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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

WASHINGTON — Here’s a chance for all who think Obamacare is a socialist Big Government scheme to put their money where their ideology is: If you truly hate the Affordable Care Act, you must send back any of those rebate checks you receive from your insurance companies thanks to the new law.

This is just common sense. If you think free enterprise should be liberated from Washington’s interference, what right does Uncle Sam have to tell the insurers they owe you a better deal? Keeping those refunds will make you complicit with Leviathan.

And here’s a challenge to Mitt Romney. You are running a deceitful ad about waivers the Obama administration has yet to issue based on rules allowing governors to operate their welfare-to-work programs more effectively. Will you please stop talking about your devotion to states’ rights?

Up to now, you were the guy who said that wisdom on matters related to social programming (including health insurance) lies with state governments. Five governors, including two of your fellow Republicans, thought they had a better way to make welfare reform work. The Department of Health and Human Services responded by proposing to give states more latitude. Isn’t that what honoring the good judgment of state governments is all about?

Oh yes, and if Romney thinks Obama is gutting welfare reform, I anxiously await his criticism of Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Gary R. Herbert of Utah, GOP governors who requested waivers. If Romney means what he says, doesn’t he have to condemn those who asked Obama to do what Obama did?

Political commentary these days is obsessed with the triviality of this campaign. Most of it is rooted in the refusal of conservatives to be candid about the implications of how their beliefs and commitments would affect the choices they would have government make — and how these differ from the president’s.

In Romney’s case, this often requires him to invent an Obama who exists only in the imagination of his ad makers. So they take Obama’s statements, clip out relevant sentences, and run ads attacking some strung-together words that have a limited connection to what the president said. In the welfare ad, Romney lies outright.

106 Responses to Will Conservatives Reject Obamacare’s Rebates?

  1. Judging by the enthusiastic endorsement of government-sponsored healthcare made yesterday by Andrea Saul, a member of Mitt Romney’s campaign, I think it is fair to conclude that Mitt and the GOP are ready to take credit for ACA! It is hard to run away from our own record…
    Some Republican Governor, such as Florida’s Rick Scott, already announced their decision to reject Federal funding for the MEDICAID expansion needed to make affordable healthcare available to the poor and some middle class families. I thought it was interesting to hear the Florida legislature, which is 2/3 Republican, tell the Governor not so fast. I would not be surprised if the enticement of a monetary windfall makes ideology an inconvenient obstacle.

    • It has always been that way in the past, why should ACA be different. The big challenge for the Feds is making sure that the States spends the money as required. Do not forget what happen when Bush was Governor of Texas – they Feds came to get the money back for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan because they were not spending it on covering children.

  2. Insurance companies, Wall Street, Banks, Oil companies….BIG LOBBYISTS …..BIG MONEY. Is it really any wonder why these industries have been allowed to “RUN AMOK”?
    OOOOOOOHHH, OW….OUCH. NOW under the ACA (also known as a Obamacare), we that have been RIPPED OFF, all these years, may get rebates……..SO SORRY ROMNEY….should have hung on to ROMNEYCARE as your claim to fame. But Rick Santorum made you cave…..WEAKLING that you are.

  3. ok the new ad the DEMS super-pack put out about that guy and his wife,s passing . and my heart gose out to him and his love ones. but as far as the add gose thy (the GOP) is calling the ad a lie . well all those things did happen to that guy and his family right ? ir anything some of the ad might been taken out of contence ( or how ever the words spelled ) takeing words out of CONT. like that , what is out of line and unheard of ? and if so then who dose that the most ? turns words and lines around . the anti-christ did something good for the state of MA. and now its like he wishes he never did it . well now he says well it might be good for some states and not for all states . first off if its good for one state then its your job to make it good for all states. whats next thy going to say red lights might be good for some states but not good for all states ? if its good for one then make it just as good for all . its too funny . that the anti-christ romney did do something good . and now he makes it seem like it was a mistake . you know already theres a lot of GOP that might not like romney and how he thinks ,feels, and dose things . but if he was to do and stand for the good things he,s done (witch are few and far between ) then i belive he very well might look better in the eyes of more ppl. it those GOP,S and the tea party ding dongs that are keeping this country at a stand still .and at a time im sure thy will be saying OMG i cant belive the countrys has stood still for as long as it has for this to happen . how would this of happen ? the anwser it that you the GOP ding dongs and the brain dead tea party hare too much and were eyes closed so much to ur hate that you let this happen ur self to the country and its ppl. Pres. Obama keep going and doing what ur doing . at least ur trying to help and ur hearts in the right place . and its better to have only 2% of the greedy bastards not likeing you then 98% of the ppl. not likeing you . and for you ppl. try to understand one thing . ITS A RACE THING (A HUMAN RACE THING ) HAVE A NICE DAY PPL. 🙂

    • The ad, in my opinion, highlighted several things including what happens when companies, and their advisors, put profits and personal wealth ahead of the interests of their workers; it also highlighted the flaws of a medical system that did not provide reliable and affordable healthcare to all Americans. Whether or not the claims made by Mr. Soptic are 100% accurate or not is immaterial, in part because that is the way he feels and he is entitled to his opinion but, most importantly, beccause the essence of the message is about a system that was, or is, grossly inadequate and unfair to most Americans and the need to transition to a more effective, affordable and humane system.

      • Businesses are not started to address the interests of their workers. They are started to make a profit by selling a product or service that consumers are willing to pay for. If what consumers are willing to pay does not provide enough revenue to pay expenses and leave a little for the owners that business fails and the owner and the workers are left without a job and benefits. Would you prefer that government subsidize every failed business?

  4. Andrea Saul let the genie out of the bottle when she stated in response to a political ad, that fairly or not, places blame for the death of a sick woman on Bain/Romney’s decision to close the plant where her husband worked and where the family enjoyed, among other things, company provided health insurance. Ms Saul admitted that had that family lived in Massachussetts they would have had health insurance coverage and she would have received the care she needed after her husband lost his job. Think about it, the Romney campaign admits that government-sponsored healthcare is more dependable than the system the GOP wants us to go back to. I confess, her admission left me dumbfounded as it shows that deep in their hearts many Republicans know that the draconian system of yesteryear was grossly inadequate and downright abusive, and that the system put in place by Governor Romney – and later by President Obama – ensures all Americans get the healthcare they need. Andrea, you deserve a gold medal!

    • Left leaning news media actually told the truth….
      CNN: Wife of steelworker in new Obama Super PAC ad still had job and health insurance after he lost his….

      Most think Saul should lose her job for not factchecking Obama campaign ads. I think the lesson took.

      • The lady lost her employer-provided insurance coverage when she was laid off, and since her husband had lost his job and insurance the family ended up with nothing. What I got out of the ad is not what the speaker said, including placing blame on Bain/Romney, but what it implies. The ad highlights the insecurity, and downright cruelty, of a healthcare system that does not provie consistent coverage and that excludes millions of Americans who can not afford the premiums. Ms Saul understood the essence of the ad, and reacted with unusual honesty by endorsing Romneycare and, by default, Obamacare. Another facet of the ad involves the role played by Bain/Romney in “solving” business problems. Instead of job creation, innovation, and the development of more efficient processes their focus was on staffing reduction, benefit cuts, and outsourcing. Hardly the kind of attributes we need to help us overcome the economic and employment problems we are having.

        • Dominik, the time span between the 2 layoffs was multiple years. Please stop. The story is sad indeed but no employer should have to bear the responsibility of a personal tragedy like this because he had to make tough decisions – regardless of whether you approve of Romney or Bain. If this is the case then it will effect every employer, everywhere and many of us are not rich, evil people.

      • Romney bankrupted 8 co in 9 yrs – all of them from 2000-2003 period and that’s why he is saying that he wasn’t CEO of Bain – it’s BS, As a CPA I can tell you that you don’t have to be CEAO but whne your name is still as the owner and even in transition UR responsible in absentia. U put your signature on all doc. His profit and investors are very lucrative Here is some of them
        AMP AD = Profit 102 M – bankrupt – in 2002
        DDI Corp. Profit 36M – bankrupt in 2003
        Dade Behring profit 365M – bankrupt in 2002
        Damon Corp Profit. 1.5M barely alive
        Details Corp. profit 83M – bankrupt in 2003
        GS Industries profit 65M – bankrupt 2001
        Stage Stores (short lived) profit 100M – bankrupt in 2000
        Worldwide Grinding profit 16.5M and bankrupt in 2001.
        All employees from these corp. are laid off., lost their insurance, some lost their pensions and in one Gov. have to step in rescue pension. They rehired some of the people with less pay and no benefits or they have to pay more than employer was willing to pay, so people lost it in a big way, while he and his investors made millions. Don’t forget they loaded the co with loans, you have to have at least 20% of your own money to get millions in loans so they used the investors money and loaded with fed(taxpayers money) and restructure. And here is the loop that they possibly used. When you have a loans and part is forgiven or all of it its called COD. Usually COD income is taxable (if you have your debt forgiven then it’s your income). If they are loaded with more debt than assets then they can claim insolvency then their COD is FREE of Fed Taxes to the extent of that insolvency. If they file for Bnakrupcy Title 11 and any COD occured in the proceeding is also free of fed. tax. Title 11 gives us Chapter 7,9,11,12,13. I am sure that they use one of these tactics to not pay much in taxes and most likely it was Chapter 7 (called total liquidation) where court appoint a trustee to sell all available assets to pay debt.
        COD imeans Cancellation of Debt not Cash on Delivery.
        If one family member have insurance it’s not necassary for the other to carry because it’s expensive and more costly to the primary carrier. Even with so called coordination of benefits. So if he lost his insurance and hers picked up the tab still, insurance did not have to pay for preexisting condition. They have the right to refuse (not anymore under ACA) and it was too late for her. Hate to tell you , same situation was with one of my neighbors (nothing to do with Romney), he lost his job and health insurance because he was having too many claims (wife had cervical cancer), she worked full time at Insurance Co. and they gave her insurance but refuse to pay for continuation of her treatments. She tried Cancer Center of America, Mayo Clinic etc. Her bills were staggering. Died 6 mos later in horrible pain. She was only 48 yrs old, it could have been prevented if the insurance paid for her treatment (she was stage 3), but the break of 6 mos between treatments did her in. So insurances refuse to pay 350K to save a life but they don’t blink an eye and pump millions in ROmney campaign, because they will ghet their money back +. I hope to God you don’t have to face same problem. ACA is lifesaver for some. We all swim in the same ocean, will you let somebody drown because they don’t know how to swim??? Will you not help them to keep the head above water or teach them how to swim??? I guess you heart and common sense and the real truth to life challenges is gone with the first tide.
        That’s what Obama is trying to do, but people like you ignorant, put money, power and greed above your country and countrymen. What’s in it for you???
        H/C sandwich or the $300/$600.00 stimulus from Bush (we are still paying for it.). Who got better deal – the rich got millions for years and you got measly 300/600 once. WOW.

    • It’s really hard work to manage an overwhelming amount of falsehoods. That’s why I say bring on the debates! Can’t wait to see Mitt Shit his pants in public

    • It’ really hard to stay consistently loyal to a phethora of falsehoods…that’s why I say bring on the debates so the world can witness Mitt shit his pants under hot lights in full view of the world

      Looking forward to Mitt’s SHAME-O-RAMA at the hands of OBAMA!!!!

  5. Cause Obamacare Is RomneyCare!! Duh How You Going To Get Rid of Something You Put In Place in Your Own State When You Were The Governor!!! Makes No Sense Just More Butt Kissing Of The Right Wing NUTS!!!

  6. All of it should be rejected AND all 2700 pages of it should be thrown out and burned. Obozocare is a complete disaster from start to finish. It is also a HUGE TAX INCREASE on Americans. Throw it out. NOW!

    Have a nice day!

    “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • It’s a good thing for you that old Abe isn’t around to see you quoting him — he’d undoubtedly whup your ass.

      • Gosh…I sure hope ‘ObozoMustGo’ starts reading a whole lot more Abraham Lincoln quotes. And I hope he reads a whole lot more about Abraham Lincoln’s early, formative years…and his later adult ones including his being a Senator from Illinois (like Obama) and his presidency. Who knows…’ObozoMustGo’ might even become a Lincoln scholar!!!…I share ‘ObozoMustGo’ s admiration for Lincoln…and have read most of Carl Sandburg’s seven volume classic biography of Abraham Lincoln…as well as other books and articles about Lincoln. He was the first…and greatest…president the Republican Party ever gave America. With the exceptions of Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower…the Republicans have gone downhill ever since.

        Lincoln was promoting democracy in that quote above from ‘ObozoMustGo’…at a time when much of the world was still mired in monarchies, aristocracies, oligarchies, theocracies, military dictatorships, emperors, sultans, etc….with no hope for any say or control of the direction of those ‘conservatively ruled’ countries by common people of those countries. Lincoln was fighting the southern secessionists to keep a growing, ruthless slavery-expanding southern aristocracy from forming a separate country on US soil and eventually taking over the entire USA. The south did dominate Washington D.C. politically until Lincoln was elected…but they refused to abide by the results of a free and fair democratic election…by engaging in an illegal armed uprising and attempt at secession. It is settled law. Secession is illegal. Period.

        • Alas, Bozo is only quoting Lincoln in an attempt to excuse his hate for Obama (because he’s black, of course). He’s been out here foaming at the mouth about Obama forever, using any excuse that he can muster other than a rational explanation. It’s sort of like the drooling bigots in the Tea Party who gush over Allen West because, somehow, proclaiming admiration for a black man who is also a right-wing nut job proves that they aren’t bigots and are therefore free to spew out Kenyan Socialist conspiracy theories that are just obvious covers for their racial hatred.

          I hope I’m wrong about Bozo, and he can turn a new leaf. But I won’t hold my breath waiting.

    • Are you inferring that the people of the US should start some sort of up rising? Are you saying we Americans need to liberate ourselves? Form a militia and overthrow our government–or the world? Just asking, Bozo.

      Have a nice day!!!

      • It’s a quote from Abe Lincoln, Joy… read it again. Note the quotation marks surrounding the sentence and the name at the end.

        Have a nice day, Joy!

        “Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” – Abraham Lincoln

        • Hey, Bozo! I’m poking you, of course….I couldn’t resist…you do bring out the devil-democrat in me! LOL

          How are you? Wow…lots happening in the republican camp! Romney’s campaign had a golden opportunity to righteously balk at the negative ad about the unemployed steel worker who lost his insurance and his wife died of cancer. I mean, even I- an Obama supporter- don’t blame this tragic on Mitt Romney. It’s a cheap shot and not cool. But what was with Andrea Saul promoting Romneycare in response?! But I do have to selfishly admit it was quite priceless and really fun to see that super bitch, Ann Coulter, lose her mind on national television!! In fact, it was fab to watch all the gang at Fox News freak the hell out!! LOL! I’m sorry…I can’t help it. But it is kinda like payback for all the birther conspiracy theories and negative ads put out by Romney Superpacs. Makes you wonder why they’re sending all the cash his way, huh?
          Seriously, though….The republican party seems to be splintering and polarizing- not a good look if they’re going to win in November. I mean, damn! The nation conventions haven’t even taken place!! This is all very problematic. From your perspective, what is going on with the Republican Party?!!!

          Have a really great weekend with your family. My husband and I are going to relax and enjoy the good weather. Hope that your family is well!

          • Hi Joy! Nice to hear from you. And, sorry, but I take it as my role to bring out the demoncrat in ya! hehehehehehe 🙂

            As to the ad… the truth is that all is fair in politics and war. Especially when your opponent is a pack of Chicago thugs…. which by the way I think would make a great ad for Romney… Can you see it now? A back room of Chicago thugs shaking down Boeing or Gibson Guitar….. hehehehehe… Also, I can’t stand all the bitchin and whining about the ad from the Repubs. Quit whining and fire back with an equally nasty charges. As bad as Obozo’s record is, he should be getting no more than 20% of the vote, and that’s from the most committed hardcore leftist freaks out there. But he’s a good liar and a good campaigner. Also, little known or talked about is where he is in the fund raising cycle that’s preventing him from spending until after the convention. So right now, legally he’s in a position where he has to do the rope-a-dope. And the Obozo campaign knows this and that’s why the attacks are happening right now the way they are. Politics is a much more interesting sport to watch when you know the behind the scenes strategies.

            As to the Republican party being torn apart… it’s nice conversation for lefties, but has no basis in fact. The old guard is getting thrown out and new blood is coming in. This is a good thing. And the DemoncRATS should do the same. It would be better for all America if we could get rid of the career politician who starts in Congress young and middle class and then somehow becomes ultra wealthy without ever having had a real job. I think you would agree with that one. Gotta run.

            Have a great weekend, my friend. Pass my right wing regards to Mr. Joy! 😉

            “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
            the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
            its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
            — Winston Churchill

          • “The old guard is getting thrown out and new blood is coming in. This is a good thing.”
            Who are you talking about here? Bush? Cheney? Rove? Limbaugh? Or, Romney? Boehner? Who?! I must know. Are the one’s who are leaving also the ones who are taking aim at the poor, disadvantaged and disabled, like Ryan? Cuz he’s coming on strong as the VEEP pick. His economic plan is a nightmare and has been condemned by the catholic church. Which side of the issue is Mitt on right now?? Is Mitt going to reign in Ryan and tell him that we must not take away what little the poor has left. Or is he going to be “severely conservative” and cut all social security to our seniors, saying, “Fuck em! They should have had their shit together a long time ago….Go live with your kids!” Has Andrea Saul been told yet that she doesn’t have a job? Did anyone tell Rafalka that he didn’t even win the bronze for all his fancy-prancing? He’s a tax loss again. Why was Mitt in such a snit that he couldn’t personally call Pawenty and Portmond and told them that they didn’t quite make the team. Instead, he sent his kid with the dumbest name: Tag. to share this news with Mitty’s friends that “they aint it.”
            Ryan just wants to create an An Rynd wordl Doesn’t that get you thinking a little bit? And catholics don’t like this…oh no….don’t think God or Jesus will co-sign it. Is this the old guard you speek of?

          • Hi Joy! What are you afraid of? Freedom and liberty? You leftist nutjobs scream and yell about anyone who threatens to tell America the truth about a government $16 TRILLION in debt on the books and another $99 TRILLION off the books in SS and Medicare. Both probrams trustees themselves see the financial disaster looming unless changes are made. If no changes are made because you and the other wackos on the extreme left scream and spread lies the loudest, the plans will terminate themselves and NO saftey net shall exist any longer. Which do you want? Responsible changes to save the plans, or no changes and eventual destruction of the plans? You make the call.

            Either you are a liar (which I doubt) or you believe the lies of the forked-tongued DemoncRATS who say Ryan’s plan will take away Medicare. Which one is it, Joy?

            Why are you not bitching and moaning about the $700 BILLION that Obozo has stripped from Medicare under Obozocare? Why? Maybe you need to check your hypocrisy at the door, my love! 🙂

            Fact is, that Ryan’s plan DOES NOT change anything about Medicare for anyone currently getting it, or 55 and over. And it, allow others who are young to have the choice of either providing for their long term needs or opting for government plan. That’s all it does. So stop lying about it, or being fooled by fear mongering, and stop scaring old people when you know it’s not true.

            Have a nice day!

            “A woman is the only thing I am afraid of that I know will not hurt me.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • So you think Romney Care is any better. Same principle Obama Care is taken from Romney Care. Think about it. Mitt is flip flopping again as he always does. The only reason why Romney is against it is because he was not the one who invented it. He invented Romney Care, and if he was elected and invented Romney Care for national insurance would he Congress and the county be all for it. Of course it will, a Republican came up with the idea and it is ok, but a Democratic came up with it, the ACA is wrong.

      • Romneycare is just as bad as Obozocare. The difference is that State’s actually DO have the power to enact such laws so long as the State Constitution does not prevent such laws. Further, a Mass. law does not affect anyone else outside of that state. The Federal law f*#ks ALL OF US!

        Read the Constitution and, in particular, the 10th Amendment.

        Have a nice day!

        “Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • You and your fellow members of the “Old Curmudgeons Club” Aka The Tea Party, should be setting an example for the rest of us by rejecting the socialist Medicare that you areundoubtedly using on a regular basis. Especially be sure to tell the govt that you don’t want any past of the unfunded Part D that Bush and guys pals rammed through on the middle of the night.

    • Did Lincoln say this before or after a sizable portion of his country rose up and tried to shake off the existing government? If he believed that this was a good thing why did he engage in a lengthy, devastating battle to prevent the south from using this valuable and sacred right. It didn’t liberate the world, it didn’t even liberate the south.

      • Hey InsaneJane! How are you? I hope you are well.

        What are you talking about? Are you suggesting that ending slavery was a bad idea? Are you suggesting that Lincoln should have let the south secede and keep slavery intact? Were the blacks not liberated from the Civil War?

        More broad question: Do you think there is a difference between the use of war for liberation and the use of war for conquest?

        Have a nice day!

        “Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • This is to all who are against the Affordable Care Act:
      If you get a refund from your insurance company because your rates have been reduced, please return.
      If you have a child in college that has not turned 26, please do not keep on your insurance policy.
      If your insurance company now provides preventative health checkups, please decline.
      Should you have a child with a pre-existing condition, please do not get insurance for them.
      Please tell your insurance company that you do not want them to lift the max. lifetime insurance coverage on you policy.
      Please tell your insurance company that you are ok with them canceling your insurance should you have a long term illness and they decide to cancel your insurance.

      Have a good day

      • And…

        If you are a woman, tell your insurance company that you decline well-woman visits and prefer to ‘roll the dice’.
        If you are a woman, tell your insurance agent that you truly believe that you should pay more for insurance than a man.
        Call your insurance agent and tell them that you wish they would take more money so that they can achieve at least a 100% profit.
        Call your insurance agent and tell them that you want less coverage, again, so that they can maximize their profit.
        Volunteer at least 10% of your income to pay for Tea Party people who refuse to buy insurance, preferring to ‘stick it’ to the rest of us by going to the ER for their checkups.

      • You can have it all back. Don’t tax me, and I don’t want your socialism.

        How about this for a really novel idea?: I work and pay for what I want and need. You work and pay for what you want and need. You live your life how you want to live it. I live mine how I want to live mine. I dont expect you to pay for my stuff, and you dont expect me to pay for yours.

        Robbing Peter to pay Paul IS STUPID GOVERNMENTAL POLICY! Only a fool believes otherwise. You can have it all!

        Have a nice day!

        “By rendering the labor of one, the property of the other, they cherish pride, luxury, and vanity on one side; on the other, vice and servility, or hatred and revolt.” – James Madison

        • Don’t worry, Bozo — there’s a clause just for people like you: The Individual Mandate. You can work and buy your own health insurance. But if you are a greedy deadbeat and refuse to get insurance, trying to stick the rest of us with your Hospital ER bill we’ll come and snatch that money away from you.

          • What… I know it’s a foreign concept to you leftist freaks but, I provide for myself and my family. I don’t need anyone else to pay for me, you loser!

            [click image to enlarge]

            Have a nice day!

            “By rendering the labor of one, the property of the other, they cherish pride, luxury, and vanity on one side; on the other, vice and servility, or hatred and revolt.” – James Madison

          • Yeah, that’s what all the selfish deadbeats say. You just make sure that you buy insurance and don’t try to stick the rest of us with your ER bill. If you do, Obama will come snatch that money out of your grubby little hands.

            Have a nice day!

          • What… 2 questions:

            1) so what you are saying is that I am selfish because I prefer to keep my own earnings?

            2) You and the leftist freaks are NOT selfish because you want to take my earnings and fund your bureaucracies?

            [click image to enlarge]

            THIS is what greedy and selfish is…..

          • I don’t want your money and neither does Obama. If you pay your own insurance bill that’s fine. But if you try to stick the rest of us with a hospital ER bill because you are one of those deadbeat cheapskate Tea Party types who snort public benefits hand over fist but squeal over paying their share — Obama’s gonna get you.

            So you just pay that insurance bill, and pay it good.

            Have a nice day!

          • You just remember to pay your bills or Obama will have to come straighten you out. You won’t want that, oh no!

          • Hey, settle down, OMG. Your going to get your blood pressure up and risk losing your coverage. Or your premiums will go up.

            Have a nice day!

          • Metro… I used to have high BP, but since I went back to regular excercise and gave up daily cheesesteaks and pizza, I’m down to 112 over 65. Thanks for the warning, though, buddy! 🙂

            Have a nice day!

          • Hey, congratulations, buddy! That’s down in my range. After I shed 55 pounds and worked out in the gym every other day. I didn’t give up on cheesesteaks and pizzas, but I did cut way back. I found out I like salads. 🙂

            Have a nice day!

          • Morning Metro! 55 LBS??? Awesome! That’s like losing another whole person, buddy! I’ve lost 27 lbs, need another 20 or 3o to be really thin. I started growing when I ripped muscles in my shoulder and could not lift weights any more. Used to be in the gym 6 days a week and had the magazine 6-pack abs. 500 situps with a 20 lb weight on an exercise ball 3x a week is the trick I found out. That’s long gone. BP went up, bad vitals went up. Reversing the whole scenario now.

            Try the Chick-Fil-A salads with the grilled chicken breast. They are pretty good and only 6 bucks.

            Have a great day, my friend!

          • 500 sit-ups! That’s impressive. About 400 more than I have ever done. I am one of the older guys – pre six-pack – I just lifted for strength – not the six-pack look. I just settled for a keg. I just used my 265-pounds, heighth and a menacing glare for intimidation and hoped no one would call me on it.
            I have a fondness for chicken salads. The local CoCos has an Asian Chicken salad that I like. I’ll have to try Chick-Fil-A’s. But – I still retain the right to be unopposed to gay marriage. Come to think of it, I don’t know what CoCo’s stance is on the subject.

            Have a great day!

            p.s. If those last 20 or 30 pounds get too difficult to lose, consider just working on a menacing glare.

          • That was in my mid 30s.. now mid 40s, I may have to work on that menacing glare! hehehehe

            I’d like CoCo’s too. I don’t care what any restaurant’s owner believes or says. I don’t eat his words, I eat his food. There was an NFL player (I forget who) that tweeted “I don’t care if Chick-Fil-A endorses slavery, their chicken’s too damned good to give up”…. hehehehehehehehehehehe

            Have a great day, Metro!

            “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
            the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
            its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
            — Winston Churchill

    • Does that advice also apply to RomneyCare?

      Hey, OMG, are you going to rise up and shake off the existing government? If so, I hope you mean to shake them ALL off. Don’t leave any vestige of our present government.

      BTW, I would be available for a nice, cushy job in your new government. I’m not greedy — something paying in the high six-figure area — work week from Tuesday through Thursday. Keep me in mind . . . Oh, and could we move the capital to Hawaii?

      Have a great day!

  7. Romney should return the insurance refund courtsey of ACA. He liked the plan before he hated it. Romney flip flops so much we should be selling flip flops with ROMNEY printed on them. We could make some money for the Obama campaign. The lies will come back to haunt him.

  8. GOP fear munging tactics.America is the biggest consumer market in the world..if these corporations decides to move overseas let them,
    and triple tax them for products they bring back into the US.and use the proceeds to generate work in badly needed sectors..roads, schools high speed rail etc..
    its just pure bolony that higher taxes results in negative growth..
    tell that to Switzerland with over 50% tax rates,with one of the best
    living standards in the world
    the irony is, that’s one of the places Romney has his starch

  9. I really can’t come up with a way to argue with someone who’s as obviously lying as Mitt’s campaign is. When the truth-value of campaign statements is irrelevant, the contents become “bullshit”. And there just isn’t a way to put BS in its place. Just when you get it trapped, it moves. And at the same time, besides saying “T’aint so!”, how does one counter the suggestion that a personal testimony, relating a personal feeling about a sequence of events that actually happened, is a “lie”. What are they? Mindreaders? Guess so. The delusion fits the position. And yes, the Republicans have been tasked with defeating “Obamacare” not because they or any of the citizens dislike what’s in it as it relates to health care. They hate the fact that their insurance company bosses are holding their feet to the fire to get rid of a program that reduces the overhead allowed from 33% to 15% — while the government-run program manages to administer the largest single-payor system in the world for less than 10%. And yes, before Bush took office, the private health insurance providers were also rocking along at about 10%. A lie is a lie is a lie. Don’t tell me “they all do”, cause they don’t. And don’t hold your breath for the Republicans to return the check they got from their insurer because Obamacare limits the ratio of premiums to health care paid. Just don’t hold your breath. But get ready to hear why it’s Obama’s fault they’re having to keep the refund. Just sayin (wink, wink).

  10. i bet not one consevatives will give back any money they get from their insurance companies.they all are or got the same obamacare that they are trying to get rid of. you were right JAREADGENE (romney gona wish he had claim)this one

  11. This cedrtainly isn’t the real mitt romney. He’s an imposter draged from the clown college of republican wannabes. The real mitt romney would follow in his father’s foot steps and be completely open unlike this imposter.

  12. Time to take out the garbage……

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “All that seems indispensable in stating the account between the dead and the living, is to see that the debts against the latter do not exceed the advances made by the former.” – James Madison

    • OH NO! Obama smoking a cigarette! Well, how could any red-blooded American vote for him after seeing that?

      As for Mr. Madison’s quote from you “Almanac of Obscure Quotations”: That’s a good theory. Doesn’t always work.

      Have a great day!

      • Metro… I was thinking of you today. I hope you and Mrs. Metro are doing well. 🙂

        Obozo is a closet smoker… I think the more pertinent message of the picture is him getting put in the garbage, my friend! LOL

        I think Madison’s quote is pretty much right on. Those that have their property taken DO, in fact, get sick and tired of it.

        Here’s one where Madison IS wrong. Clearly darkness has returned and we have the rise of despotism with Obozo and other areas of the world.

        “Despotism can only exist in darkness, and there are too many lights now in the political firmament to permit it to remain anywhere, as it has heretofore done, almost everywhere.” – James Madison

        Have a great day, Metro!

          • Metro… it is highly likely that he does still……….. just on the other side… And I can’t imagine that he would be happy with what Obozo or Bush have done to the Constitution that he authored.

            Have a great day, my friend!

  13. Here is what I truly don’t understand. As far as I can remember, the burden of providing health insurance to the employees of private companies has been a non-competetive disadvantage when trying to compete with foreign businesses. Why on earth would wealthy business owners be against some form of national health insurance paid for by taxing the entire general public?? Businesses here would then be on a more level playing field with businesses in England, Canada, Sweden, Japan, etc., etc.,—-

  14. Romney is a hypocrite in the largest sense of the word. He out and out lies when he twists the facts that he put in his ads, explains what he mean, and talks about his past. The good news is there are enough thinking Americans to continually increase Obama’s lead in the polls who do not miss the twisted truth that has become the Romney campaign strategy. The only way they can win is if they steal the election with their ID laws to suppress the votes or by out and out other means as in the Gore/Bush run for the White House. Our best ploy is to vote and to make sure everyone we know does so as well.

  15. I simply can’t understand how Dionne can manage to even begin to engage his keyboard enough to write a coherent sentence with that thing of Obama’s lodged in his throat.

    • Who did you get to type that post for you? You obviously didn’t do it yourself. Are you familiar with the term “sophomoric?” Why don’t you get back to your room with your buddies and giggle and laugh about your “clever” post.

  16. Serious question:

    WHAT rebate checks?

    Do you really expect us to receive checks from our insurance companies?

    Not trolling (this time).

    • RW… yes… The check’s in the mail…………………………….. Trust Obozo… just trust him…

      By the way, I am bridge salesman. I have many fine bridges on sale this week. Just respond to this post with your interests and I’ll get a deal done for you quick! I promise!!!! 🙂

      Have a great day!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      — Winston Churchill

      • OMG……… you have it all wrong……………..
        It is not Bridges that you sell……..

        You are a……… “Shit Merchant”…………………….

  17. Hey EJ! Anyone tell you that you’ve got the logic of a petulant 6 year old? Thanks to ObamaCare my Rx co-pay went from $40 to $50 per month. In ADDITION to a “new” $250 premium I have to pay at the beginning of the year. So should I get a rebate check, yes, I’ll cash it……and still despise the so-called ‘health care reform’ bill.

    As for Barry changing the definitions used in the workfare program – yes, that would also appear to be ILLEGAL. Not that being ILLEGAL ever stopped you liberals. FYI, Congress, not Barry writes the laws.

    Now go back and drink some more Kool Aid.

    • Grand…. sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! You’re not allowed to talk about the increases brought on by Obozocare. Now you’re gonne start getting letters from the IRS threatening you with an audit if you don’t shut your friggin mouth! GET IT????

      King Obozo = Congress irrelevant. He’ll just break whatever damned laws those low lifes passed whenever the hell he feels like it!!!

      Have a great day!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      — Winston Churchill

    • Koolaid, come on you must be drunk off of something GarandFan. I pay a little bit more to and I don’t make anything near 250k but I have no problem with paying a little more as long as at least one more person is covered. It isn’t going to make me miss any meals because I’m paying an extra 267.22 a year. Actually I feel pretty good about it because I know that at someone(now insured) is benefiting from my extra amounts. Why is it so frightening to help someone else. We give foreigners food stamps just for coming here, low interest business loans to buy a gas stations and somehow all of this is President Obama’s fault. I’m tired of hearing we want to take our country back………from who? And who do plan to give it to. This country was built on the backs of slaves and immigrants who worked like hell and now your whole problem with America is the President. Mitt Romney will never be the President of the USA and oh yeah buddy, President Obama will be re-elected.

      • Spoken like a true socialist. Why not just move to Cuba or North Korea. You can live the full dream. And don’t worry about not even earning $250k. Under Barry, you’re turn is coming.

        • You just keep snorting your Medicare Viagra and enjoying the warm sensation of the Koch Brothers hand up your butt. There are people in the world who understand social responsibility, but don’t worry your little self over it — the adults in the room will make sure none of the evil socialists get you. Nighty-night.

          • Why don’t you do a little research on the Koch brothers when it comes to ‘social responsibility’ – instead of swallowing the Kool Aid?

          • I was too busy laughing to Google anything. Thanks for being so ridiculous that you caused me to smile despite even finishing my morning coffee. I think you’re my new pal.

  18. When all else fails, blame welfare. A lot of ultra conservative Republicans, especially among the Tea Party, blame all of the social ills of today on welfare, eventhough welfare has been reformed since Clinton/Gore. Many States have adopted the welfare to work program, which is funded by grants from the government, for over twenty-years, and it has proven to work. But, when all of the what-cha-ma-gadgets has been used up in Romney’s Acme Bag O’ Tricks, he pulls out the ol’ trusty dusty welfare trick, which has proven to work in the past so efficiently. Even President Obama has acknowledged that much of the Affordable Care Act was adopted from Romney’s attempt to reform Healthcare when he was governor of his state. Much of President Obama’s jobs Act was adopted from Republican plans. It shows his willingness to reach across the aisle for the benefit of America and the American people, but Republicans and the Tea Party has adamently refused to do so. Why? … Are these the kinds of leaders we need? Let’s show them in November.

    • uhhhh…. Michel….. uhhhhh……… that would be ……… uhhhhhh….. NOT!!!!!

      Are you kidding me? Useful Idiots of the left only TALK a good game. They don’t actually follow what they say. For they know it would be sheer stupidity. Better to be a hypocrite and have his own money than to be poorer and stand on principle!

      Have a great day!

  19. It should apply to Romneycare, but I’m not in Mass. They get the crap they deserve. At least if I lived in Mass, I would have the option to move a few miles north to NH. Then again… it would be a cold day in hell before I moved to a leftist nutjob mecca like Mass anyway.

    As to the government, in a show of bipartisanship, YOU METRO, will be my Vice President. And I could not give you a work week so arduous in light of the work week the Joe “The Moron” Biden currently has. It just wouldnt be fair.

    Moving the capital to HI??? No. I sort of like the tradition of George Washington and the town that was built in his name. We could have a HI outpost, however, and the Veep would be responsible for “managing” it. Sound like a good compromise?

    Have a great day!

    “As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.” – James Madison

  20. Koolaid, come on you must be drunk off of something GarandFan. I pay a little bit more to and I don’t make anything near 250k but I have no problem with paying a little more as long as at least one more person is covered. It isn’t going to make me miss any meals because I’m paying an extra 267.22 a year. Actually I feel pretty good about it because I know that at someone(now insured) is benefiting from my extra amounts. Why is it so frightening to help someone else. We give foreigners food stamps just for coming here, low interest business loans to buy a gas stations and somehow all of this is President Obama’s fault. I’m tired of hearing we want to take our country back………from who? And who do plan to give it to. This country was built on the backs of slaves and immigrants who worked like hell and now your whole problem with America is the President. Do you guys think we are actually so stupid as to buy into you’re lies. Republicans and Tea Bags try to block everything that the President tries to accomplish and then say “see he not doing his job”. Mitt Romney will never be the President of the USA and oh yeah buddy, President Obama will be re-elected. I love all of the rhetoric thus far from the left-nuts but come November we WILL re-elect President Obama for another four more years and not because he has done everything we want him to but because mitt romney is about as good for the USA as Iran getting a nuclear bomb…………I’m sure that will be the presidents fault too……..right? Gimme a break!!!!!

  21. So let me get this straight. I spend $1000 plus a month for healhcare coverage and I might get back in a refund, at the end of the year, of $150 or $300. And this is because there is a HUGE problem where insurance companies are not spending enough of the premiums collected on medical services. And it is such a BIG problem throughout the industry that when all the numbers are corrected I will see just over 1% of my premium returned?

    And just how many government employees will be added to the payroll to ensure that this is properly regulated and that I actually get the money back?

    Thank you – Really.

  22. Joshua, is there any one single person in the whole world who has more power to stop Iran’s nuclear program than Obama? I don’t know of a sinlge person who can affect any change there except for him. And if they get it, you don’t think that will be 100% due to the policies he put’s in place?

  23. Joshua, I’ll bet there are some good charities in your area that would put that $267 to good use. You could even donate some of your time as well and feel even better. Or find a neighbor and help them with your $267. Then you won’t have to worry about 90% of it going to the empoyees just to poorly administer it. Your down and out neighbor could have the whole $267 and just think how good they would feel.

  24. Obozo, that was the funny watching you run them in circles. So first they tell you about all this great stuff you are going to get – and seemingly for free. But you say “It’s not free and I would rather buy what I feel I need, as I need it”. So they say they will take it from you. And you say “no thats not right”. And so they close by calling you names and showing you how selfish you are. This is a classic example of how these leftist arguments always go.

    But think about this for a minute. The individual mandate nowhere near pays for ACA, so where does the rest of the money come from? Higher taxes of course. And who pays those taxes? Upper income individuals (50% of our population) and businesses – who likely are already paying for coverage. And WhutHeSaid is worried about being screwed by that uncovered emergency room visit from you? Absurd!

  25. E.J. Dionne states “If you truly hate the Affordable Care Act, you must send back any of those rebate checks you receive from your insurance companies thanks to the new law.” By his standards then, if you liked the Clinton tax rates over the Bush tax rates, why not send in a check that matches the Clinton tax rates? Same thing.

  26. Seriously? Rebate checks?
    My health insurance premiums have increased 65% since the passage of the act. I suppose we can blame the greed of the insurance providers but I’d love to understand why they became so much greedier after the passage of the act.

    • Our insurance rates have been going up on average, 20 per cent for the last several years!! When we try to shop around, we are told because of pre-existing conditions, we aren’t cover able! All this BEFORE Obamacare! They aren’t becoming greedier, they always have been!!

  27. I doubt it very much. Anyone who would refuse a refund is seriously flawed. Of course EJ has hit the nail on the head again while exposing the hypocrisy taking place. The conservative are freightened to death that the people will soon discover that the ACA is helpful to them and is not the end of America as they know it. Foolish rhetoric abounds in our political discourse designed by clever dissimilulators to keep the ill informed disjointed and neutered.

  28. Most employers want free labor and low over head. They would love to put you out on the street, and put someone in your place that they can use for cheap labor with low cost or no health care at all! It’s called greed and more and more greedy employers want that!! They have no shame only profits!!

  29. Common sense is not the issue with modern conservatives. Only ideological zealotry counts for anything in their world. But of course they won’t return any of the money because they’re also hypocrites.

  30. Romney simply lies to the American people. “You lie!” is the proper rejoinder. I heard that once during Obama’s State of the Union speech a couplre years ago. This is precisely what Willard is doing. Romney needs to bone up on the Bible’s story of Lazarus, whereby Romney is the rich fellow just standing around twiddling his thumbs while the poor guy sits there waisting away. Romney sins here by Omission. And, he likes the idea of a Bain Capital, the vulture capitalism that we can all, as Americans, be proud of. Right, Mitt. You got it.

  31. Would you do poor, ignorant little me a favor and post a joke like that every morning? Thanks, pal — you’re the best!

  32. at least the republicans know that a budget is necessary- shame on the Democrates and this President for operating without one- 40 cents of every dollar spent is borrowed-

  33. Nice Try.

    No, what Conservatives should do, if they think that this Monster Called ObamaCare is bad, is *keep* the money — take what they can get. That is what Liberals do all the time. However, yours can be morally correct if you understand what you are trying to do by keeping the money! Burden that system of smoke and mirrors as much as possible. Don’t just let total freeloaders benefit and keep these games for “redistribution of wealth” in place. Muck it it! Make the redistribution fail horribly! Apply for Medicare. If you are a family of four, even if you are working, but your income is below around $36k per year, did you know that you could get medical benefits? That is something that any working American, lower middle class, who is tired of paying even more and more in taxes should do. Burden the system. Burden it heavily. Take what you can, just like the slugs do. That way the system will collapse faster, and even those sucking on the teat will be able to read the writing on the walls and realize that the gravy train is about to hit a brick wall and stop with a terribly messy crash. Even *they* will be crying for reform. So *keeping* the money is a moral imperative, if you think the Systematic Nanny State is wrong to keep taxing and handing out money to curry new voting slaves!

    Don’t listen to the line of reasoning in this article. Go Guerrilla and Burden the System!

  34. Hurry up all you haters of everyone but yourselves…send back that refund. It’s due to Obama you got it, but hey, you prefer no health insurance, bigger bonuses for insurance company execs, all that good stuff. Just don’t EVER claim you are a Christian. NEVER.

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