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Beneath The Republican Wave, Voters Still Reject Right-Wing Ideology

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Beneath The Republican Wave, Voters Still Reject Right-Wing Ideology


In the wake of a “wave election” like the 2014 midterm, Americans will soon find out whether they actually want what they have wrought. The polls tell us that too many voters are weary of President Obama, including a significant number who actually voted for him two years ago. Polls likewise suggest that most voters today repose more trust in Republicans on such fundamental issues as economic growth, national security, and budget discipline. But do they want what Republicans in control will do now?

If they are faithful to their beliefs, the Republican leadership in Washington will now seek to advance a set of policies that are simply repugnant to the public – most notably in the Ryan budget that they have signed up to promote (except for the caucus of ultra-right Republicans who consider that wild plan too “moderate”).

House Speaker John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, the new Senate Majority Leader, will have to try to repeal Obamacare — but they will likely be pushed further than that. Proposals to reduce Medicare to vouchers, privatize Social Security, and gut the Federal agencies that protect the health and safety of ordinary citizens and the preservation of clean water and air will soon emerge. They will continue to let the nation’s infrastructure crumble. And they will attempt to shift the burden of taxation from the wealthy to the middle class, working families, and even the poor.

Attention to all these basic questions has been deflected, for the moment, by demagogic campaigns blaring the Ebola virus and Islamist militants at the border, as well as disaffection with the president. But that level of distraction will not last, once the Republicans begin to bring forward the kind of extremist legislation that their Tea Party base (and the billionaire lobby surrounding the Koch brothers) will demand.

When Americans look at real issues – even in this era of dissatisfaction and distraction – they display little interest in Republican-style solutions. The most obvious examples in this election are the referendum ballots on the minimum wage, which passed by two-to-one margins both in deep-red states such as Arkansas and in suddenly purplish places like Illinois, which elected a Republican governor. In Alaska, South Dakota, and Nebraska, where Republican candidates romped at every level,  voters passed state minimum wage increases by wide margins.

While GOP candidates in this year’s election set aside their “free-market” principles in the face of voter sentiment for higher wages – including Tom Cotton, who won a Senate seat in Arkansas – the Republican platform declared plainly in 2012 that the minimum wage “has seriously restricted progress in the private sector.” They aren’t simply against federal minimum wage increases, which they consistently oppose in Congress. They are against the very idea of a legal minimum wage, period.

In the president’s home state, where the election of a Republican governor is regarded as a political bellwether, the simultaneous rejection of right-wing ideology went beyond the minimum wage. Voters in Illinois overwhelmingly approved a “millionaire’s tax” – a special 3 percent state income tax surcharge on every resident earning more than a million dollars annually. Increasing taxes on the wealthy is, of course, anathema to the Republican right.

Even worse, from the Republican perspective, is that revenues from the millionaires tax will be dedicated to public education – another element of American democracy that the GOP constantly seeks to undermine.

Finally, the Illinois electorate approved a law mandating insurance coverage of prescription birth control, directly repudiating the Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court’s right-wing majority. Like the minimum wage and the millionaires tax, this referendum was advisory and not legally binding. Republicans mocked all three as obvious attempts to draw Democratic voters to the polls. And as a political ploy, if that is what those ballot questions represented, they did not succeed.

But taken with the minimum wage referenda in other, more conservative states, they appear to represent prevailing sentiment among the American people.

Today, Republicans have every reason to celebrate a smashing victory that had very little to do with ideas and policies – and everything to do with an unpopular president’s streak of bad luck. What will happen when the right begins to implement its extremist ideology remains to be seen.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. atc333 November 5, 2014

    Unfortunately, those voters will once again discover the error of believing the GOP. The GOP’s massiver redistribution of wealth to top 2% will continue unabated, minimum wage will remain a poverty wage, women will remain subject to right wing discriminataion, the middle class will continue to shrink, and Romney;s despised 47% will continue to grow.

    The good news is that perhaps after another two years of economic decline fo the 98%, the voters will finally figure this out, and 2016 will end the GOP’s years of dectption.and smoke and mirrors.

    1. dana becker November 5, 2014


      1. weary_jane November 5, 2014

        Still hopeful.

    2. Allan Richardson November 5, 2014

      Only if the Democrats manage to nominate a candidate who is “cosmetically perfect” in the sense of not having ANY trivial, irrelevant personal quirk, situation, opinion, or other characteristic which can be used to launch a negative ad which people will believe because it is on the air so often, and which the “unbiased” media will find “sexy” and attention grabbing to boost their ratings (while they avoid discussing serious issues).

      Imagine if, in the 1936 election in Germany, the voters had also had questions on the ballot like “do you approve of starting a world war which our country may not be able to win in the end?” and “do you approve of rounding up millions of men, women and children, locking them up in starvation labor camps, and then killing them because of their race?” And suppose both referenda had been defeated with 99 percent NO votes, but the Nazi party got elected at the same time. Would the “will of the people” expressed in these referenda have had ANY effect on the behavior of a party whose leader had publicly stated his desire to do exactly those things?

  2. dana becker November 5, 2014

    “Beneath The Republican Wave, Voters Still Reject Right-Wing Ideology”

    Well they sure have a funny way of showing that.

    1. FT66 November 5, 2014

      Yes they do Dana, it is really funny. I can’t understand why should anyone give 29% Approval Rating to Republicans and still they decide to hand them more important work to do. If they were not able at the first place, how can they manage now?

      1. Deb Brouhard November 5, 2014

        That has happened before and like before, the GOP will crush the middle class and THEN they will whine –please Dems help us. When your racism is such a glut level, you do anything to assuage that need. For the seniors who voted for GOP, when SS and Medicare is changed, then don’t whine –you voted for it. When healthcare gets changed oh well, if you didn’t vote, you deserved what you get. For women, the poor, the unemployed, and students you need to learn to take care of yourself and stop expecting others to look out for you, and now you won’t get any help from Washington, but you didn’t vote so what do you expect? If your life is hard now, expect it to be harder unless you belong to the 1%. And if you don’t believe they will do unto you what they said they would, you’re a stupid idiot. History will prove you wrong.

        1. Billie November 5, 2014

          No, they will crush the middle class and then blame the Democrats.

          1. exdemo55 November 6, 2014

            Obama has already been crushing the middle class

    2. Lynda Groom November 5, 2014

      Unfortunately the majority of voters showed their rejection of ‘right-wing ideology’ by staying away from the voting booth. Slow learners are in the majority.

  3. alphaa10000 November 5, 2014

    This election saw a dismaying revelation about some American voters, and GOP voters, in particular. Given enough gut-level hatred of Pres. Obama , such voters will do and say almost anything they are told.
    The GOP knows its own henchmen well– such people have no capacity or intention of reason.
    As McConnell made clear after Obama’s election in 2008, his self-assumed mission is to prevent the majority of American voters which elected and reelected Obama from implementing the policy for which they voted. In effect, the GOP under McConnell tried to rob the majority of their franchise..
    Both McConnell and Boehner have staged an undeclared war against democratic process for the past six years– party-line votes in opposition to anything Obama proposes, and pointless exercises in repealing ACA.
    Such blind self-indulgence will prove their undoing, and nearly happened in the prelude to this election. Give power to a man who does not rule himself with truth and integrity, and he becomes his own enemy.

    1. cpbis November 5, 2014

      No way! The public has once again shone it’s idiocy. They will never learn! They are against much of what the GOP wants yet vote for them. The GOP plan is to “destroy” Obama and his policies and agenda. They will begin to dismantle what he has accomplished and begin to initiate their plans to cut Medicare, Social Security, public education, on and on. Minimum wage? Forget about it! I no longer say “God Bless America”. I now say “God Help Us”. We will pay dearly for this as we get closer to “Oligarchy”. As for the Democrats who ran and lost after failing to utilize their President’s accomplishments rather than throw him under the bus (which historically has never worked) shame on them! Sad day for America.

      1. jmprint November 5, 2014

        I totally agree with you.

      2. FT66 November 5, 2014

        You are quite right it is really a shame. But, dont worry much. What I know and am sure of, Mitch McConnell will be one term Majority Leader. Good for them. They have created this themselves and not us.

      3. weary_jane November 5, 2014

        Truer words were never spoken. It’s sad to realize that the American voter has not enough brain capacity to understand what and who Republican’s stand for. It won’t take long for the wolf to show his fangs, and then there will commence bemoaning by the very people who brought it on themselves.

  4. FT66 November 5, 2014

    I feel sorry for the voters, as they had no choice. They had no one to guide them, explain to them and let them know what they are about to get if they make wrong choices. I watched CNN hours and hours when results were coming in. I saw commentetors changing shifts as if they were working at the hospital. I asked myself why don’t they do the same before the election by educating people what is at stake? Poor voters! always rely on misleading ads of which confuse them and end up making choices which they come to regret later. The good example was this election, as the so-called winners had totally nothing to sell to people.

    1. Allan Richardson November 5, 2014

      The only media which have been TRYING to educate the public for the last two years have been the evening crew at MSNBC. Ed Schultz, Rev. Al Sharpton, Steve Kornacki, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donell (the last a former member of Congress), and their intelligent A-list of guests, have been PATIENTLY following up on both old and new stories, explaining the FACTS and debunking right wing myths. But not enough voters who were affected by right wing policies watched MSNBC (possibly because it is on cable, and in many locations not even basic cable, rather than over the air free TV), or bothered to vote their own interest.

      The “mainstream” media which have been accused of being “liberal” so often that they go out of their way to prove otherwise, do not even measure political claims against FACTS, only against OTHER claims, and they treat the most ludicrous claims as of equal value to the most thoughtfully considered opinion. If our formerly big three network news people had considered various past controversies, we might have heard something like “Dr. Lister says that washing hands between surgeries kills something that causes illnesses, so that women delivering babies after their doctors have just come from an autopsy have a better chance of avoiding the fever which often kills them and their babies; while other doctors claim Dr. Lister is only trying to sell his dangerous carbolic acid product, and wasting a doctor’s time with unnecessary washing.” And then NOT mentioning the results of Dr. Lister’s tests, just leaving the impression that he and his opponents had equally valid opinions.

      So, ironically, the attempt to AVOID “bias” in favor of facts and thus appear “impartial” actually BECOMES a bias in favor of the wackiest ideas.

      1. latebloomingrandma November 5, 2014

        Excellent example.

      2. InformedVoter November 5, 2014

        You have got to be kidding! The lame stream media has been shilling for Obola for the past 6 years. The informed voters finally saw through their lies. You mentioned MSNBC, their ratings are so low that they are in danger of getting dropped by most cable providers. Even the liberal owned sites like SNOPES couldn’t fight the tide of truth as the political ads finally turned on the lights for many voters. The voters, finally got to hear the truth about Obola and decided to throw the dummy out. To quote the Clinton’s “Happy days are here Again!” All the junk that National Memo spews out like “the Dems are under counted in the polls”, or “what if the polls are wrong?” came home to roost. Liberal government has NEVER worked and the past 6 years have proven this once again. Facts over fiction won this election for the Tea Party. So now it’s tme to party!

        1. BillP November 6, 2014

          I just love the show of right wing intelligence displayed on this site. Golly “Obola” such a demonstration of juvenile wit. Yeah we all know that Liberal Govt’s never worked and in the past 6 years those horrible Liberal policies have caused the ruin of the stock market (Dow up only 211%, S&P 500 up only 240% & Nasdaq up only 307%), unemployment only down to 5.9%, positive monthly job numbers since 10/2010, the dollar up in value along with consumer confidence. Yeah those Liberal policies can never work.

          1. InformedVoter November 6, 2014

            Yes, Obola! Try talking to the 357 New Yorkers now quarentined, or to the Texas school districts shut down because of Obola’s policices. Or to the Ohio school distrtcts in quarentine!
            Everyone knew the market would rebound after the Democrats caused the melt down by forcing GW to implement terrible financial policies in 2006. The reason unemployement numbers are down are because of a record number of workers who stopped looking for work. The jobs created under Obola are low paying, temp jobs that only illegals would be looking at. The number of permanent, decent paying jobs is a negative number in the past 6 years. Look at the record number on food stamps and welfare! Consumer confindence is at an ALL TIME low! Why do you think the voters threw out so many imcumbant Democrats and yet retained Republicans? These facts are HARD proof that Liberal policies for the past 6 years did not work. It’s also refreshing to know that liberal policies only have to do with economic issues and nothing to do with social issues. Thank you for providing that information.

          2. BillP November 7, 2014

            Gee Uninformed that is a such a witty name, you must be soooo proud of yourself. As of midnight tonight all of the people in Texas are released from quarantine. Most of these quarantines were not required but just officials giving into hysteria and fear.

            Wow you are the 1st troll to use that logic for why the stock market has rebounded so well. Most of them deny it is happening or claim the markets are being manipulated by the president. as for your explanation of unemployment #’s you really need to do some research. As of 1/2009 the U3 rate was 7.8% and the U6 rate was at 14.2% now the U3 is at 5.8% and the U6 is at 11.5%. Using either as a benchmark they unemployment #’s have gone “DOWN” and have been going down every month since 10/2011. Another of your bs statement (none of which you have backed up with any provable facts). Since 10/2010 the # of jobs created has been 9.99 million and the average weekly work average has been 34 hours so they are hardly low paying jobs not are they temporary. You know you pulling your claims out of your butt, consumer confidence is up based on

            “The Latest Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index was released this morning based on data collected through October 16. The headline number of 94.5 was a rebound over the revised September final reading of 89.0, an upward revision from 86.0. Today’s number was well above the Investing.com forecast of 87.” So either you are misinformed or just an outright liar.

            Your statement “These facts are HARD proof that Liberal policies for the past 6 years did not work
            ” What facts have you provided, where are the numbers, uniformed? As for social issues – I guess you missed same sex marriage being passed in now 36 states, trying to get Congress to deal with the minimum wage issue, equal pay for women, were you sleeping through these items? I would thank you for providing information, but you only listed your opinions not any facts. You are one uninformed voter.

          3. InformedVoter November 7, 2014

            I’ll focus on the gay issue as the numbers you have quoted for the unemployment are the propaganda numbers the Obola administration uses, but not the number most economist accept as valid. No – 36 states have NOT voted for same sex unions. The liberal courts have declared the popular vote as unconstitutional. That is no way the same as the states voting for it. The SCOTUS, when voting down the DOMA, said it was up to each state to decide. This has not happened as the courts have struck down the POPULAR vote. Yesterday (as in last week’s decision) the courts has upheld the will of the majority and sided with 4 states. Of the SCOTUS takes the case and sticks with their original position – let the states decide, then the “36 states” that were FORCED to accept the liberal court ruling, will have their POPULAR decistion reinstated! As far as the consumer confidence issues, 80% said the GOP was the better party to FIX the troubled economy. So, if, as you claim, the economy is OK, then why would 80% say the Republican party was the better party to fix it? Just last week, when the public thought that the health of the USA was jeopardized, the market fell and big time! You can quote the lame numbers that the Dems provide, but ALL THE INFORMED VOTERS last week sure put those garbage numbers in the dumpster. Fear about ebola? Then why did the WHO jrplace their leader and reissue the 21 day period? Duh! Because those that don’t follow the 21 day period are risking infecting many others! Again, your jobless and related numbers are bogus numbers provided by the administration and NOT accepted by any person even remotely familiar with the true numbers. I just love it! You guys are so in denial! Face facts. The voters have had it with your twisting the numbers. They recognized they have been lied to. You can continue to quote the lies the administration have published, but the results have shown the “informed voters” have seen through the fraudulent numbers you keep quoting. Even die hard liberals like filmaker Michael Moore have stated that Obama’s presidency was a total bust and that the ONLY thing Obola will be remembered for is being the first black president. And if the birthers have their way, he won’t even have that! Since you love quoting bogus numbers, it has become clear that you don’t possess the ability to reject the lies that Obola continues to pump out! Shame on you for being so easily manipulated!

          4. BillP November 9, 2014

            I just the way you right wing trolls sure love to deny any numbers that show the positive direction that the US economy is going in. Declaring these numbers as bogus doesn’t change the fact that these numbers are real and verifiable. Check the Wall St Journal unless they aren’t conservative enough for you.

          5. InformedVoter November 10, 2014

            Let’s talk about the “bogus” unemployment numbers then. In late 2009, when the almost trillion dollar stimulus programs had failed miserably, Obola and company decided to play with the numbers. How? They dropped all those unemployed, still looking for work folks, who were not longer able to collect unemployment. Thus, millions of unemployed were no longer being counted as unemployed. If those millions were added back into the “bogus” numbers you love to quote, then unemploment is back above 8%! Just look at how the number of food stamp recipents has soared. That was a result of the millions who are still unemployed. I will grant you that the market is up, but everyone expected the rebound, regardless of who got elected in 2012. The real issue is that the market is ONLY at 17000+ instead of the predicted 20000+ if the right financial policies had been in place. You are also incorrect about the October drop. It was because of the uncertainty of what Obola was going to do or not do because of a possible outbreak in this country. Yes, investors are fickle. The driving force for the increase is that the Republicans have been pushing back after the 2010 elections. The Republicans taking control in 2010 was the reason that most economist predicted the increase in the market. The Michael Moore quote is a show that most intelligent folks are fed up with Obola and his $100 million dollar vacations and his total lack for running the country. He’s more interested in playing golf and spending tax payer money on elaborate vacations, now approaching $500 million tax payer money for family vacations. At least Reagon and Bush worked while at their family homes. The picture of Michelle Obola riding in Africa with the quote “some people are going to have to give up a little of their piece of the pie so everyone can have some pie” sums up the Obola 6 years in office.

          6. BillP November 18, 2014

            You really don’t live up to you alias. There are 6 levels of unemployment statistics – U1 through U6. The U3 rate has been the official rate that is reported in the media, nothing has been changed in the way this rate is calculated. It was 7.8% in 1/2009 and is now down to 5.8% as of 10/2014. The U6 rate includes all people in the U3, U4 & U5 rates that are includes discouraged workers, marginally attached workers and part time workers. The U6 rate was 14.2% as of 1/2009 and is now 11.5%. Either value used shows a drop in unemployment #’s. You trolls love to ignore the fact that from 2/008 through 1/2009 over 4 million jobs were lost and then through 10/2009 another 4 million were lost, due to the Bush economic policies.

            As for your stock market interpretation, your lack of understanding is laughable. The Dow was 10,578 as 0f 1/2001 and dropped to 8,228 a decrease of 22+%, S&P was 1,343 went down to 840, down 37+% & the Nasdaq was 2,758, dropped to 1,507, down 45+%. This was what was left to the incoming administration. Theses 3 markets are up Dow – 113+%, S&P – 142% & Nasdaq up 208%. You claim that it should be at 20,000 was a possible prediction not something ever predicted by the investment industry. Other predictions claimed the Dow would drop to 2,000. So as usual trolls cherry pick info instead of talking about real #’s. The Oct. drop was not only due to the Ebola hysteria but mainly to poor economic reports in Europe. The market reacts to adverse reports ranging from the Ukraine to bad economic reports throughout the world (it’s a global market) and unrest in the Middle East. You trolls are really delusional, you will not credit President Obama for anything. You seem to forget that the market recovered very quickly from the Oct drop. Oh that’s right the Republicans caused that, how could I not know that!
            As usual you are misleading with your “facts” about presidential vacation time. Bush took 65 trips totaling 407 days to his home in Texas & family home in Maine, the Bush family also travelled to Africa. Obama took 19 vacations totaling 125 days. This doesn’t include trips to Camp David – Bush 341 days, Obama – 84 days.
            As for the $100 million trip to Africa, this was the high end of the estimate but you seem to ignore the fact that Laura Bush mad 5 trips to Africa with W going on 2 of the trips. I don’t seem any outrage towards them for these trips from you trolls.

  5. EaglesGlen November 5, 2014

    I agree with your assessment that republicans are more honest. However “it is time for a change” “in the right direction”.

    1. nana4gj November 6, 2014

      Republicans are more honest. They either loudly proclaim their repulsion for more than half of the population, even the Girl Scouts, and their ignorance on all issues as their ideology, or, they overtly say nothing during a campaign and then just do as they please and always intended when they secure the election.

      They openly seek to disenfranchise the voting system.

      Have to reward that kind of honesty, don’t you?

  6. tntlimited November 5, 2014

    Sad, sad day for America. When will the American idiots learn not to vote against their own best interests? The Rethuglican’ts have not hidden their agenda of destroying the poor and the middle class, yet the people most harmed by the GOP policies continue to vote for the GOP. I blame the news media in general, which continues to ignore the truth, and allows the GOP lies to be cloned over and over until it becomes a nationally ingrained mantra…with no basis in fact. The age of the “Zombie lie” has begun!

    1. latebloomingrandma November 5, 2014

      Yea. And where is that “liberal media”? How about a figment of the right’s imagination? If we actually had a liberal media, the multitude of lies would have been debunked and Democrats running for office would have stood by their President and touted his successes and agenda, which would work were he getting cooperation to implement it. Democrats better get their act together and get on message like the Repubs. do. Maybe people would then not be voting against their own self interests. Now they vote and don’t know what the other side will do to them.
      Plus-this is what I don’t get: much is made of the President’s 40% approval rating as in the toilet. Really? How about <10% for Congress? Yet people voted into office obstructionists like McConnell and newcomers dedicated to a regressive agenda and the news outlets are so excited this morning. Do you suppose Congressional approval will soon jump to that horrible 40%, and they can declare how popular they are?

      1. tntlimited November 5, 2014

        Yes, lateblooming, you are absolutely correct. The Dems need to get their act together. Obama has actually been a very good president who wants to help the poor and middle class. Yet his good programs and successful accomplishments, such as the great recovery of the economy from the Bush disaster…never get mentioned in the “liberal” media. They are too intent on repeating the Zombie lies by Faux Noise and the GOP.

        1. exdemo55 November 6, 2014

          Obama has been a disaster!

      2. nana4gj November 6, 2014

        The media, all of them, are only interested in the “eye candy” and spend Monday thru Friday in hysterical machinations and narratives, hyping them up, creating their own narratives that they present as earth-shattering, “breaking news” every 10 minutes. Everything, EVERYthing is “BREAKING NEWS!!” and, then, on Saturdays and Sundays, they are nowhere to be seen or heard…..The media does not inform. It entertains. Journalists are not journalists. They are celebrities. It is, perhaps, a new norm that is one of the most destructive components of our American democratic society, if not, the worst, since everything and everyone caters to the media’s “power” of influence.

        Consequently, we have a large number of uneducated, uninformed, hysterical people in our midst, who view government and those who would govern as celebrity show “idols”, voting as if they vote for the best dancer.

      3. CPAinNewYork November 6, 2014

        Don’t blame the liberal media. For the liberal press to be effective, people have to read newspapers and magazines. For the liberal radio and television to be effective, people have to abandon their inane sitcoms and sporting events.

        I don’t believe that the middle and lower classes will do either.

    2. exdemo55 November 6, 2014

      It is Obama and his left-wing policies that are destroying the middle class. It is a great day for saving America as it was founded.

      1. iamproteus November 8, 2014

        Great post, exdemo….exactly what we’re paying you for! Just 10 more like that and your bonus kicks in. Congratulations!

  7. ococoob November 5, 2014
    1. Macynra November 5, 2014

      Where was the US media??? They were safely ensconced at venues like NPR talking about how badly President Obama was doing and how low his approval rating had dropped (Maura Eliason, I am taling about you!).
      I saw an interesting statistic this morning – in 6 months prior to the election his approval rating had dropped from 41.6 to 40.8 or some some such number – basically half a percentage point – WOW!
      Meanwhile NPR has that right wing hack, Cooukie Roberts (misspelled at my option) running down the president at every opportunity. And the total lack of ‘push back’ by Inskeep and Dave ‘whats his name’ when the Republicans are on point is really a travesty.
      What is so sad is knowing that right now, that is as good as it gets compared to other main stream media options. Thak the gods that Oregon legalized marijuana! Portland, here I come!

      1. ococoob November 5, 2014

        Did you bother to read the article? So are you saying that people like you would “wink” and turn the other cheek to voter suppression? You tolerate this?

        1. Macynra November 5, 2014

          I presume you must be referring to the Guardian link. No, I did not read the article, because I have been watching the US media hatchet job every night and listening to the aforementioned NPR whitewash every morning.
          Since I didn’t follow the link, I have no idea what your ‘wink’ and ‘turn the other cheek to voter suppression’ question implies, but in a word, NO, I don’t tolerate it. Unfortunately, I live and work in a place that is so toxically partisan, that I got called into my HR office and interrogated as to my motivation for emailing a couple of co-workers and encouraging them to vote early because I had the unmitigated gall to use the phrase ‘ vote and take your lazy cousin along too’ or something to that effect. Little did I realize that even a whiff of Democratic speech could possibly cost me my job. Now I know and it isn’t pretty.

          1. ococoob November 5, 2014

            Who says you have to listen to NPR or other media? If anyone wants to know what’s really going on in this country, read the foreign press.

          2. Mikey7a November 6, 2014

            You have got to be joking. Anyone going to University, or work, lives off of GMA Sound Bites, and what The Kardashians were up to yesterday. I can only hope, and Pray, that it won’t all be destroyed come 2016!

  8. Lynda Groom November 5, 2014

    So if the voters still reject ‘right-wing ideology’ why did they push the wave? It seems that campaigns of fear, hate and distrust of our institutions still are effective with the rubes voting against their own self-interest.

    1. exdemo55 November 6, 2014

      No, the voters rejected failed left-wing ideology

      1. Sand_Cat November 9, 2014

        I love how you lunatics talk about tepid centrism and moderate conservatism as “failed left-wing ideology.” Does the phrase help you “get it up”?

        1. exdemo55 November 9, 2014

          If you think Obama is a centrist then you have no business voting.

          1. Sand_Cat November 23, 2014

            Another totalitarian, huh?
            It’s obvious you don’t think much at all.

          2. exdemo55 November 24, 2014

            You’re the one in a rut.

          3. Sand_Cat November 24, 2014

            Yeah, I just can’t give up on justice, equity, compassion, and evidence.
            Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. Macynra November 7, 2014

      Unfortunately, as has happened so many times in the past 30 years, disappointed voters just stayed home. With a turnout of + or – 25% of the registered voters, 75% of which were white and I would guess that the average age was 60+. It doesn’t take rocket scientist to read those tea leaves.
      Time and time again, the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot by running away from President Obama rather than embracing the change. From what I see on my in my research, the only Democrats that won hands down, are the few that took the bull by the horns and pushed back against the constant BS foisted on the public by the ‘liberal media’ that pretty much told everyone that President Obama was toast. How can an approval rating fall less than a percentage point in 3 months or more and be considered a total repudiation of the man and his job performance? How can the economy grow month after month, with figures not seen in over 20 years be considered a failure? It is all in the reporting and the personal perception of the poor schmuck who hasn’t had a decent raise in 5 or 6 years while his company is experiencing continued profits and growth. Who is responsible for that – NOT President Obama.
      The few people have spoken and now it is time to reap what they have sown. Has anyone here actually read Paul Ryan’s budget plan? Hang on, ’cause it is going to be a very unpleasant ride and we will be lucky to have Medicare and Social Security survive if he gets his way.

  9. ExPAVIC November 5, 2014


    As this former politician discovered after the 1994 debacle which had an equivalent impact, one can never underestimate the overall stupidity of the voting public and their tendencies to vote a certain way for all the wrong reasons.

    Their dislike of the current POTUS caused them to toss some very qualified candidates to the curb and allow for some severly dysfunctional legislation to potentially become the laws of the land.

    1. exdemo55 November 6, 2014

      Obama is disliked because of his failed policies.

      1. ExPAVIC November 7, 2014


        Is Bin Laden kill, Affordable Care, low unemployment 5.8%, Dow at 17500, no casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc., etc. all failures to you?

        STOP WATCHING FOX TV !!!!!

      2. Sand_Cat November 9, 2014

        More because of delusions like yours.

  10. midway54 November 5, 2014

    Just validation of what many predicted: The House and Senate now have even more bought-and-paid-for rightwing stooges thanks to the pure political ignorance of Americans across the Country and especialy concentrated in Dupedom South and its dormant Klan mentality. The Plutocrats paid multi-millions to bring it all about and the celebrations among them, their propagandists, and other serfs continue in the board rooms, the mansions, and the yachts, all of them rejoicing in having won their agenda against the interests of workaday Americans.

    1. Macynra November 5, 2014

      I am currently reading a book, The Fall of the House of Dixie, and I feel like it was written about the last 6 years rather than 150 years ago. The South hasn’t changed a bit from 1860’s, they just hide it better and use money and religion instead of chains.
      I was raised in California and after almost 40 years in Tennessee, I still haven’t been assimilated into this hateful mindset and never will be.

      1. midway54 November 6, 2014

        You are so right about the Southern culture, and there seems to be no prospect that it will ever change.

      2. exdemo55 November 6, 2014

        What about Scott elected in South Carolina. You are the haters

        1. Macynra November 7, 2014

          I could be mistaken, but I believe he was the ‘Republican’ on the ballot, so your BS means nothing. And what the hell is this ‘hater’ nonsense! Now people make a comment or state an opinion and if they don’t agree with you then they are ‘haters’??? Get a life.

          1. exdemo55 November 7, 2014

            He is a black Republican and he won overwhelmingly. He won because of his policies and Obama got hammered because of his policies, not because he is black.

          2. Macynra November 7, 2014

            He won because he was the Republican on the ticket – coat tails buddy – they don’t have smiling faces on the ballot and if they did, in SC I would have to wonder if it would have made a difference -just sayin.
            Be that as it may, why are you so pissed off if you won? Is it because the turn-out was so abyssimally low that even a black Republican could get elected in SC? As Mr. T would say, “Ah pitty the fool” . Primarily because as soon as they find another white guy who can carry their load, he is gone.

          3. exdemo55 November 7, 2014

            I’m not pissed off. I had a great day Tuesday. Freedom won and Tim Scott will be in office for a long time showing how wrong liberals are. You are also wrong and hate filled. You had a bad day and the grapes are sour. Get on the right side of politics and you’ll be much happier.

          4. Sand_Cat November 9, 2014

            Of course you’re pissed. That’s why you’re here to lord it over us. Conservatives have pretty much controlled the nation for most of the last 40 years, and you’re all still pissed at the damage “liberals” have supposedly done.

        2. midway54 November 7, 2014

          It is ludicrous to believe that the majority rubes in SC would have voted for him had he not been spouting the political gospel of the State subtly grounded in the Klan mentality. Scott must surely know this.

          1. exdemo55 November 7, 2014

            Your sour hatred is showin

          2. Sand_Cat November 9, 2014

            Yours shows in every post.

        3. Sand_Cat November 9, 2014

          Crap. You just try to charge us with your own faults because you haven’t the courage to face them.

          1. exdemo55 November 9, 2014

            Those grapes are really sour aren’t they. More and more blacks are realizing that demos are keeping them suppressed by making them dependent.

    2. exdemo55 November 6, 2014

      The American people rejected a failed socialist president and his crazy far left wing policies.

      1. midway54 November 7, 2014

        I note that you said nothing about the resulting celebration: by whom and subtly against whom in my post. You simply parroted the rightwing nonsense you absorbed willingly and then ran off to vote mindlessly against your own future interests. Your being an exdemo only defines you as having been duped and soon to join the other victims like you of the Operation Phornicate program running at full speed by your new idols: The Plutocrats and their political serfs.

        1. exdemo55 November 7, 2014

          I vote for my own and my children’s self interests. Freedom from an oppressive government. That’s why this country was founded in the first place.

      2. Sand_Cat November 9, 2014

        Based on ridiculous and unsupportable lies like those you just repeated.

        1. exdemo55 November 9, 2014

          Nope, the liars are on the left, and it didn’t work this time.

  11. Deb Brouhard November 5, 2014

    Now that the GOP has won, the poor and unemployed and those looking for holiday handouts, well you’re on your own. If you didn’t think eating, or healthcare was important to you, if you didn’t think your kids education is important, than guess what, your right and the GOP agrees with you. If you couldn’t get up to vote to eat, have a decent life or keep healthy then you lose. I will have to change as the GOP attack the middle class which means I will not be supporting, helping, giving to those who sit on their behinds waiting for others to do for them. If you only want to eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas, good luck and hope the food banks get some food, but it won’t be from me. You didn’t vote or voted to screw yourself so enjoy your ride.

    1. Macynra November 5, 2014

      LOL, I had to read it 3 times before I got the gist of your post and I totally agree. I include the Democratic Party and their fund raisers along with the no show voters when it comes to another ‘fund raiser’.

  12. Macynra November 5, 2014

    I’m sorry, but no matter how you want to candy coat it, the bottom line is that John Q public is either too ignorant, too un-educated, or too involved with their I-phone to get serious and do what it takes to be an informed and logical voter. The Republicans have once again lied and obfuscated to victory, and anyone with a brain is going to pay the price for this disaster.
    Last but not least, I really blame the Democrats who fled from President Obama instead of being his champion. They are the real loosers now and forever.

    1. nana4gj November 6, 2014

      I have written to the DNCC and told them exactly that and to take me off of their email and phone lists for contributions because I have as much loyalty to them as they have to the President.

      What they did in this campaign is nothing more than what Republicans were doing, to save their own arses. If someone was to truly vote against the policies and person of Obama, why not vote for the “real thing”, and vote Republican?? The Dems handed this election to the Repubs because they are wimps and c—— s—s.

  13. nana4gj November 6, 2014

    If McConnell is not just throwing red meat to his savages, I would love to see the response from the people when he repeals affordable health care access, or, refuses to “secure those borders” and do something constructive on comprehensive immigration reform, or, repeals all of the regulations on the predatory financial institutions.

    I don’t know that he can prove the ACA that provides for affordable access to health care is a “job killer” or a “people killer”, but, I can prove that our infrastructure is old, in need of updates and repairs, especially if it is to survive the impact of continued violent storms that some deny is the result of climate changes.

    I look forward to determining if anything the new Congress does is based on any rationale other than to repeal Obama and remove him from office, one way or another, on the basis not of science and economics or good health but on “Communism” and the actions of a dictator that was elected twice to be our “Communist Nazi Kenyan Dictator” with Chicago Mafia training. I suspect the Mafioso in New Jersey could teach the one in Chicago a few things.

  14. Barabbus November 6, 2014

    It’s exactly these kinds of hateful fear mongering articles that Americans have become sick of. And it’s exactly these kinds of articles that were instrumental in the GOP’s Tsunami night. You deserve some credit for your role in it Joe. Keep it up. Don’t stop. It’s hard to understate how much slop like this helps our side.

  15. bo ure November 7, 2014

    Do they pay you to write this crap or do you pay them to let you spew?

  16. Fairplay4 November 15, 2014

    People get the Government they deserve. Let those who elected the GOP feel the pain of their decisions and bear the consequences.

  17. mkkevitt November 21, 2014

    The GOP is no more extreme than the Democrats. They’re both statists, only of different sorts. That’s because they’re both altruists and mystics. That makes them both collectivists, just like any Marxist or theocrat. As per such thinking, they both must conceive of controlling human relations as centered on initiatory physical force by some upon others, backed by appropriate documents appropriately established, and backed by overwhelming physical power. It is overwhelming physical power put in the service of initiatory force. So, who really cares who is more ‘extreme’? I don’t.
    In the U.S., controlling human relations is supposed to be centered on self-defense against initiatory force, by effective responsive (retaliatory) force against any initiatory force. That’s the basic inalienable individual right which, when used as needed, protects the exercise of all the others.
    With basic, declaratory documents to this effect, we have the whole basis of laws, which are duly established documents providing for the protection of individual rights in all areas of human relations. This forbids establishing any documents that do anything else, and/or don’t provide that protection. With that written basis, we establish the physical means to enforce it.
    That’s government, and only that is government. Government is not to be perverted, infested, infected and displaced by anything. If anything does, or tries to, it’s not government nor law.
    What does that mean for the GOP, Democrats, and our whole system and culture of today? They’re a very big miscarriage of the proper control of human relations. There’s no reason to care who is most extreme about it. Mike Kevitt


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