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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. David Moore

David Moore
Montana Rep. David Moore (R-Missoula)

Among certain conservatives, there is a feeling that we as a nation have lost our way. How can we rescue our country, this beacon of light, from becoming a modern-day Sodom?

One state lawmaker, Montana Rep. David Moore (R-Missoula), has the answer: We must forswear yoga pants and renounce Speedos. We have lived (and exercised) in tight-fitting sin for too long.

Moore introduced a bill Wednesday to the House Judiciary Committee that would amend indecent exposure laws to prohibit clothes that reveal too much of the human form. Specific targets include the nipple — for any garb that exposes the nipple is an abomination — as well as the buttocks and pelvic regions, for clothing that “gives the appearance or simulates” the dreaded nethers is, too, an abomination.

This comes just over a month after the Montana legislature approved a list of new dress-code guidelines, advising women to “be sensitive to skirt lengths and necklines.”

With no discussion, save for some chuckling, lawmakers swiftly tabled the bill.

But Moore is a stalwart champion in the war against indecency, and we doubt he will be easily dissuaded from his struggle against skin. He has been quoted as saying that “yoga pants should be illegal in public.” And this has been a crusade of his ever since a cavalcade of nude bikers charged through his district. To this noble enemy of elastic, this defender of decorum, David Moore, we salute you. Godspeed.


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  • Grannysmovin

    David Moore: What is indecent in Montana is that they elected Moore to be a lawmaker.

    Gordon Klingenschmitt; If it is someone else’s sin than don’t worry
    about it and mind your own business. Same sex-marriage has no impact on your life, unless you’re jealous.

    Star Parker: Hannity’s game plan, have mental midgets on his show and people think he is smart. Whoops didn’t work, just makes you and your guest idiots

    Robert Jeffress: Robert you are 50 Shades of Crazy!

    Michael Savage: ‘The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion.” Bodhidharma

    • latebloomingrandma

      Anyone want to wager that Moore in Montana has a little bit of porn hiding on his computer?. After all, what is there to do in Montana in the dead of winter but fantasize?
      I sure hope that the idiot Savage is somewhere on Homeland Security’s watch list. That is one scary hate-filled delusional guy.

      • Leftout

        Come on now, even Bill Clinton would get acute erectile dysfunction from seeing some of these people / women in leotards. Obama of course would not be affected by women at least. Personal observations .

        • Charley van Rotterdam

          Just so long as he wasn’t wearing Speedos (Budgie Smugglers) at the time

    • idamag

      Klinginschmitt should read the Continental Congress minutes and the letters written by our founding fathers. He would deny religious freedom to those who do not believe the way he does. Our founding fathers were more concerned with learning than religion.

      • Buford2k11

        Gordon is insane…He was asked to leave the Navy and he settled into an area of military folks who are vulnerable to this sort of garbage…He IS crazy, and until we get some sort of certification process going will will continue to hear and see these highly disturbed folks running for public offices…

        • paganheart

          I hope that Savage never invites Klingenschmitt to be on his show…that amount of crazy in one place might cause an extremely dangerous disruption of the space-time continuum….

  • Dominick Vila

    What troubles me is not so much what these people say, but the fact that millions of Americans agree with their statements and irrational behavior. Intellectual Armageddon may be coming. What these folks don’t understand, or ignore, is that they are the Apocalyptic riders determined to bring it about.

    • idamag

      That is what makes me sad – the devolution of the people.

  • tdm3624

    Anyone who believes that Obama is just like Hitler should probably take a history lesson or two. Hitler shares a unique place in history with only a select few.

    • idamag

      Anyone throwing out those words, to describe Obama, owe the victims of the holocaust an apology.

      • BDC_57

        They won’t all they care are there self’s

  • FT66

    Am sorry, This Week In Crazy of today has come a little bit flat to me. Where has Henry Decker gone? He really knows to get the really crazy ones.

    • idamag

      What about michael savage who lives up to his last name with his use of ugly superlatives and fits the description, he gives Obama, himself. It is called projection. I know a man who looks just like him and I think that man is dumb, dumber, and dumbest.

      • angelsinca

        His last name is not Savage. That’s a stage name. His talk radio show is the only one I can get on the way home each night. The ugly superlatives are rare, but the criticisms are many from this dual-doctorate personality. Most criticisms carry an original perspective and backed by thorough science-based research. They are usually right on target. But the truth hurts, deeply sometimes.

        • Insinnergy

          Oh wow… I hope that’s some form of too-deep-to-detect sarcasm.
          If not… oh dear.

          • angelsinca

            I suppose since he wrote the book Liberalism is Mental Disorder, he’s about as popular around here as Ralph Nader is at a Corvair gathering.

  • idamag

    Donald Moore reminds me of those who insist their women wear a burka. If a man cannot control himself, he blames the woman. So it is up to the woman to cover herself because of his base nature.

    • Daniel Jones

      It was only a few decades ago that Catholic America taught their daughters about how men are just men and that the burden of denying sexual sin was all on them.
      You know, blaming the woman in advance?

      • idamag

        Yes. I do remember some controversy over that. A girl was raped and her father was upset because the Father blamed the girl.

    • Leftout

      They wear burkas because they have to, some look very ugly , camel – like, some are two baggers….oooops two burka women, just in case one breaks. Of course some men would not experience ED no matter how ugly the face … Personal observations and communications

      • idamag

        Leftout, you are going to find yourself left out a lot unless you can learn to follow conversations. You have to jump in and make an ugly remark about some of the most suppressed women on the planet. The remark was thoughtless and stupid. Unlike you, I have known some of those women and they are beautiful. If you were more learned, you would know they wear the burka because it is the law. They could be the most beautiful women, ever, and would still be required to wear that thing so their faces, would not be tempting to men’s base natures. Do a little studying or keep quiet until your learn something.

        • Leftout

          There is no law requiring wearing of burkas , except for some local men who are possessive and afraid their women folk would be easy prey for some lust laden man , but not gay men. All cultures have different fetishes that turn them on. Moslem men can have as many wives as they can support or behead if found wanting. I have different tastes , but I can not be too discriminating since I am uglier than a camel, but I have a nice personality and often been told ” do not change”!!! I work with many different people so I am well versed in ethnic anatomic variations . It amazes me what beauty is to different people , an amusement of mine.

          • idamag

            Is that what you found when you went to the Mideast? When in a hole, stop digging or start digging up facts. There was controversy about five years ago, when our women, in the service, were required by law to wear the burka in Saudi Arabia.. You could also read the book, “Not Without My Daughter.” The author is a woman who married and Iranian and on a supposed visit, she finds she is trapped in Iran. At that time, they actually had dress code police patrolling the streets and arresting people if they violated the dress code. It is the law. Please research before making statements about something you obviously know nothing about.

          • Leftout

            Hello, Au contraire, the Quran does not mandate wearing a burka, it suggests only to wear modest clothes , no leotards . There seem to be some local laws that run contrary to this part of the Koran . lThis prevents loathsome , horny men from being overwhelmed by their dark urges, after a few weeks in the desert. It goes to say then that the woman is the initiator of sexual impropriety then, and is to be blamed first in this culture . wow ! . Beheadings , stonings then follow. So there is a precedent from Fatwah ordinances to have the woman portrayed as the instigator in dalliances . Why do we in the US even think that Sharia Law can be entertained as a form of justice . I am re writing the books of antiquity , since there are a lot of errors and misinterpretations . Most writers of these tomes were evidently heat struck and delerious as they were transcribing . Even Mohammed , Moses went a little too far. I am the Fair One to correct all.

          • idamag

            Quit digging. Start reading. For one thing, it is pure ignorance to suggest that sharia law would happen in this country. We already have laws against that. Sharia law is what you get without a separation of church and state. This country has evolved as we used to place a high value on learning. Some Arab countries have not evolved. They are living Biblical times. Stoning is mentioned in the Bible BTW. If we continue to slide backwards, we might end up neanderthals again. My suggestion to you is, read, read, read. Make sure it is not ignorant hate novels, but American History is a good place to start. I suggest “The Rise of American Democracy.” Also read the minutes of all the Continental Congress meetings. Then you won’t be swayed by blathering idiots such as those who make it on “The Week In Crazy.”

          • idamag

            BTW, the great words of great minds that sticks with us are like “The Sermon on The Mount,” and “The Gettysburg Address.” Neither Jesus nor Lincoln liked to throw around pretentious words. it is so juvenile.

          • Leftout

            You cited the best library of thoughts that everyone must read along with the Federalust Papers . These writings represent the clear thinking all of the respective authors conveyed to us after sound reflection. I even read the Koran , grudgingly given to me by a Moslem co worker . I told him I would buy it. After about a year he presented me with a beautifully bound , engraved book written in Arabic script and English translation on the facing page . He was not allowed to take my money for the book. I was looking for an ” authentic” version to compare the concept of a Messiah in the three major religions. I also found interesting conversation codes of conduct , which are in effect today. I do READ. I have a tendency to use satire to point out hypocracies….. And to do this I would like to be well informed…. I hope. I thank you for you thoughts and we are in agreement….. at times.

            Jesus said it best on tht mount and if followed all would go well .

          • idamag

            You just cannot stop digging, can you? The Federalist Papers were an experiment. They ended up not being adopted by The Continental Congress and weren’t even sent out to the Colonies for ratification. Since Continental Congress did not adopt them, yes, that could tell you what the Founding Fathers were thinking.

          • Leftout

            The Federalist papers were an explanation of the thought processes behind the Constitution . The document was only sent to , typically annoying , New York ears who we know are always trying to get a word in….. Meanwhile all other colonies ratified the Constitution . New York in their arrogance are the last to sign on after everyone else had the intelligence to quickly absorb facts and take a decision . …..Personal observation

          • idamag

            Vous avez toujours de faire plus de lecture at d’atilisation mains pompous paroles.

          • Leftout

            Ah, Ces paroles sont simple, n’est ce pas ?!

          • Robert Eckert

            “There is no law requiring wearing of burkas” You are grossly mistaken.

          • Leftout

            The Quran , according to Mohammed , does not promulgate wearing of burkas. This suggestion was bastardized by local- A Hole – Imams to suit their local interpretations, not unlike Christian sects, Jews etc. one can not Start a religion these days without a Modification by some who think they can make it better.

            God is going to get pissed one day.
            The original Koran script suggests modest clothes. Mohammed , was considered a great administrator in keeping the peace in the region, as taught to us in a Catholic Parochial School no less!
            He was touted on his efficiencies in government and trades. These efficiencies also applied to simple robes , he did not want to go through layers of clothing after hot day with his other wives to go looking through layers of clothing for another quickie.
            He had nothing left to do in the desert so he tried his luck at reading Jewish script , thinking he can do it better as others also;
            And rewrote it more simply in a College Outline format -easy to read and mostly to Memorize so to keep his bored desert staff busy and not get mischievous . Notihing seems to appease people for very long as it turns out.

          • Robert Eckert

            It is your personal opinion that the Qur’an did not intend burqas when Muhammad spoke of “modest clothing”. Your personal opinion is not the law in those countries. The opinions of those whose interpretations matter is different from yours.

            “He had nothing left to do in the desert so he tried his luck at reading Jewish script ” You are factually mistaken. He never learned to read at all.

          • Leftout

            I stated the he tried ; True, the Great Prophet was illiterate and he had to rely on other narrators/ voices to re ininterpret the books of antiquity. The Fatwahs are again reinterpretations of the “final” words of Mohammed , evidently not good enough for some Moslem bastards/Imams. He tried as Moses tried As Jesus tried, as …,,,no one likes to face the truth in its purist form. There are basic absolute truths then there are laws to restrict .

          • idamag

            I have come to the conclusion that leftout is a kid and one thing a kid will never do is admit that he is wrong.

  • Given the Right’s incredibly extensive history of trying to project their own vices and weaknesses onto the Democrats, all Michael Savage has succeeded in doing is causing me to suspect that he may have a Joseph Goebbels blowup doll.

    • Faraday_Cat

      That’s almost a given…but does it have a hole, or an appendage?

      • Allan Richardson

        Good question; reminds me of a sample from Isaac Asimov’s book of dirty limericks (none of which are really THAT dirty):

        There once was a man in Racine
        Who invented a screwing machine.
        Both concave and convex,
        It would serve either sex,
        And all the nice folks in between.

        Talk about sci-fi writers being prophetic!

  • highpckts

    You know, these people, if you saw them on the street, look perfectly normal! Wow! Just goes to show you how looks can be deceiving! How do these guys get away with this trash and Brian Williams loses his job??

  • Charley van Rotterdam

    Shock horror; Speedos are an Aussie icon (probably owned by you Yanks now) and have justly earned the nickname ‘budgie smuggler’

  • Irishgrammy

    The far right blithering idiots are just becoming boring, boring, boring, predictable as Hell and did I say, boring, boring, boring…… How any human being can exist with such hate and vitriol on a daily, steady basis is just amazing to me…..Michael Savage is without a doubt, certifiable!!!!! What is so depressing is the audience of these horrible people “eat it all up” as the truth and swallow this sick steady diet of lies, insults and vicious attacks. How is this constructive, what problems does it solve, how does any of this garbage make ANYONE’S life better in any way……Why is it such a surprise to ANYONE our politics are so bitter and contentious…..what John Boehner said yesterday and today about “far left anarchists” i.e., people who care about the environment or Democrats getting off their “asses” to pass the Republican “agenda” to destroy everything the President has been able to accomplish with extreme difficulty from the do nothing, completely obstructive/destructive Republicans, i.e. “cooperate by letting Republicans slit your throat and smile as we do it”……… is just too, too much…………

    • angelsinca

      Don’t hold back granny. The kindness in your message has my eyes moist. Oh wait, it’s just raining.

  • fortunev

    GOP: Grifters On Parade. They fleece the rubes and laugh all the way to the bank.

  • jointerjohn

    The President really sent them all over the edge when he called for us to not get on a political “high horse”. That term, a metaphor for self-appointed superiority and dismissal of the views of others, cuts the right wing to the bone. With out a “high horse” they are all just bigoted little pedestrians.

    • angelsinca

      …as jointersjohn and those that condescend speak from up high.

      • jointerjohn

        I don’t belong to a religion claiming superiority while dragging a hideous history. I don’t consider my races, gender, political inclination or anything else about me superior. We are all to some degree bigoted little pedestrians, its just that some of us fight the urge to wallow in self-appointed superiority while others institutionalize it.

        • angelsinca

          The comment about “bigoted little pedestrians” in no way places anyone or anything beneath you. Got it. BTW, Obama’s supposed comment that might have sent anyone ‘over the edge’ wasn’t where he cautioned against assuming a ‘political high horse’ (which is a misquote, actually). It was his equivocation of Muslim extremism NOW with that of an eradicated culture of over a thousand years ago. The comparison was insulting to everyday Christians of today. Sigh.

          • jointerjohn

            Your attempt to confine barbaric acts committed in the name of Christendom to a time more than a thousand years ago is dishonest. The conquest of the Western Hemisphere by Christians, colonization of major portions of Africa, southeast Asia, India and Australia, are all more recent and grossly genocidal. What radical Islamists are doing is hideous and should be condemned, but lying to ourselves about our own roots doesn’t help.

          • angelsinca

            There is “lying” about the past exploits in the name of Christainty (which is not happening in this discussion), and then there is inappropriately invoking sins of the past to soften the barbaric brutalities being committed by ISIS.

          • jointerjohn

            I will neither soften nor excuse the heinous behavior of ISIS. I see nothing inappropriate about being honest about the past, I think it is healthy. Remember, all these hideous acts by all and any parties arise from self-appointed superiority.

          • idamag

            In the beginning of the 1860’s, an entire wagon train was murdered by religious zealots. One of their minions told the wagon master to stop for the night in a meadow with plenty of water. Then’ the perps dressed like Indians while a couple of them went down to the wagon train and told the immigrants that those Indians, they could see, were nervous because they were all armed. The leader told them the Indians trusted him and if they would put all their guns in a wagon, he would lead them to safety. As the unarmed immigrants made a single file, they were systematically killed. They kept 17 of the children under five-years-of age. The U.S. Army came and got the children to return them to their relatives. The children remembered and told about the “Indians” washing off their war paint and putting on Caucasian clothes. It was covered up for years.

      • Insinnergy

        I don’t mind condescending when it is warranted.
        When the low information, small minded, bigoted religio-nutters feel like re-entering the modern age they can start back in third grade and re-do their education.

        Cherry picking history… especially of your own religion… serves no-one.

        Review the stats. Religion is a mental disease that, thankfully, more and more people are gradually getting over. In some cases it’s benign and somewhat helpful (although still delusional), and in others it gives crazy people a framework and a sense of moral justification for doing what they were going to do anyway (see: Christian abortion doctor killers, Islamic terrorists, Theocracies).

        It’s pretty easy to pick the degree of affliction from this disease. Just measure the amount of irrationality, willful ignorance, and then multiply it by the degree of extreme emotional states caused by conflicting with them and attempting to point out inconsistencies, or actual facts.

        • angelsinca

          That perfectly describes the irrational fears of the atheist. After you are finished whittling away at the billion or so Christians, there are about 1½ billion Muslims you can insult. After that, there’s another couple of billion others with religious leanings. Have fun with all that.

  • S.J. Jolly

    Perhaps Rep David Moore would like to see established an American version of the Saudi Arabia “Committee for the Preservation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice?”

  • idamag

    I googled yoga pants. Everyone in my yoga class wears jeans and takes their shoes off. The pants, I found, are loose fitting and discrete, so what is that pious Sunday school boy talking about?

  • Ann Droid

    Whenever I hear Obama’s global warming nonsense, I remember that actual snowfall records are falling left and right: