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Monday, October 24, 2016

Yes, the Republican nominee for vice president Paul Ryan (R-WI) is lying. Pointing this out isn’t a Karl Rove “turn a strength into a weakness” campaign ploy – as it was in 2000 when Republicans accused Al Gore of exaggerating his achievements. And this assertion of fact isn’t based on Ryan’s marathon time exaggeration or even the purposeful deceptions in his Republican National Convention speech. It’s who Paul Ryan is. And knowing this is crucial to understanding what Ryan proposes.

Let’s be clear, as the president often says: Paul Ryan’s entire reputation is built on a lie. By elevating him to the national spotlight, Mitt Romney – who is no friend of the truth – unwittingly has done America a great favor.

Ben Smith at Buzzfeed gives credit to Romney and Ryan for honestly laying out their plans to cut domestic programs and taxes. But Smith is completely ignoring the lies that the Republican ticket is using to sell these cuts.

Pointing this reality out is the duty of anyone who wants the American people to know what exactly is at stake in November. Medicare cannot be saved by doing what Paul Ryan proposes. To let him get away with campaigning on that promise is to promote that lie.

Let’s put Ryan’s lies into context.

In 2010, Paul Ryan released a budget that confirmed many of America’s worst fears about the Republican Party. The “Ryan Plan” cut Medicare and turned it into a voucher program. It slashed every federal program for the poor and the middle class. And it would have privatized Social Security.

The point of the budget, Ryan said, was to deal with the mounting debt. But why then did it feature tax breaks for richest Americans that virtually erased any potential debt reductions?

It’s simple. As Matt Miller at the Washington Post has noted, Ryan is masquerading as a fiscal conservative.

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  • dtgraham

    It’s so odd that he would lie so brazenly about something easily checkable that no one cares about. It’s only recreational running. No one really cares what time someone ran a marathon in except the person who ran it. Certainly doesn’t matter for his political career.

    Reminds me of an old Norm Macdonald routine where he says, “did you ever have a lie spill out of your evil head that accomplishes nothing?” “Someone asks you if you happened to see that movie with Madonna and the horse.” “You answer …yeah I did.” “Then later you’re pondering, now lemme see here—-how do I stand to gain by that lie?” “Then you realize, I stand to gain nothing by that lie!” “What did I say that for?”

    I particularly noticed the lie of “2:50:something” because I once ran a marathon in the year 2000 in 2:56:08. It was a hobby and I used to belong to a local running club. We all knew our personal bests in all events. Not something you’d forget. I never forgot any of my times and thought I’d run Olympic times.

    Ryan is getting pathological now.

    • Yes, The truth has become “Whatever I want you to believe” This has always been so to a certain extent but now I think it is pervasive and may represent a fundamental and terrifying change in the way we think.

    • dt, I am not surprised. Republicans, and their talking heads, know that most GOP members do not do any fact checking and that even when they find out their claims are inaccurate they continue to repeat them. Recent examples of that include the claim that President Obama is trying to destroy MEDICARE, which is bizarre and the exact opposite to the truth; and that he eliminated the welfare work requirement, which is also a lie and conveniently hides the fact that the requests for waivers from the welfare work requirement came from the Republican Governors of Nevada and Utah!
      Needless to say, Paul Ryan has perfected this practice to the point of deserving the honorary title of 21st century Minister of Disinformation.

  • After this election ——-in December, Hitler’s right-hand man, Joseph Goebbels, wrote: “The future looks dark and gloomy; all prospects and hope have quite disappeared.”
    And yet, only one month later, President Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor. Industrialists, bankers, large landowners and the military had pressured Hindenburg to appoint Hitler. They feared the growing strength of the working class and were convinced that only Hitler would do whatever was necessary decisively to defeat workers’ power.

  • The disinformation campaign champtioned by Rep. Paul Ryan, the Goebbels of the Grand Ole Plutocracy, only appeals to the uninformed, the ignorant and ideologues. His lies don’t surprise me, however, what else can a party devoid of viable options do? Let’s face it, they can’t talk about Romney’s tax plan, Ryan’s 3.5 page “plan” or their political platform because even they know that doing so would drive the middle class and Independents away, so what else is there to do but lie? The problem for them is that those lies can be easily challenged and exposed for what they are, and it will not be long before that happens and the only thing they have left are the zombies that believe people like Todd Akin, Tom Smith, Allen West, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, among others, are a gift from Heavens and listen to FOX and Rush Limbaugh for inspiration.

    • onedonewong

      Only the State Run Media has been able to twist his words into some sort of disinformation campaign as they jump thru hoops to tell the voters what he MEANT to say

      • How are ten different private enterprise news sources “State Run Media”, (only in the mind of a paranoid). Ryan LIED about his marathon time, just as he lies in his campaign speech. No “State Run Media” put those lies about his one and only marathon “personal best” in his mouth. Ryan did that himself, no “State Run Media” involved. As for Janesville auto plant, with Romney elected in 2008, ALL auto plants of GM would still be closed today. Please don’t try to rehabilitate your severely intellectually dishonest Republican VP outright lying candidate.

        • onedonewong

          State Run Media = ABC,NBC,CBS, PBS, CNN, NYT, Wash Post are all part of the cabal, you think its normal that all the stations and newspapers all carry the top stories in lock step? the 1st 20 minutes of prime time news is IDENTICAL al with the WH take on the issues.
          No GM would still be around but the taxpayers wouldn’t have lost $300B and the majority of GM plants in other countries would have closed. Union wages would be in line with other countries auto manufacturing and bond holders wouldn’t have lost all their $$$.
          7 out of every 10 GM vehicles are built overseas and 78% of GM vehicle sales in Aug were to the US govt hence gubement Motors.
          I don’t need to defend Ryan all I have to say is compare him to Bitteeme the village idiot that’s loose

          • joyscarbo

            “….they’re coming to take you away, haha, hoho, hee…to the funny farm…where life is beautiful all the time….they’re coming to take you away!!!”

          • When you are so paranoid and so biased how can you even think? Oh, I see that you don”t. They are out to get you.

      • Just when I think you can’t get any dumber, you make a statement like that. None of American media is state run. It is in the UK, but not here. However, there is one that is run by Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers to promote rigtht wingnut ideology. Rupert Murdoch is being investigated in two countries, England and the United States and he is your mentor.

  • old_blu

    He can’t even tell the truth about something as trivial as how fast he runs. If he can lie about those numbers what about his budget numbers?

    • The problem is that if we allow people like Ryan and Romney to lie, like Kerry did when he was Swift boated, some people will believe those lies and react accordingly. We can’t roll over the way we did in the past and let people run over us and get their way; and since we have the truth on our side winning should not be a problem. We must all contribute, be proactive,..and vote!

      • old_blu

        You my friend are right, and I plan on being the first one in line to vote just to cancel out Bozo’s vote.

      • onedonewong

        Kerry was creep and tried to inflate his war record and was Exposed!!!!

        • Is that onedone wrong, or one doing the wrong? Kerry did not bring up his war record, it was brought out by someone else who only mentioned that he had the award. What the lying swift boaters did was evil, but then lying doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s list of things not to do anymore. Play like you are in a court of law and have to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt anything you say.

          • onedonewong

            Sorry Kerry used his “war Record” in his campaign

    • onedonewong

      Barak couldn’t even tell the truth about where he was born or that he is a card carrying socialist

      • old_blu

        Really? ——- I’m sorry about your mental illness, but you need to stop self medicating, or at least put the pipe down. (you and the don)

      • gahoof

        Dear onedone,
        You’re not paranoid . . . they really are out to get you.
        Sleep well tonight.

        • onedonewong

          Your not attempting to deny are you that barak is a socialist are you???

          • joyscarbo

            You must be getting REALLY SCARED you’ll have to deal with Barrack Hussein Obama being our president for 4 MORE years!!! I love it!! LMAFO!!!!! Be sure to tune in to the DNC and see how much more energy there is in N.Carolina!!! Are you peeing your pants yet, onewhoiswrong??!! Awww…there, there…it’ll all be over for you in Novemeber.
            BRING ON THE DEBATES!!!! teeheehee!! 😀

          • One done, Is your goal to see how stupid your remarks can be? Or, do you really want to change someone’s opinion? If you want to change mine, you will have to be smarter than you seem to be.

          • onedonewong

            I have no itention of trying to change your mind he’s your “Messiah”

      • Ond doing wrong. President Obams had his birth certificate television and the internet. You don’t want proof. Now, how do I know you are a citizen of this country? I haven’t seen your birth certificate and just so the entire country can be sure of your birth, can you pay to have 8 million copies made? How do I know Romney is a citizen of this country? His father was born in Mexico. Knowing that you don’t have a great education, let me point out something to you: A child born on foreign soil to an American citizen is a citizen. There were children born to Americans occupying Germany in the armed forces. However, also since you are so backward, I will explain to you that Hawaii is in the United States.

        • onedonewong

          You mean the one that his kids photo shopped

    • joyscarbo

      Ryan has absolutely NO humility at all….what is that old saying?…Ahhh…PRIDE goeth before the fall. Romney and Ryan will sadly never learn this very essential lesson. Maybe November and losing the presidency will change their minds. Who am I kidding? NAHHH!

  • WhutHeSaid

    Yes, it seems that 2012 will go down as the ‘Year Of The Whopper’.

    Having tested the waters with FOX News and the incredible right-wing spin machine, Republicans seem to think that everything we suffered over the Bush years can be wiped away with a little good old-fashioned bigotry and lot of good old-fashioned bullshit. Paul Ryan was chosen to keep the Republican base in the fold — especially the drooling Tea-Bigot vote, which has never entirely gone away. I don’t know how many times I’ve been scolded for calling out bigots for their irrational hate of President Obama, yet it’s always the fact that I called them on it — not that they aren’t bigots.

    Lies are nothing new in politics, and I personally never expected 2012 to be an exception. Yet the art of the political whopper has been elevated to new heights by this year’s GOP. As if the Tea Party whopper of ‘Taxed Enough Already’ being mouthed by Medicare-snorting old bigots isn’t enough (when taxes are actually the lowest in decades), we now have bald-faced bullshit spewing out of a Presidential candidate about something as easily verifiable as the welfare work requirement. And who can reconcile Multiple-Choice-Mitt’s Massachusetts health care plan with the ACA, which is it’s national twin? Never mind Romney’s position on anything, the question we need to ask is whether their is ANY position that he won’t change just to get elected?

    Does anybody remember the last (now unspeakable — shhh) Republican President? Does the GOP really think that we’re going to take another bite out of that particular crap sandwich just because they insist how tasty it has become? They don’t want to talk about Bush because it reminds us that their policies are even more of the same plan to shower the already-wealthy with tax cuts while showering the middle class (and especially women) with something quite different. And how quickly they threw Todd “legitimate rape” Akin under the bus when, in reality, Paul Ryan is Akin’s legislative twin!

    There’s an old saying that goes “don’t piss down my leg and tell me it’s raining”. We’re all getting hosed down royally this year — and it doesn’t have anything to do with the weather.

    • onedonewong

      2008, 2009 2010 as well as 2011 have already claimed that title with Braka and Biden everytime they speak

      • One, you need to keep taking your medications.

  • It’s nothing new where he fail to tell the truth. I guess he can not tell the truth like he had a black girlfriend hoping that would convince blacks that he has good intentions towards them. Whatever tactic the Republicans can use to lie there way ahead, they will do just that. I do not trust them at all. Anyone who vote for them are doing so because the president is black. What happen to putting people in the office to represent everyone and not a special group of well to do people? I like the president views and he had worked very hard to try and work with the republican; and all they do was make mockery, kick mudd in his face and protect their wealth. They get all this free health insurance that we pay for; increase thier own salary and we all out here struggling while they laughing going to the bank. Pwople, we need to wake up and get these people out of the senate this coming November; Please!. If we pull together and get behind leaders who are for us and we stand together regardless of our background; ethnicity, sex and nationality; we can have a better life…get on baord. God Bless!!

    • Fitz, do you think this was girlfriend he took out in public? Why hasn’t she surfaced?

  • docb

    There is nothing else to say about someone who comes out of the box spewing the BIG LIE!
    He and romney have created a climate of lies, distortion, and deceit…because there is no there there!

  • William Deutschlander

    I do beleive that the Catholic Church, of which Lyin Paul Ryan claims membership, has a duty, an obligation, to call Lyin Paul Ryan aside and straighten him out regarding the sin of lying and false representation or deceit. If the Catholic Church fails to do so they are complicit

    I am not at all familiar with the Mormon Church but I suspect that they do not endorse lying or deceit either. If so the Mormon Church needs to take Mitt Romney aside and explain that lying and deceit are not acceptable to true Christians. Much of what Mitt and Bain did in business did not meet ethical or Christian principles.

    • CPANY

      Mr. Deutschlander:

      You addressed the Christian religions pretty well, but how about the Jews and Muslims? Aren’t you going to ask if those religions countenance lies?

      • cpany, and your point is?

        • CPANY

          Maggie Croft:

          My point shouldn’t be too hard to figure out: Mr. Deutschlander refers to a couple of Christian religions in questioning whether religions countenance lying. It seems odd that he would restrict his question to Christian religions and not other widespread religions such as Judaism and Islam.

          From your intercession in this matter, I assume that you want to answer for him. Do you? If you don’t, then perhaps you can explain the accusatory tone of your question.

    • Sorry, lying is a long accepted (sub rosa, and publicly repudiated) tactic on the part of the Mormons – it’s the basis upon which Utah gained its statehood. Google ‘Lying for the Lord’, and have a look at the history. Most religions practice this without admitting it, and if confronted with their lies wriggle like a worm on a hook. The rationale is that the ends justify the means, and if lying to you will save your soul, then it’s fine with God.

      Needless to say, I disagree with this.


    Paul Ryan is Romney’s stooge and Mittens Romney is the Kroch brothers’ stooge.

  • How about the big lie to gullible seniors? He is saving Medicare and Social Security. “I will take you to see the king,” said the fox to chicken little.


    Obama is giving the Muslim Brotherhood billions of our money; Obama and Clinton are facilitating the Brotherhood takeover of all Muslim countries, and more insidiously, is facilitating the colonization of the United States by these lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, misogynistic, bestial, pedophiles and parasitic plunderers of nations and this rag has the audacity to accuse Ryan of lying???

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

    As for me, I want all Muslims, Obamas, Clintons, Bush’s’ and their ilk out of my country!

    • old_blu

      You are also a lying bigot.

      • EARTHMAN1

        Old Blu:

        So, explain to me and the rest of the world where I’m wrong?

        • WhutHeSaid

          You have the wrong planet, Earthman. Try finding another, where asbestos tongues and bigoted hate for everyone except yourself is more acceptable. You obviously hate just about everyone (when you stop flapping your lying jaws long enough to think about it), and I can’t say that the feeling isn’t mutual.

          • EARTHMAN1

            Oh, how original and informative. What are you, about nine?

            Your ignorance is appalling. Muslims are here to colonize, enslave and murder all who refuse to surrender to Islam. Obama is their friend and fellow jihadist.

            What’s not to HATE about Islam and Muslims? They worship a psychopath, mass murderer, serial rapist; a clown who sliced off hundreds of heads of innocent people; was a psycho who screwed his dead aunt while the gravediggers looked on; enjoyed sodomizing little girls and boys; sheep, goats and ewes, but his greatest love was killing people and looting their homes and towns; murdering all the men and boys who reached puberty; rounding up the young women and girls and little prepubescent boys, keeping a few and selling the rest of them into slavery. Old Muhammad was into blood, pain and money (may pigs dig him up and poop on his bones)!

            In other words, Muhammad was the perfect commie/socialist/fascist/Nazi/psychopath democrat. He was just a little ahead of his time.

            His Muslim slaves will make good targets for 1400fps bullets!

          • WhutHeSaid

            You may yet win the ‘Moron of The Year’ award for your stupid and sophomoric rants. We get it — you are the pride of your trailer park, win every beer-fart contest, and have warm dreams about your pickup truck.

            Remember this, little fella — bullets travel just as fast from a weapon no matter who fires it — be it Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Democrat, Republican or sniveling, slobbering Tea-Bigot cowards with big mouths. Take that to heart.

          • EARTHMAN1

            Hey dirtbrain. You still haven’t done anything but ignore my comment.

            Aren’t Muslims mass murderers, serial rapists, pedophiles? Didn’t Muhammad the psychopath slice off the heads of hundreds of Arab Pagans, Christians and Jews? Didn’t Muhammad the pedophile sodomize a six year old girl, Aisha, and rape her at age nine?

            Come on motormouth, am I lying or telling the truth about these filthy lying, cheating, stealing, looting, plundering, clitoris whacking punks called Muslims???

            Back up your talk, jerkoff. Show me where I’m wrong!

          • WhutHeSaid

            I don’t debate with nitwits. You are obviously a troll, know nothing about the history of religions, and couldn’t find your way out of your own personal toilet with both hands and a flashlight. People like you are just the last plaintive squeal of knuckle-dragging bigots that the world has already written off.

            Enough with the whining and squealing — just pull the flush handle already before the rest of us are forced to do it for you.

          • EARTHMAN1

            That’s because you’re emptyheaded. I can tell by your B.S. that you know nothing and lie and pretend you know something. You’re pathetic and you probably crawl off your mommy’s couch and vote.

            When we round up all the dirtbag Muslims and send them packing, I hope you’re attached to one of their filthy appendages so you can go too.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Like I said — I don’t debate with nitwits, and that goes double for rabid bigots and Internet trolls.

            What I can tell you though, little Hitler, is that we have places of ‘higher learning’ in this country for people who act out racist fantasies like yours: Prison. So you keep on trollin’, but don’t forget to be a good little bigot and behave, or we’ll snatch you up out of your trailer and give you a new home with ol’ Bubba — got it? Good.

          • EARTHMAN1

            You don’t debate at all. You seem to think you can control the message with your typically psychopathic fascist liberalism with the empty head.

            This is how Muslims debate.

            You lost before you opened your stinking mouth, rump ranger.

            I’ll say it again. You’re pathetic.

            Please, go join a jihadist group and blow yourself up. Nobody cares what you spew!

          • Earthman, and, you, graduated summa cum laud from Harvard, that is why you are so intelligent.

          • Hmmm, I don’t suppose there was any violence in the Christian Religion. The Spanish and French inquisitions are a figment of someone’s imagination. How about the 29 persons hung as witches in Salem?

            Now, tell me where you got your facts so that I can check them out.

          • EARTHMAN1

            I’m not defending any religion. Moral relativism is not an argument.

            You cannot justify the murderous actions of Ted Bundy by citing John Wayne Gacy.

            The issue is the murderous character inherent in Islam.

            People who vow to murder or enslave you may certainly be shot on sight.

        • You made the statements. Prove them.

          • EARTHMAN1

            It’s all in the Qur’an. Get off your ass and read it.

            The saga of Islamic murder and mayhem is carried in the newspapers of the world. Open up your eyes and read them.

            The “proof” is self evident.

            I don’t have to spoon feed it to you.

      • dtgraham

        He just arrived on Earth old_blu. He doesn’t know. He’s new here.

    • Earth to Earthman1 — does your planet contain oxygen or do you exist in an atmosphere entirely made up of methane gas?

      • WhutHeSaid

        Be careful, Bigspender — I believe he may have developed a fondness for Uranus.

        • dtgraham


      • Sam

        His planet has an atmosphere of Foxygen.

      • EARTHMAN1

        And you can prove me wrong?

        No, you cannot.

        You’re all hat and no horse.

        Oh, and you won’t find oxygen with your head up your ass, punk.

        • I wish paranoid persons would not forget their medications. Dudring the McCarthy era, peoples’ lives and reputation were destroyed by the bachmann of that era. All you had to do is say you saw someone talking to a Communist and that was it. During some of the mideast uprisings, in order to bring Democracy to that country, help was given. Just because those countries had a majority of Muslim does not mean that President Obama was supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. By the way, dipstick, what is wrong with a person believing in the Muslim religion? Are you advocating religious discrimination here?

          • EARTHMAN1

            It’s all in the Qur’an. Get off your ass and read it.

            The saga of Islamic murder and mayhem is carried in the newspapers of the world. Open up your eyes and read them.

            The “proof” is self evident.

            I don’t have to spoon feed it to you.

          • EARTHMAN1

            You are truly an idiot.

            You overlook the historical fact that Senator McCarthy was absolutely correct.

            As for Muslims, Islam is NOT a religion. Obama is indeed supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. He gave them $1,500,000,000.00 of our money when in fact they have published the fact that it is their intent to destroy the United States and enslave and murder all who do not surrender to Islam.

            “What is wrong with a person believing in the Muslim religion?” you ask.

            Obviously you know nothing about Islam. It is the most brutal political ideology ever infecting this planet.

            The fact that you believe Muslims are seeking “democracy” through their phony Obama instigated “Arab Spring” proves you know nothing about Islam, or Obama for that matter.

            Read the Qur’an Dhimmi so you don’t come across as a six year old girl. Muhammad was sodomizing Aisha when she was six years old.

            95% of all little girls owned by Muslims have had their clitorises sliced off. (In Islam, children are not human until they reach puberty. Little boys and girls are sex objects passed around to fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles and friends of the family. Over 90% of all Muslim boys have been serially sodomized. Is this how you want to live?)

    • You’re dellusional.

      • EARTHMAN1

        So, are you saying the Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t sworn to destroy the United States from the inside?

        Are you saying they haven’t stated their intent to conquer, enslave and murder all Americans who refuse to surrender to their brainfart called Islam?

        Are you saying Obama hasn’t given the Muslim Brotherhood $1,500,000,000.00 and forgiven billions more of Egytian debt?

        So, where am I wrong on that?

        Take off your slave “hiqab” and breathe a little, Dhimmi.

    • earth, This is my country, too, you stupid jackass! Let us see some facts. That means they are proven by reliable sources, not the dingbat Minnesota should be ashamed of sending to Congress.

  • quasm

    Mr. Sattler;

    Yes, I had my earnings extorted from me to pay the Social Security tax. Although not rich, through frugal management my retirement position is comfortable. Without Social Security it would be much better. Those countries which allowed privatization of retirement programs have provided significantly greater returns to their citizens than has our Social Security boondoggle.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • Dave_dido

      If you were to include disability insurance and spouse/survivor benefits you would find that your private plan is not much better than Social Security, if at all better. Had we gone to a private system at the turn of the century, my guess is that most people would have invested in mutual funds and would have seen their retirement plans wiped out when the stock market tanked. For those who are wealthy it wouldn’t matter- they’d have other resources to fall back on. But the working class would have been terribly hurt.So,once again,this time on the issue of privatizing Social Security, we see the Republican Party on the side of monied interests, the Dems on the side of working people. I don’t want to be judgmental, but working people need to be reminded regularly about who is on their side politically.

    • Sure, your private investments would have looked swell after the GFC…that’s if they had not already been wiped out by the dotcom crash only a handful of years prior.

    • Quasm, name the countries so I can check it out.

      • quasm

        Chile is one country.

  • Melvin Chatman

    This is a Mission for the Catholic Bishops to handle – a Rogue Member giving their Religion a Bad Name and setting a “Bad” example for it’s younger Members – “Just Sayin”

  • sisterH

    Paul Ryan is a man of great integrity.
    The dems on the other hand have to bus in people and put them in matching t-shirts to stand behind the president.
    It makes my skin crawl when I listen to the libs.
    I wonder if some of these comments are written by people working on the campaign. I can imagine they have hired people to do nothing but respond on these sites.
    I have been listening to the radio when uneducated people call in and read from a script. They can barely speak properly and they are using words they don’t even know the meaning of.
    The entire Obama presidency has been scary —-so fake so staged so commercial
    These are the people who lack integrity. The manipulators
    FOlks Folks Folks what bullshit!

    • joevyusi

      If you are a professional liar, you don’t believe on people who are telling truth. Again you are showing your true color. Racist idiot, educated or not in America they have the right to express their opinions specially on matters related to the gov’t. I know you are educated as you said,and you finished grade school, right.

    • When you go to a steak house, do you complain that they serve mostly steak? Do you go to a concert and complain that they only want to play music? Do you go to church and comlain that they only want to talk religion? Of course not! So why do you come to a liberal-leaning website and complain that the posts are mostly liberal?

      By the way, your first sentence is so irrational it scares me. Ryan himself admitted he had not told the truth about his marathon, yet you still think he has integrity.

      He coudln’t even talk straight when he was retracting his lie. He said he should have rounded it to 4 instead of 3. He did not round, he said, 2.5o something, so hie lied about his lie.

    • Since projection is a stock standard tool in the kit of the of the hi-jackers of the GOP, I conclude from your accusation that you are probably a paid shill working for team RR.

      If you listen to their accusations about everyone else, these people tell you exactly what they are up to in nearly every case.

  • Like the cartoon character, I note a elongating of Ryans nose getting longer, perhaps if the lies stopped, he would not be so disfigured. Carol Ann


  • bigg12u2

    (R)yawn can’t even tell us his real marathon time? Is that really something to lie about?…since he’s only ran one marathon 22 years ago…this guy is pathological. Is this what we need in these sensitive times? NO..HELL NO ! We need to know that good or bad the story is realiable…Obama has done that…whether the (R)etards want to admit the truth or not….BUSH is still to blame for this countries downfall….polling shows that people have finally started paying attention to reality… and accepting things as they are and the knowledge to make them better …one step at a time !

  • Let’s be clear, as the president often says: Paul Ryan’s entire reputation is built on a lie. By elevating him to the national spotlight, Mitt Romney – who is no friend of the truth – unwittingly has done America a great favor.

  • History lesson: After this election ——-in December, Hitler’s right-hand man, Joseph Goebbels, wrote: “The future looks dark and gloomy; all prospects and hope have quite disappeared.”
    And yet, only one month later, President Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor. Industrialists, bankers, large landowners and the military had pressured Hindenburg to appoint Hitler. They feared the growing strength of the working class and were convinced that only Hitler would do whatever was necessary decisively to defeat workers’ power.

  • Paul Ryan is the biggest liar of all times, after his body Willard Romney the world’s tax cheats. Willard Romney was indoctrinated by his fake Mormon faith to lie to none Mormon. The Mormon church and Islamic religion are in cohorts against this country of ours.

  • I am not a Mormon,an Islamist, (or a Muslim), however, I find it repulsive to belittle the Mormon’s and Islamist’s as a whole. I have known and worked with people of both faiths, and they were all “stand up” people. GROW UP!!!! The faithful masses of both orders are, for the most part, good people. As are most Jews, Christians, Hindi’s, etc. The world is full of people of faith. Not all believe exactly as you may like, but they deserve the same respect as people of your own faith. Otherwise, we are no better than the Jihadist’s, and any other Militant faction bent on the destruction of others.

  • onedonewong

    Imagine the Dem’s convention when Barak lists his accomplishments as President and there is silence for 10 minutes as he tries to come up with just ONE

    • WhutHeSaid

      Just pissing off utter ding-dongs like you is enough to get my vote.

      • onedonewong

        Yep with another term barak will have 85% of americans not paying any taxes

    • TKO

      Well, gee. He could talk aboput saving the country from A Great Depression.He could talk about saving the auto industry. He could talk about healthcare (first HC Bill EVER passed). He could talk about ending the war in Iraq. He could talk about jobs bills the GOP House wouldn’t pass, or all of the time taken up in defending raising the debt limit, which the House insisted on pursuing for the first time in its history. Let’s see, how far does that take us? Oh, gee. The first night’s is over already.

      Shall we move on to night two?

      Let’s see . . .

      • onedonewong

        15% unemployment and $10 Trillion added to debt, fewer people working than at anytime under W’s 2nd term that is what you call saving???
        HC that 60% of the American people are opposed to??
        Ending the war with RECORD causalities every year he’s been CIC because his Rules of Engagement place more value on the lives of moooslims rather than our troops???
        Jobs bill you mean those Green jobs that cost the taxpayers $300,000 each??
        You mean the debt ceiling that he wanted increased by over $3Trillion when the greatest increase in our history was $750B because he was afraid what would happen if the issue was alive come Nov???.
        I hope they use EVERY one of your ideas!!!!!

        • One, keep talking. You are only proving how ignorant you are. Todays statistics from the National Labor Relations Board show that unemployment is 8.3%

          That is still too high, but what has Congress done to fix the problem? Obama has submitted a jobs bill that can’t get passed because, as Mitch McConnell says, he must be made a one term president. The party means more than the country.

          Now, to find out why nothing is getting done, I am going to throw out a pretty big word for you – filibuster. Find out what it is, why was it enacted in the first place and how many times has it been used in the past four years compared to history.

          The Bible does not say, “Thou shalt not lie.” It says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

          You made the stupid statements, it is up to you to prove them,

          • onedonewong

            The U6 is 15% and has been for over a year. But hey your Messiah is never wrong.
            What has Congress done??/ Well we know that spending $5 TRILLION sure didn’t generate 1 job NOT one. Ther are FEWER americans working today than at any tim under W’s 2nd term.
            Filibuster?? Yu mean when the Dems had 60 votes in 2009 and 2010?? How did that work???/
            99% of all my posts are factual

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Because Ryan just lies too much. I feel ashamed to hear an American tell so many lies like Ryan does. He is not even ashamed of doing it.

  • bobfend

    Reminds me of the title of that great Paul Simon album…’There goes rhymin’ Simon” except now its “there goes Lyin Ryan”

  • Just another Rich Kid that influenced his way to Washington at age 21. Served as a political hack and gofer, until he was elected to the House. Ryan never had a, “real,” job in his life.

    He wants the Bush Tax Cuts extended; then, yet, ANOTHER Tax Cut for the Rich. He loves subsidies for the Big Corporations; unless they compete with Big Oil. Today, Ryan is against the Wind Subsidy because, in Iowa, Wind provides 20 percent of the State’s Energy.

    His dirty little secret is that he voted for all of the Bush expenditures; even though there was no plan to provide the revenue for the reckless spending. Now he wants the Moms, Pops, Grands, and the Children to pay for their over-indulgences. What kind of Sickness is that?!

    The Ryan Bunch have come to accept, “Relativism,” as their new strategy and creed. Meaning; Truth is what Ryan says it is. There are no longer any moral absolutes, or moral imperatives. Every thing is Relative, to what needs to be done to accomplish the Mission. If it takes lying, stealing, and piling on the Poor – – so be it! The End Justifies the Means! Machiavelli, is live and well, and residing in the GOP. The Money Worshipers have put the Ten Commandments in their Archives.

    The Republicans borrow and spend. They don’t pay for anything – – as evidenced by the Bush Administration. What the GOP has been doing, is the very thing Thomas Jefferson feared: borrowing and spending money with no accompanying tax to pay for same. Bush Senior called this practice, “Voodoo,” Economics. When he tried to put through a Tax Increase to pay for the Iraq War, he was soundly defeated in his run for re-election. These people have no concept of equity or fairness. Greed and selfishness permeates their daily lives and their political aspirations.

    Everyone with an Ounce of Intelligence, knows that Bush II, left Obama with one hell of a mess! The Country still hasn’t recovered from the, “Great Wall Street Heist;” and, the Nuking of Main Street. Buffet has called the sub-prime loan debacle; the Credit Default Swaps, and, the Tricky Derivatives, Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction. Hell, Folks, we don’t need less Regulations – – we need MORE! to protect the Nation from the Rent Seekers – – who produce nothing!

    One needs to keep in mind too, that Reagan, Bush, and Chaney; all said that, “Deficits Don’t Matter!” And, they certainly didn’t, as BOTH Administrations more than DOUBLED the National Debt.
    Make no mistake about it! The Rich Wall Street Banksters – – aided by Congress – – brought this Nation to it’s knees. The Greedy Multi-National Corporations sent 20 Million good Middle Class jobs over seas during the past 35 years, for the sole purpose of further enriching themselves. The GOP and the Rich have no regard for the Public Good. They are EXTRACTORS, not Creators. And, they are using their new religion of, “Relativism,” to undermine any semblance of Moral Authority that stands in their way. Remember, Dear Minions: The Truth is What the Rowe Propaganda Machine says it is! The Tyranny of Relativism is the new Game in Washington.

  • Sand_Cat

    Is there anything else about Paul Ryan to talk about?

  • onedonewong

    Not scared all the polls show Romney ahead and 59% of Americans now agree that Republicans will win the WH

  • onedonewong

    ayukkk ayukkk good one

  • onedonewong

    Strage that ABC< NBC and CBS all covered the Dems convetion last night and only NBC covered the Republican 1st night convention wonder why??

  • onedonewong

    For the same reason that baraks homo boyfrind waon’t come out. but his roomate that witnessed it has

    • Absurd lie from the Tea Party haters.

      • onedonewong

        Its available from the web just google Sinclair and Baraks pole desires. He said he would take them 2 at a time

  • onedonewong

    You mean like barak claiming that he created 1 million jobs

    • In fact, he did.

      • onedonewong

        Then why are there more americans unemployed than at anytime during W’s 2nd term?? and the rate went from 5.6 to 8+. Guess you and baraks cyphering isn’t too good. That’s 1 of the reason why people want him to open his college records. Seems his diploma was photo shopped just like his BC

  • as far as medicare is concerned ryan wouldnt know how to tell the truth if it him inthe face. Although heand obama have te same amount in cuts to the program, the difference with ryan’s plan and obama’s plan is that with ryan he takes benifits from those that need it most and gives it back to the insurance companies, and opens the donut hole back up for seniors with their presicription drugs making them pay up to 2000.00 if not more for prescription drugs. obama take the money from the insurance companies , puts it back into the program, thus closing donut hole on prescription drugs for seniors. not to mention ryan wants to turn medicare into a voucher program which would further make cost go up thus destroying the program as we know it now.


  • After all the lies he’s told, why would anyone believe ANYTHING Ryan says?

    No, he didn’t run a marathon in under three hours — and now he’s been forced to admit he didn’t.

    He lied about the GM plant in Janesvile, Wisconsin that was closed while George Bush years, in December 2008: but Ryan in his speech at the Republican Convention falsely blamed the closure on President Obama. Now Ryan is wriggling, trying to claim he didn’t say it. (Which is yet another lie).

    There’s a reason why Paul Ryan is known as Lyin’ Ryan.

    And no, I do NOT believe Lyin’ Ryan climbed “close to 40” of the 54 “fourteener” peaks in Colorado.