good work. You really give us a good laugh to start our Weekend.

    • VampireDanceParty

      It’s time for Democrats to finally stand together & get behind our President. His record is truly astonishing. He’s been able to do things other Presidents have only dreamed of (remember Bill Clinton nearly got demolished for trying to change Health Insurance); Obama did it his first term. Job growth & unemployment are better than in decades. Yet, Dems were so scared of their shadow, they allowed Republicans to run roughshod & call all the shots. Demolishing everything Obama worked so hard for. It’s a strong lesson: Fight back, Dems. Don’t be doormats. Stand with your President. Shout his accomplishments from the roof tops. Start playing offense, instead of defense. He deserves so much respect for the for the way he saved this country from the Bush years. History will show his accomplishments, Dems should too. Stop the Tea Party BS. Beat them at their own game.

      • latebloomingrandma

        Exactly. I was really ticked off listening to Boehner warning the president to not play with fire. His whole speech and demeanor were so disrespectful of the POTUS of 6 years with an impressive array of accomplishments. Who does he think he is? Oh yes,the Speaker of the House with NO accomplishments in 4 years.

        • highpckts

          Boehner is like the school yard bully! He’s nothing if someone would just stand up to him and tell to go to Hell!

        • FT66

          Me too was ticked off as well with Boehner’s remarks. The man has no diplomacy at all. The President should go ahead and fulfill his promise he made to the Latinos. Let Boehner and his troops hang him, repeal or whatever. Latinos and his supporters are all watching. By the way, Boehner and his troops are not on work until January. What are all these noises for?

          • plc97477

            Are they actually going to get to work in Jan. or are they going to take another unearned vacation?

          • angelsinca

            It pretty disgusting to cite race as motivation to conform. Try replacing latino with white and watch the reaction.

          • JPHALL

            Why not? Republicans do it all the time. The classic examples are equating Blacks or Latinos with crime and welfare.

          • angelsinca

            Why not? because it is a slimy practice, regardless of who does it.

          • Sand_Cat

            So why don’t you stop?

          • JPHALL

            The request was for an actual example not commentary. There are a few examples I know of for local elections, but I know of none for statewide elections in modern times.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on This Week In Crazy: Obama’ s Zombie Cannibals, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

          • Sand_Cat

            Your whole philosophy is more than “pretty disgusting”: it’s based wholly on bigotry and lies.

          • angelsinca

            This is not true,. Afteracism lay dormant for almost 40 years, you people not only awakened the beast but have been using it as a weapon to propagate your delusions. No wonder your people were voted out of office.

          • Sand_Cat

            What a load of CRAP! Either you are incredibly ignorant, stupid, or delusional.
            I love your projection: we’re aware of widespread racial discrimination and still trying to fix it, so in the right-wing lunaticland you inhabit, that makes us racists.
            No doubt you join Ronald Reagan and a host of other right-wing racists in even trying to claim credit for what progress has been made, progress that was made in spite bitter and still-continuing opposition (including violence) from pretty much the entire GOP. Maybe you truly worked for the goal, but your refusal to acknowledge that it is still a work in progress suggests that is not the case. Why don’t you go all the way and claim African Americans were perfectly happy being treated as sub-humans or worse until those damned liberal outside agitators stirred them up, as so many of the opponents of progress in racial equality did and no doubt still do in private?
            Is there no depth of lies and falsehood that you will not sink to try and justify your delusions?

          • angelsinca

            At least you admit to being racist. But it doesn’t explain why have the need to label all conservatives with hateful caricatures. Simply put, you are just an unpleasant person.

          • Sand_Cat

            Once again, those concerned about racism are the “racists. Maybe you really are so thick and blind that you actually believe the bullshit you write. And I could NEVER, EVER label conservatives with any more hateful caricatures than those they make of themselves. You asked for an example in another post: I can’t recall EVER having read a more ridiculous and dishonest and plain RACIST charge than your little fantasy about how racism was dead until “liberals” revived it. I can’t even begin to try to address such a foolish and idiotic claim with any rational answer.I am at a loss for adjectives to describe such bone-headed stupidity.

          • FT66

            Turning to a blind eye, while one can see properly, always make people shake their heads non-stop.

        • angelsinca

          I agree. Boehner is not a good public speaker and his leadership is overly partisan, just like ALL of the current political leaders. The respect-for-the-potus argument flies out the window with every mention of GW Bush by the left.

          • Sand_Cat

            It should have flown out of the Window with Nixon. It usually is a pile of crap. And GW Bush is mentioned by the left – what there is of one – because he is a war criminal, responsible for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands, and for torture, unprovoked aggression, you name it. But of course you won’t because you approve of all the lying and all the deaths because it “shows them what they’re dealing with.”

      • angelsinca

        That’s the problem. People should feel good about their own accomplishments without having to attribute those successes to someone else, especially a politician. Yet, we are reminded by this president that “YOU didn’t do that”. We expect to be governed, not ruled or controlled or mandated.

        • VampireDanceParty

          What? He’s a very magnanimous guy. It’s the Republicans who refuse to govern. They throw fits & shut down the government if they don’t get their way. Obama in NO WAY is trying to ‘control’ us. That’s just silly.

          • angelsinca

            Never mind that no one really noticed the government ‘shut down’. But Obama did take action to make it appear a disaster by blockading monuments and shutting down parks. If you remember the WWII vets that were told to go home and the GOP legislators that helped to remove the blockades put up by the Obama goons? Hmmm.

          • Sand_Cat

            Yes, none of you and your selfish and heartless friends noticed it. A lot of others did, and it increased the deficit – something you hypocrites are always carping about when it isn’t your guy running it up – considerably.

          • Independent1

            As usual, total BS from you!! Virtually the entire country was up in arms over the shut down which cost the government 28 Billion. And the W.H., monuments and parks were closed because the shut down dictated that ‘NON CRITICAL’ government employees were not to be paid; IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH OBAMA!!

            You just keep up with your RWNJ lies!! Why??????

          • angelsinca

            ‘Up in arms’. phooey. No one noticed the government was “shut down” (14% went home on paid leave). YOUR ilk was all fueled into frenzy because the House wouldn’t go along with raising the debt ceiling to finance Obama’s frivolous budget when the debt was an astounding $15 trilion then.. The republicans were the only ones to stand with the citizens at the DC monument blockades while Obama did nothing but convince the weak minded that the GOP “shut down” the gov’t. Boohoo. Your president lies, your congressmen lie, your senators lie. This is why your people were voted out of office.

          • Independent1

            More pure hogwash!! And “Obama’s frivolous budget”.

            It’s difficult to have “frivolous budgets” when you’re arguably the small spending president since Eisenhower. Obama has reduced deficit spending faster and further than any president in history. He’s cut the 1.4T budget he inherited from Bush to under 500B in less than 6 years. NO OTHER PRESIDENT HAS COME CLOSE TO ACCOMPLISHING THAT!!


          • angelsinca

            No, I am not lying.You aren’t really going to put up a graph that shows the amount of deficit spending by Obama is STILL higher than is was under tush before the “Great Recession”, are you ? LOL.

          • Independent1

            Today’s deficit spending has nothing to do with spending. The deficits in the budget are still
            continuing to add up because of the tax cuts that the GOP passed through under Bush. As a percent of GDP, spending is at the lowest levels in more than 50 years. That’s why I say Bush is still responsible for today’s debt increases.

            The middleclass tax cuts Bush pushed through are still depressing tax revenues, the 15% capital gains tax is allowing millions of millionaires to not pay their fair share of taxes and even to shelter income overseas (like Romney) and not pay their fair share of taxes, and there’s the convoluted tax code which corporations have really started using the past decade or so which is allowing them to not only shelter trillions of dollars in overseas accounts they’re not paying taxes on, but to also defer taxation such that almost 200 of the Fortune 500 companies ends up getting away with close to zero taxes every year – or actually getting a refund.

          • angelsinca

            Go ahead and raise taxes then. It’s the Democrat’s way of never having to say sorry.

          • angelsinca

            The debt continues to grow under Obama. Maybe he should invite Clinton to the WH to learn about creating a surplus instead of continuing to plunge the nation into deeper debt. It was predicted Obama would l;eave office with a $20T debt. That seems about right.

          • VampireDanceParty

            Wow. Talk about denial. No one noticed the shut down?! Where do you live? A cave? Those blockades were put up because all government facilities were shutdown. Not by ‘Obama goons’. By Republicans. Jesus, at least accept your choices.

          • angelsinca

            I accept my choices. Thanks. When you distort the truth to fit your narrative, it results in being voted out of office.

          • VampireDanceParty

            Wow. You’re delusional. I can’t have a conversation with a delusional person. Enjoy Fantasy Island!

        • Sand_Cat

          Yes, you expect not to be ruled, controlled, mandated, or governed: you expect to be doing all those things to others. When you’re you’re not able to, you just project and lie and say the other guy is the one who does.

          • angelsinca

            Another non truth. Aren’t you ever ashamed of lying?

          • Sand_Cat

            I’m not ashamed you won’t acknowledge the truth of my statements.

          • angelsinca

            Please give an example. So far everything you have to say about conservatives has been opinion that carries just enough biased & distorted fact to not reveal any truth.

          • Sand_Cat

            Why don’t you?

  • Dominick Vila

    I enjoy the Friday comedy as much as everyone else, but I think our focus, if we want to win decidedly in 2016, must be on objective analysis of what happened and taking steps to help us overcome the failures that contributed to this unmitigated political disaster.
    The fact that the policies that contributed to the economic recovery and job creation record that should be evident to everyone, after so many Americans – including George W. Bush – were predicting the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy in 2008, the fact that the Federal government budget deficits have been reduced by 2/3, the fact that credit, low inflation, and low interest rates were all transformed into negatives by the party whose policies and actions contributed to the Great Recession…and our leaders and political strategists were unable to challenge those claims by highlighting the accomplishments of the last six years, should give us time to pause, reflect on what happened, and take corrective action before it is too late.
    Do we still have domestic problems? You bet, but most of those problems were not caused by failed government policies. They were caused by greed, unrealistic expectations by people who are not in a position to compete with our most successful neighbors, and by the fact that we did not prepare our populace for the transition from assembly line and agricultural work to a high tech industry. The challenge now, besides finding ways and people capable of articulating our gains in a way that even the most obtuse among us can understand, is to take steps to lead those who have been left behind by the hand, by impressing on them the need to learn new skills, and by funding a massive retraining program.
    Another challenge we must overcome involves motivating laid back Democrats to get off their butts and vote. Forget the zombies, let’s focus on the living…preferably without prayers or waiting for miracles.

    • Grannysmovin

      Also nominate canidates who really want the job and will fight hard and long for the middle class and the poor. No more “I’m a Clinton Democrat” or allow your opponent and hour long unchallenged spot light because you had a scheduling conflict, or running away from the core policies and idelology of the Democratic party no matter who the President is. If our canidates won’t fight for our values why should voters support them.

      • Dominick Vila

        That was part of the problem this time. I really had to make an effort to vote for Charlie Crist, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida. Crist is a Republican lite, who after being rejected by his old party changed coats and became a Democrat.

        • plc97477

          Unfortunately that is the democratic party. The countries politics have swung so far to the right that the dems are closer to the middle than the left. Because of that too many dems don”t vote because there is no evidence that it is a left leaning party. I understand partly but would never wimp out because the party was not perfect for me and I feel any one who did is a wimp of the first order.

    • Independent1

      Dominick, with only 36% of Americans voting this year, a large chunk of them being Republicans (they make up about 37% of the electorate), I have doubts that this election is any indicator whatsover as to what the real American electorate is thinking. Keep in mind too for example, that with regard to the state of Michigan, Democrats won the popular vote in almost every state related election and yet lost the state legislature, not because of what the voters thought, but rather the enormous gerrymandering that Republicans have done especially since 2010.

      When you add up the fact that this election saw one of the smallest voter turnouts in memory, with the impacts of GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression, the results are really not necessarily representative of what American (nonRepublican) voters are thinking these days.

      To me, it seems clear that many voters have no ax to grind with Obama and the progress that has been made in the country over the past 2 years, otherwise the turnout would have been much higher. The bad vibes that many exit polls seemed to come away with, are to me clearly coming from the excess number of Republican voters; and not necessarily a general feeling of the American population.

      Having said all that, I’m not suggesting that there isn’t a lot that needs to be worked on by the Democrats in the next two years; just the fact that with all the GOTV efforts made by thousands of Democratic volunteers, the vote by nonRepublians was so sparse, is in itself disappointing. I’m personally disappointed that Obama didn’t do more to encourage voting given what was at stake for him accomplishing more during his last 2 years in office. It was my feeling that he should have requested prime time coverage Sunday from the major networks to review some of the many positive accomplishments of the past 2 years, especially with regard to Obamacare; and to point out to voters how the GOP could obstruct further progress in the coming two years; encouraging Democrats to change the dynamics in Congress.

      And here’s the link to an article from the Daily Kos which demonstrates what may well have happened, had Democrats turned out in greater numbers:

      Oregon voter turnout was 69.5 percent, and Democrats won BIG

      And why did Oregon get such a great voter turnout when the other 49 states did so poorly? Because voting in Oregon is by mail; people don’t have to find time from work or other activities and don’t have to spend sometimes hours standing in line. Virtually every one of the 5 states other than Oregan where Dems now control the governorship and legislature, should be implementing Oregon’s voting model. And Dems in the other 20 plus states where they still control the governorship or one of the legislative houses should do what they can to get those states to implement the Oregon voting model.

      Here’s a couple excerpts from the Daily Kos article:

      Oregon has mail-in voting, no serious efforts at voter disenfranchisement, and an engaged populace.

      It’s easy to point to Oregon’s overall liberal population, but that liberal population’s political success also could be used as an excuse for many not to vote. But 69.5 percent did vote, which may be pathetic by international standards, but is astonishing by American standards. Voting is made easy, voting is encouraged, people vote, and Democrats won big. There’s a lesson or two in there.

      • Dominick Vila

        Making it easier for people to vote should be one of our top political priorities, but with the GOP in control of most state Governorships and legislatures, that is not going to happen.
        What concerns me the most is the deliberate decision of so many Democratic candidates to distance themselves from President Obama and his policies. Their decision did not help them, but the damage they did to President Obama’s confidence, to the Democratic party, and to our values is huge. Is the desire to win an election so powerful for some politicians that they are willing to abandon their leader and their values to have a chance to win? Perhaps more to the point, is the antipathy that so many Americans exhibit towards our President and his policies so intense that they are willing to vote against their best interests?

        • Independent1

          I agree completely. One of my biggest disappointments the past 6 years has been the numerous times enough Democrat legislators have clearly not voted in favor of legislation they had to know was in the best interests of their constituents (if they were truly Democrats) but rather what they seemed to think would get them re-elected; which has resulted in helping the GOP in keeping critical pieces of legislation from being enacted.
          And which in the end, has not in fact, helped in getting many of them re-elected.

          Either that, or many legislators today fail to realize that they should be voting on legislation more from the standpoint of what they, being more cognizant of the true ramifications of a piece legislation, know is the best course of action to take, than we, the voters know, not being as well informed about all the implications of a law as they should be.

          And I am still not convinced that some legislators who were elected as Democrats, are in fact, true Democrats. To me an example of that was the 1/2 dozen or so supposed Democrats who voted against requiring background checks for all gun purchases. It is just unconscionable to me that a “true Democrat” would have voted the way these 1/2 dozen fake Democrats voted. To me, these legislators are either Independents running as Democrats or mole Republicans pretending to be Democrats.

          And it’s also unconscionable to me that any ‘true Democrat would have run away from Obama. I’ve been following the Rasmussen Daily Presidential poll for the past 2 years. Only a handful of times in that 2 years (more than 700 polls) has Obama’s national favorability rating fallen below 45%. It has run between 45% and 50% every single day and today is at 48%.

          What that means is that on average 37% of the 50 to 55% who don’t have a favorable opinion of Obama are Republicans. This means that only about 13-18% of the 63% of nonRepublicans see Obama unfavorably. This means that around 75% of non Republicans do not have an unfavorable opinion of what Obama has accomplished over the past 6 years.

          How can “true Democrats” run away from a president who has 75% of the population that may actually vote for them, liking our president??
          it’s also my sense that the Obama negativity is greatly exaggerated by the Media hyping what they hear from a much more vocal minority of our population. The media is in my view, intentionally hyping the hatred expressed by right-wingers that represent only about 1/3 of our population; which is unfortunately not only influencing our elections but also apparently, the actions of even Democratic legislators – and even President Obama.

          • Dominick Vila

            I agree, especially with the part about the complicit media. It infuriates me when the talking heads don’t challenge outrageous or clearly false claims.

        • angelsinca

          California=Democratic, therefore easy to vote? No, not at all. When obstacles toward easy voting are in place by either party, just as many republicans won’t vote as democrats.

          • Dominick Vila

            I lived 12 years in California, and I never had a problem voting. In any case, this should be a bipartisan endeavor focused on making it easier for ALL Americans to exercise one of our greatest rights. I favor a national ID system and voting laws at a national level.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on This Week In Crazy: Obama’ s Zombie Cannibals, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

          • JPHALL

            Name one state where Democrats have made it hard to vote! You have presented a false comparison.

          • Sand_Cat

            Note the silence in response to your demand.

          • angelsinca

            “Name one state where Democrats have made it hard to vote”


          • JPHALL

            Just because no Republicans won state office does no mean it was hard to vote. Republicans have had trouble since Pete Wilson. Arnold was a elected because of Gray Davis. Like most coastal states the major cities poll Democratic and in California they vote. Subject: Re: New comment posted on This Week In Crazy: Obama’ s Zombie Cannibals, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

          • angelsinca

            It isn’t hard to vote because Republicans did not win. The registration process is cumbersome. The rules for voting in primaries are complicated. And the early voting restrictions are a mass of paperwork and restrictions. When Dems accuse the GOP of alienating voters with simple ID’s, they should look at what they have done to the electorate in CA. Subject: Voter Suppression Crazies On The Left

          • JPHALL

            You need to leave your fantasy world. In Blue states, like California, it is according to most Republicans in the know, too easy to register and vote. Get your facts straight. In some areas of California you can register then vote the same day. Subject: Re: New comment posted on This Week In Crazy: Obama’ s Zombie Cannibals, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

        • plc97477

          I wonder if instead we can say that their distancing themselves from Obama and the Dems. could have played a big part in their loses.

          • Dominick Vila

            It definitely did not help them…Republicans did not vote for them, and many Democrats were not impressed by their cowardice and stayed home.

  • FireBaron

    You gotta wonder – how much of this tripe that they spew do they actually believe? I imaging Glenn Beck probably doesn’t believe most of what he spouts – it just makes for good listening. The others, I fear, actually believe what they are telling people!

    • angelsinca

      So, you believe that conservatives actually believe this weeks’ crazy talk. That’s not crazy whatsoever.

      • JPHALL

        Yeah, but it sure makes the crazies a lot of money! Someone supports their insanity and I doubt it is Liberals!

      • Sand_Cat

        You can say they don’t, but they act otherwise. And yes, normally, in a sane society, most people would consider it crazy to believe such things, which is why we fear rule by the right.

  • TZToronto

    Where in the Constitution does it say that a President can be impeached for something some crackpot thinks he’ll do? Anticipatory impeachment–that’s a good one!

  • Grannysmovin

    Brian Fisher: Remember what Pope Francis said – God doesn’t have a magic wand.

    Glen Beck: So Beck believes in soothsayers.

    Michael Savage; “If you look at his eyes while he’s speaking, and I’m a student of many different things, his eyes are not that of a sound man,” Stop looking at your reflection in the mirror and then projecting your findings onto someone else.

    Colorado House District 15: This is what you get Democrats when you don’ go and vote – now you live with the crazy.

    Rick Wiles: zombie cannibals! Stop referring to the GOP legislators that
    way Mr. Wiles; it is not very Christian of you.

  • latebloomingrandma

    I guess it’s a testament to the the strength of our First Amendment that anyone can put out this dangerous nonsense on the airwaves, internet or print and not be arrested or dragged off to the loony bin.
    Looking at the economic improvement with unemployment falling and the stock market going gang busters, yet people voted against this momentum, I wonder if Romney had been in office for 2 years, would he have taken credit for this?.

    • angelsinca

      The cyclic momentum of the economy would have happened with or without Obama or Romney. The only notable differences would have been the speed of the recovery and the size of the debt.

      • Sand_Cat

        Yeah, Romney would have either strangled the recovery or blown the debt sky-high, maybe both, just like Reagan and Bush Jr did.

      • Independent1

        Not true!! The recovery would not have happened if Obama hadn’t insisted on the stimulus package and followed through with the auto bailout. Hoover proved categorically that what you’re saying is a BLATANT LIE!!!!! He took a stock market crash that was no worse than the GWB market downturn and turned it into a world-wide depression!!!!!! Even Ben Bernanke stated that that the financial disaster of 2008 was far worse than the economic disaster created by the Big Depression – it was far more likely to result in a total world-wide financial collapse!!!!

        • angelsinca

          Please re-read the actual causes of the crash instead of repeating the same false narrative. Clinton played a huge role. And instead of guessing what ‘might’ have happened. please take a real close look at that real life $18 trillion debt Bernanke helped to create. If you need blame Bush again, don’t even bother. You missed the truth a long time ago.

          • Independent1

            What hogwash!! Go stick it you know where!! Clinton had nothing to do with the Great Recession – you’re a complete idiot!!!

          • angelsinca

            Your tunnel vision is causing blindness. The rudeness is just you. So, Clinton was conned by the GOP. He deserves more credit than that, actually. Despite your relentless pursuit to blame the recession on the GOP, you are wrong to dismiss poor regulation by ALL politicos , or home owners or all hedge fund participants or anyone taking financial risks with mortgages. And Bush didn’t ‘look the other way’. His repeated attempts to reform were trumped repeatedly. Get truth.

  • dtgraham

    There was some rumour quite a while back that Hollywood was being asked by the Whitehouse, presumably, to work positive mentions of the Affordable Care Act into TV and movies. If true, maybe Rick Wiles’ Obama cannibal virus will be the inspiration for some new zombie drama. I can see it now: “Night of the walking dead but not due to pre-existing conditions.”

  • EaglesGlen

    This Week In “inner city” Crazies: Obama’s Zombie Cannibals, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Left

  • highpckts

    All of these men are older with, what you would assume, a modicum of intelligence and yet they spout these insane ideas as if everyone thinks that way! Amazing and scary!

  • Irishgrammy

    With only one third of registered voters voting this past election, I think we can all agree, the haters of the President, the GOP “base”, represented by these certifiable hate mongers and twisted conspiracy theorists, Wiles, Savage, Beck, and I have to add Limbaugh if you listened to what he said yesterday, outrageous, ALL, who by the way, make lots of money promoting their fear and sick fantasies, this 1/3 of the electorate voted their hate, resentments, bigotry, fear of any and all things they are too dumb to actually learn FACTS about, along with several states where voter suppression tactics were successful….. one of my favorite quotes “If you can’t beat them cheat them”……and here we are…….. Gee wiz, I wonder why things turned out the way they did. And AS USUAL, the Democratic base, Hells Bells the Moderate non-affiliated voter, stayed home, ON their butts, convinced their vote didn’t matter……As a life long Liberal who votes 100% of the time in every election for almost 50 years, I am beyond fed up with those who are now complaining mightily about the outcome of this election, but didn’t bother to vote……..absolutely insane. Now the country will pay dearly for the next 2 years, and I can only imagine the depths to which the Republicans will sink in their incessant, relentless, ad nauseam attacks on the President along with the threats already being made by the GOP leadership, and the GOPTP continuing show of utter disrespect towards him. The unmitigated hubris being thrown around by so many of these GOP idiots is beyond overwhelming and thoroughly sickening! I have actually heard several of these fools say they have a “mandate”……… from 1/3 of the American voters, THAT’S a mandate and the President is supposed to march to their tune, really????? Well President Obama won two national elections with 53% and 52% respectively, and the GOPTP didn’t see fit to work with him for the past 6 years and in fact planned and calculated simply trying to prevent him from governing at all……God almighty it is infuriating!!!
    So, pull up a chair, get your popcorn ready, cause the in-fighting between the “We love money and power” group in the GOP represented by McConnell, Bohener and the like and the ego maniacal crazies like Ted Cruz and Tea Partiers et al, will be a free for all, and a bit sickening to watch, but never the less, interesting as Hell……….and we the American public will, as ever, pay the price for this insanity.

    • bikejedi

      Obama said before the election that his Party could run from him but they couldn’t hide and that this election would be a referendum on him his policies and his agenda and Americans rejected all of that . It wasn’t hate because Dems helped elect Republicans in Blue States . Those Racist Republicans elected a Black Senator in South Carolina Tim Scott , while those Sexist War on Woman ( sic ) Republicans elected a Black Woman Mia Long and also elected Veteran Joni Ernst and the youngest woman rep ever … Meanwhile the Dems and Liberals could not get their poster child for contraception elected in Heavily blue California Sandra ( you are responsible for paying for my promiscuous lifestyle choices ) Fluke and even with all of the money they couldn’t get abortion Barbie ( Wendy Davis ) elected ..Please don’t label the people who elected these people as haters I mean with all the Republicans that were elected in Blue States those are probably your friends

      • Independent1

        Given that only 36% of voters came to the polls this election, the vast majority of them being Republicans, nothing that took place in this election has anything to do with the mindset of the “normal”, nonRepublican voters in America. So don’t get your hopes up for 2016 – this was in no way a barometer for that election. To be quite honest, the 2014 election was a farce – in that, the majority of Americans are apparently very content with the way their lives are going these days and couldn’t even be bothered to come out and vote.

        You would do well to read this article in Vanity Fair. Here’s an excerpt from it:

        Are conservatives ever right?

        The question isn’t meant to suggest that liberals are never wrong. But reviewing the last few decades of conservative policy initiatives—or their objections over that timespan to policies they hate—shows a consistent pattern of failure: predictions never pan out, and intended results turn to catastrophic flops.

        • bikejedi

          Independent .. I actually like some of what you post when you aren’t uncivil .. I know I can be sarcastic but some of what gets posted on here is laughable from both sides …Plenty of Dem voters came out and they helped elect Republicans in Dem States . Even in the bluest Illinois where we have a new Governor . A lot of Liberals say that the Dems who lost only lost because they didn’t elicit the support of Obama ( who has very low approval ratings these days ) Our Dem Governor did.. Obama campaigned heavily for him and so did Michele . Throughout his campaign he touted Obamacare and that should of helped him because most of his voters are getting the free expansion plans .. The fact was that turned people against Gov Quinn and he lost in a landslide . He lost even though he rammed an election law through a few months ago that allowed people to register and vote on election day . Without proof of citizenship or even a freaking I D .. He thought he would get massive new ( probably fraudulent) votes and he was so shocked he lost he would not concede .. He kept waiting for the cemetery precinct returns and they didn’t come even with the new law ( some of that is satire ) .. I don’t know why you would cite a Liberal magazine focused on Liberal Hollywood as a source but I will look at it ..

          • Independent1

            Sorry, not buying the majority of that. And despite what so many think, Obama’s approval rating by non Republicans remains fairly high: at over 75% of the non Republican populatlion. Rasmussen runs daily polls of Obama’s favoralbility rating and it continues to run between 45 and 50% of the total population, in fact, for today it’s at 48%. Considering that around 37% of those polled are Republicans who are definitely going to give him a disapproval, that means that only about 8-12% of non Republicans disapprove of what he’s doing which is far more than 75% of the clearly Obama hating Republicans.

            And where there there was a strong voter turnout like in Oregon, Democrats won big – they now control every aspect of the Oregon government. Sorry, but the GOP landslide was purely nothing more than the results of the smallest voter turnout in recent memory – only 36% – while Republicans represent 37% of the population.

          • bikejedi

            I thought we would be able to have an intelligent civil conversation .. What was I thinking .. Just like Obama most Liberals are in denial and butt hurt over the election and I dont want to act like Obama and the left did when they won … You know I dont want to sit here be smug arrogant and gloat and say stuff like .. We won get over it … or elections have consequences ..That would be counterproductive but you seem to be saying that the ONLY voters that turned out were Republicans .. To you its as if not a single Dem voted … If that is true then Obama was right when he said that his Party could run away from him and his policy but that the election would be a referendum on HIM … He was right ….so maybe Dems are fed up with him if your contention is right and they didn’t vote … There are two things to consider it just isn’t the fact that 37 to 39 % of Americans identify as Conservatives whle only 19% identify as Liberal but that most of the rest of the people identify center right . What this means is that we have been being ruled ( and notice I didn’t say led ) by a small minority who acted arrogant and smug when they had power .. A group that didn’t seek compromise and rammed their agenda down Americas’ throat in most un American ways .. The second thing to consider is that you are wrong and that many many Dems crossed lines to vote for Republican .. Our Governor Quinn is a perfect example . He had both Obama;s campaign heavily for him and got trounced while Trick DICK Durbin ran away from Obama as if he didn’t support his entire agenda and won . I not going to keep responding to you because the way you post and I can also see you are entirely butt hurt so it would be counterproductive .. I dont want to be smug or arrogant and gloat .. Have a nice weekend

          • Independent1

            You sure can spew out a lot of foolish, worthless nonsense. Nothing you said changes the fact that over the past 6 decades everything the GOP has tried has turned into a disaster for America:

            .The current astounding income inequality where 80% of Americans control only 5% of the countries wealth!

            .Where the vast majority of Americans are struggling just to survive because Republicans have refused to support any legislation that help raise millions out of poverty.

            .Where virtually every Red State in the country borders on having the equivalent of a 3rd world society where large portions of their residents live in poverty, the crime rates are through roof and life spans are by far the shortest in America.

            .Where virtually every GOP politician is nothing more than a pathological lying machine hellbent on doing nothing but stealing taxpayers blind at every opportuntiy.

            .Where politicians think nothing of lying their way into starting wars just so they can hand out no-bid contracts that not only benefit their rich cohorts but also themselves.

            .Where GOP policies consistently tank the economy and recessions dominate their terms in office – GOP presidents BY FAR govern under not only recessions but deficit spending!!

            And on and on and on – one disastrous calamity after another befalls America from GOP governance.: High murder rates, High poverty rates, High infant mortality rates, Shortened life spans, Living in poverty – those are all examples of DISASTROUS GOP GOVERNANCE!!!!!!!!


          • bikejedi

            Yes Income disparity always grows fastest under Dems … You can track that from when they control the Whitehouse or when they have control of Congress and the purse strings .. In both cases income disparity always spikes .. Under Obama we have seen the greatest rate of income disparity in history . The proof of that is that average yearly incomes are down $4000/yr .. This is probably largely due to Obamacare forcing employers to transition people from full time employment to part time . We now have the greatest number and percentage of Americans working Part time positions ( just as the Unions predicted would happen ) Meanwhile his QE policies at the Fed have been a boon for the Dems Uber wealthy donors like Soros … Haven’t they .. Look the Dems couldn’t sell that class warfare rhetoric to America because working Americans aren’t feeling it … Thank you for making my argument for me .. though I didn’t bring it up .. I have to go now Vanity fair is fascinating … Did you know Beyonce and Jay Z are fighting ?… Just kidding have a nice weekend

          • Independent1

            Flat Out Lies – Every word of it!!!

            America’s income inequality began under America’s worst president ever Reagan when he cut the max tax rate more than in Half;
            And when he destroyed the Air Traffic Controllers Union which began the demise of unions;
            And when the GOP has pushed through legislation to reduce the tax rate on capital gains;
            And when the GOP has refused to raise the min wage;
            And when the GOP has enacted right-to-work laws that allow employers to pay below poverty-level wages;

            And when the GOP constantly pushes through budget cuts that reduce help to people in need which pushes more and more Americans into povery!!

            You are nothing more than a reprehensible LYING MACHINE!!!!!!

          • bikejedi

            Why do you hate Reagan so much and try to rewrite history so much ? Reagan’s economic policies were sound and helped Americans of all kinds . The Tax Policies he espoused worked like a charm .Most Americans found jobs and they weren’t part time jobs like Obamanomics .. GDP grew at a a record rate and it spurred the greatest amount of opportunity for the greatest number of Americans .. All you have to do is ask anyone who was around for both which economy they preferred and you know what they will say .
            The PATCO Strike was Illegal and that Union tried to hold the whole Nation hostage . Reagan gave them the option to come back to work and negotiate or be fired . Unfortunately the Union gave a lot of their members bad advice and a lot of them lost great Govt jobs . It was a great day and Reagan showed great leadership to stand up to those tyrants .
            Raising the minimum wage is a false canard and divisive class warfare argument designed to appeal to the ignorant . The Dems aim that argument at their poorest and least educated voters because they knwo they are too stupid to understand economics and that it will hurt them the most .. It shows how dishonest they are to their most needy constituents but hey who cares as long as they vote Dem .. I would refer you to the great article in Vanity fair on the subject ( hahaha ) No really I would refer you to the great article in the WSJ and their historical based data .. It shows that when you raise the min wage jobs go away especially low paying min wage jobs .. also when you raise the min wage business owners raise prices so the people who get the raise dont improve their own standards of living as everything they have to buy has gone up in price a like amount .. People who are educated and skilled however see their standards of living and consumer power lessened as everything they have to pay for has gone up and they didn’t get a raise .. Sweet way to win the votes of economically ignorant people by LYING to them while negatively impacting the middle class but who cares as long as ignorant people vote Dem right ??? Once again thank you so much for helping me display the lies and weakness of Liberal Talking Points

          • Independent1

            Why do I hate Reagan? Because he was the most devious, deceitful person to ever sit in the White House and your comments about “Reagans economic policies were sound” are not only outright nonsense they’re blatant LIES!! It’s Reagan brainwashing idiots like you with his trickle-down economic idiocy that is one reason America’s income inequality started skyrocketing during his presidency.

            And him using his deceit to trick the Air Traffic Controllers Union into an illegal strike so he could suddenly summarily fire everyone of them, started the complete destruction of the fabric of American business. From that time on, CEO after CEO and Entrepreneur after Entrepreneur used Reagan’s deceitful actions to determine that there was no need to honor a bond that had existed between workers and management of “you work hard for me and I’ll do right by you”.

            It was during Reagan’s first term when companies started laying off their older, better, hardworking, loyal employees and started replacing them with younger, inexperienced help they could pay less because Reagan taught them the idiocy of “it’s the bottom line stupd – to hell with worrying about your employees”; the only thing that matters is serving those stockholders!!!

            As I told Joe Schmuck, it would be less sacrilegious to name the airport in Washington, bin Laden International, than Reagan National – bin Laden did far less damage to America than America’s worst president ever. He was such a deceitful person that he even conned the Screen Actors Guild to elect him its president until the Guild learned that he hated unions.

            And GDP grew actually faster under Carter than it ever did under Reagan. Apple came out with the Apple Lisa in the late 1970s and it was while Reagan was in office when the computer boom started- so any growth in GDP under Reagan had nothing to do with his economic idiocy, in fact he did every that would have surprised growth.

            It was a year and a half after Reagan took office that the unemployment rate hit the highest it’s ever been since the big depression at 10.8%. And it was more than a year after Reagan took office that the Prime Rate hit it’s highest level ever at 20%; and mortgage rates hit 16%, all because Reagan DID NOTHING to try and stop the recession that started at the end of Carter’s term because of the oil embargo. Reagan was so clueless he did nothing for over a year – he just let the recession fester until it got totally out of hand. His economic polices were a disaster.

            And any nitwit can drive up America’s GDP if you’re going to throw money at it: Reagan spent money like water on everything he could dream up like the idiocy of “Star Wars” – Congress had to raise the debt limit 17 times during his 8 years.

            What a crock you are!!

            And just for measure here are 30 some firsts for this absolute worthless president:

            1. First to turn America into a DEBTOR nation.

            2. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of national income in eight years.

            3. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of GDP over eight years.

            4. First to double the deficit in just eight years.

            5. First to “almost”: triple the national DEBT in just eight years.

            6. First to increase SPENDING by 80%–over 8 years.

            7. First to have a popularity rating of 35% after his 1st two years in office

            8. First to have unemployment at 10.8% since big depression

            10. First to SPEND more in eight years than was spent in prior 50 years.

            11. First to have “real” INTEREST RATES of 8% after averaging 1% over 35 years.

            12. First to keep PRIME INTEREST RATES at 20%.

            13. First to over value the dollar to the Yen at rate of 262 yen to $1

            14. First to have served as Governor and increased spending by 112%

            15. First to have home loan interest rates as high as 16%.

            16. First to cut taxes by 60% for his rich pals

            17. First to “deal” with terrorists.

            18. First to bust a union and then appoint union haters to run the department of labor

            19. First to set a record for the largest one day percentage decline of the Dow – 10-19-87

            20. First to have increased his wealth by over $10,000,000 from serving for 8 years as president

            21. First in having servicemen killed during peacetime (241 killed while they slept in their barracks)

            22. First in Farm Foreclosures

            23. First in Savings & Loan Failures

            24. First in percent of increase in personal bankruptcies

            25. First to have an Assistant Secretary of State indicted

            26. First to have an Assistant Secretary of Defense sent to prison

            27. First to have 100 Members of an Administration Charged with Crimes

            28. First to have more members of his administration charged with crimes than the cumulative total of all previous presidents in the 20th Century

            29. First to testify under oath 130 times “ I don’t

            30. First to have an Admiral with a photographic memory testify 128 times “I don’t remember”

            31. First to honor “Nazi Storm Troopers” by calling them “innocent victims”

            32. First governor to increase personal income tax by 60%, increase taxes on cigarettes by 200% and state tax collections by 152%

            33. First president to have been divorced

            34. First to have an Admiral plead the “fifth amendment”

          • bikejedi

            Maybe you missed my last post where I ended the conversation with you so I inform you again . I ended this conversation as you are too butt hurt . It does me no good to beat you in a debate or dispel each of your erroneous Liberal Talking Points as you refuse to consider what anyone else posts and will probably just cite a Vanity Fair article .It is counterproductive to just continue a conversation just for the sake of doing it if when you dispel that persons er Talking Points they still wont consider someone else is better informed and all they are going to do is get intolerant . So I ended the conversation . Have a nice evening

          • Independent1

            Nice try DUMBO!! Those were FACTS I posted, NOT talking points!!!

            Usual RWNJ trick, try to discredit the messenger and the message!!

            Go fly a kite somewhere!!!!!

          • angelsinca

            “…The current astounding income inequality where 80% of Americans control only 5% of the countries wealth! .Where the vast majority of Americans are struggling just to survive because Republicans..”

            Uh, your other posts go on and on about ALL the wonderful improvements to the economy by Obama with jobs galore and healthcare for everyone and unicorns in every driveway.

          • Independent1

            By the way – where that article was published is immaterial. Let’s see you dispute the facts Eichenwald stated. The publishing platform does not CHANGE FACTS!! Eichenwald proved that the GOP has not been right about ANYTHING in actually the past 50 years!!! From a traitor and crook called Nixon to three absolutely disastrous presidents that are responsible for at least 15 trillion of our current 17+ trillion in debt. The GOP has presided over one disaster after another disaster!!!!!!

          • bikejedi

            So when Conservatives post stuff from the Blaze or the accurate Brietbart sites you give them the same weight as this Liberal entertainment rag that isn’t even based in journalism or politics ???? really that’s a hoot . I read this guys piece and it is mostly his opinion based on stuff he cerry picks and chose to interpret in a very Liberal way

          • Independent1

            Hardly, only trolls with 1/2 a brain or who are intentionally evil, would believe and pretend to support the fabrications, distortions of the truth and downright lies spewed by right-wing publications like Blaze, Brietbart, the Heritage Foundation and others.

          • bikejedi

            I didn’t cite anything or any site . I did refer you to the excellent analysis by the WSJ on min wage .. you however cited that leading journalism news and politics magazine … Vanity Fair … Look Independent I dont want you to be angry at me because then you would never even think about checking out what the other side has to offer but the truth of the matter is that you are too closed minded and intolerant ( Liberal traits ) to even consider what someone else has to say .. It doesn’t matter to you that everytime we debate you walk away frustrated as I take apart what ever Liberal Talking Point is in vogue … I mean that should tell you that you might be wrong…. at least on some things and should do some research just to be an informed person…. but you are incapable of that ..You wont change or even consider anything else but what you are told by other Liberals .. I tried to have a civil conversation with you but you are closed minded and intolerant so Im ending this conversation .. Have a nice weekend

        • angelsinca

          He we go again with you spamming the board with the same link for the next two weeks.

          • Independent1

            Don’t like the read the truth, huh!! Sorry about that but CONSERVATIVES ARE NEVER RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

          • angelsinca

            This just isn’t rational.. Talk later when you’re feeling better and less bitter.

          • Independent1

            Sorry, I’m never going to less bitter, or less determined to do everything I can to destroy a political party that has been excessively determined over the past 35-40 years to destroy the country I live in. To elect at least three extremely devious subhumans into the presidency, fully determined to do everything they could to turn America into a Corporate oligarchy.

            One a traitor and outright crook, and at least 2 others so devious that it boggles the mind. All of which did everything they could to syphon as much money from the poor and needy as they could into the pockets of the already wealthy. And in the process, destroying even the fabric of what America once stood for – a country where everyone stood an equal chance at creating a successful like for themselves into a country that today holds out little or no hope for anyone except those who have been born with silver spoons in their mouths or who happen to stumble across a gimmick that turns them instantly into billionaires in today’s crazy world
            – and who then care little or nothing for anyone but themselves.

          • bikejedi

            angelsinca .. You are wise to leave him alone because he is really butt hurt . Unlike the Dems when they stole power I see nothing productive to acting the way they did … You know when they won and got all arrogant and smug and told the rest of America that … We won get over it …. and elections have consequences … I think this is one of the reasons Americans dont like Liberalism .. Its the way they try to protray how superior they are … It is an un American way and that is probably why only 19% of the country self identifies as Liberal .. We have to guard against being like they were and ask them to consider our side .. Independent will never do that as seen by his postings

          • Sand_Cat

            Speaking of “rational,” maybe you should reconsider your post about how liberals revived dead racism.

          • bikejedi

            Going for the whack job hyperbole I see

          • Sand_Cat

            Come on: don’t descend to his level. His own words posted here provide more than enough ammunition without resort to overblown religious references.

          • Independent1

            Sorry Sandy but I don’t agree that my comment is overblown. You’re apparently not a True Christian or not a very serious Christian. I take the very antiChristian antics of Today’s conservatives very seriously.

            The right-wing trolls posting on this site are as close to Devil worshipers as any people I’ve ever come across. And that begins with their willingness to spread constant lies. Lying is as big a sin to God as murder. So is the love of money. And although the trolls on this site don’t exactly expound their love of money, they support a political party whose absolute main focus is not only Money, but trying to brainwash others into believing that loving money is okay and to is something to be respected.

            Just looking at those who support this absolute corrupt, actually criminal political party, is the exact image of Satan:

            Sheldon Adelson a Casino operator in what virtually every American will agree is Sin City!!.

            The Koch Bros who constantly work to further suppress the poor and suck more money from those who already can’t afford it into their already wealthy pockets!!

            The Walton family who runs a business on the backs of its own employees – so evil they knowingly run it in such a way that the people who work for them have to struggle to survive just so they can become even more rich!!

            Mitt Romney, the poster boy of Satan himself. Filthy rich. Willing to destroy a corporation at a whim just to poor more monies into his own pocket – caring not that in the wake he’s leaving hundreds, maybe thousands of people unemployed and those close to retirement with reduced or no pension plans to live on in retirement.

            If all of these aren’t examples of SLAVES OF THE DEVIL, I’d like to know what you would call them.

          • Sand_Cat

            To put things in perspective, I am not ANY kind of Christian, but your post serves to Demonstrate what I have argued in many posts here: liberals are not necessarily atheist or anti-Christian, and many derive their liberal views from reading the sayings of Yeshua-Joshua-Jesus. I have outraged at least one of the “Christian” trolls by pointing out that his attitudes and the public policies he supports are far closer to the ethics advocated by First Church of Satan high priest Anton LaVey than those of the man he calls god. I agree pretty much with everything you said, but, it’s really wasted on angelsinca, who also fancies himself some kind of Christian, though he doesn’t appear to be as vicious and nasty as my target Joe Schmo and many of the other “Christians” we see here. He certainly is even more delusional than most.

          • Independent1

            Sandy, thanks for your candidness. Being a Christian who is trying his best (and not always succeeding) to follow what the Bible actually says, and not what some preacher or priest on a pulpit tells me, he thinks, it says; makes it clear to me that today’s mainstream religions, are not, “true” Christian organizations. The majority of them were built on some persons’ ‘selected’ interpretations of what the bible really says, designed to fit into a lifestyle that whomever created the religions believe they could “live with”; and /or in the case of some, in a way that gives those running the religion a feeling of “preeminence”.

            Given that I’m trying to be a ‘true’ Christian and follow what Jesus actually preached, it’s extremely difficult for me to sit back and watch a vile organization like the GOP, deliberately pretending to be a ‘Christian’ fearing organization, to simply lead not only these, fake churches if you will, but also millions of Americans, toward God’s damnation. The more I see it happening, unfortunately,the snarkier I’ve sometimes become, which I know is not really the way, I should be responding as someone wanting to be a true Christian. But sadly, far too many Americans are too content to simply become ’supposed’ Christians by being willing to let a preacher or priest be their guides as to what the bible actually says; simply following like sheep what these, maybe intentionally misguided leaders, tell them.

            I know I need to be better at controlling my snarkiness/rudeness, but after a year of trying to use reason with some of these outright blatant
            liars, I’ve come to see no reason to be polite with them, when they simply throw that politeness back in my face, by responding with more lies, while totally ignoring facts that prove their propaganda to be lies.

          • bikejedi

            He posted a piece from a Liberal entertainment publication that isn’t even a news rag nor is based on politics and wants us to consider that … I asked him why he would do that and he told me it doesn’t matter where it came from .. It sure is funny he doesn’t feel the same way when someone posts something from Brietbart or the Blaze ( both of which are news pages based in politics) … I actually humored him and read it and what i found is a Liberal and his own opinions and suppositions .. He cherry picked this and that and then chose to interpret it in a Liberal fashion … Independent thinks that is poignant

          • Independent1

            What a crock of pure BS. That article by Kurt Eichenwald was not supported by hyperbole or lies but by summaries that are justified in Reality.

            Let me see you DISPROVE even one statement that Eichenwald uses in proving that this “Conservative” was just one more GOP debacle!!

            Here’s just one example:

            Bin Laden Was a Front for Iraq

            The Fantasy: Up until 9/11, conservatives tended to dismiss Clinton as having spent too much time worrying about Osama bin Laden. As Robert Oakley, a top counterterrorism official under Reagan, said just before George W. Bush took office, “The only major criticism I have is (Clinton’s) obsession with Osama.” Beginning in the earliest days of Bush 2, counterterrorism officials left over from the Clinton administration pleaded for a planning meeting on dealing with al-Qaeda, but were put off until days before the attack. The F.B.I. and the C.I.A. provided briefings to the White House beginning in the spring of 2001 that they were obtaining intelligence showing al-Qaeda would soon launch a massive attack on the United States. However, still-classified records I have seen reveal that, in June, senior Bush officials dismissed the intelligence agencies’ concerns. Bin Laden, these officials said, was running a “false flag” operation on behalf of Saddam to distract the administration from the threat posed by Iraq. Intelligence officials prepared multiple briefings trying to prove this argument wrong. But members of the Bush administration continued to advance the theory even after the Iraq war began in 2003.

            Reality: Bin Laden had no connection to Saddam, whom he considered to be a secular infidel. Some of the intelligence that the Bush administration relied on for its argument was false, but officials continued to advance it despite being warned of its inaccuracy.

            Blame: Some conservatives who had once criticized Clinton for spending too much time on bin Laden reversed course and said he didn’t make enough effort. When, years earlier, Clinton launched missiles at an al-Qaeda camp following attacks on two American embassies, conservatives had criticized the action as a “wag the dog” moment. They argued he was trying to create a false crisis to take the public’s mind off of scandal involving his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.

            The Aftermath: After 9/11, Bush officials refused to release the documents showing how strongly they had pushed the idea that bin Laden was a stooge for Saddam.

          • Independent1

            And this is why virtually all nonTroll posters on the NM refuse to believe your right-wing biased website, because like Faux News, they DELIBERATELY create and publish OUTRIGHT LIES DESIGNED TO DO NOTHING BUT MISLEAD THE PUBLIC!!!!!

            (Note this comment from the article: So, Fox and the other gladiatorical cable news channels were given the okay to legally lie right around the time of the Iraq War’s birth – when media lies coincidentally hit a peak in both frequency and severity.)

            Fox News Wins Lawsuit To Misinform Public – Seriously

            Here’s the rundown: On August 18, 2000, journalist Jane Akre won $425,000 in a court ruling where she charged she was pressured by Fox News management and lawyers to air what she knew and documented to be false information.

            The real information: she found out cows in Florida were being injected with RBGH, a drug designed to make cows produce milk – and, according to FDA-redacted studies, unintentionally designed to make human beings produce cancer.

            Fox lawyers, under pressure by the Monsanto Corporation (who produced RBGH), rewrote her report over 80 times to make it compatible with the company’s requests. She and her husband, journalist Steve Wilson, refused to air the edited segment.

            In February 2003, Fox appealed the decision and an appellate court and had it overturned. Fox lawyers argued it was their first amendment right to report false information. In a six-page written decision, the Court of Appeals decided the FCC’s position against news distortion is only a “policy,” not a “law, rule, or regulation.”

            So, Fox and the other gladiatorical cable news channels were given the okay to legally lie right around the time of the Iraq War’s birth – when media lies coincidentally hit a peak in both frequency and severity.

            I’m back –
            And Fox and virtually every right-wing publication has been using that court ruling for years to do nothing but create FAKE SCANDALS, and FAKE STORIES, and to even SENSOR what they publish, so as, to not publish anything that would be a positive for Obama and the Dems!!!!!

          • Independent1

            And Eichenwald even has the ‘courtesy’ to paint Bush’s and Cheney’s refusals to let the CIA and FBI stop the imminent al Qaeda attack as simply brushing off the clear intelligence information as bin Laden was simply running a “false flag”. When their denial was DELIBERATE!! They may well not have dreamed the attack would be as devastating as it was, but they CLEARLY WANTED IT TO HAPPEN. so they could use it as just one more EXCUSE for starting a war with Iraq – WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID!!!

            If that’s not the case, then explain to me why immediately after a strong case on the imminent attack presented by the CIA on 8/6/2001, did Georgie Boy and Dickie Boy FLEE WASHINGTON?????

            Both of them fled Washington knowing that an al Qeada attack WAS COMMING and they didn’t want to be around Washington. Both of them were gone from Washington for over a month. Bush tied Nixon for taking the longest continuous vacation of any president in office since before 1900. And when he returned around September 7/8 – 3 to 4 days before the attack, Georgie ‘conveniently made arrangements to be out of town again such that when they attack took place on 9/11, he was down in Florida reading stories to gradeschoolers.

            Now why would a President who has been away from Washington for 30 straight days, deliberately run away from the Oval Office again, within hours of having returned from that 30 days off UNLESS HE KNEW FULL WELL SOMETHING WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN AND HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE IN WASHINGTON?????????

          • bikejedi

            Once again ..Maybe you don’t understand . I ended the conversation for the reasons I stated previously ( name calling immaturity intolerance and the ignorance etc ) no one is talking to you nor listening to you . As such I am not going to respond nor even read these 4 thesis length posts you wasted your anger and life on . Have a nice day and there is no need to respond .

      • porter

        BIKEJEDI F.Y.i. if you know anything which you don’t the house black in south Carolina is not nor have ever been consider black not by black folk. We did not vote for him but hey he’s your boy you keep him.Because we damn sure don’t want him. Have you every had a baby or had to make that choice if not then as a man who along with my wife had too . If you don’t understand something kindly keep silent on it. Please since your so up in arms about a women right to choose for herself if she want to have a baby. Make it simple for them why don’t you go to your doctor and get the operation, you know the one. it’s to ensure that no women ever have to face the question that you would be their baby daddy.

        • bikejedi

          So if he were a Democrat he would be a real black ?That’s what is wrong . the Dems and Liberals are taught to be intolerant of anyone who doesn’t agree with them on every issue . Maybe you should see what Scott is about because he advocates for Blacks to be equal and not dependent on Govt ,. If he were a Dem that would be ok right ? Even if he were a complete race baiting fool and poverty pimp like Maxine Watters or Shelia Jackson right ?Or someone Dems and Liberals Idolize like Race baiting poverty pimps Sharpton and Jackson right ? And yes the Dems couldn’t get their role model for abortion elected … What does that have to do with me ? I didn’t express an opinion on abortion . I guess Mia Love isn’t black to you either . Don’t worry you aren’t alone the NAALCP didn’t even bother to acknowledge the accomplishments of either too .. Sounds like you are all racist and intolerant even against your own race .

          • Sand_Cat

            Sorry, but liberals are not taught to be intolerant except by the right: “If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to
            defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then
            the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”
            In that sense, we are not prepared to go along peacefully while the right turns the US into a theocratic police state. Otherwise, claims of liberal intolerance are pure projection and bunk.

          • bikejedi

            That is a hoot … You can go up and down this very Liberal page and see the intolerance the left shows for anyone who might have a dissenting view .. So far Cat , you are one of I think 3 people that hasn’t gotten uncivil or intolerant in your postings with me .. And I thank you .. The NAALCP , and Rush is oh so right to label them that , shows their intolerance even for their own race .. They wont congratulate Scott or Love and have already started a smear campaign against Carson .. How is that tolerant .?.. They say they are for the advancement of colored people and yet it is only Dem Liberal colored people they support … By the way the NAALCP is supporting the same Party that has done nothing but tried to exterminate blacks with abortion ( 43% of Black pregnancies in NYC end in Abortion ) and tried to make them generationally dependent on Govt ( See any ghetto in any big city in America )… If the left is so tolerant then why do they hate Christians ( is it because a lot of them are Republicans ) If the left is tolerant why do they use hate speech and terms against the right …calling our returning vets terrorists …ditto for the Tea party … That’s tolerance ???? Sand you cant win this argument … I can go on and on … How about a Party and ideology that supports people like Watters Sheila Jackson or the race baiting poverty pimps AL and Jesse .. What have these A holes done but spread racial divisiveness … Do you call that being tolerant … Do you see Scott , Love, Carson or Condi Rice doing ANYTHING like that ? Of course not .. In fact Condi just called the Dems out for playing race politics

          • Sand_Cat

            The “left” doesn’t hate Christians; it strongly opposes all who attempt to use force of law to impose their religious views on us. Many on what is left of the Left arrived at their liberal views after reading and considering the purported words of “Jesus” and many of those who comment here clearly treasure their Christianity. They simply reserve the right to criticize and oppose those who use religion as a vehicle for judgment, condemnation ,and attack rather than the vehicle of forgiveness and reconciliation it was usually intended to be.
            Haven’t you noticed that most of the alleged “attacks” on Christianity have been opposition to “accomodations” allowing allegedly religious people to abuse other people and escape enforcement of anti-discrimination laws? What about the violence porn of the “left-behind” books, dwelling on the horrible punishments of those who had a difference of opinion with the authors?
            It seems to me the intolerance and hatred goes both ways, and at present the purported “Christians” are winning big-time. No doubt some of us don’t like Chrisitanity: looking at its atrocities over history and the self-righteous intolerance of many in its fold currently, I’m not a fan myself (I’m sure you never guessed). And we would like government decisions that affect all of us to be based on verifiable facts and evidence, not “commandments” created by iron-age nomads who – if their own texts can be trusted – exterminated entire nations of people, often with exceptional cruelty, all because those others had the effrontery to disagree with them in religious matters.

          • bikejedi

            I notice that you only cherry picked one comment while not addressing any of the other points .. I agree with you on some of it and I am having trouble deciphering what you are getting at in some of it . Let me clarify I don’t think all of the left is anti Christian but Dem leaders have declared open season on all things Christian .It is fair game for Liberal Hollywood to make Christian the butt of jokes ( Curb your enthusiasm comes to mind ) while they would never do that to Allah … Obamacare unfairly targets Catholics and infringes on their religious freedom while exempting Islam .. Is that fair ? Liberals don’t want you to say Merry Christmas they want you to say Happy Holidays .. They wouldn’t dare support an agenda where you would tell a Muslim Merry holiday on Ramadan yet they want everyone in America to call a CHRISTMAS TREE a Holiday Tree… just to to be Liberally politically correct .. Now how tolerant is that to Christianity ?.. Liberals should understand that Obama and his ilk don’t care that this Country was founded by Christians and on Christian principles They would like all reference to that removed from history and forgotten . They would like all reference to God removed even from the pledge …Hell the Dem’s boo’d God at their convention … .. It’s Merry Christmas and it is a Christmas Tree .. They are intolerant towards Christians and they show it .. At the same time they are trying to impose absolutely no sensitivity to Christians they are trying to make it PC to show sensitivity to Islam ..

          • Sand_Cat

            There are comparatively very few Muslims in our culture, and their foibles are not in common parlance. Do you really think satire is an attack. Surely you can’t believe liberals favor Islam, which is more oppressive that Christianity these days, though some Christians seem to be trying hard to catch up. I’ve never seen “curb your enthusiasm” or most of the other garbage on network TV, but I hardly think they constitue anything but an attempt to make money with poor jokes, and I think you’re being too sensitive. Obamacare certainly does not target Catholics: the church is not required to provide birth control, and as for its hospitals, many of them already did as an incentive to attract good doctors and nurses. And I don’t care to be “targeted” as you put it to pay for school buses to parochial schools as I do in NJ, or having Catholic lobbying organizations trying to have laws passed to get government funding for their schools or restrict my wife and daughter’s reproductive freedom, but they do it. In fact, it has long been the Catholic church’s objective to get public funding for their schools as they do in other countries, but somehow that’s not infringing on my freedom. The country was founded on the principles of the Enlightenment, much of which was hostile to religion, and most of the founders were Deists or – at most – lukewarm Christians. The “Christian nation” thing is a lie, and it is – like the other things I mentioned – intended to allow Christians – or those who claim to be such – to impose their own beliefs on everyone else through LAW. THAT IS INTOLERANCE, not my getting annoyed at you because I think something you said was wrong and would lead to bad consequences. I don’t recall Dems booing “god” at their convention; probably a Fox exaggeration, but they may have booed attempts to put religion into their platform. This is supposed to be a secular democratic republic with religious freedom for all, not a theocracy. Saying bad things – especially if they’re true –

          • bikejedi

            Liberals are preaching sensitivity to Islam all the time . They Parrot Obama on this … the point of the Curb your enthusiasm was to showcase that Liberals and Liberal Media have no problem making Christians the butt of their jokes and it is popular with them to disrespect them ..of course Christians aren’t going to behead you for pissing on a picture of Christ .. Liberals dont do that in relation to Muslims or Allah .. Can you imagine the outcry if Larry David had pissed on Mohammed ??? So yes the example is valid and to most ( not all ) Liberals it is perfectly cool to do it … Obamacare most certainly targets Christians and Catholics in particular with their contraception stuff and that is why they put it on the insurance co and are forcing Catholics to hire people against their tenets .. that is why they filed law suits against it .. and Islam is exempted .. You see nothing wrong or discriminatory though .. To you its much ado about nothing .. You don’t even acknowledge the targeting nor the discrimination .. sweet denial ..By the way it doesn’t matter what you or I think of their theology on contraception it is their faith and it USED to be protected in the U S … Seems to Obama it still is … As long as you are Muslim ..and as for the Founders being Christian and this Country being founded on those principles … Maybe you need a refresher course on our Documents and what the authors said about that… Particularly Madison and Jefferson … then you might want to look up Washington quotes … so no it is not a lie it is documented fact … The very fact that you would try to spin that is telling . You either don’t understand the documented History of this Nation or are in complete denial .. Is that a lefty thing … Is that like the one where Lincoln was a Democrat ???If you watched the Dem Convention ( as I the Conservative ) you would know without a doubt they boo’d God … Here look for yourself…..…..

          • Sand_Cat

            Sorry, but you simply ignored much of what I said. Those claiming to be Christians have “targeted” all the rest of us – including many Christians they arrogantly claim are not Christians – for their bans on birth control and all sorts of other things.
            I guess I’ll never convince you Christians are a part of our culture, and Muslims are not, or not yet, making them poor targets for comedies and satire intended to appeal to a wide audience. I have not seen the shows you claim are so anti-Christian (HAVE YOU?), so I cannot defend them, nor – as I said before – would I likely do so, anyway, because they are probably mindless and stupid like all too much of television is. But when specifically have Obama and liberals urged sensitivity to Muslims when they have not urged sensitivity and tolerance for ALL faiths? Yes, given that many in this country hate all Muslims and have killed both them and Sikhs and other innocents in pursuing that hatred, it is not surprising that concern for Muslims would be more urgent: no one in this country is killing Christians, despite all the hubbub.
            Finally, the Catholic Church IS NOT required to provide birth control to its employees. If the Catholic church chooses to run businesses, those businesses should have to comply with the law of the land. Many of those Catholic-run businesses offered birth-control as part of their health insurance packages before the ACA was even a gleam in Obama’s eye, and I don’t see ANY of them crusading to pay their own bills for busing their kids to indoctrination mills, or for anything else they can squeeze out of the government. Many Catholic Organizations provide Social Services under government contract for profit to themselves. So you think they should be exempted from non-discrimination laws and be able to deny their employees – many of them non-Catholic – birth control? And you clearly missed the fact that those doing the complaining were in NO WAY mollified, when the administration bent over backwards to accomadate them.
            And Muslims are exempted? Where did that come from? Let’s hear some specifics on that one,
            It is not liberals who hate Christians. If anything, many, many Christians seem to hate liberals (while probably having no idea what it is they actually hate), and I have no doubt that if “Jesus” attempted to carry out a ministry similar to what he originally did today, they would HATE HIM EVEN MORE as a liberal and a blasphemer.
            And what is the Church’s birth control stand based on? Bad science, prudery, and desire to control others. Yes, that stand is protected by the First Amendment, stupid and backward as it is, but you think it should be the law of the land?

          • angelsinca

            Not bunk. All one has to do is read a liberal blog.

          • Sand_Cat

            Just as I expected: you – like the other “conservatives” here try to characterize anger at YOUR intolerance and well-justified contempt for your lies and those who repeat them as “intolerance, an entirely different animal. No “liberal” here, or likely anywhere else, would try to use the law to restrict your right to vote or to prevent you from voicing your opinions, no matter how demented and depraved we consider them. The same cannot be said for many of your compatriots, and you have defended them for doing so. We do criticize those opinions and the often made-up “facts” which support them. Of course, you guys are always models of temperance, courtesy, and civility when posting here, as are most of the other right-wingers I’ve seen post on the few conservative blogs I’ve visited. No nasty or insulting comments from you, right?
            Unlike some here – some former “liberal” commenters and one of our contemporary trolls – are or were willing to try to silence those whose views they thought were nasty by flagging them; I have never been, and never will be one of those, and neither are most of the other commenters here, so of course you come up with some bullshit trying to claim that putting down your lies and malice, and you for posting them here, is trying to “silence” you. RANT AWAY! But be warned you’ll get what you give back in spades.

          • angelsinca

            Read the comments toward conservatives, sand_cat, read the comments. In spite of your constant ranting that ALL conservatives are liars, you still haven’t proven a single one. The he-said, she-said insinuations you make are too vague to know what you are trying to say. Can you clarify the threat in the final sentence?

          • Sand_Cat

            I don’t have to “prove” anything, at least not to you, which would be impossible, anyway. Again, you want to claim frustration and anger at your views is “intolerance,” neatly sidestepping the the real, legal intolerance in the GOP policy.

          • porter

            Dude what you know about the black culture is a joke No.1 Jesse, Al, and Maxi views do not reflex on the main stream of the black culture See most educated black are more in tune with today’s problem. High unemployment among young college Grad. Why are we damn near dead last when it comes to math skills in all level. Will S.S.I still be a part of America and will it go broke .The Racial tension IN THE LAST 8 YEARS HAVE EXPLODED. The republican in congress do they really have a plan or are they dead set against Obama because of that or because he’s black. No.2 We take pride in our black republican. What we will not except is one who for some reason has a need to be a yes boy or girl to the white man. Did you see where he based his run from not in the black community no that was base in the tea party back yard. Now are all tea party members Bigots no just like all black aren’t Dems hey me myself I have been known to vote republican when the person running made more since then the Democrat one and you know what that what a lot of us do. You don’t get that you feel that just because he’s black we should be like glory glory Dhe’m white people done gone and let a black man be come a senator from S..C. DAY’S A DAY FOR JUIBLEE REALLY do you feel that for every white man or women that elected I don’t think so

          • bikejedi

            Thank You Porter for you comment and your civility ….You don’t have to be black to be informed . I cant speak for Blacks but I am informed ..and I am glad some blacks are waking up to the fact that people like Watters Sheila Jackson Al and Jesse are not out for the best interests of Blacks .. Education is a problem across America and it is especially bad for most inner city blacks who are relegated economically to Dem Public Union Schools . Under Obama Black Youth Unemployment is at an All Time High ..and now he wants to grant Amnesty to Criminal ILLEGAL ALIENS just for their votes … He doesn’t care that it will negatively impact Black Youth when you have millions of Unskilled ILLEGALS willing to work for peanuts and under the table … Do you think that will help American youth looking for work ? I’m glad you can look past Party and appreciate the Blacks who happen to also be Republicans but a lot of Blacks are conditioned by Dems and Liberals to believe that they are just yes men ( your reference ) or Uncle Toms when the inverse is the truth . The Reps that are Black are fighting for Blacks to be off the dependency of Govt while Dems are fighting to keep them dependent .. Condi Rice pointed out last week how despicable it is for the Dems to play race politics with the Black Community and she is right … That whole thinkg about Republicans blocking Obama is Liberal Bullshit … I would refer you to the fact that while the Dems controlled the Whitehouse and the Senate the Republicans had little power to stop or obstruct a damn thing so that talking point is utter bullshit but a lie repeated often enough often becomes accepted as truth . Also dispelling that Dem Liberal talking point are the FACTS … the facts show that the Republican House advanced over 350 bills to Harry Reid and his Dem Senate .. 98% of those bills had massive Bi Partisan support with 55 of them being advanced by Dems themselves.. this shows that in the House Dems and Republicans were willing to work with each other … Meanwhile Harry Reid would not even allow a vote on OVER 350 bills and then he and Obama had the nerve to label the GOP as obstructionists only opposed to Obama because he is black ???? Why do people believe such rubbish . It seems that you have the good judgement to vote for candidates from both sides and that is to your credit … Everyone should be so open minded but a lot of people aren’t

          • porter

            As you have just pointed out in that post I have know need to receive a pat on the back from you , period you don’t get it two points education is at all time low all across this nation can you say no child left be hind that the republican congress pass and bush sign in to law one problem thought they didn’t fund it go figure no. two who hires the undocumented worker it isn’t that poor black child in the inner city nor is it the stay at home white mother no who hires them the farming industry to pick those strawberry’s that you use on your breakfast cereal. CONDI got the job because guess what a strong black man told bush and cheney to go to hell and quit who was he RET.GEN, COLIN POWELL. he wouldn’t back up theirs lies and she would they know that hose bill that the house wanted to pass were benefit the 1% at the expence of the 99 they even had a pissing contest him on the bail out on the big three auto maker but then hey lets save the banks because they wasted the money but their the 1% and we no better. Do you remember what the new house leader said when the president was first elected they swore to make him a one term pres. that was their goal didn’t happen now let’s impeach him do yourself and the republican party a major favor tell them to cease and discise because they won’t be able to handle the black lash at them for the next 200 hundred years .See if you look at it real hard you would see that we black American are just as in tune with on today as our white brothers see it not just the old boys network anymore and while they don’t speak for the most of us today we still respect them for what they say that’s what you don’t get Condi well she’ll be written about where I don’t know. but I do know this fox news did a great job with you

          • bikejedi

            It is very very difficult to read and comprehend what you post . I will take a stab at some of the stuff I think I was able to understand .. You are completely misinformed if you think that Illegal Aliens are only working in fields .. The great majority of them live in free housing especially in Dem Cities and will compete directly with Black Youth for fast food jobs etc … They are unskilled but willing to work under the table and work for peanuts .. So many employers will hire them under the table so they dont have to worry about any new minimum wage or Obamacare .. Dont take my word for it come to Chicago or any other Dem City . Now those jobs arent much but it does give unskilled kids who have never had a job work experience to put on their resume and it teaches them job skills and a work ethic . Most of that will go away if Obama screws America just for the sale of pandering to Illegal Aliens …. Colin Powell didnt tell anyone to go to Hell he quit because he thought he might run for President himself and Condi is probably the smartest lady in this Country so she was a great Sec of State unlike Ms Clinton .. Remember , it is thanks to her ( Ms Clinton ) and Obama that we bow have to deal with ISIS and soon the World will have to deal with a Nuclear Iran ( Who in their right mind thinks helping Iran and their radical Islamist’s get Nukes is a good idea ? ) Neither Powell nor Bush had ANYTHING to do with Obama bailing out GM’s UAW pension debt nor the sale of Chrysler to FIAT so I have no Idea what you are talking about .. and as for TARP ( Bush’s Bank Bail out ) do some reading . The TARP program was a MASSIVE success for this Country and the money has all been paid back with INTEREST .. In other words the Treasury made out like bandits on that and the Banks and their account owners were saved .

            On the issue of what McConnell said about making Obama a one term President … That is such a stupid argument . First off it is ALWAYS the goal of the opposition Party to make the other Party’s President a one term deal … McConnell just made the mistake of vocalizing that … That has nothing to do with Obama being half White nor 44 % African Arabic nor the 6% African Black that he is .. It is a silly Liberal Talking Point that you are buying into … This is the problem that i was talking about earlier and that is that a lot of Blacks are being lied to in the form of talking points from Dems and Liberals to keep them dependent on Govt and that is a prime example .. Makes people think the GOP is just out to get Obama because of a race issue and as I pointed out … that is hogwash … Lastly I never cited FOX just facts …

          • porter

            You know in all of that bull you just wrote you answer the simple question who are hiring the illegal aliens: dud big business why pay and unskilled black youth a fair wage when hey I can pay some one under the table and if they don’t do what I say I can always go to the I.N.S. Please don’t make it seems as if you give a hoot about the black youth in the inner city because I can tell by the way your post you don’t . I know how it’s easy to want to rewrite the facts to make your point seem the better choice but in this case as other that is just a bunch of horse sh###.As for Colin Powell wanting to run for president he said before in a interview that he would not consider it. That was before bush stole the first election and yes he did tell your boys to go to hell bush asked if he would remain as sec. of state after they had the man put his rep up in front of the world at the U.N. . WITH LIES THAT THEY HAD PUT out Gen. Powel said no this was before the first bomb hit Bagdad AND THAT IS RECORDED IF YOU WANT TO REWRITE HISTORY at least make your lies sound good. I mean this is the digtal age everything is on line. What I don’t get though is this first he has no home then no records which that was proven false now you write that he’ 44%AFrican Arabic and 6% BLACK I’M NOT SURE BUT the last time I check his father was a Nigerian[the Nigerian people have a problem with Arabs something called THESLAVETRADE} not Arab but hey I know to you we all look the same. AS FOR A nuclear Iran so what ISREAL HAS THEM AND THEY steal from the U.S daily. {not a fact just something I feel] and of course you would feel Condi is a smart lady; why as I said she got up their and said what the white man told her to say by the way she said that SADDAM HAD WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IT’S BEEN WHAT 12YEARS WHERE ARE THEY BUT HEY SHE A SMART LADY. DON’T GET me wrong I respect her for what she believes in most black folk do. As to the point that the Dems wants to keep the black man dependent on the Govt.. There you go again we black folk couldn’t tell when someone is ling to us so we need there republican to look after us yeah right. That will never happen the reason is because of people like you that the republican party has in it.Those who think that black people want to be led by the hand and told what to do and how to do it. Until your party gets it that we reason just like the rest of America. They will always be on the losing side when it comes to the black vote or for that matter most minority so tell your party that they’re not in Kanas anymore.

    • angelsinca

      It is safe to expect the attacks on Obama will end in about 2 years. This is in stark contrast to the attacks from the left toward Bush that have been carrying on now for 14 years. Please sit down and calm down.

      • Sand_Cat

        Not likely. Besides, Obama is not a criminal, though he does seem to have caught Bush’s love of war.

      • Independent1

        Part of the reason that Bush’s blames will not stop for decades, is because the disasters he is blamed for are ‘TRUE DISASTERS’, that resulted in thousands upon thousands of people dying not only in America and Iraq and are not fake scandals and nothing more than conspiracy theories such as what you apparently and the rest of you insane RWNJs are blaming on Obama.

        Here’s just a brief recap of the major disasters that Bush was the overseer of; nothing Obama has done comes close to these disasters:

        The 9/11 al Qaeda attacks occurred on Bush’s watch; because he and tricky Dick refused 7 times to let the CIA try prevent the attack; because his administration was so caught with having the FBI and CIA try to create a fake excuse for them to invade Iraq even before 9/11, that they missed some signals which may have helped them prevent
        the attack.

        In response to 9/11, Bush started a half-hearted war in
        Afghanistan to catch Bin Laden which turned into an unsuccessful quagmire. This may have been because Bush wasn’t really serious about catching bin Laden, he was more interest in attacking Iraq. But since Bin Laden had gotten away, he wasable to direct al Qaeda attacks against U.S. interests around the world for almost ten years until he was killed in 2011.

        Bush used the 9/11 attacks plus distortions of the truth and outright lies about Iraq’s unfounded possession of WMDs to start an unnecessary war, primarily to enrich the military establishment (especially Haliburton that had been headed by Cheney) and to fulfill the vendetta he had against Saddam for trying to kill his dad.

        Bush’s failures and outright dereliction of duty as president
        resulted in not only 3,000 people being killed on 9/11, but thousands more (over 6,000) U.S. soldiers losing their
        lives in what should have been unnecessary wars – not to mention the 2 trillion dollars spent to wage them.

        In addition to the 9,000 plus Americans who lost their lives because of GWB’s follies, his administration sat back and did nothing as there were 13 attacks on America’s consulates and embassies overseas with more than 70 Americans being killed in those attacks.

        Despite being in two wars, and knowing full well that the
        country couldn’t afford it, Bush pushed through a second unfunded tax cut to put more money in his buddies pockets(including his) which was one factor in making Bush the president who drove up Americas deficits by the most trillions (arguably at least 8-10 trillion). Keep in mind that much of the deficit increase charged to Obama was set up by Bush before Obama took office; and/or is a result of the disastrous economy Bush allowed to happen.

        In an effort to keep the deficits from being even higher
        than they were, and because his tax cuts had reduced government revenues, Bush was forced to continually cut the Feds subsidies to states as war costs increased for federal mandates like ‘No Child Left Behind’, interstate highway repairs and building, Medicaid and many other
        programs that supported seniors and the needy.
        These shortfalls not only hurt the country’s infrastructure and many needed programs, reduced federal subsidies eventually drove many states to the verge of bankruptcy.

        Bush, having made America the most hated country on the
        planet by acting like a King and pushing forward with attacking Iraq without getting full International consensus, made things even worse by allowing the CIA to torture terrorist suspects by using waterboarding and other semi-torture techniques in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

        Bush worked with the Republican dominated Congress like a dictator. The White House simply sent what it wanted for legislation and budgets to Congress which rarely if ever
        questioned his demands; they usually just asked ‘How high do you want us to jump?’ During his administration, Congress never questioned why the costs of two wars were not in his budgets, and they never asked that legislation that Bush wanted had to be ‘paid for’; so deficits just kept skyrocketing.

        Maybe because Congress let him deal with them as a dictator, Bush in numerous foreign policy speeches,
        acted like he was King of the Planet and had the right to dictate to other countries the type of governments that they should have running their country. This made America hated even more.

        Maybe because Congress expected the White House to run most everything, neither it nor the White House, kept good track of what Wall Street and the banking/lending/ financial companies were doing during the housing
        bubble until things got so far out of hand that the worst collapse of wall street/housing/financial institutions since the Great Depression happened, with a number of very old institutions going bankrupt; requiring Bush to negotiate a massive bailout (TARP).

        In addition to the collapse of Wall Street and the Banking/Financial Sector, the deep recession threw the American Auto Industry onto the verge of total collapse; requiring Bush to negotiate another bailout despite strong opposition from GOP legislators in Congress. It was Obama who insisted on following through with the bailout that saved the day – that kept America from a 2nd GOP created world-wide depression.

        Although many Republicans want to foist the blame on Obama for the Auto Bailout, TARP, and driving the deficits sky high, more than 90% of America’s current deficits are attributable to GOP presidencies, and both the auto bailout and TARP were negotiated by the Bush Administration in trying to keep another GOP administration from starting a depression – It was 12 years of GOP control that led up to the 1930s depression
        under Hoover which took more than 10 years, and a world
        war, to get the country somewhat back to normal.

        • angelsinca

          Half of what you wrote are lies. Of course.This is expected. Especially when it makes you completely absolved of all harm caused by poor Democratic policy. Last Tuesday, the people spoke. They really do want you and your blamist LWNJs to sit down and shut up. Six years of the BS more than most people care to handle.

  • The_Magic_M

    Quite ironic to claim the only thing that stands between us and the Obama Zombie Apocalypse is the blood (!) of Jesus. Not his love, not his teachings, not his promise of going to heaven, no, HIS BLOOD!

    This guy is insane even within a framework that considers general religious nuttyness as “normal”.

  • Independent1

    Although the 5 individuals who appear in “This week in Crazy” each week are selected because of the outlandish, crazy like comments they eschew, they are really only crazy in a little different way than most of today’s average conservatives who are equally crazy in maybe just a slightly different way. You know, “crazy” in that they never seem to learn from their mistakes and just keep doing dumb things over and over and over again.

    Kurt Eichenwald pointed out some of that craziness in what he calls “30 Years of Conservative Nonsense, An Explainer”, which was published in this week’s Vanity Fair. Here’s his opening paragraph:

    Are conservatives ever right?

    The question isn’t meant to suggest that liberals are never wrong. But reviewing the last few decades of conservative policy initiatives—or their objections over that timespan to policies they hate—shows a consistent pattern of failure: predictions never pan out, and intended results turn to catastrophic flops.

    Those of you have some time and are interested in reliving some history may find Kurt’s exposure of a number of GOP past failures of interest.

    • Our entire nation’s history can be summed up as a series of events in which conservatives were dead wrong. Since the Founding Fathers first drafted the Constitution, American progressives have been bringing the country forward while conservatives kicked and screamed that they would rather commit murder than no longer be the ones in charge.

      During the revolution, they were the Torys who fought to preserve the rule of the British monarchy. During the Civil War, they were the Confederates who tried to destroy the union to preserve slavery (the very first compromise with the tea-baggers a progressive ever made). During Red Scare, they were the McCarthyists who sought to destroy the First Amendment. And during the 60s, they were the hawks who championed the disastrous Vietnam war.

      And now, today’s American progressives find themselves staring down the barrels of guns wielded by corporate whores who want to let the richest 1% strip mine this country dry, and religious extremists who want to abolish democracy in favor of an old land-owners plutocracy just like the one the Founding Fathers rebelled against.

      No, conservatives have never been right. They are doomed to always wind up on the wrong side of history, and every fucking one of them knows it.

  • Rafterman

    For some reason, liberals really seem to hate this country.

    • Daniel Jones

      These madmen are not the country.

      Neither are you.

    • Funny, I don’t recall liberals deliberately sabotaging the recovery, shutting down the government, and trying to revoke voting rights just because a Republican was in the Oval Office.

      You can’t fight reality, Tory. It’s you and the whores you run with who have unquestionably sworn allegiance to party before country and who are more than willing to completely destroy the latter just because you presently are not the ones in charge.

      You, the tea-baggers, are the true traitors — the ones who not only hate America and everything it stands for with every fiber of their beings, but who couldn’t hide that hatred for even one second if their lives depended on it.

      Get bent, whore, and be prepared to be returned to whatever pit in Hell you spawned out of.

    • Independent1

      Can you give us an example of that hatred the “liberals” seem to have for America???

      Here are just some examples of what Obama has done for America that shows what one ‘liberal’ has done for America over the past 6 years – I’d like to see you come up with even one or two things that a conservative president has done that has actually turned out “positive” for America since Eisenhower was in office. Come up with just one!! One thing a conservative has done that has been positive.

      – Obama’s policies have achieved the highest level of consumer confidence in the past 7 years.

      – Obama’s policies have resulted in a stock Market that’s at the highest levels in history restoring retirement accounts for millions of American seniors that were trashed under the Bush
      administration (the market has virtually tripled in less than 5 yrs).

      -Obama has been the smallest spending president since Eisenhower averaging less than 2%/yr budget increases compared to Reagan and Bush 2 averaging more than 8%/yr.

      -Obama has reduced deficit spending faster than any president since Truman; cutting deficit spending from 1.4T/yr to under
      500B/yr in less than 5 years..

      -There have been more than 54 straight months of job growth (the longest in American history) with more jobs created in the last 5 years than Bush created in 8 years (Bush left office with more than

      400,000 less people working in America than when he took office)

      -Obama ended the war in Iraq – as he promised.

      –The 9/11 perpetrator, bin Laden, was eliminated and al Qaeda severely weakened.

      -The war in Afghanistan is almost winding down – as he promised.

      – Obama’s diplomatic efforts have gotten Iran to rework all their uranium into non-weapons grade form such that Iran is no longer a nuclear threat to the world.

      -Millions more students are receiving college loans cheaper than ever before because Obama cut the banks out of the loan
      process despite total inaction by the GOP members of congress.

      – Obama saved the American auto Industry from bankruptcy and it’s flourishing again despite GOP opposition; making profits not seen since Clinton was in office.

      -More than 150 billion in taxes have been collected from auto industry related companies and workers over the past 5 years that would have been lost if the industry went bankrupt.

      -More than 1.5 million American jobs were saved through the auto bailout helping keep America out of the GOP’s second created world-wide depression.

      -Obama started a war on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors with more fraudulently charged monies recovered
      (billions) and crooks brought to justice than had been recovered by the 3 prev. pres. combined

      -More PROBLEM illegal aliens have been rounded up and deported over the past 5 years than by any other president (more than 1.5 million).

      -Obama’s stimulus program energized America green energy initiatives such that alternative energies (solar, wind, hydro and
      plasma) may well make fossil fuels obsolete within the next 10 plus years.

      -More gas and oil have been pumped out of the ground the past 3 years than at any other time in US in history; America is now the largest energy producer on the planet supplanting Russia and Saudi Arabia for that title.

      -America’s relationships have been restored with virtually all its international partners after Bush had virtually the whole world hating America (and that included the British people).

      Obama has accomplished more in last 6 years than any president
      since FDR even those who were in office 8 years.

      So let’s see that ONE positive accomplishment that Nixon, Reagan or the 2 Bushes accomplished during their 28 years in office!!!!

  • porter

    I’m sorry but really you believe that the govt is in making a virus to turn people into zombies. Then you wonder why we liberals worry, with nuts like this and those who listen and then believe in what they say. Hell are you as crazy as he is. I know the world is going to end Thursday

    • oldlion

      Rick Wiles will probably be the next governor of Florida. We love crazy down here.

      • porter

        That’s just sad but hey at least you don’t have a guy that lost by 16,000 votes and still want a recount . this is in my state V.A. Warner won Gilspie lost he want a recount Not gonna happen

  • ft888888

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