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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) is a conservative hero with a record of taking progressives and unions in a state that went for Obama and beating them twice. He’s cut government, taken away worker protections, supported government-mandated ultrasounds and empowered the private sector, making him the Republican insiders’ favorite for the 2016 GOP nomination.

His only problem is, his economic policies continue to fail — miserably.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has ranked the Badger State 49th in its 50-state Leading Index report for April. With an index rank of -0.74 percent, Wisconsin was one of only five states to show contraction.

Experts do not read much into one month’s data. This index — which factors in average manufacturing hours, unemployment, wage trends and building permits — often shows a wide margin of error. The state has been especially rocked by the national decline in manufacturing.

However, Walker doesn’t really have any positive economic data to point to. Since he took office, his state has fallen from 11th to 44th in job creation. Wisconsin’s wages are also declining at twice the national level.

Walker’s new budget — which reads more like a campaign document than a plan to create jobs — offers a tax cut that mostly benefits the rich and sucks public funds into private ventures, in the form of school vouchers.

The governor is also rejecting Medicaid expansion and using the Affordable Care Act exchanges to kick 87,000 Wisconsinites off his state’s Badgercare program.

Meanwhile, his promise of creating 250,000 jobs looks less and less likely to happen.

Austerity seems to work about as well in America as it does in Greece. Maybe losing the recall was the best thing that could have happened for Wisconsin’s progressive movement. Walker’s job creation record is speaking volumes about attacking the institutions that helped create America’s middle class.

AP Photo/Seth Perlman

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304 responses to “Wisconsin Economy Falls To 49th In Economic Outlook Under Scott Walker”

  1. idamag says:

    Well, Wisconsin, this is your reward for letting the backwoods select your governor. I know some people who live in the boonies in Wisconsin and often they make a statement and my mind says, “Huh?”

    • David says:

      Well, idamag, I live on a forty in the middle of the great north woods that you would surely consider a “boonie” but I consider a paradise and when I read your statement my mind said: “huh?”

      • MVH1 says:

        See, that’s the problem. You were supposed to read the article which is filled with facts, Boonie.

        • David says:

          I didn’t dispute the article, only the asinine statement that reeks of an uniformed person who is in to stereotyping; of which is a very close kin to name-calling.

          • MVH1 says:

            You and Vornak missed the humor. Totally. Which supports a theory of mine. I believe that should be “uninformed.” No?

          • Arcturus says:

            How is he wrong? The cities did vote for Barrett. The rural areas went against their own interests for Walker. Disclosure: I also live on a 40 in rural mid-Wisconsin and my township went 199 to 63 for Walker.

          • DutchS says:

            You might start by looking at your assumption that you know people’s interests better than they do. Try asking people why they voted for Walker and then, instead of assuming they were “duped,” try assuming they really are angry over those issues. No, I didn’t vote for Walker and I voted to recall him, but I’ve been trying for years to get liberals to understand that the Tea Party has real grievances and all I get in return is “lalalalala.”

          • idamag says:

            David, this is not stereotyping. There was a study and rural areas tend to vote Republican. Two of my relatives from Wisconsin, one in Wassau and one in Cecil, said that if they voted for Obama he would take away their guns. Since they are doing exit polls, we can’t really prove or disapprove what I said. I come from a rural state. I love my state and I love my community, but they don’t exactly study facts and vote Republican because their families have always voted Republican.

          • MVH1 says:

            Rural areas in the South vote Republican overwhelmingly also.

          • DutchS says:

            Here’s a plan. Guarantee gun owners the right to own guns, hunt, and protect themselves and their property. Ditch the PETA-Cleveland Amory types who want to ban hunting, because gun owners know perfectly well that there are some people who have that as their ultimate agenda. Put the burden of gun regulation where it belongs: on the criminals.

            Suppose I were President and I offered you the following choice. I’ll back strong but reasonable gun control. In return, we decide criminal verdicts solely on factual evidence, the death penalty is reaffirmed as Constitutional, and any crime committed with a gun can be a capital crime. Would you sacrifice 10,000 criminals a year to save 10,000 victims of guns?

          • MVH1 says:

            So if I did everything you want, which would violate a number of beliefs I have, then you’d be all for gun control. Are you to be the executioner as well? It kind of sounds like you’d like that job. “The burden of gun regulation where it belongs: on the criminals.” I’m not being obtuse but what the heck does that mean? Exactly what is it you have in mind on that one? Are they criminals because of their use of guns or are they criminals you think will use guns? And I consider the death penalty barbaric. That being said, certain crimes the first thing I think is: Now if ever there was a reason to have the death penalty, this person gave it. In fact, I’m for a complete overhaul of prisons. This country has a thing about throwing people in jail. Then they let them out, worse than they were before and unable to cope with the world they find. Would I sacrifice 10,000 criminals a year to save 10,000 victims of guns? I assume you would be deciding what constituted a criminal and it sounds like you’d execute a lot of petty criminals. Sorry, this is not the kind of choice I’d be interesting in making.

          • JSquercia says:

            What HOGWASH .You always get the same slippery slope argument from Gun Owners . The POLICE were in favor of Universal Background Checks .

            I was a BIG proponent of the Death Penalty UNTIL DNA evidence wound up clearing many criminals .I am in favor of Life without parole . Strangely enough it turns out that Life without Parole actually saves Money as opposed to the Death Penalty .

        • Vornak says:

          You can’t understand that David was responding to idamag’s post, and not commenting on the article ?

          Time for you to go back to PoliticalWire, where there is little in the way of understanding, no ?

          • MVH1 says:

            Weren’t you banned from PW?

          • Vornak says:

            Meffy accused me falsely of hate speech to remove my voice from the ‘community’. If you ever wonder why there is so little disagreement on that board to controversial issues, there’s your answer.

            Some folks just can’t allow a voice of dissent, for their arguments can’t carry the day.

          • MVH1 says:

            Falsely? I’m sorry, Vornie, I saw what you posted and there’s lots of it I couldn’t classify otherwise. No, there’s an enormous amount of lively conversation over there. Especially about Snowden. Lots of crossing swords over that one. The problem is when you don’t win, your conversation degrades.

          • Vornak says:

            Sure, lots of disagreement – but never any hate speech. Meffy was way off the deep end on that one.

          • MVH1 says:

            If you’re convinced of that, give it another go. Meffy is fair. She’ll give you another chance. She has done so for several people.

          • Vornak says:

            Actually she’s not very fair – she’s had a rather quick trigger to ban any independent/conservative/repub ever since the first IRS hearing. Saw her ban several folks that first week.

          • MVH1 says:

            I think banning became more refined. When it was a regular, it was easier to see where it was going. You are wounded. It’s obvious. I’m really sorry about that. We all know not to play games whose rules we don’t want to observe. Just think about it.

          • Vornak says:

            “We all know not to play games whose rules we don’t want to observe.

            Have not violated any rules at all. Meffy was wrong, but she’s the gatekeeper who sees as her purpose to maintain the purity of the population. (ausrotten)

          • MVH1 says:

            Okay, honey. Try not to dwell on it. I’m glad to see you again.

          • Vornak says:

            Posted hundreds of comments on PW … bet you can’t find a single one to support your suggestion of racism or sexism. Insults – yes, on occasion, and most often deservedly.

            That’s quite like Meffy, and the majority of folks on the PW board … just make a charge – no basis for it, just make it – like racism or sexism. Never happened, and I know you can’t cite a single instance.

          • MVH1 says:

            I see that this has hurt your feelings. I am really sorry about that. I did not commit your comments to memory and didn’t think about them enough in the aftermath to remember a single one, only an assessment somewhere along the way that you were too committed to your positions to ever listen and give fair comment back and forth. That being said, I have missed you. We all evolve or go stale. You make another pass when you feel better. I do remember many times when I thought you had comments of great value. And that’s not nothing.

          • Vornak says:

            Not my feelings personally – am way beyond that. But unfairness does get under my skin and common courtesy should be extended to those with differing viewpoints.

            It’s not hurt feelings, it’s frustration. Frustration that the PW board isn’t more than what it is. Both the education and (often more importantly) the awareness level of the issues is far, far above those who post on HuffPo, MotherJones, even NYTimes, etc. Would even suggest most are more informed than most on RCP, but when there are 999 voices on one side of an issue, and 3 on the other, it becomes a rather frustrating adventure.

          • MVH1 says:

            No, it’s your feelings, personally. That’s obvious. You feel you’ve been treated unfairly and without courtesy. Before we had moderators, it was trolled constantly and you couldn’t discuss anything. I do agree, most people on there are like-minded. I think on a board of that nature, it’s unavoidable. There are very few things that will get you banned but they are extremely specific. Well, you’ve found other outlets, I see. I hope they are working out for you. But it always depends on the topic. There are some very heated ones right now so it’s a very lively several days. But that’s everywhere. Well, I shall look for you here then. 🙂

    • stcroixcarp says:

      The problem was that Walker was elected by Milwaukee, Green Bay, Waukesha, the cities of the southeastern quadrant of the state. No candidate bothered to come an visit the “boonies”, let alone actually campaign there. Most people in the northland had never heard of Walker or Barrett because of a lack of media coverage. People voted republican because they didn’t like former governor Doyle and they were afraid that their property tax would become unaffordable.. We have learned a painful lesson.

      • Independent1 says:

        Pray tell!! Where did anyone ever get the notion that a Republican governor would care one iota about the property taxes a state’s peons might end up paying??? Here in Maine, our GOP governor is insisting that state funding via a couple programs to the towns that help offset property taxes be completely cut, which would raise property taxes, in lieu of recinding an income tax cut that he and the nitwit GOP leglislature had enacted when he first took office two years ago (tax cuts which were totally unjustified during a time of recession and already strained budgets). The GOP’s results in Maine are every bit as disasterous as what Walker is doing in Wisconsin. And exactly what any person with one ounce of common sense should have expected – but then it’s too much to ask for a GOP lover to have even one ounce of common sense.

      • idamag says:

        In my state they don’t have to campaign in the boonies. The vote is assured.

  2. Buford2k11 says:

    So, the Koch brothers State of Wisconsin isn’t doing so well, Huh? Corruption by the corporations will be the death knell of our United States…you hear that NSA?

    • Independent1 says:

      What does the NSA have to do with this?? If the paranoids who are so concerned about their privacy succeeded in keeping the NSA from doing its job to protect America, and another 9/11 happens because our intelligence agencies didn’t have the information they needed to prevent the attack – your paranoia about privacy could possibly cost thousands of Americans their lives. Is your paranoia really worth all that??? I’ll guarantee you that the NSA does not have the staffing to be listening to YOUR or 99.999999% of any other American’s phone conversations: unless of course you’re calling overseas to countries/cities where terrorists are active, or your calling domestic numbers that are ones the CIA and FBI have gleaned from their intelligence, or your pattern of phone calls is something that raises suspicion.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        Don’t forget, these are the same people who believe we should have left our embassy in Tripoli undermanned and vulnerable to come to the rescue of a consulate that was already in flames. There are times when we have to give idealism a break, and let logic take over. I suspect that most of us would prefer to live in a society where brotherly love prevails, but until we discover Nirvana I am afraid that is a chimera we are not likely to find any time soon. In the interim, the only recourse is to have a robust and effective intelligence apparatus capable of doing everything humanly possible to minimize the probability of more terrorist attacks. Instead of criticism, we should demonstrate our support for the institutions – and the intelligence agents – who put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe. Shame on those who demonize their fellow Americans and undermine the effectiveness of our government to do its job.

        • Jedoba says:

          When did Americans become WIMPS? Are you supposed MEN actually afraid of a ‘terra’ attack?? You are such wimps that you need big daddy president to protect your wittle butt from mean ole terrorists? You people must piss your pants every time a horn honks or whistle blows.
          Go ahead, give away your freedoms for the very limited security that you are getting. Go ahead and piss on the graves of the real American patriots who fought and died for you to have those freedoms.

          • Independent1 says:

            What a total ass you are!!!!!!!!!

          • Jedoba says:

            You comment doesn’t hold an ounce of truth unless I’m talking about a little pansy willing to give their own and other Americans rights away. You must be scared like the rest of the little girls.

      • JSquercia says:

        To quote Ben Franklin (at least I hope so) Those who would trade freedom or security will soon have neither .They SAY it is only the numbers and NOT the contents they are harvesting but HOW do we know ?

        • Independent1 says:

          First of all, Benjamin Franklin did not live in times that are as complex as today; and secondly – you have NO PROOF that what the NSA is doing is depriving you OF ANY FREEDOM. Unless of course, like anyone that’s a suspect of a crime, who lose their freedoms until proven not guilty, if you’re making calls that NSA suspects may be part of some nefarious activity – in that case they may monitor your calls to PROVE YOU NOT GUILTY. No one has provided EVIDENCE that the NSA is doing what so many Paraonoids seem to believe, that they are collecting and keeping data on everyone, which in my mind is total nonsense. The NSA is smarter than that – it IS NOT going to waste the time and resources maintaining data on people they know upfront are quilty of nothing.

          • JSquercia says:

            Of course I have no proof the details of the Program are Top Secret . People have tried to sue only to have the courts say they have NO standing .

            I have ONLY their word that they are NOT reading the contents of my communications .

          • Independent1 says:

            Let’s see, with an estimated 2.4 billion private phone calls made each day, what do you really think would be the chance that someone would be monitoring your calls??? If anything was screeening your calls, which I even doubt, it would be a computer – but even that would be a lot to ask from within 2.4 billion calls unless you were dialing a suspect phone number or area code – NSA would need something to give them a reason to single out your call. And you need to keep in mind, that NSA’s primary focus is monitoring and recording ALL government recorded calls AROUND THE WORLD; and that includes monitoring a recording all calls related to airline, shipping, traing activity etc. So should there be an accident, they have record of any call activity that occured between the ship, plane, train, ferry, etc. before the accident. And checking to be sure that government employees, including diplomats are not intentiionally or unintentionally compromising critical secrets. Or planning acivities that may embarrass our country.

    • DemInExile says:

      Its going just as planned – like any other parasite, the Koch’s and their ilk are content to suck the state dry, leaving a dead carcass in their wake as they move on to the next victim.

  3. Gregory Williams says:

    Conservatism is a cancer that is killing America one state at a time.

    • Allan Richardson says:

      More like a dozen states at a time. Check out Florida’s “goniffator” Rick Scott, who used the money he got managing Medicare fraud on a large scale to buy the GOP nomination and the ads to get a real stateswoman, Alex Sink, defeated. We (I live in Georgia now, but am a native Floridian) are not as bad off as Wisconsin, but remember, cheese doesn’t keep as well in our climate, and something smells like limburger already!

    • Viking_61 says:

      Conservatism is alive, while communism died decades ago.

  4. Independent1 says:

    Scott Walker’s record is nothing new for the GOP; virtually everything the GOP has done since Teddy Roosevelt was in office has been on the downside for America. Just look at our national debt – Reagan took an 800 billion deficit and virtually tripled it to 2.3 trillion in 8 years – spending more in those 8 years than all the presidents combined over the previous 50 years; Bush Srt. then almost doubled the deficit in 4 years to 4.3 trillion with Bush Jr. almost tripling the debt again in his 8 years to well over 14 trillion when you count in the increases in the deficit resulting from the Great Recesssion that he allowed to happen.
    And even with respect to the stock market; GOP mismanagement of a recession in 1927-28 led to the collapse of the stock market that the GOP then turned into the worlds 1st and thankfully only BIG DEPRESSION that took FDR, partly because of GOP obstructionism, 13 years to get America back on track. And even stock market performance during GOP presidents is abysmal. A study done in 2005 showed that during the 35 years that Republicans were in power, the average return in the stock market (because the GOP had created such dysmal economic results during their presidencies) had averaged less than a .4% return – which means that had you invested 10,000 for your retirement in 1929 right after the crash, over the 35 years of GOP presidencies it would have grown to about $11,700 – how long could you live on retirement with that??? While in contrast, the study found that during the 40 years that Democrats were in office, the average stock market return was close to 10% (actually over 10% if you extrapolated the study to 2012), which means that the $10,000 invested in 1929 would have grown to about $307,000 – which would provide a lot better retirement than $11,700.
    So Scott Walkers results are not unique for the GOP – virtually everything the GOP has done since Teddy was in office has been a disaster for 98-99% of Americans. It’s only the 1-2% that have made out like bandits – and that’s because that’s just what the GOP is BANDITS!!! Doing everything it can to transfer money from the pockets of the 98% to the 2%!!!!!!!!

  5. Independent1 says:

    And even when the GOP seems to create prosperity in the form of strong economic results, it’s at the expense of virtually everything else. Take Texas for example: where Rick Perry has finagled the state’s budgets in such a way as to attract new businesses and jobs such that Texas leads the nation in job creation and misguided people being led to the state – generally to low paying jobs and to a state that in every other aspect is the cesspool of America – not only from the standpoint of the most polluted environment in the country, and near the bottom in the ratings of its infrastructure, but also to the abysmal performance of its young people with respect to their educations.

    Here are some statistics – you be the judge of just one more example of how the GOP continues to fail America for about 98% of its people (I’m sure the 1-2% in Texas are making out famously – look at George Bush jr. living in the community that includes the most expensive homes in America – he obviously left the presidency with tons of money):

    .Texas is 49th in the country in tax revenues collected per capita and 50th in
    revenues spent.
    .It’s 44th in tax progressivity, which means it collects most of its taxes from working people and it comes in 50th in the percent of its population that have a HS diploma.
    .It ranks 46th in the overall SAT scores it’s students get on entrance exams; and 49th in what it pays its teachers.
    .It ranks dead last (50th) in having the most people without health insurance and also dead last in the number of children covered by insurance.
    .Its 49th in the support it provides to women & children in the WIC program, and it leads the nation in teenage births.
    .It ranks 6th in the nation in the number of people living in poverty and 50th with regard to the affordability of homeowners insurance.
    .Texas ranks 45th in the overall health of its population and 47th with respect to mental health.
    .The quality of the highways in Texas is ranked 42nd and its parks and recreation
    facilities are ranked 48th and environmental protection 46th
    . Police protection is ranked 49th and government administration 50th.
    .Texas comes in 3rd in the nation in the number of public officials that are convicted for a crime; while being dead last in the percent of voters who turn out for elections.
    .It’s 46th in the hourly earnings of its workers and 48th in the payout of
    worker’s comp benefits.
    .And Texas ranks as having the most polluted environment in the nation because of all the oil spills and the oil refineries and coal powered power plants spewing toxic fumes.

    • midway54 says:

      Well, gee whiz, look how it has contributed to the Congress with Gohmert, Sessions, Poe and others like them in the House, and Cruz and Cornyn in the

      • Independent1 says:

        Oh yes! Such sterling examples of pure corruption and nitwitism!! Better examples of absolute idiots no one could find!!!

    • CooofNJ says:

      And NJ, with the darling Chris Christie in charge, also has some of the worst records on job creation, growth, etc. since he took office on a platform of “business friendly”. Losing jobs to California (see Roche, et al.)?! How embarrassing! And he is a very likely front-runner for GOP Presidential candidate in 2016. When oh when will people pay attention to actual data, as opposed to rhetoric, when they vet candidates?

  6. Dave says:

    Nipping at Walker’s heels are other Republican governors who have ground down their state’s economic strength. It’s happened to tea bagger darling Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania, too.

    • MVH1 says:

      And boy, haven’t they moved along at a rapid clip. It’s taken less than four years in several cases. How are those Republican governors working out for everybody? Not so well where I live.

      • Independent1 says:

        You’re being very generous. The GOP governor and two years of GOP legislature in Maine have been an absolute disaster. And guess what, someone mentioned earlier that some in Wisconsin voted for a Republican because they were concerned their property taxes would rise. Well, that’s EXACTLY WHY they shouldn’t have voted for a Republican. Here in Maine, the Republican governor is insisting on a budget that will drive our property taxes much higher, in order to keep from recinding an income tax break he and the GOP legislature pushed through at the very beginning of his term that greatly favors him and his rich friends!!! Where did anyone ever get the notion the Republicans cared one iota about how much property tax a states peons pay??????

        • MVH1 says:

          They hate a tax hike if Obama proposes it. They love it if they can do it themselves and stick it to the middle class on down. Just a few months ago, they were trumpeting their victorious takeover of governorships around the country. There seems to be an enormous amount of buyer’s regret out in the land now. And they have Republican legislatures in complete control wreaking all sorts of havoc everywhere at a rapid rapid clip. They are headed toward being the most hated bunch of creeps that ever came down the pike.

          • Independent1 says:

            I can’t think of anything better than if millions of the people who voted the draconian nitwits into office finally wake up and realize the error of their ways. We absolutely have to get the majority of these turkeys that ae destroying our country out of office in 2014 and 2016. I hate to even begin to think what will become of America if they’re allowed to enacted their destruction or obstruct reconstruction any longer than that.

          • MVH1 says:

            I share your concerns. It’s like watching a movie you’ve seen before and you want to yell to the people who are about to be killed and injured they need to drive the other way.

          • 4sanity4all says:

            Well, lets hope that all of the citizens being skewered by Republican governors vote their anger next time.

          • MVH1 says:

            Let’s do hope that for the good of all. I was a Republican for forty years. These people have not only driven me from the party but they’ve driven me so far away I will never come back.

        • plc97477 says:

          I think the gop has proven over and over again they care not at all for anything the peons do. The peons need to stop voting for those who do not care about them.

          • 4sanity4all says:

            And people have to be smarter than voting for one issue, like guns or abortion. The Republicans have refined getting single issue voters to an art, which results in millions of people voting against their own best interest.

          • Independent1 says:

            And when the GOP focuses on a single issue, they always manage to distort the facts. Based on what I’ve seen published in the media, I wouldn’t be suprised if many folks posting on this blog thread believe that the states in America with the highest homicide rates are blue states which promote strong gun control – whereas nothing could be further from the truth. Of the 15 states in the nation with the highest homicide rates, 11 of them are red states; and 13 of them actually are run by the GOP today.
            There’s only one state in the nation with a homicide rate above 8 homicides/yr/100,000 population; and that’s the red state of Louisiana with more than 11 homicides/yr/100,000 population -which is without question the murder capital of America. The home state of the city of Chicago, Illionois, which the gun lobby likes to harp about as having a high murder rate, actually ranks 11th in the nation with respect to its homicide rate.

          • MVH1 says:

            They have honed their skills at deception. And after the gun control vote, the Louisiana legislature proceeded to institute an array of the most archaic, backward, miserable gun legislation you can imagine, giving concealed weapon rights to everyone who is too dangerous to have them, among other things. I believe they will also institute stoning of women in the foreseeable future.

          • MVH1 says:

            Don’t they, though. Instead of voting against their own best interests like these wretched people are going to reward them at some point. They seem to operate on that old “present company excepted” weird thing when people you support are telling you how miserable others are and you think you’re excepted because they’re saying it to you.

          • MVH1 says:

            They pander to the peons because they know how easily duped they are and that, basically, peons of a certain category are also really stupid.

        • 4sanity4all says:

          Maybe because when they are running, the Republics always say that they will slash taxes for everyone! Then, after they are elected, they raise taxes on those with the least clout, while their rich friends get all kinds of tax cuts.

          • MVH1 says:

            And those with the least clout in many places support them. One has to wonder about their intelligence.

      • idamag says:

        Not well where I live, either. Our state has the dubious reputation of having more people on minimum wage than any other. We are one of the red states that takes more than it gives.

        • MVH1 says:

          I get a double whammy as I split my time between two gun-toting minimum wage states where the lower middle class continues to vote against their own interests because they listen to Fox constantly so don’t have a clue what’s really going on.

  7. Budjob says:

    What does the electorate have to say about the failed recall election now.It would appear that the faction that initiated the recall was probably right! Let me revise that statement. They sure as hell were right!!!

  8. Budjob says:

    If the people in this ONCE GREAT country want out of this economic disaster,we would do this country and everyone in it a huge service>>VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC in any furure election!!!

  9. Carolyn Selvage says:

    Brownback in KS(home of the kochsuckers) is heading KS down the same drain! Cuts for the 1% and tax increases for the rest of us.

  10. do it says:

    scott walker needs to kill himself plain and simple

    • Don Alfera says:

      No! He needs to be voted out of office and exposed for the fraud he is and let the country see just what these people are doing to our country. WI is a beautiful state. No matter where you go it is clean and the people are friendly. Why they sold out their public servants and teachers is beyond me, The state was on the road to an exemplary performance during the recovery, then it was like they just wanted to self destruct. They got drunk with things going well just now need to be there to see the damage and what it takes to clean it up again.

    • MVH1 says:

      When people are as awful as he and do as much damage as he has, I think slow misery over a long period of time is a much better punishment.

  11. docb says:

    Thank you walleyed walker and the Kocked up Bros> Killing the Nation..This should be a banner across every conservative baggers political material..Wisconsin FAILS with conservative AUSTERITY of walker.!!!!!

  12. Lynda Groom says:

    Surprised? Not for a second friends. A system that get its start by harming public servants like teachers, working men and women and union members is a flawed economic model. The suggestion of the promised land of milk and honey came up short as those who warned the citizens of Scott’s actions predicted. That of course is of no concern to the moneyed special interest who made out like bandits with special tax breaks and considerations from Scott’s form of government. Now Wisconsin is putting up Mississippi like numbers. Welcome to the third-world citizens. You don’t always get what you pay for and rarely what you vote for.

    • MVH1 says:

      Referring to the inequality we’ve seen at their hands, Pawlenty was on Morning Joe this morning saying there is no inequality and if there is, it doesn’t bother him.

      • Independent1 says:

        Of course it doesn’t bother him because he’s one of the 1 & 2% that are trying to continue stealing from the 98%.

  13. JDavidS says:

    Well done GOP/Tea Clowns. To the rest of the states, have a close look. This could be you if you let these idiots, and their 1% overlords have their way.

  14. Mary Ann Hoogeveen says:

    I wonder what the people who voted for him think about this but then again they are repug/baggers so they deserve the trash they have voted for.

  15. Arcturus says:

    We always laugh at Minnesota for electing Michele Bachmann, but here we sit with this disaster, not to mention Vos, the Fitzgeralds, Kleefisch, and so on. The people in our state who actually ‘think’ better get off their azzes next year and clean this up.

    • MVH1 says:

      Since Bachmann did nothing in the way of an accomplishment during her time in Congress, I’d say you’re in a much more precarious position. Walker is a horror.

  16. Robert P. Robertson says:

    Walker’s buddy in Louisiana is faring no different, Pa’ush “Booby” Jindal. The exact same thing Walker is doing to Wisconsin, Jindal is doing to Louisiana. Their main politics is union-busting and privatization, shrinking government while using government to enlarge the holdings of the rich. To understand their principles, research the Neo-Confederate Movement of America and then research the Slave Power Movement of America. It’s not hard or technical. Tap in Neo-Confederate or Slave Powers at google or ask, and it’ll bring you to the sites that explains today’s Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag agenda. Once you connect their past to their present, you can virtually predict every move they make and clearly understand why they do what they do. You’ll also understand the future of America “if” they succeed. What Walker and Jindal is doing to their states, Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags want to do to America.

  17. howa4x says:

    The Koch bros are America’s worst villain. they try to get state governments to abandon the lower middle class in favor or the super wealthy. This is why all the tea party governors are underwater in poll numbers. The federal government is too far away but state capitals are close and people feel the cuts right away. Tealiban governors are finding it is easier to run around in 3 corner hats and chant slogans than govern. Even Christie the darling of the middle road republicans is lagging in job creation. Unlike the others he robs funds to balance the budget rather than slash and burn. He is lucky the democrats in NJ are so corrupt that they made a deal to keep the legislature and not support their own candidate for governor. Christie will win big because of that but he is all smoke and mirrors.

    • Al says:

      Koch brothers are the largest donors to PBS and Public Radio. they donated over a billion dollars for cancer research. They are fighting in the Supreme Court right now for gay marriage. Please tell me what Soros has done? Right now he is a wanted fugitive in some countries for financial fraud. He is your man!

      • howa4x says:

        Well lets also look what they have done. They are behind union busting because they want to lower middle class standards of living.
        They are environmental criminals that are fighting policies that are trying to slow global warming, which BTW the Joint chiefs of staff rate as a threat to America. they want to turn back the clock on racial equality by backing voter suppression, and not to forget women’s rights. The only reason they donate PBS is to try and influence their programing to make them more like FOX, and they support the gun culture that is responsible for over 30,000 death/year. Basically they are on the wrong side of history

        • Al says:

          If there is any union “busting” it will come from union members that are disgusted with their unions! They will quit in droves because they are against the corruption and greed. The Public sector union members did it, and now we will watch the rest fail because of the MEMBERS!

  18. Dominick Vila says:

    The result of the policies put in place by Scott Walker throughout his tenure are consistent with that of other Republican governors. From economic stability to job growth, education, and infrastructure, the record of Republican governors and legislatures controlled by the GOP is abysmal. They rank at the bottom in education, healthcare, salaries, and everything of interest to the citizenry living in red states. The only reason they are elected and re-elected is because of their stand on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, affirmative action, anti-labor, equality, social programs, etc.

    • dsadlowski says:

      They are a FASCIST Movement to create Oligarchy with the Koch’s running things.


      Reagan’s Morning in America became the Mourning of America.

      Powerful and Continuing Nationalism Reagan communicated to Americans after the failure of Vietnam Nixon and the mess left to Carter by the GOP Nixon…….that we are EXCEPTIONAl they love those Mottos In god We Trust, One Nation under God all wrapped in a Chinese made flag clinging to their bible and guns.

      Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights The Party gave us torture back and GITMO Majority ruled.

      THE PARTY has their scapegoats they have a list of them. How the southern strategy has worked for them for the last 30 plus years now. Blame and project what you are actually doing on that scapegoat. Liberal Hispanics Non white Protestant Christian.

      Supremacy of the Military …THE PARTY claims we are broke but always seem to find the money for WAR BUDGETS.

      RAMPANT SEXISM …THE PARTY has a war on woman and gays. Five Male Judges are suppose to be the representatives of the NUCLEAR Family

      THE PARTY has their own propaganda news FOX NEWSPEAK were they make the lies BIG repeat them often the other 5 corporate owned media pick it up it becomes truth in the eyes of the people

      THE PARTY’S Obsession with National Security gave us the Patriot act and NSA the rights to spy on us. First they went after them muslims most Americans did not care yet they were always spying on us.

      THE PARTY courted the religious right now they act against the basic tenets of that religion. No food for you no shelter for you and damn sure no health ace for you……….Compassionate christians now say you can do it we will give you moral support and pray that you do. Now go be like the little train I think I can.


      THE PARTY started union busting during the days of ST FASCIST REAGAN and 1984 came right on time.

      THE PARTY has a Distain for the educated and why THE PARTY is trying to destroy education with their Christian reconstruction creation bull. Choice schooling where we pay for the selects choice as we destroy the only choice many have.

      THE PARTY’S Obsession with crime and punishment gave us the drug war 3 strikes laws mandatory sentences and our shoot first laws.

      Rampant Cronyism and Corruption Five Radical right wing social engineering judges to make it so for them.

      And how can we forget THE PARTY STEALING of elections and suppressing the votes and selling arms to Iran to hold those hostage just a few more days. Gutting voting rights act.


  19. irishtap says:

    As a resident of Wisconsin, I cannot point to a single bit of legislation that benefits the common citizen. Walker like the rest of the GOP despises working people. Any group that is doing well becomes a target – they become demonized simply for making a decent living with justifiable benefits. He’s seeking to privatize our excellent public school system – continuously ranking among the best in the country. Walker’s gestapo has destroyed all common ground – as divide and conquer is the modus operandi. Walker turned away money for Medicare expansion only out of spite to the passage of the Affordable Care Act. They’re busy dismantling decades of proven environmental laws, turning over our precious aquifirs to dirty industries. Somehow this parasite expects to be re-elected despite all the political ‘terrorism’ he’s caused. His money will come by the boatload from ‘out of state’ sources, as this is how he won election and the recall election. These “people” are nothing but Godless filthy pathogens without an ounce of social conscience. Walker is a sick and very dangerous man.

    • idamag says:

      There is a method behind devaluating the worker. It works like the abuser who marries a woman and starts demeaning her until she believes it. That makes it easier for him to abuse her. He convinces her she deserves it. When the worker begins to believe he should get less for his labors and deserves what they pay, he starts to be happy to get anything at all. It is like the woman who is happy on the days she doesn’t get hit.

    • Al says:

      Act 10, conceal carry, right to work, charter schools, lower taxes for the entire state. College tuition freeze. Want more?

      • irishtap says:

        No Al, Act 10 harms working people and local economies. Right to work for less money and worker protections isn’t a positive thing for working people. One long established construction company left for Minnesota as a direct result of this harmful ALEC legislation. Even Republicans in Minnesota commented that Walker was wrong to sign RTW into law! No study exists proving “charter schools enhance academic achievement.” Remember the one in Milwaukee that abruptly closed down and absconded to Florida in the middle of the night with our tax dollars? Of course your Tea Party “business experts” wrote provisions to protect these “exemplary models of learning” from having to pay the money back. YOUR vote for those idiots is responsible for this act of theivery Al, thanks for that. Conceal carry – now that’s something guaranteed to create thousands of good paying jobs, yep that was really significant to a better quality of life here in cheeseland. Cutting education funding somehow benefits society?! Do you live under a bridge Al? I hope not, because we have many lousy roads and bridges due to Tea Party austerity, you’d be putting your life at risk. But, that’s ok, as long as you have those extra dollars in your bank account; which by the way averages out to about the price of a mediocre pizza once a month. Gosh what remarkable improvement to the Wisconsin idea by Tea Party Scott. But I have to give him credit “divide and conquer” captured your vote hook line and sinker Al.

        • Al says:

          What a total pile of crap! Every one of Wisconsin’s school districts applaud Walker for Act 10. Not one district is suffering under it! In fact the biggest opponent of Act 10 says his city has saved millions of taxpayer dollars because of Act 10! Conceal Carry was never meant to bring in jobs! It was meant to protect citizens, and it has! In fact the biggest critic being Illinois has reported a 20% decrease in crime directly attributable to conceal carry! The one thing that hurts people more than anything is liberalism. You are part of that problem. It is because of you and your ilk that there is so much suffering by families. YOU and your kind have destroyed our schools, our families, and brought immorality to the masses.

          • irishtap says:

            Sorry Al, your love of fascism is misguided. Get your “facts from FOX?” I repeat: you voted for morons who allowed charter corporations to sneak out of the state with tax payer money. YOU DID THAT. Are you proud of being part of creating legalized theft Al?! Is that your idea of creating a vibrant business environment?! Liberalism and UNIONS built this country’s middleclass Al. The robber barrons weren’t exactly fans of having an organized middle class. Liberalism created laws such as the GI Bill, allowing returning soldiers to receive a first class education creating a higher standard of living. Which of course meant more disposable income to spread throughout the economy, which led to a need to hire more employees to handle increased demand. That’s how this country became great Al. Fairness goes a long way in building a society that works for everyone. What has your party ever done for our veterans but send them to be killed or maimed in some “fake war” and soon forgotten. Without our unions 16 to 18 hour work days would still be common. Without liberalism and unions; young children could be hired to take the place of their dad at a factory instead of learning in school. You could be fired for taking a bathroom break. Where do you think the concept of the 40 hour work week came from? Time and a half for overtime? Vacation pay? From conservatism?! Do you suppose the idea of the weekend just magically became the norm? People in this country – just ordinary folks who collectively said “enough”, and often were beaten by police or shot dead for standing up “for all people whom toiled for a wage” – made that happen. Tea Party poachers just conspire to make life increasingly difficult for the average Joe. My God, they can’t even get behind a market driven health care law written at a conservative think tank?! So much for the party of Jesus eh Al?
            Our schools consistently ranked at or near the top in every statistically significant category. Walker didn’t need to go there – but it was about destroying unions – that was the mission. The Tea Party enjoys attaching the label of “takers” to hard working people. In truth it’s ignorant people like Al whom support the ALEC written legislation for the Tea Party – who are most deft at removal of rights people of this country fought and died for. So take that polished 44 your so proud of and stick it where the sun don’t shine you sad miserable fool.

          • Al says:

            Spoken like a true union thug! Looks like a press release from the AFL-CIO! Liberal Socialists that aren’t smart enough to debate usually use sarcasm just like you did. Unfortunately, almost none of what you printed is true. In fact, unions have done more to take away jobs from the middle class and move them to other countries than any other organization, period. Unions have made a laughing stock of our educational system spread corruption and greed, and have stolen more money form blue collar workers than even the Government! If unions were so good, why are members all over the country QUITTING on their own? So now the public has had enough. They are voting Republicans into office at an alarming rate thanks to people like you. 68% of Wisconsin public sector union members said enough, and quit. More than that quit in Indiana! The days of thuggery are over. Now unions will actually have to work for their members, a concept they may not be able to do.

          • Al says:

            By the way, it’s YOUR party that started the most wars. In fact, the current President started twice as many conflicts as Bush! You simply don’t know what you are talking about!

          • Al says:

            Unfortunately, you don’t know what the word Fascism means. Here is the definition. “: a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.” That describes OBAMA perfectly. It also explains unionism! Be careful what you say!

          • irishtap says:

            You know Al; I was wrong in my discription of you. Make that FOXing idiot. Now run along – Rush Limbaugh is waiting.

          • Al says:

            Typical ignorant liberal. Debated into a corner and comes out name calling. that’s why the country is in such a mess. It’s people like you.

          • Al says:

            By the way, your side lost a huge battle today. Voter ID is now the law in Wisconsin. We are all rejoicing on this side! Time to get drunk and celebrate Irishman.

          • irishtap says:

            Well look everyone, it’s ‘FOXing Al’ the Tea Party pal! Al endorses government and economic corruption and removal of rights our citizens have FOUGHT and DIED for. Rights he benefited from and has taken for granted. His willfully stunted brain development – “brought to you by, Limbaugh HATE RADIO.” Obviously Divide and Conquer Al is a dedicated student of stupid – because “depriving his fellow man is what Jesus would want.” Such a good Christian. Not really – just a lazy, spiteful follower of T.P. zealotry.
            Keep it comin Al baby – I’m just getting started.

          • Al says:

            You made my case! thanks!

          • irishtap says:

            You mean a case for your political ignorance and moral depravity? Hey, don’t mention it; you’re entirely welcome and deserving.

          • Al says:

            Keep digging, you are doing great!

          • irishtap says:

            Thanks for the encouragement to dig the grave of the Tea Party.

          • Al says:

            I love it when you post. You are a gift to the GOP! Don’t you think other people see what you write? Keep posting.

          • Al says:

            It’s totally amazing to watch. the Democrats have lost just about every battle they go into. Today they lost another one with the Kenosha schools. Republicans are getting voted into places they thought the never could. And you know why? It’s because of people like you. They are sick of bullshit politics and want a party that will get something done. Go Walker!

          • irishtap says:

            Hey Al – the GOP is dead. It’s the Tea Party that you’re a cult member of. I have “real Republican family members and my best friend is a Republican”: we agree on far more than we disagree. And when we do disagree we are civil to eachother. You are not a Republican.

          • Al says:

            Hey Irish, The GOP just won a nationwide landslide! The Democrats just lost another supreme court case about Kenosha schools! Where have you been? Democrats have lost almost every fight in Wisconsin since Walker took over. The Democratic Party in Wisconsin is toast, and it will never come back, thank God.

  20. moiraeve1 says:

    how can Wisconsin citizens be happy? Walker has yet to create 169,118 of the 250,000 jobs he pledged. And the structural deficit is returning; by your own budget department projections, it’s looking like -192M in 2014, -188M in 2015; -315M in 2016, and -349 in 2017. Wake up, people–get rid of him!

  21. mikeyait says:

    Despite lefties attempts at removing this man, he survived. Gov. Walker is a hero to millions in America. Why? He illustrated brilliantly how difficult it is to break the corrosive bond between public sector unions and Democrat politicians.
    Reading these comments I see Wisconsin is chock full of cry babies who don’t understand basic economics.
    Here in California we probably have MORE dummies like you, (if that is possible). It is true, though, we do.
    Eventually California voters will wake TFU and do what Wisconsin voters did. That is, break that corrosive bond!
    Here is California, we are proud of Wisconsin voters. Perhaps the smartest in the nation.

    • Daniel Gessner says:

      So, it’s alright for Walker to kiss the koch brothers and give them everything they want but, heaven forbid the people that actually do the work get to collectively bargain for a basic needs existence. Read your Bible, it is a sin to favor the rich.

      • mikeyait says:

        How many jobs have you created with your own money? Ever formed a legitimate business with all that encompasses? Were they unionized? Did you have to answer to a union? What is wrong with average home owning citizens paying less in property taxes? I don’t think you have thought about any of this. I sincerely doubt you have ever employed anyone on a formal basis. Your emotional “Kock Brothers” are at fault mentality is proof you are a dupe.

    • Palin_The_GOPsEinstein says:

      Look genius, 49TH is 49TH. Try to change that MORON.

    • Palin_The_GOPsEinstein says:

      Amazing how California recovered as soon as a DEMOCRATIC governor took over. And who are you to speak for California???? My dad lives there, was UNION all his life and would say STFU.

      • mikeyait says:

        Your Dad’s union probably bankrupted his employer! LOL
        Speaking of bankrupting, public unionized pension costs have ALREADY bankrupted some California cities. Los Angeles is in deep trouble. Expect it to collapse soon. Democrats in California rely on the dumbest voters ever. A group so bereft of knowledge, energy or courage they either don’t vote or mark D because they get something for free. Scott Walker for President! Moron!

      • dsadlowski says:

        Just look next door to Wisconsin.

      • Al says:

        California recovered? California has the most cities that filed for bankruptcy, and the entire State is close to bankruptcy, in fact it falls right behind Illinois in insolvency! Who are you trying to kid?

    • kernel85 says:

      It’s pretty amazing how much the Kochs can buy with a few million bucks they found in their couch cushions. Walker is that cheap.

    • Al says:

      Well said Mike. Walker has turned out to be an incredible Governor for Wisconsin.

    • Big D. says:

      What an idiot.

  22. Coletta says:

    In my opinion, Scott Walker is lower than pond scum! He has taken our state of Wisconsin and turned it into a place where the middle class and the poor do NOT matter! ONLY the wealthy gets Walker’s attention and all the tax breaks, funds and other money! Wisconsin, under Governor Jim Doyle, was 11th in the nation in creating jobs. Well, under Walker it’s now down to 43rd in the nation. It’s at the bottom for creating a good place to do business. That skunk, Walker, turned down money from Medicaid for healthcare for low-income people and the poor! He cut funds for public education! He wants the so-called “charter schools.” They are nothing but expensive private schools for the wealthy children to attend. Poor kids wouldn’t stand a chance in getting into one of those schools, which are NO better academically than the public schools! Walker has turned Wisconsin into a state where there are no good paying jobs, no opportunities for middle class people who just want to make a decent living The taxes on the middle class have went up; the taxes on the wealthy have gone down. Minnesota has a Democratic governor, and their state economy is really improving! My son lives in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, and I just might move there where the living is a hell of a lot better than in this broken-down, ghost of a once great state! MINNESOTA IS THRIVING; WISCONSIN IS DETERIORATING! What does that tell you????

  23. Tom Leist says:

    This is by far the best governor I’ve seen in my life time,65 years old, finally some common sense, sportsmen and women are finally getting a break, gun owners a break, my taxes have went down, don’t give me that BS that our schools are suffering, More companies are moving to Wisconsin because of our business environment. Wisconsin is moving forward, just the way I like it. Thank you Gov. Walker.

    • Dale says:

      Only an imbecile, an insane person or someone suffering from Alzheimer’s would find this idiot governor to be “the best”. He’s ruining the state for true sportsmen by allowing businesses to further pollute our wild lands, he has absolutely no common sense and is concerned only with political power, he disrespects women and is making it more difficult for them. And screw “gun owners”, only cowards feel the need to carry guns around wherever they go.

      He’s cut education so the schools are indeed suffering. He wants WI children to grow up to be as ignorant as he is. Companies are moving away from the state to the good ones, like MN. You are a fool, an idiot.

      • Al says:

        all of that is a lie Dale. Wisconsin sportsmen are FOR the governor in a big way. Schools are not suffering! In fact after Act 10 test scores have increased dramatically. We can now own guns, a constitutional right. Taxes are much lower. He saved thousands of teaching jobs that were on the slate to be cut by the previous Democratic governor. We can now get rid of bad teachers. this is the best Governor Wisconsin has ever had.

        • R Michael Maddox says:

          Your so called right to have guns in a misunderstanding of the Constitution. The second amendment says “States Can Form Militias”. Not a word about any ONE PERSON having the right to have guns!!

          • Al says:

            Total and complete bullshit. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the right belongs to private individuals, while also ruling that the right is not unlimited and does not prohibit all regulation of either firearms or similar devices.

        • Big D. says:

          Didn’t you hear about the company Jelly Belly closing it’s doors and moving out of state ? Where you been boy ? Does that sound like Wisconsin is a company paradise ? I think you are a troll. Back under your bridge.

    • Palin_The_GOPsEinstein says:

      Nice post. A$$ki$$er and total TROLL

    • Lisa says:

      Women are getting a break? A break from what? Please explain this crazy statement. I am a woman from Wisconsin, and he has done nothing but take us “women” back 50 years! Oh I get it now, that’s a good thing in your old white man mind, right? “By far the best governor I’ve seen” = craziness!

    • dsadlowski says:

      Walker is a Fascist Just like his hero St Fascist union busting education cutting Reagan his Revolution was a Fascist movement to create a Oligarchy with the rich to run the country.

      Fascism……………right-wing nationalist ideology or movement with an authoritarian and hierarchical structure that is fundamentally opposed to democracy and liberalism characterized as, chauvinist. .Nationalistic…….

      .Wingers love those American flags they buy at non Union Walmart made by the Commie Chinese.

      Authoritarian…….both Nixon and Reagan escalated the drug war with Nixon giving it to us first Public enemy #! the New Jim Crow laws. Same with Bush Jr and Homeland security, both taking liberties to allow us some safety. Growing our POLICE STATE.

      fundamentally opposed to democracy and liberalism……….why they gutted the voting rights actwhy they killed unionswhy they are trying to gut all labor laws including child labor laws, Unions are the only threat to GOP Fascist and the corporations they represent, when we collectively work as one.

      characterized as, chauvinist…..more like rampant sexism with woman and gays.With radical Catholic Judges makes the rules for us all.

      hierarchical structure……………religious hierarchical structure that is with the church being the government telling the men how we all should live. Five radical Judges making it all so for them.

      • Al says:

        Unfortunately, you don’t know what the word Fascist means! Walker is the exact opposite of a Fascist! He is a free market conservative that believes in individual freedom. Obama is closer to a Fascist.

        • R Michael Maddox says:

          Yep Al, his “free market” crap means that the wealthiest cronies get the best at the expense of the Hard Workers that, without which, those corps. like the COCK BROTHERS, would not have a thing!!

    • CartoonCoyote says:

      Sieg heil, sucker!

      • Al says:

        Watch out! You are showing your ignorance. Germany was a socialist leftist country under Hitler, similar to the beliefs of the Democratic Party!


        n. pl. Na·zis

        1. A member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, founded in Germany in 1919 and brought to power in 1933 under Adolf Hitler.

        2. An adherent or advocate of policies characteristic of Nazism; a fascist.

        3. often nazi Informal A severely intolerant or dictatorial person: food nazis who want to ban salt in restaurants.

    • Al says:

      I totally agree! Walker is the best Governor we have ever had. Liberal rags like this one will lie to it’s readers because they know leftists are way too lazy to actually do their own research! here are the true numbers from the Milwaukee Journal. Wisconsin is one of the top 10 states.

    • Big D. says:

      Better quit smoking those corn shucks covered with spray. It seems to have clouded your mind. Turn you into a raving idiot.

  24. deanrd says:

    Republicans are screaming at what a wonderful job Walker is doing. As if just saying something over and over again makes it true. Like Obama being born in Kenya or something. The problem for Republicans is “data”. It’s the data that lets us know if GOP policies work. 150 years of Conservative policies in Red States and nearly every one is a financial disaster and an environmental cesspool. Republicans want to bring that type of success to the rest of the country.
    If Walker’s policies were so great, he wouldn’t be working desperately to cut the number of voting locations, cutting the number of days to vote and limiting the number of hours you can vote. If your policies were any good, you would be doing the opposite. It’s just that simple.

    • dsadlowski says:

      Just tell it like it is the GOP is a Fascist movement to create a Oligarchy with the Koch’s the masters over everything just like the Old Confederacy .

  25. norman campbell says:

    the Federal Government, the Democrats and the Republican wing of the Democrat Party, have decided we should be subjects rather than citizens. If you can’t open your mind enough to see that then you are a complete and utter fool.

    • Palin_The_GOPsEinstein says:

      The republican wing of the Democrat Party?? GIven there is no such thing as a Democrat Party, WTF are you talking about?

      • Geenius_at_Wrok says:

        He’s implying that Republicans are so liberal, they might as well be Democrats themselves. Which pretty well disqualifies him from being taken seriously ever again.

    • dsadlowski says:

      Yet it is the GOP Polices of Pee on me that is making that a reality.

      Trickle down trickle down repeat after me trickle down the rednecks believe then vote in the GOP Polices of pee on me to create a Oligarchy with the Koch bothers the Dictators to run the country just like the old Confederacy with the rich running things.

  26. irishtap says:

    Austerity is another ‘conservative ruse’ in attempt to create a collective psychological malaise, in effort to make us believe – we cannot expect economic improvement. Go to hell GOP, WE CAN DO BETTER, and WE WILL.

  27. Chris says: This is what Walker is all about. Corruption, felony convictions of his top staff, campaign working on the taxpayers dime, pedophiles charged with child enticement, secret wifi’s 15 feet from Walker’s desk, to bypass open records. A failure as a Governor and human being.

  28. Corporatist says:

    and this state will continue to blame its unions as it goes down the sink. well deserved

  29. dsadlowski says:

    Hello Wisconsin

  30. novenator says:

    Conservatives have destroyed Wisconsin with their pillage and plunder economics. Minnesota is prospering under the progressive leadership of Democrats (actually the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party), but Republicans have wrecked neighboring Wisconsin. While we raised taxes on the rich and have a huge $2 billion surplus, conservatives in WI slashed taxes for the rich and big corporations, and have a $2 billion deficit (even after savage cuts to education and other programs).

    Time to face facts: conservative Republicans suck at economics. They only care about rich people.

  31. Al says:

    This story is simply not true at all! Here is the real story right from the Milwaukee Journal, a liberal paper. Wisconsin is doing great in comparison to other states. In many ways, Wisconsin is in the top 10. so why are you getting stories like these? Because liberal rags know you won’t do your research. You will believe anything they tell you!

    • Big D. says:

      And just what paper are you smoking ? What about the delayed payment to Mn. ? If the state is doing so well why did walker hold off on paying this ? And when will the state be able to pay it , 2050 ?

      • Al says:

        the delayed payment to MN was done by the PREVIOUS Democratic Governor Doyle! When Walker took over , it was paid in full.

        • Dave says:

          Walker is deferring a $180,000,000 loan payment NOW….because he can’t balance a checkbook let alone a state budget!

          • Al says:

            Except the debt came from the previous Democrat governor Doyle that just about bankrupted the state. Democrats can’t be trusted with fiscal matters of the State. That is why Democrats lost in a huge landslide all over the USA. And in Wisconsin, they have lost EVERY fight for the last 6 years thank God.

          • Dave says:

            The fact is that the state has FALLEN under Walker….and is now at 38th in job growth and 49th in economic outlook…..but YOU think these are good things…….pretty sad.

          • Al says:

            that’s just old crap stories regurgitated by the AFL-CIO. the FACT is Wisconsin is doing great! We have a balanced budget with a surplus, we have 2 billion in lower taxes, right to work, conceal carry, limited abortions, lower cost college than most states including Minnesota, companies moving here in droves. 1000 new jobs this week with Amazon in Kenosha. It’s wonderful here! Go to Google and type in “companies leaving Minnesota!

          • Al says:

            By the way, what they are not telling you in that Wisconsin is 40th story is our unemployment rate as of last week was 4.8%. Growth is slower when the unemployment rate is low. the unemployment rate is a far better number than rate of growth. it’s more important to have ALL your people working than it is to bring more companies to the State. Minnesota should think about that the next time they want to raise taxes!

          • terry b says:

            Al, you are joking, right? Or, are you a sick man who has delusions, how sad and pathic you are.

          • Al says:

            Wow! another name calling Democrat! Is that the best you can do? So stupid you can’t debate? You are the reason our country is like it is today.

          • Dave says:

            FOX…..enough said……go spew your FALSE talking points to your idiot friends…In fact move to Indiana….people like you are now welcome down there.

          • Al says:

            I expected that from you. You are one of those far left type. When the real facts are presented to you, you go after the other person personally. It’s because of you that Republicans are winning landslide victories all over the USA. Please don’t change.

          • Dave says:

            No, it’s just frustrating that idiots like you do NOT want to ever look at facts except from your FOX false news sources…..Wisconsin is a shell of a state because of Walker…..he can set fire to it and you will sit their and praise him.

          • Al says:

            I didn’t post anything from Fox News! I watch ABC. Why would you say that? Fox happens to be the most watched network, period! When I post a fact, and you don’t like it, you go after me personally. That just shows everyone on this thread your level of intellect and your miserable humanity.

          • Dave says:

            They are all talking points from FOX….so go ahead and deny it…..this is why I post the way I do, because trying to have a conversation with a tea party conservative is rather like trying to play chess with a pigeon — it knocks
            the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to
            claim victory.

          • Al says:

            Nothing I posted came from Fox.

          • Dave says:

            From your post…….

            “It’s wonderful here! Go to Google and type in “companies leaving Minnesota!…”

          • Al says:

            That’s not Fox News! that is a Fox Network! They are not the same! Yikes!

            “We lost the world headquarters of State Farm out of Woodbury. In my area, we’ve lost divisions of Schwann’s, Viessman Trucking, Anderson Trucking, Luverne Bumper Company, Luverne Fire Apparatus, Hill Stainless Steel, and the list goes on and on and on. Can can talk about Dayton Hudson and divisions of Honeywell. The reality is if you raise taxes and these folks leave, there’ll be no one to educate.”

          • Al says:

            Here is a great story. when it was written they were moving to Florida. they moved to Wisconsin! We added 1000 employees and another 1000 are in the near future. They move from high taxes.

          • Dave says:

            Bye Al….go tend to your Scott Walker shrine……

          • Al says:

            Thanks! We are celebrating the enormous victory’s here in Wisconsin. You can join us.

          • Independent1 says:

            Sorry Al, but all your narratives are all wet – even Fox Business says so. They say because there’s a 1.8 Billion budget shortfall over the next 2 years, it’s really putting a crimp on jobs growth. Scot Walker is leading Wisconsin down the path to mediocrity just like Pawlenty did that over 8 years for Minnesota next door, and Brownback is now doing the same for Kansas and Christie is driving New Jersey into the ditch.

            See these excerpts from a Fox Business news article which was published earlier this week:

            Budget shortfall, lagging job growth in Wisconsin complicate Walker’s presidential pitch

            MADISON, WIS. – Gov. Scott Walker has transformed Wisconsin politics, winning three elections in four years and signing laws that weaken unions, crippling a key ally of the Democratic Party. But the likely Republican presidential contender has had less success changing Wisconsin’s economy and budget. The state lags in job growth and its budget faces a shortfall. It’s a record that complicates Walker’s path in early primary states as he sells himself as a reformer.

            “Most of his activity was more politically focused than economically, job-creation focused,” said John Torinus, a Milwaukee businessman and venture capitalist who nevertheless praises some of Walker’s moves. “He was going to concentrate on job creation with a laser-like focus and he got distracted.” Wisconsin has added private-sector jobs at a lower rate than the national average since July 2011 — six months after Walker took office. Walker promised in the 2010 campaign that if elected his policies would create 250,000 private sector jobs. But only about 145,000 such jobs were created over his first four years.

            Wisconsin ranked 40th in private sector job growth for the 12 months ending in September, said the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Walker has called hiring in his state the “gold standard” for measuring his performance.


          • Al says:

            Totally wrong! All you have to do is go to the non-partisan Wisconsin Fiscal Bureau and look at their figures. Wisconsin is poised for a surplus all the way out to 2017. the numbers you posted are from an AFL-CIO press release that was found untrue almost a year ago!

          • Independent1 says:

            Wow!! You realy suck up the Kool-Aid!! And from a right-wing, Walker biased fiscal bureau!! Wow!! talk about being taken for a ride!! Are you ever gullible!! Walker’s feverishly trying to figure out which other Peter he can ROB to pay which Paul that his government owes more money to!! Keep it up!! Wisconsin is getting further and further into the hole!!! With Walker’s mindless, nonsensical policies!!!

          • Al says:

            It’s truly unfortunate that you are so stupid. the non-partisan fiscal bureau is independent of the state government! Once again, they show a surplus out to 2017. Look it up.

          • Independent1 says:

            You’re a lying sack of crap!! That fiscal bureau is not nonpartisan and you know it.

            This is an excerpt from an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which makes it clear that not only is there a 1.8 billion budget deficit between know and 2017 but there’s already a 396 million shortfall in the current budget.

            Madison — The expected shortfall for the next two-year state budget starting in July has risen to nearly $1.8 billion, or about half of what it was when Gov. Scott Walker took office in January 2011.

            Meanwhile, the state’s projected gap in its current budget ending June has risen to $396 million — or about 1.2% of the spending planned for the 2013-’15 budget.

            The Republican governor resolved a more than $3 billion budget shortfall in the months after taking office, but the latest projections show the state is running through the resulting surplus. The state is again facing a gap in the 2015-’17 budget because of tax cuts enacted by Walker and lawmakers andlagging growth in other state taxes in recent months.

            The projected weakness in the state budget matters because it eventually could lead to cuts in spending on priorities such as schools or increases in state taxes or fees.

            The latest estimates by the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office jumped by more than $1.1 billion over the previous estimate of a $642 million gap released in May. The projections from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau were released Monday for the budget beginning in July 2015 and ending in June 2017.

            These estimates aren’t final — they could still get better or worse depending on the whims of the global economy. The so-called “structural deficit” projections aren’t perfect, either — they don’t attempt to estimate how much state tax revenue may grow if the economy picks up or how much state costs might rise due to inflation in spending programs such as state health coverage for the needy.


          • Al says:

            Amazingly stupid! That’s about all I can say for your post. First you say we are more than a billion in debt, then you say we are blowing our surplus! Which one is it?

            Here is your problem. You are using very old data that was put out by the AFL-CIO. Even the Journal was duped by that press release and retracted it about a month later! The article in question was an opinion piece! The FACT is, Wisconsin is running a surplus out to 2017. And the surplus will be greater now that better economic news just came out. the Fiscal Bureau is NON-PARTISAN! That’s why they call it the non-partisan fiscal bureau! It’s isn’t even connected with the Government! they say we are running a strong surplus out until 2017. It’s easy to look up.

            Wisconsin’s unemployment is now at 4.8%. Lower than Minnesota. Wisconsin has low standings in job growth because economists say 5% unemployment is a perfect number. You can’t grow when there is no work force to select from. The number for Wisconsin is 13th in new business start ups! That is insanely good for a state that is mostly agricultural! Not only that, in the last year, businesses and high income people are leaving Minnesota in droves because of high taxation. We are getting most of those people. Amazon’s first choice was Minnesota for their new plant. After what their Governor did to their people, Amazon selected Wisconsin, brought in 1000 new employees, and and another 1000 this fall. These are all middle income family jobs.

            On top of that, Wisconsin under Walker increased it’s exports 50%, 18% of that was agricultural.

            Wisconsin is on the right path. You can go with your outdated wrong press releases because it makes you feel good, I will go with the facts because they are real.

          • Al says:

            “SpartanNash chose Western Michigan as its headquarters due to it being centrally located to the merged entities operations, the positive business climate taking hold in Michigan, including a more favorable tax environment, and the quality of life Michigan provides for its associates,” the company said in a statement.”

          • Al says:

            Here is a good read for leftists. Say goodbye to good paying jobs in Minnesota. Look at the chart and see how many peole are fleeing liberalism.

          • Independent1 says:

            Wow!! You are a pathological lying machine – not one word you just posted is the truth!! Goodbye!! Conversing with a pathological liar is a waste of time!!

          • Al says:

            And you are a real Democrat! someone that can’t debate, someone who hates facts, and someone who is just too lazy to look things up! The problem is, YOU are the reason the US is falling apart. YOU are one of the reasons the Democrats lost almost everywhere in the United States in the last general election by a landslide. And YOU are the greatest gift to the GOP. Keep stupid my friend, for the sake of the country.

          • Independent1 says:

            And let’s take a look at what a Democrat has done in Minnesota who was elected at the same time as Walker; and walker never walked into a state with a 6 Billion dollar debt (which is not only paid off but Minnesota now has a 2.1B surplus) that had to be paid off (the contrast between these two governors is like night and day: Minnesota now has a 3.6% unemployment rate and is rated as the 9th best state in the nation for businesses and has the 5th lowest unemployment rate).:

            See these excerpts from the Huffington Post on Mark Dayton:

            This Billionaire Governor Taxed the Rich and Increased the Minimum Wage — Now, His State’s Economy Is One of the Best in the Country
            (He also mandated equal pay for women)

            When he took office in January of 2011, Minnesota governor Mark Dayton inherited a $6.2 billion budget deficit and a 7 percent unemployment rate from his predecessor, Tim Pawlenty, the soon-forgotten Republican candidate for the presidency who called himself Minnesota’s first true fiscally-conservative governor in modern history. Pawlenty prided himself on never raising state taxes — the most he ever did to generate new revenue was increase the tax on cigarettes by 75 cents a pack. Between 2003 and late 2010, when Pawlenty was at the head of Minnesota’s state government, he managed to add only 6,200 more jobs (in 8 years).

            During his first four years in office, Gov. Dayton raised the state income tax from 7.85 to 9.85 percent on individuals earning over $150,000, and on couples earning over $250,000 when filing jointly — a tax increase of $2.1 billion. He’s also agreed to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2018, and passed a state lawguaranteeing equal pay for women. Republicans like state representative Mark Uglemwarned against Gov. Dayton’s tax increases, saying, “The job creators, the big corporations, the small corporations, they will leave. It’s all dollars and sense to them.” The conservative friend or family member you shared this article with would probably say the same if their governor tried something like this. But like Uglem, they would be proven wrong.

            Between 2011 and 2015, Gov. Dayton added 172,000 new jobs to Minnesota’s economy — that’s 165,800 more jobs in Dayton’s first term than Pawlenty added in both of his terms combined. Even though Minnesota’s top income tax rate is the 4th-highest in the country, it has the 5th-lowest unemployment rate in the country at 3.6 percent. According to 2012-2013 U.S. census figures, Minnesotans had a median income that was $10,000 larger than the U.S. average, and their median income is still $8,000 more than the U.S. average today.


          • Al says:

            All untrue. So many people are leaving Minnesota right now because of the high taxation!

          • Al says:

            “While 21,000 young adults move to Minnesota each year to attend college or graduate school, even
            greater numbers of students (29,000) leave the state each year. In fact, two-thirds of Minnesota’s total
            annual domestic net loss is due to Minnesota students leaving for higher education, and far fewer return
            in the post-college years.”

          • Al says:

            Still, Moody seemed extremely confident as he rattled off stats that showed people with higher-than-average incomes leaving Minnesota for more tax-friendly places. He said that IRS data show that the top five places Minnesotans have chosen to go to between 1995 and 2007 are: Florida (21,256 Minnesotans), Arizona (19,605), Wisconsin (9,449), Colorado (6,894) and Texas (6,651).

            “People leaving is not a good sign,” Moody said. “The data shows they are leaving for states with lower taxes, lower union membership and more favorable weather.” (He sort of mumbled the weather part of this formula.)

            Reporters were squirming in their seats.

            “What are the ages of people who are leaving?” a reporter asked.

            “The data does not contain ages,” Moody said.

            “Is it possible Minnesotans are getting older and moving to warmer climates when they retire?” he was asked.

            “Warmer, but lower taxes, too,” responded Moody.

    • sunflower52 says:

      Oh al, Al, Al…you do know you can get information from sources other than Fox…right.?

      • Al says:

        The information came from the Milwaukee Journal, a far left newspaper even you would read!

        • sunflower52 says:

          Did you mean “could”? Let’s see…you must be…let me see…oh yeah, one of those dying breed of old, angry, white men. So sorry for your wife. Do you let her speak or do you give her the opinion she should have?

          • Al says:

            You are funny. You don’t know the difference between could and would! I am assuming you can read, right?

        • booker25 says:

          What? You don’t like the truth??

  32. Dale says:

    Ha ha “Al”. What garbage and lies.

    Low information, low intelligence, Walker supporter. Duhhh.. derp derp

  33. dana becker says:

    Another Republican success story. Key the band.

  34. JSquercia says:

    One thing that confuses me is that the Conservatives are trying to force extra charges on people who install Solar Panels on their roof complaining that they are free riders and yet the same people seem to have no problem using “Right to Work” laws to allow those people who don’t want to join a union but do benefit from the collective bargaining agreements to in effect be a free rider .

  35. Matt Trudgeon says:

    Strange, 2 years later nothing has changed. Still 49th in economic outlook.

  36. Sam Sung says:

    Social Security’s unfunded liability is around 23 trillion dollars – approximately $77,000 of liability for each US inhabitant.

  37. Big D. says:

    Wisconsin voters rejoice. You won’t sink much lower. In other news, he governor of Wisconsin is campaigning day in South Carolina, where he was welcomed by a crowd of 50 or more >

  38. Sand_Cat says:

    Well, thank you at least for not using that one really embarrassing photo of the SOB: what he does should have more influence than a shot caught in an off-moment.

  39. David says:

    It doesn’t matter what he does there. They will stay in power because people are stupid. As you recall, the recession was not GOP invented, Reaganomics worked, if it were not for the GOP congress we would still be in Obama’s recession. We need a Ted Cruz to shake things up and fix our country. All said to me by a former hippy recently. Now to explain where he comes from , he is a 60 year old white guy in a very conservative town who drives a tow truck in a terrible part of LA. As long as he drives around listening to Rush, or any talk radio that is not NPR, he is absorbing lies and though he is of average intelligence he is too stupid to remember even very recent history or understand economics at all. All he is afraid of is that poor people are trying to take his money and be on welfare. He never saw, sees or will understand that any money he feels was taken from him was given to rich people. And I suppose he may be an optimist and think that he could hit power ball and that then the GOP would be legislating for him. He thinks that he is part of an inside lie that is told by the GOP to to the other stupid masses. He thinks they lie for him, not to him. And with education always getting less funding the GOP produces more non thinking, non reading constituents every day.

    • Bud Simpson says:

      Some people are beyond hope. One way to identify them is when they begin to invent history…David, you’re one of those that are beyond hope.

    • Bud Simpson says:

      That was a tough read David? I read it 3 times before I understood it, or at least I think I understand it. The bottom line is you’re telling a story that is your opinion of how another person thinks and what his education may have been. It doesn’t bode well for an opinion that has any merit. Your conclusion is the masses are too stupid to realize what is happening in society…not a very good selling point David.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Ah, more lies and delusions.
      Maybe you should take your own advice and ES&D, Dave. It’s clearly what you want for the poor and others who you judge unworthy. What’s good for the goose is good for the @$$#01e

  40. Mike Rosoft says:

    Shared sacrifice? Here we find a slide show of Obama regime apparatchiks abusing taxpayers:

  41. Andrea_D says:

    I can’t stand Scott Walker or the GOP’s draconian policies, but by the same token,
    I couldn’t help notice that the articles linked supporting the views date back to
    It’s pretty embarrassing to use this article only to have the arguments slapped down
    because of outdated information.

    • Independent1 says:

      It’s not outdated information. It’s the last Federal Reserve ranking of Wisconsin and I can find nothing that would suggest their rating has or should be changed. It’s not like federal agencies give these rankings out every month or year.

      But if you’re still questioning Wisconsin’s outlook – even Fox Business doesn’t think it’s very good:

      See this from Fox Business (published 4/4/2015):

      Budget shortfall, lagging job growth in Wisconsin complicate Walker’s presidential pitch

      MADISON, WIS. – Gov. Scott Walker has transformed Wisconsin politics, winning three elections in four years and signing laws that weaken unions, crippling a key ally of the Democratic Party.

      But the likely Republican presidential contender has had less success changing Wisconsin’s economy and budget. The state lags in job growth and its budget faces a shortfall. It’s a record that complicates Walker’s path in early primary states as he sells himself as a reformer.

      “Most of his activity was more politically focused than economically, job-creation focused,” said John Torinus, a Milwaukee businessman and venture capitalist who nevertheless praises some of Walker’s moves. “He was going to concentrate on job creation with a laser-like focus and he got distracted.”

      Wisconsin has added private-sector jobs at a lower rate than the national average since July 2011 — six months after Walker took office. Walker promised in the 2010 campaign that if elected his policies would create 250,000 private sector jobs. But only about 145,000 such jobs were created over his first four years.

      Wisconsin ranked 40th in private sector job growth for the 12 months ending in September, said the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Walker has called hiring in his state the “gold standard” for measuring his performance.

    • Independent1 says:

      Reply deleted..

    • Independent1 says:

      I’m sorry, I’ve posted some replys to the wrong link.

  42. Allie Babba says:

    It is patently unjust for the central government to be wasting over $1 million a day on the baby murder factory known as Planned Parenthood.

    • Jezzer says:

      It is patently stupid for you to attempt to derail the conversation with your idiot, off-topic, disingenuous, anti-choice rhetoric.

    • Kevin O'connor says:

      Go #ck yourself.

    • marid says:

      Go adopt a couple kids so you have something important to do. Or go read the entire Bible, not just the parts they cherry pick for you fools.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Just a bit off topic, aren’t we?

    • SeaMastr says:

      are you on crack?

    • Independent1 says:

      Do you realize that PP talks thousands of women each year out of having abortions?? If you close them, you are not only going to increase abortions, but you’re also going to increase the number of women dying in failed abortions as women who are determined to have an abortion and cannot afford to travel where they can get one, will seek them on the black market.
      When are you clueless idiots going to wake up to the fact that your efforts to ban abortions and close SAFE ABORTION CLINICS, is doing nothing but increasing abortions???? You are pro-fetus NOT PRO-LIFE!!

    • Independent1 says:

      And yet you support a political party that has become nothing more than the party of premature death!! Red states lead the nation in all forms of dying, be it at birth, be it giving birth, be it via gun-related homicide, be it virtually any way you name it – by denying people healthcare, by promoting the NRA’s lies that result in state residents having too many guns, by cutting budgets that result in cutting social programs that deprive the state’s residents of the help they need just to stay alive and on and on with their failed governance

  43. booker25 says:

    ALEC policies are losers for all red states who are pushing them. Just look at Kanas, NJ and now Wis. All have holes in their budgets due to unpaid for tax cuts. All have downgraded credit ratings, all follow the Koch Bros plans for their states. All are fools & tools.

  44. Anne Droid says:

    Article 1, Section 8 of our sacred Constitution empowers Congress to borrow money on the credit of these united states.

  45. aknman49 says:

    And to think there were some who thought he might be the ideal Presidential candidate.

  46. Sandie Abel says:

    No wonder every move he’s made lately to self exoneration happens in secret, closed midnight sessions.

  47. XaurreauX says:

    Ah…the sheer GENIUS of Wisconsin voters!

    • marid says:

      To a point, yes, but the amount of money Walker spends to win elections, gerrymandering, and voter harassment and disenfranchisement are factors also.
      Was just in Walker country and there are no jobs and the place is sinking while the people with the least keep voting for the worthless little parasite. Up North the economy runs on meat raffles and garage sales, with the rest tourist based. Walker has done nothing for these people and won’t. People are stupid is still true, especially in FitzWalkerStan.

  48. Eugene Barufkin says:

    Does this mean we lost the race to the bottom?
    We’re only 49th?
    Please say this ain’t so, it may spoil Scotty’s New Year wishes..

  49. RICHEIVILIN says:


  50. Tall Mark says:

    I hate Scott Walker and everything he stands for. He has ruined my state. Even if you are a Republican you can’t be happy about the outcome of our “state” of affairs.

  51. George Chapman says:

    Brilliant just Brilliant. Watch the whole country go this way if the republicans win in ’16.

  52. Hal Briggs says:

    To the rocket scientist that put “@LOLGOP” at the very top. You have eaten crow, you fringe left extremist.

    Walker and We the People won. Court orders the democrats to cease any more activity. This a good read.

    The democrats were sued and settled the lawsuit against them out of court.

    Gov.. Scott Walker signs bill dismantling the GAB, ending years of democrat abuse and corruption.
    Walker and We the People finally have victory.

    voted for him 3 times. Scott Walker became the first US governor to
    win a recall election. The recall elections were the most expensive
    elections in Wisconsin history.
    If the
    democrats (of the John Doe corruption fame) had not been wired with
    hate, then this fiasco would not have happened and the state may have
    fared even better.

    • Doc Realistic says:

      LOL. Sucks to see your guy failing, and bringing down Wisconsin with him. Enjoy the dirt, sucker.

      • Hal Briggs says:

        You don’t read/listen to anything except Prog sanctioned propaganda, huh? I even supplied links for the informational challenged.

    • irishtap says:

      Walker is the worst political illness to infest Wisconsin. He’s a shameful scheming fascist. It takes a wilfully ignorant fool – as you apparently are, to spout your right wing drivel by casually looking past an ocean of pertinent information. But, that’s what idiots do.
      Tell me something smart guy, how does someone whose made as many enemies as this SOB has, keep winning elections? I’ve heard from Republicans that can’t stand him who originally voted for him. He didn’t win the recall election or the last gubernatorial contest – they were rigged.
      Election statisticians are beginning to look into many statistical anomalies being witnessed all around the country. You know – ‘numbers that don’t add up?’ Richard Chernin is one such election scientist – with impeccable credentials going back to the 60’s.
      After careful review of the last two governor’s races in Wisconsin he said: It is statistically impossible for Walker to have won either election. He dedicated an entire chapter to the Walker election heists to his recent book.
      You have no idea what your spouting off about. All you do is repeat the standard right wing kaka that gets fed to your soft empty cranium.

    • Bob Eddy says:

      You won. Wisconsin lost. End of story!

  53. Wayneo says:

    This just shows that the GOP ideas are bad for our country.

  54. Böcker says:

    Conservatives can’t govern, as proven in states like this and in others. Kansas another has been run into the ground, California under Arnold hit the skids, Minn under Tim P also hit the red. It take a democrat to make them great again. Why do people vote against their best interests by electing these rightwing idiots??? Why????

    • pmbalele says:

      Walker was too young to govern Wisconsin. The guy had not finished his
      school diploma, but jumped to be a politician. That is what we got. On the
      first day in office Walker refused to accept $800 mi in fast train project. Recently Walker cut food stamps for poor mothers. Walker does not know he will put farmers out of business for there will be shrinkage demands of farm products. But people should know Republicans are responsible for all ills in this Country. GOPers were responsible for encouraging CEOs to export good paying jobs. I did not know during Bush we were importing Russian engines for NASA projects. I also have learned during Iraq and Afghanistan war we bought 3000 copters from Russia; most of car and airplane jet engines were built in Japan. This was disgusting and unacceptable when these could be built in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We have rich talents of people of all world races in this Country: African-Americans; Russian-Americans; English-Americans; Latino-Americans; Asian-Americans and Native Americans etc. Instead, because of greed, Republicans shipped jobs abroad for cheap labor leaving local people jobless. The same people cursed why people were on welfare. That is why I am urging my neighbors to vote for Hillary and Democrats. Repubs want to kill this Country. We cannot accept that.

  55. annienoel says:

    Which state is 50th?

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