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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cory Booker’s emotional televised plea to “stop attacking private equity” may have been the single greatest service he could perform for the Romney campaign. His immediate attempt to revise his remarks on behalf of President Obama, for whom he is supposed to act as a surrogate, only highlighted his earlier insistence that the harsh campaign criticism of Bain Capital, which he specifically defended, is “nauseating.”

But the Newark Mayor’s feelings must be influenced by his own relationship with Wall Street, private equity, and Bain. America’s financial titans have been very, very good to him.

Although Booker undoubtedly knows that Bain is fair game – as he later acknowledged, going so far as to accuse Mitt Romney of “not being completely honest” about job creation there – his initial remarks were obviously sincere.  He tried to equate negative advertising about Bain with the Republican disinterment of the embarrassing Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and went on to denounce the impact of “this unbelievable amount of campaign cash that’s eroding, in my opinion, the democracy, but more important, pulling our campaigns in the gutter.”

Even a cursory examination of Booker’s own political history shows, however, that he has never hesitated to use negative advertising against his opponents, when necessary – and that his own remarkable rise to power in Newark was funded by overwhelming infusions of cash to pay for those ads.

The first time he ran for Mayor and lost in 2002, Booker was heavily outspent by then-Mayor Sharpe James — later sent to prison in a federal corruption probe — but managed to raise and spend almost $2 million, much of which he spent on ads attacking the incumbent. Four years later, thanks in part to Street Fight, a superb documentary film about the first race that might be considered the longest negative ad in history, Booker won easily with a massive, $6 million warchest against a struggling opponent who raised less than $200,000.

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  • John Munro

    Cory Booker is a self-serving idiot. He should be drummed out of the Democratic Party.

  • almacote

    Ok. This article shows we’re just as bad as the GOP at attacking sound bites to vilify someone erroneously. Did you actually SEE his entire interview OR the clarification on Racheal Maddow for those of you with a near nil attention span??

  • Florence Rowe

    The maggots will feast on my flesh before I cast a vote in favor of that traitor…..

  • joujou228

    He simply mis-understood what the Obama campaign is doing like a lot of people in this county. The President explained it yesterday so well, I think it should be turned into a commercial. Andrea Mitchell yesterday kept asking David Axerod why is he taking money from the same companies that they’re advertising against. The fact is the campaign is not talking about what Bain does, but rather, like the president said yesterday, Romney cannot use the same model that he used in “private sector” as President. The government’s job is to look out for everyone including the rich.

    • rustacus21

      I’m not so sure, w/this misunderstanding thing. Locally, a Dem state legislator just defected 2 the Republicans, equally ‘confusing’ reality w/a fox network version. He claimed to be tired of the ‘warrantless’ attacks on Republicans/policies, when just a month prior, he was ‘attacking’ those same Republicans for their ‘shifting’ over 6 billion in due taxes on the rich & corporations, onto the backs of the working poor & elderly!!! As if they/WE haven’t fallen on the sword for the rich & corporations enuff, from 2001 til present. Bookers’ just weighing his options; checking the waters to see if he can be the next rite-wing darling of ‘color’ in the party that has little or none as it is…

      • rustacus21

        Oh, & by the way, the state legislator was Roy Schmidt of Michigan & the tax bill which was dumped on the poor & elderly, was 1.6 billion – NOT $6 billion, as I mistakenly stated above! Sorry for the mis-info…

  • rustacus21

    What is most interesting, as this article points out, the vile, ‘nauseating’ influence of money has forced another Democrat to abandon their ‘values’ AND, like his ‘bluedog’ treasonous predecessors, his President. Proximity is crucial, as Wall St. is w/in ‘spitting’ distance of N.J. – a fact of which isn’t lost on Mr. Booker! The comparisons, as he explained it, make no sense, b/c we’re looking 4ward, in considering Mr. Romney’s candidacy, in terms of his ‘business model’ that he wants to bring to US citizens & OUR government, is the parasitic, vampiristic, goulish model, w/the destructive forces which would rival the recent (2001-2009) & past (1929-1940-?) Republican-‘engineered’ Depressions. I want to hi-lite the concept of ‘ENGINEERED’ to focus on what even lay persons understand about economic; once legislators are paid off, the wealthy & corporations begin structuring legislation to accommodate their greedy designs. Both Romney & Booker are positioning themselves to be fully ‘exploited’ by this phenomena – but the questions continues coming back to the American voters & what – if ANYTHING they plan to do about it. Timidity, fear & cowardice are no longer options, as we are now looking squarely at the dissolution of America – the Democracy. Seeing it & understanding it mean NOTHING if WE, the PEOPLE are too GUTLESS to ACT!!!

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  • Booker — like most Democrats — doesn’t understand the concept of party unity or message discipline. Freelancing like he did with his Bain comments only served to feed the Republican propaganda machine and put the Obama campaign on the ropes for a couple of news cycles.

    This incident only reconfirmed that the Democrats are a political party in name only — and I say this as a frustrated progressive who has voted straight-ticket Democratic since 1972.

  • Michael Kaplan

    The most disturbing thing about what he said on Meet the Press was to equate attacks on Bain to attacks on Jeremiah Wright. Why should anyone ignore the fact that our President was highly involved in a church where Wright had strong anti-American sermons to the point that he said, “Don’t say God bless America, God damn America!”. We all have the choice of where we worship and if Obama chose Wright to be his pastor then that should be a major focus of this campaign. I sure know that if the tables were turned and there was a similar story about Romney, the press would jump on it. I guess that’s the game we’re playing, though.

    • ObozoMustGo

      Mike… great post. But you’ll quickly learn that pointing out hypocrisy in this sea of leftist nutjob insanity is a rather fruitless endeavor. The Memo is nothing more than a coordinated component of the Obozo reelection propaganda machine. If you come here daily, and listen to Obozo’s speeches for that day, you will note that you are reading very much what you are hearing word for word from Obozo’s mouth and his campaign team. Don’t think for a second that I am making that up. It’s as true as the sun rising in the east.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

      Have a nice day!

      • rustacus21

        One more time; the crown, the confederacy, racist, sexist bigot who prevented HUMAN rights 2 ALL Americans, Depression/Reagan/Bush/Bush-era thieves were conservative – The Constitutions authors, abolitionists, Union soldiers & supporters, Human (civil/women/workers/childrens) rights supporters, socio/political/economic (Lincoln/Roosevelt/Roosevelt/Eisenhower, etc) reformers, pro-Civil (human)Rights proponents, were all patriotic Liberal/Progressives. If this is ‘propaganda’, hypocrocy, U’r obviously reading/watching/listening to 1 too many fox network accounts of YOUR nations history. & AGAIN, U never bothered pointing out… well, U’r POINT 4 posting?! Namely, what’s good about ‘money’ controlling the direction of our national policy? International policy? Domestic social policy? Economic policy? 2 let it be run by a Bush clone (Romney)? What did that get us (from 2001-2009)? & Booker? What’s his complication? Jealousy? As a mayor of a city NEXT DOOR to Wall St., he sees the damage they did just outside his office window & he’ll ‘pretend’ 2 B ‘fair & balanced’ calling out ‘equally’ racists (J. Wright haters) & ‘realists’ (those xposing Romney as a blood-sucking parasite)? What good came of the tax-cuts, wars, authoritarian ‘Patriot’ act (there’s an oxymoron 4 sure!!!) & the housing/banking/employment/government collapse of 2001-2009? I know I hit U w/2 much info here (take U’r time tho…), but I was only curious… We Liberal/Progressives are busy putting the country back 2gether (again-from another 2001-2009 Republican sabotage job), but we’re NEVER 2 busy 2 help U (conservatives) gain enlightenment. It’s bright out here, but @least U aren’t tripping & falling all over U’r self… In the dark…

        • ObozoMustGo

          rusty… you’ve stated this in other posts and I’ve allowed you to get away with it without challenge, but here I wont. Your error forms the basis for your entire post, but it’s a classic tactic to try to take our founding principles away from conservatives. It wont work because it is patently false.

          For you to equate Liberal/Progressives of today to our Founders is an absolute joke of monstrous proportion, only befitting of the most mind-effed, or seriously stupid leftist nutjobs. And I dont think you’re stupid. I know you are just young and completely unaware the truth of our founding and the context of what is considered “progressive” in today’s world, and what is conservative in today’s world. You have been indoctrinated by a far left educational system who now counts you among their myriad successes for having created another useful idiot.

          Just because our Founders were “radicals” of their day, does not mean that “radicals” of today are just as worthy. What you are so ingorantly and foolishly forgetting ARE THE PRINCIPLES THAT EACH ESPOUSES.

          Our Founders believed in the principles of liberty and VERY limited government. That our rights are granted to us, not by government or a king, but by God. And the only real purpose of government was to protect our God-given rights. Further, the Constitution could only have happened if it were written in such a way so as to provide maximum protection AGAINST a large, overpowering and controlling central government. And it would never have been ratified if it did not also come with a prenegotiated deal that became what we know to be the Bill of Rights, and in particular, the most imporant of those amendments to affect ratification by 9 out of 13 states was the 10th. For that amendment was the linchpin that gave states enough comfort that the Fed would not grow so large and powerful as to render them impotent.

          Let’s compare that to today’s “Progressives”. What I affectionately call Leftist Nutjobs. They are polar opposites to our Founders. Even the term ‘progressive’ is a term that was invented to replace the word ‘liberals’ because once Americans knew what liberals thought and wanted, they rejected them wholeheartedly. Progressives today are in support of large, overbearing Federal Government. They like socialist programs and support the concepts of redistribution of wealth. They like the government to be deeply involved in every facet of industry, and even support government control over many industries, including banking. They believe governments should run massive deficits and are unconcerned with the consequences of runaway debt. Do I need to keep going????

          rusty… the ONLY similary between you leftist nutjobs and our founders is that both wanted/want change. But that’s where the comparison ends. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT PRINCIPLES ARE FAR MORE ACCURATE OF A COMPARISON THAN ANY LABEL!!! And when one objectively compares principles, it’s easy to see how different they really are.

          By your definition, Karl Marx, who was a radical progressive would be the exact same as our founders. Nothing could be further from the truth, except to a drug infested Occupy Wall Street bum.

          And just like a good useful idiot, you like to throw around the racist label. It doesnt work anymore, dude. Consider that it was THE REPUBLICANS who led the charge to abolish slavery, and that for 100 years AFTER the Civil War, DEMOCRATS were the party that supported segregation and VOTED AGAINST the Civil Rights Act.

          This whole concept you have about money controlling everything is just sophomoric and ignorant. Where in the history of mankind has money NOT influenced politics? Does money influence Obozo? Of course it does. Don’t be so naive, rusty. Why else would he be jetsetting to $35,800 per plate dinnners at his Private Equity buddy’s home?

          And the dumbest thing you say questions why money controls economics. Dude, are you stoned? That question is beneath you. You cant be that stupid, rusty. I give you much more credit than that.

          Re: Jeremiah Wright… do you support Black Liberation Theology? Do you know what Black Liberation Theology is? If you know what it is, you CANNOT support such thinking, unless of course you are an equal racist pig to Jeremiah Wright. yes, that same Jeremiah Wright that your messiah Obozo bribed for $150K large to keep his mouth shut in 2008.

          Dont give me your gripes about the Patriot Act until I see you bitching equally about Obozo’s NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that takes the Patriot Act and puts it on steroids. Have you heard of the incidents of drones flying around OVER AMERICA now? IF BUSH WAS AUTHORIZING DRONES TO FLY OVER AMERICA, YOU IDIOTS ON THE LEFT WOULD BE FREAKING OUT!!! Instead, what do I hear? crickets….. crickets………. crickets……..

          Dont criticize Obozo. You can go to jail for that.. according to another one of you leftist nutjobs and useful idiots in education in North Carolina.

          Time for you to give up the bong, dude!

          Have a nice day, rusty!

          • rustacus21

            In every age, the best rise to the challenges of ‘their’ times. Obama. Clinton. Carter. Kennedy. FDR. TR. Even Wilson. On the conservative side?…………….. (I’m still looking)…………. (Give me a minute more)……. Couldn’t find any!!! Opportunity was denied certain segments of AMERICAN society – by WHOM? That not anything discussed on the fox network. Constitutional protections were deprived of certain segments of the AMERICAN demographic. That also is omitted conversation on the fox network. I understand U to be saying U don’t believe it happened. But who had the morality, the virtue, the courage to FREE WOMAN, BLACKS, LATINO’S, ASIANS, CHILDREN, HOURLY WORKERS, from the hateful brutality & economic, social, civic, educational deprivations, from WHOM? As this is a Democracy, it’s opportunities, liberties & access to justice & EQUALITY are to be available to ALL Americans!!! That’s what Jeramiah Wright was talking about, but is why Booker is missing the point, as R U, in thinking what we’re discussing are the merits whose more economically ‘adroit’? We’re selecting for leadership! We’re electing to UNDO the ACKNOWLEDGED damage done the nation by conservatives between 1981-present! Going backwards isn’t an option. But that’s what we’ll get w/Romney. I only see Liberal/Progressives in the selfless exercise of representing ALL Americans. Even the ungrateful such as U. Doing it, for America EVERY DAY & having to deal w/people like U. People so in denial U ignore the continued suffering of the above demographics, harmed by historical conservative policies. This administration, as U say, w/drones, tax cuts, warfare, class war, is carrying over 2001-2009 policies, for reasons as baffling as U’r rants. But being FORCED (this prez) to match billions w/billionaire conservatives, is a result of conservatives who can only think small. It’s conservatives who forced money BACK into the political system, after it was ‘deposed’ for IT’S VILE, CORRUPTING influence, xactly 100 years ago!!! But conservatives only relate to money. The 1st sentence of the Constitution has nothing to do it, or corporations or even capitalism. Liberal/Progressives know what that 1st sentence means & act it out every day in service to this nation & ALL its citizens. If U don’t understand the difference BY NOW, after 2001-present, this is truly a waste of time debating U…

          • ObozoMustGo

            rusty… if you think that Obozo or Carter or even FDR and Wilson were great presidents, you’ve been hittin that crack pipe a little hard, buddy. LOL 🙂

            By the way, what part of FDR putting Japanese-Americans in “camps” and taking their property was so progressive and wonderful? FDR was a disaster, dude. Plain old disaster. A great propagandist, but a disaster in reality.

            Your rant above has not addressed the simple fact that I have outlined how your “progressive” view of the founders is absolutely without question completely false and unfounded. Your leftist political ideology is 180 degrees opposite the ideology of our founders. Plain and simple, my lefty friend.

            Have a good night, rusty!

          • rustacus21

            U & U’r dope references!!! I see why fact, knowledge & reality bounce off U’r impervious brain!!! FDR’s 1 fault was conceding to conservative demands in 1937, to include some of their ‘proposals’ in his initiatives – which turned out disasterous, causing the nation to sink backwards, economically! This IS varifyable FACT!!! Conservatives (i.e., the Walker/Bush, etc., clan) were meanwhile, helping launder money to Hitlers nazi war monstrosity, that we’d have to smash up a few yrs later. That too, is undeniable FACT!!! Between conservative nazi sympathizers here in the U.S. & the Japanese attack, there was little room for error. Fast forwarding, in Richard Clarke’s ‘Against All Enemies’ (in case U didn’t read it – U SHOULD!), he tells of how, over the summer of ’01, they (his dept) was virtually BEATING DOWN the doors of the WH trying to get some 1, ANYONE’S attention, that their sources were telling of something major pending. The response? Pulling agents off the tails of the criminal that carried out the attacks in N.Y., D.C. & the foiled attack, which crashed the plane in Pennsylvania. The same 2001-2009 administration U defend!!! As for Carter, we’ve delayed his ‘recommendation’ to get off petroleum. We’re going to HAVE TO eventually. But his wisdom far surpasses all conservative W.H. occupants 2 date. Otherwise, having inherited another Republican administration disaster (remember, 1976 was immediately POST-VIETNAM – Nixon’s Vietnam, to be precise) was what he was dealing w/& still pulled the nation out of the hole. But it was the Iranian crisis which doomed him (Carter). Nothing more. U also make U’r self look foolish insulting the Constitution as ‘conservative’, when conservatives are still fighting 2 this day to insure it’s provisions DO NOT include ALL Americans (which its coverages are clearly articulated to do). & it’s not a view – its a philosophy, around which an initiative – the Social Contract, was formulated. That surely AIN’T conservative!!! But it DID protect a nations citizens from the savage abuses of an unruly, childish, bratty wealth class, that wants everything their way & would rather destroy the nations wealth mechanisms than allow it to benefit ALL Americans!!! THIS is the pride of conservatives, 1981-present? The Clinton expertise, which rescued the nation, to Obama stablizing the nation, all after conservatives sabotaged the nation, is all any American needs know about the difference between the 2…

      • Dabuzza

        YOU really are a BOZO!

      • Name calling just shows your “arguments” lack depth and substance. Your main device is labeling and name calling, but most of the republican arguments are couched in emotion at some level or another. Try to work on it.

        • rustacus21

          My guess is it’s the drugs… Talking about them non-stop means something, obviously, if his/her takes can’t be completed w/out them… pitiful…

    • well my brother: as I see it America has said: damm God” alot longer than Rev Wright has” said God damm America I know you probally dont know where he was coming from but most of us knew exactly where he was coming from with his sermons ,some not all of the white Americans act like they cant see both sides of a situation for instant, why is it that only the white race is the only race that dont need a preface like ” african/ black american,,, mexican/ latin American, Asian American, native American,?”, have anybody ever said this to you?: “go back to Europe?”

      • Mexican and South americans were here , way before the europeans, when they “discovered” our land, we were already living here for thousands of years. The white Spaniors and the anglos, conquered, distroyed, slaved, raped all the cultures, as the Aztecks, Incas and the mayas. this should be part of our sad history, forget the turkey and all the bs about the religion freedon . all have to do we greed. still hapenning right now. Wall Street rules.

    • It was the focus of the last campaign, McCain and Palin, who were defeated in part because people don’t like the six degrees of guilt game.

      Now Romney and Bain is fair game. He had an active part in the malevolent decisions they made and should be held accountable. Obama didn’t make Wright say what he said. This is silly and illogical.

  • ObozoMustGo

    What Corey Booker got wrong was NOT what he said about private equity or Bain Capital. Of course, he was spot on objective and correct. What he got wrong was going against the Obozo propaganda machine. The Chicago Thug Machine was quick to bring their hired guns to Booker soon after the show and make him do a “Taliban-like” forced revision of his remarks lest he get his head cut off with a sword.

    Odd thing is that useful idiots like Joe Conason COMPLETELY IGNORE the facts that Obozo fires up his misleading “Steel Mill” advert against Mitt, then gets on a plane and goes to his buddy Hamilton Jones’ multi-million dollar estate for a $35,800 per plate dinner for a fund raiser. Joe Conason knows who Hamilton Jones is, but the most of you morons do not. He is the Managing Director of Blackstone Capital, AN $88 BILLION DOLLAR PRIVATE EQUITY FIRM THAT HAS ACQUIRED COMPANIES AND FIRED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

    Joe also does not tell you that the Managing Director in charge of Bain Capital for 2 years UP TO the time when they closed that infamous steel mill, was Jonathan Levine. What he also does NOT tell you is that Jonathan Levine is a HUGE bundler for Obozo. Hmmmmmm… must be just an oversight, huh Joe?

    Joe Conason, you’re nothing but a political hack carrying Obozo’s water. Too bad.

    Have a nice day!

    • rustacus21

      Next time U come on, don’t do it after watching fox; I heard that xact same screed earlier, in the few seconds I decided to watch – word 4 word!!! MayB as the brilliant 1 on here, U can detail the ‘misleading’ portions of the ad in question? Or better yet, xplain how the ‘venture capital’ deal, which saved GM, Chrysler & an entire peripheral set of industries, while Romney, the ‘ace’ expert in the venture capital world, opposed it (@the time; he now says it was HIS idea, the Presidents rescue plan – whatever…) was an error on the part of the President? By the way, no deflections allowed – Jones isn’t running 4 president – Romney is, so his BUSINESS NEEDS 2 B in the spotlite. Jones’ turn is coming up, don’t worry…

      • ObozoMustGo

        Rusty… I don’t watch Fox. They call me to know what to think! Hahahahahahahaha! It’s true.

        • rustacus21

          … & w/U’r contributions, no wonder they all sound like a bunch narrow-minded cave dwellers who don’t get to see daylite or meet people… than those they know stumbling in the cave darkness as well…

          • ObozoMustGo

            hahahahahahaha…. Good one rusty! Too bad Fox’s ratings blow away all the other cable news ratings, COMBINED! Now go back to watching MSLSD… they need more 4 viewers today.

            Have a great Memorial Day weekend, my lefty friend!

          • rustacus21

            Lets see: mindless, head-shaking, intellectually vacant masses, waiting to be TOLD what to think, say, do… who watch fox, vs. engaged, intellectually stimulated, facts-demanding watchers of MSLSD, er, MSNBC, sorry, I’ve been reading too many of U’r posts, I got a bit enraged, er, carried away… & yes, had a great Memorial Day, honoring all of our great Liberal/Progressive patriots, who were unafraid to go to battle for Democracy, Liberty & ITS proliferation – not more violence & war… also got a bit of golf in too…

          • ObozoMustGo

            rusty… Nice weekend to get in some golf… unless you were in GA or SC, that is. I dont have much time for golf anymore with 2 boys fully engaged in travel ice hockey and a 60 hour work week. And yes, MSLSD is the appropriate call letters!

            Have a great day, rusty! 🙂

  • joediluzio

    I am trying to figure out what ” Booker received ..from the GOPERS in exchange for this little speech !! Please don’t insult the common sense of the American Public ..The Question is WHAT WAS IN THIS FOR HIM!! ..He would like to be a little more than the Mayor of a small NJ City..He and The Fat man had a little chat..prior to this public statement..The Fat Man with the Fat check..and a promise into Government ..Way to climb the political ladder” Corey!!

  • He really brought back recent memories of little rick santorum and his ranting of nausea about Kennedy. So I took it as his praise of President Obama and the Republicans simply missed the understanding of his words.They took it as praise of Bain instead.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Ohhhhh! He misunderstood. Anyone that disagrees with idiot Obozo must just misunderstand. He’s just not as smart as Obozo the savior of the universe. Everyone else is just too stupid to realize this.

  • markie G

    bain is no different than a mafia bust-out crew–remember goodfellas?—the restaurant guy is going under, deniro and liotta’s crew “invest” in the restaurant to keep him afloat, start maxing out the restaurant’s credit line while shipping and selling all the food and alcohol out the back door, then burn the place to the ground and collect the insurance on top of everything else—the only difference is that bain’s m-o was legalised in the 80’s under the reagan crew, who chose to stop enforcing anti-trust and securities laws

  • You got asked your self what was mayor cory booker thinking when he made those comment on meet the press. With friends like that who need,s enemy,s i could not believe my own ears. I am disgusted with this so call democratic to me he is just another republican with comments like that they must love him i hope president obama do not have anymore friends like him. ken

  • If we were going to run the country like a business — as Romney insists — we would have just cut our losses and sold the South to Mexico a long time ago.

  • MO23

    Just thought of a great title if Joe ever writes an autobiography: “Kneepads; My Career as a “Journalist” Covering for the Left”

    • ObozoMustGo

      MO… Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahah….. bwaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha

      You get the gold star of the week award for that line. Congratulations!

      There’s only a few of us here fighting the good fight in this sea of leftist insanity. Anyone with eyes knows that Joe Conason is absolutely coordinated with the Obozo reelection propaganda machine as a useful idiot of the left.

      Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  • Cory Booker’s performance on Meet The Press was embarassing and disappointing. To “throw President Obama under the train” was very disappointing and Booker’s performance exposed a man who can be easily bought by the highest bidder.
    As a former legislator and proud Democrat, I find Cory Booker to be intellectual dishonest.

    The Senator10

    • ObozoMustGo

      Nadine… thank God you’re a FORMER legislator! I’m just sayin…. 🙂

      Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  • nomaster

    Politicians are politicians, so goes the story. Left hand-right hand / right-hand-left hand they are all the same. And, the lobbyist goes on smiling.

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