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Scott Walker Is The Republican To Beat In 2016

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Scott Walker Is The Republican To Beat In 2016


Scott Walker has led his state from 11th to 44th in job creation, designed a health care plan that will cost Wisconsinites millions and spent much of his term embroiled in a campaign investigation, but he’s still a frontrunner for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

A Walker 2016 candidacy sounded like a fantasy penned by Ayn Rand when Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball named the governor the frontrunner for the nomination. But the union-buster’s trip to Iowa over the weekend suggests such speculation has to be taken seriously.

The Hill‘s Cameron Joseph reports:

While the beltway presidential buzz has focused on Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY), Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX), Walker’s admirers say his record as a conservative warrior, folksy Midwestern demeanor and big fundraising connections could make him a contender.

“Gov. Walker has a lot going for him and he’d be a very appealing candidate in a state like Iowa for the caucuses,” says Bob Vander Plaats, an influential social conservative kingmaker in the state. “Not only is he right on a lot of issues, he’s been very bold and courageous on his leadership on a lot of those issues. And being a neighbor to Iowa doesn’t guarantee you success but it certainly doesn’t hurt.”

How you feel about Scott Walker’s record likely reveals where you are on America’s political spectrum.

While the left may see his tenure as proof that austerity and attacking public workers don’t improve a state’s economy, conservative activists love that Walker defeated — with the help of lots of out-of-state donors — a recall effort and thus rubbed his dramatic attack on public-sector unions in labor’s face. Walker even has a narrowly positive approval rating of +4, even though he hasn’t come close to creating the 250,000 jobs he promised.

In his spare time, the governor also defunded Planned Parenthood, rejected federal funding for Medicaid expansion and is now pushing tax cuts that mostly benefit the rich. Basically he’s checked every conservative box and he’s won two statewide elections in an actual swing state.

Though activists rightly see Walker as “sort of a boring version of Michele Bachmann,” he proved in his recall battle that he at least knows how to nod to the center. And unlike Mitt Romney, he has the conservative credentials that will give him the freedom to do so.

The few Republican governors from states President Obama won with positive approval ratings — Chris Christie (R-NJ), +42, Bob McDonnell (R-VA), +32 and John Kasich (R-OH), +16 — all have committed some act of conservative heresy — like trying to get poor people health care, compromising on something or hugging President Obama. Wisconsin’s governor isn’t wasting his political capital trying to get immigration reform passed, and he doesn’t waste his time positioning himself against fellow Republicans as Cruz and Paul do.

Scott Walker is an ultra-orthodox conservative with a passion for taking on unions that extends back to his first bill as an elected official. That’s a passion he shares with many of the right wing’s biggest donors. And if they have their way, what happens to America after 2016 will resemble what’s happened to Wisconsin since 2010.

AP Photo/Morry Gash


  1. docb May 28, 2013

    This short walleyed balding liar is the choice of the kockedup Bros…They bought him in the recall race….He fits right in with tea bagger repubs that have DESTROYED ANOTHER STATE. and are despised by all but 22% Nationally! Right–.He and Joe the AZ sheriff racist are a fine pair for the party of crazies in 2016….

  2. Budjob May 28, 2013

    Scott Walker and Chris Christie are two of the most despicable men in politics today.They absolutely detest teachers,unions,and working men and women in general!

  3. JDavidS May 29, 2013

    He’ll have to fight it out with Forrest Trump… Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber. Should be even more amusing than the last GOP/Tea Clown nomination fight. And I thought it couldn’t get any funnier than Newt “We will colonize the moon” Gingrich. Comedy gold for any sane person.

    1. plc97477 May 29, 2013

      The fact that the gop is cutting it’s own throat is a little sad when we think have losing the comedy.

  4. Dominick Vila May 29, 2013

    It is becoming increasingly evident that the Tea Party still excerts tremendous pressure on mainstream Republicans, and that they are desperately trying to find a viable candidate for 2016. I’ll say this, Scott Walker probably has a better chance of being nominated than the likes of Rand Paul, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, but he is not going to get very far with his record. Most Americans are centrists and don’t like right or left wing extremism. Whomever dominates the center will win in 2016 and beyond.

  5. stcroixcarp May 29, 2013

    Scott Walker lives in an ethical cesspool. He was removed from college because he cheated in a student election. He had his taxpayer funded staff do campaigning on the public dime. He appointed an embezzler of war veteran’s funds to his staff. (The guy did the embezzling while on the state job.) Then embezzler’s boyfriend, a child molester, was appointed to the Department of Education. He has cut thousands of people off Badger Care. He appointed the drunken son of a major campaign contributor to head a state department. He established the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation which was supposed to create jobs, but has been squanderd state taxpayer money and is not accountable. He put a provision in his state budget that would allow rent-to-own companies to not disclose interest rates and to scam the poor.

    1. hotflashweave May 29, 2013

      OK, that clinches it…He’s their guy for sure.

    2. gvette May 29, 2013

      LOL…just like Obama.
      His whole cabinet is full of criminals, and that’s ok, because he’s a

      1. Don Ruehlow May 29, 2013

        Tell me the Obama cabinet officers that have been convicted of crimes.

        1. Betta May 29, 2013

          That’s the problem. They haven’t been convicted….yet. Hope springs eternal.

          1. Kathy Kramer May 29, 2013

            Hope doesn’t fly in court, my dear.

          2. Sand_Cat May 31, 2013

            So does delusion, obviously.

      2. highpckts May 29, 2013

        You know soooo much! Prove your statement! Name names!! Quit spouting untruths with no facts to back them up!

        1. Betta May 29, 2013

          Want names?

          Barry Soetero, AKA Harrison J Bounell, AKA Barack Hussein Obama. – Multiple FELONIES. ID theft being just one of them (see Harrison J Bounell. It is Bounell’s SSN# BO is currently using that doesn’t pass eVerify in case you didn’t know.)

          Eric Holder – Fast & Furious complicit with the above named person. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with that guy.

          That Lerner woman relieved of her duties at the IRS for targeting conservative organizations requesting tax exempt status.

          Sebelious – Soliciting insurance companies to fund that horrendous train wreck obamacare that the capitol hill criminals tried to exempt themselves from. That’s a HUGE no-no. She will reap for it too.

          That’s 6 names right there although 3 of them are aliases of the same person. We STILL don’t know who he REALLY is.

          1. Howard15 May 29, 2013

            Has the village you left replaced their idiot, yet? Where is your proof-any moron can make accusations.

          2. BillP May 29, 2013

            Making wild, inaccurate and unfounded statements may be the way for the Fox (should be Faux) news but you are just channeling Glenn Beck and the other crazies. Put your tin foil hat back on before your brain absorbs some fact based statements.

          3. Betta June 2, 2013

            Make that popping sound and pull your head out your ass. The evidence against obozo is compelling. WAKE UP!

          4. BillP June 3, 2013

            Well at least my ass believes in fact based reality not the fiction that you right wing birther trolls try to pass as fact. Show me some compelling evidence from a reputable source not some alternate reality source like WND. Start reading fact not fiction.

          5. Garry Owen Ault May 29, 2013

            As Mark Twain once said …Common Sense, really aint Common
            at all.

          6. Don Ruehlow May 29, 2013

            That’s the difference between fact and fiction. Walker’s appointees have been convicted — that’s a fact. Obama’s appointees haven’t been convicted of anything — that’s a fact also. Get your facts straight and stand behind facts, not innuendos, half truths and outright falsehoods. Don’t call Obama’s appointees crooks, because they haven’t been convicted of anything. If you want more fiction portrayed as fact, keep watching FOX News.

          7. Tim Coon May 29, 2013

            You, buddy, are absolutely…

          8. Kathy Kramer May 29, 2013

            You need psychiatric help, Betta. Seriously.

          9. Betta June 2, 2013

            And YOU need to open your eyes.

          10. plc97477 May 29, 2013

            Changing the names to jack the ripper doesn’t make them jack either.

          11. hotflashweave May 29, 2013

            It must be dreadful to have to live in this terrible country you have created inside your head. Why on earth do you stay??

          12. Yappy2 May 30, 2013

            Please, if you can’t do any better than this you should shut up.

          13. Betta June 2, 2013

            Wake up, yappy. Your freedoms are quietly and slowly being stolen from you by a ghetto ass illegal from Kenya.

      3. Richard Kiefer May 29, 2013

        Is that worse than a Reprivatecon?

      4. Kathy Kramer May 29, 2013

        And how many of Obama’s “criminals” are in jail right now? See some of Walker’s cronies are actually serving jail time. Name one of Obama’s cabinet who have been convicted of a crime. That’s the difference.

    3. itsfun May 29, 2013

      Michigan is stuck with the same kind of Governor. Get out and vote these people out of office.

    4. bckrd1 May 29, 2013

      Sounds like he has all the qualifications for a top level Republican candidate.

  6. hotflashweave May 29, 2013

    The beady,predatory eyes, the unmistakable drawl of wealthy entitlement, the ungenerous purse of the mouth–Somehow I don’t see it

    1. Garry Owen Ault May 29, 2013

      Perhaps or Perhaps something worse for those that cannot understand or see
      what’s going on RIGHT now.

  7. sunmusing May 29, 2013

    A Koch brothers’ meat puppet…he hasn’t had an original thought since the time he had to figure out which hand to fap with…He just thought he was vetted in the recall elections…wait until he gets to the federal level…the Koch money won’t protect him all that much, his record of statements in Wisconsin may help him with the lowly informed, but not with those who have more than fourth grade reading level….

    1. Silence Dogood May 29, 2013

      The Koch brothers employee 70,000 people. What have you done lately ?

      1. sunmusing May 29, 2013

        Watching out for our country, and pointing out the anti-American corporations whose only purpose in life is to make money at the expense of everyone else…I wouldn’t say anything about the Kochs if they weren’t actively and destructively going after our form of government…Job creators? heh, keep drinking that kool aid brother/sister, these guys don’t want anything good for their 70,000 “employees”…they are bad people…

        1. silence dogood May 29, 2013

          With all the time you’ve got to waste on this crap you must be in a union.

          1. sunmusing May 29, 2013

            Heh, heh, heh, that’s all ya got? One NEEDS to study history, and I see you haven’t…

          2. plc97477 May 29, 2013

            And your reasons for being here are……?

      2. Silence Dogood May 29, 2013

        And given over $100,000,0000 to non-political charities.

        1. highpckts May 29, 2013

          Well absolutely they can certainly afford to do that as I would expect them to do owning so much wealth but, they will NOT own this government! There is charitable money and then there is theirs! No thanks!

        2. latebloomingrandma May 29, 2013

          That’s so they can pat themselves on the back about how good and Christian they are. Can ease their consciences, if they have one.

        3. Tim Coon May 29, 2013

          How much do the Kochs pay you to type this crap, slave?

        4. plc97477 May 29, 2013

          I am not sure they could really prove the non-political part of your sentence.

          1. silence dogood May 29, 2013

            New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell: $15 million

            M.D. Anderson Cancer Center: $25 million

            The Hospital for Special Surgery: $26 million

            Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: $30 million

            Prostate Cancer Foundation: $41 million

            Deerfield Academy: $68 million

            Lincoln Center’s NY State Theater: $100 million

            Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $139 million

            This is a partial list from the Huff Post

          2. Sand_Cat May 31, 2013

            Rockefeller gave lots of the money he got by having workers beaten, abused, and murdered or gained in stock and other business frauds that would be illegal even in today’s super-lax financial regulatory environment. Maybe it allows the ruthlessly-wealthy to tell themselves they’re not really as evil as they know themselves to be.

            A pretty good argument could be made that the Kochs have done far more harm to the country just in their political contributions than their gifts to charity do in good. And these guys are in the “energy” business, among others, aren’t they? One shudders at the damage they’ve done to the earth, and how are those employees of theirs really doing?

            There are a lot of contributions to cancer-related charities among those you listed. Could it be that these not-so-young men who’ve lived a lot of years in the toxic, carcinogen-laden environment they helped to create are a bit nervous? And how many tons of carcinogens and other poisons have their industries dumped into the air and water upon which all life on earth depends?

            Yes, I have seen some good PBS programs funded in part by the Kochs. I’d gladly sacrifice that pleasure to see them vanish from the political scene.

      3. highpckts May 29, 2013

        I haven’t tried to buy my Government with money and lies!!

  8. midway54 May 29, 2013

    We are dangerously close to becoming a Mussolini-style fascism in which the plutocrats and their corporations with no effective opposition at last own and control the Country principally via the state and federal legislative bodies, its institutions and agencies. The plutocrats must be orgasmic at the thought of contemptible stooges like Walker, Cruz of Texas and Lee of Utah as presidential material. Not to worry though, because the Teabagger crazies and other forms of dupes and yahoos will come through by voting for them and thereby become its victims along with all the rest of us. Think it’s bad now? Just wait as the rightwing obstructionism and pure lunacy continue in shameless obedience to their donors within the existing plutocracy.

  9. Hope he runs…now we can finally find out why he left Marquette University in his senior year. Could it have been his shoddy and shameful campaign tactics while running for Marquette student body president or something else? I’ll wager it wasn’t because he was offered an exciting career with the Milwaukee Branch of the Red Cross.

    1. Kathy Kramer May 29, 2013

      There are rumors that he tried to force his girlfriend at the time to get an abortion after she told him she was pregnant.

      1. Actually, I heard it was some sort of “academic dishonesty” i.e. plagiarism/cheating. Given the conduct of his political career it makes sense. Walker will not consent to the release of his Marquette records, so we’ll actually never know unless he runs for POTUS. Then there would be heavy pressure on him to disclose.

        The abortion stuff doesn’t ring true; interesting but probably not true.

  10. m8lsem May 29, 2013

    In short, a possible Republican Presidential Nominee from the Teapugnican wing. If they should ever capture the White House, the Senate, and the House, we would jump forward in time to the 1800’s era of the Robber Barons. For starts, 90% of the Seniors would become homeless, as would WalMart employees, in a race to see whether sickness or starvation would come first to kill them.

    1. Garry Owen Ault May 29, 2013

      More like the Gilded Age of the 1920’s but with the addition of Corporate and
      1% having absolute control of the Country.

  11. Betta May 29, 2013

    Your little pop up on the site to support O gets deleted out. Very sorry, but being a natural born and raised American citizen, I cannot in good conscience support an illegal alien who has LIED his way through to the white house with help from enemies of the USA.

    With that said, your title “Big Brother Hasn’t Taken Over The White House”

    Of course not with an enemy at the helm. Still looking forward to the day when his hander’s pitch his narrow azz right under the bus.

    Now, for Scott Walker. At least he is a natural born citizen of the US. in addition I absolutely LOVE what he has done with the unions in his state. Told them to take a hike.

    1. Howard15 May 29, 2013

      How does a Kenyan born leftist marxist muslim get elected to the Presidency twice by overwhelmeing margins?
      He doesnt, because he isnt. Quit your whining and sniveling and get over it. WE WON YOU LOST- Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .
      Have a nice day Loser.

    2. TRACEYCHRISTIN1 May 29, 2013

      Betta,I am constantly amazed at the level of ignorance that I read in these comment sections. Seriously ? you think President Obama is an illegal alien ? Where do you get this stuff ? Do you not have a clue as to the vetting process every candidate goes through ? What is your criteria for thinking he isn’t a citizen ? The wackadoodles that are consistently spewing hate/ lies and not facts ? The racists that cannot conceive that someone other than a white anglo-saxon male can be President and the fact that he does it with such intelligence and class infuriates them.

      Regarding the Unions… again you really need to read and improve your knowlege of the USA. Unions have been and I hope continue to help the middle class grow and survive the corporate powers that Walker and the Koch Bros. continue to pad.
      READ Betta. READ intelligent factual information. Just because you don’t like someone/something doesn’t make it false, bad or an “illegal alien”.
      ” People are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.” Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

    3. Kathy Kramer May 29, 2013

      Scott Walker wasn’t even born in the state he governs. Wisconsin unwittingly elected a carpetbagger. Fighting Bob LaFollette is spinning in his grave.

      And by the way, my uncle was one of those “greedy union thugs” Scott Walker took care of. My uncle works for the state and makes $10 an hour. Because of Walker and his “cuts” my uncle does the job of 2 people and some of it off the clock, otherwise he could lose his job.

      So, Betta, I’d love for you to go meet my uncle and say all of your right wing rhetoric right to his face and see what reaction you get.

    4. Tim Coon May 29, 2013

      You’re clearly a koch brainwashed slave. Please quit wasting our air any further & kill yourself with your AR-15.

    5. plc97477 May 29, 2013

      If you have any proof of your allegations please tell us because no one else has any proof of wrong doing from President Obama.

    6. Dana Es May 29, 2013

      Please don’t ever run for anything, Betta — I for one couldn’t support someone like you. I suspect I’m not alone.

  12. nana4gj May 29, 2013

    “Scott Walker has led his state from 11th to 44th in job creation, designed a health care plan that will cost Wisconsinites millions and spent much of his termembroiled in a campaign investigation, but he’s still a frontrunner for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.”

    Perfect. A true Republican “Conservative”, not to mention what he did for workers’ rights in his state; how he was moved to tears, in shock and awe, listening to Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech at the NRC nominating convention.

    This, is the answer to whether or not “Conservatives” can govern. Maybe he can have Governor Vaginal Probe as his running mate.

    1. plc97477 May 29, 2013

      Kochroach and vaginal probe. Great combo.

  13. Eleanore Whitaker May 29, 2013

    Tea Party Twerps can’t be serious….Scott Walker? He won’t last past Chris Christie if it comes to that. The country is swinging back to candidates who know how to work for the salaries taxpayers pay them…not to confound, obstruct and deconstitutionalize our government to sway every tax dollar to Big Businesses in some bizarre corporate socialist configuration that turns taxpayers into free slave laborers. Sorry…Walker won’t make it past the first round. Thumbs not only down…but thumbs out…rofl.

  14. Daniel Murphy May 29, 2013

    Make NO mistake:This guy is dangerous. Walker has zero integrity, he ‘believes it is good to divide the people’ – that’s why he was able to pull this off. He has no social conscience whatsoever, he’s kicking poor people off of Badgercare which will ultimately make it impossible for them to afford health insurance, culminating in forcing the taxpayer to cover their care – and far more expensive. He’s actively seeking to put onerous conditions onto unemployed people to continue receiving benefits. Walker doesn’t give a rip about the environment,he can’t bend over fast enough for the Koch’s. This pathogen was kicked out of Marquette when caught stuffing his ballot box, I don’t believe he ever finished college. This leads us to the fact he despises public education, he wants to privatize one of the top public school systems in the entire country. Several individuals of his inner circle have been convicted for some despicable offences. And we all know how he feels about working people. This Kochroach isn’t highly intelligent – but he is “W” wiley. He’s a full force “sociopathic plutocrat”. Don’t take this insect lightly.

    1. plc97477 May 29, 2013

      I love the “kochroach” couldn’t go to a better animal.

  15. Donnalee May 29, 2013

    Yea, he has destroyed his state. BUT remember, the “smart” people in his state voted him in. Walker represents some of the worst in GOP. Which means he probably has a chance to be nominated. Nasty, plutocratic, elitist attitudes are the norm for these people. They don’t represent Us. Maybe he’ll drink too much of the dew, fall into a sugar dream & go away> LOL This man is pure snake.

  16. Jill49 May 29, 2013

    I don’t think Scott Walker even earned a bachelors degree. I think he said he attended college but not earned a degree.

  17. smartdee May 29, 2013

    You all had better believe everything that people are saying about how Scott Walker has ruined Wisconsin…I know, I live here. He is totally unethical and a puppet of the “big money”. He did not get a college degree, he did leave Marquette because of a campaign scandal for an office he was running for, and he managed to “weasel” out of the mess he left in Milwaukee which is why he had amassed a legal fund. The list of atrocities he has committed against the good citizens of Wisconsin grows daily. I could go on and on, but it would take all of you days to read it all. In summary, please, please do not even consider him to run this country or we will all be in a serious mess. Please encourage all your acquaintances to do likewise. Wisconsin was a great place to live, but Scott Walker has ruined it!!

  18. 1standlastword May 29, 2013

    For all of his spectacular achievements Scott Walker will make a wonderful candidate for the GOP…right in there with the rest of those “patriots”!!!
    I say proceed with god’s speed Scott…
    The winds of a successful run are blowing strong in your face…but hey…don’t let that stop you…it’s just not the way of the GOP/TP to abide with reason

  19. Myron Allen May 29, 2013

    Walker?! Seriously?! They are really getting THAT desperate!? While better than Trump, Bachmann, Palin, or Paul… it’s gonna cost the conservatives even MORE money than Romney spent trying to beat Obama! Since the markets have been doing better than ever, & most rich folks get major tax breaks or hide their money, the million & billionaires that financed the republican campaigns, may have recovered enough money to try & buy the election again!

    1. demhack May 29, 2013

      The dems are attempting to have Hilary run that is a train wreck waiting to happen. She has O experience and O common sense

      1. Myron Allen May 31, 2013

        Sorry, conservatives DO NOT know the meaning of common sense!

      2. Sand_Cat May 31, 2013

        How would you know anything about either?
        How many times have they let you out of your padded cell?
        And what is “O” experience and “O” common sense? Did you mean “0,” but didn’t want to reveal your IQ?

  20. demhack May 29, 2013

    Walker has twice the experience of Obama and Biden.

  21. howa4x May 29, 2013

    He is such a run of the mill conservative how can you tell them apart anymore. Whether it’s a work for less law or a rejection of the Medicaid expansion, Climate change denial, or a recent conversion to Jesus. He will go over big with the anti public worker contingent of the tealiban but again, nothing separates him from the pack. They are all trying to win the same vote and each will come across the same way. They all want to shut down planned parenthood, and cut the safety net and oppose any gun restrictions. They all are against the Medicaid expansion, and each one is tripping over the other to show how much they loathe poor people and absolutely hate the working poor better know as the 47%. It will be interesting how they weave Jesus into all this since he loved the poor so they really need a good spin doctor to do something with that. Maybe they will resurrect the Protestant ethic, repackage it, mix in just enough Ayn Rand to make it work. I think what makes this a race is that the tea party members are still the stupidest people(validated) in the country and they control the primary so the one that can manipulate them the most will win.

  22. ahlclyde May 30, 2013

    Hope he’s really running- at least we’ll be rid of him and his hoard.

  23. Sand_Cat May 31, 2013

    The similarity to a Nazi salute in the photo really suits him, doesn’t it?


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